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    ONS Part 2 (Archived)


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    ONS Part 2 (Archived)

    Post by Ronin201 on Fri Jun 19, 2015 2:27 pm

    Second Part of ONS. Like the first it's only here for people who are new to read and catch up (if they wish).

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    Re: ONS Part 2 (Archived)

    Post by Ronin201 on Fri Jun 19, 2015 2:29 pm

    March 7, 2018 (UN HQ Time: 1005)
    OFS Excalibur (CVN-51), near the coast of Kedhan

    Eric tightened the shoulder straps as the F-21's nose lowered at the end of the . This time he wouldn't be cargo on some trashhauler; this time he'd be in his element. Today he had the standard CAP load of four AIM-9X Sidewinders and four AIM-120C AMRAAMs. Mark, his wingman for today, would be carrying the same, while the other two F-21s, piloted by DJ Jones and Dart Ferris (Shogun 210 and 21, respectively) were carrying four GBU-12s in place of the inner Sidewinders and the targeting pods to go with them in the forward fuselage bays in case they needed to hit something inland. VF-3 would be accompanied by a HARM-toting Growler.

    He looked over to the cat officer as he signaled him to move the control surfaces. Eric did just that, and received a pleased nod from the yellow shirt. He waited again while the last few things were set in place. Every few seconds, his eye glanced at the goddess of luck, Misaki Kuro, as she blew a kiss to him. Finally he saw that his machine was ready to go to full power. Immediately Eric gave the throttles a shove reached up for one of the bars and pushed himself back into the seat. His other hand came up and snapped a salute to the cat officer. His eyes darted forward to the bow, and within seconds the F-21 lurched and screamed down the track. DJ and Dart's fighters were in almost perfect unison with him.

    "Good shot for 208." Mark commented as he too readied himself.

    Mark felt his heart thundering like a drum from a mix of family-related pride and the crazed excitement junkie that dwelled inside. He bit his lip and made sure his visor was down. He too gave his cat officer a salute, and felt the rush as his jet was launched. In the heat of the moment, he couldn't help himself.

    "Yeehaw! 205 has a good shot!" He screamed, nor caring about anything like cliche.

    He was quick to get his Thunderhawk into a flying configuration. sliding into place on Eric's wing as his friend passed by. Their F-21s, looking like futuristic sons of the older F-14 Tomcat, ascended to 19,000 feet, wings swept back all the way. Their bomb-carrying friends were not far behind. After filling their internal tanks from an orbiting F-35, VF-138's flight, call sign Shogun 3, was cruising to its CAP station. VF-3's CAP was next on the cycle's list.

    Sunny watched as the last of the Ronin division shot off into the mid-morning sky, then readied himself knowing his and the rest of his division would soon be joining them. Sunny sat in Felix 103, his "assigned" aircraft of the squadron bearing his name, rank, and callsign just under the canopy. She was loaded for a fight with 4 AIM-9X Sidewinders and a similar number of AIM-120D AMRAAMS.

    The other three Thunderhawks: 111, 107, and 108 all bore similar load-outs. Rosie, Weasel, and Dusty in their respective aircraft all stood ready to launch. Sunny privately wondered about Rosie the most, this literally being her first cruise and she was flying into a potential warzone.

    Hell at least I had a couple of cruises under me before I went to war.

    But he knew they were all new to war, yet he and the other senior pilots had done their best to prep and train them.

    Another was being prepped to launch with his division: an EA-18G, better known as the Growler. He was more than happy to have the plane along. Bearing some of the most powerful jamming equipment in the world, it would be his primary defense (and offense) against the SA-20 site uncomfortably close to his patrol site, as well as any radar guided missiles launched by Khedanian fighters that get any clever ideas.

    Sunny twist his neck some, but was thwarted by the restraints that kept him fastened to his seat. Felix 103 soon found itself positioned on one of Excalibur's catapults.

    Well, time to go.

    Sunny gave the necessary salute after ensuring everything on his plane worked properly then waited for the moment he had experienced hundreds of times over a decade. It came as he was literally shot off the deck, the force pressing him into his seat.

    Speed built quickly and he was airborne, Felix 103's gear retracted and she gently turned and climbed towards the left waiting on the rest of his division to be launched as well as the Growler.

    Moments later, Rosie drew into position off Sunny's left wing. He could see her turn her head towards him in the cockpit, he imagined a slight smile on her face. Not much longer after that, Weasel and Dusty joined as an section off to his right. Sunny waggled his wings as they climbed a little higher into the sky, waiting on the slower Growler to launch. When he got into the air, they would head for their assigned patrol station.

    CAP Station Delta 4, aka the Lonely Corner as noted by one clever Lieutenant.

    Fingers crossed for the Kedhanians having some common sense. But something told Sunny that would be unlikely.

    The flight line at Murabek Air Base came alive as Mirage 2000-5 Mk.2's of the REAF's 4th FS powered up their engines. Each mirage armed with two R550 Magic-II short-range air-to-air missiles and six MICA air-to-air missiles.

    "Murabek Tower, this is Eagle flight, request permission to taxi to runway." Irénée informed to the tower.

    "This is Murabek Tower, you are cleared to taxi."

    The four Mirage 2000-5 Mk.2's began taxiing toward the runway, upon reaching it, Irénée informed the tower again.

    "Eagle flight to Murabek Tower, at runway ready for takeoff."

    "Murabek to Eagle flight, you are clear for takeoff, climb to four thousand feet." the tower replied.

    "Cleared for takeoff. Alright Eagles, let's go." Irénée copied to the tower, then informed the rest of his flight. The four Mirages began accelerating down the runway and took off.

    "Eagle flight, altitude restriction canceled. Good luck up there." The tower informed.

    As he dropped the canopy, Sharky asked Shamu, "Well buddy, you ready to make some money?" "Yo ho ho." Powering the engines up, Sharky hopped on the squadron frequency and said, "Showtime, Red, Viper, yinz up? We gotta get moving. There are some lonely squids up there waiting for us to hold their hands."

    "Red's up. No sense keeping the swabbies waiting."

    "Showtime's up."

    "Viper's up."

    "Alright, lovely. Let's get going. Falud tower, this is Basilisk flight of four requesting permission to taxi."

    The accented voice of the tower controller came over the radio, "Roger, Basilisk, you are clear to taxi to Runway 3-5."

    "Thank you, tower. Basilisk flight is rolling." To Shamu, Sharky said, "Our ordnance good?" Shamu, who had been checking the Tomcat's load of 2 AIM-9Xs, 4 AIM-120s, and 2 AIM-54Cs, said, "Yup. They're humming like puppies." "How about the shotgun?" Sharky asked, referring to the single AGM-88E they had loaded in case the SA-20 site located near their patrol station decided to get frisky. Shamu replied, "Good to go."

    As they made it onto the runway, Shamu called the tower again, saying, "Falud tower, Basilisk flight of four in position on Runway 3-5."

    "Roger Basilisk, you are cleared for takeoff."

    "Alright, guys. Let's punch it." In unison, the 3 Tomcats flown by Sharky, Viper, and Showtime, and the single F-15E flown by Red, punched into full military power and rolled down the runway. When they made it to altitude, Shamu called on the radio, "Falud tower, Basilisk flight of four switching to departure. Have a nice day."

    "Roger, Basilisk, good luck."

    On the squadron frequency, Sharky said, "Alright, gents. Heading 160 to the tanker."

    45 minutes later, Shamu called the AWACS, "AWACS Redeye, this is Basilisk flight of four on approach to refueling track Oscar."

    Upon receiving confirmation from the AWACS, Shamu called to the tanker, "Citgo 1-1, this is Basilisk flight of four. We have you on radar, 30 miles away."

    "Roger, Basilisk, we'll be ready when you get here."

    After the flight tanked from the KC-10 the 4 jets made their way towards the CAP station as Shamu called to Redeye, "Redeye, Basilisk flight of 4 on station at Delta 2. Flight of 3 Tomcats and 1 Strike Eagle, over."

    "Roger that Basilisk, Redeye has you on the screen. Your picture is clear at this time; just that Grumble battery with its search radar on." A controller aboard a single E-2D Hawkeye said. the radar plane circled near the edge of Excalibur's battlegroup, near one of the carrier's escorting cruisers.

    "Shogun 3 Lead to Redeye, we're also on station." Eric radioed. the controller looked at his screen again.

    "Understood Shogun, we've got you. Be advised that Grumble battery in your area has its search radar on." He said.

    "We hear it, Redeye. Thanks for the confirmation though." Eric assured.

    "Sunny Lead, this is Redeye, you still with us?" The E-2 asked.

    At the same time a larger E-3F Sentry raised Eagle flight, as well as a pair of F-22 Raptors assigned to the area.

    "Eagle Lead, Charge Lead, are you with us?" one of the controllers aboard asked.

    "Charge 3 is enroute to CAP, ETA ten minutes." the lead F-22 assured.

    "Sunny Flight copies, with four Foxtrot-21s with full air to air loads" Sunny heard the AWACS hail him as his division neared their assigned CAP station. It was nice to have a little diversion after seeing literally nothing but water from time since they left the Excalibur.

    "Roger that, Redeye. Tomcats have mixed loads of heater, Slammer, Phoenix, and Magnum, Strike Eagle has mixed Heater, Slammer. Weapons cold at this time."

    "Roger that Basilisk Lead, keep an eye on that Grumble Battery. We'll have a quad of Marine Hornets on station in a few to back you up, and Shogun 3 will also be in the area to provide help." the E-2 instructed.

    "Sunny, where's that Growler of yours?" He said, effortlessly switching between flights.

    "Roger that Redeye. Already got a HARM tasked to it just in case."

    Sharky switched to the squadron frequency and said, "Two, keep an eye on that Grumble. We're well within that mother's range. Make sure one of your HARMs is good to go."

    Millie, Showtime's RIO, replied, "Roger that. Two copies."

    "He's taking up station a little farther back. Should still be in range to support." Sunny replied.

    He's are only defense if that SAM battery get's any ideas.

    The division of jets began their patrol pattern, weaving trails across the sky.

    Sunny noted Rosie keeping station on his left wing, and the position of the second section. All the while making periodic checks of his radar, as well as scanning the sky around him. Especially towards the Kedhanian coastline.

    Far away from the orbiting aircraft, the commander of the northern SAM battery, percehed atop a low hill, raised his counterpart to the south.

    "Shakeeb, do you have the dogs on your screen?" He asked.

    "Yes Yousef, I do. I have spotted five aircraft so far, one appears to be a jammer aircraft. It has not actively targeted us yet, though. They appear to be staying beyond the buffer zone they imposed." The other battery commander reported.

    "Any instructions from Gazki or Salinak?"

    "None Yousef, but Gazki has but four of its fighters on alert, just in case. Perhaps we should track them, tempt them into making a mistake?"

    Yousef pondered his comrade's statement a minute, wondering if such an act would cost him his command and his head. It was best to wait for orders, he decided begrudgingly.

    "No, not unless we have a significant reason too." He replied.

    Meanwhile, Mark frowned as the SA-20 stayed in search radar. He'd been told these people were fanatics, why weren't they at least tracking him? He made an easy turn towards the hot leg of his CAP station again and tried to think about things to fill his time. He'd somewhat wished he'd gone to that restaurant with Ekaterina and splurged just to feel alive. o stay away from the boat just a bit longer with the Yuktobanian woman.

    "Shogun 208 to 205, I don't think there's a war going on between these countries all that much." Eric radioed. Mark glanced towards his friend as they passed.

    "You said it, not me." DJ chimed in.

    "Maybe we should track that Grumble battery, give him something to think about." Mark chuckled.

    After a mid-air refueling, the four Mirages arrive at Station Foxtrot 1, they begin their CAP. Irénée informs the nearby AWACS,

    "Starship, this is Eagle flight. We're on station, commencing Combat Air Patrol."

    "This is Moineau, let's hope that there aren't any bad guys that come our way." Estelle said to Irénée.

    "This is Faucon, I hope that there isn't any bloodshed as well. This squadron spilled blood in anger before, and that was during our war with Estovakia. I would prefer it not happen again." Irénée replied, in a bit of a serious tone.

    "This is Vautour, let's get this over with so I can be with my Sœur." Magalie concurred, but using a rather flirtatious tone in saying "Sœur", directing her attention to Estelle.

    "This is Balbuzard, I agree. Get this over with so we can go back to base." Williard said to the others.

    The Growler/ Rhino pair pulled up along side of the F-21 flight. "Morning gents, ready to go SAM hunting?" Jay asked. Meanwhile the Marines where arriving on station. "Redeye, this is Broadsword flight x4 F/A-18F, standby for ordanence. x 4 AGM-65, 4 GBU-38 plus gun and AAMs."
    Said Chris.

    "Alright, get a feel for the surroundings, Chart, you making notes of the landmarks?"

    "Already on it!" Chart said, looking out the glass of the canopy.

    "Broadsword, assist Basilisk Flight and the cruiser Rapier by monitoring that area we suspect of being a naval staging area, how copy?" the E-2 instructed. As he waited for the Marine aircraft to respond, a call came from his Air Force counterpart.

    "Redeye, this is Starship, we've got an airborne contact from Al-Fasr. single guy, can you confirm?" The E-3 radioed. the controller looked at his screen and saw the white triangle of an unidentified contact.

    "Yeah, I see him. Probably an airliner; do the Bailmore or Rapier saying anything?"

    "They say he's squawking the airliner code on the IFF. But he's a bit small to be an airliner and I ain't got anything about a jet taking off at that time on the airport's schedule."

    There was an uneasy pause. Redeye spoke first.

    "Should we have a few jets meet him outside the buffer zone, just to make sure?"

    Another pause; both controllers noted that the jet was moving fast, though not fast enough to necessarily be a fighter.

    "Roger, but wait until he gets closer to the water." the E-3 suggested. The E-2 controller nodded and keyed his mike.

    "Shogun, Basilisk, and Broadsword Leads, this is Redeye. We have a bogey, heading 133 at 80 miles, Angels 20. Standby to intercept and identify if bogey crosses the buffer zone, how copy?" The E-2 called.

    "Shogun Lead copies all. DJ. Drat, you two stay on station; we''ll intercept since we've got the AAMs." Eric replied.

    "Shogun 210 copies all." DJ responded, somewhat begrudgingly.

    "Shogun 212 copies all." Dart replied without any distinct emotion in his voice.

    "Basilisk flight copies all." On the squadron frequency, Sharky said, "Alright, Showtime, Viper, you two stay on station. Red and I will identify the bogey. Shamu, see if you can get this guy on radar or the TCS."

    "Basilisk, Shogun Lead here, be advised that SA-20 site has switched to tracking radar, looks like he's interested in us. Think you all can help?" Eric replied as her and Mark drifted closer to the buffer zone.

    He glanced down at his radar and saw the single contact on his screen. A glance at his ECM panel revealed that the only radars present in the area were ground-based. He swung his head towards Mark and signalled him to loosen up the formation. Mark nodded and banked away into a loose deuce flight. Before they were even close to the danger line, both jets swung away and headed back to the northwest. the Grumble battery was still tracking them, but had not done anything to get a weapons lock yet.

    "Roger, Broadsword moving to intercept, 3&4 stay on station." The ECM began warbaling as the Grumble switched to tracking.

    The Maine's pulled up in a loose duce formation next to the F-14s and F-21s "Hello gents!" Said Hannibal.

    "Oy, don't bunch it up, y'all hear?! That battery'll rip us up of we're this close!" Mark said as he noted the F/A-18s.

    "Redeye, Shogun Lead, bogey is closing in on the water. Anyone have a visual on him yet?" Eric asked, remaining focused.

    "Roger that Shogun Lead. Warning Yellow, weapons hold. I repeat, Warning YELLOW, weapons hold." the E-2 radioed. At least a potential threat was acknowledged, Eric mused, but they were still barred from firing. He selected his AMRAAMs and waited.

    Still out of visual range, a single Learjet ran towards the waiting UN aircraft. Aboard, Colonel Khaled Hanadi tapped his fingers against the armrest of his seat nervously. It was only a matter of time before his former masters picked up he was trying to flee, and sent a force to attack him. He finally stood up from his chair and hurried to the cockpit, much to the surprise of his personal guard and the pilot.

    "Try to contact those UN aircraft! Inform them that we wish to defect before Sawari sends our own forces after us!" He blurted out, his skinny face covered in sweat. The pilot nodded jerkingly and keyed up his radio to the right frequency.

    "Attention UN aircraft, this is Kedhani Air Force Learjet E7721, we are attempting to escape the country and wish to defect! Can anyone hear us?!" He called, trying to not sound too panicked. He knew the air controllers on the ground would hear that too. Now they pressure had fully mounted.

    Sharky said to Eric, "Roger that, Shogun. We're already inbound." On the squadron frequency he said, "Two, I'm gonna need you over here with me. Four, you go fill two's spot." Red grumbled, "Why'd you call me all the way over here then?" Sharky sighed, "Because that Grumble wasn't lighting us up. I need HARMs more than I need AMRAAMs if we're gonna back up Shogun. And Viper's gonna need a friend. You know how he gets when he's alone."


    Red simply said, "Roger that. Four's moving."

    As the AWACS declared warning Yellow, Sharky said to Shamu, "Get the Slammers ready." To Showtime he said, "Hey, get Millie to spin up those HARMs. We get cleared to fire I want you to knock that Grumble site to kingdom come."

    "You got it, bossman."

    "Roger pulling off," said Chris, "Arm up, set for air to air." "Roger" Elephant replied.

    "...Wish to defect! Can anyone hear us?"

    Showtime heard the end of the Learjet's broadcast. He promptly called Sharky, "Hey boss, you hear this? The bogey's up on Guard."

    Sharky switched over to Guard, and broadcast, "Unidentified aircraft heading bearing 133 at altitude 20,000 feet, this is UN aircraft Basilisk 1. You are approaching a UN mandated no fly zone. State your type and intentions."

    "Felix 103, 107 here, there's something going on at the Northern CAP stations can you hear em?" Weasel's voice suddenly came over the airwaves, breaking him out of his search of the sky. He blinked then, then frowned, as he listened into

    That didn't take long.

    "Yeah I can hear them. Sounds like a civilian jet trying to flee across the buffer zone." Sunny replied then added "We can't leave this area unattended, let CAP fighters up North handle it. If they need us, they'll call us."

    A round of "Rogers" came from his flight.

    "We wish to defect to the UN forces! Please help us!" The Learjet pilot called.

    "Roger that E7721, we'll have aircraft standing by, maintain course." The E-2 assured, taking control. He switched back to his fighters.

    "Okay everyone, listen up! Basilik, chop a Quickstrike or two and be ready to destroy that northern SAM site's radars so Broadsword can go in with Mavericks and destroy the launchers if they target the Learjet. Shogun's fighter element and what remains of Basilisk Flight will standby to defend against any interceptors that are sent up. You're still Warning Yellow, weapons hold at this point though, so wait until I give the go ahead."

    "What about Shoguns 210 and 212?" Eric asked.

    "210 and 212 will maintain the CAP station and provide assistance to Broadsword if needed." Redeye outlined.

    "Roger that. Basilisk Lead this is Shogun Lead, we're off your wing, a little low. Do you have a VID with your TCS yet?" Eric radioed.

    Further south, Starship was swinging into action.

    "Sunny, Eagle and Charge maintain your CAP for now, but be prepared in case Salinak launches aircraft. How copy?"

    "Charge Lead copies all." The F-22 leader replied.

    Meanwhile at Gazki, the control tower had been alerted to the defecting aircraft and ordered to intercept it for an escort to the base. The facility immediately ordered the launch of the two F-7 Airguards on the runway, and ordered another four on a five-minute alert scramble in close succession. the first two were airborne in seconds, their radars illuminated. Each jet carried four PL-9 AAMs and a single centerline tank. The SA-20 Battery was given orders to fire if the jet reached the coast before the interceptors caught him.

    "We've got two bogeys airborne from Gazki! Heading 127 at 80 miles, Angels 9 and rising! Looks like a pair of F-7s!" The controller reported. He couldn't help but get a little excited.

    "Expect more, Redeye what are you orders?" Mark commented. there was a pause.

    "Basilisk, lock up that SAM site's radars with two of your jets, get his attention. Shogun and the rest of Basilik, intercept the Airguards and keep them away from the Learjet. Broadsword will stand by in position for attack runs on the SA-20 launchers."

    "Shogun copies all." Eric radioed. He and Mark left their centerline tanks behind and switched their radars to Single-Target Track for an AMRAAM shot.

    "Starship to Felix and Avark, bring your CAP further north to distract the other site and block Salinak." the E-3 ordered.

    "Roger that, Redeye. Showtime, you ready to play SAM bait?" Showtime chuckled, "Might as well." On the squadron frequency, Sharky called, "Three, four, you guys heard Redeye. Get movin'. Two, take spacing. Let's play some chicken."

    WIth that, Sharky and Showtime maneuvered their jets so they were flying straight at the SAM site on an attack profile. Sharky said to Shamu, "Make sure the ECMs are ready. I don't want to take a missile to the face on the first mission." "Me neither, bro. Switches are ready to go. Music's good to play." "Oh yeah, speaking of music, we need some tunes up here." "Agreed. Any suggestions, maestro?" "I dunno about you, but I feel like having one last drink before we die."

    Shamu chuckled, "Sunk'n Norwegian it is." With that he began blasting the dulcet tones of Alestorm over the intercom.

    "Shit" Sunny cursed to himself before replying.

    "Good copy, Starship. Felix flight of four, plus Aardvark moving to support". Sunny gave everything his control panel a cursory glance to ensure everything was functioning properly. Then he addressed Felix flight for what might be their first taste of combat.

    "Alright Felix lead to to flight, make sure everything is in order and follow me in. This is the real deal everyone. Weapons safe until Starship gives the go ahead"

    The flight replied. And the four Thunderhawks, spreading out to a more loose formation began to move North, closer to shore and the enemy.

    Sunny quickly addressed his accompanying Growler. "Aardvark, be prepared to start jamming soon, we'll need it"

    Sunny turned his head over to Felix 111, still flying on his left now farther out.

    "Rosie, you ready?" Sunny talked to his nugget wingman er woman.

    "Ready and willing, sir! I won't let you down." Sunny could hear the determination tinged with nervousness.

    I felt the same way then. Hell I feel the same way now.

    "Roger, moving to set up for attack run, switch over to the JDAMs and program in, the coordinates."

    "Broadsword, Redeye will datalink you the coordinates." the AWACS confirmed before transferring the data for the JDAMs. The radar screen showed more contacts.

    "We have more bogeys airborne, count four. Same axis as the first two. They're closing in on the Learjet." He added.

    With the Learjet at the coast, the northern SAM site began to acquire the fleeing craft for a missile shot, or rather several. the Learjet pilot began giving off panicked reports he was going to be shot down.

    "Shogun requesting permission to engage those Airguards; they're almost in missile range of the Learjet." Eric reported. Suddenly the Learjet reported that missiles had been launched at it from the Grumble battery. The course of action was obvious now.

    "Basiliks 1 and 2, you are cleared to engage those radars. Shogun 208 and 205, engage the Airguards; we'll have Basilisks 3 and 4 engage as well. Broadsword, attack AFTER the radars are down." the E-2 ordered.

    Eric gulped and split from Basiliks 1 and 2, Mark with him. The bandits were 50 miles away now, still outside the range of their AMRAAMs, but the enemy had to have only short-range weapons. Eric began tracking the lead F-7, giving Mark the number two. They pierced the buffer zone as the Learjet was dotted from radar. now there was nothing between them and the F-7s. Eric waited while his AMRAAM got a lock on, and when they hit 31 miles it did. He gritted his teeth and depressed the button.

    "Shogun 208, Fox 3!"

    "Shogun 205, Fox 3!"

    the two missiles lept of the rails and streaked forwards, forcing the lead F-7s to try and evade. Eric went for a second missile shot as the enemy fighter became visible on the horizon.

    Meanwhile the southern SAM site began tracking Sunny and Aavark. Salinak had scrambled four MiG-29Ms in response to the moves towards its comrades. Eagle ordered the Thunderhawks to protect the Growler and Rhino, while ordering Eagle flight to send two jets to support the battle against the F-7s.

    "Alright Sunny Flight copies" Sunny replies relatively calmly, then mumbles "Damn it" to himself.

    "Felix 103 to flight, we've got four bandits coming from Salinak. They are hostile." The four fighters spread out, far enough to manuever but close enough not to loose sight of each other.

    "Avark, start that jamming now, those SAMS are starting to target us." Sunny calls to the accompanying jammer aircraft, for the

    Sunny assigns each fighter an individual Fulcrum to target, locking each one up with a single AIM-120D. Sunny has his finger hovering over the trigger button, preparing for a BVR shot against the approaching flghters.

    "Roger, music on," said the Growler pilot. "Should we go in and blow away that SAM?" said Ack-Ack licking his lips.

    "If you can do it quickly, Aavark. Eagle, where the hell is your detachment? We've got four jets taking on a force of six." The E-3 radioed.

    At this point, Starship was on a roll. He raised VF-3.

    "Sunny Flight, intercept those MiG-29s, they just turned towards you! Cleared to engage!" He shouted.

    I the meantime, Eric watched as the F-7 managed to evade his first AMRAAM. Mark got luck and saw a fireball.

    "Shogun 205 has a kill! Splash one Airguard!" He hooted.

    Eric switched to his AIM-9s as the F-7 turned to meet him, arming its own PL-9s. They passed and turned back towards one another. Meanwhile Mark joined the two Basilisks to support them.

    "Roger, Aavark engaging, "Magnum, SA-20 South of Salinak" said Ack-Ack,

    The AGM-88 dropped of the rail and streaked away towards the Grumble battery, "Magnum, same heading," radioed the Growler.

    Upon getting their orders from the AWACS, Irénée turned his head to the rest of Eagle flight.

    "Faucon to Eagle flight you heard the guy. We've got a couple of F-7s heading our way. Moineau, you're with me. Vautour, you stay here on CAP with Balbuzzard." Irénée instructed.

    "This is Moineau, roger." Estelle replied.

    "Vautour, roger." Magalie replied.

    "Alright, Moineau, let's get there ASAP! Burners on!" Irénée ordered. The two Mirages went into afterburner in the direction of the F-7s. Irénée says to himself, "Voilà pour aucune effusion de sang ..."

    The two Mirages soon got a long-range MICA lock on the F-7s, safeties off.

    The F-7s began to bracket the Mirage 2000s, attempting to flank them.

    The SAM site switched to the proper radar for missile lock, and before it was destroyed by the HARM, it managed to guided one missile towards Sunny Flight; in fact the weapon had barely left the launcher when its radar was destroyed. The other radar, still intact, directed two missiles towards the Growler and Rhino.

    Eric watched as the F-7 was above him, moving steadily behind him. He gritted his teeth and reversed, trying to find some way to get the advantage. the pilot was surprisingly fierce.

    "Evasive, maneuvers, Felix flight break! Slapshot SA-20!" Yelled Ack-Ack

    The SA-20 adjusted its course to follow the E/A-18G and EF-40's maneuvers.

    Meanwhile the second radar was detected by the AGM-88. It had only a few seconds before death came, but its attempt to fire off any more missiles were for naught.

    Irénée and Estelle, noticing that the F-7s were attempting to outflank them, fired their MICA air-to-air missiles, one from each plane.

    "Fox 3!" both Irénée and Estelle called as their respective MICAs were launched, guiding toward the F-7s.

    "Chaff, chaff!, Aavark 502, break, left!"

    Sunny's group was now head to head with the flight of MiG-29's, they were in range for an AMRAAM shot. Yet they were in range for the Fulcrums to fling R-27s at the opposing Thunderhawks.

    Aavarks jamming would be very key to how this fight played out.

    Sunny gave the order to fire, his hand clenches around the control stick as he presses the trigger with a cry of "Felix 103, Fox Three!". The AMRAAM drops off from the fuselage of 103, and a second later the motor ignites, sending into the blue sky towards its almost invisible target.

    Similar cries come from the other three Thunderhawks, each on launching an AMRAAM at their assigned target. They steadily increase speed to close the distance, while preparing to fire another volley of missiles at the Fulcrums before they came into visual range.

    The SA-20s were confused by the combination of maneuvers and chaff. One exploded near the EW jets, but only far enough to cause minimal damage, if even. The second missed completely. Without radars, the SA-20s were useless.

    Irénée and Estelle's F-7s deployed flares and made violent maneuvers to defeat the missiles. the apparent lead of the two ascended and then pounced from above, tracking Eagle 1 for a missile shot.

    Eric listened as the enemy fighter began to track his jet for a PL-9, he dumped chaff and banked right into a dive. The F-7 stayed with him, though. He switched to the veryical as a PL-9 came off at him. Flares saved him, more or less.

    The MiGs had split into two pairs, but not before Sunny's AMRAAM splashed its target. Two more broke in separate directions and deployed chaff, playing up their agility. The fourth, before it was heavily damaged, fired its two R-27s at Rosie. One of the evaders, after he'd dodged Sunny's missile, charged the lead F-21.

    Catching sight of the F-7 that got Irénée in position for a missile shot, he broke hard right, while Estelle, keeping the other F-7 on her radar, got into position to fire a Magic II IR-guided missile, and go into a position to, if the Magic II was fooled by flares, go for a gun kill.

    "Moineau, Fox 2!" Estelle shouted as she launched the first of her two Magic IIs, in a good position for it to hit.

    Irénée kept his eyes on both the F-7 on his tail, which was about have itself hunted by Estelle, and the other F-7 for in case if it went after Estelle.
    One down and another crippled, hoping for better but it'll have to do. Sunny thought to himself as observed the results of his division's BVR volley.

    Then the enemy counter attacked, warnings going off as Radar Guided missiles were launched at them. The jamming was active, but he wasn't taking any chances.

    "Sunny flight evade!" He called over the waves, turning hard into the threats and releasing chaff.

    Rosie immediately mirrored the move, turning in the opposite direction and released chaff. Shimming sheets of aluminum filled the

    Sunny noticed one of the Fulcrum's headed for him. And he had his six o'clock was exposed.

    "Rosie back me up here, I'll drag him across your nose so you can take the shot" Sunny continued into the turn, G's pressing him into his seat as he strained to look behind him and keep the Fulcrum in sight.

    "Weasel, Dusty, stay on those other MiG's!"

    The Magic II was up the F-7's tailpipe before its pilot could react. The light grey jet exploded, confirming Estelle's first kill. But the F-7 that'd been moving towards her tail was ready to avenge its ally as it launched a PL-9 at the Mirage.

    At the same time Eric had gotten himself into a rolling scissors with his own enemy fighter, but his AIM-9 was getting a steady track after a few passes. He pressed the launch button.

    "Shogun 208, Fox 2!" Eric called. the missile slid off its rail and followed after the F-7. the Airguard attempted to turn, but the missile exploded off its wing, causing mortal damage. He flew past and began to turn towards the rest of the furball.

    "Basilisks 1 and 2, this is Shogun 205, don't worry about the remaining Airguards; we'll block em." Mark radioed. The E-2 reported that an additional pair of F-7s had been scrambled, but nothing more. Any attacks on the bases themselves had been forbidden as well.

    "What, they wanna send up their whole air force?" Eric commented.

    Meanwhile the MiG's Alamos had missed, but the unfazed pilot went high to get above the F-21s, snapping back and diving towards Rosie for an AA-11 Archer shot. The one after Sunny fired a quick burst from its cannon before it zoomed by and broke left to come back around at him.

    The missile warning alarms blared in Estelle's headset. She broke hard and dumped flares, spooking the F-7's missile. While at the same time, Irénée was getting into position to make a guns kill on the F-7. He eventually got into position...

    "Guns!" Irénée shouted as he fired a four second burst of 30mm rounds from the Mirage's DEFA 554 cannon, leading the target.

    Posted 07 October 2014 - 08:23 PM
    Sunny turns into his opponent to prevent him from getting a good cannon shot at him. Condesation forms on the wings of his Thunderhawk as he pushes the throttle forward into afterburners, twin jets of flame propelling him higher into the sky.

    Damn it, how'd I let him get altitude on me!?

    Sunny complete's climb and rolls over onto his back to get a handle on the situation.

    "Felix 111 here, I've got a MiG on my tail!" Rosie calls out over the radio, and Sunny immediately scans the skies to try and find her. He see's two aircraft in the distance, one is trailing smoke from a damaged engine.

    "Hang on! Break right, when I give the word" Sunny rights the F-21 onto its belly, then thunders after the pair of fighters. One the Sidewinders on the right pylon begins to growl as it acquires the heat signature from the MiG's exhaust.

    Come on, come on . . . !

    Upon the initial SAM launch, Sharky urgently called Showtime and said, "Alright, guys, time to hustle. You guys take the acquisition radars and we'll take the search radar. The jarheads will roll in after us as we cover Shogun."

    To Shamu he said, "Come on, buddy. Nail that Cheese Board." Shamu grunted, "Azimuth locked, range coming in... NOW. FIRING!" "Basilisk 1, Magnum on the northern SA-20!"

    Almost simultaneously, Millie called, "Basilisk 2, Magum, Magnum on the tracking radars. 2 HARMs away."

    To the AWACS Sharky called, "Redeye, Basilisk 1 and 2 are Winchester Magnum. Turning to engage the F-7s."

    By this time, the Shoguns had killed the first two Airguards, and as Sharky turned to engage the newcomers, he heard, "Umm, boss, you may wanna move. You're in the kill box."

    Sharky chuckled, "Roger that, Viper. We're pulling back." He called to the Shoguns, "Uh, guys, you may want to pull back. Basilisk 3's got a Phoenix shot lined up and you don't wanna be in the basket."

    A few seconds later, when Basilisks 1 and 2 were far enough away, they heard, "Finally. Basilisk 3, Fox 3, Fox 3. Engaging the two straggling Airguards."

    Two Phoenixes fell away from Basilisk 3's belly and streaked towards the unwitting F-7s.

    The F-7 took hits in the rear fuselage, causing it to slow. It was limping; barely alive, but only for a second before part of the tail ripped off. The pilot ejected to save his life.

    The radars never had a chance, but tried to get off what they could. Three missiles, all unguided, flew off before the radars were disabled.

    Mark and Eric did as requested watched as the AIM-54s streaked past, feeling slight pangs of jealousy that the F-14s had such a weapon while they only had their AMRAAMs. The F-7s stood little chance against the weapons as they hit Mach 5 and promptly scored kills. Thus only the F-7s fighting the Mirages and the MiG-29s remained. Basilik and Shogun were ordered to form a temporary barrier between the SAM launchers and Gazki to protect the Hornets, while the two Shogun jets still maintaining the CAP station were ordered to swing north to fire their AMRAAMs at the F-7s to support the Mirages if needed, but the threat was gone before they could get close.

    "Broadsword, you are cleared to make two attack runs on the launchers; make em count." Redeye reported.

    The MiG, sensing danger, broke off Rosie and tried to flee. It'd seemed he only had nerve when he was on the hunt, not the hunted. The MiG pursuing Sunny was trying to find him again.

    Shamu pumped his fist as the SA-20 site went offline. Sharky, who saw the three launches, apprehensively asked Shamu, "Uh, what about those 3 that got off?" Shamu quickly checked his displays and replied, "They're not guiding. Missiles are no factor." Sharky hummed to himself, "The SAMs are dying, in the night, no Gargoyle lasts for ever..." On the task force channel, he called out, "Nice shot, Basilisk 2. You too, 3. Broadsword, mop those fuckers up for us. We'll keep any little bitches from getting uppity."

    Oh no you don't!

    Sunny had plenty of speed from his dive built up and hauled the MiG into range very quickly, giving a quick glance behind his back to make sure his tail was clear. Sunny selected a AIM-9X Sidewinder, heard the familiar growl then fires. The Sidewinder comes off its pylon and streaks towards the retreating fighter, reeling in the distance very quickly.

    The MiG that'd been pursuing Rosie moved to evade, but it only showed its top to the incoming missile. The already damaged MiG exploded into two pieces, parachute deploying just short of the wreck's shrapnel. Two MiGs left, and the one on Sunny's tail had just launched an AA-11.

    Meanwhile Eagle Flight was ordered back to its CAP station, as was Charge Flight. The second everyone else was clear, they too were ordered to retreat to avoid dragging out an already serious incident further. Gazki and Salinak had gone quiet in terms of fighter launches to avoid further ire.

    "Roger Basilisk, inbound and hot! Exclaimed Chris. The Hornets went into after burner and set up their run on the SAM sight. Coming into range, the backseater of each Bug said, "Bombs away!" And a pair of JDAMs fell from the aircraft onto the SAM site. "Boom!" Murmured Hacker, under his breath.

    Sharky received the order that they were to RTB upon the completion of Broadsword's bomb runs and said to himself, "Well, that was quick." Shamu said, "To be fair we did kind of tear them a new one." "Well yeah, but I wasn't expecting it to get as interesting as it did as quickly as it did. Oh well. I'm not complaining."

    "Right, lets bring it back around and strafe 'em." The Hornets turned around and fired their M61s. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt, the plane's shook as the guns spat out 6,600 rounds a minute. They pulled off from their run and dumped a couple of flares. "Lets go home Broadsword!" said Raptor, they headed out back past the buffer zone.

    The SAM launchers were destroyed by the JDAMs, and a few strangling crewmen who'd managed to survive fell to 20mm rounds.

    "Broadsword, pull back; Shogun, Basilisk, and Eagle Flights will cover you and fall back one at a time, starting with Shogun." Redeye ordered.

    Eric and Mark made a tight turn and begrudgingly headed for the coast, maneuvering behind the remaining flights as they kept watch.

    "Moineau, this is Faucon, time to pull back to Foxtrot 1." Irénée informed Estelle.

    "Roger." Estelle replied as the two Mirage 2000-5 Mk.2s turned and sped back to their assigned CAP station.

    The Hornet's raced back over the coast, "Damn sucka , I just got some!" said Hannibal, pulling up near Raptor and Hacker's F/A-18. Chart gave an enthusiastic fist pump to Lee, who returned it with a thumbs up.

    Shamu, who was keeping tabs on Broadsword to make sure nothing untoward happened, suddenly burst out laughing hysterically on the intercom, startling Sharky, who was checking the radar to make sure no other aircraft came up. Sharky asked, "What the fuck, dude?" Shamu, still laughing, wheezed, "Gun... Runs! THEY'RE MAKING GUN RUNS! THOSE LUNATIC JARHEADS ARE MAKING GUN RUNS!" Sharky, annoyed, said, "You're fucking shitting me. Did they run out of Mavericks or some shit? If we lose a bird because some nugget jarhead's showboating I'm gonna be pissed." Shamu chuckled, "I still think this is fucking brilliant." On the task force frequency he called out,

    "Hey Broadsword! It's not World War 2! There are better ways to kill ground targets than gun runs now! Maybe you poor little Jarheads didn't get it, but those gray things with the wings on them that are hanging off your wings? Yeah those kill SA-20s just fine, and you don't have to worry about getting blown away by some farmer with a rifle from the late 19th century."

    Mark flinched as he heard Shamu launch into hysterics, and looked back.

    "Sheeit, Shamu, forget to take your pills or something?" He quipped as they rejoined DJ and Dart.

    "Nah, his sides are in orbit cause those Marine Hornets decided to make a gun run on that batch of SA-20 launchers." Eric answered, having been listening more closely.

    "Felix 103, splash one MiG!" Sunny shouted over the radio even as another took an shot at him with an Archer. Sunny immediately took action, breaking right into the missile while releasing flares.

    Hoping against all hope that would fool the missile, Sunny began to sweat a little behind his visor and oxygen mask.

    "Felix 107, I'm engaged defensive with a MiG at my six. Buster!" Felix called for his second section leader to hurry up.

    "Hang on 103, we'll be there in a few!" The reply came.

    It may be too late. Though Sunny, the dire thought rising into his mind despite his best efforts. He hand no desire to be shot down a second time.

    Also flinching as he heard Shamu laugh hysterically, Irénée asked himself, "Ce que l'enfer?" ("What the hell?").

    The Archer fell to the flares, and the MiG suddenly broke the chase, diving away to escape to its base.

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    Re: ONS Part 2 (Archived)

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    Riley rolled his eyes upon hearing Shamu, "We wanted to clean up the crew, the JDAMs already blew away the SAMs, no reason to waste a good Mav on them."

    Mark chuckled.

    "Yeah yeah, Broadsword, we can totally see you ain't tryin to show off or nothin." He smirked, masking his sarcasm.

    "Sunny Flight, Aardvark what is your situation?" Starship radioed.

    Sharky spoke up, "You know what's an even bigger waste than a Mav? A perfectly good Super Hornet and its over-eager flight crew that got plastered by some freaked out SAM crewman with an Igla who got a shot off because said intrepid flight crew decided to waltz right into his optimal engagement envelope. You're not flying a Warthog, kid. Save the gun for when you're actually gonna need it."

    "Roger that." Sighed Chris.

    Sunny breathed a sigh of relief as the Archer was decoyed by the flares. He caught a glimpse of the MiG diving away from the fight.

    "Hey, 103 that last MiG is bugging out. Should we pursue?" Weasel asked, eager to finish the escaping fighter off.

    "No, let him go. We're way too close to Kedhani air space as it is" Sunny replied.

    "Sunny flight form up, Felix 111 are you okay? What's your status?" The older Osean pilot inquired over the waves about his damaged wing-woman.

    "Felix 111 to lead, one engine out from shrapenel damage, may have to punch out" She answered, and Sunny breathed a sigh of relief. In that last part of the fight, he had almost completely lost track of the nugget. He felt like kicking himself for that.

    The four Thunderhawks formed up, 108 flying under 111 to inspect the damage and reported it to Sunny. Sunny was about to respond when the AWACS inquired about his flights status.

    "Starship, this is Sunny. Confirm two MiG-29s destroyed and the rest bugging out, Felix 111 has taken heavy damage. Over."

    Sunny took position off Rosie's right wing, while Weasel and Dusty flew a few thousand feet higher and behind as a bit of top cover.

    "Roger that Sunny, should we scramble a Helo from the Bailmore?" the E-3 asked.

    Sunny mulled it over for a second, looking over at Rosie's Thunderhawk. It was still flying relatively well, despite one engine out.

    "Negative, I believe we can make it back to the Excalibur. Recommend a Helo be on stand-by, just in case."

    "Understood, we'll alert the carrier." the AWACS informed.

    "All units report in; are we clear of the airspace?" Redeye called. His OAF counterpart echoed the same call a few seconds afterwards.

    Meanwhile, as Broadsword finished its gun run, the survivors fired whatever they could. AKs, RPKs, and even a single SA-24 man-portable SAM.

    The Hornets where already gone, out past the buffer. "Redeye, Broadword here, we are clear of the zone."

    Eric, after checking his fuel state, looked over where his AIM-9 had once been and slid up his visor. Usually an empty pylon wasn't worth any attention, but considering that this time it was because the weapon that'd left it had destroyed an enemy jet. He looked over at Mark and flashed him a thumbs up.

    "Your granddad will be proud, Tex!" He called. Mark couldn't help but grin and return the gesture. He was even more relieved that he survived.

    "Okay, that just about wraps it up. Anyone with low fuel, hit up a tanker...good job, everyone. That was some expert fighting." Redeye reported.

    "Roger that Redeye, couldn't agree more. Good job everyone, we'll have some relief inbound soon enough." Starship chimed in.

    **********************************AIR MISSION 1 END**********************************

    Debrief: The two enemy SAM sites have been destroyed, as well as nine enemy fighters. The Learjet that was attempting to escape was apparently the jet of a high-ranking intelligence officer in the Kedhani military. We cannot be certain of his reasons for attempting to defect, but we have more pressing matters. All members involved are required to fill out a report regarding the incident. UN HQ has issued a statement that you all acted accordingly given the ROE.

    Kill Tallies:
    -Shogun: X2 F-7MG Airguard
    -Sunny: X3 MiG-29M Fulcrum
    -Basilisk: X2 SA-20 Acquisition Radar, X2 F-7MG Airguard
    -Eagle: X2 F-7MG Airguard
    -Broadsword: X6 SA-20 Launchers
    -Aavark: X2 SA-20 Acquisition Radar

    Press Release, Kedhani National Media (March 8, 2018): Today, the imperialist mercenaries of the supposed UN peacekeeping mission attacked Kedhani military assets without provocation whilst attempting to help a suspected traitor to General Sawrai flee the country. Our forces bravely met and fended off the enemy forces despite losses of their own. The UN shamlessly denied its wrongdoing, thus showing it is all too happy to prolong the conflict in the region. Our great leader, General Sawari has declared this act will not be tolerated, and has promised his people a swift reaction. He has assured his people that the military of the Holy Union of Kedhan can and will defeat both the imperialists to the north in Shamlak and the United Nations.

    No comment from The Kingdom of Shamlak.

    United Nation's Statement to the International Media (March 8, 2018):

    General Price walked out to a microphone on a podium branded with the United Nation's emblem with a line of the flags of the coalition member states behind him flanked on both sides with the United Nation's own flags. With the gesture of a hand the mumbling of the journalists came to an immediate halt as silence overtook the room.

    The man spoke, "Good morning. Yesterday, UN coalition pilots were conducting a regular patrol in accordance to our on-going police mission. During this patrol, our units became necessary in assisting an unarmed aircraft that was being targeting by the coastal anti-air assets commanded by the Kedhani military resulting in a brief engagement. The engagement, sadly, resulted in the destruction of the unarmed aircraft. There have been no confirmed survivors of the unprovoked attack by Kedhani forces. As previously mentioned, the engagement was conducted with the appropriate amount of force and nothing further. There are no confirmed civilian casualties on the ground. The United Nations remains committed to our mission in the region but General Sawari seems determined to defy international law and continue to endanger more innocent lives. The United Nations promises the citizens of the Holy Union of Kedahn and the Kingdom of Shamlak that their right to seek asylum by ground, air, or sea will be protected. We will not take terroristic aggression against civilians lightly and, as shown, they will be answered. I will take no questions and there will be no further comments. Good day."

    As the man stopped speaking and walked away from the podium as the once silent room seemed to explode into random questions. He left the chamber waiting to be wiped away by a UN vehicle to where-ever else he needed to be.

    Posted 11 October 2014 - 01:23 PM
    March 9, 2018 (UN HQ Time: 0745)
    OFS Valiant (CG-103)

    The Ticonderoga-class cruiser began its turn to the north again as it neared the raging battle.

    "What's the Hawkeye saying?" The Tactical Action Officer asked.

    "He's tracking the newest set of KAF raiders flying to attack Burj Al Nasr this time. The naval fighting has pretty much been small boats to this point, but It looks like they're larger craft are about to move in." the radar officer replied as he watched the screen. The TAO rubbed his temples and walked back towards the plot in the ship's CIC compartment, where the ship's captain was. She glanced at the TAO.

    "Does that E-2 have any reason to believe that either or both sides will engage us?" She asked. The TAO shook his head.

    "No ma'am, but we have a few Harpoons in the rear VLS in case they do. We can redirect one of our TLAMs away from the launchers ashore as well." He replied. She nodded.

    "No need to; we aren't the only Osean ship out here." She replied. The man nodded.

    "For now, keep us on this course and track the Kedhani contacts with more attention; they've got to be the angriest with us." She ordered.

    Meanwhile aboard the smaller ship's escortee, Eric was half-asleep in the cockpit of his F-21 as he and a few other examples of the jet sat on the starboard side of the flight deck, waiting to take turns on the Alert Five. To his left, two F-14 Quickstrikes had just been brought up from the hangar deck. Mark was on the elevator with them.

    Jay sat in the front seat of the Phantom, reading a pocket copy of 1984. In the back seat, Boomer was munching on a sandwich. "Do o fink we'll waunch oon?" Said Boomer, in the middle of a mouthful of sandwich.

    "What?" O'Connor swallowed and said, "Do you think we'll launch soon?"

    "No clue, and didn't your mama teach you not to speak with your mouth full?"

    As the first two Basilisk Quickstrikes rose to the deck on the aircraft elevator, Sharky hummed to himself over the intercom with the tune of "Drink" by Alestorm, "We get kicks, from sinking ships, we'll take your fun at the... Nah that doesn't work. You'll meet your doom when we launch our harpoons... YES!" Shamu asked, "What is it?" "I think I got the chorus worked out!" "You mean for that stupid theme song idea?" "Yes. For the theme song idea. I mean, people call us privateers, might as well go the more hardcore route and just call ourselves pirates. And what better vehicle for theme music than Alestorm?" Shamu sighed, "Well, I guess that does make sense. I bow to your infallible logic."

    "Hehe, as well ye should, ye filthy landlubber."

    "I would like to remind you we have a strict 'No Keelhauling' policy on this F-14D Quickstrike aircraft..."

    "Yarr, I be the captain o' this ship, I say what goes."

    Shamu sighed, "Damnit, not again. You really need to not listen to Alestorm so much."

    Sharky chuckled, "You listen to it just as much as I do."

    Shamu protested, "That's because the only music we have in the damned hard drive on this jet is your stuff!"

    "It's better than the shit you listen to. I mean, seriously. Who the hell listens to smooth jazz when they're flying a combat jet?"

    Shamu pouted, "Hey, it's soothing."

    Sharky laughed, "That explains the snoring I hear on long flights."

    "Very funny. Speaking of smooth jazz, you talk to Gale lately?" Sighing, Sharky said, "Nah. It's been a while." "Well why not? Didn't she come on this deployment?" "Nah, she got held up back in Vistoc for something or another. And what the fuck does smooth jazz have to do with Gale?" Shamu snickered, "Not so much smooth jazz as the activities one does while listening to smooth jazz..." Horrified, Sharky exclaimed, "DAMNIT I TOLD YOU TO STOP DOING THAT BACK THERE!" Shamu quickly replied, "No, no, no, I meant activities you would do with Gale! I'm crazy, but I'm not that crazy, dude! Besides. Too many electronics back here. Don't wanna mess anything up." "Praise the lord, there is still hope for him. But no, I haven't gotten to talk to Gale. I may give her a call after we sortie, I dunno. When are we gonna launch anyway?"

    Shamu said, "Who knows, man. Who knows."

    As the elevator reached the deck, the two Tomcats followed the deck crews' instructions onto the flight deck.

    Mark got out of the way as the Tomcats were directed to the #1 and #2 catapults. He walked over to Eric's F-21 and clambered up the steps.

    "Yo, wake up Eric!" He shouted. Eric snorted and jerked up, looking towards his friend.

    "What do you want, Tex?" He said.

    "There's been a change in the launch order. Those two Quickstrikes'll launch first if we need too, and we'll be right after them. Y'all know the rest." He said.

    "Yeah, we're supposed to escort a Growler so it can jam that KAF AWACS if needed." He replied. Mark nodded and descended to the deck to get to his jet.

    Jay looked at the Growler, the Hunter part of their hunter killer team. He noticed the Quickstrike's being moved to the front cats. "Oy, Boomer, something's up." He said.

    Four F-21s of the Excalibur's second Thunderhawk squadron, VF-3, cruised at the northern end of the battlegroup engagement zone.

    Rather uncomfortably close to the UN Buffer zone and the bloody fighting going on behind it.

    Right now, the task given to Sunny Lovell and the rest of the pilots in his division was to protect the battlegroup from any aerial threats. They could not do much else, loaded to bear for air-to air combat.

    Well so much for a peaceful resolution of these events. Sunny thought as he mulled over the events going on the mainland and the dogfight a few days ago.

    Sunny looked over his flight, particularly the craft of his wingwoman.

    We got real lucky a few days ago.We have to stay sharp and stay together when the time comes.

    Sunny and the rest of the squadron had gone over the battle with the MiGs, there as plenty of backslapping for Sunny and Dusty, who had scored the kills.

    But mistakes had been made and had been aired out with the brutal honesty that could only be found in an Osean Navy Fighter Squadron.

    "Sunny hell you should have know better to seperate yourself from your division and your wingman" Skipper had scolded him.

    She's right too. Rosie would have been tagged if I hadn't had the presence of mind to turn look around after that first pass. Kid seemed calm, but I could tell she was still a bit shaken up after everything. Hell that was how I looked after my first battle.

    "Sunny Flight, this is T-Bone. Be advised that the evacuation is beginning at this time. We'll chop you a tanker in about 20 minutes but for now maintain your CAP station." The E-2 currently above the ship radioed.

    Meanwhile the Air Boss raised Eric and Mark on the radio.

    "Shogun 208, 205 you're gonna to be joined by a Growler on your CAP. It'll be watching a KAF AWACS to our southeast, how copy?"

    "Shogun 208 copies." Eric radioed.

    "Shogun 205 copies." Mark confirmed.

    "And 502, you get to be the Growler going with 208 and 205, understand?" The Air Boss added.

    Far back to the east, several civilian CH-47 Chinooks began to lift off from empty freighters near the oil rig. T bay of each was completely empty to carry as many oil rig personnel as they could. They would stay behind the patrolling fighters until the end.

    Howler, sitting in the back of the Growler radioed the Air Boss "Roger that Boss! Hey Catacomb, we get to be the lucky ones for the jamming mission."

    "Got it, " Said Catacomb, He pulled his mask across his face and closed the canopy. "Aavark 502 ready to go hunting."

    "Roger T-bone, holding position" Sunny replied.

    As soon as the orders had been dispensed to the new flight, a voice boomed across the deck.

    "Standby, we have one of the CAPs returning!"

    Eric looked towards the stern as the carrier turned to receive the returning jets. The two other VF-138 jet were being lowered below deck, and others clearing the way for the returning F-21s. Mark and Eric were directed to the elevator in a matter of minutes, while Aavark 502 was put on the rear starboard elevator.

    "Basilisk Flight, this is Battlestar CATCC, standby to be launched. E-2 will give you instructions once airborne." The carrier's control tower radioed.

    Meanwhile the deck seemed to grow silent as the first of two F-21s appeared as a tiny dot in the distance. Eric watched it, a VF-3 bird, as the machine seemed to come down like a bird landing in slow motion. Closer and closer it came; even without the Meatball to reference he could tell the guy was a little loose, but not a threat to safety. It snagged the second wire and came to a stop. Eric lowered his canopy and waited for the second Thunderhawk to land.

    Back up front the catapult crew checked the F-14s to make sure they were secured to the catapult. The cat officer gave Sharky the signal to move his control surfaces.

    "Basilisk Flight, this is Battlestar CATCC, standby to be launched. E-2 will give you instructions once airborne."

    "Roger that, Battlestar. Basilisks 1 and 2 are moving to the cat."

    When he received the cat officer's signal, Sharky cycled the Tomcat's controls to make sure everything was working and shifted into military power. As the cat officer made his final checks, Sharky and Shamu made sure everything was secured in the cockpit. Sharky wrapped his left hand around the hand hold in front of the throttles so he didn't accidentally reduce power on the shock of the cat shot. The cat officer saluted. Sharky and Shamu returned the salute and promptly looked forward as the cat officer dropped to one knee and the Tomcat rocketed forward.

    Shamu couldn't resist uttering a "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" as they launched, much to Sharky's chagrin. As both Basilisk aircraft cleared the carrier and joined up, Shamu called, "Battlestar, this is Basilisk, we are airborne. Switching to talk to T-bone."

    Over the intercom, Sharky said, "I've missed carrier ops." Shamu chuckled, "Yeah, I'm glad they made us do quals when we started fucking with Quickstrikes."

    "Yup. The amount of bitching Red was doing about flying off the boat for this mission was hilarious though."

    "To be fair he has always been more of a land-based being."

    "Yarr, 'tis a stain on me honor, having a landlubber in me crew."

    "Calm it down there, cap'n."

    Sharky chuckled, "Yeah yeah. Now go see what T-bone wants from us."

    Shamu switched frequency then said, "T-bone, this is Basilisk flight of two. What do you have for us?"

    "Basilik Flight, proceed along Heading 008 to the Northern CAP station; you'll be working with OFS Valiant for the time being in case we need to clear a corridor to attack those ships beyond the buffer. We're gonna chop the rest of your flight to cover the evac." The E-2 radioed. Before he got any acknowledgment, the controller switched to the current F-35s that were flying as tankers.

    "Durango 404 and 400, need you to head to Sunny Flight and give em some gas." He ordered.

    "Durango 404 copies."

    "Durango 400 copies."

    Back aboard Excalibur, a plane director gave Eric the signal to power up his jet, another doing the same to Mark. They were whisked across the sun-baked flight deck towards the front two catapults. a third director approached Aavark 502 and gave him the signal to power up. Meanwhile Basilisks 3 and 4 were brought up to the top for launch.

    In the meantime, Rook, the Ustian AWACS, called to the jets already covering the evac, a flight of F/A-16s and Mirage 2000-5 Mk.2s

    "Roger that, T-bone. Basilisk flight heading 008."

    Catacomb powered up the 2 GE F-414. The engines came to life. He began to follow the directors orders.

    Upon reaching their assigned airspace, Irénée informed the nearby AWACS.

    "This is Eagle flight, we are on station at Alpha 2. Commencing CAP."

    "Roger that Eagle, maintain position." Rook replied.

    "Eagle, this is Angel 1, lead for the evac helos. Glad to have you watching our backs." one of the CH-47s radioed.

    "Roger that, AWACS." Irénée replied to Rook.

    Hearing the message from one of the CH-47s, Estelle replied to them, "You guys will be in good hands, I assure you."

    In fact, Irénée, Estelle, Magalie and Willard were actually expecting this mission to be uneventful, or what the Oseans refer to as "milk runs"; a contrast to what happened on the 7th.

    "Rook, this is Angel, we're about to lift off with the first load of evacuees." the lead Chinook reported.

    "Roger Angel, scopes are still clean." the E-767 assured.

    Meanwhile Eric and Mark's F-21s were directed into position on the forward cats, while the Growler was put on Catapult #3. Before the EA-18 was launched, both F-21s were put up to guard it. Avark 502 was hooked up to the shuttle and locked in place. the cat officer gave the pilot the signal to move his control surfaces after the load was cleared and weight adjusted for.

    The KJ-2000 was still in its orbit as the battle really began in earnest, joined by a flight of two Su-35s. Both sides clashed first with missile boats, lobbing their long-range ASMs at each other's bigger ships. Valiant got on the radio.

    "Battlestar, this is Valiant. We're gonna launch a ScanEagle; try and get a viz on those C-802s." the cruiser radioed. It positioned itself into the wind and sent the little drone flying towards the Shamlaki missiles.

    Catacomb moved the control surfaces, "How's it look Howler?" he asked. "Looks good bro."

    With the F-21s airborne, the cat officer for the Growler gave the signal for full power, and when everything was in place and the salute received, launched Aavark 502.

    "LET'S DO THIS LEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYY JEEEEEEENNNNNNNNKKKKKIIIIIIIIINNNNNNS!" yelled Howler, living up to his callsign. The Growler pulled up and away from the carrier. "Good shot, gear up, flaps up." Said Catacomb. The Growler pulled up off the port wing of one of the F-21s.

    "Okay Shogun and Aavark, proceed to the southeast CAP station." T-Bone ordered.

    "Shogun copies all, proceeding." Eric radioed.

    The two Thunderhawks banked to the right and cruised towards the orbiting KAF AWACS. The two Su-35s guarding it detected the move and adjusted their own orbit to but themselves between the KJ-2000 and the Osean fighters. As an extra challenge, they started tracking the F-21s, but they did not go for any kind of weapons lock.

    The ScanEagle reached its own position above the peninsula and spotted the C-802 launchers. the operator observed the launch of two towards the Kedhani fleet.

    "I'm telling you, I seriously feel we're in the wrong place just being on the sidelines here, man." Eric radioed to his friend.

    "At least we have a kill each." Mark replied, glancing at the green and yellow star on his friend's jet.

    "Music on," said Howler, flipping the jamming pods on. "Let's see how they like this"

    "Aavark 502, no jamming the KJ-2000; we aren't here to give the Kedhanis a reason to attack us." T-Bone snapped.

    One of the Su-35s switched its attention to the jammer as the machine tried to interfere with the AWACS.

    "Basilisk Flight, we've got a bogey...looks like a single P-3 coming from Ah-Riziki. Heading 355 at 92 miles, Angels 10. Keep an eye on him, we also just picked up his escort on the same heading." The E-2 reported.

    Meanwhile Rook noted that the last flight for the rig's protection had arrived.

    "Orbital Flight, is that you?" the Ustian controller asked.

    "Dammit," said Howler, flipping off the ECM.

    "Roger that, Basilisk copies. Dope on the escort?"

    "Heading 350, same distance and Angels. looks like a pair of EF2000s. Be advised, we'll send backup your way." the E-2 advised.

    "Sunny Flight, this is T-Bone. Need you to send two of your flight to help Basilisk, how copy?" The controller said.

    Irénée, hearing what was going on, says out loud to himself in regards to the Growler pilot.

    "Damn cowboy..."

    "Good Copy T-bone"

    "Alright Weasel, I'm taking Rosie and assisting those Tomcats. Hold here with Dusty until AWACS says otherwise"

    "Roger, happy hunting lead"

    With that, two of the F-21s detached from the other section, and moved to support Basilisk.

    Shamu radioed, "Roger that, We'll be waiting." Over the intercom he said to Sharky, "Typhoons. Looks like they're stepping it up from last time." "Agreed. Showtime, we got Typhoons inbound. Don't get swept away."

    Showtime chuckled, "Roger that, boss. Just gotta keep Millie from goin' singing in the rain."

    "Howler you over eager idiot!" Exclaimed Catacomb. "What were you thinking, do you wanna get us shot down!?!"

    "Sorry bro, got a little excited." Responded Howler.

    "I can tell, Don't do it again."

    The EF2000s lagged behind the P-3 as it moved forward. They seemed to snake, turning towards the F-21s and F-14s before snapping back to following the patrol plane.

    Meanwhile the naval battle had begun to shift in Shamlak's favor with their La Fayette frigates, locally called Al Riyadhs. They cleared a path from afar for Badr-classs corvettes and OSA II missile boats to close in on the Kedhani Moudges and Sovremennys.

    The ScanEagle reported the C-802s facing the rig appaered to have a heightened sense of activity around them.

    "Angel, what's the status of those evacuees?" Rook demanded.

    "Working as fast as we can! There's so many!" Was the reply.

    Hearing the radio, Estelle asked,

    "AWACS, what's happening?"

    "Eagle, the evacuation force is taking longer than first predicted and we fear that the Shamlaki forces are about to turn south after they crush the Kedhanis. Excalibur informs me they are preparing a strike force." the E-767 replied.

    "What are your orders, Rook?" Irénée asked.

    "Eagle, we need you to widen your CAP radius to form a longer wall between the fighting and the helos. Also, be prepared to support CAPs operating from the Excalibur, mainly one near a KAF AWACS." the E-767 ordered.

    "Roger. Faucon to the rest of Eagle flight, you all heard what he said. And stay on guard." Irénée replied and instructed.

    "Moineau copies." Estelle replied.

    "Vautour, roger." Magalie replied

    "Balbuzard, copy that." Willard replied.

    Sharky radioed to T-bone, "When's Sunny flight getting here? These guys keep jinking toward us."

    "Sunny flight of two, reporting on station. Basilisk, do you copy over?" Sunny radioed the Tomcats, as they just began to make out the profile of the aircraft silloutted against the sky. And on his scope, tickling at the edges, were a pair of unwanted customers.

    "Rosie, watch those bogeys to side, they're getting rather close".

    "Right, I see them on my radar now. There's only two of them this time" came the reply from the nugget pilot.

    Shamu radioed, "We've got you, Sunny. Glad to have you with us. Just to get you up to speed, if things get dicey we'll engage with Phoenix first, so stay out of the basket. You can close with us and engage afterwards."

    "Right taking position off your starboard side"

    The two F-21's drifted into position off the the right of the Tomcats, noses pointed forwards and AMRAAMS readied to fire as soon as the go ahead was given. Sunny took a moment to admire the older variable geometry wing aircraft, then went back to checking his scope.

    Heh gotta talk to them about it about when we finish this up and get back to base. They've probably got quite a few stories to tell. Sunny mused for a moment.

    "Easy Rosie, don't underestimate these guys. That'll get you killed quick" Sunny had to chastise the pilot.

    Confident is good, overly cocky isn't.

    ". . right, sorry lead. . ."

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    As the EF-2000s drifted back towards them yet again, Sharky sighed over intercom, "I wish these guys would stop beating around the bush and just engage us already." Shamu said, "Yeah I agree." He radioed, "T-bone, these assholes just jinked into us again. Requesting clearance to engage before they get too close?"

    "Basilisk, they're still over 80 miles north and well within the buffer. Request denied. Same for you, Sunny." T-Bone replied firmly. As if hearing the E-2's call, the EF2000s stayed pointed at the F-14s a little longer this time before turning away.

    "T-Bone, this is Shogun 208. We're seeing KAF bogeys pressing on heading 315. Looks like a strike force, can you confirm?" Eric asked.

    "Roger, we see em, maintain your current heading. Rook, we're gonna need Eagle." The E-2 said.

    "Understood. Eagle this is Rook, you're cleared to move to assist Shogun." the UAF AWACS radioed.

    "Roger that, T-bone. We'll keep you posted. Nose is cold."

    To the northeast of the F-21/EA-18G formation, a flight of JH-7A strikers escorted by Su-35s proceeded towards the Shamlaki fleet, the KJ-2000 guiding them. the two Su-35s guarding the AWACS pointed their noses at the Osean Navy jets as their friends passed by.

    "Eagle, are y'all inbound?" Mark asked.

    "This is Faucon of Eagle flight, we are en route to intercept." Irénée replied to Mark.

    "Intercept? When did we get orders to intercept?" Mark said, surprised.

    "We did just now, those Flankers are pressing towards us. Buck up, Tex, time to go!" Eric said as he switched radar modes.

    "Aavark 502, move back towards the battlegroup; we'll protect you!" He added.

    "Shogun, Eagle, that strike force appears to be circling around to vector onto your flight

    Meanwhile up north with Sunny and Basilisk, the situation wasn't getting much better. The Kedhani-Shamlaki battle was settling down, and both groups seemed to be scraping together what they had left to seize the rig before the other did.

    "Sunny, Basilik, this is T-Bone. We've got two, no four more EF2000s airborne and directing themselves towards you. Heading 355 at 91 miles, Angels 20. Additional bogeys are at heading 332, 98 miles at Angels 15. probably Mirages. Standby to intercept the Typhoons, the carrier is launching part of its strike force in case. The Gracemeria is sending its own fighters, callsign Saint, to intercept the Mirages." The E-2 controller reported. He sounded mildly overwhelmed.

    "Somebody wanna fuckin tell me why this peacekeeping mission has had no peace in it?" Mark cursed to himself.

    The EF2000s spread out to meet the UN fighters across the buffer, supported by the Al Ridyahs below them and the E-767 well away from the fight. The P-3 maneuvered towards the C-802 sites.

    "Valiant, this is the Excalibur. We're sending the Joseph Steward and the St Francis to support you." Excalibur CIC reported.

    "Roger that, we detect multiple ships on the horizon; looks like Al Ridyah class. We're preparing our weapons now, going to battle stations." the Tico-class replied.

    Sharky said over intercom, "Well. The excrement is certainly hitting the analog air circulation device now... I will say one thing. This deployment takes the cake for the most VIOLENT peacekeeping mission I've ever been on." Shamu chuckled, "Agreed. T-bone, roger that. We're moving to engage the Typhoons now. Showtime, lock 'em up. Sharky, music choice?" "Up to you, Mr. DJ." "Hmm. This is chaotic as fuck. Eh, let's listen to some Dragonforce."

    Sharky smiled, "Excellent. Sunny, back us up. Basilisk flight is engaging."

    With that the two Tomcats turned to engage the Typhoons, lighting up their massive radars in preparation for a Phoenix launch.

    "Alright, Sunny is covering. Happy hunting." Here we go. . .

    "Alright Rosie, arm AMRAAMS and get ready to fire when we get the go ahead" Sunny ordered.

    "Roger, ready to battle" Rosie replied. Both pilots began to check their scopes, waiting for the Tomcats to launch their longer ranged missiles.

    Then they would close the distance if there was anything left to shoot.

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    Re: ONS Part 2 (Archived)

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    Shamu radioed to Sunny flight and Showtime, "Alright, we'll launch 2 Phoenixes each at the Tiffies. If they miss, Sunny, you engage with your AMRAAMs. We're gonna burn on past and try and nail that AWACS with the rest of our Phoenixes, then finish off what's left. Got it?"

    "Eagle this is Shogun Lead. I say we split up into two three-ships to engage those Flankers and their supporting KJ-2000." Eric radioed as he ditched his centerline tank.

    "Be advised part of that strike escort is turning to join the fun. T-Bone, are you in a safe position?" Mark radioed. Both F-21s armed their AMRAAMs and began to track the first pair of Su-35s escorting the AWACS.

    "Roger, we're okay." The E-2 assured.

    "This is Rook, we'll take over Eagle and Shogun. T-Bone, you can take Basilisk and Sunny." the UAF 767 radioed.

    "T-Bone copies all. You here, Shogun and Eagle?" the Osean said.

    The two closest EF2000s began to track the F-14s, while two of the Al Ridyahs did the same, also targeting the F-21s. Below, the two Ticonderoga-class cruisers readied Harpoon ASMs in their forward launchers. Valiant still had her Tomahawk ready as the Scan Eagle reported the launchers seemed to be adjusting for fire.

    "Rook to Angel, get everyone out of there, we've got a situation!" The Ustain controller ordered.

    "On our second to last flight!" Was the response.

    As the Tomcats began to be lit up, Shamu said, "Uh, Sharky, we got friends. Those Typhoons and two of the frigates are tracking us." "Shit. Call T-bone." Shamu radioed, "T-bone, Basilisk. We are being tracked by the lead two Typhoons and two of their frigates. Are we cleared to fire?"

    "Roger, moving towards battlegroup!" exclaimed Howler as the EA-18 turned away from the incoming fighters. "Cleared to jam em T-Bone?"

    "We're up against Flankers here... Be careful." Irénée said to the rest of Eagle flight.

    He then asks the AWACS, "Rook, do we have clearance to engage?"

    "Eagle and Shogun, this is Rook, you are cleared to fire. Aavark, support them!" the E-767 called.

    "Basilisk and Sunny, you are also cleared to fire. Don't worry about the ships or the C-802s; get that AWACS and those fighters!!" The E-2 called, having just receieved word a four-ship of ASM-armed F-35s had been launched.

    "Shogun 205, I'll take the lead Flanker, you get his wingman!" Eric called.

    "Roger that." Mark replied as he began tracking the Su-35 across the way from him for his AMRAAMs.

    The Su-35s began to bracket at 45 miles, the F-21s mirroring their move. the other six Su-35s had formed into a line and began to track the Mirage 2000s, still 80 miles away though. To the northwest, the Typhoons closed within 50 miles of the F-21/F-14 formation.

    "Alright, Sunny copies"

    Sunny turned his head and addressed the lead of the Tomcat section.

    "Basilisk, they're getting pretty close. You may wanna fire those Phoenixes, soon."

    "Roger that, engaging," Shamu called.

    "Alright, gents, Tiffies at 50 miles. Let's boogie."

    Sharky selected Phoenix and launched two at the lead two Typhoons, calling, "Basilisk 1, Fox 3, Fox 3 on the two lead Typhoons."

    A second later Showtime repeated the Fox 3 call on the two trailing jets as two Phoenixes streaked away from his Tomcat as well.

    Sharky called, "Alright, Sunny. If these miss you guys light the Typhoons up. We're pushing towards the AWACS. Showtime, follow me in. Shamu, you got that pig locked?"

    "You know it. Range 130 miles."

    A few seconds later, as the Phoenixes switched to active radar guidance, Shamu called, "Basilisk 1, Pitbull."

    "Basilisk 2, Pitbull."

    Sunny watched as the four big missiles streak out towards the sky to hit their unwanted guests.

    "Sunny copies, Basilisk. Happy hunting." Sunny pushed forward slightly on the throttle to increase speed. Rosie mirrored this maneuver.

    "Alright Rosie, get ready for to launch AMRAAMs". Sunny heard clinking, signifying she had heard him.

    Probably busy as I am, trying to lock them up.

    The lead two Typhoons reacted immediately, releasing chaff before jinking back and forth at high speed so they could get closer with their own AIM-120 AMRAAMs. They managed to escape the AIM-54s with their violent maneuvers and returned fire on the F-14s with four AMRAAMs, two on each Quickstrike.

    The second Mark and Eric hit AMRAAM range and got a lock, they fired two AMRAAMs each, then deployed chaff and began to maneuver a second after their Fox 3 calls.

    "Fight's on!" Mark added.

    "Eagle, don't forget about our friend in the Growler. Protect him at all costs!" Eric added as he saw the enemy Flanker appear, it's curved forward section making it look as sinister as ever. It fired a single AA-12 Archer at him before it broke. He deployed chaff and dove to get under and behind the weapon. Mark's Flanker sent him two kisses of death.

    As the missile launch warning blared, Sharky yelled, "Shit! Basilisk 1 is defensive!" as he dropped chaff and rolled perpendicular to the missiles in the attempt to confuse them, while Shamu activated the Tomcat's trackbreakers in hope of shutting down the missile's uplink.

    At the same time, Showtime broke right, calling defensive, and also dropped chaff and started his ECMs.

    While they labored to evade the missiles, Sharky called, "Sunny, launch the AMRAAMs! Give these fuckers something to worry about! We can't get tied down here!"

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    "Basilisk, missile launch! Radar guided missiles headed your way!" Sunny shouted in alarm.

    "Felix 103, Fox Three" An AMRAAM dropped from the belly of the THunderhawk and went into the distance. Another AMRAAM dropped from Felix 111 and followed.

    The two Thunderhawks began to increase speed once more to close the distance, each launching another AMRAAM if the first volley did not work.

    The other four EF2000s split up, one of them joining the two aimed at the Basilisks while the other three challenged Sunny. One fell to an AMRAAM from Sunny, but the others avoided the shots, though the second volley got close for their comfort. They came towards the Osean jets to engage at close range. The missiles after the F-14s lost track due to the Trackbreakers, but the EF2000s that'd fired them were still out there.

    Meanwhile on the sea, the LA-class Sub St. Francis fired four Mk.48 ADCAP torpedoes at the Al Ridyahs. Valiant and John Steward volleyed two Harpoons each. the Shamlaki ships forgot about the jets and turned to defending themselves.

    Eric watched as the first AA-12 went almost directly over him, exploding behind him. He began to climb, banking into the Sukhoi as it passed below and began to climb itself to get above and behind him. Mark pulled a wide barrel roll, scattering more chaff before he and the Su-35 nearly collided. He howled a curse at the plane, then as his picture of Ekaterina began to flutter about the cockpit.

    The Flankers after Eagle had reached the proper range, and fired a single Adder each.

    As the missile warning went silent, Sharky said, "Fuck this bullshit. Showtime, you engage the Tiffies while we hit the AWACS. Then we'll switch."

    To T-bone he radioed, "T-Bone, what's the status of the rest of our squadron? We could really use a bit more backup over here."

    Showtime replied, "Roger that." He locked up two of the offending Typhoons and fired a single AMRAAM at each, calling, "Basilisk 2, Fox Three, Fox Three!"

    Meanwhile Sharky and Shamu finally got into Phoenix range and released the two huge missiles. Sharky exclaimed, "Basilisk 1, Fox Three, Fox Three on the AWACS!" He then asked, "How long until they're active?" Shamu replied, "10 seconds."

    On the radio Sharky said, "Showtime, we'll be with you in 15 seconds. Hold on, buddy."

    The two F-21s are head on with the pair of Typhoons.

    Sunny uncages a Sidewinder and prepares for a head on shot, waiting a few more moments before pressing the trigger.

    "Felix 103, Fox Two!"

    "Felix 111, Fox Two!" Come on hit!

    "Music on!" Exclaimed Howler, flipping the switch. "Watch our backs guys!" Said Catacomb.

    Eric made some sound resembling a "roger that' to the EW plane and reacted to the Sukhoi's move by rolling inverted and pulling an inverted loop to get behind the Su-35. The aircraft reappeared above him. He switched to his Sidewinders and pulled back on the stick to keep the enemy fighter in his sights. Eventually he was behind it, and the camouflaged fighter broke to the left, slowing to force Eric under and in front of him. Eric mirrored the enemy's move.

    Mark and his respective foe had each broken into each other and turned the fight into a horizontal rolling scissors. Every time the Su-35 turned into him, it fired its cannon, sending 30mm tracers by his cockpit. He selected his own M61 and returned the favor a few times. Seeing the scissors was getting him nowhere, he decided he would bait the enemy fighter; make him think Mark had made a mistake then get the Flanker pilot when he thought he was the victor. Mark increased speed and slashed to the left, under the Flanker. It took the enemy pilot a second to realize what had happened before he gave chase.

    Up north the E-767 had been doomed the second the Phoenixes had been sent off at it. It tried to maneuver, but it had only a few seconds before it was hit. The first missile ripped off its left wing, and the second turned the machine into numerous pieces of fuselage and human.

    Showtime's first AMRAAM got lucky, but the other two Typhoons were now on him, coming from above and below.The two remaining Typhoons pressed on and fired a single IRS-T each.

    "We're launching them now, Basilisk! John Steward is also switching to her Standards to target those EF2000s!" the E-2 replied it it'd been reported that the St. Francis had severely damaged one Al Ridyah, and Harpoons from the cruisers had done damage, though now the incoming F-35s were about to take over destroying the remaining two.

    Meanwhile Sunny's missile hit the enemy jet right in the face, flinging derbies across the sky and in the path of his F-21. The one on Rosie made an abrupt dive, taking damage but still afloat as it passed underneath. Its pilot pulled back on the stick and rose up behind her.

    Showtime broke hard left and dropped flares while calling, "Basilisk 2, defensive! Again! Lead, where are you?"

    Meanwhile Sharky had turned back towards the fight and locked up both of the Typhoons. When Showtime made his call, he said, "I'm right here, two. Continue your left turn so I'm clear to shoot." Showtime continued his turn and Sharky released two AMRAAMs, one at each Typhoon, and then closed to get in range for a Sidewinder shot.

    "Felix 111, defensive. Dropping flares!" Rosie's F-21 turned hard into the attacker, breaking left with flares and chaff dropping out behind the "jet.

    Good girl.

    "Felix 103, I'm coming around to get on his tail, stay on that heading." Sunny put his jet into a hard turn in the opposite direction, trying to bring his nose around for a quick Sidewinder shot at the offending Typhoon.

    Eric was almost directly below the enemy Flanker, and both of them were daring towards their stall speeds, hoping the other would get there first before the other.His breath was getting labored as he tried to pull his turn tighter; he was about to rip his plane apart. He glared up and saw the Flanker suddenly depart the turn in an attempt to escape, but the move cost the KAF pilot the last bit of energy he had. Eric circled like a vulture as the enemy Su-35 departed controlled flight. He rolled in and selected his gun. The pilot superimposed his piper on the target and tore at the Su-35's tailfins with 20mm until he saw his enemy eject.

    Mark dumped flares as the enemy aircraft tried to track him for an AA-11 and jinked to the right before reversing back to the left. He selected his Sidewinders again and waited for the enemy Flanker to get closer. As the Su-35 fired one of its heat-seekers, he deployed flares and broke hard left into the attack.

    "Hey, somebody gonna get that AWACS?" Mark shouted in a moment of recall as he forced the Su-35 to follow him to the water. Eric turned his head towards the KJ-2000.

    "Avark, keep him jammed. I'm gonna lob my last two AMRAAMs at that sonuvabitch." He declared.

    The first IRS-T bound for Showtime missed, but the second exploded, close. Shrapnel punctured the skin of the F-14, but did not bring it down, not yet. Sharky scored his next kill, but he had to act quickly unless he wanted the remaining EF2000 to get his wingman.

    The EF2000 switched to its cannon and fired several bursts at Rosie's F-21.

    Upon getting the missile alerts, Eagle flight cool-y and methodically broke, dumping flares and chaff to an attempt to confuse the Adders.

    "Don't worry, Shogun. We'll keep him safe." Willard answered.

    Millie called out, "Basilisk two's hit!"

    Shamu replied, "You alright, Two? How bad is it?"

    "Took some shrapnel. We'll live. Just fucking get these guys!"

    Sharky chimed in, "Two, extend and disengage. We'll get this last dude." As he said this, Sharky punched the Tomcat into afterburner, closing the range until he heard the Sidewinder's welcoming growl. He waited a few more seconds until he had an optimal shot, then fired one missile.

    Meanwhile Showtime punched his jet into afterburner as well, trying to open the gap between him and the pursuing Typhoon.

    The EF2000 had been so caught up in pursuing its damaged prey it didn't seem to note the incoming Sidewinder until the weapon's warhead exploded above its spine and stopped it. the machine began to glide downwards after a second.

    Eric, AIM-120s selected, hit the gas and swung towards the KJ-2000, closing the range in afterburner. He tracked and locked the enemy AWACS after a minute, depressing the fire button twice.

    "Shogun 208, Fox 3 Fox 3." He declared. Even as the missiles left, he knew his third kill was as good as bagged. As soon as the AMRAAMs were away and independent of him, he turned to help the Mirages as they merged with the Flankers. Two of the Su-35s moved to box the REAF fighters in while the other four closed in for the kill.

    Mark, meanwhile twisted like a snake to defeat the AA-11. After a grueling eternity of maneuvers, it lost him. He swung his head around and spotted the enemy fighter. Mark turned towards him as the Su-35 did the same. But Mark wasn't about to fall into another rolling scissors. His Sidewinder was ready for the second the bandit came into its field of view. He fired with a Fox 2 call and watched the weapon intercept the Flanker's path. The Su-35 exploded.

    Shamu called to Showtime and Millie, "Alright, guys, your tail is clear. You guys good to keep going, or you need to head home?"

    Millie replied, "We're alright, but it's probably best if we don't push this thing any harder." "Yeah, I'm starting to feel some vibration. I don't think we're up to another dogfight in this state," Showtime added.

    Sharky said, "Alright. We'll head back to the boat. Red, Viper, you two up?"

    Breaker and Azure, Red and Viper's RIOs, replied, "Three's up."

    "4's up at the CAP station. What's up, boss?"

    Shamu replied, "Two took a hit. We're gonna head back to the boat before it gets any worse. You guys take our place. Sunny may need some help."

    Red said, "Fuckin' finally we get to do something. We're on the way."

    Shamu chuckled, "You finally got your wish, bro. Don't fuck up." To T-bone he radioed, "T-Bone, Basilisk 1. Our wingman took a hit. We're gonna head back to the Boat before something breaks. Basilisk 3 and 4 are taking our spots."

    Rosie jerked as she heard a few rounds puncture her jet and flinched as tracers zipped by her canopy.

    "Felix 111 is defensive!" The stricken Thunderhawk began to weave wildly across the sky to get keep the Typhoon from getting a good tracking solution with its cannon.

    "Hang on, Felix 103 is engaging" Sunny had finished his turn and was coming up on the pair of aircraft wildy dancing across the sky. Sunny selected another Sidewinder, and tried to get a lock on the slippery Typhoon.

    "Rosie get ready to break hard, I'm going for a 'winder shot!" Sunny ordered.

    "T-Bone confirms, we'll have SAR ready in case things go south." The E-2 acknowledged.

    The EF2000 after Rosie sprayed its rounds about as the Thunderhawk evaded, hoping to land more hits.

    Mark fired a single AMRAAM at the circling Flankers. It missed, he hadn't even tried to lock it, but it got them distracted.

    "Eagle, we've got your back. Go get em." Mark said.

    Red and Viper engaged the bandits chasing Sunny Flight as well, calling, "Guys, pull out. We've got these dudes."

    Azure said, "Sunny 111, 108, break hard and extend! I'm gonna set up a Phoenix shot."

    Meanwhile, Sharky and Showtime had made it back to the boat. When they were overhead, Shamu called, "Excalibur, this is Basilisk flight checking in. Basilisk 2 has taken damage. Requesting a straight in approach."

    The cavalry arrives.

    "Rosie, you heard him. Break and extend"

    "Copy that!" The F-21 breaks hard left, popping more flares and increasing speed. She doesn't dare go to burners, lest the Typhoon shoot a heat seeker at her.

    Sunny lobs a Sidewinder at the Typhoon, to get him thinking of something else besides chasing Rosie.

    And to make him predictable.

    "Felix 103 breaking hard right!" Sunny, puts his Thunderhawk into a hard right turn, both engines putting out plumes of flame in afterburner.

    Viper launched 2 Phoenixes and called, "Basilisk 3, Fox 3!"

    "Basilisk 4, Fox 3, 2 AMRAAMs at the Typhoon!"

    There was no real way to tell whose missile got the Typhoon first; all of them had come in at once and so fast on the hapless jet. But either way the enemy fighter exploded and disappeared in the fireball.

    "Basilisk, Excalibur. You're cleared. Should we rig the barrier?" the ship's CATCC radioed.

    On the LSO platform, the man to guide in the wounded F-14 was the wing's Landing Signal Officer, Commander "Judge" Taylor

    "Negative, we're mostly fine. Basilisk 2, Tomcat ball 4.5."

    After calling the ball Showtime guided his Tomcat in to a landing, catching a 2 wire. The injured Tomcat was quickly taken off the deck as Sharky and Shamu started their approach.

    "Okay Basilisk 01, call the ball and gimmie a little more power there." Judge called.

    "Basilisk 1 Tomcat ball, 4.0"

    Sharky pushed power a smidgen in response to the LSO's call, bringing the big jet back on glideslope.

    "Hold it there, hoooold it there." the LSO said as he watched the F-14 got close. He waited a second more, then grinned.

    "In the groove....looks good!" He shouted as the Tomcat was a few feet above the deck.

    Sharky pushed power to deal with the burble and then glided in to snag a 3 wire.

    Shamu commented over the intercom, "Not bad, broseph. It's like you do this shit for a living."

    Sharky chuckled, "Now what would give you that idea?"

    As they parked their jet and hopped out of the cockpit, Sharky said to Shamu, "Well, another day, another couple of kills." "It was a bit dicey there, though. Let's go check on Showtime and Millie."

    The two walked down to the hangar deck to see how their wingmen were doing. They found Showtime and Millie standing back watching the maintenance men fuss over their bird. Sharky laughed, "You two think you can get off the job by dying on me, do ya?" Showtime chuckled, "Come on, boss, you know what you have to do to get a vacation in this joint." Shamu smiled, "Now now, you guys don't get off that easy." Millie chimed in, "Eh, it was worth a shot. Thanks for saving our bacon, guys." Sharky replied, "No worries. You know I don't like losing people." Showtime said, "I'm glad for it." Shamu asked, "So how bad is it?" Showtime replied, "Not that bad. Couple of flaps got shredded and our left engine got fragged, but other than that we're fine. Should be back up in a day or two. We gotta do something about our ECMs though." Sharky nodded, "Already working on it. I'm gonna call home and see about adding some ALE-55s, maybe a better set of trackbreakers. Hopefully it shouldn't take more than a week or two to retrofit."

    Meanwhile at the CAP station, Red and Viper rolled out after having immolated the last Typhoon as Azure called T-bone, "T-bone, Basilisk 3 and 4 are clear. You guys have anything else for us?"

    Meanwhile Red said, "Finally I get to kill something." Viper chuckled, "Well, you may have killed something. We sent so much shit at that guy I'm not even sure who got the kill." "Eh, I got to launch something. I'll take it. Even if it's a half kill."

    "Good shooting, Basilisk 3 and 4!"

    The two Tomcats rolled out next to Sunny and Rosie, with Red feigning the tipping of a hat to Rosie, saying, "It's what we do."

    Feeling the tenseness in her muscles abade after several hairy moments, Rosie couldn't help but smile a little behind her mask at the gesture.

    "Thanks" Rosie replied.

    Sunny nodded in approval.

    "From one former Tomcat driver to another, really nice work there."

    "Rosie, how’s the damage on your craft?" Sunny inquired, remembering her getting hit a few times.

    Rosie looked over her plane, testing controls.

    "Everything's in the green, I think the damage is only cosmetic." Rosie answered, and frowned.

    Damn it that's the second time I had to be saved. I have to start pulling my weight.

    Viper wagged his wings, saying, "Thanks. We try."

    Red, meanwhile, protested, "Whoa whoa whoa. I'm only driving this thing because you can't launch a Mudhen off a carrier."

    Azure chuckled, "How have you been working with Sharky this long and not been converted yet?"

    Red replied, "It's BECAUSE I've been working with him this long that I haven't been converted yet. Somebody's gotta stay sane and not drink the cool-aid."

    Breaker laughed, "Yeah. You're too busy drinking tequila instead." "Well, yeah. It's the beverage of my homeland after all..."

    Meanwhile, Eagle flight merged with the Su-35s, and hearing Mark's words of reassurance, Irénée replied, "We read you."

    He then turned to the rest of his flight. "Eagle flight, take down those Flankers. Moineau and Vautour, you two take on the lead Flanker, me and Balbuzard will take on the other."

    "Moineau, roger." Estelle replied.

    "Vautour, roger." Megalie replied, in a mood that Irénée found rather joyful. Maybe it was because she got to team up with Estelle, he thought.

    "Balbuzard, affirmative." Willard replied, determined.

    The four Mirage 2000-5 Mk. 2s broke into pairs of two. Irénée soon got a lock on one of the Su-35s and fired a Magic II. Megalie got a lock on the other Su-35 and also fired a Magic II.

    "Negative, T-Bone. You're clear. It appears that both sides are withdrawing. Maintain CAP station until relieved." The E-2 radioed.

    Mark and Eric dragged two of the Su-35s away as the Destroyer Jack T. Bennet approached the area with its Standards. It salvoed four at the Flankers, then another two to overwhelm them. The crew was rather excited when it had been confirmed they'd bagged the Flankers.

    Meagile's missile hit dead on, but Estelle's did not. The enemy Su-35 returned fire with one of its Archers.

    Irénée and Willard's opponents merged in afterburner, blazing away with their cannons. The two then split up and went vertical.

    "Roger that, T-Bone. We're pulling back to the CAP station," Viper radioed.

    The two Tomcats resumed their patrol station.

    "This is Vautour, splash one Flanker. Moineau, break. I'll get him off your tail." Megalie informed.

    Meanwhile, Estelle broke left, dumping flares.

    Irénée and Willard broke with their respective opponents and got in position for a Magic II lock. They got a lock and they both fired a Magic II at their respective opponent.

    The Flanker on Estelle dumped its own set of flares to keep Megalie's weapons at bay, then locked Estelle for an Archer before firing and breaking to get rid of the Mirage on its tail. It had no problems displaying its knack for agility.

    The Flanker Willard had fired at made a tight turn and dumped flares, violently snapping back after a few second to overwhelm the missile. It then went into a loop and finally overloaded the Magic II's sensors. The Flanker completed its loop and pointed its nose at the Emmerian, tracking him for one of his AA-11s.

    The Flanker dueling Irénée had a closer call and did take some light damage from the Magic II, but it kept moving, trying to bait the lead REAF pilot into a mistake.

    "Shit! This guy's good!" Estelle exclaimed as she dumped flares and broke hard in a desperate attempt to evade the Archer.

    "You bastard! I won't let you kill my Sœur!" Magalie shouted as she got a lock on the Flanker and fired the second Magic II.

    Noticing that Willard was being locked up by his Flanker and noticing that the Flanker he himself was pursuing was acting strangely, Irénée did not bite, he broke pursuit of his opponent and got a lead on Willard's opponent and fired his guns.

    The Su-35 pulled another tight turn and began to force Magalie to overshoot it. As it did, the Magic II exploded in front of it and tossed shrapnel into its engines, heavily damaging both. The machine began to drift towards the sea before the pilot ejected.

    As the aircraft Irénée fired on took hits, the other Flanker turned back towards the lead Mirage and fired an AA-11.

    "Moineau, are you alright?" Magalie asked Estelle in concern.

    "Yeah, I'm alright." Estelle said, breathing a sigh of relief.

    Meanwhile, Irénée managed to get Flanker he fired on off Willard's tail. That was all that mattered. He then broke and dumped flares. Willard took the opportunity to fire his second Magic II at his opponent to finish it off.

    "Eagle Flight, report." The E-767 demanded as the second to last Flanker went down.

    The AA-11 fell for them after a moment of thought, but the Flanker kept in the attack, even if he was the only one out there left. he put Irénée's tail in his gunsights and fired his cannon.

    "This is Faucon, me and Balbuzard are engaging the last Flanker in the area." Irénée replied, breaking in the opposite direction to evade his opponent's canon.

    "This is Moineau, me and Vautour have downed our respective Flankers." Estelle replied.

    Willard managed to put his Mirage in position for a gun kill on the last Flanker, and fires.

    The Su-35 took hits across its fuselage and began to fall.

    Meanwhile Eric and Mark had been relieved and a new pair of jets was watching over the EA-18G

    "Shogun 208, call the ball." He heard the LSO instruct.

    "Shogun 208, Thunderhawk ball, 4.2." Eric replied.

    "Bring it down a little, you're going high."

    Eric gingerly lowered the F-21 and kept it stable. One mile.

    "Power...Okay in the groove...looks good!" The LSO screamed as the fighter came down onto the deck. Eric went into full power until he felt himself being restrained.

    "Sunny Flight, T-Bone. Say fuel state." the E-2 radioed back up north.

    "Rook, Eagle flight has passed Bingo Fuel. Permission to either head to a refueling tanker or RTB?" Irénée asked the AWACS.

    "Sunny Flight, Felix 103 and 111 have reached Bingo Fuel, request RTB or a tanker, how copy?" Sunny asked the AWACS.

    The previous dogfight had eaten quite a bit of fuel for the two Thunderhawks.

    The second section was a little better off, but Sunny didn't think it wise leaving Dusty and Weasel by themselves.

    "Hey lead how'd you do?" Weasel had asked once the first section had linked back up with them.

    "Did pretty good, got a couple of them. But let's save the debrief until we get back, eh?" Sunny answered to inquisitive pilot.


    "Okay, 103 and 111 meet up with Durango 400 to your south to get some gas; we'll send up a relief flight. Your other element will maintain CAP." T-Bone replied.

    "Eagle, we'll get a tanker too you, move west to meet up with Fountain 3-2." Rook commanded.

    Meanwhile the Ustian taking of the platform was about to begin, when Valiant came on the radio.

    "Excalibur, we've detected inbound vampires! Five of them! They're low to the water so its hard to detect em!" the cruiser radioed.

    "T-Bone, can you get em?!" the carrier's CIC radioed.

    "Roger that, we're getting a bit steadier track...Valiant we'll send you the data." The E-2 radioed.

    The salvo of C-802 missiles kept on despite their detection and the subsequent launch of RIM-174s by the Valiant. The trailing missiles fell to a SAM each, but the other three kept on. One of the Ustian helicopter pilots spotted them a second before they slammed into the rig complex's legs. The assault force scrambled to get organized as the shock waves went out. After a minute, the rig began to collapse.

    **********************************AIR MISSION 2 END**********************************

    Debrief: Despite our best efforts, the Shamlaki military successfully destroyed the oil rig whilst we were recovering from the clash with them. We have reason to believe their provocations were to clear a path for the missiles they fired. The site was destroyed soon after by a TLAM from Valiant. Until further notice, all forces are to be put on alert for a retaliation. That is all.

    Kill Tallies:
    -Shogun: X2 SU-27M Flanker, X1 KJ-2000
    -Eagle: X4 Su-27M Flanker
    -Basilisk: X4 EF2000 Typhoon, X1 E-767
    -Sunny: X2 EF2000 Typhoon

    Press Release, Kehani National Media (March 10, 2018): Today the UN once again attacked our forces without provocation whilst attempting to interfere with our operations against Shamlak. An Osean Electronic Warfare plane at first deliberately tried to jam one of our aircraft, and soon after an escorting fighter cur it down like a sheep at the slaughter. General Sawari has promised the people that now he will be swift in his response, and is declaring a state of war now exist between our illustrious nation and the imperialists.

    Press Release, Shamlaki National Media (March 10, 2018): UN military assets today carried out a largely unprovoked attack against Shamlaki aircraft. Under orders from his highness, coastal missile batteries destroyed the nearby oil rig in retaliation, also citing that the position was being prepared for use by military forces in order to safeguard our interests and security. His highness has also announced he has received an overture for peace from the Kedhanis in order to unite against a larger foe.

    Sharky and Shamu sat with the rest of the Basilisks in the ready room they were sharing with VF-138 watching the press releases from the various combatants' respective media outlets. As the Shamlakis made their comment about the "unprovoked attack," Shamu laughed, "Unprovoked my ass! Those fuckers were lighting us up." Sharky sighed, "Come on, dude, you know how it goes. They could have nuked half the fleet, fucked the president, and took a dump in his bed, and an angry stare from us would still be a 'largely unprovoked attack.'" Shamu replied, "Yeah I know. Cracks me up. I still say this is the most violent peacekeeping action we've ever been part of." Showtime spoke up, "Agreed. My jet's even got the marks to prove it. Sharky, you call home about the upgrades?" Sharky said, "Yeah, just got off the phone with them an hour or so ago. The parts'll be headed down on the next transport. Along with some other goodies."

    Millie, intrigued, asked, "Oh? What sorts of goodies?" "Oh, you know. New missiles, thermobaric SLAM-ERs, Hammers, that sort of thing." "Awww hells yes." "Yeah. I guess they decided since the 'peacekeeping action' seems to be ramping up that they'd send us some new toys."

    Meanwhile, Shamu looked over at Eric and Mark, saying, "You guys did rather well today, eh Cowboy?"

    Mark turned over the black cowboy hat in his hands, the one Ekaterina always made him wear when on cruise and nodded to Shamu.

    "You're telling me. So far me and Eric have the only kills in the squadron, and he's already up to three! Luck's gotta be a more accurate turn, eh? Especially against Su-35s."

    "Nah man, that AWACS does not count." DJ said to Eric. Eric looked at him.

    "Would a bomber count?" He reasoned. His friend begrudgingly nodded after a second.

    "Yeah, yeah, whatever." he replied.

    "Listen DJ, you can be my wingman on the next hop; all the bad guys come to me." the blonde said as he sat down next to him. Eric looked at the TV.

    "In all honesty I'm not surprised they're dumping the blame on us. I mean, think about the leaders of each country; Ah-Fais has national pride and Sawari is just nucking futs. Of course they're gonna demonize us. And I'll tell you that every bomb we drop, they'll say hit a civilian house or school. Every soldier we shoot was a good man, and every town that we so much as glance at has been pillaged."

    "Implying that we send troops in." Mark said.

    "How else are we gonna pacify em?" Eric said.

    "And their people will continue to follow their respective leaders like blind sheep." Irénée said to no one in particular as he, Estelle, Magalie and Willard finished watching the press releases from both the Kehani and Shamlaki media sources in the Murabek Air Base's break room.

    The others knew what he meant by that. Their memories of the Emmeria-Estovakia War showed how much a nation will blindly follow its leaders like sheep. The nation in question in their memory being Estovakia.

    Sharky looked at Mark and chuckled, "We've already sent troops in. It's just that nobody knows about them."

    "Figures our friends in the SF would go in; Ah gotta wonder what exactly the brass is thinking, though. They get caught, and any justification we have bein here goes poof." Mark replied.

    "Officially they didn't, mind you." DJ said with a wink.

    "World don't run on official statements." Mark retorted.

    "My brother's SF. Believe me. They know what happens when they get caught. Which is why they spend a lot of time making sure they don't," Sharky said. "Besides. They basically don't exist. They get caught they know no one but them and some dudes in suits a few hundred miles away will know."

    United Nation's Statement to the International Media (March 10, 2018):

    General Price walked out to a microphone on a podium branded with the United Nation's emblem with a line of the flags of the coalition member states behind him flanked on both sides with the United Nation's own flags. With the gesture of a hand the much loader inter-discussion of the journalists came to an immediate halt as silence overtook the room.

    After adjusting the microphone the man spoke, "Good evening, I will openly say that this statement will remain brief as the United Nations believes the member nations of our coalition should make statements on their own accord regarding the Kehani declaration of war. The Shamlaki military has destroyed an oil rig in the gulf. The United Nations sees this as an act of terrorism by targeting noncombatants, ecologically irresponsible by threatening to poison the region's water supply, and the lashing out of a regional power desperate for victory. As unconfirmed rumors persist in the media around the world regarding an alliance between the two nations, we remain fixated on our goal in this police action. It ultimately comes down to containment. The other states in the region cannot and should not tolerate the belligerence of these two powers. Regardless, the United Nations does not see a united Kedhani-Shamlak as any more of a regional threat than if they went to war. Our commitment remains to containment and we will contain this crisis. If General Sawari believes that declaring open warfare against the United Nations is the easiest path to becoming a world power than we will accept the task of proving his miscalculation. I only have time to take three and only three questions." The man pointed at a young woman in the front row.

    "Thank you. As the UN looked into aiding resistance or rebel organizations in each of these countries so that they can fight the regimes internally?"

    "Ma'am, while I cannot speak for the UN at this time, in my experience arming localized untrained and undetermined rebel groups inside conflict zones eventually leads to two outcomes. One, your weapons are dropped in surrender and your expensive weapons end up in the hand of the regime or their death squads. Two, give it a decade or two and eventually your rebel friends are now your enemy and you paid for the weapon that kills the innocent or our military personnel. Next question....Eh, you."

    "Yes. Has the UN considered arming, training, and coordinating with the militarizes of the neighboring countries?"

    "At this time, our policy is containment. Sending the neighboring countries into a UN-sanctions regional war is counter-productive to that policy to say the least and would leave political-scars that will just mean a frozen conflict that will heat up a decade or so from now. Next question."

    "Can you tell us about any experimental weaponry being deployed in this police action?"

    "No comment. Thank you and good night." As the man stopped speaking and walked away from the podium as the once silent room seemed to explode into random questions. He left the chamber waiting to be wiped away by a UN vehicle to where-ever else he needed to be.

    Sharky and the rest of the Basilisks were still sitting in the VF-138 ready room watching the UN press conference. Sharky had just taken a sip of his drink when the reporter asked about experimental weaponry being deployed. Spitting his drink out, he exclaimed, "Wait, what? I literally just made the call a couple of hours ago! How the fuck do those leeches know already?" Shamu said, "Well, considering that in this place pretty much every little brushfire war leads to some crackpot breaking out a flying fortress or some shit, it is a reasonable assumption to make. Besides, the stuff we're getting isn't technically experimental. We've tested it..." Sharky chuckled, "Yeah. We've 'tested' it. We still haven't tested to see if the integral datalink for the SLAM-ERs works in combat. Nor have we used the Anacondas yet."

    "True, true. I suppose the question does have merit. Either way it's a relatively common question to be asked."

    "Still concerns me."

    "You worry too much. Gale's never gonna go for somebody who spends all his time freaking out about every little thing."

    "Yeah yeah yeah."

    Mark frowned.

    "How come y'all get the fun toys?" He pointed out.

    Sharky chuckled, "Oh the wonders of flight test."

    Shamu added, "Yup. You make the toys, you get to play with the toys."

    "Well at least I've got hats..." Mark muttered

    Sharky chuckled, "Yeah, and we've got long range thermobaric land attack missiles."

    Shamu, a tortured look on his face, said, "But they have HATS, Sharky! THINK OF THE HATS!"

    Sharky sighed, "You and your hats..."

    "I can't help it. Hat's are all I have to live for!"

    "Oh, being a badass aerial pirate isn't enough anymore? Am I chopped liver to you?"

    "You don't have hats like he does, man."

    "True. Gale does though."

    "Aye, but do you have Gale?"

    Sharky, annoyed, said, "Not cool bro. Not cool."

    "Hey, it's a valid question."

    "I have to ask, why do you call them that?" Eric chimed in.

    Sharky chuckled, "Back during the Anean Continental War our liaison officer was a rather... well-endowed woman. Estovakian officers' hats are also similarly well endowed. Thus the hat euphemism was born, mostly to keep Shamu's horny ass from getting us in trouble."

    Shamu laughed, "Not that we didn't get into any trouble anyway."

    "Yeah but that was both of our faults. With a little help from my brother."

    In the Murabek Air Base's break room, Irénée, Estelle, Magalie and Willard just finished watching the UN Press Response.

    "So, it has begun... I wonder how it will end." Magalie thought out loud turning her head to face both Irénée and Estelle.

    "I can't say that I'm very happy about all this." Irénée replied.

    "How much more blood do we have to spill?" Estelle asked, exasperated.

    "I'm afraid that this will only continue unless if someone in either Shamlak and/or Kedhan has common sense and the will to use them and uncover the truth for themselves." Willard replied, showing a some wisdom in his words, leaving the others to turn their heads to him, awestruck.

    Catacomb and Howler appeared in the door of the VF-138. "Say you moron!" Said Catacomb to a sheepish looking Howler. "Sorry for screwing up guys..." He said.

    Eric waved a hand to show Howler all was okay.

    "Forget it, I think in the long run it didn't matter anyways. They would've blamed us no matter what." He said.

    Sharky said, "Yeah. Just be a little more careful next time, eh?"

    Howler nodded and grinned "Thanks guys!" He looked like a huge load had just been lifted from his shoulders.

    PART 2 END

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