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    The Military of Verusea

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    The Military of Verusea

    Post by Lemniscus 1 on Fri Jun 19, 2015 2:17 am

    "Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories."
    -Sun Tzu

    This is the inventory of the military of the Verusean Federation. Local designations, if the weapon has one, are found in parenthesis.

    Air Force
    -J-10S "Firebird" (L-24M)
    -MiG-35A Super Fulcrum (LJ-35A)
    -J-11B "Flanker B+" (LJ-26B)
    -J-16A "Strike Flanker+" (L-30)
    -J-8IIM "Finback" (L-19M)
    -Novi Avion (L-25A)
    -JH-7B "Flounder" (LJ-7B)
    -H-8A "Badger+" (Tu-16M)
    -Tu-22M "Backfire" (Tu-22M)
    -J-20A "Black Dragon" (L-21)
    -J-31A "Gyrfalcon" (L-31)
    -KJ-3000 "Mainring" (EL-1)
    -IL-76M "Candid" (T-11M)
    -IL-78M "Midas" (T-12M)
    -Y-9JB "Cupboard" (IT-9B)
    -Z-8D "Frelon" (TH-8D)
    -Z-9C/W "Hautian" (VH-9M)

    Army/Naval Infantry
    -ZTZ-99A2 Main Battle Tank (M-85B)
    -ZBD-08 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (M-81)
    -ZBD-05 Amphibious Infantry Fighting Vehicle (M-81B)
    -ZTD-05 Amphibious Tank (M-86)
    -ZBL-09 Wheeled Armored Personel Carrier (BOV-2)
    -ZSL-92 Anti-Tank Missile Carrier (BOV-2B)
    -SY400 Multiple-Launch Rocket System (M-95)
    -PLZ-05 Howitzer (M-88)
    -PLZ-89 Amphbious Howitzer (M-89)
    -ZBL-09 Mortal Carrier (M-90)
    -PGZ-07 Mobile AA-Gun (M-6)
    -HQ-16 Mobile SAM (M-7)
    -HQ-9 SAM launcher (with HT-233 "Red Banner" and LLQ-305 "New Horizon" radar) (M-10)
    -SX2150 Cargo Truck (TAM-151)
    -WZ-10 "Whirlwind" (AH-3A)
    -Z-9W "Hautian" (MH-9M)
    -Mi-17N "Hip"
    -Mi-26M "Halo"

    -Kuznetsov aircraft carrier
    -Yuzhao Assualt Ship
    -Luyang III Destroyer
    -Jiangkai II Frigate
    -Jiangdao Corvette
    -Houbei missile boat
    -Yuan Submarine
    -YJ-82 Anti-Ship Missile (Truck-Launched)
    -J-15A "Sea Flanker+" (L-26B)
    -JH-7B Flounder (LJ-7B)
    -Yak-141 "Freestyle" (L-20)
    -KJ-400A "Makepeace" (EL-2)
    -IL-76M "Candid" (T-11M)
    -IL-78M "Midas" (T-12M)
    -Y-9JB "Cupboard" (IT-9B)
    -Z-8D "Frelon" (TH-8D)
    -Z-8D "Frelon" (VH-8D)
    -Z-9C/EC "Hautian" (PH-9E)

    This inventory belongs to the military of Kaluga
    Air Force
    -F-15C Eagle
    -F-16C Falcon
    -AV-8B+ Harrier
    -E-767 AWACS
    -C-130H Hercules
    -EP-3E ARIES
    -AH-1W Super Cobra
    -UH-60D Blackhawk
    -HH-65 Dauphin
    -OH-6D Little Bird
    -CH-53E Super Sea Stallion

    -Leopard 2A5 MBT
    -Marder 2A4 IFV
    -M1126 Stryker APC
    -M1165 Up-Armored Humvee
    -M109A4 Paladin SPH
    -M270 Multiple-Launch Rocket System
    -MIM-72L Chaparral SAM
    -MIM-104 Patriot SAM
    -M163 Vulcan SPAAG
    -M1129 Mortar Carrier
    -M1038 Humvee
    -M923 Cargo Truck

    -Slava-class Cruiser
    -Udaloy-II Destroyer
    -Su-24M Fencer
    -Il-38N May
    -Ka-27/29 Helix

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    Re: The Military of Verusea

    Post by Ronin201 on Thu Jul 09, 2015 3:54 pm

    A brief overview of the Verusean Soldier himself and the military's structure

    The Federal Verusean Armed Forces (FVAF or CBAC in local dialect)
              The Verusean military is a growing force in the South Pacific region according to many studies as far back as the late 2010s, but its military has existed for much longer than that. The military of Verusea itself, before it “allied” with several of its neighbors, can be traced back to the late 1700s, with more distant relatives coming before that. It is ultimately headed by the President of Verusea, who can issue special commands to it. Falling under the Ministry of National Defense, the military is then administer by the Chairman of Defense, then the various generals under each branch. The major branches are the Federal Verusean  Ground Forces (CBKC), Federal Verusean Air Defense Forces (CBBOC), Federal Verusean Flotilla (CBD), and Federal Verusean Security Force (CBSC). Each branch works on its own, but can jointly coordinate to help the others.

              Each branch serves a specific function as hinted at by its name. The Federal Verusean Ground Forces serve as the primary ground combat arm of the military and includes the airborne forces of Verusea as well as its Special Purpose Forces. The bulk of Verusea’s attack helicopter force falls under this branch. The Federal Verusean Air Defense Force is the primary defender of the country’s sovereignty, handling both its air force and ground based air defense. The FVADF also has the job of overseeing the Strategic Artillery Force, which handles the country’s long-range missiles and any weapons of mass destruction. The Verusean navy deals in costal defense and also administers the country’s naval infantry, the Federal Naval Troops. Finally the Federal Verusean Security Force provides security at many levels, from military police to intelligence. The CBSC is also the branch that controls the secret police of Verusea and its paramilitary forces, the Maroon Tigers.

              Most Verusean soldiers age years 20-27 and meet preset government requirements of physical health and basic education. The typical Verusean soldier himself is well-trained, though his training does have some flaws. One major place it lacks is not having the battlefield lessons countries such as Osea and Yuktobania have learned applied to its training regimen. However Verusean soldiers are also highly motivated people, trained to have loyalty to their superiors like the samurai of old. The Verusean military’s lack of combat experience should also not be total grounds for its dismissal, as it has trained vigorously to meet its contemporary rivals. The Verusean military is applying more and more technology to its branches, meaning soldiers are being increasingly trained on newer systems and computers. Soldiers may receive additional training depending on their job.

              Verusean pilots, like their ground-based brethren, are also well-trained. Recent maneuvers have shown that they are exceptionally good at intercepting threats to their country, and that they work very closely with anti-aircraft batteries on the ground. Pilots have also studied and even practiced the tactics of some of the world’s larger air forces to better understand them; it is not uncommon to see FVADF aircraft playing out Osean or Emmerian maneuvers. The country has also been substantially working on its capabilities in the ground attack and air support sectors to meet Osea’s superiority. Though the country does not possess the same number or variety of smart weapons Osea does, it has tried to cover this by better employing its unguided weapons. It is also taking steps to better its anti-ship and Suppression of Enemy Air Defense (SEAD) abilities.

              The Verusean soldier’s weapons, if they use them, depend on their job. Mechanized infantry generally use the M21 assault rifle with various attachments (such as the BGP grenade launcher) as their primary weapon, supported by the M84 light machine gun. Airborne and Marine units use the VHS-K2 bullpup assault rifle instead of the M21, but otherwise retain many of the same weapons as standard infantry. Marksmen attached to units use the Type 88, which serves as a Designated Marksmen’s Rifle (DMR), while refurbished M76 sniper rifles serve long-range recon units. Occasionally the M93 anti-material rifle is used, but only on missions against heavier targets. The Hawk Type 97-1 and QBS-09 shotguns serve mostly in security forces, but the Hawk sees regular use as a breeching weapon. Most security forces also use the ASALT-96 submachine gun. The HS2000 is the universal sidearm of the Verusean military, though in some cases personnel may have a different choice of handgun.

              As for heavier weapons, man-portable and otherwise, the M02 is the primary heavy machine gun of the Serbian military. This weapon can be found on almost everything from jeeps to main battle tanks. The PF-89 80mm rocket launcher is universally favored as the man-portable anti-tank weapon throughout the Verusean armed services. The SA-27 Willow (also known as the Verba) is ironically the primary portable SAM of Verusea, given their disdain for their larger neighbor. Local copies of the Type 87 mortar and Type 87 automatic grenade launcher act as fire support weapons. Additionally, despite its age, the Verusean military still favors the use of its old ZSU-23-2 AA guns, mainly in anti-infantry rolls. It is especially popular with paramilitary forces against enemy infantry and as an adhoc AA gun.

              The Verusean soldier’s camouflage is general universal. Almost all Verusean soldiers wear a three-tone pattern (colors vary by environment) commonly referred to as “Digital Flora”. Verusean combat helmets are distinguishable by their resemblance to Erusean ones, while the typical AFV crewman’s helmet shows influences mainly from Yuktobanian and Belkan tanker helmets. The aviation crewman’s helmet, distinctly Yuktobanian in influence, is universal. Only some modifications are made for helicopter pilots. Like many nations of the world, pilots wear a dark green flight suit, but of note is the FVADF’s ceremonial flight suit, which bears a distinctive burgundy tone to it. A Verusean soldier’s job is often determined by his or her insignia and rank, as well as the beret they may wear sometimes. Most notable among troops wearing berets are those wearing brown and those wearing maroon. Paratroopers are distinguished by their brown berets, leading to the nicknames “Shitheads” from Osean troops and “Loohats” from Erusean forces. Maroon berets indicate one is a paramilitary member. Federal Naval Troops also wear a headband under their helmet exclaiming the word “Storm” on their heads when in battle.

              In short, the Verusean military is a sizeable and formidable threat, now the fourth largest army in the world. It’s training, coupled with its weapons and the country’s political structure, means it will be a present force for many years. However, it’s true value cannot be fully hammered out anywhere but real battle.

    Thanks to Cerb for his help in firearms


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    Re: The Military of Verusea

    Post by Ronin201 on Thu Mar 10, 2016 12:43 pm

    As a note from the guy who runs the OPFOR, should be fairly obvious but yes, you can finish off neutralized targets.


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    Re: The Military of Verusea

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