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    ONS Part 3 (Archived)


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    ONS Part 3 (Archived)

    Post by Ronin201 on Sun Jun 21, 2015 3:41 pm

    The Last Completed Part of ONS (Part 4 is where we are currently at and will be up soon).

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    Re: ONS Part 3 (Archived)

    Post by Ronin201 on Sun Jun 21, 2015 3:41 pm

    March 14, 2018 (UN HQ Time: 1858)
    OFS Bennet, near the coast of Shamlak

    Captain Munrough watched as the seconds ticked by in the CIC of the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer. He bit his lower lip; this wasn't going to be like 2010. On one hand the enemy had little in the way of a navy, but on the other hand they were far more fanatical than the Yukes.

    "Are all the Tomahawks ready?" He asked in a deep voice. They were due to launch at 2100 local.

    "Yes sir! Awaiting the mark time!" One of the other officers said. Munrough looked forward, then at the clock. Less than one minute, the crew sung into action and made sure the missiles would launch smoothly and then guide.


    Outside, the first Tomahawk erupted from its chamber in the VLS in a brilliant display of fire and smoke. The weapon streaked up and began to bank into level flight, wings deploying. More followed in its wake from both the destroyer and other ships in the area.

    High above a controller aboard an E-3 AWACS, callsign Lookout, watched as the ships fired off the salvos. She was already a considerable amount of pressure tonight with just how big this fight was going to be. But this was serious combat, real war. The young captain never thought she'd have to do this. She flipped through the notes regarding her responsibilities tonight. The planes would be coming in less than an hour. She waited and watched the missiles strike as the time wound down. Finally she spotted the flights arriving to hit the tankers on her scope.

    Shamu radioed, "Texaco, Basilisk and Taipan flights ready to tank."

    Over the intercom he said to Sharky, "Jeez, it's one hell of a party up here tonight, isn't it?"

    Sharky looked around at the twinkling anti-collision lights of the hordes of fighters flying off to their respective targets and said, "Yup. Reminds me of 3 years ago."

    Shamu sighed, "Let's hope it doesn't end the same way." "Yeah."

    The leader of the SEAD F-16H flight radioed, "Basilisk Lead, this is Taipan Lead. We're still good on fuel. You guys go first."

    Shamu replied, "Actually we should probably check on our escort. Galm flight, you with us?"

    "Tanker, this is Eagle flight. We're ready for mid-air refueling." Irénée informed the tanker off their twelve o'clock.

    "Alright guys, time to go" Sunny got up and five other VF-3 pilots assigned to the escort mission got up to follow the Lieutenant Commander out of the ready room. Throughout the room, there were good-byes, hand-shakes, and various well-wishes.

    Sunny found himself stopped for a moment by the Tomcatter skipper.

    "Sunny, good luck out there" The red-headed skipper shook hands with her Ops officer. Both had flown in the 2010 conflict and had seen friends die. Most of the pilots going on this mission hadn't.

    "No worries Skipper, we'll be back before you know it" Sunny said and grinned.

    He wished he felt as confident as he sounded and looked.

    Four gray F-5E Tiger II taxied towards the runway of the Unali-Ovask Air base, all equiped with a pair of AIM-9X Sidewinder and four AMRAAAM's on the wings, the droop tank under the body filled to the brim.

    "Control Tower, this is Galm team, requesting permission to take-off" Cpt. Juan Herrera called as him and his team take possition in the runway

    "Galm Team, you are cleared to take-off" With the clearance given by Control Tower, all the Tigers hit full throtle and accend, ready to carry out their mission.

    "Altitude restrictions cancelled, good luck out there"

    "Thanks, Galm team let's head with the redezenvous point to begin the operation, expect everything and anything." 'This is it, our first real engagement, we can do this!' And with that thought, a new Galm Team head into the the first of many battles to come...

    "Roger Basilisk, line right up." The Lead KC-10 radioed as it lowered its boom, hose trailing at the end for the F-14s.

    "We understand Eagle, we are deploying the hose now." An Emmerian-accented voice told Irénée

    Meanwhile aboard Excalibur, Vixen lead her flight down the hall towards the stairs to the flight deck.

    "Ready, Tex?" She asked her wingman.

    "Damn straight, Vixen. Time to bust some heads." He agreed. Eric poked his arm.

    "Did you get time to call Ekaterina?" He asked with genuine concern. Mark bit his lip with a look of distraught.

    "She...cried. She was scared. Ah told her a bunch of times Ah'd be fine and Ah love her, but I don't know if it helped." Mark admitted. He touched his pocket to make sure her picture was in it.

    "I can't say Misaki was much better." Eric confided.

    "Oh and congrats DJ, you've been handed the responsibility of helping me get home safe.” the blonde added. his wingman nodded.

    Eric snorted in some air as he reached the top. The jet engines were already making a low crescendo under the dull red light. He had to navigate carefully to his jet and use where he'd been told it was as a reference.

    The four Ustian F-5E's reached the rendezevous point, already noticing the remaining allied units of the operation are already there, some are still refueling in the KC-10 Stratotanker.

    "Tanker, this is Galm Team, requesting permission for refuleling after the last plane is done, over." Captain Herrera radioed as the squadron took aproach position, waiting for the others to finish to refuel.

    The hunter killer pairs of VAQ-114 got in queue for the taker, as did Broadsword flight. "Evening gentlemen and ladies," said Elephant over the radio. "Wow!"Said Hacker, look at all of them!" Riley looked up out the canopy of the Rhino and looked at the formation and collision lights of the other aircraft. "Looks like a giant airborne Christmas tree don't it?" said Raptor.

    The hunter killer pairs of VAQ-114 got in queue for the taker, as did Broadsword flight. "Evening gentlemen and ladies," said Elephant over the radio. "Wow!"Said Hacker, look at all of them!" Riley looked up out the canopy of the Rhino and looked at the formation and collision lights of the other aircraft. "Looks like a giant airborne Christmas tree don't it?" said Raptor.

    "Yeah, a christmas tree loaded with tons of gifts to ready to deliver them straght from air to ground, HO-HO-HO-HO! Is nice to know we were not the last ones to the party though. Good evening gents, ladies." Said Captain Herrera to the newly arrived squadron.

    Hannibal laughed loudly and Chris said, "Yeah well, we have a lot more ordnance than you little buddies, still, time to lay the hurt on 'em."

    "I don't doubt it, those flying bricks can sure carry lots of payload, but they would need some of us "little guys" to keep them safe... Name's Juan Ignacio Herrera Alvarez, callsing Cerberus, Galm Team, with who do I have the pleasure to speak?" Captain Herrera asked as he waited for the black and green tomcats finish to refuel.

    "Captain Chris "Raptor" Riley, Osean Marine Corps, and I appreciate the escort, just don't let the 'Cats steal any of your kills." he said with a smirk

    "Won't do, they may be cats, but we are tigers, they won't expect us." Replied Cerberus to Raptor, unknowingly with a similar smirk as his OMDF ally.

    As Sharky plugged the tanker, Viper suddenly exclaimed over the squadron's private channel, "F-5s! Fucking F-5s! Our escort is a bunch of fucking F-5s!" Sharky replied, "Well duh. Did you not pay attention to the ATO?" "I did, but I thought they were joking. We can escort ourselves better than these things!" Shamu said, "Well, think of it this way. If the enemy's shooting at them they're not shooting at you."

    "Yeah, I guess you're right. Oh well."

    On the public channel Sharky called, "Galm, it's good to have you with us. Not gonna lie, I was expecting something a little more... capable from a squadron of your reputation."

    "Heh, nice." Said Raptor

    Shamu heard Cerberus' quip over the common frequency and said to Sharky over the intercom, "Heh, seems our escort's getting uppity." Sharky said, "Let 'em. Our kill count speaks for itself. They wanna trash talk, fine. They can trash talk. We'll spend our time knocking down every fool who gets in our way. Besides. We're Basilisks. Anything that looks us in the eyes is dead." "Agreed."

    The rest of the Basilisk and Serpent jets finished tanking and Shamu called to Galm, "Hey guys, we're done. You can tank now."

    "Well, you can blame that to Peace Time policies, most of the high-performance aircraft that were originally assigned to Vlais Air Base were re-assigned to fill in somewhere else in the country, for exemple: The Raptors were sent to the Capital Defense Wing and so on, and because Vlais is basically in the middle out of nowhere,the high command deemed that it didn't need any more high performance aircraft stored in there anymore, specially since The Demon Lord himself dissapeared with his own personal Eagle and the Morgan dissapeared some time a little later, hell, I bet you a hundered bucks that one of those Ustian Typhoons out there belonged to The Demon Lord himself before. Maybe if we are successful, we may get some better planes, though." Replied Cpt. Herrera to the new voice on the radio.

    "By the way, who am I talking to? Some introductions are in order, don't you think?”

    "Okay, Okay, start plugging in one at a time." the lead tanker radioed as it finished topping off the Rosenthal flight.

    To the north of the tankers Excalibur's strike package was reforming and waiting on those who needed gas

    "Shogun 2 Lead to flight, everyone check in." She radioed.

    "2-2's okay." Mark announced.

    "2-3's okay." Eric radioed.

    "2-4, nothing wrong." DJ assured.

    "2-5 ready."

    "2-6 ready."

    Eric watched as the last F-35s got their gas and looked down. He set his radar to max range and armed his AMRAAMs. Mark did the same.

    "Did I hear right? Galm? The UAF's 'Merc Dream Team'?" Mark added.

    “Thank you Basilisk, Tanker, this is Galm Team, requesting permission to refuel.”

    Sunny's reinforced division finished refueling from the tanker aircraft and approached the hunter killer pairs of the VAQ squadron.

    Sunny hailed the lead SEAD aircraft.

    "Sunny to Aavark, do you read? We're coming up on your flight now."

    Finally, he radioed his division and gave assignments.

    "Alright like we planned, take up positions."

    The division divided. The third section, borrowed from the CO's division, took station a several hundred feet above and behind the hunter-killers. They were the close escort.

    Sunny and the three other Thunderhawks took station much higher and in front of the formation. They were the top cover.

    "Shogun Lead, Avark Lead, Sunny Lead, this is Strike Leader. Report in." CAG radioed from his F-35.

    "Shogun 2, reporting." Vixen assured.

    "You heard right, Tex, that's Galm...in F-5s if Basilisk 01 isn't lying." Eric replied.

    "Guess we'll see if the squad's carried its rep with it." Mark mused.

    The Ronin Thunderhawks formed a defensive barrier around the strike jets and pressed towards their target.

    Ack-Ack said, "Roger, nice to have you along,"

    "Sunny flight reporting in, division in position and ready for ingress"

    "Nice to be here, Aavark." Sunny answered the lead.

    After the four Mirage 2000-5 Mk.2s finished with the mid-air refueling process.

    "This is Eagle flight. Refueling complete. Continuing to the rendezvous point." Irénée informed to the AWACS.

    They continued on course toward the rendezvous point. Keeping their eyes on their radars while they were at it.

    Sharky replied to Cerberus, "Sharky Sarkar of the 456th MNFW Basilisks at your service. And you are?"

    "Sunny, Aavark, this is Maestro. Weapons free, you are cleared to press. Good hunting." The Excalibur package's E-2 called.

    "Eagle this is Lookout, we read you. Widow Flight should be off your right wing. Windhover and Victory report they just got off their tankers. You are cleared to press." One of the E-3's radioed. The other hailed the flight Broadsword was in.

    "Sunrise, Spade, cleared to press. Broadsword and Legionnaire, standby to move in once the area is clear."

    The HARM-toting Hornets pressed to the northeast, the F-22s above them. The radio came alive as the air defenses of both countries came to life. Any SAMs that had survived got airborne. The F/A-18Es responded with missile shots.

    "Sunny Flight, we've got bandits...Fuck, must be the whole base! Count fourteen at 355! Shogun, detach some jets to assist!" The E-2 called.

    "Sunrise, we've detected bandits! Count eight! 90 miles at 010, Angels 21!" Baywatch shouted.

    "Sunrise roger All strikers exercise caution!" The Lead F-22 radioed before he ordered his jets north.

    "Shogun roger. Saber, DJ, follow me and Tex. Wall and Dart, cover the jets!" Vixen ordered.

    The four-ship went ahead to back up Sunny.

    Shamu heard the radio come alive and said to Sharky, "Well buddy, party's starting."

    "So it seems. Basilisks, Serpents, we got company. Keep alert."

    Fourteen bandits. . .

    "Sunny flight copies, moving to engage".

    "Well I guess surprise is out of the question" Commented Weasel.

    "Yeah, we're going to have to shoot our way in. Sunny 1-1 to Sunny 2-1, your with me. Sunny 3-1 stay with those Growlers!"

    The four ship moved again to engage, encaging AMRAAMS to even the odds somewhat.

    "Oh goodness, that is a lot of fighters. . ." Rosie noted.

    "Easy Rosie, we can take them. And we have backup coming" Sunny assured her. Sunny hailed the approaching flight of F-21s from their sister squadron on the Excalibur.

    "Sunny 1-1 to Shogun 1, thanks for the backup. I want to try and even the odds with a BVR shoot. How copy?"

    "Roger that Sunny, we'll take the guys on the right. Aavark, suggest you glide under and hit those SAMs in the meantime." Vixen ordered.

    The fourteen enemy Typhoons began to form into separate flights. Strangely, Four pulled away from the fight and pointed their noses towards Burj Al Nasr. Eric's mind worked fast.

    "Basilisk, Galm and Arrow, you've got a four-ship of Typhoons heading for Burj Al Nasr. Heads up!" He called as he began to track one of the enemy fighters for his AMRAAMs. AWACS Baywatch also reported enemy Mirages in the area near their interceptor base..

    The Su-27s and F-22s began to exchange BVR shots. The F-22s were proving hard for the enemy fighters to get at this range but unbeknownst to them, a few more Flankers had hugged the ground to reach the strike jets.

    "Juan Herrera, callsing: Cerberus of the 6th Air Division, 66th Air Force Unit: Galm, We'll make sure you guys have a safe strike." Replied Cerberus to Sharky, however he noticed that they were closing to the Operation Zone and decided to radio the assigned AWACS.

    "Wilco Baywatch, shifting to AMRAAM missiles, Galm Team ENGAGE!" and so, the four Tigers, deployed one of their AMRAAM missiles at each one diferent hostile Mirage as soon as they got a lock...

    Basilisk replied to Eric, "Yup, we see 'em." "Serpent, you think you can hit them with an Anaconda shot?"

    "Yup. Locking them up... Alright Serpents, 1 shot per. Serpent 1, Fox 3!"

    "Serpent 2 Fox 3!”
    "Serpent 3, Fox 3"
    "Serpent 4, Fox 3!"

    The 4 AIM-154s lept free of the F-16Hs and sped towards the 4 Typhoons. Meanwhile the rest of the Basilisk aircraft sped up to get to their launch point.

    The sheer speed of the AIM-154s sealed the doom of the EF2000s the second that they'd been fired. They couldn't scream or eject, even.

    Meanwhile the Mirages managed to escape the barrage of AMRAAMs, save for one that Galm 1 got. They returned fire with their Super 530s.

    Mark gritted his teeth and waited for a good lock. He had a single Typhoon a little below him. As he dropped his tank, Vixen gave him the order to shoot two. He swung his gaze from side to side, trying to find some yet to be seen stragglers . He saw no sign of such through his HMD's night-vision mode. He looked back at his radar display to see if he had a lock yet. The enemy Typhoon was trying to lock him with its own AIM-120s; now it was a game of chicken. Mark hovered his finger over the button and waited. The two sides of the fight achieved lock at the same time.

    "Shogun 205 Fox 3, Fox 3!" He called as he sent the weapons on their way. Vixen called for them to break and deploy chaff. Mark rolled inverted and dove to defeat the missile coming at him.

    In the meantime, Eric and DJ had actually gone low and quiet to ambush the enemy flight from below. all the while AWACS was reporting that the entirety of Shamlak seemed to have woken up. At one point he thought he heard the line "Radar looks like a pinball machine!".

    As the pilots of the F-16Hs crowed in excitement over their kills, Sharky radioed, "Alright guys, calm it down. You guys still have SAM sites to kill." Chastened, Serpent lead replied, "Sorry boss. Serpent's moving to engage the SAM sites."

    The 4 F-16s moved in to 80 mile range and fired a single HARM each at the radars of the 4 SAM sites, and then moved in to release SDBs to take out the launchers.

    "Galm Team, SCATTER!" All the Tigers broke formation without being told twice by their squad lead, pulling high speed maneuvers in order to dodge the deadly missile barrage from the Mirages, neither missile hit its target, however that left the tigers in an aparently vulnerable possition, which the three remaining mirage proceed to take advantage of it.

    "Shit! Bogey on my six, requesting back-up!" Galm 3 screamed on the radio as one of the mirages was practically wasting ammo on him.

    "Unabble to comply, I have problems too!" Galm 4 replied as she was trying to shaking off the hostile Mirage that was practically following her everywhere.

    "Galm 2, go to provide cover to Galm 3, once you got rid of the hostile, I want you two to cover Galm 4 ASAP" Captain Herrera- No... Cerberus commanded to his wingman who was trying to help him to shake off the hostile aircraft that was chasing him, of course this would cause a concern on his squad-mate

    "But Capt-!" Galm 2 objected, she was the closer to the possition of his squadron leader but before she could even complete here rebutal, her commanding officer replied at the same time.

    "BUT NOTHING!... I'll be fine, just hurry up, I don't think he can hold much longer!" Cerberus said as he pulled an alieron roll to dodge the machine-gun fire from the chasing Mirage.

    "...Yes Sir!" And with that, Galm 2 relucantly disengaged the hostile mirage chasing her Captain, but heading on to rescue her more needed wingman, direct orders or not.

    "Hngg, you won't give up, don't you? Let's see how you can react to THIS!" Cerberus started to push the throtle to the max, the Tiger's engines roared as their full powere is being unleashed and then, he started to do a spiral decent, just a couple of metters close to the ground he pulled hard the stick towards him and the F-5E barely managed to avoide the tree-tops in the forest, the Mirage was still following him despite of that.

    'Now let's see what will you do after this!' Cerberus began to shake his plane like as if he were drunk, playing with the rudder pedals and the stick, the Mirage tried its best to follow its movements, however it was caught of guard by the next move: Just of all sudden, the Tiger II activated its airbrake while barrel-rolling the additional air resistance pulled by all the control surfaces at the same time not just made the F-5 slow down almost of all sudden but also getting out of the way of the speeding Mirage.

    Quicky pushing the trotle at max again while centring the aircarft right at the Mirage's tail, Cerberus did what anyone whould have done in this situation...

    "Te Tengo!" He opened fire, the twin machinecannons on the nose roared for the first time tonight, a barrage of 20mm bullets flew towards the Mirage...

    "Shit, contacts, Su-27s!" Exclaimed Hacker from the back seat. "Great, let's see what they've got. Lock em up, Broadsword 1 Fox 3, Fox 3!" Exclaimed Raptor. Two AMRAAMs kept off the rails. "Broadsword 2, Fox 3, Fox 3!" Called Hannibal as two more AIM-120Ds raced away.

    Calls of Fox Three rang through the squadron frequency, as AMRAAMs dropped from the four VF-3 Thunderhawks and streaked towards the approaching Typhoons.

    In response to the F-16Hs, the SAM sites below salvoed off six missiles before they would be silenced. Not one turned off their radars; they'd defended this city before and they would proudly die doing it again. The weapons gained solid lock and pressed on towards the F-16s at increasing speed.

    The Su-27s broke into each other to confuse the missiles and fired two AA-12s each at the incoming F/A-18Fs so they could get closer.

    The Mirage 2000 took damage, but did not fall just yet. It pulled a tight turn and moved to get the F-5 to undershoot it.

    Rosie's AMRAAM scored a kill, as did Sunny's; the rest of the Typhoons scattered like moths and deployed countermeasures, morphing the BVR fight into the classic furball. Two dove for Sunny, figuring him as the apparent lead.

    Mark swung and jinked violently to avoid the enemy missile. He deployed more chaff and tried to get above the missile, above the Typhoon. The weapon exploded nearby and peppered the back of his jet with shrapnel. But at least the...shit, his AMRAAM had missed. The enemy Typhoon was on him.

    "Shogun 208, hold on, I'm coming!" Vixen promised as her own kill was scored. She dove at the enemy fighter like a hawk. She fired two AMRAAMs to at least distract the Typhoon, but it only moved to evade the shots, keeping Mark in its sights as it did. Mark tried to stay evasive, but his ECM still beeped worriedly at him.

    Meanwhile DJ and Eric had been glassed by a SAM site at Ah Riziki. They were distracted from their attack and force to duel an incoming trio of HS-1 SAMs. Eric called for them to split and became nearly lost in his own world as he avoided the weapon. He spotted DJ as he lost the missile, but managed to catch a glimpse of another F-21 as it exploded. He heard his wingman shout in the second before impact.

    "They got DJ! Shogun 210 is down!" Eric gasped.

    The F-16Hs called defensive and promptly broke to evade as the HARMs continued streaking towards the SAM sites.

    Though hearing the distress call of DJ, Riley didn't register it as he began to dodge the incoming AA-12s, pumping out chaff and flare, "All. Broadswords. defend, chaff and flare!"

    Meanwhile, the Aavarks slung HARMs toward the SAM sites, "All Aavark's, Magnum!" yelled Jay, firing his outer most HARMs The AGM-88s lept from the rails.

    "Yes, splash one Typhoon!" Rosie called triumphantly over the radio. Payback time.

    "Good Job, but stay focused!" Sunny admonished the excited pilot, then looked above noticing the two Typhoons diving on him.

    "Rosie follow me up!" Sunny and his wingwoman turned into the two approaching fighters. The four fighters were merging at several hundred miles per hour. The two Osean fighters started dumping countermeasures.

    "Dusty get ready to engage if they get past us"

    "Right we'll get them if they decide to scatter!"

    Not enough time for a head on shot, but we just gotta get past and behind them.

    two of the HS-1s seemed to have lost track, but the other four were reaching their terminal stage. One exploded right in the path of one of the F-16s. Another exploded under the wing of another. The other two were still enroute.

    The Typhoons made a pass at Sunny and Rosie with their cannon, and upon detecting the other F-21s deployed countermeasures and broke formation.

    The AA-12s were confused temporarily by the countermeasures, giving the F/A-18s a chance to escape or return fire. The F-22s radioed they were sending a pair to help the Hornets.

    Eric joined the fight and seleceted the Typhoon after Mark. Assuring Vixen he had it so she could move on and help VF-3, he selected an AIM-9 and fired it at the temporarily distracted Typhoon. the enemy aircraft couldn't handle dodging three missiles, and it was the Sidewinder that did him in.

    "Okay 205, don't stick around if you don't feel comfy!" Eric shouted.

    "Just cosmetic damage, I think! I should be fine! Plus Avark just trashed those SAMs!" Mark drawled.

    "Avvark, Maestro. Are those SAMs gone?" The E-2 shouted.

    You should be good, we got a lock on em just in case they try anything funny." said Boomer

    "Ghnn" 'Oh no, you won't get away from that!' Cerberus pulled the air brakes and followed the turning Mirage, his body wistanding the brutal G-Forces of the turn, managing to get the nose slighty in front of the mental siloute of the Mirange almost covered by the instruments pannel and the interior of the cocpit, and so he opened fire again with the machinecannons...

    The leader of Serpent flight called, "Shit! Serpents 2 and 4 are down!" The two remaining F-16s streamed their towed decoys and dropped chaff to try to evade the remaining two HS-1s.

    Meanwhile the strike jets were at the launch point. Sharky said to Shamu, "Alright buddy, launch those SLAM-ERs and JSOWs and let's get out of here. Also make sure we're streaming the little buddy." "Decoy's streaming. Coordinates are input. I'm gonna keep the SLAMs on man in the loop. Alright gents, coming up on weapons release in 3... 2... 1... MARK. Basilisk 1, weapons away!"

    The 2 SLAM-ERs and 2 JSOWs fell free of the aircraft as their engines spun up and they flew off towards their targets, followed by the weapons from the rest of the strike aircraft.

    The Basilisk aircraft then turned to return to base, as Sharky called, "Alright, Basilisk is RTB. Serpent, cover us."

    Meanwhile the JSOWs proceeded to the POL farm where they spewed bomblets over the storage tanks, and the RIOs of the Tomcats guided the SLAM-ERs into the larger buildings in the complex.

    The HS-1s lost their targets and went off into the night. Meanwhile people near the industrial sector awoke and looked up as the JSOWs and SLAMs made their final leg of the journey. Most were in awe of the unnamed and unseen craft as they then cause a series of orange explosions across the area, making the night become day. gallons upon gallons of POL products ignited in the inferno and a new force joined the battle: the Burj Al Nasr emergency services. Firetrucks raced to the scene to quell the blaze as technicians at the site desperately tried to contain it as well.

    This time Galm 1's shots impacted the front of the Mirage, and one found its mark on the pilots head. He slumped forward and shoved the stick in the same direction. from the outside the Mirage 2000 suddenly dove into a straight dive. There was no ejection.

    While the F-21s attempted to defeat the enemy Typhoons, the F-35s skirted the fight and pressed on Ah Riziki. CAG himself was in the first flight with JSOWs to destroy the runway. He made sure his GPS coordinates were locked and deployed one of the weapons, then the other. Right behind him, the other F-35s came in, looking for targets to lase and bomb. There was a row of P-3s just waiting for them, and the first two each sent down a Paveway on two of the patrol planes. The Typhoons in the dogfight had no idea until they received word from the control tower, which was soon destroyed.

    "Kill confirmed, Galm Team, hold-on right there, I'm coming to help you" Cerberus contacted his squadron, not bothering or any reply, when he arrived at their location, he was asuming that his team was holding the best as they could with their Tigers, Galm 2 was supposed to provide cover to Galm 3, their oponent as much as it tried, it wouldn't get a lock on any of them that way because it would be unable to chase the two of them at the same time, it either chase one of them and the other will get on its six or would chase the other one and while the one originally chased would go to its six, they would effectively watching each other... at least he hoped they would.

    However Galm 4 was in a more dire situation, she's been dodging the machinecannon fire from the pursuing Mirage but she could't shake it off and she can't dodge the bogey forever without getting some breath space.

    After watching this, Cerberus quickly opted to arm another AMRAAM missile, he wait for it to lock on the Mirage, and as soon as the sound of the weapon lock sound into the continuous tone...

    The Basilisk jets and the two remaining Serpent aircraft formed up and headed back to the tanker.

    As the F-16s joined up with the Tomcats and Strike Eagles, Shamu said to Sharky, "Hey. Looks like we lost two of the SEAD birds." Sharky sighed, "Son of a bitch. I... Fuck. We're Basilisks. We're not supposed to lose people. It hasn't happened in 3 fucking years. Why the fuck now? Why against these crackpots? Did some of them at least get out?" Shamu said, "I dunno. Let me ask. Serpent 1, Basilisk 1. Did anyone from 2 or 4 get out?"

    Serpent lead replied, "2 took a SAM to the face. I think I saw 4 eject. But I didn't see any chutes. We called the CSAR bird anyway. Not sure we'll be able to get to them this close to the furball though. I'm sorry boss. We fucked up. We weren't streaming the decoys. We were too busy getting bombs off."

    Sharky spoke up, his voice grave, "No. I fucked up. I'm detachment lead. I fucked up. Let's just go home."

    Shamu, knowing now was not the time to question Sharky, simply said, "Uh... Roger. Baywatch, this is Basilisk. We are complete. Basilisk and Serpent are RTB at this time."

    None of the Rosenthal pilots spoke as they turned for home. Instead they ruminated on the first combat losses the company had suffered in 3 years.

    Sunny starts jinking wildly to avoid the tracers, while Rosie instinctively points her nose down, and the Typhoons scream by.

    One passes Sunny by feet.

    "Sunny 2-1, get them!" Sunny calls his second section. Dusty replies and the two F-21s go after on of the Typhoons that broke off, and both Dusty and Weasel fire Sidewinders at him.

    Sunny levels out at 10'000 feet and sees Rosie gradually joining up with him. Sunny scans below him to find the other Typhoon.

    "Sunny 3-1, are you still with us?"

    "Good Copy, we're still the Growlers are cleaning up nicely and the F-35s are starting their runs".

    Galm 1's AMRAAM looked like it was going to undershoot its target, but it exploded against the Mirage's belly and broke the enemy plane in half.

    The Typhoon deployed flares and made a sharp bank to the right, diving into a tight turn to defeat the missile shots. It then lost the missile by snapping back and coming around towards the F-21s, tracking Dusty for one of its IRIS-Ts.

    Eric desperately searched the sky for targets, hungry for his fifth kill. Mark had fled the fight at the request of his fellow pilots, and there was little evidence that DJ had lived, though a CSAR effort was promised. In the distance at the edge of his vision, he saw a twinkling. A call came out over the radio.

    "Mayday, mayday, this is Coliseum 305! Me and 310 are under fire!"

    Upon turning his head he caught two F-35s with a single EF2000 on them. He spotted one of the F-35s trailing smoke, and the pilot hesitated no longer. He armed his AMRAAMs and followed after the enemy fighter.

    "Kill confirmed, Galm 4, are you all right?" Cerberus asked to his subordinate, who is now taking breath after such hard engagement.

    "I am now sir." She replied to her commanding officer.

    "Good, now we need to support Galm 2 & 3 with the last Mirage, come on!" The two Tigers pushed the throttle and headed to the location of the other two members of Galm Team.

    When they arrived Galm's assumptions were proven to be right, the remaining Mirage was getting a hard time trying to get any of the two aircraft, as soon as it prioritize on one, the other inmediatly got to its six and attack with machinecannon fire, which make it dodge before it's turned into swees-cheese, so far neither Galm units have damage but the strain of fighting an oponent with slighty superior performance is starting to notice, had it be any other squadron in F-5E's they would have been already dead, only the constant Training Seassons and study of the tactics of the original Galm Team all the Belkan war Aces they fought have proven to save them so far, but this needs to end now.

    "Galm 4, do you want to get the honor to get the last kill? I know I have two more AMRAAM's with me, but I don't want this to be a single man effort, remember that even if your missile fail at least you have distracted the enemy, then we'll engage him on close range, are you all right with this?"

    "Yes Sir, thank you Sir" Galm Four said as she prepared her own AMRAAM missile. "AMMRAAM Armed, target locked!" She informed to Cerberus, awaiting the order

    "FIRE!" And so... as soon as Cerberus gave the order, Galm 4's AMRAAM rushed towards its target.

    The short range at which the Flankers and Hornets were at made the AMARRAms nothing more than displays, as the Suhkois passed by and were all to happy to take up position behind the strikers. the F-22s were still enroute, not even in AMRAAM range.

    The enemy Mirage noted the shot in time and evaded, turning towards Galm 1 as soon as he'd rid himself of the pest. He fired both of his Magic IIs at the F-5, then added to the foray with his cannons.

    Eric fired his second two AMRAAMs at the EF2000. They got the fighter to quickly break and deploy chaff; Eric stayed with him and readied a Sidewinder. The missiles followed the Typhoon in a dive to the left, at which point Eric had gone into lag pursuit on his tail. He waited and snarled as one missile missed. He thought the second had goofed, but it exploded and took out the enemy fighter's tail. Eric's mouth fell open.

    "Shogun 208, splash five! That makes number five!" He howled over the net,

    "Hell yeah, for DJ." Wall agreed.

    "Indeed, Wall. 208, get back here and help me and Sunny if you've got gas." Vixen added in.

    Eric pulled into a position to make sure the EF2000s had gone, then headed back towards the main furball.

    "Shit shit shit!" exclaimed Chris, "Elephant, dump your bombs and follow me, Foxhound and Yak, push on! We'll cover!" He dumped his own weapons and turned into the Sukhoi. "Come on, lock 'em up he said, selecting his AIM-9 Sidewinder and heard the growling of the tone in his heatset.

    The Sukhoi deployed flares and turned into Chris's attack, moving to get above him, but for now he was not in position to get the best shot. He dumped more flares to distract the enemy's sensors.

    The other Sukhoi turned back towards the bomb-carrying F/A-18s and armed his AA-11s for a hit and run as he saw the other Super Hornet.

    Hannibal had selected his own Sidewinders and dropped behind the Su-27 chasing the bomb carrying Hornets, The tailpipe glowed red hot and the growl of AIM-9X was earsplitting "Fox 2!" He called and fired. Chris a high yo-yo and fell in to place behind the Su-27 and began to lock on.

    The Sukhoi ran, but not before leaving its AA-11s as a parting gift. It began to ascend and deployed flares, sliding into a loop to turn its nose towards Hannibal's, but not before being damaged by the AIM-9 in the turn.

    Chris's adversary rolled inverted and began a split-s, all to happy to demonstrate it's world-class agility and negate the hi yo-yo. It hit the gas for a brief minute to get back some energy as it went below the enemy fighter.

    Yak and Foxhound pumped out chaff and turned sharply, then dove for the deck, before pulling up again. Hacker noticed the split-s and yelled, "Don't finish it, he's split-s'd under us, dive on him! He will probably use his maneuverability to pull a fast on us and pull up!"

    "Roger! I'm going to take an AMRAAM shot the switch back to the 'Winder and see if I can get him if he climbs."

    Hannibal flipped to guns and fired on te Su-27 "Guns, guns guns!

    The Su-27 completed its maneuver and went into the horizontal, slipping out of the F/A-18's sight below its belly for a brief moment, waiting for the Hornet to make its move.

    The one on Hannibal replied with its own guns and landed a few rounds along the spine of the Marine jet.

    Chris dropped below and then pulled up into the Su-27's turn and fired his port wing Sidewinder.

    "Shit!" Yelled Elephant and he pushed open the throttle, streaking by the Su-27 and pulling a tight turn locking his other Sidewinder.

    The enemy Sukhoi rolled to the right with flares in its wake and took light damage from the missile, it headed towards the net of what AAA remained on the ground, one of which began to give Chris it's attention. It was an SA-20 that the F/A-18Es had apparently missed.

    Hannibal's enemy began to trail smoke, then began a dive. After a second the ejection seat shot out from the jet.

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    Re: ONS Part 3 (Archived)

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    After a bit of time pressing on, Eagle flight arrived at the redezvous point. Strangely enough, there has not been any sign of any Fulcrum-Es or Flanker-Es so far, or bogeys of any kind on the radar...

    "This is Eagle flight, we have arrived at the rendezvous point. What's the status of Victory and Windhover flights?" Irénée informed Lookout.

    He was also beginning to get concerned about the apparent lack of enemy resistance on their end, and he wasn't the only one who was worried.

    "I don't like this..." Magalie said to no one in particular.

    "I hope we're not walking into a trap." Estelle replied, very worried.

    "I hope so too. I can't see shit in this darkness. Radar's not showing anything either." Willard replied, also very concerned.

    The enemy Mirage noted the shot in time and evaded, turning towards Galm 1 as soon as he'd rid himself of the pest. He fired both of his Magic IIs at the F-5, then added to the foray with his cannons.

    "Shit, EVADE!" Cerberus noticed the attack directed at  him and dodge it by doing an wide alieron roll, this not just made the missiles miss but the gunfire as well. The Mirage comit the error of trying to attack him head-on and by the speed it was goin it was obvious that the pilot expected it to down him with that attack, quickly getting behind the Mirage Cerberus noticed that the lower part of the hostile craft was bare of missiles, meaning that he wasted most of his ammo on 3 & 2, but that was no garantee that it was now an easy prey, after all... a corenered animal is a really dangerous one.

    "Galm 4, rejoin with the others and prepare for a Grunn attack pattern if nesesary, I'll try to down this piece of shit myself!" And once again, the twin 20mm Machinecannons opened fire at the Mirage...

    "Widow, we still have a live SAM, can you assist!?" asked Riley, breaking away from the Su-27. "Then to Lee he said, "Keep an eye on him, don't want him trying to sneak up on us!"

    The Mirage dove for the ground away from the tracers to use the terrain to flee.

    The Su-27 taunted the F/A-18 by staying in the electronic vision of its SAM below.

    'Oh no, You DON'T!' Cerberus thought while followed the Mirage, being careful regarding the altitude and speed, the rest of the team not too far behind on a more prudent altitude, the enemy may be faster and better armored, however the F-5E have a better maneuveability and weapon capacity, once again at its six, Cerberus pulled the trigger, 20MM round traces iluminate the sky heading faster than the hostile jet could go...

    The Mirage reached a valley near the coast and went pedal to the metal, taking a few rounds in the spine. It blasted inland at top speed and towards the areas of the country that still had strong defenses. Ground-based radars were all too happy to welcome the hostile F-5 and start tracking him for their weapons. Soon after two KS-1 SAMs launched their missiles, four in total.

    Meanwhile the F-35s had withdrawn from the AO, leaving the F-21s to deal with the Typhoons and Ah-Riziki a burning shell of its former glory. Eric looked around for someone, anyone, to back up or help. He looked down at his fuel and also told himself he couldn't stay aloft forever; he'd need to get home soon, as Mark had.

    Meanwhile radars at Kilibaba began to illuminate the approaching Mirages. The Rafale Cs reported they were coming in from the east to distract any airborne threats, and managed to draw a flight of six MiG-29s their direction.

    "GALM TEAM, SCATTER AND DISENGAGE, OUR MISSION IS OVER!" Cerberus reacted fast at the beeping of Missile lock, all the four plane managed to dodge all the missiles and climed fast back where they had come, leaving the AA empalacements shooting blind in the dead of the night.

    'We will meet again, take that for sure Mirage Pilot' Cerberus thought as he dodged one of the four missiles sent to them.

    "That was a close one... Team, I'm sorry for bringing you up to unnesseary danger, I should have suspected something like this would happend, from now on, if the enemy is retreating we will let it go, all of us, no matter what" Cerbe-No... Captain Herrera said to his squadron as they rwere about to retreat from the Operation Zone.

    However, there was one more thing to do before retreating...

    "AWACS Baywatch, this is Galm Team: Our primary mission has been complete, requesting operation status update before we return to base" Captain Juan requested to Baywatch, as the light of the moon iluminate the landscape, said rays reflecting in the water, creating a breath-taking image... only ruined by the fires of war and death left behind...

    As the missile passed by Galm 1, it exploded to his right and below while he'd been distracted by the scenery. Like over-sized buckshot, the weapon stuck a disturbing amount of fragments into the engines, belly, and right-side control surfaces of the plane. The right engine was mortally wounded, and with its twin only inches from it, that one began to hack and cough in mortal agony as well.

    "Damn it!" Captain Herrera cursed himself for forgettin one important rule: 'Be aware of your surroundings!' Warnig alarms blared and the instumentation pannel flashed red lights like a cristmass tree!

    "CAPTAIN!" was the simultaneous shout trought the radio of the rest of the Galm Team, as they turned to see their sqadron leader's plane trailing smoke and fire.

    "I'm fine team, save the water works, is just the plane that is trashed, not me. AWACS Baywatch, I'm hit. my right engine is dead, the left engine is loosing power quicky, My control surfaces do not respond, I have holes eveywhere on the fuselage, loosing fuel and hidrauluc fluid rapidly, I'm going to bail out, sent Search and rescue teams around this area ASAP" Right after saying this, Captain Juan Ignacio Herrera Alvarez pulled the ejection handle, the canopy suddenly separated from the plane, the rocket engines of the seat acctioned, sendig the seat upwards trought the rail.

    Juan feels the sudden force of the ejection brutally pushing him upwards, he accend around 50 meters above and away from his dieing bird, which it exploide around five seconds later, the seat separate itself, leaving him with only the back support cushioning... which turned out to be the actual parachute. As the seat falls into the abyss of the forest bellow, Juan notice that his squadron hasn't gone, and they are flying around his chute at a prudent distance.

    " Captain! We will cover the area!" Galm 2 said, worry and determination sounding clear in her voice.

    "Negative Galm 2" I want all of you to head back to the base, take some rest, rearm and refuel,and that's an order! besides, you'll need it if you want to help on the S&R operations." Captain Herrera said as he watch his team dissapear into the horizon in the middle of the night, while his olive-green parachute slowly brings him down to a familar zone, the burning wreck of that mirage is nearby, and as soon as he touched down, he quickly began to retive his parachute, folding it as best as he could in hurry while his mind rushed thinking possible scenarios, remembering the survival training, and close quarters combat trainning, he must not leave any evidence that he was there in the first place.

    Then, he unhostled his side-arm: A 93R handgun, and set it in single shot, he'll need to conseve and take advantage of every single of the 21 rounds and his two other cartidoges. He quickly ran away from the LZ into the dark of the desert, using every dune for cover, this is going to be a long night and it's just barely the begining.

    And this time... he must be aware of his surroundings, his life depend of it more than ever...

    "Broadsword lead Broadsword 3 off target, need assistance?" Came Foxhounds voice, surprising Riley. He had totally forgotten the other 2 Hornets "Roger! I have a Sukhoi for you two!" "Got it, on our way!" The other 2 Hornets punched burner and flew towards Raptor's position. The other Hornets came in range. "Fox 3, Fox 3!" cried both F/A-18Fs. 4 missiles fell away and raced towards the target.

    The Su-27 had been so smug about his safety inside the radar of the SA-20 that he'd been lulled into lowering his guard. He scrambled to deploy chaff or something, but not before Broadsword 3's missile turned him into a fireball.

    Meanwhile on the ground, the GBU-31s had bored through the tough concrete of their targets before exploding inside and directly above the bombers. About half had been destroyed due to the other F/A-18s' need to survive.

    Southwards, radars began to track the Mirage 2000s for missile shots, prompting the EA-18Gs with them to initiate their own actions.

    "Dusty, he's at your six!" Weasel called out, warning him of the threatening Typhoon.

    Dusty turned his head and looked over his seat. Between the twin tails of his Thunderhawk, he say the small shape of the Typhoon almost directly behind him

    "Weasel, weave now!"

    The pair of Osean fighters began a Weave, turning into each other and back again, in attempt to get the Typhoon in front of Weasel for a Sidewinder shot or to get him to break off.

    The EF2000 threw around erratic cannon shots as it fell into the trap, though it dumped flares at the first beep of its ECM. It seemed too caught up in killing Dusty.

    "Lookout, Broadsword, mission complete, RTB." said Chris, breathing a sigh of relief. "Foxhound and Hannibal were recounting there kills and Chris smiled. "Good job you guys, let's go on home!"

    Picking up warning on their RWR, Eagle flight turned to the north, in the direction of the SAMs, and each fired an ARMAT anti-radar missile at the SAMs.

    "Faucon, Magnum!" Irénée called out.

    "Moineau, Magnum!" Estelle called out.

    "Vautour, Magnum!" Magalie called out.

    "Balbuzard, Magnum!" Willard called out.

    The SA-20s replied with four missiles before their radars were destroyed, one for each of the Mirages. But as soon as their radars were gone, they became useless.

    "Eagle, Windhover, this is Victory. Has the area been cleared?" The lead of the Rafale Bs asked as she lead her flight through the dark sky.

    "Negative! Windhover is still engaging enemy fighters!" the escort lead informed.

    Eagle flight split and each went after a group of SA-19s. Once they got to their individual targets, for their first run, they each dropped a cluster bomb.

    The SA-19s responded to the approaching Mirage 2000s with a volley of guns and missiles until they were destroyed themselves. But a new threat had been lurking above, waiting for the bomb-laden Mirages. As Estelle had feared, a pair of MiG-29Ms had been waiting above the cloud deck, radars off until they'd sprung the ambush and relying on their fellow KAF Fulcrums to distract the Rafale Cs. One slid behind Irénée, targeting him with his IRST.

    "You were right, Moineau! It's a trap!" Irénée shouted, taking evasive maneuvers.

    "Hang on, Faucon, we're on our way" Estelle informed. She then instructed, "You heard him. Let's give him a hand."

    Estelle, Magalie and Willard all turned to converge on Irénée's position.

    The one on Irénée fired off an AA-11 and broke off the face the other Mirages, while the second targeted the squadron's resident tsundere and fired a single AA-11 as well.

    Irénée broke and dumped flares and chaff, keeping an eye on his speed, altitude and radar.

    Meanwhile, Estelle and the others did the same. Willard then got a lock on for a MICA RF missile on a Fulcrum-E and fired.

    "Balbuzard, Fox 3!"

    The MiG-29 let off chaff and flares as it turned and dive into a near vertical dive towards the base.

    Noticing the Fulcrum-E diving away toward the base, Eagle flight did not bite, knowing that they would not pull out of such a dive.

    Weasel very quickly latched onto the tail of the Typhoon trailing Dusty as it's pilot desperately fired its cannon at his section leader.

    The Osean pilot quickly targeted him with a Sidewinder, the tone filling his headset. He saw the flares erupt from the enemy fighter and growled in a frustration. But he pressed the trigger anyways.

    It'll at least give him something to think about.

    "Fox Two!"

    The Fulcrum dove for a while before it pulled out and came back up, targeting Magelie again and firing its other AA-11.

    The Typhoon left Dusty's tail and pulled into a Split S to avoid the missile. After it was facing Weasel, it opened up with its cannon again and put some rounds into the F-21's belly.

    Magalie broke and dumped chaff and flares. Irénée got in position for a MICA IR shot. He gets a lock, and fires.

    "Faucon, Fox 2!"

    The AA-11 stayed on her despite the countermeasures, while Irénée's missile also followed the evading MiG as it jinked violently and went into a tight loop.

    Magalie did a rather violent evasive maneuver and dumped flares again, desperately trying to overload the AA-11's seeker.

    Irénée's missile continued following the MiG-29M.

    The MiG dumped more flares and  tried to get an angle for another one of its AA-11s. It fired one blindly before Irénée's missile killed it. The other MiG came back into the attack, targeting Eagle 1 with its cannon to avenge it's friend.

    Irénée broke hard, dumping flares in a bid to get the missile fired at him to hit the Fulcrum-E on his tail.

    Magalie continued breaking hard hoping that the missile on her tail would either have its motor burn out or hit the MiG on Irénée's tail.

    Estelle and Willard got in position to each fire a MICA IR missile. Estelle gets a lock, and fires.

    "Moineau, Fox 2!"

    Willard remained prepared to fire his MICA IR if Estelle's missed.

    The MiG-29 fell to Estelle's attack as it attempted to finish it's pass at Irénée. The one after Magalie ran out of fuel and fell like a rock.

    "This is Victory, are the fighters gone?' the strike leader demanded again.

    "Windhover has splashed all enemies in their sector. Eagle?" the lead escort assured.

    Breathing heavily, Irénée replied, "We were ambushed by two MiG-29Ms in our area. Both of them have been shot down."

    He then instructed, "Eagle flight, form up."

    Estelle, Magalie (who finally managed to get the AA-11's motor to burn out) and Willard formed up on Irénée.

    "We understand. Clear the area, we are approaching." Victory one ordered.

    The first two Rafale Bs leveled into a steady plain of flight and released their Apaches from 20 miles out. The weapons raced ahead with pre-programmed GPS coordinates as their guides. They started releasing their bomblets before the runway  started for maximum effect. Small clouds of dust and fire crawled across the runway.

    The next four were lasing their targets as the Apache carriers left. Each of their GBU-24s had penetrator warheads to defeat the bunkers. The Rafales behind them were the icing on the cake, dotting away the final pieces that made the base able to function.

    "Windhover, Eagle, cover us while we egress the area." Victory 1 radioed after the strike had been completed.

    "This is Eagle flight, roger." Irénée replied.

    The Rafale Bs turned tail and left.

    Weasel saw the Typhoon reverse and come up shooting.

    But he couldn't react in time.

    He felt the multiple impacts of rounds on the underside of his Thunderhawk. His displays and gauges went crazy and both engines began to wind down. The F-21 began billowing smoke and began to slowly lose altitudes.

    Various warnings began to blare in his ears.

    "Weasel are you alright, can you make it back to the coast?" Dusty looked at his wingman's distress.

    "No chance, Sunny 2-2 punching out" Weasel promptly blasted himself out of the doomed fighter. Nothing below him but desert with a burning enemy base behind him.

    "Maestro, this is Sunny 2-1! 2-2 has bailed out. Any chance for CSAR?"

    "Sunny 2-1, do you have his position?" The E-2 radioed. When it received the coordinates, the controller frowned.

    "I'm sorry Sunny Flight, but he basically went down next to Ah-Riziki. We can't help him."

    **********************************AIR MISSION 2 END**********************************

    Debrief: The first attacks have been largely successful. We destroyed several major bases and have dealt a sever blow to the air arms and  war fighting capabilities of both nations. Expect to continue to disable the enemy's military with the close goal of establishing air superiority over both countries. Stand by for your next mission; we're going to keep the pressure on while they're off balance.

    Kill Tally:
    Broadsword: X2 Su-27M
    Sunny: X5 EF2000
    Shogun: X5 EF2000
    Eagle: X2 MiG-29M
    Galm: X3 Mirage 2000

    Kedhani Press Release (March 16, 2018): Tonight, in response to the declaration of war against the UN coalition, enemy forces waged a vicious attack against our nation, bombing several non-military targets in the process. A number of our citizens have been killed after purposeful targeting by the UN In addition, there were reports of raids along the coast, though the forces were driven off after vicious fighting. General Sawari has vowed swift retaliation, and has declared that a number of enemy forces have been downed and captured. He declares that they will be held captive until the UN is willing to negotiate on his terms.

    Shamlaki Press Release (March 16, 2018): UN forces launched a large-scale bombing raid on the country last night, attacking both military and industrial targets. One strike on Burj Al Nasr caused massive fires and killed a number of innocents as a result. The fire also destroyed many reserves used for commercial cars, and the fire blazed on for several hours. King Ah-Fais has declared, however, that several enemy pilots have been shot down and were either captured or are soon to be. He has also united and mobilized the nation to meet this threat, declaring that together we will prevail.

    After watching both the Kedhani and Shamlaki press releases, Irénée sighed.

    "At least the Shamlaki media is being truthful to a degree. Whereas the Kedhani media is spouting one hundred percent bullshit." Irénée said to no one in particular.

    "Kedan is a despot's paradise. That much is certain." Willard said in reply.

    We lost one of our own.

    Sunny sits in the VF-3 ready room, with the remaining pilots of his squadron as the Skipper debriefs the battle. They had scored five kills and successfully escorted the F-35s to their target, for the loss of only one of their own. By all means it was a victory But the victory felt hollow knowing Weasel was down near the target area.

    Sunny looks over at Dusty, noting the dark haired male looks especially grim.

    Weasel had been literally shot out from under his nose.

    "So we know that Lieutenant Wesolowski managed to bail out, the bad news is that the area he ejected in was only a few miles west of the target. No CSAR has been authorized. At best all we can do is hope."

    So much for peacekeeping.

    "Come on, Kat....pick up." Mark said as he listened to one of the ship's payphones ring.

    "Ekaterina Notolvich." A familiar voice said. Mark kept himself in check.

    "Hey Kat, it's Me." He said softly. There was a brief pause.

    "Mark?? Oh thank goodness!" She nearly cried. He managed a smile.

    "Ah'm okay, love, not a scratch." He assured.

    "Wonderful." She said. She was probably crying, he thought. It made him wish they could see each other.

    "But..." He went on. That seemed to silence her.

    "..But what?" she demanded. Mark bit his lip and sighed.

    "We lost DJ..." He said. There was a painful pause.

    "Oh Mark, I'm so sorry." She whispered.

    "Eric's down more than me; DJ was his wingman tonight. But Ah...still feel like Ah'm somewhat responsible..." the pilot admitted. There was another pause.

    "You shouldn't feel that way."

    "Why not?"

    "Because it wasn't your fault; DJ's blood is not on your hands...and you have plenty of good reasons to believe that, be the strong man you are and move on."

    "It's hard for me to think of a good reason, Kat..."

    A longer pause.

    "If you can't find a reason...remember that I need you." Ekaterina said. The phone told Mark he had one minute left.

    "I'll call again...I love you." Mark promised quickly.

    "I know, and I love you, Cowboy. Good luck." She replied.

    Mark hung up and walked down the corridor towards his stateroom. Eric wasn't there, rather on Vulture's Row, trying to erase the image of the fireball from his head.

    Meanwhile the CAG, Captain Troy O'Neil, entered VF-3's ready room, unlit cigar clenched between his teeth. He was a burly man with jet black hair that was getting thinner by the day, and known for being a politically incorrect, hard-charging man who despised red tape of almost any kind. But he was not reckless, and in fact a visit to a ready room was by no means unusual in his case. He removed the well-chewed cigar from his maw.

    "Evening everyone, I hoping you're all well. I'd like to thank you for your hard work tonight, as do the admiral and captain." He said, looking at the faces.

    Sharky remained silent all the way until the Basilisks landed at King Falud. After all the aircraft had landed Sharky climbed out of the cockpit without a word to Shamu and stalked off to the survival shop to store his flight gear. Shamu, concerned by Sharky's surly state, yelled after his pilot, "Yo, Sharky! Wait up!" Sharky turned around and glared at Shamu, "What?" Shamu, shocked by the crestfallen look on his normally jovial pilot's face, said, "Dude. You look like shit. Please tell me you're not taking Serpent 2 and 4 personally. What's going on, man? We've lost people before. You've never taken it this hard. Maybe some swearing, but never pure shutdown..."

    Sharky shook his head, "I wasn't in charge those times. They weren't my responsibility. I fucked up. I don't fuck up, man. You know that." Shamu rolled his eyes, "Don't give me that bullshit. They're Rosenthal just like you. They don't need babysitting. They were flying SEAD and they were dumb enough to not be streaming their towed decoys." "I should have reminded them..." "Oh you should have reminded them? So you should also remind them to wipe their asses after they take a shit?"

    "You know what I mean. With Gold in charge we didn't lose a single bird until the Emmerians started pushing back. With me in charge we lose two on the first night of the war. THE FIRST GODDAMNED NIGHT. What the hell did I do wrong?"

    Shamu had never seen Sharky so inconsolable. He sighed, "You know what? Come with me." "Where are we going?" "You need to have a nice long conversation with my friend Jack." "No. Shamu, seriously. I'm fine."

    "Bullshit. I know you, bro. You don't let things go. Now come on."

    Despite Sharky's protests, Shamu dragged him to the room they were sharing, where he set out a shot glass and a bottle of Jack Daniels. "Now drink." Sharky sighed in acceptance and picked up a glass, filling it with whiskey. Looking at Shamu he said, "You're not gonna make me do this alone, are you?" Shamu chuckled, "Never," as he grabbed a coffee mug from the counter and filled it. Sharky looked at the glass, said, "Yo ho ho, I guess," and drained it in one gulp, slamming it down on the table as the whiskey burned its way down his throat.

    Shamu sipped his more slowly, knowing he needed to maintain his faculties to keep Sharky in control. He asked, "So what's really bothering you, bro?" Sharky, who had just finished his third round, said, "It's like I said earlier, man. I fucked up. I don't fuck up. I can't fuck up. I mean look at us. We're the best. We can't stay that way if we fuck up." Shamu laughed, "THAT'S what's messing with you? You're shitting me. We've fucked up plenty of times. Remember that one time we were making that run on a Sovremenny and nearly got lit up by that Tarantul that popped up out of nowhere? Just a LITTLE more life-threatening than a couple of dudes from the B-team forgetting their tails because they're too busy knocking down crackpots in Tiffies." Sharky, now on his 6th shot and still surprisingly coherent, said, "Yeah, but we managed to pull it off." Shamu waved with his mug, "THAT'S what makes us the best. It's that we manage to pull it off. Not that we don't mess up. It's not about doing everything perfect. It's about how you recover when something goes pear shaped. Come on, dude. You've known this for forever. What happened now?"

    Sharky sighed again, "I don't know. I guess I got used to things going according to plan. Well, as according to plan as shit can go in combat, anyway." Shamu nodded, "I know how you feel. But dude. You know as well as I luck runs out. Today Serpent 2 and 4's ran out. Now you need to get some sleep." Sharky, who by now had managed to put away 12 shots of JD, simply blubbered in agreement as he stumbled over to the bed and fell over, landing on the mattress with a muffled thump.

    Shamu laughed quietly, "Feels weird being on the other side of that." As Sharky began snoring gently, Shamu walked out into the hall and pulled out a satellite phone, dialing a rather long number. He waited as the phone rang for a few seconds until the receiver picked up and said, "Gale, it's Shamu."

    At the SOAR's home base back in Estovakia Gale Sullivan sat up and said, "Shamu? What's up? Are you guys alright?" Shamu replied, "Yeah, we're fine. War kicked off today." "I heard. How'd it go?" "I dunno how the SF teams did, you'd know better than me, but we lost a couple of people. Two of the SEAD jets took SAMs on the run in. Sharky took it really hard."

    "Shit. He okay?" "He's sleeping now. I had him vent to my friend Jack. You should talk to him though, make sure he's alright. Me and whiskey can only do so much."

    "Hehe, yeah, you and your JD... Alright, I'll call in the morning."

    "Cool. Everything alright on your end?"

    "Yeah. It's quiet with Reaper and company gone. We're just doing the usual, maintenance, training, you know."

    "Nice. Well, always good talking to you. Talk to you tomorrow." "Yeah, catch you later."

    All 17 pilots stood to attention as the CAG entered the room.

    "Thank you sir!" Commander Mills replied with a strong voice.

    Sunny wondered why CAG had come down here, but he appreciated the sentiment of the old man coming to see his boys . . and girls.

    The Marines lounged in the small social area at Murabek AB. "So, will the damage be fixed for tomorrow?" asked Chris, taking a shot of Apfelkorn. "Yep, she only took a few rounds through the spine." "That's good. The group sat, recovering from their celebration at the downing of the first kills scored by Marines since 2010. "So, who'd we lose?" asked Chart. "Two of the PMC birds got smoked doing SEAD and we lost one F-21 from each Navy squadron." "Mmmmm, hopefully they won't keep that performence up." She responded.

    "I'm checking on all the squadrons after the first strike of the war. A good majority of our senior pilots are 2010 Vets, but many of our lower-ranked pilots have yet to see combat. I am well-aware that one of your men went down, as well, but I do have some slightly hopeful news. the BDA bird that surveyed the area after the strikes noted that the ejection and landing both appeared successful, and that your man was apparently captured by the tracks and footprints. He's alive, but in enemy hands." CAG said to Mills.

    UN Statement to the International Media (March 15, 2018):

    General Price walked out to a microphone on a podium branded with the United Nation's emblem with a line of the flags of the coalition member states behind him flanked on both sides with the United Nation's own flags. With the gesture of a hand the much loader inter-discussion of the journalists came to an immediate halt as silence overtook the room.

    After adjusting the microphone the man spoke, "Good morning. Our coalition forces launched bombing raids in both countries as part of our on-going intervention in the reason. As media elements inside these countries and around the world have already reported, numerous bases and military targets were engaged. Many of these attacks were successful and the targets were destroyed. Both countries have made claims that innocents were targeted in these attacks, this is nothing more than regional propaganda. The leaders of both these nations have realized that they have misjudged their capabilities against our coalition and feel they will require this to become a regional conflict primarily fueled by import fighters. Our independent sources so far have not indicated any civilian casualties in these strikes. I urge, on behalf of the United Nations and the international community, both General Sawari and King Ah-Fais that if they wish to prevent the casualties that have been unfortunately inevitable in every conflict history has ever known they must lay down their arms, halt their caustic rhetoric, and sue for peace. The United Nations will continue to work to ensure that minimal innocents lose their lives in this on-going conflict but responsibility lies equally on the behalf of those regimes. Do not make a prideful decision, gentlemen, with the future of your nations and their countrymen at stake."

    The general looked around the room as he paused as numerous hands rose into the air with some chatter. He was about to chose someone to answer their question when a man in a black suit whispered into his ear. "I see." The general gestured the man away before he readjusted the microphone. "My apologies, ladies and gentlemen, but I have been told that there are no time for questions this morning. Good day." The hands lowered and the chatter resumed with some of the members of the press called out random questions. The general walked away leaving the chamber waiting to be whipped away by a UN vehicle to where-ever else he needed to be.

    Shortly after the CAG had made his announcement, the ready room was joined by two more pilots. It was Eric and Mark, with the latter carrying a music player and small speakers that were blasting Stan Bush's "The Touch". Though they weren't in the highest of spirits, the two couldn't forget the morale of their fellow pilots. Eric had already gotten his own celebration for his achievement of five kills, and they could at least pretend to be happy.

    "Congrats on your recent achievement of Double Ace, Commander Lovell! You officially have The Touch!" Eric said.

    Rosie looked on shaking her head in disbelief as the two Lieutenants played the thirty year old song.

    Commander Mills looked on with a raised eyebrow, barely fighting down a grin. Dusty didn't even try, and burst out laughing at the audacity of the scene.

    Sunny wasn't much better and starting guffawing as well, shaking his head at them.

    Sunny stood up and took a mock bow, and various squadronmates started clapping in jest. He could appreciate the sentiment.

    "Well boys I sure do appreciate this, though I wish you had picked something a little more recent."

    In more ways than one.

    "Twas the only song we could find appropriate...and Ah apologize for the interruption, CAG." Mark said. CAG himself was rather amused.

    "A little late, I'll admit, but I think some mood lightening is appropriate. We might as well write "The Touch" on the side of Lieutenant Commander Lovell's plane at this point. Wouldn't you agree, Lovell?" the Captain said, looking at both him and Mills.

    The ringing of a sat phone woke Sharky the next morning. He sat up and groaned, "Ugh, turn it off..." Shamu chuckled, "It's your lover, bro. You gonna pick up?" Sharky swallowed experimentally a few times to attempt to rid himself of the dry mouth, and then sighed, "I'm never drinking again... Yeah gimme the phone." Shamu handed over the phone and Sharky answered, "Hullo?"

    Gale laughed, "Good morning, sleepyhead. How you feeling?"

    "Shhh... Shhhhhhh... Don't talk so loud... I feel like a SLAM-ER just went off inside my head."

    "Hehe, I guess Jack's not as good a friend to you as he is to Shamu, eh?"

    "No, just prolonged association with him is painful."

    "Fair enough. Shamu told me about what happened last night. You okay?"

    Sharky sighed, "Yeah... Shamu did make me realize something though."

    "Oh?" Gale sat up a bit straighter at her desk.

    "Our number could come up at any time. Even when we're not expecting it."

    Confused, she asked, "Well, yeah. Where's this going?"

    Sharky said, "I need to tell you something. Before the aforementioned number is called."

    Gale anticipated that the declaration she had been expecting for years was soon at hand, and, her voice dripping with excitement, said, "Yeah?"

    “I… Fuck I don’t know how to say this…”

    “Come on, use your words…”

    By now, Shamu, realizing what was going on, had grabbed a bowl of popcorn, pulled up a chair, and was excitedly popping it into his mouth as he watched Sharky with rapt attention.

    “Fuck it. You know I have a thing for you, right? Always have. Not sure if it was obvious or not… “

    “It was,” Shamu whispered, to which Sharky responded with his middle finger.

    “But yeah. I’ve liked you for a while.”

    Sharky was interrupted by a shower of popcorn, as in his excitement Shamu had jumped up and overturned the bowl, exclaiming, “FUCKING FINALLY!”

    Sharky gestured at Shamu to shut up, as Gale replied, “Holy shit. I mean I could kinda tell, but I was never sure, ya know? I feel the same way about you. But why’d it take you so long? We’ve known each other for years.”

    Sharky sighed, “Well, it sorta popped in and out of the forefront of my mind through college, as you probably noticed, what with Sonia, and Annie, and such, but it was always there. After college we didn’t really see each other as much, so I never really got the chance. Shamu kept pushing me to it, though. I figured after what happened last night, I might as well do it, since I may not get the chance.”

    Shamu yelled so that Gale could hear, “No seriously! I did! I can’t believe this fucker finally did it! 8 years of prodding and he finally does it!”

    Gale laughed and said to Sharky, “That’s hilarious. Well tell Shamu I appreciate the effort. As for you, flyboy, now I actually have a reason to come down there.”

    Sharky perked up, “Wait, what? You’re coming down here?”

    “Yeah. The war’s ramping up and higher wants to send a couple more AFO teams and some more helos.”

    “Shit. They’re really taking this seriously.”


    “Well, shit. Be careful, girly.”

    “I should say the same to you, fly boy. Wouldn’t want anything to happen to you before I get a shot at you myself.”

    Sharky chuckled, “I dare those crackpots to try and fuck with me now. Anyway I should probably do something about this hangover. And punch Shamu in the gut. The little bastard keeps making kissy faces at me.”

    Gale smiled, “Well I’m gonna be doing a lot more with you when I get down there. So he can make all the kissy faces he likes. But we’ll save that for later. You go recover. I’ll talk to you later, babe.”

    “You too, babe. Fuck it feels good to say that.”

    “Haha, I know. Now go!” Gale hung up the phone and leaned back in her chair, smiling serenely.

    Meanwhile Sharky threw the now empty popcorn bowl at Shamu, who was making kissy faces and singing, “Sharky and Gale, sitting in a Blackhawk, F-U-C-OWW!”

    “Serves you right, you douchewaffle. Now get me a fucking Tylenol, will ya? God, I’m never drinking again…”

    “Well, at least one good thing came out of this. I don’t have to keep bugging you about Gale any more.”

    “No, now you’re gonna be bugging me about what she and I do when we’re on leave.”

    “Well, I gotta do something to keep you grounded.”

    “Ugh, true. Now shaddup and lemme go back to sleep.”

    With that Sharky took the Tylenol Shamu offered and surrendered himself back to the blissful world of sleep, imagining activities to come, while Shamu went into the next room to watch Gen. Price’s press statement.

    March 16, 2018 (UN HQ Time: 0752)
    Aboard an E-8 JSTARS, above the Persian Sea

    "Looks like we found em." The Osean Air Force radar controller observed as he stared at the hits on his screen.

    "Indeed we have, how far out are the strike groups?" Another next to him asked.

    "AWACS is giving em a ring now...wait, I've got a few more hits on my scope...civvie traffic?"

    The two looked at their screen as one of the fleets, the Shamlaki one, approached a trio of dots in a near perfect line. A quick check of the map revealed it was a shipping lane they were in.

    "Shit, where are their escorts?!" The first shouted.

    "I don't know, weren't the lanes near the coast supposed to be closed?! They must not be aware or something!" The other man asked.

    "Raise AWACS Sea Lord, tell em to get those fighters moving. The Shamlaki fleet is closing in on civilian ships." The first called over the radio.

    A handful of miles away, the E-3F received the message and quickly relayed the urgency.

    "Strike Group One, this is Sea Lord, your target is approaching unarmed freighters. Attack as soon as possible, how copy?"

    "Sea Lord, this is Buzzard 1, we copy. Our signal is Buster." The lead Rafale M radioed.

    Flying over the water, Broadsword flight flew, listening to the AWACS chatter. Upon hearing the call to attack, Chris radioed, "Roger, moving in!" 4 LRASMs hung under the wings and the Marines dropped down near the wave tops. "Let's go! Line abreast!" Chris exclaimed as they flew towards their targets. "The four Frigates are out primary targets,"

    The four heavily laden Quickstrikes were just coming off the tanker as Sea Lord called Strike Group One asking them to expedite. Shamu radioed, "Sea Lord, Basilisk 1. You got a location on our targets?"

    "Broadsword, this is Buzzard 1, stand by to make your attack on my mark; we must first clear out the enemy airborne assets. Black Widow will get into position to jam the enemy as well." The lead Rafale radioed as he led his flight towards the outer edge of the enemy fleet.

    "Hawk to Broadsword, we'll be right behind you so we can sweep in and get smaller craft with our Mavericks, don't let us down." The lead F-35 pilot of VMA-83 added in.

    As the Marine Grolwers got into position, the Shamlaki fleet wasted no time in picking out targets approaching it, mainly the Al-Ridyahs and their advanced targeting systems. They also were the harder to detect ships with their lower radar signatures. The Rafales tried to keep them busy, but they and the Badr-class frigates were more interested in the strike craft.

    "Basilik 1, Sea Lord, we're datalinking you the coordinates. Be advised that Charge flight says they just sniped the Kedhani ASW birds, but they've picked up enemy aircraft to the east, so you won't have close air cover unless we chop Galm or Sunny to you. Dragon Flight will attack the smaller craft."

    "Dragon Flight copies all." the lead of a flight of F-15E Strike Eagles radioed.

    Further out, a single EC-130 lumbered along, the Strike Group Two's ECM plane. Inside it played havoc with the older Sovs while staying out of range, while enemy's Moudge-class frigates began to paint the F-14s with their radars

    "Basilisk flight copies. Moving to engage now," Shamu radioed.

    As the Moudges began painting the Tomcats, Sharky called, "Well, we have friends. Time to start the feeding frenzy. 2, 3, launch those MALDs. Let's give them something else to worry about. Don't forget your tails, too."

    The Tomcats all streamed their towed decoys as Showtime and Viper began launching decoys.

    "Basilisk 2, Duck, Duck, Duck."

    "Basilisk 3, Duck, Duck, Duck."

    The ADM-160 MALDs dropped free of Showtime and Viper's Tomcats and flew towards each Moudge, the small decoys each broadcasting the radar signature of an F-15E.

    As the Moudges began targeting the decoys, Sharky said to Shamu, "Time to eat." "I'm starving. Closest frigate, 80 nautical miles." Sharky radioed, "Alright, guys, on my Magnum hit the frigates. 2 missiles per. We'll push on, hit the closest Sov, then RTB and rearm. Nothin' to it. Shamu, play the song."

    Shamu began playing the recently reworded version of "Drink" by Alestorm that Sharky had recently finished as he locked on to the closest Moudge's air search radar and launched a HARM the moment they were in range. "Basilisk 1, Magnum."

    Upon his launch, Azure, Millie, and Breaker launched their AGM-181s,

    "Basilisk 2, bruisers away."

    "Basilisk 3, bruisers away."

    "Basilisk 4, bruisers away, bruisers away."

    The HARM and the 12 anti-ship missiles streaked towards the Kedhani frigates.

    "Broadsword, this is Buzzard, we are engaging the enemy's P-3s; engage the enemy ships from maximum range." the lead REN pilot called.

    Almost as soon as he'd said this, the Shamlaki fleet began firing Aster SAMs at the Rafales and the F/A-18s. the advanced weapons got a solid lock and screeched across the sky towards the UN strike force. the Rafales and F-35s split their flights.

    Meanwhile the forward Moudges tracked the decoys, believing them to be ASMs as they fired Raad SAMs. The few ones behind tracked the AGM-181s, and fired there own Raads. the decoys were destroyed first, while the AGM-181s began to come in relatively unscathed. The first missiles impacted and destroyed the forward three, while the others managed to come out with light damage from their weapons and those of the escorting Sovs. The surviving ships, at least those that had it, fired off countermeasures to further defend themselves.

    "Roger!, all Broadswords, engage and then break! " Chris said, firing his LRASMs. "Bruiser, bruiser!" His call was followed up by 3 more calls just like it and the Hornets broke away from the oncoming missiles, dispensing chaff and flare.

    Immediately after launching the first salvo of missiles, the Basilisks began engaging the core of the Kedhani battle group, the 4 Sovremenny class destroyers.

    Sharky radioed, "Alright, gents. Just like we always do. 2, 3, hit him with HARMs, we'll gut the bastard. 4, cover us. After this we RTB and rearm."

    Sharky said to Shamu, "Alright, let's do this. Set up 1 high, 2 for pop up, and 1 for sea skimming." Shamu replied, "Yup. Locked up and ready to go. I'm hoping the warheads are enough..." Sharky laughed, "Come on. It's a Sov. Harpoons work just fine. At least with these things we don't have to worry about losing half of them to CIWS." "True. I'm gonna like it a lot better when they have the thermobaric warheads on these things though."

    When the formation reached HARM range, Showtime and Viper launched their HARMs at the closest Sovremenny, followed by Sharky's AGM-181s.

    When the last missile fell free of their Tomcat the Basilisk formation turned back to the carrier to rearm.

    The LSRAMs were low enough to remain largely undetected until they had been spotted on the horizon. the outter corvettes engaged first, deploying chaff and flares to confuse the weapons and cover the Al Ridyahs. They then engaged with their own weapons and managed to claim three, before the others from Charlotte and Hannibal's Hornets sunk the lead Badrs and Chris's severely damaged an Al Ridyah, to the point that it began to list. The F-35s, still undetected, moved to engage the forward attack boats with their own weapons, while beneath the waves the submarines OFS St. Francis and Bozer Straits launched their own Mk 48 ADCAPs at the Al Ridyahs.

    The salvo of SAMs kept onwards with only a few faltering. One managed to pluck a Rafale from the sky, and it's pilot was soon hanging from a white parachute as it drifted down. It wouldn't take long for the fast attack boats to notice, his leader figured.

    "Broadsword, Hawk, we have a pilot down. If you can, please send aircraft to assist; it won't be long before they try to capture him. I am going to try and get a rescue force to be launched." He radioed.

    Meanwhile the Kedhani destroyers responded to the threats with their own weapons, at least until the ARMs arrived. The lead one lost its radar as the HARM from Viper's jet turned its radar tower into scrape metal, leaving it open for the AGM-181 that followed. They launched their Dauphin heklos to try and ready some kind of SAR force and cover the ASW envelope. The F-15s, with their A GBU-12s, began to target the smaller attack boats.

    "This is Dragon lead. Basilisk, we'll clean up but we wouldn't mind if you came back to help sink those Sovs." the lead F-15 radioed as he watched an Type-021 explode.

    The smaller craft began to scatter, as did the remaining Moduges. But the Sovs and their escorts had a bigger threat to worry about. Beneath the waves, two Yuktobanian Akula-class submarines, the Nikanor and Murska, stalked like ghosts. They had been waiting for the UN planes to strike, so that they could move in without the fear of ASW planes patrolling the area. At the command of each captain, the eager crew, several of whom had not seen combat yet, fired two torpedoes each. The older ones, those who had fought Osea in 2010, knew that there was no time to celebrate once the torpedoes had locked onto the rearward Moudges. Once back in position, they would be ready to engage the Sovs; ironically ships from their own country, a few thought.

    As the tree gray ustian F-5E rushed towards combat zone, Galm 1 (Provisional) was completely nervous and for a good reason, in the previous engagement she and her teammates perforemd awfully, they couldn't get any kill that night and almost got killed had it not be for Cpt. Herrera's skill that let him shot down three hostile Mirage 2000-5 and heavily damage the last one, and then when they thought it was over, suddenly a barrage of four Surface to Air Missiles was aimed at their captian, he had managed to dodge three of the four, the last one exploided too close and the sharpnels hit his plane and forced him to bail-out before it exploided in the middle out of nowhere behind the enemy lines.

    She just hope that the Search and Rescue Teams are successful and the Captain returns with them.

    But for now, they must bring their best A-Game into this mission, they must not miss any shot, they must. not. fail.

    They are the next generation of the legendary Ustio's Mercenary Dream-Team even though is not are not exactly a mercenary unit anymore since the Belkan War, they have a reputation to uphold and they WILL uphold it, with or without Captain Herrera with them.

    "Roger, moving to assist, just so you know, we only have 20mm for ground work." said Chris. He didn't like the idea of attacking gunboats with gun, despite how cool it was.

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    "Understood Broadsword, the rescue force will come as soon as it can, until then we rely on you." Buzzard Lead replied.

    The Ustian F-5E's arrived at the Operations Zone, the enemy has already engaged the fleet's air defense units, Equiped exactly as the last time, they are packing the mandatory pair of AIM-9X Sidewinder and four AMRAAM each one, the battle was now at full swing and they must do their best to support the main Air Defense units.

    "Galm Team to AWACS, Sorry for the delay, our planes took more than it should have on their preventive maintainance before deployment, we have arrived to the combat zone, we need a site-rept update ASAP" Galm 1 said to the current AWACS, she and her squadmates were for their support roles, however they need to be properly assigned their targets.

    "Galm, maintain your position; we really need the cover here." The AWACS radioed.

    By now both fleets were beginning to scatter as they tried to swat away the enemy planes.

    "Rodger that, we'll maintain our current possition until furter notice, over." Galm 1 replied to the AWACS as they keept their eyes open should any plane dare to head towards their area

    Meanwhile the Basilisks returned to the Excalibur and rearmed, this time loading a mix of jammer and decoy MALDs in place of the decoy mix they had carried on their first sortie.

    An hour later they returned to the battle zone, and Sharky called, "Alright, Dragon, we're back on station."

    Showtime and Viper repeated their Duck calls as the MALDs flew off towards the Sovremennys.

    Shortly after, when the Tomcats reached max HARM range, each jet launched a single HARM at each destroyer, followed by 4 AGM-181s on the same distribution of flight profiles that Sharky had used previously. Breaker in Basilisk 4 held his AGM-181s in reserve for any ships that survived the barrage.

    "Roger that Basilisk, the Sovs are yours." the lead Strike Eagles said as they collected their flight and went home.

    The Sovs had, by now, managed to scatter, and fire off a few cruise missiles at various targets before the final barrage of AGM-181s finished them, but few had done any damage. They finally were hit to the point that they were doomed as the missiles came in under the cover of the decoys. One of the AGMs impacted right on the bridge of one of the destroyers, and in a matter of minutes all four were being abandoned.

    With the Shamlakis, they'd already begun to scatter, with several of their Al Ridyahs damaged beyond hope and the F-35s swarming upon the smaller craft.

    "Broadsword, the rescue force is on it's way, how copy?" Buzzard Lead called.

    Almost as he'd finished saying that, a pair of helos came into few of the F/A-18s. However, they weren't Emmerian; they were Merlins from the Shamlaki fleet.

    "Shit! Get these guys!" said Chris, switching to Sidewinders and firing one each the choppers. Hacker radioed back to Buzzard, "Copy, some Merlin's have arrived on scene and we are engaging them!.

    The Merlins didn't stand a chance against the AIM-9s, but they had back up in the form of two fast-attack boats. The Emmerians were moving fast, but at this rate they wouldn't beat the ships. Meanwhile the rest of the Shamlaki fleet collected itself and prepared to withdraw.

    "Basilik, Dragon, the Kedhani fleet is broken. Pick off what you can and break contact." Sea Lord said enthusiastically.

    Shamu radioed, "Basilisk copies. Red, bust those Moudges and let's RTB."

    "Roger that."

    Red launched his Hammers at the remaining 3 Moudges. After the launch the 4 Tomcats turned back for the carrier as Sharky sang over the intercom, "WE GET KICKS, FROM SINKING SHIPS, WE'LL SINK YOUR SOVS AND THEN LAUGH AS YOU SOB! COME ON EVERYBODY NOW!"

    The rest of the Basilisks chuckled as they joined in with Sharky's singing.

    "Anti-ship's our job, our job really pays and we go home rich at the end of the day,
    and I'd rather split a ship in half than be chained to a desk with a wife that's a hag.
    We live each day like there's nothing to lose, but a man has needs and that need is fuel.
    They say all the best things in life are free, so give all your ships and planes to me!


    "Hawk flight, we got Manta fast attack craft closing on the downed pilot, we're gonna make a diversion, see if you can slip in with a Mav and nail em!" exclaimed Chris. He rolled turned the fighter back around and said, "Elephant, take your element and come at em from the opposite side, I'll take mine and we'll both do a fly-by, medium height, and fast. Full burner!"

    "Roger that, lets do this!" exclaimed Elephant. The Hornets pulled away and flew out, then turned and headed in the boats direction. The Hornets went full burner and came in medium high and ripped past the Mantas, rocking them. "Again!" The Hornets repeated the maneuver.

    The Mantas, unaware that the Hornets were not really armed to attack them, split and began to bring their 25mm weapons to bear. As the second pass happened, one of the sailors aboard had tried to fire a MANPADS, but he'd fallen back, dropping the weapon. The waves sent the shots from the cannons wild, but the confusion didn't last long as another sailor fired a missile at Chart and Elephant's Hornet.

    "Roger that Broadsword, Hawks 7 and 3 are inbound, keep em distracted and we'll fire on em after another pass." the pilot of Hawk 3.

    The two F-35s came in from high above in a shallow dive with their AGM-65s at the ready. They maintained a position to fire for when the Hornets rocked the Mantas again.

    "Shit, missile on us! Break Elephant!" exclaimed Chart. Hannibal Pulled a tight turn and loosed a set of chaff and flares, the reversed two more times, all while spitting flares. "Once more! Hawk, get em on this run!" The 3 other Hornets bored in, full burner again, and ripped pass the boats. Right as they passed over one of the small craft, Chris's Hornet blew through the sound barrier.

    The missile fell to the countermeasures and violent maneuvers.

    Meanwhile Chris's pass had really knocked the Mantas' crew off their feet and brought them to a near halt. It gave the perfect shot for the F-35s as each loosed a single Maverick with a "Rifle" call. As the fast attack boast tried to gather themselves, the weapons impacted.

    "Hawks 3 and 7 have splashed the Mantas. Where's that rescue force?" The pilot of Hawk 3 called out.

    "Hawk, this is Buzzard, the force will be along in roughly eight minutes. Maintain security until then; The enemy fleet is retreating." the lead Rafale radioed.

    "Roger" said Chris, sighing with relief. "Good shots Hawk!"

    Hannibal's Hornet pulled up next to Chris's, and flashed a thumbs up. The Marines set up CAP around the floating pilot.

    "I need a drink!" said Hannibal. "I second the motion!" replied Hacker.

    "Apfelkorn or scotch?" asked Chris.

    **********************************AIR MISSION 2 END**********************************
    Debrief: Though neither has been completely destroyed, both enemy fleets have been heavily damaged and forced to remain close to their respective coasts. The Kedhani destroyers fired a number of cruise missiles, but most were intercepted or caused minimal damage. The quick nature of this strike has made it possible for us to keep up the tempo of other strikes against the two countries. From here we will trap them in their ports for further destruction. Until then, prepare for your next missions.

    Kill Tally:
    Broadsword: X2 HMC1 Merlin, X2 Badr, X1 Al Ridyah
    Basilik: X3 Moduge, X4 Sovremeny

    Kedhani Press Release (March 16, 2018): Today UN forces attempted to sink our fleet while it was in routine patrol to defend our homeland in their ongoing campaign to crush our nation. The battle which lasted well over an hour, was fierce, but despite losses our forces prevailed and managed to drive off the enemy. The General has promised the people that these sailors and ships will defend the country with every ounce of themselves. He has also embarked on a campaign of calling out the actions of Isara and their hypocrisy at wishing neutrality while they house UN forces. King Ah-Fais, our new ally, has joined the general in these condemnations and has graciuosly added that negotiations on the matter could be placed in his country.

    Shamlaki Press Release (March 16, 2018): A Shamlaki armada on patrol today was attacked after approaching a pair of suspicious ships in order to ensure they were not carrying anything that might harm our sovereignty. UN forces destroyed several ships in the surprise attack, and even resorted to cruel tactics such as flying by ships to knock individual sailors off the decks. King Ah-Fais has public condemned these acts as war crimes, and as a show of his displeasure for the UN backing of this war, encouraged protesters to burn UN flags, as well as those of the nations involved. He has supported General Sawari's campaign to bring justice upon Isara for its housing of UN troops, and our king has offered to allow negotiations in his country regarding the matter.

    Looking a the TV screen, Raptor was only mildly surprised when the Shamlaki press called war crimes on them. "I think these guy's thought processes are totally detached from the real world, I mean, flying low over a boat is a war crime? What?" said Hannibal.

    "I got no clue brother, but they seem pretty serious about trying to throw us out." commented Hacker, as he typed away on his laptop.

    The Marines nodded, grimacing, thinking about was to come.

    United Nation's Statement to the International Media (March 17, 2018):

    General Price walked out to a microphone on a podium branded with the United Nation's emblem with a line of the flags of the coalition member states behind him flanked on both sides with the United Nation's own flags. With the gesture of a hand the much loader inter-discussion of the journalists came to an immediate halt as silence overtook the room.

    After adjusting the microphone, something that he continues to be bothered by since he needs to do this every time, he spoke up, "Good morning. Although unorthodox, I have been notified that there are rumors regarding experimental weapons deployed in our last mission. I want to provide the media with this. If our coalition deployed such technology, to be fair to our enemies, don't you think they would have announced such an occurrence to the world before some anti-globalist bloggers did." Numerous hands raised and the general ignored them to continue speaking, "But onto the matter at hand, our coalition forces have launched successful strikes against the navies of both opposition governments therefore neutering their collective ability to be a naval power in the region. General Sawari and King Ah-Fais can continue to bark to their citizens about burning flags and lost glory but they cannot do so with a straight face while they continue to stagger backwards. I previously stated that the United Nations does not see the alliance of these two powers as any more of a regional threat than they were before the conflict began. I wish to revise this statement. Now with their naval forces effectively shattered and forced into mostly coastal defensive, their status as even a regional power has diminished. The coalition missions remains containment above all else and this most recent success should be an indication to governments in the region that we are staying true to that commitment to them. The gulf and the local ocean is now liberated from the belligerence of our enemy's alliance. Once more my questions will remain limited." He looked over the room of media figures, "Uh...you."

    "Thank you, has the United Nations created a plan for dealing with the inevitable humanitarian crisis that will occur as civilians flee to neighboring states?"

    "UN Peacekeepers and humanitarian experts are working in the neighboring countries with the national governments and non-governmental organizations to ensure fleeing refuges do not become targets of political killings by agents of these governments. We are also working with international governments to determine a long-term solution for those not wishing to return to their countries of origin." He looked over the crowd again. "You."

    "Would the UN condone a foreign invasion of either nation by a regional neighbor?"

    "No. A ground invasion would force any sensible, moderates politically or otherwise in either nation back into collusion with nationalists and zealots to serve the government's ends. It would destroy the country's ability to progress following these regimes." He looked over the crowd again before picking another, "You."

    "Some media pundits worldwide have expressed fears that the leader's calls for UN flag burning and so on could energize pro-Kedhani-Shamlak groups worldwide with anti-globalist groups to take up their own action such an acts of terrorism?"

    "Cells turning to terrorism worldwide would unfortunately be the jurisdiction of the governments of the respective nations. If either states become sponsors of such acts of terrorism, it will certainly alter the United Nations perspective of this on-going police action and will not end favorably for the opposition. That will be all. Thank you and have a good day." As the man stopped speaking and walked away from the podium as chatter resumed among the crowd. He left the chamber waiting to be wiped away by a UN vehicle to where-ever else he needed to be.

    Sharky was on the phone with Gale as he watched Gen. Price's press conference.

    As the General mentioned experimental weaponry, Sharky chuckled, "Hehe, Hammers aren't TECHNICALLY experimental..." Gale laughed, "The other night was the first night you guys did use them in combat though."

    "So? They completed their testing phase. Therefore no longer experimental."

    "Well to us maybe. To those guys you sent to Davy Jones maybe not so much."

    "Hey, I'm good at my job, what can I do? Those guys would have been boned even if I'd used Harpoons. Now Anacondas... That's a different story."

    "I suppose you're right. How are the Anacondas working?"

    "Well they worked reasonably well the first night. We haven't really had a chance to use them since. They were 4 for 4 the first night though. I'm glad we got fit checks done before we came down here though. Means we can use them on the dual rail launchers."

    "If they're as badass as you say they are then why would you need to use the dual rail launchers?"

    "Why, options, my dear. That way we can still carry a couple of AMRAAMs just in case. Besides, you can never have enough missiles."


    "So when do you guys come down here?"

    "We're finishing up packing now. Should be down there the day after tomorrow."

    "Awesome. I may just have to spirit myself down to the SF base to come see you."

    "Sounds like a plan, babe. Tell Shamu I said hi."

    "Will do. Safe travels."

    "Thanks. I'll call you before we ship out, probably."

    March 19, 2018 (UN HQ Time: 0922)
    Coast of Southern Kedhan, Near the Fomosa Oil Rig

    "Anybody who can hear us, this is Bishop 1-6, we're under heavy fire! We need support!" The Captain commanding the Ustian Special Forces radioed as they'd once again made contact with the local Kedhani garrison.

    The force had gathered in the near vicinity of their crashed helo, the wreckage of which served as an aid station. Meanwhile the remaining commandos had set up along a hill among the rocks and scattered desert foliage. They'd established a defensive line with what few AT mines and claymores they'd had, both of which had been burned through in the first wave. The Kedhanis had been making light probes since they'd hit the ground, but now the attacks were getting heavier. The Yuktobanianas had helped stave off two T-90s, and for now it was mostly BTRs and BMPs with infantry. The Captain saw one of the latter burning in the distance. He heard another deep boom as one of the M107 teams picked away at soldiers and lightly armored machines. It was followed by the sound of an MG4 chattering away. He looked at the JTAC with the unit.

    "Keep trying; I'm going forward with the others." He told the man, adjusting his desert scarf and moving in a crouched manner towards the shooting.

    "This is Bishop 1-6, we request air support, can anybody hear us?" the UAF NCO asked.

    "Bishop this is Groundhog, we hear you. I've got an airborne FAC enroute and air support following him. Former's call sign is Broadsword, how copy?" an E-8C replied as it orbited far off the coast.

    "Roger that, patch me through."

    The JTAC waited a few seconds and cleared his throat.

    "Broadsword, this is Bishop 1-6, can you hear me?" He asked.

    In the meantime, Mark felt both under the gun and mildly insulted. Today he was the section lead for the first time in combat, leading three other F-21s to attack enemy forces in the area and protect the Ustian Special Missions Force soldiers. Each aircraft carried four GBU-12 Paveways on their inner wing pylons, two Mk.20 Rockeyes on the outer wing, the needed targeting pods, two AMRAAMs and a single centerline tank.

    The insulted part was not because he was flying strike; That was to be expected of all pilots who flew F-35s and F-21s. He was insulted because of their escort: A flight of Su-27s from the Yuke carrier. The very jet that he'd already fought and had been trained to do so since he'd become an F-21 driver was escorting him! Despite his disdain, he kept it to himself.

    "Bishop 1-6, Broadsword 1, we are on station, ready for tasking, what's up?" radioed Chris. The Hornet's each carrier 4 JDAMs and 4 AGM-65s, except for Hannibal's, which and a laser targeting pod replacing the port AMRAAM along with multiple pods of 5 inch Zuni rocket pods, each with a white phosphors warhead. "Broadsword 2, break off and begin looking for targets."

    "Roger, time to FAC things up!" said Hannibal. Chart looked around the seat and said "Elephant, if we weren't strapped into this thing, I'd come over there and kick your ass for that one."

    Meanwhile, the Growler's had turned on their jamming equipment and were looking for Sunny flight.

    As the four Basilisk aircraft came on station, Shamu radioed, "Guardian, Basilisk flight of 4 is on station. You have a bogey dope for us?"

    Never flown SEAD before.

    Sunny mused as his division moved ahead of their bomb carrying counterparts in VF-138. Each F-21A was armed with four of the venerable AGM-88 high-speed anti radiation missiles, better known by their acronym HARM, to engage the radars of any SAM sights that threaten the strike package.

    Irénée's voice came in.

    "This is Eagle flight, were en route to act as HVAACAP."

    "Basilisk, this is Guardian, Sokol Flight will be with you today to provide CAP for the immediate area. Make sure you stay clear of our inbound support aircraft. We have no immediate bogey dopes at this time." The AWACS radioed.

    "Sokol Lead copies. Basilisk, we shall take the southern flank; you have the north." the lead Su-27 radioed.

    "Eagle, this is Guardian, we have reason to believe the Kedhanis may try and attack our positions to cut off the commandos. You are cleared to fire on anything that comes towards us, how copy?" the E-3 added as the REAF planes entered the fray.

    "Sunny Lead, this is Shogun Lead. My RWR's picking up several ground-based hits near one of the bridges. It appears that the Kedhanis have SA-19s and SA-6s in place around the bridge. Gonna need you to clear em out before we can do anything." Mark radioed as they crossed the coast via a corridor that'd be opened earlier by other SEAD craft. He stayed with his AMRAAMs at the moment, ordering Saber, Dart, and Snow to do the same.

    "Groundhog, do you have a bead on any Kedhani armor trying to cross the bridge?" He asked.

    "Not at this time, Shogun, but we can confirm they are enroute." the E-8 informed him.

    Meanwhile around the Ustains, the first new wave had arrived in BMPs. the JTAC called Hannibal and relayed him the position of two such machines, clearing whatever assets the FAC had under his command to attack them. the commandos nearby would have a beacon to indicate their own position. They would also laze if needed.

    Irénée, knowing that he had his flight's four Mirage 2000-5 Mk.2s armed with two MICA IRs and four MICA RFs, replied,

    "Eagle Flight copies."

    Shamu radioed, "Roger that, Sokol, sounds good. Glad to have you with us."

    Viper spoke up on the Basilisks' private frequency, "Man we've been doing it for years but flying with Flankers still gives me the heebie-jeebies."

    Sharky chuckled, "Really? Dude it's like ALL we do. How have you not gotten over it?"

    "I dunno. It's more a confidence thing, really. Since it seems like we end up doing all the work whenever Flankers are backing us up."

    Red chimed in, "Well that's because we're awesome and Flankers are overrated."

    Viper laughed, "Eh, I guess you're right. Tomcats ARE the shit, of course..."

    Red groaned, "Damnit not again... What have I done..."

    "Bishop 1-6, negative on the laze, we have our own," radioed Hannibal. He then switched to the flights frequency and said, "Bishop has 2 BMPs, we'll laze, hit em with Mavericks."

    "Roger," said Raptor, "Broadsword 3, one of your Mavs as soon as I do. Hannibal lazed the target, and soon both Mavericks were on their way.

    "Copy Shogun Lead, Sunny moving to engage"

    The four fighters fanned out, spacing out enough to maneuver but staying just close enough the keep a visual on each other.

    They were the vanguard.

    Sunny addressed the rest of his flight quickly.

    "Lead to flight, several SAM sites are radiating. Prepare to fire" The entire flight voiced their replies with various mike clicks.

    Sunny took a deep, steadying breath of oxygen through his mask and focused on his panels. Periodically, he would look up and turn his head around to prevent any nasty surprises.

    The large influx of jets had not gone unoticed by the Kedhani military. Already the sky was overflowing with invisible energy as radars and radio nets were alive with activity. At the sight of the FAC, the Kedhani ground commander brought forward four SA-19s from a staging area further back. The remained inactive until they were in position to attack, at which point they fired at the low-flying Hornet with cannons. In the air things were just as alive.

    "Basilisk, Sokol, we've got bandits. Heading 051 for 200, Angels 22, count eight. Looks like MiG-29s. Engage at will but keep some of your fighters back to protect our strikers, how copy?" Guardian radioed to the Su-27s and F-14s.

    "Sokol Lead copies. Sokol 2, you stay here with 5 and 6. I will take Sokols 3 and 4 to engage." the lead Flanker pilot radioed. He reached down and selected his AA-12s before he banked to the left and began to press towards the threat, going lower than the MiG-29s to stay below the cloud deck.

    Sunny flight, despite the help from the single E/A-18G, was soon being tracked by the SA-6s placed on a hill to the southeast of the bridge. The batteries fired a missile each to wards off the attackers, then another bringing the total to eight Gainfuls airborne. Mark gritted his teeth as the weapons came up, one inbound for him. He called for the formation to break as he ditched his fuel tank and deployed countermeasures, breaking downwards to get below and behind the weapon.

    The Ustian JTAC watched as they two Mavericks came down and disappear as they went terminal and impacted the BMPs. two geysers of flame announced the successful kills.

    "Good hits, good hits! Keep it coming! The left flank reports a mortar team in their area!" He radioed.

    "Watch it, incoming fire!" yelled Chart. Broadsword 2 jinks violently and turns away from the SA-19s.

    "Bishop, our FAC is trying to evade AAA, can you laze the mortar team?" asked Chris

    Irénée, Estelle, Magalie and Willard kept their eyes on the MiG-29s on their radars, but at the same time, kept their eyes outside the cockpit, visually scanning the skies for any enemy fighters that might have slipped through the engagement between the Yuktobanian Air Force Flankers and the Kedhani Air Force Fulcrums.

    "Eagle flight, this is Faucon; spread out. Form yourselves into a wall of Mirages and widen your radar range." Irénée instructed, going by his gut instincts as a fighter pilot.

    "Moineau, roger." Estelle replied.

    "Vautour, roger." Magalie replied.

    "Balbuzard, roger." Willard replied.

    Warnings blared in Sunny's headset as large, smoky trails lifted off the ground and towards the strike group!

    Fuck, we should have launched sooner! Sunny criticized himself for the error.

    "Lead to flight, pick a site and go! We can at least stop the next salvo!"

    Sunny immediatedly locked onto the radar of one of the SA-19 sites that had just launched. The tone buzzed loudly in his headset, as one of his HARMS locked onto the radar.

    "Sunny 1, Magnum!" Sunny shouted, as the 783 pound missile dropped from the fuselage of Felix 103 and sped towards its intended target. Similar scenes were playing out with the other three Thunderhawks in the division.

    "Roger that, Basilisk 1 and 2 engaging. Sokol, we'll hit them first, you engage whatever's left, 3,4, cover the mud movers." Shamu radioed.



    "Four copies."

    Meanwhile on the squadron frequency Sharky said, "Time to make some money. Two, you ready?"

    Showtime replied, "Roger that. My Anacondas done want some." Millie chimed in, "Oh god that was horrible. Did you seriously just do that?" Showtime chuckled, "Maybe..."

    A few minutes later the two Tomcats were in range for their AIM-154s.

    Sharky fired first, calling, "Basilisk 1, ripple Fox 3 on the lead 4 MiGs!" as 4 AIM-154s streaked away from the Tomcat at the lead aircraft of the enemy formation, soon followed by 4 more Anacondas from Basilisk 2, targeted on the other 4 MiGs.

    "Understood Broadsword, it'd lazed. Drop your weapon on em!" the JTAC called as he coordinated with the Ustians nearest the mortars. He meanwhile tried to figure a way to destroy the SA-19s that had come into the area; the next flights were to be slower A-10s and Su-25s. Those were not the best weapons to attack mobile AA guns with.

    The SA-6 sites knew by now that there was nothing they could do when HARMs were launched. crews began to abandon their launchers and Straight Flush radars temporarily while the SA-19s attempted to counter the barrage of AGM-88s. They managed to damage one enough to have it falter off course but the rest made it through and silenced the Straight Flush radars. The mid-range SAMs were now restricted to optical guidance while the SA-19s were the only capable attackers.

    "Eagle Flight, we've got a second flight of eight bandits. Heading 011 For 100, Angels 19. Looks like the first element is MiG-29s; second is a flight of JH-7 fighter-bombers. Go get em!" AWACS told the REAF Mirages. The AWACS was ordered to reposition, and the EA-18G and E-8 with it were advised to do the same. Even the JH-7s could pose a threat to the support craft.

    The MiG-29s had been breaking and deploying chaff as soon as the F-14s had painted them. Two rookies fell to the AIM-154s of Showtime but the rest had, though violent maneuvers, a wall of collective countermeasures and some luck, managed to survive and were now reforming to engage the incoming Su-27s. One would've thought they'd be confused by the Flankers, seeing as their air force had them, but the blue camo of the Flankers was quick to eliminate doubt. The YN fighters attacked with AA-12s and then went to their close-range Adders, now fighting the remaining five MiGs. In the clear sky contrails began to wind and twist as the two sides were now amongst one-another.

    Mark heard his ECM quiet as the Gainful after him went stupid and went harmlessly off into the distance. He yanked the stick to put his F-21 back on course. The bridge was now to his left and he could see the movement of AFVs below. The pilot steadily banked into a nominal profile for his Paveways and slaved the designator to the center of the bridge. He brought his Thunderhawk into a steady dive and released two of his weapons.

    "Shogun 204, bombs away." He called

    He stayed in the dive for a few seconds before pulling out to avoid crashing. Mark had drifted towards the upper range of the SA-19s, drawing their ire as he cleared the target and let his 500lb bombs impact the span closest to the position of the commandos. The first stopped a T-90 dead its its tracks while the other blew a sizable hole in the concrete. Eric was up next, aiming his weapons for the second span.

    "Shogun 208, bombs away." He radioed as he made a pass parallel with the structure.

    These weapons impacted near the edges, weakening the overhead beams and damaging a pair of BMPs.

    "Roger, running in now!" said Raptor, switching to JDAMs, as he flew past the sight, one of the weapons fell away, speeding downward toward the mortar team.

    "Copy that, AWACS. Alright Eagles, listen up. Vautour, you and Balbuzard focus on the JH-7s. Moineau and me will keep the Fulcrums off you two. If any slip through, engage them to the best of your abilities." Irénée ordered to Magalie, Willard and Estelle.

    "This is Vautour, copy." Magalie replied. "Balbuzard, form up on me."

    "Roger." Willard replied to Magalie's order.

    "Good hunting, you two." Estelle said as she formed up on Irénée's wing.

    "You too." Magalie replied. "Vautour and Balbuzard splitting off."

    Magalie's element broke off and began locking up the JH-7s for a MICA RF salvo. They fire.

    "Vautour, Fox 3!"

    "Balbuzard, Fox 3!"

    Meanwhile, Irénée and Estelle began locking up the MiG-29s for a MICA RF salvo. They too fire upon getting a good tone.

    "Faucon, Fox 3!"

    "Moineau, Fox 3!"

    Sharky watched on the radar as the tracks of his Anacondas and the 4 lead MiGs converge and then diverge again and groaned, "Damnit, they missed. So much for that 100% success rate." Shamu sighed, "Well fuck. We can't hit them again now either. The Yukes are in too close." "Well then I guess it's time to mix it up. Two, follow us. Time to play with knives."

    Sharky and Showtime punched their jets into afterburner and joined the furball, with Sharky and Showtime each launching an AMRAAM at the closest MiG-29s to them to make a hole.

    Sunny watched the results of the first barrage of HARMS. Columns of smoke marked the end of several radars, greatly degrading their ability to interfere with the strike group.

    "Alright, looks like we got the radars for the Gainfuls. Now let's concentrate on those SA-19s." Sunny reported to the division.

    "Sunny 2 to lead, AWACS is reporting bandits in the area!" Rosie warned him, picking up on the radio chatter from teh ongoing dogfight between the defenders and their escorts.

    "Right keep an eye out, but our priority are those SAMs." Sunny said as he tried to lock up one of the "Grisons".

    Nasty little buggers, definitely don't want them taking a shot at the strike group. The older fighter pilot thought to himself as he waited.

    Sunny heard the tone and launched another HARM. The other three Thunderhawks mirrored this action.

    "Sunny 1, Magnum!"

    "They relay good hits, Broadsword! What do you have left?" the JTAC radioed, relaying the sentiments of the Ustian commanders. But the happiness was short-lived as the Kedhanis tightened their grip on the small pocket. The SA-19s were still giving the FAC attention to cover the entrance of another platoon of BMPs into the area and the preparation for two platoons of T-90s. The commandos had burnt through the last of their claymores with the mechanized infantry; their few AT4s and the support would have to get the armor.

    The MiGs and their AA-12s had the range advantage and had fired two Adders at each Mirage, and another a few moments later. As the Mirages fired back, the MiGs and JH-7s split apart as the four missiles came at them. the JH-7s dove for the deck to get at the commandos; they had no interest in getting tangled up with the REAF fighters when they had bombs to deliver.

    Sharky and Shamu's target saw the incoming AMRAAM as it was point perpendicular to the weapon. The pilot turned into the attack and then continued on to attack Basilisk 01, blasting away with its cannon as it passed the F-14. As soon as it had passed the lead Tomcat, it went vertical to get between Shakry and Shamu and the Sun. Showtime and Millie had a bit better luck as they damaged a single MiG-29 after it'd successfully bagged an Su-27. The Kedhani machine dove for some clouds to escape and reorient itself so it could take on Basilisk 02.

    The second wave of HARMs shut down the SA-19s until they were destroyed. Now the only possibility that was left was the optical guidance the SA-6 had. The still intact TELs resorted to this measure without pause, though the strikers were too close and too fast to make that tactic effective. The only hope of the Gainfuls were the HARM-carrying Thunderhawks and the lone EA-18G.

    Mark saw the rest of the active AA defenses get nullified as he rolled in to attack one of the SA-6 sites with his Mk, 20s. He went into a step dive, almost like and old Dauntless in the 1940s, releasing the two white canisters over the TELs. He then pulled back and leveled out, countermeasures trailing behind him. the Mk.20s split open and scattered across not only the site, but a few exploded along the road near the convoy as well. The bridge was on its knees as Eric dropped another GBU on it, following Shogun 1-4's attack. He pulled up and checked his weapons. He had one GBU and his two Rockeyes left.

    Immediately after the merge Sharky rolled the Tomcat onto its back and pulled the stick into his lap while Shamu twisted back in his seat to keep an eye on the MiG-29 as it went vertical. As Sharky pulled out of the loop, he got a tally on the MiG-29 with his HMD and launched an AIM-9X at the Kedhani jet.

    Meanwhile, Showtime and Millie did not show the damaged MiG any quarter and chased it into the clouds, launching a Sidewinder before they lost visual.

    The four REAF Mirages dumped chaff and split up. Magalie and Willard head for the deck in pursuit of the JH-7s. They got within range to fire their second volley of MICA RFs, get a lock, and fire.

    "Vautour, Fox 3!"

    "Balbuzard, Fox 3!"

    While this was happening, Irénée and Estelle's Mirages try getting into position to get a lock for their own second volley. Even if they miss, it should allow them to keep the MiGs occupied. They get a tone and fire.

    "Faucon, Fox 3!"

    "Moineau, Fox 3!"

    "1 and 3 have 3 Mavs, 4 has 4 Mavs, everyone but me has 4 JDAMs" said Chris, "We'll dump our Mavs on them! All Broadswords, lock up the BMPs, Rifle!" The AGM-65s left the rails, and climb, then streaked back down to their targets.

    Sunny was very satisfied with the work the HARMS were doing.

    "I think that was the last of the radars, they're gonna have to go optic now." Dusty noted, a bit of pride creeping into it.

    "That's right but they can still kill you, stay alert" Sunny admonished the pilot. But he couldn't help but smile a little.

    Dusty had been real quiet after Weasel went down. I don't blame him though.

    "Alright Sunny to flight, climb and loop back around. We gotta get into position to cover the egress of the strike group!"

    The four F-21's turned and climbed, releasing flares and chaff in case anyone tried anything.

    The MiG Sharky and Shamu were fighting showed remarkable skill as it deployed countermeasures and broke into the attack, shaking the missile off. Its pilot ramped up the aggression as he broke even harder and dared the F-14 into a turning fight, all too happy to use his Fulcrum's famous agility for the knife fight. Basilisk 02's crew was faring better, though. Their target, already damaged, succumbed to the AIM-9 as it tried to dive then break into the missile. the rear section of the MiG came off before the pilot bailed from his machine. But before the victorious Tomcat crew had time to even throw up a victorious fist, the radio came to life.

    "Basilisk, this is Sokol 1, be advised that we have new bandits, F-7s. We caught them trying to sneak below with rocket pods; they must've been going at the commandos. They're coming from below." Sokol 1 advised as he destroyed one of said Airguards. Two more appeared in Basilisk 2's field of vision, screaming up at them like a pair of SAMs.

    The JH-7s ditched their air-to-ground weapons as Magalie and Willard attacked them. They scattered to get into positions to either fire their own short-range AAMs back or be out of the firing line. Two weren't fast enough, and they fell to the MICAs launched at them. The first took the weapon right in the nose, while the other swallowed the MICA in its left intake. The MiGs, distracted by Irénée and Estelle's shots, were unable to help as they evaded the weapons at them. One took light damage from Estelle's shot, but more importantly the JH-7s were without their protection.

    On the ground, the Kedhani attack was showing no signs of wavering. the JTAC watched as the BMPs coming into play were struck on the tops by the Mavericks as they reached the foot of the slope. The lead vehicle's turret flipped back and bounded off the ones behind it as they too became wrecked. However the commandos were bring back more wounded, and the helos would not come in with an LZ this hot. Those Grisons were still a problem, too. But he received some promising news over the radio.

    "Bishop, Groundhog, we've got four A-10s coming in, callsign Razor 4. Standby for contact." the E-8 radioed. the JTAC smiled and waited.

    To the west, four gray A-10s hugged the waves. Between them there was a heavy load of Mk. 82s, Mavericks, and GBU-12s. If none of that worked, they each had their GAU-8 cannons in the nose.

    "Bishop 1-6, this is Razor 4-1. We're inbound but we need you to clear out those SA-19s. Can't risk it." the lead pilot said. the JTAC agreed readily.

    "Broadsword, this is Bishop, we've got four A-10s coming in but we need you to gank those Tunguskas! I repeat, attack the Tunguskas with your remaining Mavericks!" He barked over the radio.

    Things were relatively quiet for the Tomcatter flight for the moment. Most of the fight was now in the hands of the strike aircraft as they prepared to seal the fate of the bridge. Mark released his remaining GBUs in a near-vertical dive before he declared Winchester and pulled up, swinging his nose to the west to egress. Below, lines of black smoke trailed up from burning vehicles. the bridge then began to collapse, dumping any of those burning hulks into the ravine below. Consequentially, anyone who'd been on the bridge got to spend their last few seconds of life in free fall amongst pieces of jagged metal.

    "Roger that Bishop, Locking em up! Hit the Tunguskas, we got A-10s on the way and they need us to clear a path!" Radioed Chris. "Rifle!" and soon, more Mavericks were on their way.

    Sharky saw the MiG's trap and avoided it, pulling into the vertical as he grunted, "Damn, this kid's good."

    As he reached the apex of his climb, Sharky rolled the Tomcat onto its back and reacquired the MiG-29, diving down and setting up for a gun shot. As the pipper tracked across the MiG's fuselage, he pressed the trigger and fired a burst of 20mm rounds.

    Meanwhile Showtime launched an AMRAAM at each of the Airguards that had popped into his field of view, while calling to Basilisk 3 and 4, "Yo, we've got leakers!" To Sokol, Millie radioed, "How many of them are there?"

    Irénée and Estelle, continuing their effort to keep the MiGs occupied, both jockey for position to fire an MICA IR at their respective Fulcrums.

    Irénée gets in position, gets a good tone in his headset, and fires a missile.

    "Faucon, Fox 2!"

    Estelle too gets in position to fire a MICA IR at the Fulcrum off her twelve o'clock. She gets a good tone, and fires.

    "Moineau, Fox 2!"

    Meanwhile, Magalie and Willard got a lock-on warning in their headsets. They evade and try to get onto both of the JH-7s respective six o'clock.

    The Tomcatters had a ringside seat to the spectacular end to the bridge. The last two bombs had caused the structure to collapse like a house of cards.

    "The bridge is down, I repeat the bridge is down!" Rosie crowed over the airwaves, as Sunny noted approvingly.

    "Good hits, Shogun flight." Sunny congratulated the younger pilots.

    Now time to make sure they get our of here in one piece.

    "Alright, we're not done here. Form up and prepare to engage SAM sites if they are still active". Sunny ordered as the flight formed up to cover the egress point.

    Hopefully the TARCAP is done with their guys. Would hate to be jumped on the way back.

    The Mavericks raced from their starting gates on the Super Hornets and towards the SA-19s. The weapons couldn't really detect the weapons; they were laser-guided, not HARMs. Therefore the Tunguskas had no serious warning unless they saw the missile, which for almost all of them was too late. the JTAC observed several of the explosions with a smile before he keyed up his radio.

    "Razor, the sky is clear. We'll have the FAC lase targets is needed. Broadsword, can you spot any new targets?" He said.

    "Roger that, Bishop, we'll be waiting." Razor 4-1 radioed.

    Razor 4-1 pulled back on the stick and lifted up the master arm. He stayed close to his AIM-9s for the moment to protect himself. He wouldn't have to wait long; the Kedhani commander had ordered forward both platoons of T-90s, and was trying to coordinate with some howitzers well away from the fight. At this point the enemy forces were all too happy to embrace overkill.

    "Basilisk, we've counted about six thus far, though I have downed one already." Sokol 1 reported as he caught the eye of another MiG-29.

    The MiG moved to get out of the line of fire from the 20mm, but not before taking some light damage in its right tail fin. Nonetheless it began to ascended towards the F-14, bringing its own canon to bear. The fight turned into a game of chicken with the addition of cannons blinking away at one-another. The KAF pilot looked like he was almost trying to ram the F-14.Meanwhile the F-7's taking on Showtime were without anything but their cannons and at the mercy of the AMRAAMs. Unfortunately, AMRAAMs didn't have a sense of mercy. The two, in a desperate move that also showcased Darwin at work, tried to criss-cross to confuse the missiles. They ended up colliding, but they got one bonus: Basilik 02 now had a pretty big fireball before them.

    One of the JH-7s noted the Mirages were going defensive, and eagerly jumped at the opportunity to kill a fighter. He turned after the enemy machine, Willard's Mirage, and armed one of his wingtip PL-9s. The strike fighter came upwards at the Mirage, nose pointed at its belly as the pilot tried to make his aircraft dogfight. Irénée's missile, meanwhile, arced over and onto the top of the enemy MiG as it was deploying flares in anticipation of a break to the left. The pilot abandoned his aircraft and let the Fulcrum be broken in half.

    Mark smiled as he heard Sunny's call.

    "Thank y'all, sir. Not bad for a bunch of A2A guys, huh?" He quipped.

    On Mark's command, the remaining F-21s formed up above the bridge as their escorting Flankers began to collapse back on the strikers and SEAD component to get them home. Below the land had gone almost silent as the Kedhanis were cut off from immediate reinforcements. To the East, Ustian jets had also pounded another sizable force as well as a few batteries of MLRS trucks. The main focus was the commandos now. The Cinigrad was preparing a few of its Ka-29 assault helicopters to rescue them. They would hang around the coast and once the Kedhanis' heavier forces were gone, they'd swoop in.

    "Shogun, Sunny, and Medved, be advised that we've got a furball between you and the coast. We advise you swing north or south of it and egress immediately. How copy?" the E-3 radioed.

    Magalie, seeing that Willard is in trouble, turned her Mirage to get in position to fire her cannons, but at the same time keeping an eye on the other JH-7.

    She gets lead, and fires.

    "Vautour, Guns!"

    Irénée, hearing a kill confirmation in his headset then turned his Mirage to get on the tail of another MiG to fire his second MICA IR missile. He gets a good tone and fires.

    "Faucon, Fox 2!"

    Sharky made a barrel roll around the suicidal MiG to avoid it and its cannon fire, but took a couple of rounds to the tail. As he passed the MiG-29, he pulled back up using the energy he'd gained in the dive and launched an Anaconda and his last Sidewinder at the MiG.

    Meanwhile Millie grunted as Showtime did a quick pitch pulse to avoid the massive fireball in front of them and called to the other two Basilisk jets who were still orbiting the target area, "Yo, Viper, Red, help us out with these F-7s!"

    "Roger that. Viper's engaging."

    "Red's in hot."

    The two each loosed a pair of Anacondas, 1 targeted on each remaining F-7.

    "Nothing as far as we can tell Razor, hit those T-90s!" radioed Chris.

    "Not bad at all" Sunny grinned, then answered the AWACS.

    "Good Copy, Guardian. Recommend egress to the south, towards the sea".

    The JH-7 saw the cannons and pulled back out of its attack to evade the other Mirage. 20mm bullets tracers across part of its left side before it was clear. The aircraft dove for the deck in a move to bug out and go home. It's pilot knew when to quit. The other JH-7s were also scattering, useless and easy targets as far as they were concerned without their bombs. However the MiGs were still ready to fight. The one Irénée had fired on fooled the missile with countermeasures and a hard left into the missile's attack. He came around and fired two AA-11s at the Broadside of Faucon's aircraft. Another went after Magalie to prevent her from supporting her flight lead, firing its two remaining AA-12s with the intention of keeping her busy.

    Luck had finally smiled upon the crew of Basilisk One. the Anaconda and Sidewinder overwhelmed the MiG pilot as he tried to evade, and at this range the Anaconda was really accelerating; The KAF pilot wasn't given more than a few seconds to act. the bigger weapon struck first, and the Sidewinder just made the fireball bigger. pieces of what used to be a MiG and a KAF ace tumbled down towards the desert. At the same time, the much less advanced F-7s served as a way of proving the Anaconda wasn't having that bad a day. All but one were dotted from the sky; Both of Basilisk 04's had hit and the one that 03 had missed was pounced on by an eager young Flanker pilot, who voiced his thanks to the PMC aircrews.

    The pilot of Razor 4-1 brought himself up to 5,000 feet and selected his AGM-65s for the first run over the T-90s. He ordered the A-10s into a wall formation; first they would get the command tanks to shake up the platoons, then they'd roll back in with guns and more Mavericks. Razor 4-1 slaved his TV display in the weapon's warhead to one of such a tank and waited until the weapon had a nice lock.

    "Razor 4-1, Rifle away." He called.

    As the AGM streaked down towards the T-90, the pilot ascended and left flares and chaff trailing in his wake. The Kedhani force had limited air defenses; he detected a few radars for SA-19s somewhere out in the distance but couldn't tell. It made him nervous but he remained steadfast as he came around, his primary weapon still his Mavericks. Razor 4-2 had switched to cannon. 4-1 loosed another AGM-65 at the T-90 nearest the burn commander's tank while 4-2 followed seconds after with her GAU-8. The weapon roared angrily as it threw up sand and punched holes in the armor of tanks. The second platoon of T-90s split, with several tanks coming into range of the commandos. meanwhile the howitzers had enetered the fray. They were off in the distance but fair game. 4-1 was on it.

    "Broadsword, we're chopping 4-3 and 4-4 to you. Hand em whatever targets are important. We'll clean up this first platoon of T-90s." 4-1 radioed.

    "Roger that, all Shoguns and Sunnys will head south and egress. Medved, keep us covered." Mark radioed as he guided his F-21 towards the direction. Below the desert was once again quiet, but Mark was more concerned with getting out of there. He wasn't gonna dogfight if he didn't have any Sidewinders.

    Sharky whooped with excitement as he rolled to avoid the fireball, saying, "Fucking finally." Shamu radioed, "Guardian, Basilisk 1 requesting bogey dope." To Sharky he said, "I think we took a couple of rounds back there." Sharky replied, "Yeah. Seems fine for now though. Showtime, how you guys doing?"

    "We're good, running low on missiles though," Millie reported. "Yeah us too. We're down to one Anaconda and one Slammer. We should probably pull back for now." Shamu radioed to the AWACS, "Guardian, be advised, Basilisks 1 and 2 are Shotgun, disengaging southwest. Basilisks 3 and 4 will take our station."

    "Roger that, Sunny flight take up covering position for Shogun." Sunny gave orders and the division of F-21s chopped power some and formed up above and behind the egressing Shogun flight.

    Each F-21 in his division carried a pair of AIM-9X Sidewinders just in case. It wasn't much, but it was better than nothing.

    "Roger," said Chris, "4-3, 4-4, we need you to hit the second platoon of T-90s, they present the most dangerous threat to Bishop, I'll have Broadsword 2 laze. Elephant, lase those T-90s in the second platoon!"

    "You got it boss, Chart, laze the bastards!" Chart pointed the camera at the tanks and fired the laser.

    Irénée saw the AA-11 fired at him and took extreme evasive maneuvers, dumping flares, anything to shake the missile off his tail.

    Estelle saw this, and got into position to fire a MICA IR missile on the Fulcrum. She gets a good tone and fires.

    "Moineau, Fox 2!"

    The MICA IR leaves the rail and streaks off toward the MiG.

    While this was happening, Magalie and Willard saw the one JH-7 break and head for home, they let it go, knowing that it was beaten. But they get a tone to fire MICA IRs at the other JH-7s, and fire.

    "Vautour, Fox 2!"

    "Balbuzard, Fox 2!"

    "Roger that Basilisk 01, we'll have a tanker off the coast in case you need it. Strike Group Two is a little to your south, about 20 miles; join them if you wish." Guardian radioed.

    "Sokol 1 here, it appears the F-7s are breaking contact. Engage only if they attempt to re-engage you." the lead Su-27 radioed as he watched the small jets scattering and diving for the ground. Only two had survived the little battle while the MiG-29s had been wiped out.

    "Thanks for your laze, Broadsword, 4-3, Rifle!" One of the A-10 pilots shouted as she fired off a Maverick at the platoon command tank.

    As their comrades had, the second platoon began to scatter with both their leader gone and the A-10s above. 4-3 starfed a pair of T-90s as they got a shot off at the commandos' positions. The JTAC reported they'd taken casualties after recomposing himself from the shock of the impact. Meanwhile the radio came to life.

    "This is Troika 1, we are coming in to extract the Ustian soldiers. ETA 2 minutes. Be prepared to move; we will not linger in a hot Landing Zone." the voice of the lead Ka-27 Helix radioed as the four helicopters crossed the coast at low altitude. Their wings were heavy with rocket and gun pods to lay down supressive fire once they reached the LZ.

    The MiG deployed flares and left his AA-11 to its hunt while he turned into the Mirage's attack, flares in his wake. As he did so, Estelle's ,missile caught him and did some serious damage. The MiG tried to break off and run, but the pilot only worsened the damage, so much so that part of his right tail fin came off, a sizable part at that. He ejected as his MiG began to roll into an uncontrollable dive. meanwhile the other JH-7s deployed flares and managed to dodge the weapons with minor damage before they also retreated. As they did, the AA-11 after Irénée exploded above him, tossing fragments all over the sky. Two MiGs left.

    At the same time the Excalibur's strike force was egressing over the coast, and their escorting Su-27s were breaking off to return to their own carrier. Radio calls remained based around casual things and the proper calls for crossing the coast, breaking off, etc.

    Shamu radioed, "Roger that. Basilisk 1 and 2 collapsing on Strike Group 2."

    Meanwhile Red and Viper came on station. Azure, Viper's RIO, radioed, "Guardian, Basilisks 3 and 4 are on station. Looks like the bandits are bugging out at this time, over."

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    Re: ONS Part 3 (Archived)

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    "Roger!, Bishop, do you have any additional targets for us? " asked Chris, locking his own Maverick on to a T-90, and firing.

    After saying farewell to the departing Flankers, Sunny had once again settled into the familiar pattern of checking his radar, then scanning the skies with his own eyes. He periodically checked in with the AWACS, with his own flight, and with Shogun.

    For now it seemed, the only major issue Sunny had to worry about was getting to the coastline and out to the open ocean.

    Alright we're not far from the coast now.

    "Shogun Flight, do you have the coastline in sight yet?"

    Irénée gets into position to get a gun kill on one of the last two MiG-29s. He gets a lead on the Fulcrum, and fires.

    "Faucon, Guns!"

    Estelle does the same, getting a lead on her target.

    "Moineau, Guns!"

    "Yeah, it's right there, Sunny." Mark radioed as it became clear on the horizon.

    Mark spotted the F-14s on his radar and grinned a little.

    "Welcome to the party, Basilisk. Have a fun day?" He asked with a bit of sarcasm.

    He was pretty tired at this point, and the thought of his stateroom's bunk was sounding very inviting. Now the only thing really left to do was land and debrief. He also felt...okay with mud moving. It was an art all its own, and not just dumping bombs onto a target. The more he realized how tired he felt today, the more he wished that stateroom bed included Ekaterina.

    "That's a negative Broadsword, we've got these bastards!" the lead A-10 radioed as he strafed a pair of T-90s.

    The tank platoons were going to be unable to do anything against the commandos; they were pinned down by the Thunderbolts. The Kedhani commander was out of viable options as well. The chance to destroy or capture the Ustians had been lost. He decided to hold back.

    Irénée and Estelle didn't destroy the MiGs, but they sent them packing with heavy damage. The HVA aircraft were now safe, and the mission was wrapping up.

    "This is Troika, we're inbound now!" the lead YN Helix pilot shouted.

    The Ka-29s came in low, rising and falling with the terrain. They came over a small ridge where the Commandos were, and sent a salvo of rockets into the remaining Kedhani forces before the lead two came in for a hot extract. The wounded were boarded first, as they were the most important. A few of the the medics were brought with them. The next helos got the commandos as they retreated under very light fire. They Ka-29s retreated quickly to avoid any ground-based AA or fighters that might've been lurking around in the area.

    "This is Troika, we have all the men aboard. We're retreating at this time." the pilot of Troika 1 called over the radio.

    "Roger that, all units egress out of the area. Good job!" He shouted.

    **********************************AIR MISSION 2 END**********************************

    Debrief: Excellent work, we've prevented the Kedhanis from winning a major political and military victory. The Ustian commandos were badly beaten up, but they are all now being treated fro transportation from the Cinigrad. We also believe that the Kedhanis are now aware and fearful of what we can do in regards to battling them on land. We have also demonstrated our ability to react quickly to emergency situations.

    Kill Tallies:
    -Basilisk: X5 F-7 Airguard, X4 MiG-29 Fulcrum
    -Eagle: X2 JH-7, X2 MiG-29 Fulcrum

    Press Release, Kehani National Media (March 19, 2018): Today the Kedhani military encircled and made ineffective a group of Ustian raiders who'd massacred a number of Kedhani citizens at a nearby harbor. Our forces fought bravely, but the commandos cowardly retreated before they could be caught for their crimes. UN forces then proceeded to murder several Kedhani soldiers in order to cover the retreat of the raiders. General Sawari has released an immediate demand that the perpetrators of the attack be tried in Kedhan for their crimes. The UN rejected the statement in a show of their support for indiscriminate killing.

    Press Release, Shamlaki National Media (March 19. 2018): An incident occurred in Kedhan today in which Ustian commandos were pinned down by Kedhani forces, but soon after rescued by UN forces. The act was a even more severe violation of Kedahn's sovereignty and a sign of the UN's willingness to escalate the war under the guise of peacekeeping. King Al-Fais today pledged to send a small contingent of troops to Kedhan to help the Kedhanis make up for their losses.

    As they relaxed in their quarters at King Falud, Sharky and Shamu commented on the Kedhani and Shamlaki press releases. Shamu said, "Well, that was a lot of time I could have spent doing something else. More of the same 'HURR DURR UN WAR CRIMES' bullshit they always spew." Sharky mused, "From the Kedhanis, yeah. The stuff the Shamlakis said is a bit more concerning. If they start sending hardware to the Kedhanis, no more wailing on shit tier gear. You've gotta remember the Shamlakis haven't taken losses like the Kedhanis have." Shamu nodded, "True. But you and I both know we've faced better than anything the Shamlakis have thrown at us. And we've kicked ass. Well, except for the Anaconda failures we had. And Showtime nearly taking a missile up the butt." Sharky gave his RIO a patronizing look, "Our wingman nearly buying the farm ain't nothing, bro. And remember that was before the war even officially started."


    "Also I have a feeling the SF guys are gonna be feeling the effects of this too..."

    "You have a point. Speaking of which, you talked to Gale? She's shipping down here soonish, right?"

    "Yeah, I was about to."

    "Well if you guys are gonna do what you usually seem to do, I'm gonna clear out." Sharky shot his RIO a sly wink and said, "Prolly for the best." Shamu rolled his eyes and said, "I'm gonna go hang out with the mechanics. At least they're married to the jet."

    Shamu left the room and Sharky called Gale on the sat phone. As she picked up, he said, "Hey babe." "Hey! How was the mission?" "Eh, it was alright. Fuckin' Anacondas failed me." "Oh?" "Eh, first 4 I launched missed. Rest of them did alright. Ran into a MiG driver that was surprisingly good. He managed to put a couple of holes in the Leviathan. Nothing major, just some tail damage." "Damn, you guys are okay, right?" "Yeah we're fine. Just a little surprised that it wasn't a roflstomp like it's been." Sitting on the couch he said, "So, what're you doing now?" "Oh, nothing really. Sitting in my room, with Irina, thinking of things to pack," she said flirtatiously.

    Sharky sat up, "Oh?" "You know, like things to wear to liberty, or things not to wear..." His attention fully peaked, he breathed, "Speaking of which, what are you wearing now?" She mused, "Oh, you know... t-shirt, pajamas, maybe something under them, maybe something not..." Sharky closed his eyes and laid back, imagining the scene, "And what might or might not you be doing with these various articles of clothing?" Chuckling, she said, "Thinking of what you'd be doing if you were here." "Oh, what am I doing?" "Hmmm... Probably running your hands up under my shirt, right up to my..."

    Suddenly there was a loud knocking at the door. Shamu said through the door, "Yo, Sharky, sorry to interrupt your lovely phone call, but they need you on the flight line." Sharky yelled, "FUCK! Alright I'll be there in a minute." To Gale he said, "Sorry, babe. Duty calls. Another time?" "No worries. Another time. I'll see you soon. Stay safe." "You too." Sharky hung up the phone and joined Shamu, asking, "What the hell do they need me for?" "They're painting the kill mark from today on Leviathan and wanted to know if you wanted anything special done to it because it was a tough kill." Sharky groaned, "You mean to tell me you dragged me out of an amazing phone call for THIS? Couldn't it have waited?" "Apparently not. They also wanted to yell at you for breaking their jet." "Goddamnit. Alright, let's get it done."

    "How more staunch were the Kedhanis getting?" Lt. Wayne Harper, the squadron's intelligence officer, asked. Eric looked at the man and leaned forward in his seat as he thought.

    "Pretty stubborn, I'd say. They sent a good force of fighters to take down a small force of Commandos and that bridge was pretty well defended. It was largely thanks to Commander Lovell's HARM carriers that we were able to get in and out. The Yuktobanian escorts managed to keep them off us as well." He said.

    "Ah did note that the crews on the SA-6s ditched their weapons temporarily to save their rears, then they returned to them and did a few optical shots." Mark added in. Harper nodded and jotted away with a pencil. Commander McGavin, the squadron CO, looked at one of the photos brought back by a TARPS bird.

    "I'm surprised that part of that Kedhani press release didn't involve charging us with destroying a piece of the Kedhani economic infrastructure or something." He remarked.

    "Probably because the idea of "murdering brave Kedhani troops" gets people more riled than anything else, sir. Seriously, I'd like to meet the guy who writes up those releases just to see how his brain ticks. He's probably more delusional than a conspiracy theorist who thinks the Illuminati have infected everyone who even slightly disagrees with him." Eric added in. McGavin nodded.

    "Well that just about wraps everything up, so we'll call it a day. Dismissed." the CO said. The pilots who'd flown that day and the offciers debriefing them stood up and shuffled out. McGavin gave Mark a pat on the shoulder.

    "Good job on being section lead today, Tex." McGavin said as the debriefing.

    "Thank y'all, sir."Mark drawled in reply.

    United Nations Press Briefing

    As the agents of the media huddled into the chamber mumbling and chattering, the general raised his hand for them to be in silence as he was already at the podium. "Good morning. Today, I am proud to publicly announce my involvement in denying the rogue Kedhani regime the identities of those brave Ustian special operatives who were willing to fight and die for stability and peace in the region. I met with a few of those men before they departed for further medical care and rest. I assured them that their service to their country, to the United Nations and to the global community will not be vain." He paused to clear his throat, "The propaganda machine continues as it always does to produce the barking and raving of a tormented government licking its wounds. I have said this before and I will say it again. As much as these governments claim that it is the United Nations who will escalate this conflict, it is they who continues to do so. King Al-Fais stated that a small contingent of troops will be sent into Kedhan under the pretense of providing aide and security support. It is activity like this that will cause the conflict to expand as minorities of both political ideology and ethnicity as well as those with a great deal of Kedhani nationalism may now governed by Shamlaki interests in the guise of mutual cooperation."

    He paused for another moment before he continued, "It is with the authorization and voice of the United Nations that I wish to speak directly to General Sawari of Kehan. It is long past time that this conflict came to a close. It should be evident now that the wisest and swiftest course of action is an immediate halt of hostilities and the restoration of diplomatic talks. Through peace and cooperation, any grievances you may have in terms of war crimes can be managed under international law rather than be lost to the pages of a state-funded newspaper. I am asking for your cooperation on behalf of the international community as now may be your greatest chance at a truly peaceful resolution." He looked over the audience, "My apologies, no questions. Have a good day." He nodded and turned to be escorted by United Nations personnel for his part in the coalition's next operation.

    After speaking to the maintenance technicians and getting everything squared away, including the addition of a new kill marking to the Leviathan's already somewhat colorful nose, Sharky and Shamu returned to their quarters to watch the UN press conference.

    Sharky commented, "Looks like the general's getting fed up with Kedhan's bullshit too." "Wouldn't you?" "If they do actually start negotiations, could mean a bit of R&R heading our way." Shamu chuckled, "Gee, I wonder what you're gonna do during that..." Sharky punched his RIO in the shoulder and retorted, "At least I'm not probably gonna end up getting chucked out of every bar in the country." "I'm glad you have such confidence in my abilities, but I doubt that. Maybe just one bar. The same old routine gets boring." "Fair enough."

    That night, a broadcast was released from within Kedhan. It was unusual that such a thing would happen, but it seemed that some "jimmies had been rustled". Anyone watching was greeted by the following:

    First, the image of Kedhani National TV appeared, with patriotic music playing in the background. A voice off-screen announced that the leader of the nation wished to make a statement. The image changed to General Sawari, though instead of his usual garb, he was in business attire. His sunglasses sat on his desk, behind which was the national standard of the country.

    "Hello people of the world and people of my nation, this is General Rashon Sawari of the Holy Union of Kedhan. Tonight I wish to address a grave, grave matter. It appears that the UN, in its unwillingness to admit its wrongdoing, has gone out of its way to use its mouthpiece to personally insult me. General Price, I have made peace with Shamlak and King Ah-Fais. Is that not what you wanted? You said that, and yet you accuse me of escalating things? Might I remind you that you're masters have been bombing my country for several days now! And not only that, but you take it upon yourself to personally insult me? You show less tolerance for peace than when you tried before my country and Shamlak went to war. I hope you realize what you've done." He said, his voice filling with venom. The man adjusted in his seat.

    "I'm sure that many are aware that I have threatened to strike if Isara does not eject UN forces from its borders. In addition to that, I demand that General Price apologize for his brazen slander. If not of his own free will, then I will make sure he does. Long live Shamlak and Kedhan, and long live peace." The man added.

    After that, the broadcast ended.

    Various members of VF-3 sat in the squadron ready room as the UN Press Briefing played on the television. Mummers arose at General Price's comments about the mission. In particular there was a quite a bit of talk about Price calling out General Sawari.

    "Think Sawari will really give up just like that?" One Tomcatter turned to address Rosie. Rosie shook her head mournfully.

    "I rather doubt that. He's shown no inclination in the past, why now? He will probably make Kedhan fight to the last man if he can." Dusty from behind snorted at that one.

    "Hell, the real question is that will the rest of the country see it that way?" Dusty chuckled. "I get the feeling if something would happen to Sawari, the rest of the country would probably just call it a day. It's all the same with these dictator types." Rosie rose an eyebrow and smirked.

    "Goodness, it sounds as if you want to take him out personally. Want to become the next Mobius One and end a war singlehandedly?" The three pilots all laughed at this.

    "I wish! Don't think we could get away with pulling a Grafton in this day and age!"

    "Gah, can we just bomb this guy?" asked Raptor, leaning back in one of the social areas lounge chairs. "This punk is getting on my nerves, Oh the UN bombed us cause we were TOTALLY NOT TRYING TO KILL COMMANDOS."

    "Amen to that, I wish we could get him, maybe our more stealthy brethren will do it." said Hacker.

    ""Hell no, I want to kill him myself. And my good friend JDAM."

    March 21, 2018 (UN HQ Time: 1122)
    Mazawalai Air Base, Isara

    The E-3 was preparing to launch that morning for the upcoming sortie. Inside, controllers went over who they were going to be coordinating and what kind of things they could expect. the E-3 would be under the protection of a flight of F-35s today and far away from the action, but every time they went up, they wondered if they would get a little too close to the action. The man in charge, a Lieutenant Colonel, was talking to some crew who were going to be guiding the jets in the northernmost ecnter, when he noted a man enter the space in civilian garb. He approached General Price.

    "Good morning sir, glad you joined us today." the head controller saluted before offering a hand.

    OFS Excalibur, the same time...

    Eric checked his maps one last time as he waited behind Commander McGavin's F-21. The CO of VF-138 was leading the flight today into Kedhan to stir up trouble with their air force and that of the Shamlakis. Apparently a few squadrons of EF2000s had decided to take a vacation in Kedhan as part of the country's show of help to Sawari.

    He was already and ace, but his friend Mark was one short. Today Eric would be the two-ship's lead, but he was hoping to send some action Mark's way. It was the least that could be done to keep his little Eagle comment a few nights ago under wraps. The man blushed silently; he wasn't a very good drunk. Eric stowed his thoughts and looked up as McGavin's Thunderhawk was launched. He taxied forward and went through the usual procedures of getting ready. It felt nice to be back in the world of A2A were the Thunderhawk thrived. There was also something of a vendetta to be had, as both VF-3 and VF-138 secretly plotted to find the man that'd downed Weasel. Before Eric knew it, he was saluting the cat officer and bracing himself. The lurch came and in seconds he felt the Thunderhawk leave solid ground and flew out ahead of the Nimitz class to get out of the launch pattern.

    "Shogun 208, airborne. Good shot." He radioed as he tapped his HMD visor. Mark was right after him.

    March 21, 2018 (UN HQ Time: 1300)
    King Falud Air Base, Isara

    Sharky and Shamu walked with the rest of the Basilisk contingent to their aircraft. Shamu noticed his pilot was still walking a bit bowlegged and asked, "So I take it you and Gale made full use of the penthouse..." Sharky adjusted his G-suit and groaned, "Dude you have no idea. 3 years worth of tension breaking loose in a day and a half? I'm just lucky I left her worse off than she did me. 'Hurricane' is right. Anyway how'd things go with that cute redhead of yours?" As he checked the 8 AIM-154s and 2 Sidewinders hanging off the Tomcat, Shamu replied, "Eh, pretty good I guess. But you know, if you'd just made a move earlier there wouldn't have been so much tension to release..." "Well that's good. And yeah, I know. It was totally worth it though." Shamu chuckled, "I have no doubt of that." The two boarded their aircraft and closed the canopy. Shamu got on the radio to check on the rest of the flight, who by now were also ready and waiting. Shamu radioed the tower, "King Falud tower, Basilisk flight of 4 is ready to taxi."

    "Roger, Basilisk. Clear to taxi to Runway 25."

    "Roger that." To Sharky he said over the intercom, "Finally no more of this CAP bullshit. Just go in and tear shit up." "Yeah, it's been a while since we've been in an actual furball." "I'm glad. Bitches need killing." Sharky chuckled, "Whoa there, you're starting to sound like Red." "Eh. You know these guys. They're gonna keep thinking they're all big and bad until they get put in their place. Only way they'll be put in their place is if it's with an Anaconda detonating in their face." "True. I'm glad we're paired up with the Ronin today. I like those guys. Saber kinda reminded me of you. Especially when he went yelling down the street that he was an eagle." Shamu retorted, "I will have you know that I did NOT make a fool of myself that night." Sharky grinned, "I know buddy."

    The 4 Tomcats turned onto the runway and Shamu radioed, "Tower, Basilisk is requesting permission for takeoff."

    "Permission granted. Good hunting."

    "Roger that, tower. Sharky, punch it." "You know it. Gents, we partied hard, but now it's time to get back to work."



    "WHY IS THERE NO MORE RUM? Er, I mean, yeah, two's good to go."

    The four Tomcats pushed into full military power and sped down the runway into the air, turning towards their CAP station.

    A few hours later

    After tanking from Conoco 2, the 4 Basilisk Tomcats made their way to their station, rendezvousing off the right side of the VF-138 F-21s. Sharky radioed, "Howdy gents. Shogun 208, you seen any eagles lately?"

    The Marine Hornets pulled away from the tanker as the pilots double checked their weapons. "Broadsword 1 here, we are ready and raring to go!" radioed Chris. "And speaking of eagles, there was a Golden Eagle flying over the base today before launch."

    The four F-21s of VF-3 approached their assigned station. Commander Lovell reported in the to local AWACS

    "Sunny Lead to Dream Catcher, reporting on station with four Foxtrot Two-Ones."

    While they waited, the flight talked a little among themselves. Dusty was the first to talk.

    "I sure hope those Typhoons are some of the guys we fought back on the first night. I want some payback for Weasel." Dusty was especially eager to avenge the missing Tomcatter.

    "Easy Three, just focus on the guys that do come up. You won't do Weasel any good if you get shot down, too." Sunny chastised lightly. I want a crack at the bastard too, but we gotta focus on our jobs for the moment.

    Rosie chimed in "Worry not, between us, Shogun, Basilisk, and the rest of the UN forces, we'll get him. Don't worry."

    Dusty smiled a little behind his mask at that.

    As they arrived on station, Sharky and Shamu had resumed their discussion over the intercom of their antics during their Rosenthal sponsored R&R.

    Sharky said, "I'm just saying, Rosenthal renting that penthouse as their HQ was quite possibly the best thing they've ever done." Shamu, who was checking the radar, replied, "You should be glad Mr. C was off visiting corporate. Can you imagine what he would have done if you two crashed through the door and started going at it on the desk?"

    "Yeah... That would have been awkward... I think we hit every single room in that place. That's one big desk though... And really sturdy..."

    "No wonder she said she couldn't walk after."

    "Hehe, neither of us could. It was worth it though. Who knew that semi-paralyzed helo pilots make for good serving dishes?"

    "Oh god you didn't..."

    "That was a delicious dessert platter."

    "What did the room service guy say?"

    "Hehe, SHE was somewhat impressed... I can't feel but think the tip had something to do with it..."

    Shamu groaned, "Oh god where's the brain bleach? I need to get that out of my head!"

    Sharky chuckled, "Oh come on there are worse images you could have."

    "I guess, but I dunno. Feels weird actually thinking of my two best friends eating dessert off each other. Among other things."

    "Sorry bro."

    "Nah. Don't worry about it. I'm happy for the both of you. In the interest of my delicate sensibilities and your leg function, you may wanna meet up more than once every three years?"

    Sharky smiled, "Yeah you're right. Sorry you're ending up becoming a third wheel though."

    "I knew that was going to happen. Kinda hoped it would have happened when we were back home so I could drown my awkwardness in boomerang girls, but I'll make do. Besides, this thing with Chart may end up going somewhere."

    "Oh yeah, her! What'd you guys end up doing that night?" "Well, we went to that shwarma place near the hotel." He was interrupted by Broadsword 1's message about Golden Eagles. Shamu asked Sharky, "What is strafe boy on about?" Sharky replied, "No idea." To Broadsword he said, "Uh, Broadsword, not talking about that kind of eagle. Nice, though."

    "Haha, what eagle are you on about then?" Raptor asked. Hannibal asked Chart over the Marine's channel "So how was your time with that PMC RIO?"

    "Shamu? Just fine, we ate at a shwarma place, very good. He wasn't too drunk and he was nice. I quite like him, he's funny and kinda zany, like me."

    Hannibal smiled, "That's good."

    "Eagles, Lieutenant?" McGavin asked upon hearing the quip from the Basilisk flight.

    "Nothing sir, inside joke between me and the Rosenthal guys." Eric replied quickly. He looked out towards the Tomcats as they came towards.

    "Nope, didn't see any more. And I'd prefer if that mission be sealed away in the archives, how copy?" He radioed to Sharky and Shamu.

    "You'll need clearance for that, Saber." Mark grinned.

    "Roger that, Mr. Sushi." Eric said with a snappy salute. Mark shut up and quietly placed a hand over the picture of Ekaterina, before replacing it in his pocket.

    "Okay, okay boys n girls, let's cut the chatter. We're approaching the coast and switching to that Air Force AWACS. Dream Catcher, can you hear me?" McGavin spoke up.

    "Roger that, Shogun Lead, we hear you, Basilisk, and Sunny nice and clear. Same with Broadsword. Nothing to report at this time." the E-3 radioed from its orbit station.

    "Roger Sunny Lead, this is Shogun Lead. If we find that guy who got Weasel, we'll make sure you get a shot, over?" the CO radioed. to the VF-3 pilot.

    Sharky replied to Eric, chuckling, "Roger that, 208," sending a quick salute his way to punctuate. To Mark he radioed, "You know, Tex, Hurricane couldn't stop talking about the two of you. Yinz made quite an impression. She told me to say hi. And a couple of other things, but those aren't fit for present company."

    Shamu radioed to Dream Catcher, "Roger that, Dream Catcher. Let us know if anything changes."

    "Copy Dream Catcher. Where is Buzzard Flight, they should be on station by now." The Lieutenant Commander wondered about the flight of Rafales supposed to join his flight.

    Then Sunny addressed the CO of VF-138 "Much appreciated Shogun Lead. If you get the chance however just kill the guy, we'll celebrate it back on the boat."

    "Typhoons! Seven o'clock low! They're firing!" Rosie shouted a warning over the radio as she rolled her Thunderhawk onto its back and pointed the nose down. Popping chaff and flares all the while. Sunny mirrored the action.

    Lose altitude or take a missile in the back, no contest! Sunny thought frantically.

    Dusty and his wingman faced down the remaining bandits along with the two surviving Buzzards. Dusty noted the destruction of the other two.

    "Sunny 3, Fox Three, Fox Three!" Launching a pair of AMRAAMs at the oncoming Fulcrums and Airgaurds, Dusty broke away to avoid any counterattack. His wingman did as well, four AMRAAMs now headed towards the approaching enemy fighters.

    Eagle flight locked up a group of Fucrums, Flankers and Typhoons, and got a good tone for a MICA RF volley and fire.

    "Faucon, Fox 3!"

    "Moineau, Fox 3!"

    "Vautour, Fox 3!"

    "Balbuzard, Fox 3!"

    Cerus heard the warning bleep in his ear again and this time, his RWR was confused. Furrowing his brow and checking his radar, he looked at the incoming vectors of these two particular missiles with curiosity before the realization hit him. Banking hard left, he popped a few flares and chaff, hitting up the transmitter for a minute as he pulls on the stick. "Angvir One, breaking formation! Minotaur Squadron, I got two bandits in pursuit, bearing on my twelve, cherubs 5. Don't worry about me for now, I'll keep up the noise. You just stay safe!"

    Gripping the stick tightly, he opened up his engines and poured fire out from behind him, ramping up the speed and flying quickly away from the incoming IRIS-Ts from the Typhoons. They screamed in behind him with infrared-seeking heads, seeking the signature of his aircraft as he tore away from his friendly formation. Not only that, but the Typhoons had him in boresight, able to keep track of his movements as he banked and rolled at full speed across the horizon. The G-forces threw him into his seat, causing him to grunt and grip the stick tighter. His grasp was like death; any much more, and he surely thought the stick would snap! If it didn't with the force of his next maneuvers. The warning alarms were still loud in his ears as he looked to see the missiles were still hot on his trail, causing him to grit his teeth and curse in his mind.

    I have to get away, at least pull something so that they'll break lock...diving would be a bad idea. There's a swarm of fighters, and if those missiles have enough fuel, it isn't going to be enough. Then they can follow. Upclimb would be an even worse idea. But...maybe... He ran through the idea once more, weighing what the options would be. Running too much further, and the missiles would catch up. But this..this might save his ass. He cut the power to his engines, lowering the throttle back down to cruising speed before slamming on the airbrakes, popping them off on the back of the Fantoma's fuselage. Air rushed past the wings as the plane slowed dramatically, the missiles cruising closer by the second. Gripping the stick, he pitched the plane up and away, the airframe rising into the air and falling onto its back. Cerus' breath caught in his lungs as his head bopped against the headrest again, the G-forces forcing him down into his seat and the G-suit squeezing his legs tightly. Gasping for breath, he watched as everything turned upside down, his vision coming to face with the Typhoons, bearing close and down upon the sharply pitching Fantoma.

    Chart and Hannibal's tail was clear as the Fulcrums reacted and broke away trailing more flares, but the Flankers coming at them had been unopposed. They rejoined into a pair and both dove after the jet while the Fulcrums, minus one that Raptor had dotted from the sky, blocked the other Super Hornets from helping. One of the Fulcrums was above and just before Raptor, and let off a burst from his 30mm cannon. The Flanker being chased by 4 dodged the AMRAAM at the range they were at, but took a good hit from the Sidewinder. It seemed unsure for a second before it bugged out, leaving the Airguards to pick up the slack. They covered the bigger fighter and came at Broadsword 4, launching three PL-9s.

    The first Flanker Basilisk Lead had fired on got a nice shot to the face, but the second on Sharky and Shamu's had time to react. It broke off it's attack as the Anaconda was launched and kept at the F-14, it's cannon spitting out 30mm shells. Basilisk 2 got a tad bit luckier, also destroying a single Typhoon and badly damaging another. The damaged one was still showing its willingness to fight, however, as it launched both it's IRIS-Ts at Basilisk two at close range The two Flankers orbiting overhead were far enough away that the Anacondas had time to really get going, but the ones close to them used their high agility to outmaneuver the LRAAMs and return the shots with their AA-11 Archers. Basilisk 3 and 4 each got two of the Yuktobanian-designed missiles.

    On Sunny's end, he and Rosie had managed to avoid the attack from the Typhoons, which were now above them and snapping into a dive to go after the Thunderhawks. In the meantime the Airguards were destroyed by the AMRAAM shots from Dusty and his wingman, but Dusty's second had missed and the other from his wingman had apparently only damaged the MiG-29 it was sent after. Buzzard 2 managed to kill a Fulcrum, and the REN fighters drew two of the enemy fighters away from the VF-3 formation. Dusty and his wingman had a pristine MiG-29 each to face.

    The shots fired by Eagle flight had each hit their targets, as the two Flankers, single Fulcrum and a Typhoon were distracted by the enemies closer to them. But it drew the ire of their comrades, and two Su-35s and two EF2000s were sent after them. The mixed formation of SRAF and KAF aircraft fired a single medium-range AAM each, then another. Each member of Eagle Flight now had two weapons locked on them.

    The move, as batshit insane as it was, did manage to save Cerus from getting dotted from the sky, but it also gave the Typhoons a rather easy target as it moved at a very slow pace. They switched to their cannons in the face of what they dubbed such an easy kill, but it was only for a second. A single call over the raido clued Cerus in.

    "Minotaur 1-1, Fox 2." the lead F-22 called as he dove on the SRAF fighters.

    One of the EF2000s had made the mistake of pulling up, as neither Typhoon pilot knew where the threat was coming from. It earned him an AIM-9X down his frontal intake while his wingman engaged the F-22 to avenge the fallen comrade. The other F-22s had managed to draw the other EF2000s, but were in no position to go into the offensive. For now they twisted and turned through the sky as they played cat and mouse with the enemy fighters, their only real defenses they low-detection profile of their fighters and training. But another radio call raised some hopes.

    "Minotaur, Angvir, this is Dream Catcher. Be advised that Minotaur 2 is inbound, three minutes until they hit AMRAAM range." the Sentry radioed triumphantly.

    "Roger that Dream Catcher, about damn time!" Minotaur 1-1 radioed as he pulled away from the merge with the other Typhoon to avoid an IRIS-T.

    Mark pulled back on the stick and climbed to get on the level of the MiG-29, which was pulling back to get its nose on him. He caught a glimpse of it as he was going up, and the pilot loosed a single Sidewinder.

    "Shogun 205, Fox 2." He drawled.

    The MiG driver continued up a second, trailing flares, and the rolled over into a dive at the F-21. Mark pulled into a steeper climb to meet him.

    Eric and his MiG had gone into a circling fight for a few seconds before Eric finally decided to break things and find another way to defeat the MiG. He broke from the circle and banked right, ascending above the MiG. He then banked to the left as the MiG cam at him from below, firing a single AA-11. Eric deployed flares and turned towards the MiG, though he still wasn't in a good position to engage the enemy fighter.

    Sharky pulled a barrel roll to avoid the tracers spewing from the climbing Flanker's nose, countering with an AIM-9X as the two jets passed through the merge, after which Sharky reefed the Tomcat back into a climb to reengage.

    Basilisk 2 saw the dual IRIS-T launch and immediately broke hard left, dumping flares out of the dispensers as Showtime mentally cursed Typhoons, IRIS-Ts, the Shamlakis, and the engineers who had built the offending aircraft.

    Viper began dispensing flares as he countered the Flanker's Archer shot with an AIM-9X of his own, punching the Tomcat into the vertical and climbing to attempt to escape the AA-11s.

    Meanwhile Red began swearing in Sapinish while he launched a pair of AIM-9Xs and broke hard right to evade.

    "They're coming back around 11 o'clock high!" Sunny warned his wingwoman as the persistent Typhoons dove on them. The two Osean fighters turned into their opponents, engines pushed into afterburner and the snapped right then up.

    "Rosie roll, we can get a shot at them if we'r lucky!" "Right!"

    The two Thunderhawks then rolled attempting to get a quick shot at the offending fighters with their Sidewinders.

    Meanwhile, Sunny's second section had their own problems.

    "Splash one Fulcrum" Dusty crowed triumphantly.

    "Only damaged mine" The wingman replied despondently.

    "You'll get your chance. Two more Fulcrums at 12 o'clock low!" The four fighters soon began to approach head on. The two Osean fighters prepared for a head on shots with their heat seekers as the range closed rapidly.

    Wait for it. . . . now!

    "Sunny 3, Fox 2" A similar call rang out and two AIM-9X Sidewinders streaked towards the approaching MiGs.

    Hearing the missile alerts go off in their individual headsets, Eagle flight starts dumping chaff and each make a hard break in any direction to lose the enemy Medium rand AAMs.

    Riley's elation was cut short as the 30mm rounds ripped past. He pulled up into a hard loop, and got above the MiG-29.

    Hannibal yanked the Hornet into a hard turn, which he followed up with a split -s. He rolled wings level, opened the throttle and then climb and put the Su-27s on the nose. "Fox 2 ripple!" he fired 2 Sidewinders at each, then turned dove under the Flankers.

    Yak in Broadsword 4 turned hard and climb, then dove on the Air guards. he locked onto one and said, "Fox 2!" and loosed a set of Sidewinders.

    Sharky's close-in shot to the Flanker's face worked. The two fighters had been so close, that the Kedhani pilot had not been able to react. In the meantime their number two's curse were by no means deterring the marauding Typhoons, which eased after the Quickstrike as their weapons fell to the proverbial wall of flares. The first armed its other IRIS-T with its wingman in support, but they weren't at the best angle for now. Basilisks 3 and 4 shook their pursuers adn their missiles, and in fact forced the Su-27s into the defensive to defeat the AIM-9s. Both were now below the F-14s were their sixes sticking up at the PMC jets as they evaded the weapons that had been fired at them with light damage.

    Sunny's move put him out of the Typhoons' path of fire as they merged, putting the two Thunderhawks on the right of the SRAF aircraft, who then split to turn around and follow the OMDF fighters. If Sunny had managed to get a look at the apparent lead of the two, he would've noticed a single Osean roundel painted just below the canopy. While it might have led one to assume that it was the pilot's only kill, there had been, at one time, eleven KAF roundels there. But the past was the past, and the two countries were now allies. After having dodged the Sidewinders, though his wingman had been lost to Rosie, the Shamlaki ace chose her to attack next, firing his remaining IRIS-T at the rookie pilot. In the meantime Sunny's second section didn't get the cigar this time. The MiGs each snapped in a different direction, spewing flares and moving into a bracketing attack after snapping too hard for the Sidewinders. But they switched to their cannons for this one as they closed in on the second pair of Tomcatters.

    The mixed formation of enemy aircraft used the breaking of the REAF Mirages to close the gap. Even if the missiles had missed in the face of the maneuvers and the countremeasures, it opened up a shot closer in for the Typhoons Flankers, who divided themselves evenly. Each Eagle Flight member got a single bandit, Flankers taking Estelle and Willard while Magalie and Irenee got a Typhoon each. They all came from above and in front of the Emmerians, the Flankers each loosing one Archer.

    The MiG on Riley's tail followed him up into the loop, staying below and behind him, though he was now out of position and forced to switch to his Archers and wait until he was far enough back to allow a proper arming time for the missile when it launched. Hannibal's attack split the Flankers but did not kill them, and only one was able to break back into the attack after it shook the AIM-9 fired on it. The other was forced well downwards and away from the fight. Yak was the luckiest of them all; the old F-7s he'd pounced upon could try, but the two he'd fired at were destroyed in their own way as they tried to break formation.

    Mark's Sidewinder steadily chased the MiG as it tried to evade the weapon. Mark kept in pursuit as he waited. The weapon seemed to know what was riding on this one, and was thus pulling the Hollywood stunt of drawing it out. Mark was about to fire another Sidewinder from above when the weapon finally gave up the ghost and fell to a hard right from the Fulcrum. Mark snarled a particularly loud 'motherfucker" inside his cockpit, though it hadn't been over the radio. He let loose the second Sidewinder, then closed in to grab a gun kill.

    Eric, in the meantime, followed the MiG-29 he was on into the vertical and nearly went into afterburner. the two jets streaked up at speeds well near what the fighters could do at the maximum. Saber felt his plane buffet a little as he hit the sound barrier and his wings swept back. He watched as the MiG pulled back, slowing and following after him. Eric craned his neck and kept the MiG in view the entire time as they went into a dive. The MiG then slowed and brought the F-21 in closer to force him to undershoot. Eric spurned the bait and showed the Fulcrum that the Thunderhawk could match its turn. the MiG again sped up and Eric fired two Sidewinders.

    "Shogun 208, Fox 2, Fox 2." the blonde calmly reported.

    With his tail clear, Sharky brought the Tomcat around to help Showtime and Millie, loosing an Anaconda at each of the Typhoons pursuing him before closing in to set up a gun shot. Meanwhile Showtime continued maneuvering unpredictably in hopes of keeping the Typhoons from getting a bead on him.

    Meanwhile both Basilisks 3 and 4 went for the jugulars of their respective Flankers, with Viper launching an Anaconda at his and Red firing a Sidewinder and AMRAAM at the glowing tailpipes of his target.

    Sunny growled as the leader evaded his Sidewinder, while Rosie grinned at the sight of her target trailing smoke and flames. She was jolted out of the moment by her RWR going crazy, with Sunny simultaneously shouting a warning at her.

    Rosie all but stood on her right pedal, shoving the stick hard to the right. She was loosing speed and Thunderhawk's wings were beggining to swing outwards, with countermeasures blowing into space where her aircraft had previously been at.

    Sunny meanwhile charges after the offending fighter, launching a Sidewinder.

    Dusty meanwhile prepared for what was shaping up to be a long battle. Both Sidewinders had missed, now the MiGs were trying to bracket his section.

    Still got some speed left, let's take this into the vertical.

    "Sunny Three going high! Four, drag them across the sky, I'll come back down on them!"

    "Right!" Oh hell, here we go. . .

    Dusty immediately kicked in the afterburners and threw his F-21 skyward, then rolling inverted then righting the aircraft. Perching himself to jump the MiGs.

    Sunny Four immediately increased speed and for lack of a better term, began throwing his aircraft across the sky trying to stay just out of range of the gunfire.

    Four grimaced as tracers came uncomfortably close.

    "Four is defensive!" He shouted, trying his best to keep the rising panic out of his voice.

    Seeing his cue, Dusty dove down onto the MiGs. He targets the trailing MiG and launches another Sidewinder.

    "Fox Two, come on baby hit!"

    "Thanks for the assist, Minotaur 1. Let's take the fight back to them. I'm tired of dancing to their tune," Cerus responded. He breathed a sigh of relief as he heard Dreamcatcher over the radio, knowing that Minotaur's second squadron was on the way to assist. This was a lot larger than he had expected; after all, the briefing said there was little resistance out this way! How they managed to hide so many aircraft, hot and ready, was beyond him. This was almost something out of World War 2, the insanity of half-brained camouflage schemes which fooled entire armies from the air.

    In this case even his sensors were fooled by this ruse. Gritting his teeth, he pulled up beside Minotaur One's F-22A, the black and grey skin of the Fantoma glinting in the sky. Making sure his helmet cuing system hadn't been damaged in his maneuvers, he bore his sights onto the next Typhoon, wanting to get a little payback. The engines boomed, sending out tails of bright flame that pushed his craft forward into hot pursuit of the enemy in front of him. The pipper popped up as he moved to the rear of the Typhoon, tracking it as he closed to gun range.

    The bastard was being tricky. It was time for him to feel the heat.

    Jamming the throttles back, Riley slowed the Hornet and turned hard to the left, attempting to throw the MiG.

    Hannibal threw the Hornet into the Flankers turn, and pulled up, getting above the Flanker. He rolled level, and fired a Sidewinder "Fox 2!"

    Foxhound jumped on the last Airguard, and slung his own AIM-9 at the Yuktobanian knock off.

    The Anacondas got the Typhoon's off Basilisk 2's tail and them eliminated them. The first was gone in a matter of seconds as it broke upwards and trailed chaff. the Mach-5 capable weapon detonated against its spine, which in turn made it seem like the EF2000 folded in half so that its nose and tail were touching. Then it seemed more like a large hand closing its pilot in its palm. The second lasted a bit longer and suffered a far less gruesome death. As it dove to the right, towards the sands thousands of feet below, the Anaconda blew off part of its tail and the pilot bailed before his Typhoon began to pick up speed as it succumbed to gravity. Basilisk 3 and 4 only managed to put the Flankers dueling them out of position, however, but either way the Su-35s were not at the proper angle for most, if not all, of their weapons. The one Viper had tried to nab went above the F-14, trying to loop over and then behind him, while Red's intended target snapped left and downwards, flares marking its path.

    The ace, Major Sharif Al-Saddi, watched as the enemy Thunderhawk fired a Sidewinder at him. The pilot calmly turned into the attack, trailing flares. He kept up his turn to bring his nose onto the enemy aircraft, using his HMD Visor to get a lock as soon as he could. The man adjusted the throttles to slow down as well, waiting to pull such a move when he was getting close to the Thunderhawk. Much to his displeasure, he did not achieve the ideal result, but he was now behind Sunny's F-21 and in a good spot to get into a firing position. In the meantime the MiGs split between Dusty and his wingman, though Dusty's Sidewinder hit his targeted Fulcrum in the nose as it was climbing up to attack him. The other MiG, on Sunny 4, held back on the cannon a moment to get into a more favorable position behind Sunny 4 and his maneuver.

    The Typhoon that was acting as the Number two noted the approach of the big aircraft and alerted his leader. The two Typhoons then split to foil Angvir's attack and get into position to engage him. The flight lead made a fairly smooth descent while the wingman went into a patch of clouds that had gathered close together. In the meantime the F-22s that had been assigned to escort the ECM jet began to form a sort of globe to keep other threats away, and inadvertently allow the EW jet a chance at some action against the two EF2000s within that "bowl". Though if you later asked them, the normally prideful Raptor pilots would quietly admit it was their way of thanking him to share the glory.

    The MiG-33 pilot carefully adjusted his throttles as his prey pulled their maneuvers, throwing out some more cannon rounds to foil and force the Hornet crew to get even more creative, almost as if the Fulcrum driver were pushing towards some sadistic game. In the meantime The Su-35 that Hannibal fired on a subsequently damaged called for his wingman, who pulled back up and fired its two Archers on the Hornet from below as it was firing on the other Flanker. The Su-35 stayed almost directly underneath the Hornet to attack again in case his weapons failed. With the Airguards all gone, the more advanced fighters were the only ones left to challenge the Marine aircraft.

    It seemed appropriate, Mark thought for a second, that a Walker would achieve ace with a gun kill. His latest Sidewinder having been evaded, Mark closed the gap and began leading the MiG-33 for his M61A2 cannon. The 20mm weapon had been the Osean pilot's best friend since the F-104, and hopefully it would keep up that rep. Mark put his F-21 inside the MiG's turn as it evaded the Sidewinder and aimed his nose at the space before the Mikoyan product. With controlled breaths he squeezed the trigger and felt a little vibration as the weapon roared in its muffled fashion. yellow tracers raced across the sky into the MiG's path, and the enemy jet passed right through them. Once the Fulcrum was through them, Mark eased back into the space behind its prey until it began to roll right and lazily began to descend towards the ground. Score five for Lieutenant Mark Walker.

    Eric watched as the Sidewinder followed the MiG through a soft (for lack of better adjective) barrel roll. The weapon struck the MiG as it finished the move and sent parts all over the sky. Eric flung his vision everywhere, then called out onto the radio.

    "This is Shogun 208, I'm clear. Someone give me a target if you need help." He said.

    Seeing the pair of Typhoons explode and fall to earth, Sharky radioed, "Basilisk 2, your tail is clear. What's say we go help Viper and Red, shall we?"

    Showtime replied, obviously relieved, "Roger that, boss. Thanks. Let's rock and roll."

    The two Tomcats broke to engage the other two Flankers troubling the Basilisks, with Sharky radioing, "Viper, Red, we're coming to you, engaging with Anaconda."

    Viper grunted against the Gs, "Roger that. Three's off in 20 seconds." Pulling his Tomcat into the vertical after the Su-35, Viper loosed his last AIM-9X the moment he got tone, promptly disengaging and calling out, "Basilisk 3, Fox 2. Disengaging. Cleared to shoot, lead."

    Meanwhile Red radioed, "Don't worry about us, boss, we got this guy! Basilisk 4, Fox 3!" as he launched an AIM-154 at the diving Su-35, pursuing him down to set up for a gun shot in case the Anaconda missed.

    Seeing Viper pulling away to safety, Sharky and Showtime both loosed an Anaconda at Viper's target, calling out, "Basilisk 1, Fox 3!"

    "Basilisk 2, Fox 3 sent!"

    Damn now he's on me.

    Sunny saw the remaining Typhoon now in a position to fire on him from almost dead astern. Sunny began jinking left and right trying to get the Typhoon to overshoot, or at least mess up his tracking.

    "Rosie, he's at my six. I'm going to bring him around, scratch my back would you?" Sunny called to his wingwoman still recovering from her High G Turn.

    Rosie finally relaxed her turn and groaned as the force of gravity began to abate slightly. Sunny's call sprung her back into the moment, and saw her division lead being tailed by that Typhoon.

    "Copy, Lead. I'll take him"

    Rosie to just brute force it, putting herself into a climbing turn with afterburners lit to get behind the two dancing fighters. One last Sidewinder ready to fire, but Rosie did not dare pull the trigger for fear of her missile locking onto Sunny.

    I just need him to get a little distance from Sunny.

    Meanwhile, the second section had one last pest to deal with.

    Dusty grinned and noted "Splash 1 Fulcrum, one left!"

    Sunny 4 cheered as he saw he the fireball behind him. Then was sobered by the fact there was still another Fulcrum behind him.

    "4 to 3, there's still one on my tail!" He cautioned. As he tried to keep his speed up and keep the Fulcrum out of gunfire range.

    "Right I got him" Dusty chose his very last Sidewinder and heard the very familiar tone.

    "Sunny 3, Fox Two!"

    Hearing the missile alerts shrieking in their headsets, Eagle flight Mirages broke hard in any direction and attempted to get on the tails of their respective enemies.

    "This asshole is pissing me off!" yelled Hacker, slapping his hand against the side of the canopy, bracing himself against the Gs while scanning behind him. Chris yanked the fighter into a turn then turned into the sun, then dove away.

    "Shit!" Hannibal cranked the F/A-18 into a turn, again loosing more flares. Broadsword 3 and 4 hopped on the Su-35s tails, firing an AIM-9X at each of the Flankers.

    Red's target turned into the Anaconda's attack and trailed chaff to avoid it, though at the cost of having the F-14 now squarely on his tail. The Flanker then broke to the left and nosed over towards the desert floor and what appeared to be a valley that twisted up towards the northeastern areas of the country and the nearest city of Ah-Sala. Obviously the Flanker had gotten his fill and was trying to weasel his way out of things. The second Flanker managed to shake the AIM-9 with a combination of flares and maneuvers that overwhelmed its sensors. Things looked even better for it when the AIM-154s were coming, as many Kedhani pilots had become used to being spammed by weapons while they fought the Shamlakis. However, they hadn't been used to it being weapons such as the Anaconda. The two AIM-154s reached the Flanker at almost the same time, engulfing the jet and its pilot in a ball of flame and metal.

    Al-Saddi saw what his Osean enemy was doing. Very clever, he admitted, very clever. He let the man spring the trap and soon saw what was happening, and also soon realized the problem with things. Therefore he maintained his present position and switched to his cannon, gliding his Typhoon into position and firing a burst at Sunny's aircraft. So long as he was close to his target, the new Thunderhawk would be almost unable to differentiate between the two aircraft with its short-range missiles. In the meantime Dusty had succeeded in drawing the Fulcrum off 4's tail. the MiG-29M dove to the left and accepted a fair amount of damage from the Sidewinder before ir began to go into a permanent dive. Whether the hit had been mortal or not didn't matter; the Fulcrum driver bailed out.

    Two Flankers attacking Willard and Magalie countered their adversaries attempts by rolling inverted and diving beneath them so that the Mirages would not be on their tails, abaondoning their Archers. They would be out of position but that was a small price to pay for survival. In the meantime Estelle and Irénée were met by the two EF2000s. The one fighting the REAF flight lead actually allowed him to get on its tail, which allowed the second Typhoon, after snaking its way around the number two jet, to latch onto the man's tail and loose an IRIS-T.

    The Fulcrum went above the Hornet Chris piloted, then dove after it, closing in and firing its cannon, setting tracers in its path a few feet away, as if to announce the little "game" was over. In the meantime the damaged Su-35 finally succumbed and fel to the AIM-9 that'd been fired at it, while the other broke away to try and support the Fulcrum, trailing flares and snapping out of its current plain of movemnt so quickly it almost seemed like the aircraft would've broken itself in half.

    "Shogun 208, this is Buzzard, we need help. Can you draw the attention of the bandits we have engaged so we can destroy them?" an Emmerian voice called over the airwaves.

    "Roger that Buzzard, where are you?" Eric asked as he looked around, trying to spot any other aircraft in the vicinity.

    "We are north, near Sunny Flight. Please hurry!"

    "Shogun 205, where are you?" Eric asked.

    "On my way, just bagged that other guy. Off yer 4 o' clock low." Mark replied.

    Eric looked in that direction and saw another F-21 in VF-138 livery appear and slide into position. the two aircraft went to wall formation and pressed north to help the REN Rafales. Eric almost immediately had them on radar.

    "Sunny Lead, heads up, Shoguns 208 and 205 are coming from the south. Don't shoot, we aren't Fulcrums!" Eric called in some jest.

    Noticing the Typhoon getting on Irénée's tail, Estelle informed, as calm as she could try to be for her boyfriend,

    "Faucon, you got a Typhoon on your tail. Break and evade. I'll take him down."

    Irénée replied, "Copy." and broke hard right, dumping flares in the process, hoping that the IRIS-T would hit the Typhoon in front of him.

    Estelle then loosed a MICA-IR on her targeted Typhoon, "Moineau, Fox 2!"

    Meanwhile, Magalie and Willard, noticing the Flankers out maneuver them, coolly and methodically broke to get onto their respective opponents' six o'clock, dumping flares in the process.

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    Re: ONS Part 3 (Archived)

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    Red grunted in annoyance and followed the Flanker into its left turn, launching his last Sidewinder when he heard the trademark growl intensify and firing a burst of guns before pulling off to avoid any potential traps the Flanker may be trying to lead him into.

    Meanwhile Sharky radioed to Millie, "Nice shot. Looks like we both get to share that one. Viper, your tail is clear."

    Relieved, Viper replied, "Roger that. Thanks, boss."

    Shamu radioed to the AWACS, "Dream Catcher, Basilisk requests further tasking. You got any more bandits for us?"

    "Yak, help me here!" Yelled Riely, split-essing to the deck. "Roger," Responded Yak, and lighting his burners, he chased after the MiG. Getting on its six, he fired 2 more Sidewinders.

    Swinging onto the tail of the Su-35, Hannibal fired three Sidewinders at the slowing jet. "Fox 2 Ripple!" He yelled.

    Cerus watched on his front as the Typhoon lead broke into a shallow dive while the other rolled off to the side, vanishing amidst a patch of dense cloud cover that had him gritting his teeth. He tapped his multifunction displays and made sure the EW programs were working, checking his radar to make sure all of Minotaur flight was still with him. Turning his head to catch the silver glint of Raptors in the sun, he nodded to himself before breaking from the diving opponent. He would have to climb in order to come back into the fight. He could deal with that when it came. The second one was what worried him; his radar, despite being a powerful AESA unit, would have trouble discerning proper radar returns from the Typhoon inside of the clouds. He had to find it manually, and that might prove trouble if he didn't find it fast enough.

    "Minotaur One, Angvir One. Bogey dropping from current altitude; his partner broke off. Warn me if the lead turns back," he called shortly before pulling on the stick, rolling the Fantoma and breaking left to follow the trail of the other Typhoon. The contrails were still there, but he knew they wouldn't last long, and every minute he wasted chasing them he was putting the F-22 team in more danger than they needed. They were far more experienced than him, but even still, it irritated him to keep them waiting. He throttled the engines again, but instead of flying into the cloud cover like a dingus, he flew underneath them. He was watching for shadows...an old trick Noel taught him in mock dogfights. If the cloud cover was just dense enough, the plane seeking cover would leave a shadow...

    He switched his radar to a seeker mode, wanting to see if he couldn't get the Typhoon pilot to ping him back. It would make his searching a lot easier, and if the guy decided to pull a move first, Cerus might be prepared for a good counterattack. Tapping the side of his helmet, he brought a custom helmet-mounted cuing system reticle to his eye, looking up at the bottom of the clouds.

    A flit of darkness against the white sea...

    A couple more...solid this time.

    His lock-on confirm beeped at him. "Angvir One, Fox Two!"

    Pitching the plane back again and keeping the shadow in his sights, the missile flew from the pylon in a flurry of smoke and flame, screeching towards its target with its seeker head lusting for the Typhoon above while Cerus nosed the Fantoma down again, keeping the missile track in his sights to see if it would hit.

    Sunny growled as he heard rounds punch into the airframe, and another into the left wing leaving a visible hole.

    "Sunny to Shogun, no Fulcrum on my end. Just Typhoons, I think Buzzard and my second section need the help more right now!"

    "Okay going to try a Weave. Rosie, go port. I'll drag him starboard!" Sunny order, and Rosie replied. Sunny broke out to the right, increasing speed, Rosie moving in the opposite direction, the two fighters then turned into each other.

    "Sunny 2 guns!" Rosie shouted, depressing the trigger and sending rounds in the direction of the fighter tailing her leader.

    Dusty saw his wounded target finally punch out.

    "Sunny 3, splash three! That's the last one!" Almost makes up for Weasel, Dusty thought to himself.

    "Alright four, form up and let's get some altitude." The two VF-3 Thunderhawks formed back up and began a gentle climb to around 10'000 feet.

    Dusty began to wonder where everyone else was at, the sky being empty in their immediate area beyond the plumes of smoke left behind by his victims.

    Both Typhoons broke away from the Mirages and went in opposite directions, keeping themselves alive for the moment even if it meant they had lost their shots at a quick kill. The one Estelle had targeted fell soon after it had been forced out of position by the swift acts of Irénée's lover. The other survived the attack and went into a loop to get behind the two Mirages. In the meantime the Mirages of Magalie and Willard had gotten into tracing circles in the sky with the Flankers as both parties tried to out-turn the other.

    "Negative Basilisk Lead, looks like the other sectors are containing any bandits that are attacking." the AWACS radioed.

    In the meantime Red's Sidewinder had managed to catch the Flanker from above, where flares would not help it fast enough. The Sidewinder exploded against the spine of the Su-35 and destroyed its chances of flying further as it sent shards of metal into the engines, which soon shattered.

    In the meantime the MiG with Riley followed him, still seeing that he'd done damage with his cannon and using the Split-S to throw off the AIM-9s, and pressed home another attack with his cannon into both of the F/A-18's engines. In the meantime the Su-35 rolled and snapped down and below the Super Hornet of Hannibal, quickly moving in the opposite direction of the two-seater.

    "Roger that Angvir, we'll watch him, go get him." the lead F-22 radioed from his position.

    In the meantime the Typhoon pilot had expected Cerberus to try and follow him through the clouds, but he had also expected the incoming missile. He calmly deployed flares and broke into the attack, turning to come back around and face the EFA-31 head-on. In the meantime his wingman didn't break back into the fight, and got jumped by two F-22s. The Raptors were able to prevent the EF2000 from doing anything really fancy before one of them nearly chopped off its tail with its M61 cannon.

    The Shamlaki ace recognized the famous Thatch Weave and smiled. These Oseans were almost treating him! He took the damage but did not panic, instead breaking off of Sunny to deal with Rosie. If he wanted to enjoy a fight with the more experienced of these two Thunderhawks, he would have to swat down the nuisance on his tail first. He slowed down to force her to overshoot, readying his other IRIS-T.

    What the F-21s were called to do was really quite simple. The Fulcrums were, by the code of fighter pilot honor, the kills of the Rafales. The two Thunderhawks simply lit up the Fulcrums to make them jumpy. In that time the Rafales were free to break from their bad positions and get some distance between themselves and the MiGs. one of the Emmerias rolled and pounced from above the MiGs, dispatching his adversary with a MICA IR, while his wingman destroyed the other in a descending spiral in minutes with his DEA.

    Irénée, noticing the Typhoon downed, said, "Good kill, Moineau."

    He then latched onto the Typhoon he was pursuing and wasn't going to let go this time. He gets a good lock on the Typhoon's six o'clock and fires a MICA-IR.

    "Faucon, Fox 2!"

    Meanwhile, Magalie and Willard get good tones on their respective targets and both fire a MICA-IR each in off-bore-sight shot.

    Shamu radioed back to the AWACS, "Roger that, Dream Catcher."

    Red whooped as he saw the Sidewinder immolate the Su-35, yelling, "AHAAAAAAAA!!!!!! CHUPA EN ESTO, PENDEJO!" As he rejoined with the other Basilisk jets, he radioed, "Boss, I'm out of pretty much everything but a 'winder and guns, mang."

    Viper added, "Yeah, all I've got over here is 3 Anacondas. We're well past Shotgun."

    Sharky replied, "Roger that. Shamu, if Dream Catcher doesn't have anything else for us we should head home. At least 3 and 4, anyway."

    Shamu nodded and radioed Dream Catcher, "Dream Catcher, Basilisk 1. Basilisks 3 and 4 are both Shotgun at this time. If you have no further tasking for us, requesting permission to RTB."

    "Hold on Hacker, we're going up!" yelled Raptor. He jammed the throttle forward and yanked the Rhino into a hard right turn, then reversed the turn. Broadsword 3 followed the MiG and fired off his remaining Sidewinders. Broadsword 4 fired an AMRAAM at the Su-35, them followed it up with a Sidewinder.

    Rosie saw a few flashes on the fuselage of the Typhoon, then her eyes widened as she noticed the Typhoon growing larger view more rapidly.

    He's slowing down, climb now!

    Rosie reacted with a snap decision to avoid colliding and pulled the nose of her F-21 as high as she could, with afterburners active and releasing flares.

    Sunny looked behind noticing his assailant was no longer following him and began a flat turn to try and quickly engage him

    Irénée's target kept up its turn until it was caught by the MICA, blowing off its left wing. At the same time, however, Eagles 3 and 4 did not do as well with off-boresight shots. Willard's target, seeing the odds were stacking against him, dove below and away from the fight, moving in a direction opposite his in afterburner until he had a considerable distance. The other went high into the clouds and cover where it could then escape from the enemy.

    "Roger that Basilisk, you're clear. Your relief is inbound, ETA five." the E-3 reported. It had Ustian EF2000s inbound to relieve the PMC jets.

    The MiG was now alone was the combo of AMRAAM and Sidewinder first put the Flanker out of position and the destroyed its engine exhausts. However, It failed to let the odds dissuade it. He'd already landed hits, and before the Sidewinders got much speed, the pilot snapped up and above the fight, trailing flares to lose the Sidewinders as he then rolled over and caught Broadsword lead on his way out of his maneuver. The MiG again relied on his cannon and intercepted the F/A-18 with 30mm rounds again along its left wing.

    Al-Saddi frowned; he wasn't going to get his 1v1 with Sunny at this rate, so he would have to just take down the man, then finish his wingman while they were thrown off by the former's defeat. He turned into Sunny's attack and fired his gun to meet him, throwing back glances at Rosie's moves.

    At the same time the two Rafales and Shogun Thunderhawks had formed up to seek out the other half of Sunny flight. Promises of reinforcements had also reached them, but until then the line needed to be held.

    "Shit, engines are gone! This is Broadsword 1, punching out!" yelled Riley. Yanking on the yellow and black handles, the canopy flew off and he and Hacker were rocketed into the air. Both chutes opened. Not wanting to let the MiG enjoy his kill. Broadsword 3 let loose several bursts of 20mm, and Broadsword 2 fired a Sidewinder at the MiG.

    Sunny decided to dive again, pointing the nose down slightly to try and avoid the hail of tracers headed his way.

    This has gotta end soon, I'm getting close to bingo. Rosie can't be too much better.

    Rosie was thinking the same thing at this point. She didn't dare use the burner too much more. With that she decided to head towards Sunny's direction to provide top cover for him when he dived.

    Either that Typhoon will try and jump Sunny and I can jump him or he'll try and bug out. Whatever choice is adequate in my view. Rosie thought to herself.

    The MiG pulled away the second its pilot saw the canopy blow off its kill. Satisfied he'd downed one of the imperialists and thoroughly given the others a run for their money and made them all chase him, the pilot snapped away, gaining speed to escape the parting shots at him. The Sidewinder gave him a bit of trouble, though, and it took him a few twists and turns as he descended to the desert floor before he sped off into the interior of his country. Chris Riley would have to get revenge himself. Broadsword was now clear, though, and the rest of the fighter's that'd challenged them had been vanquished. For the lead Super Hornet pilot and his WSO, the coastline of Kedhani was waiting below.

    "Broadsword 1 has gone down, I repeat, Broadsword 1 has gone down. Hammer Flight, establish CAP in the area so we can deploy CSAR." The AWACS radioed.

    "Hammer Lead copies, and have a safe trip home Basilisk." the lead UAF Typhoon replied.

    Al-Saddi stuck to his plan. He jumped Sunny to use what fuel he had left for combat. If this didn't work, he would withdraw and try again another day.

    At the same time, Yuktobanian Su-27s coming from bases north of Shamlak were pressing south to relieve the Rafales and Thunderhawks. They would be about ten minutes out at this point.

    Irénée and the others realized that they were approaching bingo fuel, Magalie and Willard each went for a gun kill on their targets. They gain lead on their respective targets and fire.

    "Vautour, Guns!"

    "Balbuzard, Guns!"

    Sunny watched the offending Typhoon come after him once again. Sunny groaned internally, then remembered he had a wingwoman.

    "Two to One, I've got a Typhoon on my tail. Scratch my back." He called to the Sapin-Osean pilot. Rosie immediately copied and thundered down from her perch overhead and quickly charged at the Typhoon, tracking him with her very last Sidewinder.

    As soon as she got a solid tone, she made a call for Fox Two. If she could have, she would have kissed the missile for luck.

    The missile streaked towards the fighter.

    "This is Broadsword 2, taking command." radioed Chart solemnly. "AWACS, can we help in the CAP for the rescue?"

    Magalie caught her Flanker in a good spot. It had tried to go up and above here in what would've been a loop that would but the Kedhani pilot behind her, but the pilot had not calculated his energy right. This resulted in a compressor stall as he tried to ascend, meaning he was not able to pass through the woman's gunsight before her bullets intercepted him. He took hits all along the spine and in the engines until the Flanker was mortally wounded.The pilot ejected and left his Su-27M to its fate.

    The other was at bingo fuel, and decided to retire for the day.It rode out a line of shells into its left wing from Willard, and then nosed over, racing downwards and away towards safety. Another sector was clear.

    Al-Saddi had for once made a mistake, and pursued Sunny for too long. He deployed flares to counter Rosie's shots, but it did him little good. The man felt his Typhoon shudder as it took shrapnel. The man frowned and tried to control his plane, to make it obey him, but the machine was defiant. He scowled and silent swore revenge. The game between him and these Oseans had been prolonged. Without further hesitation the RSAF pilot reached up and pulled down his ejection rungs. The canopy blew off and the man was separated from his jet. He watched as his parachute blossomed above, then looked out at the F-21s as they stayed aloft.

    From inside the E-3, the controller bit his lip. He could tell the Marines were wanting to help, but after what they'd just done he was ready to keep assets in the area that were low on ammo and fuel. He decided that instead of denying them outright, he would let them think if they were making a good choice.

    "Say your weapons and fuel state, Broadsword." He requested.

    In the meantime Eric and Mark had arrived to watch Al-Saddi's EF2000 go down. The blonde followed the missile trails and saw Rosie had fired them. He keyed his radio.

    "Nice shooting Rosie." He commented.

    The pilot then looked back to make sure his wingman was with him and banked to the left. The two VF-138 birds circled once to make sure the area was safe, and then banked right to join the VF-3 aircraft. At the same time, Mark called out friendly hits on their radar.

    "Osean and Emmerian fighters, this is Zhnets Lead, we have come to relieve you." a Yuktobanian accent radioed. Far out, three flights of jets, two of MiG-35s and one of Su-35s, streaked along in a clean formation, fully armed and well-fueled.

    "Eagles, this is Faucon. What's your fuel state?" Irenee asked.

    "Moineau, I'm at Bingo Fuel." Estelle replied.

    "This is Vautour, I too am at Bingo Fuel." Magalie replied.

    "Balbuzard here, I'm at the same state." Willard responded.

    "Right." Irenee said and then asks the nearby AWACS, "This is Eagle flight, we're at Bingo Fuel, requesting permission to RTB."

    "Sunny 2, splash one!" Rosie exulted over the kill. Rosie beamed at the praise from the Shoguns.

    "Thanks Shogun, it was quite a battle taking that one down."

    Sunny smiled tiredly behind his mask. After several minutes of intense aerial combat, Sunny could finally feel the tenseness in his muscles abating.

    "Good shooting, two. Very nicely done." Sunny congratulated his wingwoman. Sunny noticed Rosie coming up at this six, then forming up on her right. Together, he led her into a gentle climb to around 10'000 feet.

    "One to Three, report? We're finished on our end" The veteran pilot called for his second section leader. He had heard little from the other pilot after the division had been seperated and was a little worried. It didn't last long.

    "Three to One, we finished off the last of ours. We're coming up on your left." Dusty replied after a moment and Sunny saw off the the left second pair of F-21s coming to join them.

    With the flight finally together, Sunny contacted the AWACS.

    "Sunny flight is Winchester and Bingo, requesting tanker and permission to egress, over?"

    Meanwhile Dusty and Rosie noticed their formation was a little bigger and saw that the two VF-138 Thunderhawks had also formed up with them.

    "Welcome to the the party, Shogun" Rosie joked lightly.

    "Hey Shogun, how'd you guys do? We cleaned house here." Dusty hailed Eric and Mark, genuinely curious how the pilots from their sister squadron had done.

    As the four Rosenthal Tomcats neared Isari airspace, Sharky and Shamu were busy discussing their plans.

    "So Sharks, what're you gonna do when we get back? More phone hotness with Gale?"

    "Nah, thinkin I'm gonna hop on a puddle jumper and pay her a visit. May as well say hi to Irina as well."

    Shamu chuckled, "I still can't believe Gale's okay with the two of you still talking."

    "I was kinda surprised by it too. But if what she told me's true then she knows her way around Irina than even I do. So hell. But enough about me, what about you?"

    "Eh, I dunno. I may head down to the Marine base."

    "Oh? Pay your lady friend a visit?"

    Sensing the tone in his pilot's voice, Shamu said, "No, not like that. Her flight lead just got shot down and I figure she's probably gonna be taking it hard. Might as well have someone there who's been there, ya know?"

    "You really like this girl, huh?"

    Shamu shrugged, "I needed a change. And this is a damned good one."

    "I'm happy for ya, buddy. Gale is too, even if we may not have mentioned it specifically."

    "Nah, I know. And thanks."

    "Of course."

    Their conversation was interrupted by their preparations for landing. The four jets swooped in one after the other, 2's jet wobbling slightly due to Showtime still being slightly rattled from his encounter with the Typhoons.

    Sharky rolled the jet to a stop outside the Rosenthal hangar and shut off the engines before popping the canopy and clambering down, followed shortly after by Shamu. As his feet hit the ground, he was doused by a spray of sickly sweet liquid. Tasting it, he exclaimed, "Captain Morgan? The fuck? Victor, was this your idea?"

    The plane captain, holding the offending bottle, grinned and said, "Well, sir, we know how you feel about champagne showers, but your getting 5 kills in one day warranted celebration, so we figured this was a good option."

    Sharky chuckled, "You're a smart man, Vic. Carry on." Victor handed Sharky a set of stencils, allowing him to paint 5 and a half silhouettes on the nose of the Leviathan, bringing the count up to 9.5.

    Meanwhile Shamu had grabbed the bottle of Captain Morgan, taking a deep swig and yelling, "YARRR!!!! THE PIRATE'S LIFE BE GOOD TODAY, MATEYS!"

    By now the rest of the Basilisk pilots had wandered over. Millie said, "Hey you're welcome, boss."

    Shamu chuckled, "Ah, right. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to bail you out of the shit yet again. What is it with you and Typhoons, anyway?"

    Showtime sighed, "I was asking myself the same question."

    Red spoke up, "Hey, at least now you guys are ahead in kill count again."

    Sharky laughed from his position on top of the ladder, "Oh yeah you're right! Finally all is right with the world."

    Showtime and Millie simply rolled their eyes.

    As the celebration wound down, Sharky asked Victor, "Hey, you know when the next trash hauler to Ah-Mout is leaving?"

    "Ah, going to see miss Hurricane? I must say, I'm glad to hear it. We've been pulling for you."

    "I swear, did EVERYBODY know about that? But yeah."

    "It was somewhat obvious, sir. But the next bird should be leaving in 2 hours or so."

    "Ah good, plenty of time to debrief. Thanks Vic."

    "No problem sir."

    Shamu interjected, "Oh, what about the next one to the Marine base?"

    "Er, 3 hours from now I believe, sir."

    "Thanks, Vic."

    In her rush to ask, Chart had neglected the fuel gauge. Looking down, she saw they were nearing bingo. "This is Broadsword 2,fuel check."
    The other pilots checked in with similar fuel states. "This is Broadsword 2, we're RTB," turning her attention to the fighters that had set up CAP for Riley and Lee, she radioed. "Make sure they get back alive." With that, the Hornet turned for home.

    3 hours later

    After tanking, the Marine aircraft had headed home. Swinging Broadsword 2 onto final, Hannibal lowered the gear and flaps. HE brought the Hornet down gently. Taxiing in, he brought the jet to a halt and opened the canopy. Both he and Chart removed their sweat stained helmets, and they disembarked. The usually raucous celebration after so many MiG kills was absent. The Marines all quietly walked to the debriefing area. Once debriefed, they split up from each other, each lost in thought about their COs loss.

    Cerus watched as the Typhoon turned his way, his grip on the stick hardening and his breathing growing slow and shallow. This was the last one, he knew. Either he made it, or it was going to be difficult explaining to Noel how his jet got riddled with bullet holes. She'd be laughing at him for weeks. Pitching the nose to face his adversary once more, he lowered the lens on his helmet, tightened the oxygen mask and took a fresh gulp of O2. "Alright then. If that's the way you want it...let's dance."

    The engines roared behind him, sending out streaks of purple-blue flame that spread the turkey feathers apart in a wondrous display of sparks, contrails spreading from the wingtips like blurring ribbons amongst the background of the blue sky as he hit the throttle, rolling the plane to face his final target for this round. Rolling his weapon selection to the gun, a 30mm autocannon, he grit his teeth and breathed slowly.

    Timed ticked by in milliseconds, sweat rolling down his brow as he held his fingers on the trigger, watching the Typhoon move towards him in slow motion. Hazel eyes tracked the movements of the enemy fighter in front of him, everything in slow motion as he counted the seconds until he let loose a flurry of steel from his jet's cannons. The Fantoma read him, and he could hear it humming patiently, almost eagerly, as the pipper started to line up on his HUD.

    The shadow crossed into the path. He blinked once, and then squeezed to bring down the hammer.

    "Eagle, you are cleared to RTB. Hit up the tanker if you need to on the way back." AWACS radioed after acknowledging the Marine fighters were exiting the area

    "Mark bagged his fifth jet with the M61." Eric reported. His wingman couldn't help but soud the least bit proud.

    "Yeah, those Fulcrums tried to play hardball and Ah played hardball! Fitting, though; some of these KAF pilots are real talented guys. Ah'd like to talk to a few of em after they're done trying to shoot me." He said.

    "We heard you guys tangled with a single Typhoon. Was it the one that got Weasel?" Eric asked as AWACS cleared the Thunderhawks and Rafales to go home.

    In the meantime, the Typhoon and the 30mm bullets met along the foremer's nose, first shattering the IRST bulb, and then dealing glancing blows to the cockpit before the next bullets landed on the right wing. The Typhoon continued to fly on its path for a minute before it rolled away, trailing smoke. The strafing run itself hadn't killed the Typhoon, but it had the machine running scared and out of action. The rest of the local sector was also clearing out as the enemy fighters were forced to bow to the Oseans and Ustians and flee. Somewhere off in the distance, you could say jokingly, hardcore anti-Raptor fanboys foamed at the mouth and slammed their fists against their keyboards in emotional rage. Cerus and the EFA-31 had proved themselves and then some, especially in front of one of the world's more modern fighters.

    Sometime later...

    Mark pried off the oxygen mask as the canopy came up. His plane captain helped him get unstrapped before he scurried back down the boarding steps. The big pilot pulled off his helmet and was met by cheers and clapping as he dismounted. Before he could even reach the ground Eric and Terry had come in with bottle of sparkling apple cider they'd shaken until they were ready to explode and carried on the tradition of the "soaking". Mark shielded his face and couldn't help but laugh. It wasn't because he was an ace or because he felt prideful, but because of the people he was among. They were all a big family and in the end it kept his spirits up. In a far less festive sense he was celebrating the fact that he'd just defeated and possibly killed men in combat. But in the end this was how he escaped that cold fact, he wasn't going to be weighed down by this kind of conflict lest it get him killed. Eric threw an arm around his taller friend.

    "Bring out the booze and dancers! The Walker have their newest ace!" He shouted. Mark laughed.

    "The only dancer Ah want is Kat!" He retorted.

    "Aww come on, after all the trouble I went through to find the right stuff for the dance?" Vixen laughed. The others only howled more as Mark's face went blank.

    "Now now Commander, none of that will happen on my flight deck." CAG O'Neil laughed as he emerged from the small crowd. Mark saluted the man before they shook hands.

    "I said the same thing to Rosie and Sunny in VF-3, Tex, and I'll say it to you. Good job today, you made CVW-9 proud!" He smiled, cigar between his teeth.

    "Thank you, CAG!" Mark replied.

    **********************************AIR MISSION 6 END**********************************

    Debrief: Thanks to the blow dealt today, air operations in the region have been able to go on with far less harassment by enemy aircraft. Although the airborne threat is far from gone, it has been substantially reduced. We can expect to see more sporadic air activity from here on.

    Kill Tallies
    Shogun: x4 Fulcrum
    Sunny: x4 Airguard, x1 Fulcrum, x2 Typhoon
    Broadsword: x4 Airguard, x3 Flanker,
    Basilisk: x4 Airguard, x3 Flanker, x3 Typhoon
    Eagle: x2 Flanker, x1 Fulcrum, x1 Typhoon

    Press Release, Kedhani Media (March 22, 2018): Yesterday our brave air force made a valiant stand against the oppressive UN coalition, catching them along the coast and destroying a number of their fighters. This was thanks, in no small part, to our friendship with King Al-Fais. General Sawari has declared all who fought yesterday the bravest heroes in the Union, and has urged the Kedhani people to continue to resist the UN's bombing campaign. centers are being set up to allow those who would wish to help to be armed and trained to shoot at enemy aircraft as they try to destroy our nation.

    Press Release, Shamlaki Media (March 22, 2018): Yesterday the contingent sent to Kedhan showed its first show of support for the country when aircraft assigned to the region engaged a large raid by UN aircraft. fighting was fierce and a number of citizens have come forth to our news stations and even those in Kedhan with footage of the battles. Right now a large effort is being made to recove any casualties from the battle, and several enemy pilots have been identified as the biggest threats as a reult of this battle. Chief among them are the pilots of the Osean aircraft carrier off the coast, as well as the rumored mercenary forces helping the UN.

    A few hours after the Marines landed, Shamu stepped off a C-130 at their base. Noting a Marine enlisted man, he asked, "Hey, you know where I could find Lieutenant Redford?"

    The man directed him to the building where the pilots were being housed. Walking through the halls, Shamu finally found the room belonging to Chart. Knocking on the door he asked, "Hey, Chart, it's Shamu. Mind if I come in?"

    "Come in!" called Chart from inside. Shamu opened the door and stepped in to the room. Looking up from her curled up position on the couch, she sadly said, "Riley got hit, that damned MiG wouldn't die"

    Shamu nodded and said solemnly, "Yeah, I heard." Joining her on the couch he wrapped his arm around her and asked, "How you holding up?"

    "I feel like we could've done more, Yak was on his ass the whole time trying to smoke him, but he just kept going. I can't really describe how I feel, a combination of sadness, anger and self loathing." she said quietly.

    Shamu sighed, "I know that feeling. Sharky had the same one when we lost two planes the first night. Although in his case the mix was a bit more self-loathing." Kissing her on the head he continued, "But I will say that it's not healthy. Dwelling on your past mistakes just takes you deeper into the hole. Analyze them, learn from them, but then purge them. You can't afford to have regrets clogging up your mind, you know?"

    "I know," said Chart, snuggling closer to Shamu, "I feel nervous too. I hope the CSAR got them first." She breathed in the smell of Shamu's flightsuit, "Any other advice for me? I really need it."

    Shamu rubbed Chart's back as he said, "As the close friend of a CSAR pilot, I'd say they'll be fine. As for advice? Hmmm... Well I'd definitely say do something to get your mind off them. Otherwise you'll just go nuts worrying." Grinning slyly he added, "And I've got plenty of ideas of activities that do that job."

    "Oh?" said Chart, pulling him closer.

    Shamu smiled, "I think you'll get the idea," as he sealed his lips over hers.

    Ah-Mout Military Complex

    Meanwhile, after the transport landed at Ah-Mout Sharky got directions from a SOAR crew chief and made his way to Gale’s quarters. When he got there he knocked and asked, “Gale? You there?” Checking the knob he found it open.

    Stepping inside Sharky heard a familiar Yuktobanian-accented voice say excitedly, “Finally!” The next thing he knew he was on the floor with a half-clothed redhead kissing his face and neck maniacally.

    As she began unzipping his flight suit, Sharky held her at arms length, saying, “Wait, wait, Irina, stop!”

    Still trying to disrobe him, Irina Demelova pouted, “Why? It’s been so long since I’ve seen you!”

    “And vice versa. But where’s Gale?”

    “Briefing for some mission or another. She told me you were coming and that I could take care of you while she was busy.”

    Sharky sighed and thought to himself, “So much for talking…” He asked Irina, “You know when she’s gonna be back?”

    Irina shrugged and said, “Maybe another half hour or so?” Grinning she added, “Plenty of time for you to fuck me silly.”

    Sharky chuckled, “Some things never change.” Reaching up to unsnap her bra, he then released Irina to allow her to resume her ministrations.

    A few minutes later Gale came to the door. Hearing grunts and moans from the other side, she grinned and stepped inside quietly. Thoroughly preoccupied with their contortions, Sharky and Irina were completely oblivious to Gale’s arrival. Gale watched amusedly until they were finished, at which point she cleared her throat loudly. Startled, the two stood up and began adjusting what clothing they still had on. Gale chuckled, “Having fun?”

    Irina simply grinned while Sharky said sheepishly, “Er, hey babe.”

    Gale shook her head amusedly and said, “Stop being so nervous. You know I told Irina to take care of you while I was busy. So how is my flyboy?”

    Relieved, Sharky said as he walked forward and pulled Gale into a hug, slipping a hand down to cup her butt and kissing her on the neck, “Well, he’s good, considering he made ace in a day.”

    Gale’s eyes widened and she pulled her head back, asking, intrigued, “Oh really?”

    Sharky chuckled, “Hehe, yeah. One in the merge, two tangled with me, and I shot a couple off Showtime’s tail.”

    “Well I think that warrants celebration. Don’t you think, Irina?”

    Irina grinned and ran off to the kitchen, returning with a can of whipped cream. Meanwhile Gale shed her flight suit. Kissing Sharky, she said, gesturing to the bed and the waiting Irina, “Shall we?”

    Sharky chuckled, “You think I have a choice? Lead on, my dear.”

    As she led him to bed, Gale grinned, “Good, you’re learning.”


    A few hours later, Sharky sat on the couch across from Irina with Gale on his lap. “So Irina, what have you been working on here?” he asked.

    “I’ve been helping with integration of a new countermeasures system on the Chinooks.”

    “Oh? Don’t the SOAR Chinooks already have LIRCM and the like?”

    Gale said, “Yeah, but this isn’t like that. Irina can explain better.”

    Irina continued, “Yes, it’s an active system. Kind of like the Trophy system the Oseans have been mounting on their armored vehicles. The helicopter’s countermeasure system will function as normal, jamming the seeker and then releasing chaff and flare, but the new system will activate if those measures don’t work. It’s mostly there to destroy things like RPGs or MANPADS, destroying them before impact.”

    Sharky chuckled, “Trophy on a helo… That’s gnarly. Does it work?”

    “In testing, yes. It’s been deployed now to test it operationally. So far the opportunity hasn’t come up, fortunately. It’s also rather heavy, which is why it’s only being tested on large aircraft at the moment.”

    Gale added, “Besides, Blackhawks and Little Birds are generally quick enough on their feet to be able to jink out of the way.”

    Irina nodded, “Yes. The point of this is mostly to prevent another Razor 03 type incident.”

    Sharky said, “Gotcha. On another note it seems you and Gale have been getting up to all sorts of mischief all by yourselves.”

    Irina grinned, “Well, she wanted advice on things you like, which I was all too happy to provide…”

    Sharky chuckled, “And the handcuffs?”

    “Hehe, you know how I liked it when you would tie me up. And vice versa. Turns out Gale likes it just as much.”

    Gale grinned and said, “Told you they were her idea. Besides sometimes it’s nice to not be able to react to what you’re doing to me.”

    Sharky chuckled, “Fair enough.”

    Suddenly Gale looked at the clock on the wall and exclaimed, “Wait, shit, babe, I’ve gotta go prep for the mission.”

    Sharky nodded, kissing her on the cheek, “Alright. I can stick around until you get back.”

    Gale wriggled into her flight suit and said, shaking her head, “I’d love it if you could stay the night, but it’s gonna be a while. And don’t you have a mission tomorrow?”

    Sharky nodded, “Yeah. Okay, I’ll catch the next transport out.”

    Grabbing her gear, Gale pecked Sharky on the lips, “Okay, babe. Time to go to work.”

    “Knock ‘em dead. Stay safe.”

    Gale smiled, “Always. We’ll talk later?”

    “Of course. I’ll call you next chance I get.”

    Gale waved goodbye and walked off to the flightline. As she rounded the corner, Irina walked up behind Sharky and wrapped her arms around him, murmuring, “The next transport doesn’t leave for a few hours. Care to pass the time?”

    Sharky chuckled, “Oh I suppose so," slipping back into the room, closing the door behind him.

    PART 3 END

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