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    Ace Combat: Wing Blue Timeline

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    Ace Combat: Wing Blue Timeline

    Post by viperzero on Sat Jun 20, 2015 4:09 pm

    Ace Combat Wing Blue is set in an alternate history of our world where many technologies that were canceled or abandoned during the cold war exist. as a result an alternate timeline seemed appropriate so potential members could get a feel for how things have played out.

    1945 The United States develops world’s first atomic bombs, than dropping them on Japan ending the Second World War. Germany divided. Vannevar Bush publishes his ideas for a hypertext system known as memex.

    1946 Greek Civil war, former Allied powers support proxies in Greece as the first sign of tension between East and West

    1947 Stanislaw Ulam first proposes nuclear pulse propulsion spacecraft

    1948 Berlin airlift begins, beginning of the so-called Iron curtain

    1949, Soviet Union develops its first atomic bomb

    1950 Korean war begins, cold war escalates from a European dispute to a global rivalry

    1953 Korean War ends in stalemate

    1954 First Taiwan Strait crisis

    1955 Wing Blue an advanced aviation research and combat unit founded by the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics and the department of defense (minor departure from out time line)

    1957 Soviet Union launches the first ever object into Orbit, Sputnik. This has the effect of jump-starting the US space program.

    1958 while working at General Atomics Physicists Freeman Dyson and Ted Taylor develop project Orion, a nuclear pulse propulsion system. Orion scales up much better than chemical rockets and has a tremendous payload capacity. The Air Force expresses interest in the system as both a payload system and as a counter to the Navies nuclear sub program.

    1959 an X-15 flown by a wing blue pilot becomes the first craft to get a man into space, not orbit (minor departure)

    1961 Yuri Gagarin becomes the first man to orbit the earth, US Air Force orders a project Orion prototype (major departure)

    1962 start of overt American involvement in Vietnam, US begins to build Orion and Rocket City for scientists, engineers and staff.

    1965, First Orion rocket launched, 4000 short ton machine proves significantly more powerful than our times Saturn V. Orion can more a 1600 ton payload to LOE vs a Saturn V’s 130 and 1200 on the moon vs a Saturn Vs 2. The massive use of nuclear weapons causes global concern. The Soviet Union is alarmed and fears the system as a weapon. The US argues that the system has unparalleled scientific applications and argues for the peaceful use of nuclear weapons. To ease environmental concerns, US promises to develop “cleaner” bombs.

    1967 An Orion ship commanded by Neil Armstrong lands on the moon with a dozen Astronauts and Scientists. Latter missions establish permanent military and scientific outposts based on project horizon and project Lunex.

    1968 Vietnam War peaks, US counter culture in full swing.

    1969 Sino Soviet War leads to a near nuclear conflict. Soviet Union remains overstretched and the two powers attempt to ease tensions. The US implies it would tolerate a similar soviet program to project orion and both powers agree that most of their warhead production would go to Orion fuel. (as a result US and Soviet arsenals are larger than in our time but less weaponized)

    1970, first US mission to Mars, US begins work on 10000 ton Orion, Soviet program takes shape.

    1973, US ends its involvement in Vietnam, Yom Kippur War leads to a massive resupply of both sides by the US and Soviet Union. Arab oil embargo. First Soviet Orion prototype.

    1974 US and Soviet Union agree to develop an international space Station. Given the much greater power of the Orion rockets compared to conventional rockets this station would be much larger than the one in our time, a city in space for all mankind.

    1975, L5 society formed to promote the ideas of Gerard K. O’Neill, later attracts many in the various movements of the 60s and 70s as well as proto transhumanists

    1976 Construction at the Earths L5 and L6 points begin. Given the great lifting power of Orion ships it becomes economical to build massive O’Neil cylinders with modular parts. In addition to funding from the US, Soviet Union, and most of the worlds countries, in the interests of peace many of the world’s citizens donate money towards the construction of the two large cities in space. Several wealthy donors also help bear the costs.

    1977 Hostilities in Africa and the Middle East heat up the cold war, Soviet SS-20 missiles are deployed to Europe. Military theorist believe tactical nuclear weapons and short range missiles mean that a war could be fought conventionally or at least limited to a local nuclear war. Soviet Union pulls out of the space city project.

    1978 oil Crisis. Soviets Begin a weapons build up in space, In addition to a number of small Orion craft, the soviets deploy Mig-105 interceptors, Orbital bombers, armed satellites, and Orbital missiles.

    1979 Soviets invade Afghanistan, definitive end of D’état, Iranian revolution

    1980, Regan elected president and begins a massive arms build up. Saddam Hussein begins a major invasion of a seemingly weakened Iran. The Soviet Union joins their ally and begins a limited invasion of northern Iran. fighting a war on two fronts, dealing with revolution, and internationally isolated Iran covertly begins mending relations with the west to receive arms and supplies.

    1981 soviet forces occupy northern Iran and dig in. Pope John Paul II is killed by an assassin later found to have ties to the Bulgarian intelligence services. Rioting begins in Poland that requires Soviet troops to put down.

    1982 Israeli Invades Lebanon, decimates the Syrian Air Force and largely shows up the Soviet trained Syrian military. Wing Blue begins testing the US’s newest experimental aircraft.

    1983 Beirut Barrack Bombing over 300 French and US troops killed. Korean airlines flight 007 shot down by soviet interceptors with a far right US congressman on board. Project RYAN produces more false positives than it should raising soviet suspicion of US motives. US invade Granada to overthrow a Cuban backed government. Soviet early waring system detects false positives nearly leading to a nuclear exchange.

    1984 Reagan announces the SDI program as an anti ballistic missile shield and consolidates all US space weapons under US space command, taking them away from the Strategic air command. US Soviet Relations are the weakest since the 1950s.

    1985 Victor Grishin becomes General Secretary of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

    1986 US begins bombing campaign in Libya while France uses its forces to support rebels in Chad. The Gaddafi Regime is unpopular with the Soviet government, but hardliners push to stand up to the west resulting in the sidelining of the reformist faction.

    1987 members of the Bundesgrenzschutz report groups of armed men crossing the inter-german border

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