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    ONS Part 4


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    ONS Part 4

    Post by Ronin201 on Mon Jun 22, 2015 3:06 pm

    March 22, 2018 (Local Time: 1458)
    OFS Excalibur

    "We'll want to keep an eye on our gas the entire time, even with the centerline. I'll take this site and the two Tungs near it with Snow getting the northernmost one. You guys wreck the far ones to clear up the exit path for the strikers as they make their runs." Lieutenant Eduardo "Fast Eddie" Cerrio said as he briefed his Iron Hand section.

    "Understood, sir." Mark nodded as he marked the targets on his own maps.

    "Those guys in the UAF should be able to play havoc with the radars so we can pop off HARMs and not get spammed, but don't rely on them the entire time." Fast Eddie went on. More nods from his flight.

    "Any further questions? I think I've covered everything outside of the brief. You all know your loadouts; Save your HARMs for the acquisition radars on the SA-20s and finish of TELs with your clusters. The Tungs are important but remember the strikers will be staying pretty high up, so only gank em if you've gotten your primary target." He said with a satisfied look.

    The olive-skinned man then beckoned his fellow pilots to suit up. The entire time Mark was deep in thought; in fact he almost looked a little guilty. He had a good reason to be...the last two nights he'd been ashore with Ekaterina had been marked by what Sharky, Gale and Shamu had coined "Sushi Eating". Mark had always kept himself at bay like that to avoid being like his absent "dad" and because he was a pious little Christian farmboy. But Ekaterina, after a long talk, had convinced him that she trusted him to never leave. It was less a kinky-as-hell, two-night session of acting on a human urge as it was an odd little mix of emotions (though Ekaterina, playful as she was, made it that at points).

    Of course Mark had made sure she would come out of both times free of pregnancy. In the end he'd come to a conclusion, and in a very snap decision before they'd gone to the beach the second day, he'd said he'd needed to go do something. He'd bought a ring and presented it to her. The only thing was no one knew, not even Eric, He'd done the deed so quick he was trying to explain it to himself, even. His words to Kat had simply been "If Ah'm gonna make love to y'all, Ah need to be your permanent man."

    As the orchestra of the flight deck grew near, he pushed away the thoughts briefly and replaced them with his job. Sam-hunting was not his forte, quite frankily, and he needed to be on his A-game this afternoon. He mounted up and launched as usual that night, Eric on his wing this afternoon. In the back of his mind, however, he looked forward to more nights like that, not hampered by world events.

    Eric was the same, albeit for slightly different reasons. His first war was wearing on him, to be honest. The enemy threat seemed to be nowhere near dropping to the point of coalition air supremacy, in fact he'd dare say the Kedhanis and Shamlakis were only getting stauncher. He'd also felt isolated, and jealous of Mark. His girl was here, where she could be with him relatively easy. His was only reachable by phone. He'd spent all of the rest of his last vacation day talking to her.

    Misaki had played the pseudo therapist and gotten him on his feet yet again, and told him that when he returned and got his leave, they would disappear for a couple weeks to get him back to the real world. She had mentioned that The Eastern coast of Usea was a nice pace to catch some sun and warmth. The thought of what amounted to a tropical getaway forced a smile on his face. Hell give him a year there; even after this short period of air ops he could use it. But for now he stowed it; his mind recognized there was work to be done.

    March 22, 2018 0800 hrs
    Murabek AB

    The helicopter slowed to a hover as it approached the base. Onboard were two very important passengers. As the heli touched down, Chris Riley And JP Lee disembarked to clapping and hooting. The entirety of the squadron, mechanics and all, had turned out. "Hannibal gave both men a hearty handshake and a punch on the shoulder. "How the hell are you guys doing!?" he exclaimed over the noise. "Helluva ride!" said Lee, grinning wryly. Chart hugged both of the Hornet crewmen and said, "Oh thank God you two are alright!" Chris was a bit suprised at this, "You alright there Chart?"

    "Yes, yes, I'm fine, I was just so worried."

    "Riley, we have a surprise for ya." said one of the mechanics. Leading the squadron leader through to the crowd, they came upon a Hornet. On this Hornet, however, was a speed limit sign, with a Hornet's silhouette, and the words, 'Speed Limit Enforced by Aircraft' inside of it. Accompanying that was several bomb marks, a singe kill mark, and an ejection seat marking. "We found this design in your room, and decided we'd do it up for your return," explained Hannibal, grinning. Riley couldn't bbelive it, he had never been so happy. "Thanks dude, I'll never forget this." said Riley, smiling sheepishly. "Now come on, said Chart, "We got another briefing!"

    "Once more, into the skies," remarked Hacker.

    1500 hrs
    Murabek AB

    The flight line came to life as the four Hornets spun up their engines. "Broadsword 1-1, request taxi," said Riley. The tower gave them clearance, and the Hornet's rolled forward. Riley and Hannibal's Hornets had AGM-88s, and two pairs of CBU-103s loaded with anti-armor munitions. The others carried more HARMs and 2 pairs of JSOWs each. Each aircraft now also sported nose art. Hannibal and Chart's Hornet had a happy looking elephant with huge ears, which sported JDAMs. The name Dumbo sat above the artwork. Broadsword 3 sported a yurt sitting on a cloud, with the name 'Yurt in The Sky', and finally, Broadsword 4 sported a crossed out MQ-9 and the words, 'Don't Drone Me Bro!'. Moving onto the active, the tower called, "Broadsword, you are cleared for take off,"

    The Hornets rocketed down the runway, and pulled up into the blue.

    March 22, 2018 (Local Time: 1200)
    King Falud AB

    "Okay, gents, we're gonna dump our SLAM-ERs on the primary targets and then hold on station in case those Spetsnaz boys need CAS. Showtime, you and I are gonna take the four production buildings, which are these four two-story buildings here, and Viper, you and the Serpents get the storage sheds. Red, you're in reserve if one of our missiles takes a dump or to nail any SAM sites the SEAD jets miss. Everybody got it?" Sharky said as he pointed to the map of the target area.

    Showtime, Millie, Viper, Azure, Red, Breaker, and the 2 F-16H crews all nodded.

    Sharky continued, "Good. Now keep in mind this is gonna be a long hop. We're gonna be tanking two, maybe three times on the way in and on the way out. Be sure you keep a good eye on your fuel state. Wouldn't want anyone to make it through just to run out of gas on the way home. Oh, and they are expecting there to be fighters over the target area. Keep that in mind."

    Red interrupted, "Wait, they still have fighters after that mauling we gave them yesterday? These guys either got some serious balls or they're dumber than we thought, mang."

    Sharky chuckled, "Could always be both. Either way stay alert. They've also got ground-based AMRAAMs. So make sure you've got your ECM on and your tails streaming BEFORE we get to the IP. We don't want a repeat of the first night." Everyone, especially the F-16 crews, murmured solemnly in agreement as they remembered the losses the Serpents had taken the first night. "AA situation is about the usual for Shamlak, KS-1s and Guntanks, with the SLAMRAAM sites I mentioned previously as well. HOPEFULLY those SEAD Vipers are gonna nail the KS-1s and AMRAAMs, meaning we'll be able to stay up high and deal with the Guntanks on our own terms with Brimstones or SDBs. If not, Serpents, be sure and keep your HARMs ready to go as insurance."

    "Roger that."

    "Alright, any more questions? DSMAC imagery should already be uploaded, and GIBs you already have pics of your assigned buildings for comparison." The pilots all shook their heads, and Sharky clapped his hands together and said, "Excellent. Let's go make some money."

    As he and Shamu walked towards their Tomcat, the sat phone in Sharky's vest rang. Sharky fished it out and answered, "Hello?"

    Gale's voice came through from the other side, "Hey baby."

    Sharky waved at Shamu to continue the preflight as he walked over to a quieter part of the hangar. "Gale? What's up, babe? How'd that mission go?"

    Gale sighed, "It was a mess. Ground guys got ambushed, Voodoo blew up a fucking water tower, couple of guys got wounded, one of the Little Birds almost got a SAM up the ass, and I tangled with a Hind. I just got done working with the maintenance guys patching up the damage to the bird."

    "Shit, is everybody okay?"

    "Yeah, we're all fine. The Chain Gun's fucked, but we're all okay."

    "Well that's a relief."

    "Heh, yeah. I dunno why I called you right now. I know you've got a strike soon. Just wanted to hear your voice, I guess. I could really use a Sharky hug right about now."

    Sharky smiled, "You know I'm always there for you, babe. And I love giving Sharky hugs. I'll try and pop back down the next time I get a chance, yeah?"

    "That sounds good."

    "I thought it did. Now listen, I gotta go, Shamu's giving me rude gestures to get moving, but I'll call you when I get back, okay?"

    "Okay. I love you. Stay safe."

    "Always. Love you too."

    Hanging up, he put the phone back in his pocket and jogged over to the Tomcat, where Shamu had already boarded and booted up the jet's systems. After giving Victor a nod of good morning, he put on his helmet and clambered up the ladder.

    Once the canopy was down and the engines started, Shamu asked over intercom, "What was that all about?"

    Sharky replied, "Gale called. She had a rough night and wanted to talk."

    "She okay?"

    "Yeah. Just a little rattled. I'll call her again when we get back."

    After receiving approval from the tower, Sharky increased throttle and began taxiing the Tomcat forward, moving into position on the runway, followed by the other 5 aircraft in the package, before pushing into full afterburner and rolling down the runway and into the sky, setting course for the first refueling anchor.

    The last Hornet in Broadsword 1 pulled off the tanker and returned to its spot in the formation.

    "This thing is turning like a goddamn bus," remarked Yak.

    "Yup JSOWs'll do that to ya." said Hannibal.

    Hacker was looking over the notes he had taken at the briefing."Right, the 2 AMRAAM launchers are our priority. Yak, you and Foxhound will sing your JSOWs at them from a stand off distance. We'll use our AGM-88s to kill the KS-1s, and the CBUs are destined for the Type 87s."

    "Where are they in relation to the factory?" asked Hannibal.

    "They are around the factory, in a defensive perimeter,"


    Hacker then tuned his radio to talk to the Rafael ERs. "Foudre 1, this is Broadsword 1-1," we are inbound to the second tanker. Report pos so we can form up." he radioed.

    In the skies over the OFS Excalibur, a flight of her aircraft gradually formed up preparing for another mission over the mainland.

    The last F-21 from VF-3 slid into the port and behind the lead aircraft, making an arrowhead formation

    In the formation on the left flew the Lightnings of VFA-206, the Shorebirds and to their left in a similar formation, flew the Thunderhawks of VF-3 with Lieutenant Commander Lovell in the lead. Lieutenant John "Dusty" Rhodes flew on his left, and Lieutenant junior grade Rosalind "Rosie" Patterson flew on his right.

    The mission today was unusual for the pilots of VF-3. Besides the usual AIM-9 Sidewinders attached to the underwing pylons, two under each wing, each Thunderhawk carried four GBU-32 1000 pound bombs attached to the under fuselage pylons.

    Today they would be acting as bombers first, fighters a very last second. In concert with the F-35s, they would be striking a weapons plant suspected of producing WMDs. The F-35s would hit the main plants, while the F-21s with their smaller weapons, would hit the store and warehouses. Sunny would command the entire strike package for the day. He was a little apprehensive at the whole prospect, including leaving the protection of the force to the YAF, but he would handle it.

    He would have to.

    "Alright Sunny flight is formed up" The LCDR said after checking that both his wingmen were in place. He then checked with his counterpart in the Shorebird formation.

    "Alright, strike is departing." The pilot called over the air waves. And with that the six aircraft headed east towards the Shamlaki mainland to refuel then onto their target.

    Sunny took a little time to mull over his actions the night before the mission. Seeing Mark and Kat, Shamu, Shark, Gale, Chart and the others made him wonder about his love life at the moment. Maybe that e-mail he sent to certain someone will work out for him. . .

    "Roger Broadsword, we are airborne and proceeding to rendezvous with you at the tanker. Kvant Flight also reports they have finished tanking just north." an Emmerian accent replied.

    Further east, Mark switched one of his MFDs to his weapons and double-checked things as they hit one of the tankers. He had two AMRAAMs on the outer pylons for self-defense, two HARMs on the inner, a centerline fuel tank, and four CBU-87 Cluster bombs. With his cannon fully loaded and all the fuel in his internal tanks it meant he was near max takeoff weight. He'd be glad once the CBUs were gone; they were the heaviest. Coincidentally he'd be dumping them last. Once the pilot had everything settled, his mind ticked back to the subjects outside his career. Eventually he keyed his mike.

    "Hey Saber, Ah got something to tell y'all after we trap, so make sure we both get back." He said with a small grin. Eric looked up from peering out the side of his cockpit and cocked an eyebrow.

    "...Understood Tex." He said slowly.

    "Shogun 208, your turn."

    The young pilot again turned his head as Snow's Thundrehawk banked away from its position behind the big KC-10. He extended his refueling probe and listened as the boom operator in the back began handing him instructions. Up, down, slower, faster, it was about the same level of micro-management as traps. The movement of air also whipped the basket around too every here and there to make things fun. Eric carefully watched as the two parts of the process stabbed at one another, working all the controls. After about a minute he finally connected and held his F-21 still.

    "Shogun 208 has contact; send fuel." he radioed.

    "Oasis is sending fuel."

    He got his centerline back up until it was full enough to get him into the interior of Kedhan. He would go to his internal tanks only when he'd sucked his centerline dry, and rely on that until he was back on the deck, safe and sound and listening to whatever Mark had to tell him. He was finally released and checked in. Their escorting Raptors were ahead of the group, obviously, and already piercing enemy territory. The rest of the strike was behind their wall.

    "Shogun flight has its gas. Angvir, Falcon, Longsword what's your state for refueling?" Fast Eddie radioed.

    "Longsword 4 is done tanking, pressing onward." The lead F-15E radioed.

    The OMDF fighters called Feet Dry as they crossed the coastline.

    Sunny called out as he laid eyes on the tanker. The OMDF aircraft began to top off, Sunny's F-21 going first.

    After filling his tanks, Sunny pulled away and out of the line of flight of the other aircraft waiting to refuel. At a decent distance, Sunny began to make contact with the Emmerian AWACS.

    "Sunny lead to Mother, do you copy? Sunny and Shorebird have gone feet dry and are refueling. Request contact with Broadsword and Kvant." Sunny wanted to know where the rest of the pieces to the strike were.

    En Route to Plant K-32, Kingdom of Shamlak

    The four gunship grey F-16's of Canis flight formed up after taking off in sequence with the Rosenthal jets, their plan of attack laid out in front of them. They were armed for the mission with the lead aircraft carrying four JSOW's on BRU-55 rails with wing tanks while the other two would carry one HARM and three CBU-103's each. Both elements carried fuel tanks, targeting pods, and ECM gear for the trip. All four were armed with air to air weaponry in case the Shamlaki's sent their air force to provide defense for the facility.

    Zack nervously shuffled in his seat as he led his flight; proceeding to speak over their channel to his comrades. "Okay everyone, listen up. I'll recap our primary objective again. We have a battery of four KS-1 and two SLAMRAAM launchers to destroy. Rein and I will prioritize the longer range AMRAAM's while Mao and Matchstick go after the shorter range KS-1's. Afterwards there is a possibility that we'll have to stay on station as a Yuke commando team has infiltrated the facility. That means if we have any remaining weapons to go around we'll use them to bust up any ground or air they throw at us."

    "Wilco." Mao stated over the comms.

    "Copy that. These flying controls suck!" Said Denisov.

    "Well no shit they do! We're loaded to bear. We have enough weapons to level a whole county or two, how do you think I feel flying with four JSOW? Imagine what the pirates have loaded up." Said Rein.

    Denisov shot back. "I'll be glad once we're done with this mission. SEAD isn't exactly what I had in mind for my first hop."

    "I have confidence that we'll manage just fine, Matchstick. Keep the snark to a minimum until we get out of Shamlaki airspace." Zack spoke into his headset. Zack checked his watch and thought to himself. 'We're on time. Hopefully this doesn't go full on goatfuck when the first missiles are fired.' Zack didn't express the worry that had welled up in him during the afternoon briefings, he felt it was best to try and be as cool as possible in front of his unit.

    "Ferret. I'm nervous. This is the first time I'll fire shots in anger." Said Mao.

    "Hime we're only human we all get unnerved from time to time. Just stay focused and you'll be fine. One more thing." Zack said.

    "What?" she responded.

    "Don't fly ahead of the flight, we go in together and we leave together. That applies to all of you. We're a pack." Zack said sternly.

    "Wilco, Copy, Understood." A chorus of voices chimed in.

    Zack decided to put some music on at a dull roar in the cockpit to steel himself. "I hope you all don't mind some tunes." He said into his headset.

    "Go ahead. Besides being lost in my own thoughts is starting to drive me nuts." Denisov quipped.

    Meanwhile Mao thought to herself about the past couple of days her and Zack had to each other, especially the last night before shoving off back to base. She smiled as she thought about Zack and her getting adventurous for the first time in a long time. 'Jeez. He didn't know what to think when I had those ears and collar on. The look on his face was priceless!' She giggled and looked around the airspace which looked serene for the time being but that would rapidly change. Meanwhile Zack decided to raise his EW support, a pair of Marine EA-18G Growlers from VMAQ-8.

    "Canis flight of four F-16s to Venom 2, we are inbound to target with Basilisk. Request status."

    As the 6 Rosenthal aircraft left the base departure controller's area of responsibility, Shamu radioed, "Polaris, Basilisk flight of 6 checking in en route to Bradley tanker track."

    As they made their way towards the first refueling anchor, Sharky radioed to the F-16s, "Canis, Basilisk 1. Those little tinker toys of yours enjoying pulling some real weight?"

    The YAF Captain looked up as the Osean voice came into his helmet. It was the OMDF aircraft they were escorting.

    "This is Kvant Lead, we hear you." He assured, reaching down and selecting his long-range AA-12s.

    The short call was followed by the sounds of the radio waves coming alive as flights gathered and checked in with one another.

    "Venom 2 Lead here, we hear yah Canis."

    "Polaris acknowledges, Basilisk Lead, Bradley Track is open."

    "This is Mother, we hear you Sunny. Happy Hunting."

    "Roger Shogun, Charger Flight shouldn't be too far ahead."

    From his cockpit Mark only heard a few of the calls as he made sure his AGM-88s were ready. He sat back and sighed, glancing again at his "picture region" of the cockpit. A newer photo of Ekaterina, taken the morning he'd left, was now accompanied by one with his friends in Rosenthal, Ekaterina, and Eric. He then looked at his ECM panel; already he was being told that unfriendly radars, albeit small ones, were watching. Most of the big Kedhani AD radar nodes were long gone.

    Zack calmed down as he heard the voice of the Growler airccrew. "Canis lead to Venom 2 lead it's good to hear from you." Zack radioed over to the AWACS. "Polaris, Canis flight of four checking in en route to Bradley tanker track." Zack then heard the comments of the lead Rosenthal pilot and responded. "Canis lead to Basilisk 1; Yeah! in fact it's a nice change of pace to actually carry something outside AMRAAM's and Sidewinders for once." his retort referencing his previous combat air patrols in Isari airspace.

    "Sure. I like dragging a pallet of bricks with me. It's like flying an Edge 540 and then being dumped into a B-17." Denisov moaned. "Say farewell to mobility!" He continued.

    "Pipe it down Matchstick. The Viper isn't just for dogfighting you know. Hime to Basilisk 1; good to hear your voice." Mao said.

    Rein just laughed as the pilots chattered over the comms and they continued to fly towards the tanker. The channels were alive with sound as they drew closer to their objective. The four pilots of Canis flight despite being tense didn't feel alone now. Zack glanced down at his photo of him, Mao, and his family together from a while ago. Sadly he didn't have the time to put the picture of his newly made friends beside it.

    Sharky chuckled, "You know what they say, Matchstick. Fighter pilots make movies, but bomber pilots make history. Besides. In the long run ganking a shitload of jets doesn't do anything if you don't actually end up putting iron on target. They'll just keep coming. The fact that they've still got air after the massive bloody nose we just gave them is proof. Besides, that's why you gotta roll a jet with beef like the Tomcat. You give her a load to carry and she just looks at ya funny like she's askin' for more. And top o' the afternoon to ye, Mao." To Zack he said, "I know what you mean. Call me crazy, but I'm glad to be running strike again. It's a nice change of pace."

    As the pilots talked, they approached the Bradley refueling anchor. Shamu radioed, "Humpback 2-5, Basilisk flight of 6 coming in off your right wing."

    The EFA-31s winked in the sun as they approached their destination, the Bessus Research Complex in Kedhan. The two sleek jets were flying a bit sluggishly thanks to the load on their pylons, Cerus' Fantoma equipped with a few ground-strike munitions and air to air weapons for his defense, while his partner's was loaded up with air to air weaponry to fly interference for him and the CAP, if services be needed. The electronic warfare multirole craft cruised at good speed high above the ground, the clouds drifting underneath them lazily as they approached the waypoint. Noel let out a sigh of relief as she wiggled the wings of her Fantoma, the Ustian pilot taking a sip out of a canteen she brought for the trip. "Ah, thank god I'm back in the air...they managed to clear this thing for takeoff at the right time. If I had to sit out one more sortie, I would've drilled the crew chief a new one."

    "Hey now, don't say that. The last thing you want is an angry crewdog and the chief crewdog of your ride. Remember what happened to Dawkins? He got glued to the ejection seat the first time, and the second his flight suit had been sprinkled with chili powder," Cerus remarked as he eased up on the throttle, cruising at altitude below Noel, Angvir Two. The delta-wing felt much heavier than before, and was a little less responsive, but he knew it was necessary. He had been running a background ECM cover for a bit now, just in case they had any unexpected visitors, and the datalink between him and Noel's computers was pinging back and forth, saying that the ground-based and air-based ECM programs were communicating fine. He scrolled the multifunction display back to his normal configuration, checking the time. "About on schedule. Want to check in, or should I?"

    "That chili powder was me, remember? He got mad that his plane was out, and tried to get mine taken in for maintenance by saying its engine turnover was out of spec. He almost had it too, if I didn't whip out the paperwork," Noel snickered, the redhead taking off her helmet for a moment and shaking her hair. Slipping it back on, she hooked up the oxygen mask again, huffing lightly. She remembered the poor bastard; he danced around the hangar for hours, scratching at every inch of his body and howling at the top of his lungs while the rest of the hangar crew laughed their butts off at his ludicrous display. She had kept quiet, or at least tried to by making sure her MFDs were working at the time. But that was in the past. The Fantoma was flying much better, so the maintenance was needed. It wasn't as nimble as it should be, especially with her software and control setup however, thanks to the extra load on the wings. "I'll go ahead and check in. You had all the fun last time."

    Clearing her throat, she switched to the main channel as they neared the operations area, spottnig the AWACs as it drifted even higher than they did, its radome eclipsing the plane's sleek fuselage and shadowing its form. Grinning widely, she waggled her wingtips, keying the UHF radio. "Plateau, this is Angvir Two, of Angvir Squadron checking in. Show us entering Kedhani airspace over the Bessus complex, over."

    "We have you feet dry at this time, Angvir. Stick with Shogun Flight and support them." The AWACS replied.

    Eric spotted the EFA-31s as they cruised along. He immediately admitted that they looked little, if anything, like a EW jet. They were probably more appropriate riding alongside the F-22s that were scouting ahead. Either way it didn't matter; they'd earn his trust by helping him defeat one of the more evil SAM systems in the world.

    "Angvir Lead, this is Shogun Lead, prioritize jamming the acquisition radars on the SA-20s first. Deep fry those Tomb Stones. Target the SA-19s second if you can." Fast Eddie radioed before calling feet dry as well.

    The coast was clear of SAMs and AA guns, which only came once they'd gotten further in. Mark felt his neck tighten as suddenly an SA-6 site popped up on his ECM's mind, only to ignore him after a minute. There was another raid further south he remembered soon after, and Mark figured that their SEAD guys had decided to pounce on the Gainfuls. Attacking aircraft were a bigger threat, after all. Again he fixed his head on his shoulders; they were closing in on the SA-20s' range.

    The SA-20s, in the meantime, had been immediately notified of the incoming raid by one of the last KJ-2000s in the KAF inventory and were searching for the incoming raid. This alert was also relayed to a rather secluded airbase in the rural lands of Kedhan, the aircraft there were alerted and scrambled. They were not usually kept on CAP over the complex to maintain its relative secrecy, but the base had been designed to get the fighters to the complex fast. They were newer machines, provided by one of Kedhan's few allies.

    The Kedhanis and Shamlakis weren't totally isolated, as Ekna had proved. These countries were ready to supply arms, and had been since they'd been warring. The newest was about to enter the stage as it streaked into the sky. Far from the fight, several Verusean officials waited to hear of its performance. The same happened with North Soatoan officials as Shamlaki fighters that'd been procured recently scrambled to defend the newest wave of raids.

    At the plants, the other SAM sites were alive and well, search radars waiting to target and fire. fighters had been advised to stay on their toes after the recent air battle, and tactics were being fast circulated to counter the long-range missiles that had been plaguing the RSAF and KAF even longer.

    As they came off their second tanking, Shamu radioed, "Polaris, Basilisk is feet dry."

    As the terrain below them passed from blue to brown, Sharky asked Shamu over intercom, "So how'd your visit to Murabek go? Chart okay?"

    "Eh, it was alright. Chart was worried about her flight lead, obviously. I think I managed to get her mind off it for a little while, at least."

    "Lemme guess, JD made an appearance?"

    Shamu chuckled, "Nah, I only use him on you. I used... alternate means of persuasion in her case."

    "Hehe, say no more. Glad she's okay."

    "Yeah, same. So how's Irina?"

    "She's crazy as ever. They're working on some gnarly stuff with the SOAR, dude. Like Trophy on helos."

    "Wait, as in active protection system Trophy?"


    "Holy shit. That's awesome."

    "Right? Anyway we're feet dry. Should probably start the music. RWR's starting to get some hits."

    Shamu nodded, "Yeah you're right. All Basilisk jets, start up your jammers."

    The 6 jets flipped on their self-protection suites and began streaming their towed decoys as their radar warning receivers began lighting up with hostile radar signatures.

    As they progressed further inland, Sharky ran his fingertips over the picture of Gale he had taped to his kneeboard for good luck.

    "Broadsword 1 is feet dry at this time, we are pulling up off your starboard side Sunny flight." called Riley as the four Hornets pulled into position. Hacker waved at the F-21s.

    "We'll provide support for you sir, we plan on hitting the SLAMRAAMs with our JSOWs and then engaging the KS-1s with our HARMS before dropping CBUs on the AAA." radioed Hacker. Switching frequencies, he said, "Foudre, we're going to start pushing in, begin jamming."

    "All Broadswords, stream your decoys and turn on ECM!" called Riley. A return of "streaming" and "music on" came back to him and the AN/ALE-55s popped out and fell in trail behind the Hornets. "Broadsword 3 and 4, engage those SLAMRAAM systems."

    "Roger," called Yak.


    "Rifle away!"

    The four AGM-154s dashed away from the F/A-18s and headed to their targets.


    The four F-16C's of Canis flight began their ingress into Shamlaki territory out in front of Basilisk flight as they crossed the shoreline, Zack ordered a quick status check before giving the order to pop towed decoys and doing a quick check of their RWR which began to chirp as outlying radar sites began to pick up their infiltration into hostile airspace. Zack radioed over to the Growlers of Venom flight to make sure they were broadcasting. As an insurance policy all four aircraft started up their jamming equipment on their centerline station.

    "Canis lead to Venom 2 lead, status on the music. Are you on? Flight is streaming and inbound to target. Over."

    Zack awaited a response and quickly shot over to Basilisk flight.

    "Ferret to Basilisk 1, status."

    Mao checked over her systems quickly and had her HARM's and CBU-103's ready, Alyosha did the same while Rein did a last minute check on her JSOW.

    "Canis, status." Zack said.

    "This is Denisov, I'm in the green." Alyosha said.

    "Hime here, everything is good." Mao spoke into her comms.

    "Carter, everything is good boss. Relax. Things are good so far." Rein reassured her flight lead.

    Zack did the same awaited a response over the comms from Venom and Basilisk flights. Zack paused his music momentarily to focus on his job.

    "The tunes have stopped. Looks like bossman is in serious mode." Alyosha barked.

    "Damn straight. No one is eating SAM salad today. Matchstick and Hime. Hang back while Rein and I go on ahead. We'll hit the SLAMRAAM's while you guys get the KS-1's. Then we'll all go from there. We also have the pirates backing us up with Brimstone and HARM as well." Zack radioed to his flight.

    "Roger, Copy, 10-4 chief." The flight said in return.

    Shamu radioed to the F-16s, "Basilisk's green, inbound to IP. We're waiting on you, Canis." As they neared the initial point, Shamu began checking on the SLAM-ERs to make sure they were properly initialized and synced with the aircraft's GPS, and to make sure the integrated datalink was working. "All Basilisk jets, 15 mikes to IP. Make sure those SLAMs are good to go, boys."



    "Four copies."

    "Five copies."


    "Roger Broadsword, happy hunting" Sunny gave to go ahead and the Hornets streaked ahead of the strike package to target the SAM sites and AAA defending the factory.

    Sunny looked over his flight, before climbing for altitude before the run in to the target. "Sunny to Shorebirds, take the production sites, we'll target the storage facilities, copy?"

    "Copy. We are moving to engage at this time." Zack radioed to Sharky in return.

    "Ferret to Comet. Ready?" Zack said to Rein as the F-16's raced towards their IP, the pair began to acquire the the SLAMRAAM batteries and readied their AGM-154's; hoping that all the electronic interference and towed decoys would pay off. Zack laid his finger on the trigger and thought to himself. 'Love you Mao, just like I told you before takeoff. Just like I have a billion times before.'

    "Ready." Replied Rein.

    "Alright, She's all boxed in. Canis One, Rifle!" Zack shouted as he released a JSOW off the BRU-55 rail.

    "Comet, Rifle out!" Rein called as the weapon separated from it's mother craft.

    "Come on. Be right dammit." Zack anxiously thought out loud.

    The weapons had deployed their wings like switchblades and raced away from their mother craft, headed for the SLAMRAAM batteries near the plant. The first shots had been fired and die was cast. Meanwhile hanging back slightly the second element of Canis flight began their acquisition of the KS-1 batteries which had started radiating. The pair cued their two HARM's for launch and called out their shots.

    "Hime, Magnum!" Mao called as she fired.

    "Matchstick, Magnum." Alyosha said in an unusually calm tone.

    The ARM's dropped and fired their motors, racing away to meet their new friends at the end of their flight path.

    "Fourde is jamming, proceed with attack." the lead Rafale radioed. He checked in with his systems officer, who said everything was running smoothly. Both had their fingers crossed as the largely experimental machine got its got its trial by fire.

    For their Osean Marine brethren, there was less breath holding.

    "Roger Canis Lead, go smash em! Music's on." the lead Marine pilot radioed.

    The two aircraft settled into a racetrack pattern away from the main fight to back up the "hard kill" aspect of the SEAD flight.

    The Bessus strike was also kicking off as Mark was painted by a SA-20 site following him ditching his centerline.

    "Angvir, jam em! Saber, break formation!" He requested as he painted back.

    The pilot immediately punched chaff and began to weave. The F-21s split formation and aimed for their primary targets. He constantly switched his view between the MFD for his HARM and his HUD. The cue to fire appeared after a few seconds and he wasted no more time. The pilot immediately depressed his weapons release button.

    "Shogun 205, Magnum!" He declared as the four TELs in the site responded to his shot.

    There was a brilliant light as the port HARM was set loose. The pilot deployed more countermeasures and went for the deck. His RWR screeched and panicked; his HUD was blood red. Mark stayed calm, though, and kept moving and unpredictable. At the same time he waited for his AGM-88E to make impact. He then jinked back up to make the big incoming missiles feel overwhelmed.

    "Shogun 208, Magnum!"

    Eric's missile was off.

    "Shogun 203, Magnum!"

    Eddie had fired.

    "Shogun 212, Magnum!"

    Snow had finished off the salvo. The missiles went into steady paths and ramped up to max speed. Mark was holding his breath the whole time until he saw one of the missiles. He aimed for behind the missile and trailed more countermeasures, twisting and turning until the missile was past him. Missiles two and three had actually fallen to the wall of chaff that had built up over time. Number four he rolled above and behind, , going inverted just in time to see an explosion off in the distance. He guessed it was his HARM.

    "Shogun 205 has bagged a Tomb Stone; going for the TELs." He reported.

    All the meanwhile the defenses around Bessus were lighting up the afternoon sky with launches at every hostile jet on radar before the inevitable attack of Anti-Radiation Missiles replied. Angvir was targeted, as were Charger, Longsword, and Falcon. Everyone had at least one SAM to contend with. Now it fell to maneuvers and countermeasures when the weapons got closer.

    Canis got an immediate response as the ground-based AIM-120s fired, cback, giving each jet three missiles. The weapons were guiding themselves by the time the SEAD force's attacks were coming in. They hit mostly empty launchers, but the real prizes were the radars. The KS-1s didn't even get to really fire before their radars were doomed.

    Broadsword was getting a lot of the same, except the AMRAAMs mistook the MiGs for the priority, firing several missiles at them first. The CAP split, but were able to take some of the oncoming heat off the strikers. Still, the SEAD package got love from the AMRAAM batteries. The KS-1s were rather useless by the time the HARMs had landed and like the other plant, the AGM-154s hit mostly empty launchers. The bigger threat was becoming the Type 87s, now.

    Despite the success of the attack rendering the Shamlaki's unable to defend at long range thus leaving them open to the PMC's assault; the Block 50's had been targeted at the last second despite the haze of Jamming energy and decoys. Causing all four pilots to immediately react to the incoming attacks by pumping chaff and going evasive. All four pilots received a healthy dose of adrenaline as they began their maneuvers and the voice of their systems bleated 'chaff/flare' as the planes began to ditch a cloud of countermeasures.

    They briefly spoke in fragments during their maneuvers as the missiles streaked in their general direction. Alyosha being the most furious of the lot in terms of his words.

    "What the hell!? Even with support and our own jammers!?" Rein growled.

    "Stay calm. Don't lose your shit. We have the means to survive!" Zack somehow bellowed.
    "Goddammit..." Mao barked.

    "Fuck this Macross Bullshit!" Yelled Denisov.

    As the Basilisks approached their weapons release point, their radar warning receivers fell silent as the Shamlaki SAMs were destroyed. Shamu radioed, "Alright, SAMs are down. Sharky, you're set to fire. Master arm is on, Stations 3 and 4 selected."


    To the rest of the Basilisk jets, Shamu radioed, "Alright, approaching weapons release. Fire on my mark. 3... 2... 1... Mark."

    With that Sharky squeezed the trigger twice, calling, "Basilisk 1, Rifle. Rifle."

    The two AGM-84Ms fell free of the Tomcat, their wings popping out to stabilize them before their engines fired, sending them off towards their distant targets.

    At the same time the other Basilisk jets save Red's released their SLAMs, setting up an orbit as the WSOs waited for the datalink to activate to make sure their missiles were aiming for the right targets.

    "Hard Copy, Shogun Lead. This is Angvir lead, turning up the noise," Cerus replied as the operation commenced. He knew of those big, nasty SA-20s down on the ground. He had heard of what they could do, and the capabilities of their missiles. It made him feel a little fear, but with a bit of fancy flying, an extra sprinkling of ECM fireworks, and one of the HARMs on his jet, he could keep his cool. He activated his jammers and dipped down, starting to head towards the ground units coating the bottom of the complex. The Fantoma was no sluggish ECM bird; by all means, the Fantoma was more like a Typhoon or Hornet, except larger, and scarier in its capabilities. It screamed towards the desert floor, Noel hot on his heels.

    "Angvir Two, turning up the noise! Blanket Air to Air cover on ya, Shogun Lead!" The redhead hollered into her headset as she trailed above Cerus, using her own blanket cover as a distraction. Her suite was entirely air-based, meant to confuse the hell out of air units and make their heads spin on a top with how much havoc she could wreak with her systems. Her job was to provide cover, act decoy, and serve as Cerus' air bodyguard if he got himself into trouble. Which he typically did. She saw the Fantoma pitch sharply and deploy a brilliant series of flares below her, looking like a fully loaded angel of death, its silhouette dark against the bright shine of flares.

    He was low enough to start an attack and jam run. So long as he kept their attention, it was all that mattered. The Tomb Stones needed to be knocked down, and then the SA-19s needed to be finished off soon after. He armed the HARM under the wing of the delta fighter, and his jet gave him acknowledgement, searching for one of the bastardly SAM sites. His RWR was already going off, the ECM counter buzzing as it spread interference across all spectrums, scrambling coms and targeting systems on the ground. The MFD beeped at him with a solid lock. Cerus gripped the trigger. "Angvir One, MAGNUM!"

    The missile launched in a brilliant flash, the rocket motors igniting and causing the missile to be propelled far faster than his jet could possibly manage in the span of a few seconds. he banked sharply to pull out of his attack run before he heard a full, solid missile warning lock, the alarm bells ringing in his ears. Keying up the mike as he was forced into his seat, he groaned, "Alright, Noel. You're up! I've got several bogies on radar, aiming right at me. SEe if you can't give them a run for their money."

    "Hard copy, Cerus...Alright, boys! Time to get a taste of the sword to his shield!" She grinned widely before checking her own radar, looking for the enemies as she kept her flight pattern snaking and twisting above her squadron mate's. Gunning the engines, she licked her lips as they gave a satisfactory roar and the plane jumped, the redhead fidgeting in her seat for a little bit of the action.

    "Incoming, break and deploy flares!" exclaimed Riley. The Hornets split and dispensed chaff, and pushed towards the remaining targets.

    "Broadsword 1, Magnum!" yelled Riley. Both HARMs rocketed off the rails toward the KS-1s.

    "Broadsword 2, Magnum!" said Hannibal, also firing both of his AGM-88s, but not at the KS-1s, but the Type 87s

    From several miles behind the action, Sunny could see the contrails of SAMs and HARMs streak through the sky. Several explosions on the ground around the factory marked the end of several emplacements, making his job much easier. Though from the streaks, there were still active SAM sites and he wanted to hold off a little until they were down.

    On a far better note, he could make out no friendly aircraft falling in flames.

    So far, so good. Sunny thought to himself, though he knew how fast that could change.

    "Sunny flight to Mother, we're prepping for our attack run. Sunny Flight, Shorebirds you have your targets." Sunny checked in with the AWACS and his flight

    "Sunny lead to Broadsword lead, make you destroy those SAM sites. We can't attack safely with them still active" Sunny spoke to the lead of the Marine Hornets performing SEAD at the moment.

    "Sunny 1-2, roger" Dusty said and a similar response came from Rosie.

    The six aircraft, at some 10'000 feet made a heading for the cloud shrouded factory still several miles out. Broadsword still had time to do their work.

    "Rolling in, Broadswords 3 and 4, watch our backs," said Riley. "Hacker, you got the WCMDs ready?" he called over the intercom.

    "Yessir! They're hot!"

    The Hornets dove and dropped their CBU-103s on the remaining Type 87s , and then traded places with Yak and Foxhound, who did the same to their assigned SPAAGs.

    As the missiles got closer to most of the SEAD flights, their paths towards the F-16s began to falter. The AMRAAM was resistant to countermeasures, but on this level things were getting harder to compensate for with how much was being put out. The Growlers weren't helping, either. The weapons got close, very close, but went for the chaff and decoys. Canis 1 and 4 were perhaps the most unlucky, if that was the correct phrase, as only one AMRAAM ever got near them, detonating well behind near the ALE-55s. It suggested that a few had locked the countermeasures.

    In the meantime Basilisk enjoyed relative impunity from the SAM threat thanks to the beauty of standoff weapons and the fact that the SA-20 sites were being thoroughly worked over by jamming and actual weapons. The Type 87s were the real remaining threat to the SLAMs at the last few seconds.

    On the ground from underneath one of the flatbed trucks, Lieutenant Toscha Otocov watched and listened to the chaos going on. His Spetsnaz team had been ordered to sneak in to the complex to find out some things on a particularly nasty strain of bio-weapon that had come here from Shamlaki. Complications had forced him and the rest of his eight-man team to now lie in the middle of the raid that'd been planned to follow. Despite this, the man did see a chance to clear himself a path. Radio intercepts had revealed the Shamlakis were conjuring up the usual reaction force to secure the facility and any casualties after the strike. He had no desire to be in the area when they came. He snapped his fingers at his radioman and nodded.

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    Re: ONS Part 4

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    "Contact them." He ordered. The younger soldier bobbed his head in compliance and keyed his headset.

    "Friendly aircraft, this is Zomoya 7, I repeat, this is Zomoya 7. We are inside the chemical plant you are attacking and request help exiting the plant. Can you assist?" He said. The man paused a few seconds, then repeated the call.

    Back in Shamlak, the Type 87s blazed away at the incoming Super Hornets, showing the beauty of Shimoji-built mobile AA before they were individually disabled or outright destroyed by the CBUs. The need for defense had gotten to the point that individual troops were being directed to use Mistrals on the circling jets. Two such weapons went after Yak as he streaked past the Type 87 he'd gone at.

    "Shorebird is ready, Sunny Lead. Just waiting for the go." The senior F-35 pilot on the scene, a lieutenant, replied to Sunny's call after an acknowledgment from AWACS.

    "This is Kvant Lead, we have bandits, all aircraft be advised we have bandits. We will engage at this time, all other aircraft concentrate on your primary objectives." the lead MiG radioed in an advisory manner, addressing the strikers primarily.

    Near Besssus, the two aircraft Angvir two had spotted were coming in a high-low manner as they drifted towards the merge, giving her anything but any easy BVR set up. If she dove when they got close, one would pounce from above. If she went high, the low one would follow her up. To her north the F-22 CAP had also sent a pair of its own to intercept the targets while the rest kept up a barrier near the complex's outer perimeter. The incoming bandits ignored the Raptors for the moment and stuck to the fight with favorable odds. The fighters, J-10Cs AWACS revealed with displeasure, wasted no time in using Angvir Two's jamming against her. The salvoed off two of their PL-12 AAMs each the minute they were in range, using the weapons' "home on jam" mode to guide them.

    For the boys of Shogun, the fight was reaching the climax. the SA-20 sites were still plenty dangerous, as Mark would learn. He managed to avoid the wraith of another missile simply by getting low and away from it as the weapon was launching, before pulling up to make a run with his CBUs. He intended to drop all four in one go; a second pass would be too risky. His last HARM could go anywhere after that. An SA-19, at guy with a Strela, up Sawari's ass, he didn't care. At least one SA-19 was a crater thanks to one of the UAF jets. The pilot climbed and banked right so his bombs' area of effect would match the setup of the site best. His ECM nagged him as one of the TELs seemed to be trying to shoot at the F-2, but Mark just dumped some chaff and sped up to make his attack faster. the electronic bomb sight drifted to its place before his eyes, and he hit the weapons release button four times, breathing out each release to keep track.

    "Shogun 205, pickle!" He called before yanking back the stick.

    Shamu radioed, "Zomoya 7, Basilisk 1 flight of 3 F-14, 1 F-15, 2 F-16 on station 80 miles west of you. State your tasking."

    "Yak, break!" called Chris.

    "Roger!" the Hornet pulled hard to the left, streaming flares, then broke to the right, followed by a dive.

    "Mother, Broadsword 1, we are off target, requesting additional tasking!" said Hacker.

    The four aircraft of Canis team leveled out from their evasive maneuvers; their pilots radioing to one another to make sure no one had been shot down or had taken damage from the barrage of BVR missiles that flew towards them. Alyosha was the first speak up after taking in a deep breath from his mask.

    "This is Denisov to all call signs, everyone still flying and got their limbs? Looks like it from here." Denisov said to his wingmen over the channel.

    "Canis one to three; I'm airborne. Close shave though. Missiles went for the countermeasures." Zack responded to his number three somewhat rattled.

    "Comet here. I'm clear. Glad to see our first attack didn't go tits up. Forming on you lead." A relived Rein radioed.

    "Copy." Zack responded before trying to radio Hime who failed to respond to Denisov's call. "Mao sweetheart do you copy? Talk to me." Zack said with increasing worry.

    "I'm fine...I." Mao stuttered as her heart pounded, catching a glimpse of the incoming AIM-120 during her maneuvers. She took a few breaths and spoke in her familiar serious tone. "Hime to Ferret. I am airborne, I haven't taken any damage. Forming on your wing now."

    "Copy." Zack said before turning his attention to the main strike package. "Basilisk 1, this is Canis lead. SAM's are suppressed and we are regrouping at this time." Zack then radioed over to the Marine Growlers. "Venom 2. This is Canis lead. Thanks for the support. You saved our asses there." he then ordered his wingmen to do a quick weapons check.

    Shamu radioed to the F-16s, "Roger that, Canis. Thanks for the help. Spetsnaz just called for CAS. Can you watch our backs while we make our runs?"

    Sunny tensed as he heard the call about Bandits from his escorts.

    "Copy Kvant, happy hunting."

    After hearing the reply from the F-35 lead, he contacted the AWACS.

    "Sunny Lead to Mother, has Broadsword cleared out the defenses yet? Sunny and Shorebird are ready to start our runs."

    As the four Block 50's formed up, Mao gave a quick wag of her wings to reassure Zack that she was okay. Zack then replied to Sharky. "No problem, just doing our job Basilisk flight. We'll watch your back while you conduct your runs. Keep those Spetsnaz safe."

    The four F-16's pushed forward to provide cover for the PMC jets. Alyosha called out to his flight lead.

    "Boss, Mao and I have three CBU-103's ready to drop. What do you want us to do?"

    "Keep them in reserve in case Basilisk needs help with CAS or pop up targets. Stick to providing cover for the Rosenthal jets unless you are ordered otherwise." Zack shot back over his headset.

    "Understood." Mao radioed.

    "Acknowledged." Alyosha said.

    "Broadsword, Mother, say remaining ordnance." The AWACS radioed as their scopes were lighting up like pinball machines.

    At the same time, the Mistrals ignored the flares due to the countermeasures packed into them, but they began to lag thanks to the Super Hornets' maneuvers.

    "Sunny Flight, Mother, it looks like the defenses are mostly gone. Might be a Type 87 or two, but expect mostly Mistrals at low level." the E-3 then told the OMDF fighters.

    In Further from the strikers and SEAD aircraft attacking Plant K-15, Kvant Flight had stumbled upon the bandits, a flight of eight JF-17s, as the enemy fighters had been popping from a mountain valley. The two groups had come upon one another so close that almost immediately the fight went to close-range weapons, with any BVR weapons being fired in knee-jerk reactions to seeing the enemy. The lead Fulcrum pilot followed one of the Thunders as it broke up to get above him, aiming to get behind the new fighter and then pull back into him to destroy the adversary.

    At plant K-32, as the SLAMs hit their targets, the Spetsnaz leader radioed their plight to the coalition flights. They had no specific targets, they simply wanted someone watching over as they escaped and destroy threats to them. They would be sporting IR strobes to properly identify themselves. For Canis the new threat became clear as AWACS reported two bandits to the east, possibly more. Despite the action at K-15, K-32 was not to be forgotten.

    In Kedhan, Eric had just finished his own runs on his SA-20 site, though one of his CBUs had malfunctioned. the weapon opened prematurely and spread its field of death, only lightly damaging a launcher. He frowned, banked his jet, and despite his better senses decided to try and gank it with his remaining HARM. Granted he could get the proper return. He went away and away and away to get some distance before banking towards the remaining TEL as it eyed him (damn Yuktobania's proficiency at SAMs). He got a small return and decided to at least get rid of the extra weight.

    "Shogun 208, Slapshot!"

    Mark, at the same time, had gained the ire of an SA-19 as he pulled away from his more successful run against his site. The Tungska was pushing its gun range, but the tracers were still displaying how frighteningly accurate the system could be. The pilot rolled to go above the tracers and get away. they got closer, but he sailed out of effective range. The pilot then armed his other HARM and seatched for another target. that SA-19 presented a pretty tempting kill.

    "Shogun Lead here, where are the strikers?" Fast Eddie demanded in the meantime. The air was clearing and the KAF was coming; they needed to gut the complex soon.

    As the leader of the Spetsnaz team radioed his situation, Sharky grumbled over intercom, "What does this guy think we are, AC-130s?"

    Shamu shrugged, "Such is the life of on-call CAS."


    "Zomoya, Basilisk. We copy. Setting up a holding orbit 12 miles north of you." To the other jets in the formation Shamu radioed, "4, 5, 6, start scanning with the pods. See if you can find some targets. And for fuck's sake stay above 10k. I don't want anybody getting nailed by some dick with a Mistral."

    "4 copies."



    "Tch...they're good enough...and they've got it locked onto my jam..." Noel muttered to herself as she switched her jamming gear off, looking at the two oncoming missiles. Her own AIM-120s had a solid lock on the targets, and without a second thought she unleashed the BVR menaces to meet up with the PL-12s. Pitching the nose up, she rolled the aircraft over twice, dispensing chaff and flare in tandem to confuse her oncoming adversaries. Looking down across the battlefield, she searched for the wild streak of Cerus' plane strafing the ground with his munitions, the occasional bomb drop blaring behind him as his gun rippled the targets in front. She keyed the radio as she started her maneuver, aiming towards the ground for a high-speed deck run. "Angvir One, copy?"

    "Copy hard, Angvir Two. I see you've picked up a couple players."

    She chuckled a little, wanting to time this right. "Yeah, I know I did. Mind running a play with me?"

    His answer queried rather cheerfully as she watched the plane below pitch and bank sharply, heading towards her position. "Which one?"

    "Meteo Rise."

    "Decoy, eh? Works for me. En route, wilco. Drop....now," He called back before she watched the Fantoma suddenly grow faster below her, approaching her position at high speed to intercept the fighters on her 12. The second he noted drop, she pitched over again and throttled the engines, throwing them up to full thrust under afterburner and jolting back into her seat. The Fantoma screamed downwards as the missile warning bleeped harshly in her ears, the PL-12s not giving up the ghost quite yet. Cerus was passing at a 45 to her, the grey form of his aircraft flitting across her vision as it streaked toward their adversaries. Noel watched the count of her altimeter, and as it hit five thousand feet, she pulled up sharply, popping the brake and pulling the plane back into a climb. Looking up and behind, she watched as Cerus cued missile lock underneath the two KAF fighters as they turned to pursue, the redhead grinning wolfishly behind her oxygen mask. "Now the real fun begins!"

    Zack and the rest of Canis flight heard the AWACS call out the potential bandits coming in from the east to intercept them and the strike package. Zack began to check his radar as he scanned the horizon. "Still haven't slipped into the range of our radar coverage yet. I'll have to stay on the heads up." Zack thought.

    "Canis lead to all call signs; the bandits haven't come into our radar range yet. Stay on the heads up and watch your radar. Two you're with me. Three, Four. No change in your orders. Hang back."

    "Two copies."

    "Matchstick, wilco."

    "Four, roger."

    Zack then called over to the Sentry. "Polaris, this is Canis One. Request heading, airspeed, and potential type for the incoming bandits. Over." He went through the motions of checking over his air to air payload which consisted of AIM-9X and AIM-120 missiles as well as his M61A1 cannon. Rein and the rest of the flight did the same.

    "Forming on your wing, let's go Ferret." Rein barked.

    "This is Hime, I'll be ready and waiting if you need me Sir." Mao called out.

    "Alright we can't put this off any longer. Sunny Flight from Lead, Shorebirds, too. We're going to make our runs on the factory. You have your targets, take 'em out." Sunny said as he gave out orders to the five other Thunderhawks.

    Completing the last orbit away from the target, Sunny lead the F-21s into a gentle right climb to around fifteen thousand feet. Sunny looked over his instruments and looked over his flight one last time. On his right, Rosie nodded when he looked at her aircraft and to his left, Dusty gave a thumbs up.

    With that, Sunny led the way towards the factory with clouds of smoke rising around the factory grounds. Evidence of the work of the Hornets. Switching the radar to air-to-ground mode, he began to pick out the various warehouses surrounding the main factory

    "Sunny Lead to Mother. Sunny and Shorebird flight are beginning their runs." The Lieutenant Commander reported to the AWACS.

    "Mother, Broadsword 1, we each have 1 AMRAAM and a pair of AIM-9s." radioed Hacker.

    "Hearing the Navy pilots declare their run, Riley said, "Good luck sir, take em down!"

    "Broadsword establish a CAP in the immediate area of the plant while Kvant engages the bandits. Attack any leakers or pop-up targets that may threaten the strike aircraft." the AWACS radioed to the Marine Super Hornets as VF-3 and VFA-206 went in for their runs.

    "Sunny Lead, Shorebird, we'll make our runs following yours." Shorebird Lead informed VF-3's Ops O as the strikers were cleared hot.

    The YAF fighters had mostly contained the JF-17s' thrust and were keeping them away from the target. The fight had more or less settled into the classic furball over the mountains to the east of the plant, with both sides maneuvering in every which way to try and kill their opponent. Kvant Lead had managed to keep the Thunder that'd singled him out on the defensive, and then given the jet a proper blooding by blowing off its left wing with an AA-11.

    "Canis, we have more bandits, count is up to...six. Two heading for you, rest will be handled by the CAP. Bandits are at heading 101, 35 miles, Angels 4. Cleared to engage." The E-3 orchestrating the OAF-Rosenthal attack updated.

    The fighters facing Zack and his merry band of pilots would be a pair of Mirage 2000s, the "low-tier" jet of the SRAF. While the bulk of the attacking bandits, Typhoons, distracted the CAP, they'd hoped to go in low and snipe the strikers. Of course, lighting up their radars at the point they had to get locks on the PMC jets had alerted just about everyone in the area.

    For Basilisk, the first targets had arrived; the immediate reaction force was coming in via tranport helos, mainly Pumas, to secure the area. The Spetsnaz didn't plan to hang around long, either. It was relayed that they'd secured a few canvased trucks near the gate and intended to flee in them as soon as the center of attention became the attack on the enemy helos. Most of the plant itself was in disarray; there was no need to waste Brimstones or gun runs on single soldiers running about.

    At Besssus, the AAA threat was down but not out. the bunker buster carrying F-15Es had been cleared to attack, but the other strikers were held back with the SA-19s still in play. Of note were two of the remaining Tunguskas at the farther end of the AO. Eddie had been working hard to get an angle on one, the farthest, but he'd been distracted by a pair of foot soldiers with MANPADS. In that time, when the EFA-31 had turned off its jamming, it was like tossing chum into a shark cage. the AA gun's turret swiveled at her jet as it was dueling the J-10s. The crew was forced to operate with a fuzzy radar picture; they fired visually.

    "Shogun 203, Mangum." Eddie radioed as he sailed below the fight, finally lobbing his second HARM at the Tungska.

    The J-10s in the meantime, had never turned into Noel or her flight lead. Instead one fired the last of its PL-12s at her in a more normal fashion, locking the jet instead of its jamming, while the other fired its PL-12s at Cerus in "Homing on Jam" mode. The two jets then turned tail and dove, trailing countermeasures to create an effective decoy for the shots that'd been fired at them before ducking for the terrain. In the meantime the F-22s that'd been screaming south to attack the J-10s were ambushed by another pair of the jet.

    For Eric and Mark the fighting was settling down. Eric had pulled up and was moving to establish a one-man CAP above the target for the incoming strike aircraft while Mark had targeted another SA-19 and fired on it with his other HARM. clear of any extra weight, he also yanked his Thunderhawk upwards. As he did, he noted the furball going on to the east. The man hailed Eric.

    "Shogun 208, looks like we've got bandits...up for some more kills?" He asked.

    "Yeah, I'm game. Let's give that killstreak our friends with Basilisk have a little challenge." Eric smiled.

    The two jets arced over the EFA-31s to get a better view of things, then began their dive towards the retreating enemy fighters. As they did and started to lock targets, Eric spotted something familiar. In seconds he recognized it.

    "Two more bandits hugging the floor." He radioed as another pair of J-10s screamed along low and fast, aimed at the jammers as they were distracted by the pair they'd engaged.

    "Roger, we'll get those two." Mark replied.

    "Boss, we've got eyes on helos inbound."

    "Copy that, four. Can you lase?"

    "Roger that. Laser to target heading 285."

    "Shifting. 20 seconds." In the back seat of Basilisk 1, Shamu slewed the seeker head of one of the Brimstones slung beneath the aircraft to find the target Breaker was referring to while Sharky brought the jet to the proper heading. As he saw the helos he called, "Eyes on. Laser on."

    Breaker activated the laser designator in the Sniper pod and replied, "Lasing."

    "Spot. Sharky you're cleared to shoot, Station 5A selected."

    Sharky pulled the trigger, calling "Basilisk 1, Rifle on the lead helo." A single Brimstone streaked away, heading for the lead Puma.

    At the same time, the two F-16Hs had gotten into position, slewing their lasers to the two trailing helicopters, each releasing a single Brimstone at its respective target.

    "Basilisk 5, Rifle."

    "Basilisk 6, Rifle."

    "Copy Polaris; moving to engage. Canis lead to three and four; change of plans. Back Comet and I up." Zack radioed as he began to track the incoming Mirages that had come into range of his APG-83 radar. Zack and Rein promptly set up for an AMRAAM shot with the pair selecting the AIM-120's on their 2L pylon. The four had confidence that the Raptors would scrub the Typhoons while they took the Dassault deltas from BVR.

    "Hime copies."

    "Matchstick, Wilco."

    As Mao and Alyosha adjusted their course to cover the lead two aircraft; Zack locked on to one of the Mirages, obtained an audible tone, and squeezed the trigger. Rein followed up with her own shot.

    "Canis One, Fox 3!" Zack called as the AIM-120D dropped from it's rail and rapidly accelerated to Mach 4 to meet it's vicitim.

    "Canis Two, Fox 3!" Rein called as she fired off an AMRAAM at the other Mirage.

    "Roger Mother, we're going in." Responsing to the AWACS and thanking the Marine's for the support, Sunny lead the two other Thunderhawks in a shallow dive from 10'000 feet.

    Sunny heard the reply from the lead Shorebird pilot.

    "Right, make your runs after we hit the warehouses."

    GPS coordinates set, targeting a string of warehouses near the main factory, Sunny spoke to his two wingmen.

    "Dusty, Rosie. You two all set?" He questioned.

    "Armed and ready to roll" The older Lieutenant answered.

    "On your wing, leader" The younger Lieutenant replied as well.

    "Right, rolling in now, one pass only we gotta clear the air for the Shorebirds to come through"

    Selecting their own grouping of buildings to target, the two other F-21 pilots thumbed the button to release the each of the four GBU-31s under carried by the Thunderhawks.

    Reaching the designated point, Sunny pressed.

    "Sunny 1, pickle!" And at intervals of less than a second, each of the four GPS guided bombs dropped from his Thunderhawk.

    "Sunny 2, pickle!"

    "Sunny 3, pickle!"

    Dusty and Rosie did the same, and now six tons of guided Osean weaponry rained down on what was hoped to be warehouses full of WMDs.

    Her eyes rolled about as she jinked and wove through the oncoming fire. Bright flashes of anti aircraft artillery popped into her vision, great black clouds of the stuff erupting into her vision as searing tracers blew through the hazing masses. The lock indicator was blaring in her ears, and she had to wait for the ECM set to reload before she activated it again. IT was powerful stuff, but unlike a two-seater ECM craft, the pods and equipment on the Fantoma was a little more finicky, especially with the activation times. IT had a short cooldown period, relatively speaking, but currently time was NOT something she had at all. The engines of the plane roared as she pitched up, contrails running off the wings as she pulled over the battlefield.

    The SA-19s were dogging her and Cerus, and unless they were scrapped...well, the other attack patterns wouldn't be able to come in and do the dirty deed. Bessus needed to be scrapped, and fast. A groan caught in her throat as she heard the missile warning cue again and she watched the datalink for Cerus' Fantoma die out. Bastards pulled the same trick, and with no ECM from his craft to cover the ground targets, it wasn't going to end well at all if they couldn't get away and restart the programs.

    Cerus grit his teeth and peeled off, jettisoning flares and chaff to throw off the incoming missiles. Their luck was black today; the enemy fighters had effectively shut down their jamming for the moment, and the linking needed to be reacquired for it to work properly. For now, his ECM suite was on the reload, and everyone around the AO was a sitting duck. Pulling the jet around, his head knocked the back of the seat lightly, his body pressing deep into the thin cushions while the G-suit tightened up on his body. BRinging his plane to bear toward Noel's bearing, he almost keyed the mike before his radar pinged at him. "What ...?! Shit, Noel!"

    "Yeah? What is it? You sound like you just saw the boogeyman," She quipped.

    "No, this is not good. Look, we're already in hot water without the ECM, but we got bandits rolling in hot! They're homing in on your six, BREAK!" he shouted into the mic before he throttled the engines up once more. He wasn't too much higher than Noel at this point, and with his jet at this angle he had to move or else the J-10s would get a nice set of shots right into the top of his fighter. Noel was much worse-if she got caught by the two OpFor bearing down on her...well, he didn't want to think about it.

    The lead Puma had been informed of the attack, but had been assured not to worry at first. It had been determined that the aircraft were after the facility, and would have any interest in something such as a clean-up team. This would turn out to be a mistake as the lead helo's co-pilot spotted the Brimstone from Sharky and Shamu. The man, somewhat fresh from his training, flew into panic and began to shout prayers. The airmobile troops in the back began to look towards the front, wondering why their co-pilot was screaming holy phrases at the top of his lungs, only aware WHAT was happening until the Brimstone was inches from the canopy. Even then the major part of the explosion didn't come until after the first part of the tandem charge had detonated.

    The explosion was followed up by the same action around the trailing helos, however none contained the force's commander, who was riding in the middle of the formation. His reaction to the chaos was based heavily on prior battles. Two years back, near the Town of Al-Rifabi, such a thing had happened when Kedhani Hinds had attacked. The lack of alarms meant the weapons were most likely not IR or radar. He ordered that the helos land and the men dismount. The would encroach the plant on foot. In the meantime the Yuke commandos had begun their escape, and requested that fire be concentrated on the airmobile troops while they fled.

    The SRAF jets had been hoping to get off shots before anyone would detect them, but the F-16s' attacks came as a surprise. In a knee-jerk reaction, the two Mirages split their formation and trailed chaff and flares, rolling and going in opposite directions. One, the target Rein had sent her AMRAAM at, had made the mistake of going down, and as a result it trapped itself against the ground long enough that the AIM-120 from Canis 2 struck it on the stomach as it tried to correct itself. Zack's target was blessed with some temporary luck, and escaped to 10,000 feet unharmed, but out of position to shoot back at anyone.

    Shorebird waited as Sunny's Thunderhawks did their thing. There was nothing glamorous, really, about dropping a JDAM; it certainly wasn't what VF-3 was usually doing. Like the song "JDAM Blues" had lamented, the aircraft the weapon was launched from didn't have to do much unless it was being fired on. Thanks to VMFA-410, the space was clear of AAA. Kvant had the JF-17s tied up, with the "score" currently two JF-17s for a single MiG. The bombs fell silently to their targets, guided to a "T" by their coordinates.

    The F-35s rolled in next with JDAMs as well, albeit bigger ones to defeat the bigger buildings. The coordinates of said weapons had been so precisely set as to aim for ventilation shafts on the roofs of the processing buildings, allowing the bombs less resistance as they punched through the structures' tops and thus maximum damage inside. Sunny had destroyed any Chemical weapons that had already been built, and Shorebird had followed up by making their replacement that much harder.

    Eddie was the first to note that the ECM had gone tits up. The primary strike package, more F-15Es, was coming upon Bessus like hornets (with JDAMs). One of the EW birds had been fired on, presumably by a weapon that, like an AMRAAM, could track jamming signals, but when both went quiet he had questions.

    "Angvir Flight, what's going on?" He inquired as the remaining SA-19s began searching for targets unhindered. the one that'd targeted Cerus, however, was now a smoldering crater thanks to the Ops O of VF-138.

    In the meantime Mark and Eric had rolled so that they would be able to pull up after the J-10s passed below and be on their tails. Both had solid radar locks and let an AMRAAM open the fight.

    "Shogun 205, Fox 3."

    "Shogun 208, Fox 3."

    Eric had fired as he was pulling up on the stick of his Thunderhawk, sliding into level flight. The J-10 pilot turned into his attack; He turned and went above the enemy fighter. This was a new one; he'd never expected to fight the Verusean product any time soon. Either way the blonde pilot sucked in some fresh air and watched as his AIM-120 adjusted its course to follow the "Vigorous Dragon". The fighter deployed more chaff to defend itself.

    In the meantime, Mark's target had actually started climbing to meet him. The big pilot hastily switched to his gun and pulled back the throttle, trying to slow and get some lead for the M61. However the J-10 was at the top of his vision as he began to pull back the trigger. Mark relented and moved to pursue the enemy fighter upwards. As he did, he threw a lance up and to the east.

    "Angvir Flight, get those runners! Get those runners!" Mark called into his O2 mask, ramping up the volume in his voice as he spoke. The last thing he wanted was to be jumped by the first two Dragons. At least they'd cleared the Fantomas, though...for now.

    As the 3 Brimstones impacted their targets, Breaker called, "Hot damn, boss. Good hits. Looks like they're trying to get on the ground."

    Shamu replied, "Well let's see if we can't nail 'em before they get there. If we're too late, you're cleared hot, 3."

    "Roger that. 3's lasing."


    "Basilisk 1, Rifle."

    "5's in hot. Rifle."

    "6 is in hot. Rifle away."

    Sharky's jet and the 2 F-16Hs repeated their performance, sending a Brimstone at each of the remaining helos.

    Zack's elation turned to mild frustration as his prey remained on his radar display, the AIM-120D losing track and harmlessly blazing past it's intended victim as the hostile jet rocketed to ten thousand feet. However there was some consolation with the destruction of the second Mirage as Rein's missile slammed into the SRAF jet and sent it falling to the desert floor as a flaming slag heap. Zack however hissed a sharp "Fuck!" under his breath. Meanwhile Rein expressed her excitement as she secured her first air to air kill.

    "Hell yeah! If only dad was here to see this one! Canis Two Splash One! I repeat Splash One." Rein shouted. "Farewell!" She continued in Aslani.

    "Khorosho Comet!" Alyosha said over the headset.

    "Good hit Comet! We got a bandit still in the game at Angels Ten. I am lining up for another shot." Zack said as he quickly locked back on to the enemy jet, lock tone boring into his ears. Irritation still lingering from having to use more ammunition than he really wanted to. Suddenly Mao called out her shot.

    "Hime, Fox 3!" She shouted. The missile streaking ahead to meet the SRAF Mirage. Mao had grown impatient, feeling she could do her fair share of the heavy lifting and decided to take action. In the meantime chatter began to fill the comms as the Basilisks began their Brimstone attack on a group of Shamlaki Pumas that had entered the combat zone with airmobile troops in tow. The success of the strike so far reassured Zack that the ball was firmly in their court. The four meanwhile prepped their close range weapons in case the Mirage dodged again.

    Finishing his pass over the target, Sunny brought his flight around a in tight right turn to begin heading towards the coast. From their vantage point,, the three Thunderhawk pilots could see the results of Shorebird's and their handywork. Smoke and fire rose from the main factory, and a literal sea of fire raged in the area that formally contained the cluster of warehouses.

    "Sunny 2 to lead, I see plenty of secondaries and the factory is in flames. Looks like we did it" Sunny could easily envision the grin on the man's face surveying the destruction.

    This particular factory would not be producing much of anything for a long time. Certainly not for this war.

    "Sunny to Mother, bombing complete. We're starting our egress now." The strike lead reported to the Emmerian AWACS before addressing Broadsword and Kvant.

    "Sunny lead to Broadswoad and Kvant, bombing is complete. Strike group is beginning push towards coastline, cover our egress. Do you copy?"

    Having set up CAP a few miles from the factory, the Hornet's watched their radars to see if any of the hostile fighters would attempt to flee the furball.

    Hacker's scanning was inturrupted by the Navy striker's transmission. "Roger that Sunny lead, we got you covered."

    "Holy shit! Look at them secondaries!" whooped Chris.

    "Hard copy, Shogun. Thank you for the assist," Noel managed to get out as she pulled the nose over again, looping around to chase after the two other J-10s. Cerus was bearing down on her six, flying back into formation as her wing, the redhead chuckling a little, if a bit nervously, as they had narrowly avoided a clash with death. The missile warnings were still going off, but so long as they waggled their tails and popped some flares for the time being, it would be fine. "Angvir One, status on your ECM sequence?"

    He looked down at his MFDs and scrolled through the screens with a gloved finger, tapping the keys lightly as he flew in Noel's shadow. The Fantoma's ECM equipment beeped softly as its countdown timer hit zero, signaling that he could restart the blanketing countermeasures that he had before. His was needed far more than Noel's, and if he could keep it up in their next engagement, it would be worth a couple of high-powered seekers on his tailpipes. "ECM system cooldown sequence has finished. I'm able to reactivate the jammers now. All flights, be advised, Angvir One deploying ECM again."

    The MFDs lit up and the weapon icon went from 'red' inactive to the friendly 'blue' of an active jammer, much to his relief. Working their way across the skies over Bessus, Noel grinned on her end, rolling up and towards the last known position of the J-10s. "Alright! Shogun Lead, the DJ's back on stage. Music's pumping loud as ever. We'll take care of those runners, and Angvir One will help polish off the SAMs before the strike group flies in."

    Cerus winked acknowledgement of Noel's plan by wiggling the wingtips of his Fantoma, the redhead shaking her head before throttling up the engines again. They needed to catch the J-10s, and quickly. So long as Noel kept her ECM off, it wouldn't be that difficult for her to bait them into combat that was more in her favor. With Cerus by her side, that certainly wasn't going to be an issue. In air combat, you never wanted to be at a disadvantage. That two on one before was bad, but now, with things evened up and with the J-10s short a couple of their missiles, it was looking better for their squadron. The EFA-31s roared across the sky towards the KAF J-10s, their seekers thirsting for the heat of the exhaust.

    It was time for a little payback.

    The choice to land while, a good way to try and escape the wraith of the F-14s and F-16s above, also meant the Pumas were vulnerable now at an even slower speed. One helo had practically crash-landed and was spilling out its troops when the Brimstone hit, while another was hit as it was feet above the ground.The lucky ones that survived huddled against the ground as pieces of helicopter were tossed about. Unlucky ones were hit by said derbies or bathed in burning gas. In the end none survived, as would be expected when you sent helos against jets. They were well above the range of the Mistrals below, making them immune to any vengeance.

    At the same time, the Spetsnaz leader watched from afar as the trucks his men had commandeered sped off into the wilderness. The Captain looked up at the circling jets, still somewhat visible in the late afternoon light. He couldn't help but raise his AK-12 up in triumph, like he had as a young enlisted man in 2010. Even when they'd been his enemy, the Oseans were damned scary with their plethora of guided weapons.

    "Thank you, Basilisk, we are clear." He had sent up via his radioman.

    The Mirage Hime had fired on left its climb and aimed itself back at the F-16s, trailing chaff to confuse the AIM-120. It zig-zagged a little too to add to the act, but it was unable at any time to get an effective shot off at the F-16s. As it tried to hits Zack on his left flank, Mao's AMRAAM, having adjusted course, relieved the jet of its right wing. Splash two Mirages. AWACS declared the skies were clear, sans the CAP's fight. Canis Flight's first encounter had been easy...perhaps a sign of the road ahead? Or maybe it was like the tutorial level of a game, where afterwards things got less so.

    "Sunny, Mother, roger that! Egress immediately, no need to stick around any longer." AWACS called.

    As they did, one MiG-29 pilot frustratingly declared he was ejecting. behind him, a victorious JF-17 streaked past the destroyed Fulcrum and continued on towards the coast, another of its kind slinking by to support. With their comrades occupying the remaining Yuktobanians, they had a free hand to attack the strike aircraft. The two switched off their radars and screamed in low to ambush the attacking jets. However, they had not counted on one thing: a group of Marine Super Hornets skulking above the destroyed complex, keeping the naval jets covered. When they illuminated the F-21s (the F-35s being harder to even find), the Shamlaki pilots all but painted targets on their machines.

    Down in Kedhan, things were also very much in the coalition's favor, in fact the strikers were essentially clear to attack. The Strike Eagles pounced, bombs ready.

    "Roger Angvir, we've just got one or two Tungskas hanging around, if even." Eddie reported. If there were SA-19s about, they weren't transmitting.

    In the meantime, the two J-10s that'd kicked off the ambush did not bother to try and turn towards the EFA-31s. They were out of position and the ambush had failed; naturally they would be well-advised to exit the fight while they could. The two ran, trying to escape AMRAAM range. To up their chances, they began a dive towards the terrain, letting off some chaff.

    In the meantime, it seemed painfully appropriate that one of the newest jets on the market would be able to hold off an AIM-120 after a while, Eric thought sourly. Granted, the J-10 had not defeated the missile like *that*, but after some very violent turns and a barrage of chaff, Eric's weapon was no longer tracking his target. Eric simply responded by keeping the pressure on. He'd been keeping the Verusean-built fighter on his radar the whole time, ready for his other AIM-120. He gave it to the Dragon as soon as his first was faltering.

    "Shogun 208, Fox 3!" He reported.

    By now the two jets were at 15,000 feet, both inverted, and didving for the ground. Eric was gonna pin the guy against the deck, and force him to be the blonde's next kill. He watched as the AMRAAM closed in. No chaff came...Eric blinked. the guy had used up all of it defeating the first shot!

    In the meantime Mark was readjusting to get his gun back on the other J-10, now behind and above the other J-10 as it climbed. The Kedhani fighter screamed towards the sky, trying to get far enough away that the pursuing Thunderhawk would be out of range; Mark decided to persuade the aircraft to do otherwise. With his nose on the J-10 but out of range, he began locking the J-10 for his other AMRAAM. the RWR alert spooked the J-10 pilot, who proceeded to break from the climb to counter, trailing chaff. That cost the Kedhani speed, and allowed Mark to get close. He pounced, gun ready. Something inside, maybe blatant pride, told him he needed to blast the thing with his M61. True to his moniker and style, Tex would do that.

    Shamu radioed, "Roger that. Happy to help." Switching back to the AWACS channel, he radioed, "Polaris, Basilisk is off target. Requesting tasking. Status two heater, 4 radar per."

    As the hostile Mirage lost it's right wing to the exploding AIM-120D. It began it's fiery descent to the desert floor below; Mao upon confirming her first kill began to express her excitement at obtaining her first kill in combat.

    "I...I hit it! See that boys!?" Mao laughed before trying to radio in her kill in a more serious tone. "Canis Four here, splash one hostile, repeat hostile is down."

    "Excellent work Hime! Waxed him good. Looks like the girls are up by two!" Rein called over to the Shimoji.

    "Great work Mao! I am proud of you. In fact I am proud all of us have made it this far." Zack said.

    "Thank you hon-I mean sir!" Mao radioed to Zack.

    "Great work guys. Girl power and such." Alyosha shot over the channel.

    "Jealous?" Rein snickered.

    "Nah." Alyosha replied.

    "Pack; on me." Zack spoke up into the headset.

    Zack rolled his F-16C to the left and took position in the lead out in front of Rein, the others rejoined formation quickly behind him as the triumphant Wolf Pack had managed to clear their first trial by fire. Zack thought to himself about the road ahead and what other challenges they'd be confronted with, would they meet pilots of greater skill? Would they take losses? For now Zack had to stow this away in the back of his mind as he radioed the AWACS and Baslisk flight.

    "Canis Lead to Polaris; we are off target at this time with clear skies. Request additional tasking. Over." switching channels to Basilisk he called: "Canis One to Basilisk Lead. We are off target at this time. What is your status? Over."

    Shamu radioed, "Canis, Basilisk is off target safely. Thanks for the cover, gents. And ladies. If Polaris has no tasking for us, Basilisk is RTB."

    "Basilisk and Canis, we have no further tasking for you. You are cleared to RTB." Polaris radioed.

    Zack exhaled a sigh of relief at the radio calls and responded to Basilisk first.

    "Copy that Baslisk Lead, no problem at all. Just doing our job. Good to hear you guys made it out without losses."

    Zack then called to Polaris after switching channels.

    "Wilco Polaris, Canis flight is RTB at this time. Thanks for everything."

    Zack smiled to himself as he prepped his music again. "Who's up for something loud and Belkan?" which elicited laughing from his wingmen. "No really. Putting it on now." as he began to play "Der Flieger" by Eisbrecher in the cockpit.

    Shamu radioed Polaris, "Roger that Polaris, Basilisk is RTB."

    As the Basilisk aircraft turned for home, Shamu asked Sharky over intercom after turning down the blaring lyrics of "Night Witches" by Sabaton, "So lemme guess, another visit to Ah-Mout when we get back?"

    "Yup. Gotta uphold my duty as the deliverer of Sharky hugs. What about you? More map reading?"

    Shamu chuckled, "I'd like to, but nah. No sense smothering her. If she calls, I'll go. Otherwise no reason to."

    "Uh huh. Well, whatever you do, make sure you throw away the tissues."

    "Har har."

    RWR went off the cockpits of the Navy aircraft as the surviving JF-17s tried to enact retribution for the destruction of the factory.

    Dusty was the first to call the warning.

    "Two to lead, they're got us painted!"

    Sunny's eyes widened at the unwanted attention from the Shamlaki fighters.

    "Kvant, Broadsword, this is Sunny Lead. Those fighters are targeting us, deal with them now."

    As the Basilisk formation left their first of two refueling anchors, the discussion in the cockpit of Basilisk 1 once again turned to the experiences of female companionship experienced during the weekend of R&R.

    "So I take it your inaugural session of map reading went well?"

    Shamu chuckled, "Yeah, it did. We worked that hotel room over GOOD."

    "Hehe, I'm glad to hear it."

    Changing the subject, Shamu asked, "Oh yeah, didn't those two Emmerian chicks come over to you guys' room that night after the beach party?"

    Sharky replied, "Yeah. The blonde one wanted us to show her a few moves that she could take back to her guy. And Mags, well... she just wanted boobs."

    "So how'd that go?"

    Sharky chuckled, "Pretty damned well. Gale was greatly enjoying being the hands on school master. I think that's the wettest I've ever seen her. Like even wetter than her after she gets out of the pool."

    Shamu fell silent for a moment before saying flatly, "I regret everything."

    Laughing, Sharky continued, "What, you don't want to hear about how Mags sucked on Gale's hats while I porked her?"


    "Aww, that's too bad. I was about to tell you about how I was going at Mags from behind while she ate out Gale."


    "Go ahead. Always wondered how a Tomcat would do as a convertible."

    His bluff called, Shamu huffed in annoyance and asked, "Why you gotta taunt me like that, man?"

    Sharky grinned and said, "Hey, you brought this upon yourself. You know how into it Gale can get."

    Shamu sighed, "Well yeah. But that doesn't mean I wanna HEAR about it..."

    Sharky chuckled, "You made me squirm for years, now I'm getting some payback."

    "Damnit... I guess that's fair." Thinking for a moment, Shamu mused, "Fuck, now I have to find some other way to give you shit."

    Sharky laughed, "Good luck with that."

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    Re: ONS Part 4

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    Zack broke away from the tanker after taking on his fuel load; having given the boom operator a wave after separating from the flying gas station. Zack this time had waited for his comrades to top off their tanks first before bringing his jet to the KC-10. With his Block 50 back in formation a cute sound uttered by Canis Two came over the channel; worming it's way into the first lieutenant's inner ear.

    "Kon?" Mao said.

    Zack taken by surprise paused for a moment before responding with, "Yes Hime?"

    Mao smiled thinking about the adventure they had in the hotel room, then suddenly her thoughts raced back to the operation. Flashbacks of an AIM-120 making a rush for her decoy as she evaded then her subsequent air to air victory against a wily Mirage that had gave her beau the slip ran through her mind. "Just wanted to see if you were paying attention Ferret. I need to see you when get wheels down. Okay?"

    Zack responded with a prompt. "You got it. I'll be waiting." as they continued to fly further away from the now destroyed chemical weapons facility and the long dead defensive weapons that once stood guard over the aforementioned facility. Alyosha and Rein then decided they needed to express a little more cheer at their good fortune during the op.

    "I say we have some beer, eat greasy food, and then insult one another!" Alyosha laughed.

    "Sounds like a good time!" Rein chuckled.

    "You made all the jets go fuego girls! You buy!" Denisov barked.

    Mao groaned as the spirited conversation centered on who would buy what when they got the chance to celebrate. Meanwhile Hime just wanted to get down on the ground, debrief, wash off, talk to her man, and then drown one another in feels.

    The EFA-31s screamed towards the runners like banshees, their engines roaring in unison and shooting out streaks of blue flame as they tore through the sky. The J-10s were small and nimble, but the Fantomas were quite agile in their own right, and more mobile thanks to the larger engines planted on them. With their ordnance weight a bit lower than before, it was quite a bit easier for Angvir One and Angvir Two to chase down the bogies with abandon.

    Noel noticed them starting to dive towards the terrain, the best maneuver in this kind of situation. If they had tried to pull up, well, the 30mm cannon in the nose of HER fighter would've lit them up like the Fourth of July. Fantomas were designed to be modular when it came to certain aspects; the 30mm cannon versus the 20mm of Cerus' fighter was one thing, enabling her a bit easier kill advantage if it came to gun range. It was a favorite of hers in flight school; utilizing a fighter with a 30mm enabled her to get the drop on her opponents, who expected the weaker 20mm which was more common. The killshots in training were far more common if her first missile launches missed and they closed quickly. In this case, she was banking on her and her wingman to get into AMRAAM range in order to finish them off. She noticed the chaff popping off, causing her to tsk slightly. "They're still trying to run for it, and dogging us to boot...should we close a bit further?"

    "We can if we want. It'll finish faster if we can get within Sidewinder range-pop one off of each, and if they break both, we have spares and guns. They can't run much further. The deck is far easier to chase them down and corner them with," Cerus replied, rolling up his A2A weapons. Currently, he was only equipped with the Sidewinder, seeing as how he was supposed to run against the now battered ground forces and SAM sites, but it was more than enough for this. Noel's craft, on the other hand, was still laden with lethal AMRAAMs and Sidewinders, despite the two she popped off earlier to chase after these current bogies. It was going to be a very bad day for them in the end. The Fantomas continued to pick up speed as Noel cued her AMRAAMs again, throttling the engines a bit higher to catch the J-10s in front of her. She made sure to burn past the chaff, giving the radar seekers the best possible view of the jets in front of her. Cerus swooped in below, waiting for the AIM-9Xs to get a lock and Noel's craft to launch its payload before dumping the Sidewinders on their opponents.

    The chaff signature cleared. Noel pressed the switch, with the satisfying sound of solid target lock in her ears. "Angvir Two, Fox Three!"

    Two more AMRAAMs erupted from the launch rails, screaming into view in front of Noel's Fantoma and gunning for the J-10s.

    "On the nose, two bandits going for the strikers!" called Yak. "Roger that 3, you and 4 hang back, Elephant and I will push in."

    A chorus of "Roger that," came through, and the lead Hornets increased throttle and dove down on the JF-17s. You take the wingman, I got lead."

    "Roger that sir."

    "Fox 3!" yelled Raptor, loosing his AMRAAM. Hannibal followed suit. After this, the Hornet's pushed in close.

    The JF-17s trailed chaff and moved directly below the F/A-18s that'd challenged them, putting themselves in a spot that would require the AMRAAMs to perform maneuvers to get them the missiles could not do. Free of the first shots but now unable to reach the fleeing Thunderhawks, the Thunders aimed to hit Raptor and Hannibal from behind. Each loosed a PL-9 at the Hornets and closed to pursue them when they maneuvered.

    In Kedhan the job on the ground was pretty much finished at this point. The F-15Es had kept things short with their JDAMs, heeding Eddie's warning that at least two Tungskas remained active and were probably waiting. He and his wingman circled as they attacked, weapons ready to pluck the bastards from existence. In the meanwhile he listened to his two other pilots mixing it up with J-10s and waited. Eric had fired off his second AMRAAM...it was tracking.

    "Shogun 208 has splashed a J-10."

    Eric felt the need to announce that piece of news, and rightfully so. The newer jet had not seen combat against anyone, and now he was the first pilot in history to kill one on it's first taste of real war. He could just hear the Verusean generals, the engineers at Chengdu, and its fans crying. The fighter's rear half exploded and sent tan-colored metal careening to the valleys below.

    For Mark, the day was also about to get sweet, but not as sweet as his wingman's. His target had been swayed by his second AMRAAM, and the loss of speed gave the man a burst of 20mm. Unfortunately the Kedhani pilot was scrambling to regain his momentum, meaning Tex Walker did not get the proper number of bullets to kill the jet. He was forced to shoot past, but as he held his breath, waiting for the enemy fighter to turn into him, he got no such attack. He wasted no time turning back into his prey as he was clear of it, but the J-10 was now lowering into the canyon. The pilot decided today he would survive. His commanders would be displeased at a lack of kills, but willing to let him go on when the Veruseans showed their pleasure at the jet's survival. Besides, General Sawari applauded sacrifice, not outright suicide.

    "Shogun 205 has driven off the other bandit. 208 where are y'all?" He asked.

    "Approaching the target to egress, 205. I'll be waiting." Eric replied.

    Meanwhile, the lead J-10 pilot, a homely Lieutenant Colonel, was a smart man, and years of fighting the Shamlakis and Aslanis (both of whom used the weapon) had taught him how to fight it and defeat it. The jet pursuing him was not much of a factor; once he brought his smaller jet into the canyons, he would be able to flee. The man deployed more chaff and snapped to the right, sacrificing speed to overwhelm the weapons. He braved the G-forces and went inside the missiles' projected path of travel, deploying more chaff in controlled intervals to keep himself masked. He even turned off his radar, announcing the move to his comrades. At the same time he carefully spiraled down towards the terrain, where the camouflage on his jet actually began to become of some use.the pilot sailed into the terrain and out of the fight. If they wanted to follow him, he would see them crushed against the walls.

    His wingman hadn't been so lucky. The younger pilot had only gotten his seat in the new jet because his father had been involved in the procurement of it. A MiG-29 pilot by trade, he decided his only choice would be to turn and fight the jets. Despite the flight lead's warnings, he deployed more chaff and turned to face Noel. The manuver was short-lived and not good enough. It got him an AMRAAM to the left wing. the J-10 dipped downwards and began it's death dive. The pilot ejected, but was struck by a large piece of debris as he flew back and away from his doomed plane.

    "Surprise bitches!" yelled Yak, loosing an AMRAAM at one of the JF-17s. Foxhound followed suit, and Broadsword's 1 and 2 broke down and into their opponents, trailing flares and chaff.

    The rest of the flight to King Falud went without incident. Upon landing, Sharky quickly went through a debrief and hopped on the next transport to Ah-Mout.

    Once there, he made his way to Gale’s quarters and knocked on the door.

    “Who is it?”

    “Delivery for you, ma’am.”


    Sharky entered the room, closing the door behind him. Gale sat at her desk wearing an oversized Rosenthal t-shirt he recognized as one of his along with a pair of shorts. The blonde turned around to see who her visitor was. “Wait, Sharky? The hell are you doing here?”

    Sharky grinned, “I was told there was a gorgeous helo pilot in dire need of a hug from a misunderstood aquatic predator. I am here to complete my duty.”

    Gale stood up and walked towards Sharky, allowing him to pull her into a hug. “I’m glad you’re here.”

    Sharky kissed her on the cheek and chuckled, “I would hope so. So what’s up? Are you okay?”

    “Yeah, just a little shaken up. Last night was messy. Too messy.”

    “If Voodoo blew up a water tower, then I can imagine. But hey, the mission’s over, you’re okay, and you have a carnivorous fish that gives dynamite hugs at your disposal. I’d say things are lookin’ up for ya.”

    Gale laughed, “This is true. I suppose I could use you to help me unwind.”

    Pulling back and perching himself on the back of the couch, Sharky said, “Exactly.” Looking the blonde over again he continued, “Wait a minute… Is that one of my shirts you’re wearing?”


    “You REALLY wanted that Sharky hug, huh?”

    Gale sighed, “Yeah.”

    Sharky opened his arms for another hug, this time pulling Gale into a deep kiss. After they came up for air he asked, a hand snaking its way north under her shirt, “So. What now?”

    Gale eyed the bulge growing between Sharky’s legs as the now familiar glint returned to her eye. “I got the hug. Now I want the rest.” Sharky’s eyes widened as Gale pulled him into the bedroom.
    Once at the foot of the bed, Gale stripped off Sharky’s clothes before pushing him over on the bed. "Fish dinner, madame?" Sharky said, grinning. Gale laughed and pulled her T-shirt and shorts off before clambering on top of the supine Tomcat pilot.

    A few minutes later, Gale rolled off of Sharky, sighing contentedly. Sharky reflexively rolled to face her, wrapping his limbs around the blonde. As she felt Sharky’s arms and legs encircle her, she murmured, “Now THIS is my favorite kind of Sharky hug.”

    Sharky chuckled, “Why, because you just got your rocks off?”

    Gale huffed, “That’s not it.”

    “So then what is it?”

    “I… It’s hard to describe. When you’re here, like this, it’s like you’re in front of me, behind me, all around me. Feels… Safe. Like there’s no way you’re leaving me.”

    “Getting sappy on me, Hurricane? That Hind must have freaked you out more than I thought.”

    Gale turned to Sharky and said sheepishly, “Hey, a girl can have a moment, can’t she?”

    Sharky grinned and pecked her on the lips. “Of course.” Pulling her closer to him, he mused, “So that was a fast one for both of us. Surely that wasn’t enough to get you unwound?”
    Gale raised an eyebrow. “Getting hungry on me, shark man?”

    “Hey, like you said. Gotta have a moment.”

    Gale chuckled, “Touche. Hmm… They don’t need me for the next op, so I’m clear for at least a week, barring training hops and whatnot. How much time do you have?”

    “Couple of days, at least, assuming nothing unforeseen pops up.”

    Gale grinned, “Perfect. Plenty of time for us to get kinky. Which means right now I can just lie here in the mother of all Sharky hugs.”

    “I can dig this change of pace.”

    “Don’t be getting used to it, big boy.”


    The two tone F-16’s approached King Falud AB after topping off their tanks and flying back to Isari airspace; the flight home was unusually quiet after the quartet refueled and briefly reveled in their victory with the exception of an occasional status check.

    “King Falud tower, this is Canis flight. Request landing clearance.”

    After a brief pause the controller responded with the go ahead to begin landing procedure.

    “Tower to Canis flight; landing clearance granted. Welcome home.”

    “Roger that and thanks tower, good to be home.” Zack radioed back as his F-16C Block 50 came in for final approach. After the four planes landed and taxied back to their hangars; a ladder was mounted to Zack’s Falcon with an ill-tempered Isari woman in ABU’s climbing it. Zack’s eyes lit up as Staff Sargeant Fara Al-Shamrani came into view.

    “I see all four of you managed to get back home in one piece; how did my plane fly?” Fara calmly asked Ferret.

    Zack smirked. “She flew beautifully Fara, thanks for asking. We did our SEAD mission by the book; all the batteries were knocked out.”

    Fara interrupted him. “Good to hear! At least I am not waiting for SAR to bring your ass back so I could beat it for you with my wrench.”

    Zack laughed. “We came close. SLAMRAAM batteries targeted us at the last second and tried to Alpha Strike our asses. It failed miserably tho-“

    Fara’s face turned to a scowl with her shouting, “You almost got morted out there!? All four of you!? You idiot! You know how much these planes cost per unit!?”

    Zack responded with a grin. “We’re alive and the pirates were able to conduct their strike with little trouble. Rein and Mao bagged their first kills. One Mirage each. Mao got hers after I missed with a RAAM.”

    Fara sighed as she helped Zack unbuckle from his ejection seat. “Well at least I know the Osean Air Force has some decent pilots within its ranks and I happen to be crew chief for one of them. Just be safe out there you moron.”

    “Always Fara. I’m glad we’re all home without incident.” Zack said closing his eyes. “Can I get down now Staff Sergeant?”


    The debriefing went as predicted for everyone; Major Graves sung her praise of the thirty second’s performance in carrying out their mission along with the usual talk of the enemy’s effectiveness being degraded by the strike. After debriefing; everyone had gone on to do their own thing. Eat, relax, shower off, or all of the above in the case of a certain battle couple who now occupied a couch in a dimly lit living quarters. Mao who had stripped off her uniform and donned a black tank top and shorts had her head in Zack’s lap. The pair had been there for quite some time; talking about the day’s events and making sure one another were awash in ‘feels.’ The mood in the room was one of calm and intimacy. Zack ran a hand through the Shimoji’s hair and clasped her hand.

    “Anything else on your mind dear?” Zachary asked.

    “Karin called me earlier today; she wanted to know how we were doing.”


    “She’s happy to hear we’re doing just fine; she worries about us too much. I placated her anxieties for now. I agreed to visit her in Oured when this is all over.” Mao smiled as she lifted herself up to kiss her flight lead on the lips.

    “I have no objections to that, just as long as you are happy about seeing your family.” Ferret spoke while kissing her on the neck, eliciting a moan from Mao.

    “In this case, I am more than happy to see my big sis.”

    Zack went on his back while Mao clambered atop him with a devilish grin. The two kissed deeply and playfully rolled around to get on top. Mao ‘won’ and laid her head against his bare chest before snaking southward with a deep blush on her face.

    “It’s the least I can do for my Ferret after stealing his kill.” Mao teased while licking her lips.

    The JF-17s were caught in the trap, stuck between the lead element of F/A-18s and the trailing ones. They had room to maneuver and they clung to it, keeping up their maneuver that'd brought them behind Broadswords 1 and 2. The lead plane hit the gas, knowing his was being chased by a radar-guided weapon, and trailed chaff, though this incidentally had him shoot over the canopy of Broadsword 1, evading the missile but now putting himself right in front of Broadsword 1. The second, the one Yak had taken a shot at, banked to the left and trailed chaff, but at this range he ended up being to close to get away. Yak's latest kill was secured as the enemy fighter's tail was blown off.

    In Kedhan, the strike had done its job and Fast Eddie gave the word for them to bug out. the Grisons remained silent to avoid punishment. The J-10s withdrew to avoid further embarrassment. Eric and Mark streaked over the now disabled weapons facility, punctured by JDAMs from the F-15s. Eric gave the place only a brief glance; he wasn't out of it yet. However it was getting awfully quiet between the two of them as they made steady progress towards the coast. Finally he keyed up the radio.

    "Shogun 205."

    Mark glanced over towards the other Thunderhawk upon hearing his moniker.

    "Everything okay, 208?" He replied.

    "Need to talk when we get back to the boat." Eric divulged.

    Mark bit his lower lip. That always meant something was up...but then again Mark had his own things to confess.

    "Understood, 208, we'll grab a burger after we land and debrief." He proposed.


    CAG, being the way he was, had ordered a proper procession upon hearing the news that VF-138 had scored kills against J-10s. Just as he'd intended to give Sunny a bit of props for destroying the plant, ordering that the flight's bomb marks be hazardous material signs when they got back, he intended to do something similar for Eric and Mark. He watched the two pilots trap from the LSO platform this time before making his way towards them. Both were near Mark's bird, where the signs of his gun being fired had become obvious. Even better to know.

    "Dammit sir, I'm gonna hate washing the soot off of her!" Mark's plane captain shouted over the sounds of the deck.

    "I say we remove the panel and case it! Then bring out the dancing girls and booze! Hell Mark, you just secured your place in aviation and Walker history!" Eric said. The two hugged.

    "Guess Ah can brag a little round Shamu and Sharky, eh?" He laughed.

    "Sure, once Shamu learns to love the T-Hawk!" Eric agreed.

    "Gentlemen! I've been informed that you both were responsible for the deaths of examples of one of Chengdu's latest products today?" He boomed. The entourage noted the man and saluted.

    "Yes sir, two flaming wrecks that were once J-10Cs." Eric reported proudly.

    "Well tonight the Fantail News would like to host a segment with you two gifted bastards on it! We're also fashioning up some complaint forms to mail to Chengdu itself! Their products failed to deliver!" CAG replied. The crowd slid into riotous laughter.

    "Where can I get one of those forms, CAG? Because of them I have to replace flares and chaff!" a crewman shouted.

    "Yeah, and we lost a perfectly good droptank!" Another howled.

    The debrief, hosted by Eddie, praised the two and commented on the squadron's job at SEAD. After some additional comments on the SA-19, the HARM, and maneuvers to defeat AAA in this mission, the pilots were dismissed. Eric caught Mark as he was sliding his Yellow Sheet into the Maintenance Department's "comment box".

    "So how about that burger?" He asked. Mark nodded knowingly.

    "Sounds good...figured we hadn't talked in a while." He admitted, turning for the door. Eric followed.

    The 'Winders growl was so loud that Hacker had to control himself from tearing off his helmet and plugging his ears. "Fox 2!" Raptor declared, launching one of his AIM-9Xs at the escaping JF-17.

    "Get em Broadsword!" Dusty cheered as the retreating Thunderhawks watched the Marines clean house.

    "Good shooting, guys don't chase them out too far now. We need to get out before anymore trouble arrives" Sunny called to the lead Hornet pilot. The six Thunderhawks continued their journey towards the coastline and towards the Excalibur.

    He could hardly believe his luck, noting that none of his flight had been shot down by the opposition.

    "Gentlemen. . . and woman. I believe that we thoroughly cleaned house today." Sunny addressed Dusty, Rosie, and his Shorebird pilots.

    "Damn right we did!"

    "I certainly would want to clean the mess we left behind!"

    Sunny chuckled and radioed the AWACS.

    "Sunny 1 to Mother, we heading over the coastline now. Send Kvant and Broadsword our thanks for the great escort!"

    "Roger Sunny, I've got a message from the Excalibur. You're requested back pronto!" the AWACS replied, a bit of enthusiasm in the controller's voice.

    Kvant could not comment at the moment. Despite odds swinging in their favor, they were still fighting a battle, and now the flight lead was peeling off pilots as they began to run low on fuel or ammo. The JF-17s, well those that hadn't been destroyed, were also bugging out when they could.

    The Thunder that ended up screaming out in front of Riley didn't do much to defend. The pilot was simply too overwhelmed to move fast enough. It was because of this that the AIM-9X coming from the Super Hornet had little to stop it. the end result was a straight shot up the tailpipe.

    Aboard Excalibur...

    "So be straight with me, Mark, how did it feel to take that step with Ekaterina?" Eric asked.

    Mark looked towards his friend as he gulped down part of the burger with egg atop it.

    "It felt...right, in the end. Ekaterina's a beautiful woman and we have a bond, and Ah'm glad Ah finally let myself be that way with her." He replied.

    "Poetic, put that in a love guide and you'll be set in retirement."

    "Ah also proposed."


    Mark grinned with a bit of pride.

    "Got her a ring and popped the question the night before we left. She was crying in utter joy." He confirmed.

    "You sly motherfucker, how could you keep this from your best buddy?" Eric practically laughed.

    "Cause it takes time to word it properly, sweetheart." Mark said, sarcastically adding the nickname. Eric raised his cup of Dr. Pepper.

    "To you and Ekaterina." He proposed. The toasted and chugged.

    "Thanks, now what did y'all need to talk about?" the bigger one asked as they finished.

    "Nevermind about it, Mark. We'll talk about that later, right now things are too happy to talk about it." He grinned.

    Mark gave him a slight look, but the blonde deflected it with a steadfast smile. There was no way he could bring up his own internal struggles and jealousy in the face of this. That would be too selfish to him, too out of place. No, for now he had to be happy for his friend and enjoy the fact he'd be a best man in the future.

    "Splash two!" yelled Riley triumphantly. "Sunny, you're clear!"

    "Holy shit!, we got him!" yelled Hacker excitedly as he watched the hulk of the JF-17 spiral away. Refocusing, he called, "Kvant, this is Broadsword, do you need assistance?" he asked.

    "Nyet Broadsword, we will be fine." the lead Fulcrum assured.

    The Fulcrums moved to actually push the JF-17s towards the water if they could, where there were plenty of coalition ships to pick them off. The Thunders would not bite, and the fight melted away as both sides retreated to tend to wounded and their planes.

    "Roger that, Broadsword RTB!" said Hacker triumphantly. "Good luck Kvant."

    Peeling away, the Hornets flew back to the tanker. The Hornets plugged in and the flew back to the airbase. Upon landing, Hannibal said, "Wait, we forgot! We have five kills!" Hacker looked over at his aircraft and then switched his radio to the base channel. "Tower Broadsword 1, we have an ace in the house, requesting a flyover."

    "Roger that Broadsword, clear for fly over!"

    The Hornets roared over the base to the cheers of the crews. Upon landing, Chart and Hannibal got thorough soaking from the firetruck and Hacker and Chris shook their wingmen's hands. Marines returned to their briefing room for de-brief, followed by a cheering crowd. The crews of the jets added the latest kill markings to the jets and as Riley put it, "There was a party you probably would've enjoyed."

    Back on the Excalibur

    After taxiing out of the war of the other aircraft landing, Sunny exited the cockpit of Felix 103 after several hours in the air. He felt stiff and more than a little tired, but very satisfied.

    "How'd you guys do sir?" The Plane Captain for 103 walked up when Sunny's feet touched the steel deck of the carrier. Sunny gave a smile that more than lived up to his callsign.

    "Have to wait until we debrief, but I think we did a damn good job. Not a scratch on any my guys as far as I can tell." Sunny noticed Rosie's Thunderhawk touch down on the flight deck and catch a wire and grind to a halt. Dusty and the three Lightnings of VFA-206 waited their turn to land.

    "Excellent, that means less work for me and the rest of the boys. Also heard that the CAG is up and about. He congratulated those guys from VF-138 when they got back earlier, I think." The Plane Captain informed him. Sunny nodded.

    "Well in that case he'll find me before too long."

    CAG had been waiting for Sunny's Flight as a whole to land. Once they were on the deck, he leapt up from one of the catwalks on the side of the carrier and rushed over to the pilots.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen!" He boomed, rushing any formalities. The man presented the stencil.

    "To commemorate VF-3's and VFA-206's attack today against the Shamlaki WMD program, we have a special stencil for you all today. Wish I could've been there myself but unfortunately the schedule screwed me into flying the morning hop against a bunch of MLRS trucks in the sticks." He announced. The man stuck out a hand to Sunny.

    "Good job as strike lead, Lieutenant Commander Lovell." He congratulated.

    **********************************AIR MISSION 7 END**********************************

    Debrief: Excellent work, with the ability to create WMD-type weapons destroyed, neither country will have a last-ditch measure to repel any invasion. HQ agrees that now we can proceed with the land phase of the war soon. Prepare to receive your orders regarding such an operation; they'll come soon.

    Kill Tallies:
    Shogun: x2 J-10C Firebird
    Angvir: x1 J-10C Firebird
    Canis: x2 Mirage 2000-9
    Broadsword: x2 JF-17 Thunder
    Basilisk: x6 SA.330H Puma

    No press releases came from either country specifically regarding the attacks on the chemical weapons plants, but Verusea made its opposition to the war known, as did Erusea. Both countries agreed that the action has "gone too far for a UN police action and should seek to ease from its military course".

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    Re: ONS Part 4

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    March 27, 2018 (Local Time: 0405)
    OFS Ford Pass (LHA-7)
    50 miles off the coast of Kedhan

    Corporal James Bradford, A member of 2nd Platoon, Bravo Company, 2/9 Marines, stood up as roughly half his platoon was ordered to the next awaiting Osprey for transport. He kept his M8A1 rifle close to his body and lowered his NVGs, staying hunkered down as he rushed to the back door of the waiting tiltrotor. The platoon sergeant, SSgt. Arnold, shouted his usual jingoistic one-liners to the men as they boarded. James grimaced; it was fitting that his first foray into combat have that one downside from the start. Nonetheless the rifleman took his seat betwen his two friends, LSAT gunner Lance Corporal Jose Martinas and Grenadier Corporal Luke "Izzy" Taylor (named so for his uncanny appearance to the Digimon character).

    The radio was alive with chatter, all about operations along the Kedhani coast. Early-morning bombardment had worked to clear some of the bunkers that dotted the beaches, but that wasn't where the younger Bradford son was bound for. His Company was being sent behind the beachhead to attack one of the towns that housed reinforcements for the shore defenses. It was perfectly fine with James; he didn't feel like hurrying from the back of an MLAV onto the recreation beach the Marine force was being forced to use. The terrain was urban there, a nightmare for any warfighter on the attack.

    His thoughts were stalled for a second as the MV-22 lifted up and away into the sky, maneuvering its blades so it could move forward. The company's transports were met by AH-1Z Vipers from HMLA-145, the Copperheads, who saw them towards the coastline.

    "Well gentlemen? Ready to bring democracy and all that good shit to Kedhan?" He asked, feeling a little jittery.

    "Fuck that shit, I'm here to kick in Sawari's balls." Izzy said, browsing his selection of grenades for his rifle's M203. He chose a standard HE for now; his Thermobaric shots would be saved for later.

    James gave the Kedhani troops a quick thought. The standard Kedhani trooper carried an AN-94 and wore a loadout good enough for any soldier defending his homeland. They by no means looked rag-tag,but there was a certain ruggedness to their appearance. This was especially clear compared to Shamlaki troopers. Kedhani troops were also dangerous fanatics. He sat back and looked at his rifle. God and Chesty Puller be with him...

    March 27, 2018 (Local Time: 0415)
    OFS Excalibur
    375 miles off the coast of Kedhan

    Eric was thinking the same thing, except he was calling to Clarence Wade McClusky instead of Chesty Puller. The young man had been taught some finer points of bomb-dropping by this war, but he still disliked it. He was also nervous about his younger brother going into battle; he wished he could know where he was to keep an eye on him. But that wasn't how it worked. At the very least he would be over Kedhan once again, and he had plenty to bring with him. His jet was packing four GBU-12s on MERs on the inner wing stations, Sniper pod on the forward right fuselage mount, two AMRAAMs on the outer wing stations, and two GBU-38/B JDAMs on the rear fuselage mounts. He also had his gun and if he really needed, his centerline tank.

    The Lieutenant taxied forward through the dark to the #2 catapult on the carrier. The motions were almost mechanical at the point; he'd been flying so many combat sorties he felt he'd spent more time in his jet than ever. While he waited for further instructions, he glanced towards the space Misaki's picture occupied. The photo had been updated with her When they'd gone back to the Shimoji Islands. She always did look good in a Kimono.

    He looked back out the cockpit as he was given the signal to go to full power. Eric gave the throttles a shove and waited while it was made sure he was clear. The F-21's two exhausts roared in anticipation as the final minute of rest passed by. Finally the signal was given and Eric saluted and braced. The Thunderhawk was sent forward and into the sky. Eric left the pattern quick and banked towards the beach landing as it was getting underway.

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    Re: ONS Part 4

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    March 27, 2018 (Local Time:  0430)
    OFS Excalibur
    375 miles off the coast of Kedhan

    With a gesture from the catapult officer, Sharky's heavily laden Quickstrike was sent rocketing off the front of the OFS Excalibur, screaming into the night sky after the VF-138 F-21s.  The large jet was loaded to capacity, with two triple-packs of Brimstones on the forward weapons pallets, a single CBU-103 on the rear right pallet for light targets in the open, a single GBU-31(V)4/B for hardened targets, a pair of AIM-9Xs and AIM-154s, and a Sniper XR pod on the right wing pylon.  It had been decided to carry the targeting pod due to the need to self-designate targets instead of relying on one of their wingmen as they had a week ago, or on the ground troops, who would most likely be busy attempting to preserve their own lives.

    "Basilisk 1-1's up."

    Within seconds more radio calls came in.

    "Two's up."

    "Three's up."

    "Four's up."

    As all four Tomcats leveled off, Shamu radioed, "Battlestar CATCC, Basilisk flight of 4 is airborne.  Switching to departure."

    After completing the handoff from the carrier's air traffic control center to the orbiting E-2, and finally to the E-3 controlling the airspace over the invasion beach.  "Judgment, Basilisk flight of 4 Tomcats checking in."

    As they waited for a reply, Shamu asked over the intercom, "So how'd your little vacation go?"

    Sharky replied, "Not bad.  Gale was a bit stressed over the whole Hind incident, and the UN inquiry with the DAP crews, so it was good that I was there.  How about you?  How'd you get on while I was gone?"

    "Eh, hung out with the maintainers and Showtime and shit the first day, but then I got bored and headed down to Murabek."

    "What happened to 'giving Chart her space?'"

    "I did.  But she made ace, and I wanted to celebrate with her."


    "Yeah.  I swear that girl likes whipped cream more than a five year old with a sweet tooth."

    Sharky laughed, "Well, I'm glad you had fun.  And got your daily sugar intake."

    "And then some..."

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    Re: ONS Part 4

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    "Broadsword 1, you are cleared for takeoff. Unrestricted climb authorized to altitude. Good hunting."

    "Roger that," said Riley, as he advanced the throttle. The Hornets were heavily loaded, carrying eight GBU-53s, two fuel tanks, four AGM-65s, AMRAAMs, Sidewinders and a full load of 20mm. Booting the jet to full power, the Hornet raced down the runway. Climbing upwards away from the runway, the three other Hornets followed suit.

    "Broadsword flight is up, heading to the AO."
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    Re: ONS Part 4

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    After watching the last of the Tomcats lift off the deck, it was now VF-3's turn.

    Early morning flights, I'll never really get used to them. Sunny mused, while waiting to launch.

    All the pre flight rituals were completed and with the "OK" from the catapult officer and tower, Sunny's F-21 was flung into the night. He was soon joined by the rest of his division.

    Rosie on his wing, Dusty as the section leader, and Bait (the newly christened callsign given to a Lieutenant Roy Holden after his work as Dusty's wingman during the Fighter Sweep on the 19th) on his wing.

    Each VF-3 F-21 carried a similar load out to their counterparts in VF-138 to support the amphibious landing. One of the oldest fighter squadrons in the Osean Navy was once again going to be delivering bombs.

    Each pilot reported into their leader. Satisfied, Sunny lead the Thunderhawks in a gentle climb while reading towards the beach.

    Now to wait for orders from the FAC. . . .

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    Re: ONS Part 4

    Post by Cerberus_K18 on Fri Jun 26, 2015 6:49 pm

    King Falud AB, Republic of Isara

    After the F-16 pilots attended the briefing which had been delivered by Major Victor Dietrich and his assistant 2ndLt. Sabrina Stillwell, Zack gathered the unit by the hangars and decided to shout the battlecry the four had practiced a few weeks ago; the group had not taken the time to do it on their first hop.

    "Wolves!" Zack shouted.

    "AWOO!" the three pilots replied simultaneously.

    "Lets go." Zack grinned.

    "Kon-Kon" Mao said, pecking her beau on the cheek as she walked by.

    The four made their way to their aircraft; climbed aboard, and got strapped in. In the meantime SSgt. Al-Shamrani delivered her usual threat to Zack, "Lose that plane out there and I will pummel you into oblivion!" she snarled. "I love you too." Zack snidely shot back. Al-Shamrani rolled her eyes and tapped his helmet. "Save it for Mao."

    Zack glanced over at his Shimoji Warrior princess who was strapped in. He smiled and waved to her, despite Mao's attention being held by her MFD's and crew chief who gave her a thumbs up and a vote of confidence. Rein meanwhile checked over her own plane and gave some thought to the antics she pulled the night before the invasion with Aly. "That was certainly interesting." the busty Aslani said to herself.

    The Falcons this time around would be loaded down for CAS with a mixed load of AGM-65D Mavericks, GBU-12 Paveway II's on TER's, 300 gallon drop tanks inboard, and the usual load of AAM's just in case. In addition they also carried an ALQ-184 ECM pod centerline and a SNIPER XR pod. The Block 50's taxied their way to the runway awaiting their clearance to take off from the ATC.

    "Tower to Canis flight, you are cleared for takeoff. Skies are yours."

    "Canis Lead to tower, copy. Engine to full power. Releasing brake." Zack raidoed in return as he brought the single F110-132 engine to A/B.

    "Two commencing takeoff." Hime said as she began her roll.

    "Throttle to firewall, Comet releasing brake."

    "Matchstick, commencing roll."

    The four Falcons raced into the sky, their orange-blue afterburner plumes contrasting in the early morning sky while the sounds of their engines filled the air; each aircraft retracted their gear in sequence as they headed off to Burj Al-Nasr in Shamlak to provide support to the Emmerian forces making landfall. Ssgt. Al-Shamrani looked on with her crew as her planes raced away from view; quietly wishing them luck under her breath.
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    Re: ONS Part 4

    Post by Garuda 1 on Fri Jun 26, 2015 11:27 pm

    The looks on the four pilots said everything. Estelle was the first to speak up about it.

    "I don't believe this. When we started out, this was just a simple act of containment. Now we're invading them?"

    Irenee replied, "I know. As much as it pains me to say this, but wouldn’t it really be better if we thought more about where the true warmongers are?"

    They got in their Mirages, started up their engines and taxied out to the runway. When they got there, Irenee called out to the tower, "This is Eagle flight. We're ready to take off."

    "You are cleared for take off." the tower replied in a thick Isaran accent.

    As the Mirages took off and turned in heading toward their target: Faucon Beach.

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    Re: ONS Part 4

    Post by Ronin201 on Sat Jun 27, 2015 12:09 am

    Eric hit the tanker halfway to the beach to keep his tanks full. As he was approaching the beach, he saw some of the signs of the earliest signs of bombardment. Nonetheless the Marines had yet to hit the beach. He looked towards Mark and gave him the signal to loosen up things. After that he keyed up the radio.

    "Cherry Picker, Cherry Picker, this is Shogun 3, checking in. Got two JDAM, four Paveway, and a full gun for the section, how copy?" Eric radioed to the F/A-18F over the beach. The Super Hornet immediately had targets to hit.

    "Shogun 3, we have eyes on enemy SPAAGs beyond the beach we want to get destroyed before the Marines get onto the beach. Use your JDAMs on them. how copy?" the man in the back radioed.

    "Roger that." Eric said, waiting for coordinates.

    When they came, Eric decided to have Mark make a run after him if he missed. Two 500-lb bombs should've been enough, but one could never be sure. He ordered Tex to orbit while he went in. The pilot kept his centerline close; a call to the FAC told him that the big threats were SA-24s and SA-19s. He went in fast and hard, coordinates locked. The pilot didn't have to do much thanks to the JDAM's abilities. When he was in position, he thumbed the release button twice.

    "Shogun 208, pickle away."

    The two weapons fell from the rear fuselage stations and sailed down, locked onto the ground that the howitzers occupied. A lone Kedhani trooper with an SA-24 managed to glimpse Eric's flares, but was unable to get a lock on him as he escaped to a safe altitude. The morning was rocked by another explosion as the weapons were hit. Eric went feet wet again and waited for further instructions.

    In the meantime, Judgment heard Basilisk's call.

    "Roger that Basilisk, check in with Cherry Picker for targets." the AWACS ordered.

    In the meantime James and his platoon were feet dry and five minutes out. Their escorting AH-1s had raced ahead, weapons ready, and were looking for any kind of targets to hit before the MV22s got there. In the back James started praying and watching the back ramp. It would be lowered any minute.

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    Re: ONS Part 4

    Post by shomu1 on Sat Jun 27, 2015 12:12 am

    Shamu radioed, "Cherrypicker, Basilisk flight of 4 Tomcat checking in.  6 Brimstone, 1 GBU-31, 1 Cluster, full gun each for the section."

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    Re: ONS Part 4

    Post by Garuda 1 on Sat Jun 27, 2015 12:25 am

    After a mid-air refueling, Eagle Flight was in sight of Faucon Beach.

    "This is Eagle Flight, we're arriving on station." Irenee called out.

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    Re: ONS Part 4

    Post by Phantomphanatic10 on Sat Jun 27, 2015 12:36 pm

    The Hornets had tanked and rolled up to the beach. "Judgment, Broadsword is over the beach" radioed Hacker, then switching frequency, he said, "Cherry Picker, Broadsword 1, four Mavs and eight GBU-35s, plus full gun."
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    Re: ONS Part 4

    Post by Georgia Ace on Sat Jun 27, 2015 3:29 pm

    The beachfront coming into view, Sunny Flight could see the other aircraft working on targets or orbiting high above the action waiting for targets to be assigned to them.

    The Lt. Commander led his division into an orbit at 15'000 feet and reported in to the local controller.

    "Cherrypicker this is Sunny checking in, flight of four Foxtrot Twenty Ones. Four Paveways, Two JDAMs, and full gun for each. Orders?"


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    Re: ONS Part 4

    Post by Cerberus_K18 on Sun Jun 28, 2015 11:22 pm

    After refueling at a KC-10 en-route to their target; the Falcons raced to the AO. Zack could make out the coastline and the Emmerian ground forces assaulting the beach. Alyosha chimed in over the comms.

    "Reminds me of the landings in south Usea in '03 lead."

    "Hell, Bastok in 2010. Alright Pack, let's get to work." Zack responded.

    "Solid copy. Weapons are hot. Let's bring the rain." Mao called.

    Zack smirked. "Making puns now?"


    Thd F-16's rolled into position with Ferret raising the FAC on station callsign Predator.

    "Predator. Canis flight of four F-16C checking in, full gun, three Delta Maverick, and three GBU-12 for the section."

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    Re: ONS Part 4

    Post by Ronin201 on Mon Jun 29, 2015 9:53 am

    Cherry Picker was glad to have the support on station; the first MLAVs were swimming towards the beach and already FLIR was picking up targets. In the center on the beachhead, like the heart of a castle, was a large hotel. white trails burst forth from it, indicating the place had been converted from a recreational facility to a place for RPG and ATGM teams to set up. The MLAVs were protected only by their trophy systems for now, but the FAC wanted the threat gone soonest.

    "Basilisk, we have a hotel on the beach that's lighting up part of the landing force with RPGs and AT missiles. Hit it with JDAM; sending you the coordinates now." the backseater radioed as the other two VF-138 jets, flown by Vixen and "Wall" Newick, knocked out two bunkers. He then switched to the other aircraft coming in.

    "Broadsword, Broadsword, we've got Cobras, callsign Mothra, further north that report SA-19s moving into position. Engage with Mavericks." She ordered. Finally came the last F-21s.

    "Sunny Flight, we've got a Marine assault going down behind the beachhead. Take up position and standby; they're gonna have a busy day."

    In Shamlak, the Emmerians had to play it much more cautiously. The Emmerian Marines still came ashore in ships not too detached from the old LSTs. The rugged terrain of their beachhead, which could only be traversed by a few slopes, was at the mercy of enemy positions. Part of the assault force, riding aboard Puma helicopters, would flank and attack the emplacements from behind.

    "Eagle, this is Judgement, say weapons load." the Emmerian Rafale requested somewhat impatiently. However the F-16s coming in satisfied him.

    "Canis, we have multiple emplacements overlooking the beachhead. Attack with Paveway and watch for enemy AAA." he radioed.


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    Re: ONS Part 4

    Post by shomu1 on Tue Jun 30, 2015 1:27 pm

    Shamu radioed, "Roger that.  Basilisk has your target. Basilisk 1 and 2 are in hot from the east."


    As the steering cues came up on Sharky's HUD, he said, "Shamu, put it in computer release."

    "Already is."

    The F-14 entered the appropriate range for weapons release, and the pipper on Sharky's HUD came alive.  Shamu said, "Alright, wings level.  Release in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...  Mark."

    The pipper hit the bottom of the HUD.  Sharky mashed down the weapon release button for good measure, but the computer safely released the 2000lb JDAM with a resounding clunk.   Now two thousand pounds lighter, Sharky called, "Basilisk 1 weapons away, egressing southeast," banking left while streaming flares and chaff to return to their holding position off the coast.

    "Two's in hot... Weapon away.  Egressing southeast."  Showtime and Millie also dropped their JDAM without incident, following their flightlead back across the beach.



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    Re: ONS Part 4

    Post by Ronin201 on Tue Jun 30, 2015 2:08 pm

    While Basilisk was making its runs, Eric and Mark got their next target. It appeared the Kedanis had pre-positioned rapid response forces to counter something like this, and a small force of BMPs was moving towards the beach to meet the oncoming attack. Eric selected his GBUs and picked up some speed, making a quick pass against one. By now the Kedhani MANPAD gunners were awake and alert.

    "Shogun 208, pickle." He declared as the GBU-12 left its station. 

    At the same time, two SA-24s were fired at him. Eric deployed flares and  broke up and away, slowing down to lower the heat sig of his exhausts. the Paveway sailed down and landed just short of the small column of three BMPs. The first exploded and secondaries hit the one behind. Eric broke hard and headed for the beach as the first MLAVs were coming in. He dropped more flares and climbed to finally shake the weapons.

    In the meantime the AH-1s escorting James's unit had reached the town and zapped a BTR as it was leaving the town. the helicopters stayed low despite the lack of SA-19s (their destroyed hulks remained in a rough perimeter around the target). The back ramp opened and the Osprey holding the marines touched down. The infantry rushed from the back and onto an open flat next to the town as it was waking up. James heard the buzzing of a Gatling as he came into the open and hit the deck, M8 aimed towards the building. the MV-22  pulled up and away, leaving the infantry to exit the LZ.

    "Musketeer 2 Actual to Musketeer 2-3 and 2-4, take your squad and flank into the town from the right. Musketeer 2-1 and 2-2 will provide covering fire." The Platoon commander, Lt. Hughes, radioed.

    Under Sgt. Kep's orders, the squad advanced to the right. the LZ had little cover from the town outside the ruins on the outskirts and roadside ditches for sewage and whatnot. Sporadic crackles indicated at least one Kedhani patrol had managed to position itself to fight them. James fired back towards the shooting as he ran until he took cover in one of the ditches.


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    Re: ONS Part 4

    Post by Georgia Ace on Tue Jun 30, 2015 3:19 pm

    "Copy Cherrypicker, moving into position now" Sunny replied and moved the orbit of the flight overhead the beaches. 

    "Lead to flight, weapons on. They'll be calling on us soon"

    A series of acknowledgments came over the waves.

    From their perch high over the action, Sunny could just make out the explosions of the ongoing combat and the efforts of the other CAS.

    "Looks like a hell of a battle down there" Dusty noted. 

    "Emphasis on hell, I'd say." Rosie added, not quite helpfully.

    "Well guys that's why we're here. To make it a little less hellish for the jarheads."

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    Re: ONS Part 4

    Post by Cerberus_K18 on Wed Jul 01, 2015 8:10 am

    "Copy Predator; we see the emplacements overlooking the beachhead and will move to assault with Paveway. Will do to avoid enemy AAA and MANPADS; out." Zack called back to the FAC. Mao meanwhile noted the slight annoyance in the Rafale crew-member's voice at Eagle flight not calling it's ordinance. 

    "They could stand to be more punctual or tell them what they are packing heat wise." 

    "I know Hime but we have no time for that; all callsigns. Prepare for LGB drop on enemy positions overlooking the beachhead. I'm sure all of you heard Predator. Those Marines lives are in our hands now. Canis two follow me in on the left. Three and four. You get the bastards on the right. Stay at 10K AGL for our runs."

    "Canis Two Wilco." Mao called back.

    "Matchstick copies. Let's keep the baguettes from getting crispy." Denisov radioed. 

    "10-4 Lead, following you in Matchstick." Rein spoke. 

    The loaded fighters broke formation and moved in pairs with Zack leading his number two in on the left-hand side while Matchstick and Comet took the right. Zack began to think of himself when he saw the sight below. "Hell on Earth down there. Time to change that." painting his first target with his Sniper XR pod. Hime did the same as they began to squeeze the trigger on their sticks; feeling a GBU-12 fly loose and follow the beam of their designators.

    "Ferret, releasing store!"

    "Hime, bomb off!"

    Meanwhile Denisov and Carter did the same with their weapons each one calling out in sequence their weapons releases. Each pilot hoped to nail their target and get the Marines to their inland objective.

    "Comet, dropping!"

    "Matchstick, Pickle!"

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    Re: ONS Part 4

    Post by Phantomphanatic10 on Wed Jul 01, 2015 12:47 pm

    "Roger that Cherry Picker, we got the, on the nose." said Hacker. Switching to the helicopter pilots freq, he said, "Mothra, Broadsword  is engaging your SA-19s, stand-by for strike." 

    Riley was first, and he fire off a pair of Mavericks, "Broadsword 1, rifle, rifle!" the AGM-65s lit their motors and streaked towards the Tunguskas. Broadsword 2 also let off a pair of missiles, followed by singles from 3 and 4. All aircraft made sure to stay outside of the Tunguska's engagement envelope and they waited for the results.
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    Re: ONS Part 4

    Post by Garuda 1 on Wed Jul 01, 2015 5:32 pm

    Estelle replied to the Emmerian ground force, "Eagle flight is each carrying seven Mk.82 unguided bombs, two MICA IR air-to-air missiles and one hundred twenty 30mm cannon rounds."

    "We are ready to provide close air support." Magalie added.

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    Re: ONS Part 4

    Post by Ronin201 on Fri Jul 03, 2015 3:54 pm

    The two JDAMs was more than enough to topple the main tower of the hotel. A total combined 2000lbs of explosives did a number on the building as the MLAVs came ashore and began to disgorge the initial assault wave. Men armed with SA-24s fired at the Tomcats as they flew over, but the flares saved the F-14s from the weapons.

    The tower collapsed in a storm of dust and various materials. In the midst of the settling cloud, the bunkers and adhoc entrenchments dotting the recreational beach met the riflemen with a solid resistance. They dueled with the MLAVs' 25mm chainguns and the occasional passes from AH-1s, but inevitably air support was called in. Basilisk's next target was a wide two-story building housing more shooters as well as more BMPs coming towards the beach.

    The Tungska crews, deployed in the city, got a little help from the  dust cloud that the hotel kicked up. Broadswords 1 and 4 killed their targets, but 2 and 4's targets had inadvertently gone into the cloud, meaning the laser's guidance was disrupted. two took partial damage from the weapons and crawled into more secluded spots to wait for unwitting aircraft. One was de-tracked, leaving it near the freeway.

    Meanwhile James and his squad had settled into position and entered a pitched firefight with multiple Kedhani troopers. The Marine spotted a man with an RPG-29 hurrying across a roof and led him with the ACOG on his rifle, putting a three-round burst into the man's thigh. The Platoon's JTAC, an F-35B pilot, spotted Sunny's fourship as another mortar round landed far of the squads.

    "Sunny, this is Musketeer 2-3, we've got some mortars trying to land one on us. Need support immediately!" He radioed after flinching from the bad shot.

    At the same time, Jose had spotted what he guessed was a guy trying to relay some more accurate coordinates. He shifted his weapon and blasted the guy with about ten rounds. It would buy them some time, but only so much. The F-21s had been noticed, too, and the Kedhani troops defending the town were looking to get some SA-24s up their way.

    In Shamlak, Emmerian Marines off the coast watched the results of Canis's first runs and the inevitable response by Shamlaki infantry armed with Mistral SAMs. As the plumes of fire and smoke rose from the GBU-12s, the missiles left their tubes, arcing up towards the fleeing F-16s.

    Besides them, a single battery of Crotale SAMs that'd been inactive to hide from the SEAD attacks swung into the fight. Predator began coordinating with the ships off shore to supress, while giving the Mirages their first target.

    "Faucon, we have an enemy cavalry force moving to reinforce the enemy's defenses; you are cleared to attack them. Be advised We have Omega Flight inbound as well." the FAC radioed, referring to a fourship of Ustian Mirages armed with AS-30Ls.

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    Re: ONS Part 4

    Post by Phantomphanatic10 on Fri Jul 03, 2015 4:08 pm

    "We got one that's detracked, I got him!" said Yak. He fired another Maverick at the Tunguska. 

    "I've got one in the pod. He's in a tough spot, we'll have to put a JDAM on him." said Chart from the rear of Broadsword 2. Programming in the coordinates, Chart braced herself as the Hornet rolled inverted and dove. "Pickle!" called Hannibal as he dumped a bomb. Broadsword 2 made a swift escape still holding outside on the Tunguska's range.

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    Re: ONS Part 4

    Post by Cerberus_K18 on Fri Jul 03, 2015 4:57 pm

    The four planes made their egress from the target zone; the sudden launch of MANPADS alerted the F-16 flight and forced them to go evasive; ditching IRCM and aggressively maneuvering their aircraft to break the lock the IR guided missiles had on their planes.

    Zack, conducted a hard turn while keeping off the afterburner with Hime, Comet, and Matchstick doing the same; making sure not to present the missile with a glowing exhaust pipe. Unlike their first go the pilots didn't express much shock at being fired on by enemy defensive weapons. A smoky trail of flares left the aircraft as they made their evasive maneuvers.

    "Oh for fucks sake, here they come again." Zack thought as the G's pushed back against him in his turn. Meanwhile he began to hear radio chatter about other weapons becoming active in the area.

    "Missile inbound, turning to evade." Hime simply called out.

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    Re: ONS Part 4

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