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    ONS SF Missions


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    ONS SF Missions

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    SF Mission 1: Uninvited Guests
    Date: March 8, 2018 (UN HQ Time: 1700)
    AO: Shamlak-Kedhani border

    A Yuktobanian GRU agent, codenamed “Wind Spider”, has uncovered a secret meeting between General Sawari and King Ah-Falis near the small border city of Kuliki in Northern Kedhan. Command is interested to know why the two leaders are meeting, and what they will discuss. Despite the fact that this is a peacekeeping mission, we have maintained intelligence-gathering operations active in the area to investigate rumors of mercenary forces in the area and a possible alliance against the UN. If either rumor is true, we may be able to plan ahead before any further actions can be taken. However, command will not go in on speculation alone. Solid intelligence is vital.

    AFO Triton and Bravo 2-2, collective call sign Posse 1, will be transported to the area via an IL-76 from Notomsko Air Base in Yuktobania to their insertion point to the east of the city (landing time: sunset). From there, the team will proceed around border posts via jeep to the a pre-determined point on the map, where they will exit the jeeps (leaving them at an abandoned gas station) and meet up with Wind Spider to both observe the meeting (Wind Spider will be the guide) and extract him. All-source intel confirms that the force guarding both parties is small to avoid gaining attention and relatively lightly armed, but they are some crack troops from both countries. In addition, we cannot deny the possibility that the local populace may be cooperating as well. Patrols are staying close to the city, only skirting the foothills for intruders. Most of their vehicles, APCs and armored cars, are positioned at the roadblocks and perimeter of the town. The twon itself is not very big, but its many older buildings, relatively modern sewer system and smaller streets allow for various means of cover.

    After the meeting has concluded and intel transmitted/collected, Posse 1 will proceed back to the border for extraction by Mi-17, using the jeeps they left behind. Due to the UN’s current position (despite the incident of March 7), we can offer no air support. The terrain in the area, consisting of valleys, mountains, and large hills, should allow Posse 1 a degree of protection and chance for evasion. In addition, Wind Spider has managed to establish friendly relations with one of the tribes in the area, and they have agreed to help Posse escape if needed. If, during the border crossing, you are attacked, the YAF has agreed to help and will treat the situation as an attack on their territory. You will be flown back to Notomsko for a full debrief after extraction. It is imperative that the UN not be linked to this action. If any of you are captured, you can expect full denial.

    March 8, 2018 (Local Time: 0730)
    IL-76 (22,00 feet)
    Near the Kedhani-Yuktobanian Border

    The transport craft lumbered over the isolated expanse of land, well aware it was being tracked by radars of both the Kedhanis and the Yuktobanians. But the former could do nothing at the moment; the transport was not in their airspace. in the back, AFO Triton and Bravo 2-2 had been equipped for a HALO jump to their insertion point. The plan was to have the men jump, the deploy a few smaller Range Rovers (civilian ones, of course) to act as their transport when the IL-76 came around at a lower altitude.

    Knight sat nearest the ramp on the left side, his even other men to his right. He looked over at Genghis and smiled.

    "I'd assume a man of your background has done HALO before he asked as the red light went on. A YAF jump master came down the line towards the ramp, his face as fierce as a boar.

    "Two minutes to drop. Check your gear." He shouted in accented English as he secured an oxygen mask over his face in prep for the ramp's opening.

    Genghis chuckled, "Kid, I was doing HALO jumps when you were making static line drops in your diaper."

    As the red light flashed on, the members of AFO Titan stood up and began checking each other's gear.

    As they finished, Tick turned to Dingo and said, "Bro, I have something very important to ask you. If I don't make it, give this to my ex-wife." He flashed a middle finger at Dingo, who laughed, "Message received, man." Voodoo interjected, "Ah, come on, bro. You'll be fine as long as your dumb Jarhead ass remembers to pull the ripcord." Tick retorted, "I seem to remember you being the one to pull the cord last? What, couldn't wait to take some scalps?" Voodoo grinned menacingly, "You know it." Preacher turned to the two and calmly said, "Can it, you guys. Tick, Zeus, you guys have our party favors?" "Yup, they're right here." "Good. Hopefully we won't have to use them, but still."

    Dusty looked over at the Delta operators and said, "You youngsters ready to go?"

    "I prefer a fast rope myself." Toby muttered, looking somewhat nervous as he finished readying his Mk. 48 LMG. Teiji patted his back.

    "Hey, me and Dodo are hear to help." the sniper said, jerking a thumb at the team's grenadier. The man gave a thumbs up.

    "Yeah, I feel reaaaal safe now." He admitted.

    "Hey, just think of Violet." Dodo suggested. Toby muttered his response.

    Knight adjusted his SCAR and pulled down his goggles.

    "I hope everyone took care of their life insurance. Wouldn't want the families to be left with only a few dollars and a Zippo." He smiled. He turned to his team's second in command, Staff Sergeant "Crusher" Hought and checked his gear for him. The man hit the side of his CO's helmet.

    "Good luck, Skip. Let's hope we meet a few of those dancing nomad girls!" He said over the jet engines. Knight laughed and turned towards the jump master. The man looked at Triton.

    "Right side, sound off!" He bellowed.

    Genghis, Voodoo, Dingo, Preacher, Tick, Odin, Dusty, and Zeus all sounded off in order from Genghis to Zeus. Genghis said, "Ready to go, jump master!"

    The Delta Force members did the same, and the ramp went down. The jump master glanced back and saw the green light go on. He gave the signal. Knight ran down the ramp and hurled himself into the air, his squad right behind him. He barred his teeth and watched the altitude gauge wind down. Below, the darkening desert seemed to rise up like an animal's jaws waiting to swallow him. He glanced around and saw the rest of his team. Quickly his eyes snapped back to the altimeter. At 10,000 feet, he pulled the ripcord and was flung back like a doll as his parachute opened. Knight reoriented himself and peered in every direction. He'd kept off his NVGs for the time being, meaning he had until he set down to adjust to the night. Carefully he floated down and landed, tumbling forward. He quickly struggled to his feet and began to shed his parachute gear so it could be buried, revealing his desert camo underneath. His choice of headgear was a boonie hat. He began to stow his parachute as Toby hit the ground running, slowing and coming to his knees as if he'd kiss the ground. The rest of the squad was soon with them, those who finished first forming a perimeter.

    AFO Triton ran down the ramp at the same time as the D-boys, and as he jumped off the aircraft, Zeus yelled, "HARDCORE PARKOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The team made its way to the ground without incident, Voodoo being the last to pull the cord due to his wish to be the first on the ground, as usual.

    As they buried their gear Dusty, who had gone out the ramp right before Zeus, asked, "Kiddo, did you seriously yell hardcore parkour as you came off the ramp?" Zeus chuckled, "Well, if you think about it, it is hardcore parkour, is it not? You expect me to believe that regular parkour involves a 22,000 foot drop out the back of a cargo plane?" Dusty shook his head and smiled, "You got me there. Let's go meet up with the D-boys." AFO Triton finished securing their gear and walked over to Knight's team as they waited for the Il-76 to come back around and drop their vehicles.

    The IL-76 came back around at a much lower altitude and deployed the Range Rovers in protective containers with parachutes to get them to the ground safely. Knight signaled to Mower and Screwball, respectively the Team's RTO and Demo man, to go get the jeeps ready. He signaled to Genghis to join him so they could talk, pulling out his map, a compass and a GPS. As he waited, he also donned his NVGs.

    "Not seeing anything on the perimeter, Skip." Teiji radioed as he kept an eye out with his Mk.20 SSR.

    "Nothing near me." Toby added in, his Mk.48 deployed.

    "Good. Dodo, Crusher, and Roadkill to get those parachutes buried yesterday." He replied.

    Genghis told Voodoo and Tick to help Dodo, Crusher and Roadkill get the parachutes buried and told Zeus and Dingo to help Mower and Screwball while he walked over to Knight.

    Meanwhile Odin and Dusty joined Teiji on overwatch with their MSR and OBR, respectively.

    Genghis asked Knight, "So what's up?"

    Knight pointed at the map.

    "According to what we were told, our best route is through this old caravan trail that flanks around the border post into Kedhan. What I figure is we get in the Rovers, head northeast for about 5 miles, then swing towards the entrance. The problem is that path is rather narrow; we get ambushed and we're in some multi-level shit." He said. He looked towards his RTO.

    "Mower brought a MAV, and I'm thinking we can scout a sector of the path before we go along it. You guys bring anything like that?" He asked.

    Genghis nodded, "Zeus always brings along an RQ-20 as part of his party favors, and Odin has a Switchblade with him too. Sounds like a good plan. How you want to distribute guys in the vehicles?"

    "We have sixteen men. I say we distribute four of each in each vehicle. You and me should ride in separate vehicles as well so we don't both get sloted at once if our time runs out tonight." Knight replied.

    "Rovers are ready, Skip!" Screwball reported.

    "Agreed. I'll take lead truck, your XO in the second, you in the third, Preacher in the fourth. Everybody else gets split up accordingly. I'll take Dingo, Voodoo, and Zeus, Preacher gets Tick, Dusty, and Odin."

    Remembering the supposed armor threat, Genghis asked, "Oh, I almost forgot. You guys have AT4s or anything of the sort? We should make sure we have at least one rocket per truck in case shit goes pear shaped."

    "I'll take Mower, Oats, and Screwball. Crusher will take Dodo, Tobes, and Roadkill." Knight said. He gathered up his things and stood up.

    "I almost forgot too. If we get separated, proceed directly to the extraction." He added as he turned towards the third SUV and keyed up his mike.

    "Okay, Dodo, Roadkill and Tobes fall back on Crusher and take the second rover. Mower, you and Screwball will fall back on me, the Oats will join us at the third vehicle once everyone else is buckled up." He radioed. He got a line of "Roger that" calls.

    "Hope you all brought some good CDs, too." Knight added as he took off.

    Genghis chuckled, "As long as Zeus doesn't start blasting his fucking pirate metal we should be okay."

    To the members of Titan, he said, "Mount up, guys! Voodoo, Zeus, and Dingo with me in the Fun-vee, Tick, Dusty and Odin with Preacher in the Dumb-vee."

    Preacher retorted, "Hey, I'm not THAT boring to be with." Voodoo interjected, "No, but your gangsta rap is." Preacher simply shook his head as everyone laughed.

    The team mounted up and started up the jeeps and Zeus launched the RQ-20 so they had eyes on as they rolled out.

    "Okay, use NVGs only; no headlights." Knight said as he started his vehicle and put it in drive.

    The men but their rucksacks and the back and only secured their lap belts; Mower got out his MAV and readied it for when they entered the canyon. Knight honked at Genghis.

    "Come on SEAL, get it moving!" He shouted in jest.

    Dingo, who was driving, looked at Genghis, who simply chuckled and said, "Let's roll."

    Dingo simply nodded and hit the accelerator.

    The border crossing was only notable in the changing terrain. The hills became mountains with near unreal speed, and the faint remains of the path that would help the SF infiltrators. Mower let the MAV go ahead with Triton's UAV to scout. The area was desolate, populated only by the native animals like coyotes and snakes. The sun disappeared behind the mountains, casting the path in a deep shadow.

    As they drove along the canyon, Zeus suddenly called out, "Hey Genghis, RQ-20's got a village coming up ahead. Like 4 miles down the road. I'm seeing lights on and moving."

    Genghis sighed, "Shit. You'd think we would have some decent overheads in 2018. But whatever."

    Voodoo said, "When have we ever had decent overheads? I guess it's time to do it live."

    Genghis nodded, "I guess so." Calling Knight, he said, "Hey, we got a village coming up down the road. 4 miles. Potential hostiles. Maybe a border patrol. We can push through or dismount and clear."

    "I say we dismount our sharpshooters and clear the place using them; we can't afford to blow our cover." Knight replied. He looked at Otoro.

    "Wait until we find you a good position, understand?" He added. The man nodded.

    "Roger that, Skip." Teiji said as he lowered his goggles.

    Genghis replied, "Good plan." To Preacher he radioed, "Hey, you guys hear that? When we find you guys a spot, Odin and Dusty dismount and set up. Let's see if we can ghost these guys."

    "Okay, I see a dry creek bed just down the slope, looks like it goes right next to the village. Eight tangos are on the other side, but they're the only other heats igs I see in this place; huts are completely empty." Mower reported as he slowed his MAV. Knight paid that no heed at the moment.

    "We'll deploy you sharpshooters so you cane move down the creek and up onto the buildings on the closest edge of the village. 3 v 8 seems like it'll be fun, but I'll have Toby go with you all just in case, His 48 may be loud, but it can cut em up quick." Knight radioed. He slowed his Rover and advised Genghis to do the same.

    Dingo and Tick slowed their jeeps down as they saw Knight's truck coming to a stop. As they stopped, Odin and Dusty hopped out, having gotten briefed by Genghis, and walked over to the D-boys' trucks.

    Teiji dismounted and adjusted the camo netting atop his head before he looked at the PMCs. He pointed to three buildings next to one another.

    "I say we use those so we can withdraw quickly. Any suggestions on your end?" He said as Toby joined them.

    Dusty said, "Nope, looks good to me. You guys take the left building, we'll take the right. Toby, right? Make sure you keep that SAW of yours quiet until shit goes pear shaped. Hopefully we can ghost these guys without having to use you."

    With that, Odin and Dusty pulled their sniper veils over their heads and moved off to their building. Dusty swung a padded grappling hook up onto the roof, which he and Odin promptly climbed. Once on the roof they set up and called to Oats and Toby, "Alright guys, we're in position. We'll start engaging when you're set."

    Teiji and Toby descended into the creek bed and took the left house. Upon the feeling of how weak the roof seemed, Toby used extra caution as he crawled across to the far side. He deployed his LMG's bipod and nesteled it in a gap between two tall stones on the roof's perimeter, while Teiji nestled the barrel of his weapon atop a stone.

    "Bravo 2-2 sniper team in position." He radioed, flipping up his NVGs and turning on his scope's night-vision function. He flipped off the safety and pivoted the weapon across the village before him.

    There were eight men, all dressed in tan and brown colored desert camo and wearing helmets. They had a full load of ammo, and all but two carried KH2002 assualt rifles, two with grenade launchers. One manned a PKP machine gun in the back of an open-bed Safrir-3 jeep, while another was carrying an RPG-29 and some sort of shotgun. A few appeared to have Night Vision, but they weren't using it.

    "Looks like they've just stopped here for a rest. Must be border troops; that's the laziest semblance of a perimeter I've see. They don't even have any sentries on roofs." Teiji commented.

    "Okay, I'll take the guy on the MG and the two near him with rifles. On my mark when ready." He added as he lined up the PKP gunner. Toby also lined him up in case they had to go loud.

    Odin chuckled, "Yup. These guys are amateurs. I'll take the two grenadiers."

    Dusty chimed in, "I've got the guy with the RPG and the two riflemen near him."

    As they lined up their targets, Odin chambered a round and said, "Odin's set."

    "Dusty's set. On your mark, Bravo."

    Teiji controlled his breathing and curled his finger around the trigger, crosshairs placed directly on the MG gunner's head.

    "Three...Two...One...Mark." he said, squeezing the trigger. The Kedhani solider fell back, and before he hit the ground, Teiji was already on the other two. His Mk.20 let out two more soft cracks as he got each of them.

    "Three tangos down." He reported.

    "Roger, nice shooting Oats." Mower said as he watched via his UAV.

    Odin centered his crosshairs directly on the chest of the first grenadier, his breath and heart rate slowing as Teiji counted down. When Teiji said 'Mark," Odin's MSR and Dusty's OBR coughed, almost in unison. Odin didn't even wait for the grenadier to fall before he shifted over to the second one, cycled the bolt, and fired again. Meanwhile Dusty's OBR coughed 2 more times and the RPG gunner's comrades also joined him in the dirt.

    Dusty reported, "That's a wrap. 5 down."

    "All targets eliminated, fall back on the Rovers we're burning moonlight." Knight radioed.

    Teiji backed up and went to get back to the ground, Toby covering him. As the LMG man stood up, he broke a part of the wooden roof and fell through. The fall by no means hurt him seriously, but it did evoke a long stream of curses from his mouth. He looked around as he coughed, trying to see where he'd landed. It was some sort of bedroom, and as he glanced to the left, he saw a skull on the bed only a few inches from his face, it's bony teeth grinning at him.

    "FUCK ME SIDEWAYS!" He bellowed upon first sight of the skeleton, moving back.

    "Tobes, what happened?" Teiji asked as he waited on the other side of the wall.

    "Skeleton in here, Oats, lying in the bed." He reported, standing up. He looked around and moved through the door. He was surprised to find another in the hall, appearing to have been someone running before they tripped.

    "Bravo 2-2 Actual, we've got a house full of bones here. Please advise." He radioed. Knight flinched at the word.

    "Skeletons? How fresh?" the Lieutenant asked

    "Only a little meat left on em, Skip, if any." Toby replied.Knight frowned.

    "I advise we scan for toxins, sir." Crusher said.

    Preacher said to himself, "The plot thickens..." To Genghis he said, "Boss, Crusher's right. We should scan for toxins. Dusty and Odin should probably check their hide to see if the situation's the same there."

    Genghis replied, "Agreed. Bravo, does your MAV have NBC gear? If it does you should try making a pass or two through the town and seeing what you pick up. Dusty, Odin, clear your building and see what's up."

    Dusty said, "Already on it, boss." Dusty and Odin had slid down the rope to ground level and drawn their PDWs. They were in position to breach the ground floor when Genghis told them to clear the building.

    Dusty opened the door and was promptly greeted by a cluster of bones falling out the doorway, as if they had been resting against the door, or trying to get out. The two marksmen jumped back, startled, as Dusty exclaimed, "Jee-zus!" Odin reported, "Looks like the same thing over here, boss. We're gonna get a closer look."

    Genghis said, "Don't bother just yet. Let's get a better idea of what's up. Bravo, you guys wanna make a pass with your MAV?"

    "Stand by, doing that now." Mower said. He brought the small robot over the village, but the monitors showed nothing that could cause remote harm.

    "Nothing other than the smallest of traces, sir. Looks like whatever got em was done a long, long time ago." He said to Knight.

    "Okay let's pack it up, we've got a long ways to go! We'll send the report to HQ, have them get a team out here to get more samples." He shouted. Toby and Teiji returned to their vehicles with haste. Knight gave Mower the order to get the word out. the RTO pulled out an encrypted sat phone and made the call as Knight started his Rover up again.

    "Roger that. Odin and Dusty heading back."

    The two snipers made their way back to the jeeps and the convoy got rolling again.

    Preacher said to the marksmen, "That was pretty gnarly, huh?" Dusty said, "You have no idea." Odin simply nodded. The normally stoic sniper was visibly disturbed by what he'd seen.

    As they took off, Mower sent out a call.

    "This is Bravo 2-2, we have a small village filled with nothing but bones, stand by for grid square." He replied uneasily. The man consulted his GPS and passed on the location, to which he got the promise of investigation.

    "What kind of toxins did you pick up?" Knight asked as they bounced along.

    "I'm no expert, but it looked like some sort of chemical weapon, probably Sarin or something like that." the RTO replied.

    "Thoughts, Genghis?" Knight radioed as they left the village far behind.

    Genghis replied, "What gets me is why would they be using chemical weapons so close to the border? Easy way to get invaded, if you ask me. All I can say is that the plot just got a whole lot thicker."

    "Remote village, too...sounds like a good place to have a controlled release, collect the results, then keep the evidence buried away if you ask me." Knight replied.

    Genghis agreed, "That too. This is getting spookier and spookier by the second."

    Voodoo sighed, "All I want is just one stand up fight. No hidden agendas, no spooky skeleton villages, just a bad guy or twelve and my pig." Dusty chuckled, "Well, if you're lookin' for a stand up fight, you're in the wrong business, brother." Voodoo replied, "Yeah, yeah. I just keep hoping, I guess."

    Roughly an hour later the mountains began to lower as the open desert lay ahead.

    "Okay, angle your path of travel slightly left so we'll hit the freeway where we want to." Knight said.

    Dingo made the turn as directed and shortly after the vehicles got onto the freeway.

    Once on the hardball they made good progress.

    "Whoever thought it was a good idea to just go rolling onto the freeway like this needs to have their head checked." Crusher growled as they passed a few examples of civvie traffic mad up of cars that made the rovers look like they'd just come from the future.

    "The CIA did, Crusher. They always need to have their head checked." Knight quipped. He looked down at his GPS.

    "Genghis, the gas station we leave these things at should be about 40 miles down the road. I'm thinking we should rig them just in case a local decides he wants a brand new car or two. As each person arrives they can have part of their load set up a perimeter while the other deals with their respective rover." Knight added.

    Genghis replied, "Good idea, but that's gonna get really awkward if when we try to get back our rides are twisted hunks of scrap. We should try and hide them as well as we can and then rig them as a last resort. In the meantime let's enjoy this leisurely drive through the countryside. As much as we can, anyway."

    Knight chuckled.

    "Yeah, if y'all don't mind the hostile politics and eating snakes." Toby chimed in.

    Voodoo chuckled, "I dunno about you army brats, but I love eating some snakes. Tastes like chicken."

    Tick interjected, "There's the barbarian Voodoo we all know and fear for our lives when we're with..."

    "Fish is the way to go, man. Much better than snake and doesn't make you look like you're trying too hard to be a survivalist." Toby replied.

    Voodoo retorted, "Eh, fish is too easy. Snake at least you actually have to worry about getting bitten. Although to a landlubber like you fish may seem like a challenge..."

    Zeus chimed in, "That's because you go fishing with C4, man."

    Voodoo shot back, "That's cute coming from the guy who lost his shit because he thought a shark bumped his leg."

    Zeus replied, "Hey! It was a legitimate concern!"

    "Sure, if you've never seen a shark before. Zoomie."

    "Yeah, yeah."

    "Please, Sharks are nothing unless you piss em off. Jellyfish are the real threat." Dodo chimed in.

    "Tell me that after you and yer lil sis had to shoot a bear." Toby replied.

    "Even bears won't actively seek you out." Dodo insisted.

    "Neither will jellyfish." Oats grinned. Knight rolled his eyes and looked into the distance.

    Genghis replied, "Roger that." To Dingo he said, "Alright, pull off here."

    Meanwhile, Dusty said to Toby, "I have a pet bear at home, you know. I call him Snuffles. He's a sweetheart."

    Voodoo interjected, "Sure, if by sweetheart you mean demon spawn."

    Dusty chuckled, "Snuffles just doesn't like you because you called him fat that one time. Bears have feelings too, ya know."

    The convoy pulled off the road into the abandoned gas station, and AFO Triton disembarked.

    Bravo 2-2 was right behind, giving six of its men to keep the area around the station secure. The station was just far enough off the road to avoid attention, with a large garage for the rovers to be put into.

    "Okay, It's roughly seven miles to the rally point, hope you SEALs can hump as good as you swim." Knight said as he once again slung his pack onto his shoulders and checked his map.

    "We move in two single files, with 15 meters between each file and 3-4 between each member of the squad. I'll send Oats ahead so Mower can conserve the MAV's gas." He outlined as he gave the bottom of his SCAR's magazine a slap.

    Genghis chuckled, "Lead on, gents. I'll send Dusty and Odin up front as well. Zeus, how much battery you got left in your Puma?"

    Zeus said, "Just swapped out batteries, so I've got another 2 hours. Gonna set it up on autonomous mode to keep it a half mile ahead of us."

    "Alright, good. Let's move out, people."

    An assortment of clicks and clacks sounded from the operators as they checked their weapons.

    Teiji put his speed to good use and got a head start on the rest of his team. the terrain in this area was very subtle, sometimes nonexistent. It was so flat sometimes he could clearly see headlights in the far distance. But he kept his pace, only slowing to allow his teammates to get closer before moving ahead. He glanced up and saw the RQ-20 in the sky.

    "Zeus, is your MAV picking up anything besides the traffic?' He radioed as he took a knee again to observe the area.

    Zeus reported, "I got nothing so far, just the civilian vehicles on the hardball and us. Gimme a minute and I'll open the orbit up a bit."

    "Roger that, keep me informed; I see the foothills where Wind Spider should be. Mind sweeping over the place for movement?" Teiji replied.

    In the meantime Knight halted his team and took Mower's Sat Phone. Referencing the number given to him in the brief, he rang up their GRU contact.

    Far away, a middle-aged man with a trimmed beard tending to a herd of goats felt a buzz in his pocket. He reached down and pulled a Sat Phone from his clothes, raising it to his ear.

    "Good evening, my friend. How may I help you?" He said in a low voice. His English was slightly accented, but still very clear.

    "I'm looking to find some good milk." Knight replied, speaking in code. Wind Spider smiled and replied with the correct code phrase.

    "My goats are nice and healthy, my friend. Please come soon so the milk will not spoil." He replied before hanging up.

    "Okay, our GRU friend is in position. Zeus, look for a lone man tending to goats." Knight radioed.

    Zeus replied, "Roger that," as he sent the small UAV over the foothills Teiji mentioned. On the small laptop screen that he used to fly, he saw one medium sized heat signature surrounded by several smaller ones. "Alright, I think I've found him. One man sized heat sig surrounded by multiple smaller signatures. He's about... One click east."

    "Roger that, Oats go meet our friend. We're right behind you." Knight said as he stood back up.

    They increased speed for the last kilometer, slipping into the relative cover of the foothills. Bravo 2-2 reached the 'goat herder' and their sniper. Knight extended a hand.

    "Agent Wind Spider?" He asked. The man accepted the gesture.

    "Indeed I am, or Drachev if you prefer. Allow me to welcome you all to the "Holy" Union of Kedhan." He said as the PMCs arrived.

    Genghis walked up and shook the GRU agent's hand and asked, "Drachev? That name seems familiar to me for some reason."

    Drachev smiled enigmatically.

    "Perhaps we have, but we can expound on that latter. General Sawari has already arrived and is waiting for King Al-Fais." He said.

    "Where will we observe the meeting?" Knight asked.

    "I have found a place from which several members of your unit can observe from afar. I will take a few with me to get closer." He explained.

    "Sounds good to me. Where are these spots you have picked out?"

    "The first is a foothill that overlooks the settlement and offers good cover and distance from the enemy. But, there is also a sewer that runs under the city. Neither side's forces have considered this as an infiltration route. I can only take a few men with me for that, however." He explained. He looked at Genghis and Knight.

    "I would suggest the three of us go." He added.

    Meanwhile Toby approached Dusty.

    "I need you ta look at me with a straight face and tell me you have a pet bear." He said.

    Genghis, concerned, said, "I'm not sure how I feel about that. Old man goes into the sewers with two young strapping SF officers by themselves? Sounds like the start to a horror movie If I've ever seen one."

    Meanwhile in response to Toby's question, Dusty mustered the most serious face he could and said, "I have a pet bear. And his name is Snuffles." Odin spoke up, "It's true. Dusty's had him since he was a cub."

    The GRU agent was not impressed, borderline irritated.

    "A valuable meeting between two of the world's most violent leaders is about to take place and you're concerned about me leading you into sewers. Typical of you Oseans to be so ignorant, ha!" He snapped. Knight held up a hand.

    "We understand Drachev. Lead the way." He said. As the man turned away the Delta Operator looked at his PMC counterpart and silently mouthed "If he tries any shit we get medevil on him."

    "The hell does the Osean military find people like you?" Toby asked, blinking twice.

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    Re: ONS SF Missions

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    Genghis nodded at Knight. Pulling him aside, he said quietly, "Only reason I'm concerned is I've had some bad experiences with GRU agents. But whatever." To Drachev he said, "Apologies. Lead on, sir." To Preacher he said, "Keep eyes on."

    Dusty chuckled, "Why, in the woods tending to bears, of course."

    Knight nodded and looked at his squad.

    "Okay, I want one position facing towards the freeway and the other facing the town. get the MAV ready to observe the meeting." He outlined, splitting up the unit. He returned to Genghis and Drachev.

    "Okay Drachev, lead the way." He nodded. the GRU agent nodded and began to walk towards the city, leaving behind his herd.

    Genghis told his team, "Alright, guys. Snipers and AT towards the town, everybody else pointing towards the road. Zeus keep your drone on a wide orbit."

    With that, he followed Drachev towards the town.

    Drachev stopped short of the limits and knelt down among some bushes. He motioned towards a drainage ditch between them and the road.

    "The enemy forces in the area pass by roughly every two minutes or so. That pipe you see will be our entrance. Do you have listening devices?" He whispered. Knight nodded.

    "How close are we getting?" He asked.

    "If you wanted, I could try to get you right under the building the meeting will take place in." He said. Knight shook his head.

    "Nah, that'd be too risky. Genghis?" He replied.

    "Nah. Just get us close. We can spike the building with a mic, but no need for us to stay right down there."

    Drachev nodded.

    "Very well. come, and leave you rucksacks at the mouth of the pipe, understand?" He said before leading them to the drainage pipe. As they slipped out of view, a Shamlaki Type 96 APC passed by.

    Genghis said to himself, "Down the rabbit hole..." and followed Drachev and Knight into the sewer.

    Drachev led them slowly through the small passage, stopping every so often as the gentle rumble of a patrolling APC passed by. He stopped near a door and carefully opened it.

    "Above is a building a block away. It is where one of my safehouses is. We can observe from there." He whispered. Knight nodded and quietly keyed his mike.

    "2-2 Actual to 2-2, are you in position?" He whispered

    "Roger that, Skip." Toby confirmed.

    "Ready." Teiji added.

    "Triton actual to Triton, you guys in position?"

    "Set," Zeus confirmed.

    "We're ready, boss," reported Preacher

    Drachev carefully led the men up a ladder and into the basement of an apartment complex. He then approached a roof tile and removed it.

    "In here." He said, leading them up into a windowless room.

    "Wait, how can we be sure the locals won't see us? You said a block over, right? That means we need a high position." Knight began to question.

    "The locals are too scared of the soldiers to even leave their rooms, and mostly too stupid to realize who you may be."

    "You elite soldiers distrust others even more than my kind." He added as he opened a door, another door to stairs just outside.

    Genghis said, "I've been in this business way too long to trust anybody except my team. No offense."

    The stairs were a closed off space, never going anywhere near apartments. Drachev led them to the top floor and opened the door carefully. He looked around and then moved towards another door, his place. Inside it looked inconspicuous. Drachev pointed to the bathroom.

    "Set up in there, the meeting begins in an hour!" He ordered softly but firmly.

    Genghis pulled out a directional microphone and camera and moved to set up in the bathroom window.

    The target building was the town's city hall, so to speak. Kedhani troops and those of the Shamlaki military seemed to be in perfect harmony even though their nations were at war. There was a distinct difference in weapons and uniforms; the Shamlaki looked almost like modern knights in their pristine uniforms with their FN2000s and MG4s while the Kedhanis looked like a more rough and tumble bunch.

    "Now all we need is something to pass the time." Knight mused as he set up an IR camera.

    Genghis said, "Ah, fuck it. As good a time for a nap as any." With that he leaned back and laid his head on his chest, snoring gently.

    An hour later...

    "Genghis, wake up. We've got activity in the area." Knight said. He shook the man once more before returning to his camera.

    A black sedan escorted by a pair of jeeps had arrived, and from the car emerged King Ah-Fais. General Sawari was already on site, as Knight had found, waiting in the center of the building.

    "Well well well. Look at him. He's even fancier in person."

    Genghis readied his equipment and called to his team, "Preacher, Genghis. Both personalities are on sight."

    Preacher replied, "Yup. Zeus has them on the drone."

    "That he is. Your mic working okay?" Knight asked.

    King Ah-Fais entered the same room as Sawari. They exchanged greetings out of courtesy before sitting at a small table.

    "Four years you have been a thorn in my side, General. Four years...and now you ask for an audience with me. You must be either insane or very sure of yourself." The King said in a deep voice.

    "Yes, but none of those four years true the attention of the West, King. Until now it has been a simple dispute between us. You can imagine that is why I've called you here." He said in a far more...theatrical...tone than his adversary. The King's eyebrows arched.

    "Are you coming to me for help? After the UN demolished that sizable portion of your force? Come now, I'd think that you wouldn't have been that hurt by the attacks, which I believe were in response to you shooting down an unarmed jet?" Ah-Fais scoffed. Sawari frowned.

    "I dealt with a traitor and they saw it fit to use him as an excuse to strike a blow on me!' He immediately protested.

    "Oh come now, General. Your ideology is transparent to me. Besides, you have a proposal; let us not waste time debating." The King said. He had gained a firm position over the General. Sawari nodded without word, as if embarrassed, and drew in a breath.

    "I propose we unite against the UN, of course. It is only a matter of time before they justify invasion. They tried once and failed; They, especially the Oseans, will not accept a second failure. If we try to fight each other and them, they will waste no time in crushing us by driving us against one another with more fervor and using their own assets to destroy us." He proposed.

    "What about the reasons we started this war?" King Ah-Fais was quick to say.

    "For the sake of defeating a larger enemy, I will gladly seek an equal distribution of what we reap from this." The General replied. The King sat back in his chair and considered the proposal. He sat there for a number of minutes until he spoke again.

    "I will allow it to receive my thought..." He answered.

    Genghis said quietly, "The plot thickens yet again. They're trying to shack up. Called it. Mic caught everything. The airedales are gonna have a fun time with this."

    "Depends on if King Ah-Fais accepts the plan. National pride and all that." Knight replied.

    "I will allow three days for you to properly respond." General Sawari added. the King snorted in further amusement.

    "Or what, you'll run to the UN for help?" He asked. General Sawari shook his head.

    "No, I will simply take the gloves off, as the Oseans say. I will come down upon you with wraith on a divine level." He smiled. The King's face went blank.

    "You mean to tell me you've been holding back?" He nearly gasped.

    "I don't believe I said anything contrary to that." the General replied. The King frowned and thought a minute more.

    "I must formally consult my own advisers, but it seems you are going to force my hand, aren't you?" He observed.

    "Guide your hand, Ah-Fais." The General corrected with a crooked smile. The meeting concluded and both parties went their separate ways. The troops swung into action to properly pull away from the town.

    "I'd suggest we wait until they've cleared this place." Knight said as he extracted the recording of the meeting from his camera.

    Genghis nodded in agreement and said, "Either way the plot thickens. The plot always thickens."

    "You really like that phrase, don't you?" Knight observed as a pair of BTR-80s rolled by outside.

    Still the town was silent as the enemy forces pulled out. No civilians dared to look outside.

    Genghis chuckled, "It's an appropriate phrase." To Preacher he radioed, "Alright guys, meeting's over. Let us know when it's all clear."

    "The Shamlaki are just about done. They appear to be collapsing on their roadblock before heading north." Teiji replied.

    "Roger, we'll move back to the sewers at this time." Knight replied. He collected his things and followed Drachev.

    Genghis also grabbed his stuff and headed out after Drachev. "Preacher, we're coming out."

    They escaped back to their unit, then back to the Land Rovers over the next hour.

    "In and out. That's the way it should be." Knight commented as he got into his Land Rover.

    Genghis chuckled, "Indeed. But it ain't over yet."

    "Let's hope it'll be quiet. Don't want this evidence to get destroyed." Knight commented as they took off again.

    Preacher chimed in, "That would definitely be a tragedy."

    "Don't think it'd make a difference. Hear about the Learjet that the KAF smoked? They want us to fight em." Toby commented as they rode along the highway.

    Voodoo grunted, "Ah, let 'em come. We'll show those toy soldiers who's boss."

    Genghis chuckled, "Down, Voodoo. Down."

    "That RQ-20 ready to go again? I get the feeling the patrol we got at that village is going to be missed at some point." Mower spoke up as they again left the highway.

    "If we could outrun em, we could give the YAF a call, have em meet em at the border. This war's gonna expand anyways." Crusher mused.

    "I hate to be battle-hungry, but I can't argue against that." Knight chimed in.

    Zeus reported, "Yeah, it's good to go. Let's slow it down for a minute and I'll launch it."

    To Crusher, Voodoo said, "Now that's a plan I can get behind"

    Genghis added, "Let's at least get a LITTLE closer to the border before declaring Armageddon, yeah?"

    Knight slowed down his vehicle at Zeus's request, ordering Crusher to do the same. He looked around nervously, feeling like every second here was not a good idea. This was the deepest into a place he'd gone without ANY support.

    Zeus popped out the sun roof and launched the UAV, and then radioed, "Alright guys, let's go. UAV's up."

    Knight hit the gas again and made a beeline for the rising terrain.

    "Zeus, check that village we went through earlier first." He radioed.

    Zeus replied, "Roger that, checking."

    He sent the UAV over the town and saw that there was no activity.

    He radioed, "I got nothin' in the town, gents."

    "Roger that, let's keep the pace going." Knight said as they approached the settlement.

    The small convoy roared through the rest of the mountains to the border, where they crossed with no resistance. Their extraction was waiting their for them.

    **********************************SF MISSION 1 END**********************************

    Debrief: Good job on both extracting Wind Spider and gathering intel on the meeting. The information you have gathered us has proven invaluable, and tomorrow the UN will make a statment gegarding this development. For now get some rest; You will most likely be needed soon to help us combat this new alliance.

    SF Mission 2: Power Bill
    March 14, 2018 (UN HQ Time: 1400)
    AO: Northwest Kedhan/Southeast Shamlak

    As you suspected, Shamlak and Kedhan have joined forces. The UN’s mission has changed to pacify both countries. In preparation for the air campaign, we’re deploying several SF team to destroy major components of the two countries’ IADS (Integrated Air Defenses System). Each team we send in will have its own mission, so the briefings will be separated accordingly. Check below for your unit’s specific briefing. However, all units will be deployed from Ustian-marked cargo ships.

    Target One: KAF C3 Node
    Time of Strike: 2100 Local
    Unit Involved: AFO Triton (Rosenthal Inc.)

    In order to prevent a coordinated defense against the imminent air campaign, we will be destroying several high-value targets before coalition aircraft come in. Command has identified a command, control, and communications hub that supports several of the local AA batteries, GCI stations and air bases. Destroying it would slow the response to our attacks.

    AFO Triton will be inserted ten miles offshore with Zodiacs via MH-47 to a point along the coast where the terrain is rough. They will scale a small cliff and then proceed two miles inland to attack the objective. The target consists of three buildings for the site’s security, power, and certain command functions. There are also several several antennae, but the actual heart of the complex is in a small underground bunker. AFO Triton’s primary targets on the surface will be the power generators and antennae. The other primary target will be the main C3 hub in the bunker. AFO Triton will need to gain access to either the facility’s elevator or stairs to reach the bunker. After destroying all objectives, AFO Triton will be extracted via MH-47. If they cannot be extracted from the site, they will proceed back to their zodiacs and meet the MH-47 at their initial insertion point.

    The hub is guarded by three squads of moderately armed soldiers supported by three BMP-2s, but there is a small reaction force nearby equipped with BMPs and even T-90s. Light support will be provided by two Reaper UAVs with Hellfires as well as AH-6 gunships flying at low-level. It is imperative that you move quickly and try to cut off the hub’s communication with them. The reaction force will take approximately 20 minutes to arrive once alerted. In addition, there are four 23mm AA guns in position around the site and several soldiers armed with man-portable SAMs 9heavier defense if placed on coastal SA-20 batteries and fighters). Disable these in order to provide your support with more room to breathe.

    Target Two: KAF GCI Stations
    Time of Strike: 2100 Local
    Unit Involved: 1st SFOD-D (OGDF), SEAL Team Nine (OMDF)

    The KAF has a number of Ground Control Intercept Stations that it uses to supplement its AWACS force. Destroying these will provide us with corridors for our aircraft and further confuse the enemy’s efforts to defend their country. Two of these will be destroyed to open Al-Assani and Kilibaba air bases to attack. Delta will take the northern site while the SEALs will attack the southern one.

    Both teams will be inserted via MH-47 to a point off the coast, where they will then proceed to the coast on zodiacs to points that are well concealed. From there they will proceed to their objectives to destroy the radars themselves as well as their power generators and communications arrays. Both targets are generally similar in setup: each consists of four radar dishes linked to a building containing the power generators, a building that houses the guard force, and a building where instructions are relayed to aircraft and the information from the radars plotted and noted. As with AFO triton, each force will be picked up via MH-47 or they will escape on their zodiacs and be picked up at sea.
    The stations are guarded by two squads of moderately-armed troops and three BMP-2s, as well as SA-6s to defend against air attack. As with the nearby C3 node, there is a reaction force equipped with T-90s and more BMPs. It is vital that you cut off the stations from reinforcement and clear their air defenses to allow support from AH-6s and MQ-9s.

    March 14, 2018 (UN HQ Time: 1700)
    Ustian freighter
    Persian Sea

    The three MH-47s had their blades going by the time the SF teams had been ordered topside. Knight positioned his team well away from the helicopters, at least until they were ready to be loaded. They'd been joined by a single team of Navy SEALs; Toby'd been firing off jokes since they'd arrived for the trip out here. This time, though, they'd be going in to kill. No recon; no spook stuff, just precision strike. They'd be armed accordingly to knock out the enemy's heavier weapons, too. He glanced over at the other freighter that held the AH-6s. He still desired heavier support, but oh well. He looked at Genghis and the SEAL leader.

    "Good luck out there! I don't want to have to destroy two more targets tonight!" Knight said as he pulled down his goggles to protect against the wind being whipped up.

    Genghis retorted, "I don't wanna have to take up the slack for some lazy Army brats again!"

    Reaper called over the radio, "Hey, can the interservice bullshit. We serve customers of all walks of life. Wraith Airways is an equal opportunity airlines."

    Alex, know more commonly as Axt, grinned at Knight and yelled "Same to you!" He pulled on his own goggles and made sure his SCAR was safed for the ride. "All right Night Nice, We gotta get in and blow up a radio tower to make it easier on the air pukes, we'll have drone support and Littlebirds, but only after we take down the radar. Enemies are several squads of infantry with light armor and a QRF of T-90s and more infantry. Think you can handle that?" HOOYA!" yelled his team, he grinned and moved towards the chopper.

    "Catch you boys on the other side!" Toby shouted as the Delta operators charged towards their awaiting Chinook.

    Triton checked their weapons and equipment and then walked on to their waiting MH-47.

    When all the operators had come aboard their respective helos, Reaper looked back to make sure everyone aboard then called over the radio, "Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Wraith Airways. Your captains today will be myself in Wraith 1-1, Crazy-Legs Stevens in Wraith 1-2, and 'Mariah' Carey in Wraith 1-3. We would like to remind you that there is no drinking, smoking, or rough-housing on Wraith Airways, and if you disobey these rules one of our lovely stewardesses in the back will gladly show you the door." At this the burly door gunners manning the miniguns and the ramps turned to the operators and grinned menacingly as Reaper continued, "Those of you subscribing to our frequent fliers program, this means you, Triton, will be receiving 200 frequent flier points on this flight. If you suffer air sickness, there are airsickness bags located in the seat back pockets. If you're seriously thinking we have seat back pockets, you're on the wrong helo and should disembark immediately. In case of an emergency, the exit is that gaping hole in the rear of the aircraft. If you can't find it, sucks to be you. Now that the brief is over, sit back, relax, and we'll have you at your drop off points shortly."

    Reaper turned to his co-pilot and said, "Alright Tony, let's boogie. Wraith 1-1 lifting off."

    With that he pulled pitch and lifted the big Chinook off the deck, turning towards the coast, followed by the other two Chinooks and their escorts.

    Shortly afterwards the helos reached their destinations. The Chinooks bottomed out on the surface of the ocean as the operators hopped into their Zodiacs and deployed out of the cargo bay into the waves. As the boats left, the helos pulled out of the water and turned back to the ship, with Reaper calling, "Alright, boats are away. Good hunting, gents. Call us when you're done and we'll come pick you up."

    Axt looked out his window as he looked out over the sea, "Hows the water?" He asked the pilot.

    "It's loaded with sharks. And cancer. We'll see you when you're done," Mariah radioed.

    Axt laughed, "Not bad, I've swam in worse."

    Knight switched to his Night Vision as the helo lumbered along in the night. He said next to nothing; he was too busy playing out what they would do in his head. The priority were the BMPs and comm relay. They'd packed enough AT4s to do that...

    "He skip, I think I just saw a TLAM go by." Teiji said as he looked out the back window.

    "If you did it's late; most of those should've landed by now." Dodo retorted.

    "Okay cut the chatter, two minutes!" their leader said.

    They all waited as the boast were inflated and the machine came down onto the water. water spilled into the dark cabin and brushed their boots. Mower laughed and said something about falling into the open ocean, which earned him a "shut up" from Toby.

    "Go, go, go!" He shouted, motioning to the back of the ramp. The Operators wasted no time.

    "Thanks for the ride!" Toby added as he pilled into the boat, shooting one of the door gunners a thumbs up.

    He stayed low as Crusher got their zodiac moving towards the coast, which was right now a long black line that loomed on the horizon. Knight looked both ways but saw no signs of patrol boats. Seawater sting his nostrils.

    The SEALs chopper landed and they climb into the Zodiac, "We're good!" Axt yelled to the crewchief has they all finished boarding. They turned towards the shore.

    As Triton rode their boat out of Reaper's Chinook into the spray, Genghis radioed, "We're off to school, mom!"

    Reaper replied, "Alright, kiddos. I'll be back to pick you up right after. You better not be late because you're talking to some pretty girls!"

    Genghis chuckled, "No guarantees, ma. See you on the flip side."

    Reaper laughed, "Yeah, man. Good hunting."

    Genghis turned to Voodoo and said, "Alright, let's get moving."

    With that Voodoo turned the boat towards shore and they made their way to the coast, beaching and concealing the Zodiac upon landing.

    As they were concealing the Zodiac, Odin walked up behind Voodoo, startling him. Voodoo, shocked by Odin's apparent lack of a face since he was wearing scrim netting over his head and shoulders, asked, "Gah, why you gotta wear that thing all the time now, man?"

    Odin chuckled, "Got to, dude. It's tradition." "Tradition? Tradition for whom? Your giant Viking ass is already scary enough. You don't need to look like the second coming of Cthulhu." "Can't help it. Remember when I did that detachment with the FSK back in Nordennavic? They kept giving me shit for being a frogman and not wearing the net. It's tradition. So now I wear it." "Eh, I guess it works. Still freaky as shit though." "Well yeah. That's kinda the point."

    The team got their Zodiac concealed and made their way to an overlook position near the C3 hub.

    The SEALs tucked their zodiac into some trees, Axt flipped off his safety and double checked there was a round in the chamber. The moved towards their target.

    The C3 Hub had its lights on around and within the perimeter. The BMPs had been placed in three different places: one by the entrance, one facing the coast towards the AFO, and the third facing north. Their engines gently rumbled as they watched for any sign of trouble. The AA guns sat between the positions of the IFVs to create a more solid perimeter. There were about three sentries atop roofs, with two at the entrance that led to a single road into the complex and two pairs patrolling inside the area.

    Bravo 2-2 hit the beach and deployed, hiding their boats among some dunes and proceeded up the slope and towards the radar. It was very close to the coast. The BMPs had been deployed around the coastal face of the station, with the two SA-6s flanking the radars. Knight's eyes shifted towards the power generator and comm relay: his primary targets.

    "Oats...setup with Tobes so you can hit the comm relay first. Crusher, take Mower and Dodo and set up to hit the BMPs. Screwball, Roadkill, and I will hit the SA-6s." He outlined quietly.

    The team's sniper and heavy gunner proceeded south and then headed in land, arcing around so they were near the communications array. They took position in a small depression. The anti-BMP team stayed in position while those assigned to attack the SA-6s placed themselves in the middle, behind some dry bushes.

    The SEALs followed suit,"Fox, Jester, get behind the BMP, Rockstar, King, Rabbi on me, we're gonna hit the SA-6s." Said Axt.

    Knight slid the AT4 off his back and set it on his shoulder in anticipation of the attack on the comm relay by Toby and Teiji with their AT4s.

    At almost the exact same time, every man in the unit fired his rocket. the unguided weapons screamed across the dead air into their targets. Even as they flew the guards had no idea what had happened until the first two struck the comm relay.

    As soon as he'd fired his rocket, Toby got to his LMG and began peppering the relay to ensure its destruction. Teiji took a while longer to start lining up things, but he was on it as quick as he could accurately go.

    From his position, Knight concentrated his fire on the barracks as a few soldiers stumbled out into the chaos. He slapped Mower on the back.

    "Those Gainfuls are down! Contact the Little birds and tell them we need them to hit the barracks!" He ordered. The man fired a few more rounds at one of the patrols and hunkered down to reload.

    "Once the fire's died down, move in and place the charges!" He ordered as the Kedhani forces began to organize.

    "Wraith 2, this is Bravo 2-2, we need you to hit the barracks at the GCI station we're attacking, how copy?" Mower radioed.

    "Bravo 2-2, this is Wraith 2-3 and Wraith 2-4, on station. Inbound in 30 seconds."

    The two AH-6Ms in position to support Bravo rolled in on the barracks, launching flechette rockets through the windows to kill the infantry inside on their first run, then looping around and engaging with HE to drop the building itself. Once the runs were complete, the pilot of Wraith 2-3 radioed, "Alright, Bravo, barracks is down. 2-3 and 2-4 are on standby for further tasking."

    At the C3 hub, Genghis observed the site using binoculars while Zeus's RQ-20 orbited the complex. After a few minutes, Genghis said, "Alright, here's the plan. Odin, Dusty, ghost the sentries on the roof. Voodoo and Preacher, you guys get the fun part. Plant charges on the closest BMP and ZSU, then cut the power. Once it's down we'll light up the other two tracks and AA guns, then we breach."

    Preacher and Voodo nodded and began crawling towards the perimeter fence.

    Meanwhile Dusty talked Odin onto the sentries on top of the roof. "Alright, first one, near right corner. Range 700 meters. Wind three quarter value." "On target." "Send it." The MSR coughed quietly as the first .338 round went speeding towards its target. The first sentry dropped and Dusty said, "Good shot. Next one, far right corner. Range, 720 meters. Wind's the same." "Got him." "Send it." The MSR spoke again, and the second sentry fell. Dusty quickly talked Odin onto the third sentry, who was promptly dropped. Odin called, "Alright, roof sentries are clear."

    Preacher replied, "Roger that. Moving."

    Voodoo and Preacher had reached the perimeter fence. Voodoo cut a hole in the fence using a can of CO2 to freeze the links, and then the two crawled into the perimeter, using the shadows to make their way to the BMP facing the rest of the AFO. They slid a satchel charge underneath the IFV and then called to Odin, "Alright, we planted on the near BMP. Take out the patrol near us and we'll hit the AA gun by us."

    Odin replied, "Already ahead of you." Preacher and Voodoo heard two muffled thumps, and quickly dragged the bodies of the dead troops by the BMP. Crouched next to the vehicle, Preacher asked Voodoo, "Alright, you wanna do this messy or clean?" Voodoo chuckled, "You know me. Medieval for days." Preacher shook his head and drew his knife while Voodoo drew his tomahawk, grinning evilly.

    The two stalked over to the ZU-23 and Voodoo got the attention of the two gunners by saying, "Howdy, gents, where's the bathroom?" Before the crew could sound the alarm, Voodoo buried his tomahawk in the closest gunner's chest while Preacher reached around from behind the second gunner and slit his throat. Voodoo planted the charges and the two moved off to disable the power, calling to Genghis, "Alright, charges are set. get ready to rock. We're about to cut the power."

    "Fire!" commanded Axt. The LAWs flew from the tube and hit their targets squarely. They went up in flames and smoke. "Wraith 2-6, 2-6, nail out barracks for us!" he radioed. He motioned to his team, regroup, move up!"

    "Roger that, 2-5 and 2-6 rolling in."

    The two Little Birds rolled in and repeated the performance of Wraith 2-3 and 2-4.

    "Barracks clear. You got anything else for us?"

    "Not at the moment, stand by for tasking." Said Axt, the team moved on the radar.

    Voodoo placed a thermite charge on the power generator, having killed off another one of the patrols, and radioed to Genghis, "Alright, boss, ready to cut the power. You guys in position?"

    "Yup. Let 'er rip."

    Voodoo detonated the thermite, which promptly turned the generator into a glowing mass of molten metal and plastic. The lights around the complex suddenly went out, as Voodoo detonated the charges on the BMP and ZU-23 while AT4s streaked towards the other two. As the BMPs died, Voodoo hit the ZU-23 nearest him with 2 40mm grenades from his M32 while Zeus took out the other with his M25 OSW. Preacher cut down the two remaining guards and the rest of the team, except for Odin and Dusty, who were still on overwatch, rushed down and prepared to breach. The team stacked up on the bunker door with Preacher in the lead. Seeing the reinforced steel door, Preacher banged his fist on his head and Voodoo came forward with a frame charge. He placed it on the door and pulled the fuse cord, with the team standing back. 2 seconds later, the charge went off, sending the steel door flying into the bunker.

    Preacher tossed in a flashbang and rushed in after the detonation, moving down the stairs into the command bunker.

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    Re: ONS SF Missions

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    A confused Kedhani soldier fired wildly at the PMCs as they entered, blinded by the flashbang. Meanwhile stragglers attempted to organize against the OMDF SEAL team, setting up a DsHk to fire on them as they approached.

    "Negative, that will be all." Mower assured.

    "Bravo 2-2 Actual to all victors, move in. Tobes, Oats, you're the exception; cover us." Knight radioed.

    The team moved swiftly towards the camp, cutting through the wires. Mower, Roadkill and Crusher approached the power for the radars, while Knight, Screwball and Dodo each placed two small charges on the back of each satellite dish.

    Meanwhile the reaction force had finally caught wind of what was going on. They scrambled to assemble for the fight. But unbeknownst to them, a pair of RQ-9 Reapers were above, watching their move and waiting to deploy their loads of AGM-114 Hellfire missiles.

    "Attention Triton Actual, Bravo 2-2 Actual and Phantom 3-3 Actual, this is Poltergeist 1-1. We have spotted the enemy reaction force cranking up, so you'd better hurry. We'll do what we can to slow them." One of the pilots radioed.

    "Roger that Poltergeist, we're almost ready here." Knight radioed as he rushed towards the whole in the fence, shooting one of the straggling Kedhani troopers.

    "Drop that gunner!" Axt exclaimed and sent a burst of fire at him. The other SEALs dropped to cover and fired on the hostile soldiers.

    Preacher blew away the dazed Kedhani with a round from his AA-12 while he and the rest of Triton screamed at the remaining soldiers to drop their weapons. Shocked by the rapid employment of force, the shocked Kedhanis put down their weapons and were restrained by Dingo and Tick. In response to Poltergeist's alert, Genghis radioed, "Poltergeist, this is Triton Actual. We copy. We're just finishing up here." To Reaper he called, "Wraith 1-1, Triton Actual is requesting pickup."

    "Roger that, Triton. ETA 20 minutes."

    Genghis said to the rest of Triton, "Alright, guys. Grab what you can. Helo's gonna be here in 20 minutes." The team grabbed as many important documents as they could and stuffed them into their backpacks. Dingo inspected the captured soldiers and saw who was apparently the commander of the base, saying to Genghis, "Hey, boss, looks like we found the head honcho of this place. Whaddya want to do with him?"

    "Round them all up. We'll take them with us. Who knows, they may be useful."

    As they came up to the surface, Genghis called, "Odin, Dusty, collapse on us. We're leaving. Reaper, what's your ETA?" The steady beat of the Chinook's rotors could be heard as Reaper replied, "2 minutes. You guys ready?" "You know it. Popping strobe. Or you can just look for the fire." "Funny how that's usually how I end up finding you guys when I come to pick you up."

    As Dusty and Odin joined up with the rest of the team, Reaper's MH-47 appeared out of the night sky like a black cloud, the fires highlighting the darkness of the helo against the night sky. Triton shepherded their prisoners onto the helo and boarded. When the last man was aboard Reaper pulled pitch and headed for the ocean. As they went feet wet, he asked, "So how'd it go?" Genghis replied, "It was a cakewalk. And Voodoo finally got to go medieval on some fools." Voodoo chimed in, "Yer damned right I did." Genghis chuckled, "You crazy bastard. Oh, you want to set off the charges on the Zodiac?" Voodoo replied, "Right!" He pulled a detonator from his vest and clicked the button. Below on the beach the thermite charges that had been planted on the team's Zodiac detonated and burned the boat to a pile of ashes.

    As the team landed on the cargo ship they'd come from, Zeus quipped, "Well I guess that's Operators 2, Toy Soldiers 0." Voodoo replied, "It's kinda easy to win when the other team doesn't even know they're playing." Zeus said, "Well yeah..." Voodoo laughed, "And that's the way I like it." Tick interjected, "What happened to you and your 'stand up fights,' Conan?" Voodoo retorted, "I can have a stand up fight against people who don't know I'm there just as well as people who DO know I’m there."

    The MG operator fell and swung the machine gun's barrel to the sky. It's lose began to erode enemy resistance.

    Meanwhile Knight made a controlled fall back into the sand and looked back towards the GCI station.

    "Everyone out of the way?" He radioed. The team gave a collective yes, and he slid the detonator from his combat vest. Without hesitation he detonated the explosives, then glanced up as one of the radars fell back into the sand.

    "Wraith 1-1, this is Bravo 2-2 Actual, objective complete! Ready for extract." He added. The man then switched channels.

    "Phantom Actual, what's your status? That reaction force has got to be bout to move!" He called..

    Jester, the demo guy, planted his C4 at the base of the radar. "Let's move, get back to the Chinook!, Wraith 1-3 Phantom 1-1 falling back to exfil point" said Axt. The SEALs fell back, Axt nodded to Jester, and the radar exploded into multiple prices. "Objective complete."

    "Bravo 2-2, Wraith 1-2 is inbound for extract. ETA 5 minutes. Be ready. We're not gonna stick around for long. Mark LZ with strobe," Crazy-Legs radioed as he turned the Chinook towards shore from the orbit point off the coast.

    Crusher took a strobe and tossed it to a flat piece of land behind them and away from the GCI complex.

    "Wraith, strobe deployed." Knight radioed as he directed his unit into a defensive circle big enough for the MH-47.

    "Good strobe. Coming in."

    The big transport helo settled in to land in the perimeter the D-boys had marked out, and the crew chief manning the ramp beckoned the Delta operators to get on.

    The team members fell in by twos in a professional fashion; Knight was the last one in.

    "Everyone's aboard, we're clear!" He shouted up the cabin.

    Meanwhile one of the Reaper operators had bought the raiders a bit more time by landing a pair of AGM-114 Hellfire missiles on an unsuspecting T-90 as it passed through the gate of the force's base. The blast also did a number on the guard shack nearby. The confusion was only brief though, to the pilot's disdain. Some tank commander, probably very eager to kill the intruders, used his T-90 to run over part of the fence, but it was too late the MQ-9 operator thought. The SF teams would be out in a matter of minutes.

    "Roger that, 1-2 coming out."

    Meanwhile Mariah called to Phantom 1-1. "Phantom, say your status."

    "Mission complete, ready for extract!" said Axt,

    Knight lowered himself into his seat as the Chinook left the destroyed site in its wake.

    "Let's hope that the airdales at least think us some gratitude." Teiji commented quietly.

    "If you're in the Special Forces for the recognition, you joined the wrong outfit." Toby replied.

    One of the door gunners turned to Teiji and said, "Hey, we appreciate you, D-boy."

    Meanwhile, in Wraith 1-3, Mariah radioed, "Roger that, Phantom. Wraith 1-3 inbound. Mark LZ with strobe. ETA 5 mikes."

    "Roger, LZ marked!" Said Axt as Jester threw a strobe onto the ground.

    "But you understand our plight. You ever think a guy in his shiny Raptor says "hmmm, I really gotta thank the SF for killing that radar"?" Teiji replied with a smile of gratitude. At least someone who flew appreciated it.

    The door gunner chuckled, "To be fair Raptor drivers don't do much appreciating in general. Most of the Basilisks are pretty appreciative, though. I guess it doesn't hurt that their squad leader is our CO's brother, and that we train together all the damned time. Plus they all met Voodoo at the company Christmas party. You wanna try slighting that guy? I like my scalp, thankya very much."

    Meanwhile 1-3 landed at the LZ designated by Axt. After the SEALs were all aboard, the Chinook lifted off, escorted by Wraith 2-5 and 2-6, and headed back out to sea.

    Shortly afterwards Wraith 1-2 and 1-3 landed on the cargo ship they'd launched from next to Wraith 1-1.

    Teiji laughed.

    "Well, that restores a bit more of my faith." He added.

    **********************************SF MISSION 2 END**********************************

    Debrief: Thanks to your efforts, we have cleared one of several corridors for allied aircraft to use. The attacks have also had an effect on morale, as the Kedhanis have been shown that their land is not immune to intrusion by foreign forces. Several waves of allied aircraft later attacked a number of targets in the area and were able to do so more easily thanks to the lack of C3.

    SF Mission 3: Guardian Angels
    March 15, 2018 (UN HQ Time: 1600)
    AO: Southeast Shamlak, near Burj Al Nasr

    During the opening night of strikes, we lost several aircraft across both countries. However, we have managed to locate some of the pilots who have been shot down. Command has ordered that we assist in the search and rescue effort in order to return pilots to their bases. Our assigned pilot is a member of the Ustian Air Force 66th Fighter Squadron. His name his Captain Juan Herrera, callsign Galm 1. He was downed by an enemy SAM near Burj Al Nasr during the raids last night and has managed to evade capture until now, but the Shamlaki military is thoroughly searching the area with a small force of infantry and helicopters.

    Three search teams of four men each will be inserted into the area we believe Galm 1 to be in via MH-60 DAP, which will also help in the search. Triton 1 will be in the north of the sector, Phantom 1-1 in the center, and Bravo 2-2 in the Southern area. They will use radio communications and locators to track the pilot’s beacon. A RESCAP of six F-22 Raptors will establish a barrier along the northeastern part of the sector to prevent the Shamlakis from using helicopters to aid the search, and will also destroy any aircraft that are in the area. Further support will be provided by four F-35s from the carrier Excalibur. Once the pilot is located, he will be properly identified and disarmed before the team that found him is to establish a defensive position and await extraction.

    The pilot may be injured and is confirmed to be lightly armed, so time is of the essence. The enemy search force is primarily light infantry, due to the terrain in the area, but they are well supported by transport and attack helicopters, as well as APCs and jeeps. We can also be certain that the SRAF will be on call to assist the search if the need arises. If you want, you may bring FIM-92 Stingers with you to give yourself additional protection. Any enemy forces you encounter are fair game, but do your best not to get bogged down in a fight. In the event the pilot is killed or captured, each team will hold its position, dig in, and await extraction via helo.

    March 15, 2018
    Local Time: 1907
    In the hills northwest of Burj Al Nasr

    The single Eurocopter AS350 skimmed over the terrain of its home country as if searching for something. The small helo was the country's primary scout helicopter, but it also made an excellent man-hunter with its sophisticated camera and fast speed. It was lightly armed with a single FN MAG-toting soldiers partially hanging out from the left side, but there were four Denel Rooivalk attack helicopters that it could call on in support if it needed to. Tonight its mission was to help the soldiers on the ground search for a pilot that had been part of an air strike on one of Shamlak's major cities last night.

    In the meantime, the UN had sent out its own search force aboard MH-60 Blackhawks escorted by Direct Action Penetrator versions of the machine. Knight watched as the sun set on the Persian Sea. Once again stealth would be the key to victory here, as they were not well-equipped to hold out against heavy forces for long, even with support from above.

    The formation of MH-60Ms, transports escorted by DAPs, streaked across the rough terrain under the rapidly darkening sky. As they reached the assigned search zone, the formation split up, one transport for each of the three SF teams, escorted by two DAPs.

    The UN forces had one advantage over their Shamlaki counterparts in that they had a general idea of Capt. Herrera's location due to his locator beacon, but the rough terrain was obstructing the signal and making it difficult to obtain a precise location.

    However, the terrain did provide one advantage. It allowed the MH-60s to terrain mask, hiding from both enemy SAM radars and the Shamlaki heliborne search teams.

    As the three groups criscrossed the countryside, Reaper, in Stalker 1-1, one of the DAPs escorting AFO Triton, radioed on the Rescue One frequency, "Stalker 1-1 calling Galm One. Stalker 1-1 calling Galm One. Do you read, over?"

    Juan had managed to find some refuge in the area in the form of a cave on the rocky part of the desert, he also had to use his parachute as thermic isolant tent, because contrary to the popular belive: the nights on the deserts are cold due to the fact that there's no large vegetation to hold the exess heat from the ground aquired trought the whole day.

    He was patinently waiting, listening to the communications of both, friendly and enemmy forces on the premise to know if he need to get away from where he is or get in the clear for the Extraction team to pick him up. He was concerned, thinking in ways to use the terrain to his advantage if the need of it be arised... at least until now.

    "Stalker 1-1 calling Galm One. Stalker 1-1 calling Galm One. Do you read, over?" The Radio recived the transmission of a friendly unit, probably the Extraction team.

    "Stalker 1-1, this is Galm 1. I read you loud an clear, it's such a relif to listen to you guys, I had managed to find some shelter nearby, I can't exactly specify where I am at the moment, I'm affraid that the enemy may also be hearing what we're talking right now, please be quick, I don know if they are hostile forces aproaching or not, but I preffer to be on the safe side and assume that there are nearby, over." He said while doing the best to look around constantly, looking for something amiss or enemy presence on his range of sight.

    Reaper groaned to himself quietly at Galm's vague radio report, "Fucking paranoid flyboys..." To Galm he radioed, "Galm, we can't pick you up if we don't know where you are. Activate your GPS beacon so we can actually find you. You're on a secure channel."

    To the rest of the helos, Reaper called, "Alright, gents, step lively. Our charge is indeed still alive and not yet captured. We don't have a location yet. When we do we're gonna need to move fast. Keep in mind we ARE in Indian country."

    The SEALs quietly listened to the transmission and Axt also groaned at the unspecific location given by the pilot.

    To add to Galm 1's uncertainty, one of the searching helos passed by somewhere outside. Though it didn't seem to know where he was, it was guiding troops in his area, ones near Galm 1 but unaware where he was. It was still patrolling in a slightly reckless manner as it stayed high up, unaware of the enemy helicopters lurking through the canyons.

    Knight was slightly leaning out of his MH-60, watching the terrain flash by as he tried to think where the pilot might be.

    "Triton Actual, this is 2-2 Actual. I'd suggest once we find the general area of the pilot, me and Phantom create some sort of diversion alongside the DAPs; you guys swoop in and grab him quick, sound good?" He radioed. The man then addressed the pilot.

    "Captain, if you're under shelter, you're going to have to move. If you've got guys near you, we'll flush em out so you can relocate to a good place for us to land. We'll get you out man, just stay calm." He added. Again he switched who he was addressing.

    "Oats, we're gonna have you stay on the chopper; use it as a mobile platform." He ordered.

    "Yes sir." the sniper said.

    Genghis replied, "2-2, Actual, Triton Actual. Sounds good."

    To the rest of AFO Triton he said, "Alright, Voodoo, Dingo, and Zeus come down with me. Odin, Dusty, Tick, cover us from the helo. Voodoo, you should probably bring the Stinger with you."

    Voodoo nodded, "Roger that. Tick, I'll leave you an extra one in case you need to get crafty."

    Axt radioed "Phantom 1-1, let's do this!

    "Galm, we can't pick you up if we don't know where you are. Activate your GPS beacon so we can actually find you. You're on a secure channel." Stalker 1-1 said trought the radio, Juan did nothing but comply, and activated the GPS Beacon.

    "Wilco, the GPS Beacon has been activated, I kind of heard choppers nearby But I'm not sure if those were you guys." Juan replied to Stalker 1-1 while disarming his improvised shelter as fast as he could.

    "Triton Actual, this is 2-2 Actual. I'd suggest once we find the general area of the pilot, me and Phantom create some sort of diversion alongside the DAPs; you guys swoop in and grab him quick, sound good?" As he listened to the other SAR Units, Juan was almost done in folding back the parachute.

    "Captain, if you're under shelter, you're going to have to move. If you've got guys near you, we'll flush em out so you can relocate to a good place for us to land. We'll get you out man, just stay calm." Then he heard the instructions from another SAR Team, probably the Attack helicopters, and if they are, then he better comply

    "Rodger that, Triton Actual, I'm abandoning my shelter, you guys can pick me up now, I'm moving into a more clear area." And so, Juan Herrera abandoned the cave, gun in hand, looking out for either friendlies or hostiles.

    Down the slope, there was an eight-man patrol of Shamlaki soldiers, gearing the gear needed to survive in the mountains. They hadn't noted the captain yet, but mostly becasue he was just barely hidden above them. They were armed with assualt rifles and two light machine guns. The helicopter was still off in the distance. the apparently lead of the soldiers keyed up his radio and said something in the country's native language, but he was too far away to be heard.

    The Shamlaki forces had been alerted to some wort of UN activity as the F-22s established clear skies, and sent in their Rooivalks at low level, out of the eyes of the high-flying F-22s and F-35s. They kept low in the canyons while other forces near the roads set up AA positions.

    Meanwhile Knight was plotting how this would go down. He got on the radio.

    "Okay, we've got a rough estimate on where he is; any suggestions on how we make sure the area's clear?" Knight said as the GPS signal became easier to track.

    Reaper replied to Knight, "Stalker 1-3 and 1-4 set up an orbit. 1-2 and I will clear the LZ itself. You and Phantom 1-1 stay in reserve as a QRF with Stalker 1-5 and 1-6 as escort. And backup in case they have heavy stuff. We're inbound. ETA's 4 minutes."

    Meanwhile in Shadow 1-1, Genghis checked the map and said, "Alright, gents, we found him. 4 minutes. Get your game faces on. Stalkers are gonna clear the LZ."

    Reaper radioed to Galm One, "Galm, this is Stalker 1-1. We're gonna clear the LZ around you. Try and find a flat area so the Blackhawk can land. After we're clear get there as quick as you can and we'll pick you up."

    As the rescue element rounded a canyon and got eyes on the cliffside where Capt. Herrera was hiding, Reaper's copilot said, "Boss, I got contacts on FLIR. Single man sized signature at the top of the cliff, 8 at the bottom. Looks like the one at the top is Galm." "Yup, I see them. Galm, Stalker. You have hostile infantry at the bottom of the hill. Stay tight and get in cover. We're going to be rolling in danger close. We'll let you know when it's clear. You see that clear patch at the bottom of the hill? Make a run for it when we give you the all clear. We don't wanna linger around here any longer than we have to."

    To his copilot, Reaper said, "Alright, Terry, gimme APERS first. 1-2, come in after my run. Stalker 1-1's in hot. Laser firing... Rocket away!"

    Reaper rolled in on the group of infantry and loosed a single M255 flechette rocket followed by a 5 round burst of 30mm at the infantry, peeling off to the left, making an opening for Stalker 1-2, who launched another flechette round.

    The troops protected only by their personal Kevlar, stood little chance against the rockets and 30mm fire. They died with little more than a whimper, but now there was no hiding; the UN was here. The remaining forces were quickly establishing a position and trying to spot the enemy CSAR force.

    Stalker 1-3 caught up to the enemy scout helo half way through its orbit. The co-pilot locked on to the AS530 with the laser designator while the pilot loosed a pair of M229 HE rockets at it.

    Meanwhile Stalker 1-4, on the opposite side of the orbit, stumbled upon a group of Shamlakis attempting to form a roadblock and engaged with flechette, HE, and 30mm HEDP.

    The AS350's gunner fired back with his LMG, but it did little as the rocket struck just below the rotor blades of the AS350 and dropped the machine onto the ground in pieces of metal, flames and human remains. Galm 1's immediate 20 was clear, at least for now.

    As the DAP made its pass, one of the Shamlakis loosed a rocket at the enemy helicopter before he was cut down. It alerted a nearby Type87 AA gun, which rotated its guns towards the sounds of the DAP's weapons impacting. the crew received word that the Rooivalks were on the way. As it spotted the DAP, it opened fire. The twin 35mm guns chattered away, their reports echoing through the canyon.

    The crew chief of Stalker 1-4 saw the rocket launch and yelled out, "ROCKET RIGHT SIDE!" The pilot swung the tail around to avoid the rocket, at which point the radar warning receiver began blaring, followed immediately after by a stream of 35mm fire from the Guntank.

    Stalker 1-4 popped chaff and dove for the deck while calling, "Stalker 1-1, 1-3, this is 1-4, we got hostile AA over here, we need some help! Where are those fast movers?"

    The Guntank followed the maneuver best it could but largely missed, chewing up the rock behind Stalker 1-3 before it stopped and waited for a new target.

    "Stalker 1-4, this Coliseum Lead, we hear you, we hear you. We've got guns, JDAMs and HARMs for the section, give us a target." a voice assured over the radio. It was the leader of the F-35s that were on station to provide CAS.

    "Genghis, this is Knight, we've spotted a sizable force of mech infantry entering the immediate area; we're gonna settle down with Phantom and see if we can draw em our way, make it easier to get Galm and deal with the guys already in your area." Knight radioed as he observed and took fire from a group of Type 96 APCs moving down a road towards the area.

    "Axt, you see that ridge? I'm thinking we establish a base of fire in those trees there and have the Hawks support us. Any input?" He added.

    "Roger Knight, we got a pair of Mk.48s with us along with multiply AT-4s." Said Axt, "Sounds good."
    "Coliseum, this is Stalker 1-4. Hostile Type 87 near our position. He's radiating. Nail him with Magnum."

    Meanwhile Genghis replied to Knight, "Roger that, man. We're inbound to pick up Galm."

    Shadow 1-2 and 1-3 rapidly moved in to drop Phantom 1-1 and Bravo 2-2 off on the ridge while Stalkers 1-5 and 1-6 engaged the APCs with HE rockets and 30mm to give the slicks time to drop off troops.

    "Roger that 1-4, stand by."

    The F-35 pilot armed his HARMs and waited until he got a solid lock on the Guntank. the pilot popped up from his altitude of 15,000 feet briefly, then dove at the Type 87. With a Magnum call he sent the missile flying at the AA gun. The pilot then broke to the left as another AAA piece, a mobile HS1, tried to engage him. The HARM screamed downwards and speared the Type 87, rocking the canyons just a little.

    "Stalker 1-4, gun's gone." the lead pilot radioed.

    Knight set his forces up just down the slope, the now scattered APCs across the way. Those who'd survived the attack fired on the DAPs as they flew away, while the Shamlaki infantry that dismounted the surviving machines began to set up their own base of fire under the cover of smoke launched by the Type 96s. He directed Teiji to snipe what he could through the scope while the others set up. Toby got his LMG in place and began to pivoted the weapon back and forth slowly as he fired bursts. Knight raised his won weapon and fired at a shadow he saw in the smoke.

    Meanwhile another AS350 appeared near Galm 1's position, accompanied by two Rooivalk helicopters. One fired a Mistral at Stalker 1-1 while the other peppered the area near Galm 1 to get his head down.

    Reaper's Blackhawk's integrated countermeasure system immediately detected the Mistral launch and released flares while the infrared jammer began attempting to confuse the missile's seeker. Reaper immediately broke right to attempt to get away from the attack helicopter, calling, "Shit! Stalker 1-2 get this fucker off my ass!"

    "Roger, 1-2's in hot!"

    Voodoo interjected, "Wait, 1-2, hold off! I've got something for him." Genghis looked at his M60 gunner and said, "You're not..." Voodoo grinned and said, "I am. Put me broadside to this fucker!" As Shadow 1-1 turned to put Voodoo in position, the entirety of AFO Triton crowded as far forward as they could. Voodoo looked around and said, "Backblast area clear?" Tick yelled, "Clear!" "Fuck yeah." Voodoo brandished a Stinger tube, aiming it at the Rooivalk.

    "Seeker uncaged! Locked! EAT THIS, SUCKA!"

    Voodoo squeezed the trigger and the compressed nitrogen charge blew the Stinger out of the launch tube into the air, where it quickly corkscrewed off after the pursuing attack helo.

    After the air cleared in the Blackhawk's cabin, Preacher quipped, "All the times I've seen him do it and it still freaks me out every time."

    Voodoo chuckled, "But it's SO much fun."

    Meanwhile Stalker 1-2 pulled back around to engage the Rooivalk engaging Galm 1, locking on and loosing a pair of HE rockets at it.

    The SEALs engaged the dismounted infantry, the MK. 48s laying down a shocking rate of fire. AT-4s were also fired at the accompanying APCs.

    The Rooivalk that had the Stinger after it fired off countermeasures and its pilot decided it was time to showcase the design's abilities. the attack helo then began to pull into what looked like a barrel roll, but it leveled back out above the Blackhawk and let it pass, firing its cannon after the Osean machine. It then began to pursue again, arming another Mistral. Voodoo's Stinger was, by now, only a memory. The Rooivalk pilot was admittedly impressed.

    It's friend also deployed flares and pulled away from its run at Galm 1, the machine engaged countermeasures and swung its cannon at the enemy helo after avoiding the rockets, trying to force Stalker 1-2 down into the canyon

    On the ground, the Shamlakis had managed to organize themselves enough to start putting up heavy returning fire. Most of their APCs had been wasted, but they still had plenty of RPGs, specifically the PF-89 rocket. Shamlaki AT infantry lobbed them above the SF teams a few times to send rocks down the slope. The trees were cut away at by enemy LMGs. Knight himself disposed of one of the RPG teams, but not before a large rock bounded by to his left.

    "Oates, concentrate on the RPGs; we'll take the others.' the lieutenant radioed.

    "Understood Actual." the sniper replied. He lined up the sights of his rifle and downed a man with a rocket, before he moved on to another.

    "What's the status on Galm 1?" Knight yelled over the radio.

    By this time Stalker 1-3 and 1-4 had linked up and began making runs on the troops engaging Bravo 2-2 and Phantom 1-1, engaging with flechette and HE rockets in addition to 30mm.

    Genghis radioed, "Not good. Foot mobiles are down, but we've got two Rooivalks that do NOT want to leave the party."

    Reaper chimed in, "We've got to do something about these fuckers quick. Where the hell are those Raptors? Guns, unlock the miniguns and see if you can hit the guy on our ass."

    As the hammerblows of the Rooivalk's cannon shells reverberated off the tail, Reaper, said, "Fuck it. I'm gonna try and lose him in the canyons," as he called to the Raptors, "Austin Flight, this is Stalker 1-1, we've got a couple of hostile helos that we could use some help with ASAP."

    Meanwhile Stalker 1-2 swung upwards to avoid the second Rooivalk's gunfire and dived down, returning fire with the Chain Gun.

    "Stalker this is Austin 1-1, standby and we'll chop Austin 1-6 to help." The lead F-22 radioed.

    From high above one of the F-22s split from its racetrack pattern and dove towards the engagement. The pilot was trying to get a bead on things, but the canyons were messing with his AMRAAMs. He considered Sidewinders but he wasn't keen on tempting the AA down their.

    "Stalker, this is Austin 1-6. I can't get a clear shot; can you get the enemy helos above the canyon walls?" He asked.

    In the meantime another RPG exploded above Knight's position. He hunkered down until the blast's concussion subsided and then got back to firing. His eyes spotted a large object, and another Type 87 Guntank came rolling down the road. it leveled its 35mm guns and fired at the SF soldiers.

    "Dodo, get that thing!" He radioed.

    The demo man slid the single rocket off his back and adjusted his position to fire. the Guntank was just trying to suppress; it's fire was only effective in being large-caliber. He swallowed and short the weapon. the rocket zipped across the gap and struck the machine on the front of its turret. The explosion was't spectacular, but the gun was stopped.

    "Stalker, this is Bravo 2-2 Actual, I think now would be a good time for dust-off. The enemy's concentrating heavy forces on us." He radioed.

    The SEALs barrage of fire continued, Jester had pulled his M-32 from his back pack and was firing madly at the infantry. Axt also radioed to Stalker "It is getting pretty hot under the collar, evac would be nice!"

    Stalker 1-3 radioed, "Roger that, Shadows 1-2 and 1-3 are inbound. We'll cover."

    At the same time the two transport Blackhawks appeared overhead, Shadow 1-3 suppressing the infantry with her miniguns while Shadow 1-2 landed to embark Bravo 2-2.

    Meanwhile Reaper heard Austin 1-6's request to drag the Rooivalks above the canyon and grumbled to himself, "Fucking Raptor prima donnas... Keep going on and on about how they're hot shit and they can't nail a single fucking helo in a canyon. Typical." To Austin he radioed, "Roger that."

    Using the Blackhawk's slight speed advantage over the Rooivalk, Reaper widened the gap between himself and his pursuer, disappearing from the hostile attack helo's field of view around a bend in the canyon, pulling back up out of the canyon and turning to reengage the Rooivalk from behind.

    The F-22 continued to circle, waiting for a good picture of the Shamlaki attack helos, but what he didn't know was that Reaper's move had forced the Rooivalk to try and ascended above the Blackhawk. It was in the open and taking damage. The second remained in the canyon, trying to bring things into a knife fight it seemed. It move to get below and behind the DAP, but the terrain had other plans. The pilot didn't notice he'd run out of room until he felt the attack helo shake violently. As its rotors shattered, the machine fell down and crashed into the jagged rocks below with a flurry of dust and a small explosion.

    Under Teiji and Toby's cover, the team began to collapse back up the hill. Crusher ordered in two runs from the F-35s on the Shamlaki troops across the way using JDAMs. the two JSFs timed their runs so that they would hit the Shamlakis while the Special Forces retreated up the slope.

    "Why the fuck don't we have Galm 1 yet?!" Knight barked over the radio as he boarded his helo.

    Genghis replied, "Because the goddamned LZ's not clear yet!" To the pilot of Stalker 1-1 he yelled, "Tony, put us down on Galm 1's position. Fuck this bullshit. We don't have time for this."

    The pilot said, "Wait how the hell are you gonna get back in the helo? There's no way we can land down there!"

    "Pick us up from that clear patch he was trying to. Just don't forget about us!"

    "Roger that."

    Shadow 1-1 pulled into a hover slightly up-slope of Captain Herrera's position and deployed the fast ropes. Genghis, Voodoo, Dingo, and Zeus roped down and promptly descended the slope to Galm 1.

    With the crash of the second Rooivalk, Stalker 1-2 was free to support Galm 1 again, and promptly blazed off after the AS350, engaging with another pair of HE rockets.

    At the same time Reaper, finally in an advantageous position above the Rooivalk that had been tailing him, said, "Fucking finally. Let's finish this." He fired a pair of HE rockets followed by another burst of chain guns straight into the Rooivalk's rotor disk.

    Meanwhile the entirety of Bravo 2-2 boarded the helo and Shadow 1-2 took off, taking over the support slot from 1-3, who landed to embark Phantom 1-1, as Stalkers 1-3 and 1-4 kept suppressing the Shamlakis before and after the F-35s' JDAM runs.

    As the four members of AFO Triton made it to Galm's position, Captain Herrera turned towards the operators, his M93 still in his hands. Genghis yelled, "PUT THE GUN DOWN! PUT IT DOWN RIGHT NOW!" while Voodoo circled around behind the confused pilot and tackled him to the ground, kicking Galm's pistol away from him and pinning both arms against the small of the captain's back with his knee. Quickly patting him down, Voodoo said to Genghis, "He's clear, boss." Genghis compared the captain's dusty face to a picture and asked, "What is the best car ever made?"

    Juan, still a little dazed from Voodoo's tackle, mumbled, "I... I..."

    Voodoo drew a knife and held it to the captain's throat, calmly saying, "The continued integrity of your major arteries depends on your answer. What is the best car ever made?"

    "I don't know!"

    Genghis asked, "Okay, then what was the name of your first girlfriend?"

    Captain Herrera exclaimed, "Ah! Alicia!"

    "Alright it's him. Voodoo, put the knife away. Let's get out of here."

    Zeus radioed, "Triton to Stalker, we clear?"

    "Stalker 1-2 to Triton, LZ's clear. Shadow's waiting for you."

    "Roger. Shadow 1-1, pick us up from that clearing. Triton's popping smoke."

    Zeus threw a green smoke grenade to mark the LZ as Shadow 1-1 came in to a landing. The 4 operators shepherded Captain Herrera to the Blackhawk, which promptly lifted off.

    "Shadow 1-1 is clear with Galm 1 on board." In the helo Dingo checked over Captain Herrera and treated the minor scratches and bruises he'd acquired during the ejection and the Rooivalk's attack.

    Genghis looked at the pilot and said, "Just for future reference, sir, it works a lot better if you tell the guys coming to rescue you exactly where they need to go instead of making them have to run around looking for you."

    Captain Herrera, still a little dazed and shocked from the violence that had surrounded his rescue, simply nodded and said, "Yes. I'm sorry, I didn't want to give away anything to the enemy."

    Zeus spoke up, "Actually the chances of that are really low since the survival radios are encrypted. The enemy has a better chance of homing in on you based on the transmission itself than what you're actually transmitting. And in a case like that telling us where you are helps us out since we can beat the bad guys to you."

    Genghis nodded, "Exactly. Anyway, you handled yourself well, especially with that gunship knocking on your door."

    Genghis then radioed to the other two transports, "Phantom, Bravo, you guys get out okay?"

    Meanwhile the 3 transports all turned back towards the coast and safety.

    The 6 DAPs made a few more runs to cover the slicks' evac and then turned for home as well, leaving the burning hulks of the Shamlaki vehicles in their wake.

    "Bravo 2-2 is airborne and egressing. Damn fine job there, Genghis." Knight said as he held on, the MH-60 he was in rushing away from the mas of Shamlaki forces on the road.

    "All good one our end, nice job! We'll buy once we get back." Said Axt.
    "Roger that, all teams are away, good job." the mission's coordinating MC-130 radioed.

    **********************************SF MISSION 3 END**********************************

    Debrief: Another fine job. The pilot was rescued with few injuries and Shamlaki forces were denied a political victory by capturing another pilot. Additional several Shamlaki units were hit hard in the ensuing fight. Though we cannot say when they will come again, be ready for further CSAR operations if the need arises.

    SF Mission 4: Rocket Science
    March 18, 2018 (UN HQ Time: 1700)
    AO: North-Central Kedhan

    Last night the Isarian city of Sahjaya was attacked by a pair of SCUD-D missiles. The attack, being unforeseen, caused approximately 45 deaths and a further 83 injuries. The missiles impacted roughly at dusk and hit a pair of small office buildings with HE warheads. Kedhani media officials soon released a statement telling Isara to evict UN forces from its country, or face further attacks. They have been given 48 hours to do so. Of course, Isara has not told us to leave, at least not yet. In response, we will take pout some of the major SCUD sites over the next few days. Allied aircraft will hit any static sites; we will be hunting mobile launchers.

    Our AO will be the hills and small canyons in Kedhan, dubbed from here on as “SCUD Canyon”. Each team will be inserted via HALO jump to a sector north of the canyon and resupplied after two days, then being picked up after another two. Bravo 2-2 will be assigned to the northwest, Phantom 1-1 will take the northeast, and Triton will take the South-Central area. From there they will be assisted by an E-8 JSTARS, call sign “Foreman”, in addition to maps marked with the determined coordinates of sites as well as roads they may take. Recon aircraft and satellites have confirmed that the SCUD sites are usually protected by mobile AA weapons as well as infantry and light armor. We even have reason to believe they may call in their own aircraft to support them.

    Once you have located a SCUD, either destroy it with an anti-tank weapon or call in an air strike. An E-3 Sentry, call sign “Hammerhead” aircraft will coordinate allied aircraft attacks in conjunction with JSTARS. We have also pointed out several caves on your maps where you can establish temporary fire bases; however do not set up for long at the risk of being cut off. On day four, you will receive instructions on your exfil point. If you fail to cause serious damage to the SCUD threat in the rea, our forces in Isara may be at serious risk of being evicted. No pressure.

    March 18, 2018
    Local Time: 1946
    Somewhere over Kedhan

    Knight felt the cold air embrace him as he left the ramp of the MC-130 and began his fall towards the ground. Beneath him lie the desolate country that was the Kedhani countryside. Unlike the coastal areas, it was truly dead out here. Unlike the areas around Burj Al Nasr, there were no trees or roads (paved ones, anyways). He free fell for a handful of seconds before he deployed his chute. His target landing zone was the interior of a box canyon; a nice soft place to land. He would be moving as soon as possible to make room for the others. For a second as he sailed into the terrain, Knight thought whomever determined HALO the best insert crazy. It was too late to complain, though. He hit the ground and detached from his chute while the rest of his team approached the ground.

    March 18, 2018
    Local Time: 1950
    Over Scud Canyon

    As Genghis leapt off the ramp of the MC-130 into the blackness he thought to himself, "That's another one under the belt. God I'm getting old." As he free-fell, he thought to himself and went over his more than twenty-five years in the special operations community. His internal monologue was cut short as the altimeter on his wrist beeped at 5,000 feet and his parachute deployed. He made it to the ground without event and quickly secured and buried his chute as the rest of AFO Triton came in right behind him.

    As the team landed, Genghis asked, "Ready to go hunting, boys?"

    Zeus replied, "Sure, but I'd feel a lot better if we were mounted for this one. Seriously. Why couldn't we roll in Dumvees for this one?"

    Voodoo chuckled, "Typical zoomie. Humping it builds character."

    Dusty chimed in, "Zeus does have a point. We'd cover a hell of a lot more ground if we were rolling." Voodoo groaned, "Oh come on, why you always gotta take his side?" "Because he's littler than you. It's good manners. Not that your barbarian self would know about those."

    Genghis interceded, "We don't have GMVs or quads because higher says we don't need them. I disagree, even if humping it builds character, simply because we need to bust these missiles up as quick as we can. If we don't find anything before the resupply, we'll ask for a ride. In the mean time check your gear. Wouldn't want to find one and see that our shit isn't working. Odin, your big friend good to go?"

    Odin looked over his M107 and flashed a thumbs up, while Voodoo and Tick both confirmed that their AT4s and Voodoo's M32 were ready to go.

    Genghis nodded in approval and said, "Alrighty, gents. Time to make some money. Zeus, get your Puma up and let's get some eyes on. Let's head for the first hide site. We'll set up there and start looking around."

    With that the team started walking off towards their first planned hide site.

    Over SCUD canyon

    The SEALs parachutes snapped open, and the team slowly drifted down toward the canyon's bottom. Axt landed and buried his chute, He pulled his SCAR-L up and made sure the safety was off, and his team joined him. Axt and his team double checked their gear. The team carried an M72 each and two of the EOD guys had M112 charges and detonators.

    "Trition Actual, Phantom 1-1 Actual, this is Bravo 2-2 Actual, we're on the ground. What's your status?" Knight radioed as his team assembled into a line formation and began the trek through the canyon. He glanced at his watch, which had the approximate time remaining for the deadline. They had 46 hours.

    The nearest SAM site for them was positioned off a road two miles to the north of their LZ. At the deployment of their MAV, they could observe that the site was guarded by infantry primarily, a few with MANPADs, and a pair of BMPs. A single BTR, a command variant, was nestled under some camo nets near the lone TEL. At the moment the weapon was erected. Knight had no complaints; all it took was a little holding out and a martyr's complex to get that thing airborne. He ordered Teiji ahead to cover the road while the rest would slow it down temporarily. They had A4s and C4, mostly, but Crusher had managed to bring along an M32. Of course, they also had aircraft on call, though they'd have to secure the weapon first.

    In Triton's neck of the woods, their nearest target was a village that acted as a place for SCUDs to be parked (Three were lined up near a building). Thus the place was more volatile, having trucks with gas and parts for the TELs, and more heavily guarded. The small settlement of four buildings was flanked by higher ground, where on one was a single SA-19. Three patrols of two roamed the perimeter, while steely-eyed snipers, four in all, watched from windows and roofs. at the entrance to each end of the place was a guard standing near an EE-3 Jararaca sporting a rather large-looking gun. Triton's current challenge would be the terrain; the Kedhanis appeared to be using it to make sure any attacks would have to be channeled into their preset lines of fire.

    In Phantom 3-3's area, they had a launch site as well, like Bravo 2-2. However their's was one that was on standby, meaning that the weapon was erected and ready to fire if the call came. The troops and two BMPs guarding it were positioned defensively instead of patrolling; they expected that any attacks in the area would include one on them. Hidden from all view was a sniper somewhere in the area, too, watching the desert scape with his SVDSN rifle. He was in direct radio contact with the SCUD site.

    "Bravo 2-2 actual, Triton Actual. We're on the ground and oscar mike to the first hide site."

    A few hours later, the team reached their hide site, which fortunately had a view of the village. Zeus sent his RQ-20 on an orbit over the village, marking the locations of the snipers, launchers, vehicles, and the SA-19. Showing the map to Genghis, he said, "This is gonna be a bitch to hit on our own."

    "Yeah. Call up Hammerhead."

    "They're gonna want us to take out that Grison though."

    "So we will. Odin, you can hit it with a Switchblade, right?"


    "Alright. Zeus, tell Hammerhead we need cluster to take this village down and that we'll prosecute with Switchblade."

    "Aye aye." Zeus pulled out the UHF radio and called the AWACS, "Hammerhead, Hammerhead, this is Triton FAC, we have tasking, over."

    As the AWACS replied, Zeus said, "We have eyes on multiple SCUD launchers in an assembly site defended by multiple foot mobiles, light armor, and single SA-19. Request cluster to prosecute launchers. Triton will terminate SA-19 prior to run in."

    Scanning with his Mk. 48, Bolt, the Pig gunner spotted a heat signature as he scanned the ridge "I got a sniper, he's scanning."

    "Roger, Halo, I need you to get this guy, don't miss, or he will radio the SCUD."

    "Roger," Halo pulled his shemagh up over his face. He nestled into a pair of rocks and deployed the bipod legs on his Mk. 11. Drawing a bead, he checked his Kestrel and dialed in his shooting solution. Halo applied slow pressure to the trigger and slowly squeezed back and fired....

    High above the Earth, the single E-3 orbited in a circle. The call from the PMC soldiers came.

    "Triton, this is Hammerhead, roger that. We have a flight of two Strike Eagles, callsign Longsword 3. Stand by for link." a controller radioed.

    Closer to the battle, the pilot of Longsword 3-1 received a heads up that a strike was needed. He switched to the give channel and turned his HMD to night vision.

    "Triton, this is Longsword, we understand you need some ordinance. We've got four Paveways, four CBU-87, and 500 rounds for the section. Understand you want the 87s?" He radioed.

    Meanwhile The sniper felt the bullet starting to impact his skull before things went dark for him. The SCUD site was unaware, though; they thought he was still alive.

    In Bravo 2-2's neck of the woods, they'd positioned themselves to launch a simultaneous attack initiated by hitting the BMPs and BTR with AT4s. Hopefully they could cut off the site from others and then demo it. Knight was tempted to use air support, but he figured he could lose some weight by using the C4 and AT4s. He radioed to Teiji.

    "After the AT4s are fired, start putting bullets through the TEL's wind shield, then cover us as we move in." He whispered.

    "Yes sir." Teiji replied.

    Knight sent the signal to Toby, Do Do, and Roadkill. The night's silence was shattered by the hiss of rocket back blast. The first impacted the BTR through the front and blew fire out the open hatches in second, while the others did much less apparent damage to the IFVs, but the damage was done as one man exited the left BMP, frantically trying to fan the flames spreading up his body. Teiji gulped, and almost put him out of his misery. Knight did so first, however, allowing Teiji to start hammering at the SCUD's windshield. A driver asleep at the wheel was jolted as a bullet impacted him. The rest of the squad peppered the site with rounds, clearing away what they could before they closed in.

    Zeus radioed, "That's affirmative, Longsword. Your target is a cluster of 4 buildings and multiple vehicles at grid November Juliet 8376. Target is defended by single SA-19. We will engage it. Upon impact you are cleared in hot. Make your runs from the south."

    Meanwhile Odin launched the Switchblade and sent it winging towards the Tunguska. The UCAV's small radar signature meant it was not detected until it was almost about to impact the SPAAG's turret. The warhead in the Switchblad was tiny, but against the SA-19's thin armor it was enough. Odin guided it in and had it impact one of the exposed missile tubes on the side of the turret. The detonation of the missiles augmented the Switchblade's warhead, and nearly ripped the SAM's turret off.

    When Odin tapped Zeus on the shoulder to tell him that the SA-19 was down, Zeus radioed, "Longsword, SAM is down. You are cleared in hot. Tear 'em up."

    "Right, we need to hit the bastards at the launch counsel, Jester, Blitz, get up behind those BMP-2s, Jackal, Skunk, Rat, and I will hit the SCUD, then assault their position, Bolt, Halo as soon as we fire, light up the footmobiles." said Axt. The SEALs swiftly scrabbled into position and one by one, the teams checked in, Axt radioed "Fire!" The M72s streaked towards their targets, and the Mk. 11 and Mk. 48 opened up on the infantry. "Go! Go!" The EODs and two other SEALS jumped from their positions and fired on the infantry.

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    "Understood Triton, Longsword 3-1 is in hot." Longsword 3-1's pilot replied.

    The pilot broke away from his wingman and armed his CBU-97s before he rolled over into a dive towards the SCUD depot. His WSO fed him extra info using their LANTIRN system's IR camera. the pilot made minute adjustments to its path as it made a steep dive. Far below, almost directly in front of the nose, was the target. He grunted and kept the F-15E in its dive before he released two CBUs at an altitude that would make sure the bomblets in the weapons would be concentrated on the facilities.

    "Longsword 3-1, bombs away." the pilor radioed as he then pulled out of the attack and deployed countermeasures. the bombs continued downwards for a second before ripping open and scattering smaller bombs about, bombs which them landed upon the alerted but confused Kedhani forces with gruesome effects. Men disappeared in the explosions and storms of shrapnel while fuel tanks were cut open and ignited, those unlucky enough to be near them being washed over by the combusting liquids. The SCUds, being as lightly protected as they were, stood next to no chance of survival. The shockwaves and explosions reverberated off the surround terrain and flew out in all directions. By the time it was done, there was little besides the beaten buildings that was left.

    The first BMP took a direct hit and spewed up flames out of the hole in it and one of its hatches, but the other caught a lucky break; the rocket had hit at an angle that caused it to seemingly bounce off, The BMP's turret rotated and it sent 30mm HE back at the position from which the rockets had been fired. The Kedhani foot soldiers fared worse as the automatic weapons had their forces scrambling and trying to dig in while several soldiers fell. Once the BMP was blasting away at the SEALs, though, they had the cover to get organized and return proper fire at the SEALs. They were quick to show frightening accuracy as they chipped away at rocks near the SEALs or landed light grazes. In the meantime the order was given to ready the SCUD for launch.

    Bravo 2-2's advance was halted by the deep thunder of a PKP machine gun. It forces Knight, Dodo, and Crusher into a very shallow ditch, where the gunner had all too muc fun with them. Toby gave him a long burst of fire until the man fell back. Knight crawled to the edge of the ditch and jabbed a finger at the SCUD. There was no time to radio in an F-15 or A-10 to kill it in Knight's mind. Crusher was ordered to hammer it with his M32. The Staff Sergeant hunkered down to switch weapons as the Kedhani forces retreated and reorganized outside the site. One managed to land a round close to Toby, but his sniper friend responded in kind. Crusher finally had the grenade launcher ready; he raised it and lobbed several at the missile itself to ignite the fuel. The thin-skinned weapon was no match for high-explosive projectiles, and was very quickly a ball of fire. Knight ordered his men behind the nearest BMP to shield themselves as fragments landed They kept up the fire on the remaining Kedhanis and took cover until the short metal rain was done.

    "El-Tee, those Kedhanis are retreating...for now." Teiji reported.

    "Roger that, Tobes, we'll regroup on you and get our next target." Knight said. He signaled the others to follow and sprinted from the wrecked SCUD site.

    "Shit, hit the TEL with your LAWs, I'll get one on the BMP." Yelled Axt, the SEALs returned fire, several firing 40mm grenades at the infantry.

    Zeus watched the bombs impact on the feed from his RQ-20, while a few of the team watched the detonations from the entrance to the cave. As the smoke cleared, he radioed to the pilots, "Longsword, Triton. Delta hotel. Target destroyed. Damned fine run, gentlemen."

    Voodoo commented, "That was epic." Genghis nodded, "Yeah. And it was clean and quick, which is important. Taking out a maintenance center's gonna put a dent in their launches, too. Gotta remember the clock's ticking on this one. If the Isaris kick us out the coalition's boned. Anyway, get some sleep. We'll move out tomorrow. Odin, you guys good for first watch?" Odin nodded, "Aye aye." "Alright. Everybody else get some shuteye."

    Zeus set the RQ-20 to autonomous flight and programmed it to return home when it ran low on battery, while the rest of the team except for Odin bedded down for the day.

    Odin set up a hide near the mouth of the cave and scanned the landscape for any movement.

    The Kedhanis were highly vulnerable to the 40mm grenades, but the BMP was happy to enjoy its relatively protection from the weapons. Its crew didn't mind not scoring any kills yet; the main goal was to cover the SCUD until it launched. It was becoming more and more of a threat as the infantry were picked off or hit by fatal blows of shrapnel.

    The PMC operators got a little peace and quiet, maybe an hour or two of it, before the deep thump of rotorblades echoed through the area. The helos they belonged to stayed out of site for a good number of minutes. Even then they still didn't appear, and the hills bounced their sounds about. It was obvious that unfriendly forecs were out there, but it wasn't clear where. Unbeknownst to Triton though, they were already close. They were being watched by snipers, men of the elite 1st Guards division. The men were actin g as scouts for a fporce sent to investigate the sudden bombing of the SCUD depot. It had been by chance that they'd spotted the cave, and then the RQ-20 orbiting above. It was relayed to their transport and support: a pair of fully armed Mi-35 Hinds. Only when the foot soldiers were most likely in Odin's sight did the lumber attack copters appear. One chewed up the RQ-20 with its gun, while the other laid down suppressing fire on the cave.

    The Delta operators disappeared back into the terrain and set up a temporary base camp atop a small plateau to get into contact with the AWACS for further assignment.

    "Groundhog, Groundhog this is Bravo 2-2, first site destroyed. What are our next orders?" Knight quietly said into the telephone piece of their long-range radio. There was a few seconds of pause before they got anything back.

    "Bravo 2-2, your next assignment is a small communications bunker five miles north. We believe it may house some vital intel regarding SCUD movements in the area as well as ways for us to further tap into enemy communication. Secure it and do not damage the equipment; we'll need it to get all we can." The voice on the other end said.

    Knight acknowledged and looked out into the distance. He could hear the crackle of gunfire out there, probably from the other teams. He was too far away; it told him he'd want to get some sort of transportation soon, so he could help them in the future. the Operator looked back at his men.

    "Okay, Crusher and Oates have the lead. We'll set up near our object, a commo bunker, and get a little shuteye before we attack it. We'll decide who has first watch when we arrive, so let's get moving." He outlined. the team gave a collective nod, and Crusher and Teiji took the lead,

    "Backblast clear!" Axt fired his LAW at the BMP as his EODs fired theirs at the TEL. The other SEALs continued to engage the infantry.

    Odin woke up Genghis when he heard the bass thump of the Hind's rotors, saying, "Boss we got company. Sounds like helos. RQ-20's not picking up anything yet but I have a feeling it's a matter of time."

    Genghis snapped up and awakened Zeus, saying, "Call Hammerhead. We're gonna need CAS shortly, I think."

    While Zeus called Hammerhead to arrange for CAS, the Hinds began attacking the cave. By now Odin had spotted the rest of the infantry, but couldn't engage due to the withering amount of fire the gunships were laying down. He yelled to Zeus, "Brother I can't do jack shit until those Hinds are down!"

    Zeus yelled back, "Working on it!" He yelled back into the headset of his radio, "Hammerhead, Hammerhead, this is Triton, requesting IMMEDIATE close air support on my location. Multiple foot mobiles and two, say again, two Mi-24, over!" To Odin he said, "You think you can nail one of them with a Switchblade?" Odin replied, "Sure, but launching the damned thing's gonna be a problem." "Fuck, you're right. Alright gimme a minute to cramp these fuckers' style."

    Zeus waited for Hammerhead to reply while Odin tried to get a bead on the approaching infantry from safely inside the cave and Dusty tried to scan the outside for other threats.

    Meanwhile Tick said to Voodoo, "Well you got your standup fight." Voodoo shrugged and said, "When those helos go down these fuckers won't have a chance."

    Axt's Law hit the BMP on the turret, which killed the gunner and silenced the machine's cannon. the rockets fired at the TEL had a far more devastating affect, as they ignited the fuel in the missile. It tossed burning fuel and chunks of metal about, distracting the soldiers closest to it. The others responded with RPGs towards the SEALs' position, firing them so they'd land just short of them and on their position. The TEL might have been gone, but the SEALs weren't.

    "Roger that Triton, stand by. Spade 3 is inbound." The AWACS said after a brief moment of silence.

    High above, a flight f two F/A-18E Super Hornets were now the guys on station, as the F-15s had been recalled as their fuel was getting low.

    "Spade 3-1, this is Hammerhead, we have a request for priority air support. One of our SF Teams, Triton 1-1, is pinned down by two Hinds and needs them gone. You're cleared to engage." one of the AWACS controllers radioed.

    "Roger that, Hammerhead, Spade 3 is inbound; two minutes." The lead pilot radioed.

    He signaled to his wingman and dropped his three external fuel tanks before pushing the Super Hornet into a dive. The altimeter spun down as he selected the AIM-9s on his wingtip stations and watched for the shapes of Mi-35s. He finally saw flashes and shapes hovering above the landscape after a minute. the pilot waited for a tone. When it came he happily depressed the launch button.

    "Spade 3-1, Fox 2!" He called.

    The Sidewinders arrived first, bypassing the flares that the Hinds had deployed. The two F/A-18s shot over the Mi-35s as they fell to Earth, pulling up and away as Guards soldiers sent two SA-16s after them. The Hinds had bought the soldiers on the ground precious time, and they were being further advised by some...foreign-looking men. One squad had begun up the hill under the cover of a second that'd positioned itself in the ruins of the SCUD depot.

    In the meantime Bravo 2-2 hadn't gotten very far before it'd run into trouble. Teiji had spotted an SA-6 site in a low valley, positioned so it could ambush aircraft when they were too close to really react. Knight should've ignored it, reported the thing and let the fast-movers take care of it. However, his ideals were saying otherwise. Besides, he reasoned, he had to go through the setup to get to the bunker, anyways. With Teiji concealed in the position he had spotted the SAMs from, Knight ordered the others down a small, winding slop towards the site. They would be grossly exposed for the time, but it was the only way. Knight took the risk.

    As the Hinds came crashing to earth, Zeus radioed, "Absolutely brilliant, Shade. Two Hinds down. Can you give us another pass on the foot mobiles?" As he waited for a reply he launched another RQ-20 while Dusty and Odin set up in the mouth of the cave under the cover of a camo net to search for any important personalities like RPG gunners, snipers, or command units.
    The SEALs began to focus fire on the remaining infantry units, firing more 40mm rounds and dropping a ton of lead on to them. "Eat your freedom omelet!" yelled Jester, firing a 40mm grenade. "Begin to pull back, Team 1, cover Team 2, once they've pulled back, we'll fall back under Team 2s fire!" The SEALs of Team 2 began to retreat, and once they had reached their fall back point, began covering Team 1.

    The remaining Kedhanis returned fire, but did not pursue the SEALs as they disappeared. The last few 40mm grenades had done damage, and they were soon distracted by tending to their casualties. Communications were still in disarray, and though everyone knew attacks had happened, no one knew exactly what to make of things. They could not fire in mass without direct orders from Sawari himself. Now the SEALs were free to be given their next target.

    "Roger that, I'm glassing three squads so far; two are almost on top of you. I'll try but that's too close to the terrain for me to avoid tearing off my right wing. I'll get the guys in the ruins, though. Standby..." Spade 3-1 radioed.

    He ordered 3-2 to break off and deliver a JDAM onto the forces in the ruins. 3-2 edged his Hornet up into a near-straight climb, topping out at somewhere around 12,000 feet. Spade 3-2 rolled over, JDAM coordinates programmed, and began to make a steep dive at the ruins for a few seconds. Below, a few of the advisers were coordinating the attack up the hill with a few more advisers. The first Kedhani guards reached the top of the hill, bringing them within 20 feet of Triton. They opened fire on the cave entrance. As Spade 3-2 dropped a pair of 500-lb GBU-38s, his ECM began to alert him.

    "Heads up, SAM launch! looks like a Gainful!" Spade 3-2 called as he pulled away from his attack run.

    "What's the direction?" 3-1 asked as he deployed chaff and flares. Spade 3-2 called out burners from the west.

    "Triton, we're gonna be unavailable until we avoid these SAMs!" the lead Super Hornet called. At the very least the soldiers in the ruins had been obliterated.

    Knight had observed the launch of four SA-6s as they reached the bottom of the slope. The valley was bathed in light for a quick moment as the SAMs' rocket motors. Knight saw a sentry across the way, near the perimeter of the site. For a second, as the light showed them both, and the two seemed to lock gazes for a second. Knight didn't waste any time; as the Kedhani flinched back, he fired twice and knocked the man down.

    "We're compromised, open fire!" He ordered.

    Toby hit the dirt, bipod deployed, and jammed back the trigger of his Mk.48. from higher up, Teiji went to work and got the guy nearest the strike team. Crusher raised his M32 and banged out a few grenades to bring about some confusion. Knight sighted a few Kedhanis to his right, and adjusted his fire to take them both down.

    "Someone get that Straight Flush! Order in an airstrike or something!" Knight ordered. Roadkill acknowledged and hid behind a rock to see if anyone up in the sky was carrying HARMs.

    Zeus radioed back to the Super Hornets, "Roger that, Spade! Thanks for the help." To the rest of the team he yelled, "Air's off station for now! Time to earn our paychecks!" Looking at the feed from the new RQ-20, he said, "Looks like we got contacts comin' up the hill. 20 meters. Voodoo you got your surprises in place when we set up, right?"

    Voodoo replied, "Yep. These fuckers are toast." As he said this, a set of three explosions resounded from below the cave entrance as the first line of Claymore mines Voodoo had set detonated. Intending to take advantage of the opening, Odin popped smoke for concealment and used his thermal sight to engage the SA-16 crews that had fired on Shade during their first run, after which Dusty talked him onto what appeared to be a group of advisers at the bottom of the hill, and Voodoo launched a Switchblade, sending it winging towards another SA-16 team. Whle he was flying the Switchblade Tick laid down suppressive fire on the hostiles near the cave entrance with his Mk. 46.

    "Hammerhead, Phantom 1-1 here, objective complete, request new objective." radioed Axt, as the team made there way along the canyon bottom.

    There was a few moments of silence from the radio before they got a response. It was a new voice; the old controller's shift was done.

    "Phantom, this is Hammerhead. We have a convoy about two miles to your south that we believe is carrying one of the local commanders. We're going to send in an airstrike to cut off his route, and we want you to eliminate his escort and capture him. We believe he can confirm whether or not there are any plans to launch NBC-class weapons at Isara. The air strike will hit their target in roughly an hour. The convoy is escorted by jeeps and a BTR. Good luck." The AWACS ordered.

    The Kedhani guards ran right into the claymores, which cut down the lead soldiers. Those behind them were knocked down and wounded. The SA-16 teams took cover upon having a guy in each team drop dead. The SA-6s rushed over the fight towards the Super Hornets, and the moment of truth came as the fighter-bombers weaved out of the way of the first two. The second two were about to get close.

    The advisers were far better than those they commanded. They'd scattered and taken cover as soon as the first claymores had gone off. One, armed with an FN2000 sporting a thermal sight, fired directly at Voodoo from behind cover as he launched the Switchblade at the SA-16 team. The man ignored the UAV as it sailed away from the cave and took at one of the MANPADS teams. He got on the radio.

    "Kilo 3 Actual, this is Kilo 3-7, we have pinned the enemy in the cave but are taking heavy fire. Both our Hinds have been destroyed. Do we have any heavier support available?" He said between bursts.

    "Kilo 3-7, this is Kilo 3 Actual. We are trying to get some fighter-bombers, but we're having trouble. For now all we can do is trap the enemy force in the area. Keep them in the cave until further notice.

    The adviser understood. He pulled a grenade from his gear and sent it up the hill in support of the remaining Guards units. Meanwhile one of the snipers drew a bead on Odin, and sent a round at his weapon. Dead enemies was one thing; CAPTURED ones was another, even better, one. The Kedhani guards that were still alive resorted to digging in on the hill and returning fire.

    The Kedhani SAM site was fully aware of the Delta Operators near them by now, but they only had a few LMGs to really defend themselves with. Most of the armor had gone to the SCUDs, sadly. Roadkill had also raised air support; he had two F-21s from the Excalibur armed with HARMs ready to help, callsign Shogun 3. They would take down the Straight Flush, and the Deltas could destroy the launchers and move on. From her cockpit, Vixen targeted the Straight Flush as it noted her entrance onto the scene It targeted her, not yet aware what she was packing. the pilot grinned.

    "Shogun 202, Magnum!" She reported over the radio.

    The single missile charged off the rail and rapidly gained speed as it began its journey from the F-21 just past the Kedhani coast to the radar. Even as the dish was powered off, the AGM-88 knew where to go; it'd already locked down the Straight Flush's place. The two Thunderhawks broke away, deploying chaff and flares to prevent the Kedhanis from firing back. Meanwhile the SF operators heard the sound of the missile and began to brace themselves. Hammerhead reported that the weapon was only a minute out at most. Knight hunkered down as the HARM made it's last few seconds of flight, and exploded against the radar vehicle. He waited a second for the shockwave to pass, then put another Kedhani in his sights and dropped him.

    "Dodo! when we're clear, but charges on those launchers!" He ordered over the dying echoes of the explosion.

    "Roger, we are moving to an ambush position now."

    A half hour later

    The SEALs moved to a cliff overlooking the road, and the EODs laid down their M112 charges in the road, and returned to the ambush site.

    Odin was about to take a shot on one of the advisers when the enemy sniper's bullet impacted the M107's receiver just forward of the shell ejection port, ripped through the forged barrel, and skipped off the cave floor. Odin yelled, "FUCK! Rifle's down!" Dusty threw another smoke grenade for more cover while Odin displaced. Genghis yelled back, "Are you still up?" "Yeah I'm up, but the fifty's trashed. Dusty please tell me you saw where that prick fired from." Dusty, who was already setting up a shot, simply said, "Yup." He drew a bead on the sniper, took a deep breath, exhaling halfway, and then squeezed the trigger to send a 7.62 round flying from his OBR at the offending sniper's center of mass. Odin scrambled back to his pack and grabbed his secondary, a suppressed Mk. 11 with thermal optics.

    Meanwhile Voodoo ducked behind a rock to avoid the fire coming at him and yelled, "Shit, these assholes must have optics!" Genghis nodded, and said, "Zeus, launch a flare out of the cave around where their head honchos seem to be. See if we can't blind these pricks." "Roger that." Zeus stepped out from behind the laptop and radio he was manning and loaded a 40mm illumination flare in the M320 attached to his rifle, and fired it out of the cave at the bottom of the hill where the advisers were, followed by a M1060 thermobaric grenade. After launching both grenades he got back behind the UAV terminal to find the snipers so Odin and Dusty could eliminate them.

    Voodoo set up his M32 behind cover and began laying down M1060s on the hostiles coming up the hill, yelling, "SUCK ON THIS, YOU DOUCHEWAFFLES!" and switched to his M60 once he fired off all 6 rounds.

    The road was currently quiet, but the radio had come to life.

    "Phantom 1-1, this is Merlin 4, flight of two inbound for the target. Are your men clear of the bridge?" the voice of a UAF pilot asked as he and his wingman pressed over the coast in a pair of EF2000s, loaded with two GBU-16s each to destroy the bridge.

    The Kedhanis advancing up the hill had been stopped by the barrage of M1060s, and the effort to get to the cave had effectively been broken. The sniper that'd gotten Odin's rifle had been hit in the shoulder blade, and was now trying to patch himself up, damning the members of Triton between pained grunts. The other two snipers were weren't painfully blinded, but forced to look away. The advisers at the bottom of the hill were a bit worse off, taking cover until they could see again. By now the attack had been reduced to a few shooters, mainly the advisers, an RPG team, and a few Kedhani riflemen.

    Knight escorted Roadkill towards the nearest TEL. The demolition man smacked a block of C4 on the launcher as Knight picked off two more Kedhani troopers. Dodo ran across the way to the next TEL to ready it for demolition. Knight looked at the other two launchers. They each were devoid of all but one missile; Knight raised Roadkill.

    "Roadkill, if you guys have any AT4s up there, get those other TELs! There are Kedhanis between us and them!" He radioed.

    "Yes sir!" Roadkill replied. He took the AT4 next to him and settled into a firing position with it. On Knight's command, he fired on one of them as the team leader and demolition expert cleared the place. the last TEL fel to a few 40mms from Crusher. The Delta troopers then advanced through the destroyed site and into the small canyon beyond. The bunker was now about two miles away.

    Zeus saw the results of Voodoo's annoyance-induced barrage on the UAV feed and said, "Well, bro, you've got them on the ropes. I can only see a couple of dudes still moving on the hill, an RPG team, three snipers, and whoever the fuck those bastards are at the bottom of the hill. Seriously. Those guys are resilient." Odin asked, "Can you talk me on to the snipers?" Zeus replied, "Yeah. The one Dusty hit is still squirmin' around. He's on that first hill to the right." Dusty added, "Odin, I'll talk you on. On that first hill, about a third of the way down from the top, you see that big rock?" "Aye." "About 10 yards to the left of it." "Got him. I see the blood splatter." "Alright. Range 380. Wind is east to west, full value." "Set." "He's your's, send it." Odin squeezed the trigger and the M110 coughed, sending a 7.62 round on its way. Zeus spoke up, "Alright, next one looks like he's about a hundred meters to the right of the first guy, further down the hill." Dusty searched the hill until he found what he thought to be the spot and marked it with a IR laser. Zeus called out, "I see your sparkle. Shift up and right 10 meters."

    Dusty shifted and found the target, talking Odin on again. A few seconds later the M110 coughed two more times as two rounds sped of towards the sniper.

    In response to Zeus's comment about the Kedhanis being on the ropes, Voodoo growled, "Fuck being on the ropes, I want hose pricks out of the whole damned ring." He moved up to get a visual and began laying down accurate fire on the Kedhanis that were trying to retreat down the slope, while Tick and Dingo kept the advisers' heads down with suppressive fire.

    "Roger, we are clear of the bridge, go ahead and drop em!" radioed Axt to the Ustian jets.

    The Kedhani assault was now in total disarray. The first sniper's suffering was ended by the second bullet, which entered his head as he began to calm down, and the other two had been lining up shots when they were taken out. those retreating down the slope were dead and the advisers were the only ones left. They decided to hunker down and wait, and see if the SF operators on higher ground would come out.

    "Roger that Phantom, we're ten minutes out. Stand by." the lead EF2000 radioed.

    Bravo 2-2 weaved through the canyon and ended up on a ridge overlooking the bunker. Knight's unit was, however, in need of a brief rest. the Delta team leader ordered his men dispersed about into positions to observe the top of the gray, concrete block that may have only been the very top of the structure. For now they would observe, then they would strike. He sat behind a rock and pulled off his boonie to let his head get a little cooler.

    Zeus saw the snipers and the retreating Kedhani troops fall and remain still. "Looks like all that's left are those dudes at the base of the hill," he reported. Genghis asked, "Those are the guys that seemed to be calling the shots, right?" "Yeah. Whaddya want to do?" "Let's see if we can't drag a couple of these fuckers in, see what makes them so much different from these other pushovers. Hit them a couple of times with the Punisher. Non-lethal." "Roger that." Zeus hefted his M25 CDTE and launched a couple of flashbang rounds at the advisers, with the rounds being programmed to detonate immediately after the cover.

    Meanwhile Preacher, Tick, and Dingo had popped smoke and headed down the hill so they were in position to grab the advisers after the grenades went off, with Odin and Dusty covering to make sure there were no more surprises.

    The Advisers didn't make it easy for them as the PMCs came down the hill, though they were stunned until the flashbangs began to wear off. There were three advisers remaining, and two fired, rather inaccurately as they forced themselves to ignore the effects of the flashbangs (a rather vain plight) on the men as they came down. The third began to run, trying to escape the battle and get reinforcements. He stumbled about, dazed from the M25, and finally tripped over the body of a Kedhani Guard. But he pulled himself back to his feet and began to run again, unknowingly leaving behind his radio.

    While the SEALs waited, there was a soft rumble. It wasn't from the convoy; they were still a few minutes out. The sound came from four EJ200 Turbofans in the backs of the pair of Typhoons. They'd begun a shallow dive from 20,000 feet, going along the road that would lead to the bridge. each pilot skaved their LITENING targetting pod to a span of the bridge.

    "Merlin 4-2, on my mark." the lead pilot radioed.

    "Understood 4-1."

    The fighters came withinten miles of the bridge; there wasn't a cloud to be seen in the night sky. The flight lead made sure her lock was solid, then released the two bombs. Each GBU-16 fell away with a soft clunk before she began to pull from her dive.

    "Merlin 4-1, bombs away." She said.

    "Merlin 4-2, bombs away." the second pilot echoed.

    The two Typhoons briefly lit up the night with their afterburners as they pulled away and climbed back towards the stars. As the weapons impacted, the convoy had arrived on scene and was passing by where the SEALs were. the BTR brought up the rear while the jeeps, five total, covered the staff car on all sides. Incidentally, the BTR's front was just over the explosives as it deployed its load of troops to check the bridge.

    Knight waited only a handful of hours before he did anything. The entire team, even Teiji, would be in on this one. The bunker entrance wasn't guarded on the outside, though there was a keypad of some sort, and a security camera of some sort. On Knight's go, when he had the rest of the team evenly split on either side of the door, Teiji shot the thing to draw someone out. It worked perfectly, and the door opened as a security guard came out to see what was the matter. Knight's part of the team used the open door to their opportunity while the others came around and shot the Kedhani trooper. Inside another man had been partially distracted by a TV playing some local comedy piece. He got a bullet as well as he tried to draw a handgun, as did a few more security cameras.

    "Okay, Roadkill, get to work on getting us a way to the primary floor. Oates, Tobes, I want you two to lock that door and cover it, plus those two entryways. We will radio when and from where we're coming." Knight began, pointing to the entrance to some stairs and an elevator.

    Roadkill went over the security desk and moved the Kedhani from his chair before getting to work on the computer. He typed furiously but was surprised at how advanced the computer seemed; they hadn't been told it would be this modern. Nonetheless He continued on until he got what he wanted.

    "It appears the bunker has four floors, El-Tee. bottom one's the primary command center." He reported.

    "What can you do as far as the security systems go?" Knight asked.

    "Not much, I can turn off some cameras but I can't make you guys disappear. If you want to gank all the lights, you'll have to hit level three and basically destroy the light wiring." He replied. Knight nodded.

    "Okay, lock that door and disable what you can, then fall back on us and we'll go get those lights." Knight ordered.

    He would send the rest of the team down in threes, with Crusher taking Dodo and Mower. Screwball, Roadkill, and Knight would be next. The first three were sent down as Roadkill began to pull the plug on security cameras. A radio nearby came to life as a voice demanded what was going on in the local dialect, albeit the voice's owner didn't sound like a Kedhani. Knight took a quiet note of that as he got in the elevator.

    "Now!" the EODs detonated the explosives and the BTR's turret flew off. The DM fired into each of the jeeps, aiming for their drivers. The LMG gunners engaged the infantry as Team 2 came down the slope, rushing to the staff car.

    As the dazed advisers returned fire, Zeus fired another two flashbang rounds while Preacher threw a flashbang of his own. Noticing the fleeing man, Preacher yelled, "Dingo! Runner!" Dingo sprinted off in pursuit, quickly catching up to the dazed individual and dragging him to the ground. While he secured the adviser, Preacher and Tick broke cover to move in on the other two who were still putting up a fight.

    As soon as the BTR's turret had been blown, the Kedhani Guard sprang into action. The jeep drivers may have been too slow, but the driver in the staff car wasn't. He hit the gas and weaved through a gap to his two o' clock, then began to turn around as several Kedhani guards on foot hit the dirt in the path of the SEALs, giving the staff car an escape route. It passed the BTR and accelerated down the road from which it's come.

    The adviser Dingo had caught let forth a stream of rude names as he was pinned to the ground. At this point it was glaringly obvious he wasn't from around here, and a smart person could tell his accent was from the neighborhood named Usea. The other had shown they weren't partially to capture. The guy Preacher was after drew a Bowie knife and threw himself into the man, pinning him onto the ground and bringing the knife towards his chest, while the other reached for his handgun.

    Knight watched from the side of the elevator as the numbers lowered. After less than a minute of travel, the car slowed and the doors came open. Coincidentally, a man dressed in the cloths of what Knight guessed was a technician was about to enter. His mouth dropped open at the sight of the three men, but wasn't able to say much before he was pushed aside by Roadkill and pinned against a wall. The man began to stammer in his native language, which earned him the cold barrel of Roadkill's USP 45 against the back of his head. The man then passed him off to Dodo so he could disable the lights. Roadkill moved swiftly to a panel and ripped it open. He then took out his knife and grabbed a small clump of wires and without hesitation sliced them. The Delta operators pulled down their NVGs as the space went dark. The tech began to panic, and Dodod pushed his own SiG P226's barrel against the man's head a bit harder. He then pushed him into a closet nearby and shut the door. With the lights out, the first team went back into the elevator, this time lead by Knight.

    The SEALs poured more and more fire into the guards, as Team 1 followed the staff car, jumping into two of the jeeps and punching the accelerator, shooting every which way. One of the jeeps struck a soldier as the sped off. More fire was dropped on the troops, and more 40mm grenades rained down. They quickly caught up to the car, and the SEAL in the passenger seat of the lead. fired at the driver’s seat.

    Seeing the man reach for a gun, Tick took no chances and opened fire, planting a group of 4 rounds in the adviser's chest.

    Meanwhile Preacher grabbed his assailant's forearms, attempting to keep the knife away from his chest, headbutting him in the nose and then rolling them both over so he was on top, so as to gain leverage. When on top he attempted to turn the knife downwards with the intention of driving it into the adviser's shoulder.

    The bullets dented but did not penetrate. Bulletproof glass; the high-quality stuff. The driver retaliated by briefly slowing and then throwing the beefy sedan into the smaller jeep's left rear section. It followed through to perform what was known in most circles as the PIT maneuver. But the staff car was, for the moment, on its own. the Guards at the bridge had been killed by the storm of 40mm grenades. However, reinforcements had been alerted to the staff car's peril.

    "You're violating the North Point Accords, you bastard!" the man under Dingo's watch protested.

    In the meantime his comrades had suffered worse. Obviously the five rounds had killed one, and the other's brain had finally been knocked around enough that he was able to put up as much resistance as a potato to a steamroller. The Bowie went into his shoulder blade with a rather unsettling sound as it tore into flesh, muscle, and bone. The man opened his mouth to scream, but the pain was so intense his mind was overloaded. He simply lay there, mouth agape as he went into a state of shock.

    The next stop was the primary target; the bunker's command room. The elevator opened to a security station; the two men at it were promptly gunned down. Knight moved forward, SCAR only slightly lowered so he could see ahead, and through the doorway. The thump from the two security checkpoint guards had alerted another man, but Knight put two bullets in him as he came around a corner. The hall they'd entered led into the main room, where about half a dozen computer technicians were in front of screens, typing away. They seemed to be in something of a panic, but still working even in the dull red light of emergency power. There were only five guards. Knight ordered Dodo to his left and Mower to his right. They opened fire as the second team reached the room, immediately killing one guard and causing most of the techs to begin scrambling for cover.He then ducked down and went into a prone firing position as the remaining guards rallied and returned fire through the railing.

    "Dodo, throw a flashbang! Mower, we'll cover him!" He ordered as he tried to pin one of the guards.

    "Flashbang out!" He shouted as he pulled the pin and deployed the weapon.

    The other two Deltas closed their eyes and looked away briefly.The stun weapon arced down into the center of things and detonated, bathing the space in stark white. Knight counted to three after the distinct bang and then resumed his shooting. He dropped one, then two guards while his teammates got the rest.

    "Clear!" He barked. the others echoed his sentiments. With the techs fleeing, Roadkill could work in peace. He sat at one of the computers and stuck a portable hard drive into it.

    "Okay, just give me a minute, El-Tee." He said as the others set up in defensive positions.

    Dingo silenced his captive with a kick, saying, "Ah, shaddup. I'm not an un-marked combatant in a war zone." Walking back to Preacher and Tick, dragging the still protesting captive behind him, Dingo noticed a radio on the ground, still broadcasting. Picking it up, he stuffed it in a pocket to show Genghis.

    Meanwhile Preacher had restrained his captive and administered minor first aid, leaving the knife in his shoulder to prevent internal bleeding, as Tick searched the man he had cut in half for any documents and the like. Grabbing what they could, he, Preacher, and Dingo walked back up to the cave, their prisoners in tow.

    Genghis met them at the cave entrance and asked, "What do we got?" Preacher said, "Looks like these are the guys that were calling the shots. They don't look Kedhani at all." Dingo had placed his prisoner in the care of Voodoo, administering to the wounded prisoner instead. Listening to the uninjured man's protestations, Zeus said, "Boss, this asshole sounds Usean to me. He sure as hell isn't Kedhani." Genghis nodded and knelt in front of Voodoo's charge and asked, "Where the fuck are you from, asshole? You're sure as hell not from the FCU, they wouldn't go against a UN resolution like this." Dingo spoke up, "Boss, I grabbed this near that yelling guy." Genghis took the radio and examined it. "The plot thickens..." Preacher looked at him questioningly. Genghis, still looking at the radio, said, "This is an Erusean tactical radio. Nobody uses these outside the Usean continent." Zeus asked, "Can I take a look?" Genghis tossed him the handset. Zeus looked it over and said, "Yeah this is Erusean alright. ISAF uses the same basic model, but some of the crypto gear's different."

    Voodoo asked, "Wait so what the fuck are Eruseans doing in this shithole?" Turning to the prisoner he asked, "Huh? The fuck you doing here, asswad?"

    Genghis said to the team, "Zeus, call this in. See what they want us to do with these guys. Dingo, make sure that guy doesn't die on us. Coalition's getting accused of war crimes for much less. Voodoo, see what you can get from our talkative friend here."

    Zeus hopped on the radio, "Hammerhead, Hammerhead, this is Triton 1-1, over. We have captured two foreign individuals that appear to be advising Kedhani forces. Based on their gear they appear to be Erusean. Please advise, over?"

    The SEALS in the other jeep opened fire on the tires of the staff car. The SEAL in the jeep that had been spun out radioed back to Axt. "Hey deass your fire base and start hauling it! QRF is inbound.!"Roger!" said Axt, and the SEALs scrabbled back down and piled in to the last jeep.

    The uninjured adviser said nothing, even cutting off his protests. In the meantime there was a considerable pause on Hammerhead's end. At first one might assume it was from the shock of things, but eventually the AWACS responded in a calm and collected manner.

    "Triton 1-1, this is Hammerhead, we will extract them but we need you to get to a better location. You've already stirred up things in your current position. There's a plateau about two miles to your west; move there and we'll take em off your hands, how copy?" a voice replied.

    The staff car weaved and went into an uncontrollable fishtail. It then swung to its side and began to roll several times until it landed on its top, now a crumpled and destroyed shell of its former self.

    "So what'd you find, Roadkill?" Knight asked over his shoulder.

    "Data on the remaining SCUD sites and their movement routes, but not much else that's of use to use, El-Tee." the man replied.

    "Okay save the stuff we need and let's move." the officer ordered.

    They waited a few more minutes while Roadkill downloaded the information they needed before they exited the area. As they moved, Toby got on the radio.

    "Sir, we've come into contact with a squad-sized force trying to retake the security station. I'd expect them to come down to you guys as well." He radioed over the brief chatter of his Mk.48.

    "Roger, we'll try and reinforce you, do they have the elevator covered?" Knight replied as he turned the corner towards the subject of his question.

    "Negative, we've got em pinned in the stairwell but-"

    Teiji's voice cut him off with a shout of "flashbang!". Knight hustled forward towards the stairs and peeked through the window on the door. So far the area looked clear, but he wasn't taking chances. He sent in Dodo first with his shotgun, going in after and aiming his weapon up the stairs. When the demo guy was at the top of the first flight, Knight and Roadkill went up. The second team followed behind.

    Zeus replied, "Roger that. Any word on what our next target is after we hand off the PC, over?" Turning to Genghis, he said, "Hammerhead wants to extract our friends here. LZ's two miles to the west." Genghis nodded and said, "Good. Let someone else deal with these guys. Dingo, is that guy good to move?" Dingo, who'd just finished bandaging the injured prisoner's shoulder, replied, "Yeah. His brains are still a bit scrambled, I think Preacher gave him a concussion, but he can walk." "Alright. Break it down and let's get a move on." Triton broke down their hide site and made their way to the west, Dingo and Tick driving the prisoners before them and Zeus's RQ-20 orbiting above.

    A half hour later, they made it to the plateau. Unpacking the SATCOM/UHF radio, Zeus called, "Hammerhead, Triton. We're in position at LZ. Please advise."

    The SEALs stopped and jumped out, and began going through the wreck, and using bolt cutters, they broke one of the doors open and searched for the general. Axt and the other SEALs pulled up and began helping the others.

    "Triton, standby, we've got a helo inbound." Hammerhead assured.

    After about ten minutes of waiting, the thumping of rotorblades came through the canyon. From the west, a single V-22 osprey appeared and landed on the plateau. A pair of Osean Air Force PJs acting as security exited the back, and another two came out to help a crewman load the prisoners.

    "We figured you guys would need some extra ammo. We don't have much but we brought a few spare boxes of 5.56 if you have anything that fires in that!' One of the PJs shouted over the blades of the CV-22.

    In the meantime the SEALs weren't having as good luck as the PMCs. Inside the colonel lay crumpled on the floor of the back of the car, his left arm twisted in an unnatural angle. He wasn't breathing or moving; in all the excitement, he'd made the simplest mistake of not securing his seat belt when the bullets had started flying. That single mistake had resulted in him break his neck when the car rolled end over end. The driver had been smarter and was till breathing, though he was in near-critical condition. The QRF hadn't been told of anything different yet, so they were still inbound. It would be roughly seven minutes away. Already the sound of rotor blades could be heard.

    The first contact the Deltas ran into was a man crouched at one of the landings, armed with an RPK. Dodo saw him and blasted up the stairs three times throwing the man against the wall. It solved their immediate problems, but now there was no hiding their presence. Knight kept his SCAR aimed high as they continued up and came into contact with the rest of the force besieging Toby and Teiji. The Delta operators established a firing position at the landing below the small group of enemy fighters and with Teiji and Toby were able to quickly corner the. Teiji announced he was rolling a grenade out. And the Delta operators in the stairwell made a slight adjustment so they were more protected from the imminent blast. The frag grenade exploded and rattle the stairway, but afterwards quiet settled. Knight lead the rest of the men up to the top. He came upon one of the dead soldiers and noted that the man was by no means a Kedhani infantryman. Crusher also noticed it and crouched down, pulling of the man's balcava and helmet.

    "Sir, that isn't a Kedhani if I've ever seen one..." Crusher said. Knight knelt down next to him.

    "No Staff Sergeant it is not. Grab some photos and we'll give em to intel along with the data Roadkill got." He said.

    Crusher nodded and slid out a digital camera. After snapping some pictures, the Delta team left the bunker behind for whomever came to clean it up.

    "Shit," remarked Axt, "let's get the driver and get the hell out." The SEALs dragged the tattered driver out and loaded him into one of the jeeps. They sped off and went off road, and found a small cliff hang that they set up on. "Hammerhead, this is Phantom 1-1, the colonel is dead, but we have his driver." Two of the other SEALs had zip tied his hands. I he medic worked on the driver.
    Genghis yelled to the PJ, "Thanks!" as he tossed the box of 5.56 to Tick. Grinning, he asked, "You wouldn't happen to have a spare Barrett with you?"

    Meanwhile Zeus sat by the radio away from the ferocious rotor blast of the CV-22's rotors, trying to hear over the din.

    "Phantom 1-1, sorry to hear. At least he's out of the picture. We'll see what we can extract from his driver. Get to a valley about two miles away and stand by for extraction. Did you find anything else at the site?" the controlling aircraft radioed.

    "Man I wish! We just have the 556. How much equipment did you guys lose?" the Airman replied. At the same time, the radio came to life.

    "Triton 1-1, this is Hammerhead. It appears you boys have stirred up some trouble. Sawari is actually preparing to launch an attack on the region, if the TARPS and UAV images we're getting mean anything. It's gonna get too hot there, so we're pulling the plug on this one. However there is one more target we want gone. You'll be working with Phantom and Bravo with this one. Sawari is attempting to move his SCUDs to a new position. The Osprey will drop you off ahead of where the SCUDs are moving. Your mission, along with that of Phantom and Bravo, will be to destroy a bridge they must cross, then the SCUDs themselves. We're gonna have some fast air create a little confusion so the forward elements of the reaction force are slowed. Understand?" the E-3 radioed.

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    Re: ONS SF Missions

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    Knight and his unit got similar orders regarding the SCUD convoy. After he acknowledged and ordered his men to form a perimeter in anticipation for the UH-60 that would grab them, he switched to the frequency the other teams were on.

    "Triton Actual, Phantom Actual, can you guys hear me?" Knight spoke up after the orders had been handed out.

    Genghis shrugged, "Eh, just the fifty, a couple of Switchblades, an RQ-20, and some grenades and claymores."

    Zeus replied to Hammerhead, "Roger that, we copy." To Genghis he said, "Boss, we got more business." Genghis nodded, "Yup. Alright, gents, you heard the guy. We've got another party to go to. Mount up."

    The contractors piled into the Osprey and it took off, heading towards the drop zone. When on board, Zeus radioed back to Knight, "Bravo Actual, Triton Actual. We've got you five by five. You ready to burn some bridges, man?"

    Remounting the Jeeps, Axt radioed, "Roger Bravo Actual, we got you, moving to extract now. We have some 40mm grenades, a couple of M112 charges and a LAW."


    The SEALs arrived at the extract, and after marking the extract, an Osprey landed and picked up the SEALs and their prisoner. "Phantom 1-1 is in the air, let's do this"

    "Triton Actual, I don't know about you guys but we've run across an interesting little find. It appears the Kedhanis have some friends outside of the region. We ran into a couple of them at the command bunker. I heard you ran into a few near the SCUD depot. Any ideas on why they're here? I'm thinking PMCs, mostly because I'm not sure what legitimate country would want to side with these two nations." Knight said as the Blackhawk came into view.

    Before his comrades with Rosenthal could reply, the beating of rotorblades was noted. Knight waited to get back to talking while the team held a small perimeter until the UH-60 was down. They retreated into the cabin one by one from each side until they were all crammed in, and then held on as the bird lifted off and changed its heading so it would reach the newest LZ for the Deltas. Since they hadn't expended much of their explosive ordinance, they would be charged with helping wire the bridge for detonation. They were inserted on the far end to get the northern span rigged.

    Triton would be given the duty of holding the far end of the bridge in case the explosives failed them. with the convoy a long time from the bridge as the SCUDs were getting to roads, their protection in tow. The Osprey carrying them came to a hover a few hundred yards from the bridge where they could set up an ambush. Phantom would be given the job of rigging the southern part of the bridge, and thus their Osprey set them down near that part.

    The 8 operators fast-roped out of the Osprey and set up ambush positions overlooking the bridge while Voodoo planted a pair of Claymores and C4 charges on the road in case the convoy made it past Bravo's and Phantom's charges.

    While they set up Genghis radioed back to Knight, "Yeah, I know what you're talking about. We managed to capture a pair of them. No idea if they're contractors or not, but they're Erusian. One of them was pretty talkative until he got a good look at Voodoo and clammed up. The other one was too busy worrying about the knife sticking out of his shoulder to say much. We're gonna have to wait for the intel weenies to make sense of it." He was interrupted by Voodoo, who tapped him on the shoulder and said quietly, "Charges set, boss." Genghis nodded and radioed back to Knight, "Alright, Knight. Triton's set."

    The SEALs had also arrived, and began to set up the charges underneath the bridge. The EODs had the charges set on the supports.

    "Phantom 1-1 charges set." said Axt, as the EODs rolled the detcord to their ambush position. Having gather more ammo for their rifles and LMGs, the SEALs laid down and prepared their ambush position.

    "Roger that, cover us until we can get these charges set. I'll chop Oates to you guys and Tobes after he's done helping." Knight replied as he knelt near the

    Dodo got to play acting CO for a little bit as he directed the other Delta operators where they were to place the charges. They would be placed mainly along the supports to try and collapse at least part of the bridge. For this the team employed their repelling ropes in order to safely get down the legs of the structure. Dodo himself went down the left leg of their assigned span to help Crusher on the other side know exactly where to stick the C4. In the meantime, Knight, Mower, and Roadkill set a charge on the two walkways that flanked the bridge for when, or if, any Kedhanis on foot tried to use them for cover. They then helped get additional charges down to the guys on the ropes, and all the meanwhile Toby watched to the south in case they got caught in the act by the Kedhanis.

    Once the charges were properly placed and checked to make sure they would function (as well as could be done in the current situation), the men on the ropes were brought back up and the team made an organized retreat towards a small sewage ditch that'd been dug for one reason or another a little forward of Triton.

    "Bravo 2-2 is on position." Knight assured the others.

    The plan was then laid out. Bravo and Triton would be the force that would meet the convoy as it crossed, or tried to. Phantom would cut off the convoy when it was distracted by the heavier force before it and stopped. A pair of Su-34s from the YAF would be on call next to a pair of Osean A-10s to hit the convoy with bombs, rockets, missiles and guns. It was estimated that at least eight SCUDs were being protected by two platoons of mechanized infantry riding in BMPs, BTRs, and armored cars. From there a small QRF of Osean Marines would swoop in with a CH-53 and take the SF operators home. The latter had been chosen to further beat up Kedhani morale with the image of coalition forces being able to insert regular infantry on their soil and get away with it.

    It took about thirty minutes for the sound of engines to be heard. The lead elements of the convoy were scouting about half a mile ahead of the primary body.

    Zeus was the first to notice the convoy, seeing the lead elements on the feed of his RQ-20. He alerted Genghis, "Hey boss, looks like we've got inbound. I'm seeing a couple of platoons of mech infantry. BMPs and BTRs. No eyes on the main force yet, but they can't be far behind."

    Genghis nodded and said, "Call it in." Zeus got on the radio and called, "Hammerhead, Bravo 2-2, Phantom 1-1, be advised, Triton has eyes with UAV on lead elements of hostile convoy. Multiple platoons of mounted mechanized infantry."

    "Copy that, standing by to detonate." radioed Axt, to his team he said, "Get ready, Titan, be ready to hit the explosives when the call goes out."

    "Copy" said Titan is his low gravelly voice, and he readied his detonator.

    "Roger that Triton Actual, your fast movers are inbound. We have a Global Hawk above giving us a feed here." the AWACS replied.

    One platoon of the BMP-borne soldiers went ahead of the rest of the convoy to act as scouts. The passed the SEALs without really taken note of the hidden infantry, and established positions with their IFVs on that side of the bridge. The platoon then sent two vehicles' worth of rifleman to cross the structure and secure the other side while the main force caught up.

    "Hammerhead to all teams, wait until the SCUDs are crossing the bridge; engage only if compromised beforehand." their AWACS reminded them.

    Zeus radioed, "Roger that, Triton is weapons tight." Turning to Voodoo, he whispered, "That means you, big guy." Voodoo scowled and hissed back, "Come on, you know me better than that."

    "Phantom 1-1 is weapons hold" reported Axt, "Ready on your mark."

    The SEALs began selecting targets to fire at once it all kicked off.

    After several long minutes, the SCUDs came forward under the protection of the Kedhanis. They crossed smoothly onto the bridge and into the trap without any apparent care. Knight watched careful, waiting to signal the men holding their detonators once the go -ahead was given. Finally the lead TEL reached the proper position, and the drone linked to the E-3 saw it.

    "All teams, weapons free." the AWACS radioed.

    The Delta operators holding the detonators pushed down the buttons on their devices. With an echoing thunder, the C4 detonated and broken the legs of the bridge. From above more beams fell atop the lead SCUD, causing the bridge to partially collapse withing a minute. on Knight;s order, the Deltas opened up on the Kedhanis that had established the bridgehead, concentrating their fire on the BMPs first with AT4s to disable the armored threat. At the same time, Triton's radio came to life.

    "Triton, Triton, this is Zvezda Lead, we have linked up with Ramrod Lead and are proceeding towards the target, can you provide us with proper coordinates for our first pass?" the lead of two Su-34s radioed.

    "Hit it!" said Axt. The charges detonated and the SEALs opened up on the troops on the bridgehead.

    As the BMPs exploded Voodoo and Tick began laying down fire on the survivors of Bravo's attack. Over the chattering of Voodoo's Mk. 43 and Tick's Mk. 46, Zeus radioed Zvezda, "Zvezda, Triton. Your target is multiple vehicles at the center of the bridge, grid 217568. We have friendly units at both sides of the span, troops in contact. You are cleared in danger close. Target will be marked by sparkle. Make your runs from south to north."

    To Odin he yelled, "Odin, get up on the SOFLAM and mark those Scuds!"

    Odin nodded and lit up the SOFLAM, centering the crosshairs on one of the TELs stopped on the bridge. "Laser's on and firing."

    "Roger that. Zvezda, do you have the sparkle?"

    The Kedhani convoy as a whole was hit harder than a mobile home during an F5 tornado. The chain of command was at the bottom of the list in seconds as men tried to hit the dirt and return fire. Some troopers had managed to take cover in the wrecekeage of the destroyed vehicles and managed to get something resembling good firing positions.

    On Knight's orders, Crusher hit one on these makeshift positions with the M32 to clear it. Knight got on the radio.

    "Hammerhead, where is that QRF?" he asked.

    "Standby and look to your left, Bravo." the AWACS controller smiled.

    With a deep thumping two CH-53K Sea Stallions appeared. Though one was empty, the other carried a full platoon of battle-ready Osean Marine riflemen. Their LZ was southeast of the bridge in a small depression that would allow for them to establish a base of fire around the lip of the feature. The big helicopters settled down, creating small dust storms, and deployed the assault force to receive the SF operators while they retreated.

    "Zvezda has the target; standby." the Strike Flanker pilot radioed in the meantime.

    The lead Fullback pilot armed one of his AS-14 "Kedge" laser-guided missiles and his weapons officer picked up the designation from the men on the ground. once a proper lock was achieved, he fired the weapon. the big missile dropped off its rail and then shot ahead of the Su-34. the big aircraft pulled away from its attack while its wingman came in to deliver two unguided bombs to fully collapse the bridge. The A-10s made a dry pass to get an idea of things and keep the heads of the Kedhanis down before contacting the SEALs.

    "Phantom, this is Ramrod Lead, ready for targets." the lead A-10 radioed.

    As the bridge came crashing down, Zeus exclaimed over the radio, "Delta Hotel, Zvezda! Good effect on target." Turning to Genghis he said, "Well that's all she wrote, boss. And looks like our ride's here."

    Genghis nodded, "Indeed. Get ready to peel."

    "Roger that. QRF, this is Triton, we're coming to you from the south side of the bridge." After making the call, Zeus yelled, "PEEL!" and the PMC operators began bounding back to the helo.

    "Ramrod, wipe any armor you see providing rear guard. We'll lase!" The JTAC began lasing the targets for the incoming A-10.

    "Triton, this is Hitman 3-6, you're cleared to our perimeter. Bravo 2-2, same. Phantom 1-1, maintain position; one of the Stallions will come for you." the platoon leader radio as he observed his men, their M8s and LSATs leveled and ready in case any Kedhanis may still be out there. At the same time he saw one of the the A-10s swooping in from the east.

    "Ramrod lead is in hot." the pilot declared seconds before he let his GAU-8 roar at the BTRs and BMPs trying to bring up the rear of the batter convoy. his wingman did the same to give the SEALs some peace of mind. the Kedhamis were now combat ineffective by every part of the term, and any SCUDs that wanted out would have to leave the area by other routes.

    In the meantime Knight kept his Deltas in position until Triton was to the Marine perimeter before giving the order to peel his own men. The ORF was already breaking down its perimeter as they arrived, starting with the side farthest from the SEALs so that the Navy SF operators could still be given adequate support in case things went sideways. The helicopter that was carrying the Special Forces operators lifted off before the one meant to haul the Marines. the CH-53K, despite its size, was able to very easily set down near the SEALs, and Knight sent a few of his men, himself included, out to cover the exit for their fellow operators.

    While the Delta operators rushed out of the helo to cover the SEALs, Odin and Dusty knelt in the ramp to provide overwatch.

    Axt also provided cover for his SEALs. After they had finished loading, he got up and moved toward the chopper. Passing Knight, he gave him a punch on the shoulder and said "Thanks brother," He then moved and clamored aboard the CH-53.

    "No man left behind." Knight smiled, ignoring any cliches that saying had.

    With the SEALs aboard, the Deltas collapsed back inside the cabin of the Sea Stallion, allowing the big machine to leave the ground. The A-10s and Su-34s acted independently at that point, dropping some more bombs to make sure the convoy was completely finished, before calling it a night themselves.

    **********************************SF MISSION 3 END**********************************

    Debrief: Good job, gentlemen, we managed to deal a serious blow to the SCUD threat to Isara. Though we obviously did not destroy all of the SCUDs Kedhan possesses, we have managed to prevent Sawari from effectively launching against Isara and have even convinced Isara to indirectly join the war as it has begun deploying its own military to defend its soil against further attacks. The individuals that were captured should also give us some useful information as to why Erusean individuals are in Kedhan working with military personnel.

    SF Mission 7: Truth to Rumors
    March 22, 2018 (UN HQ Time: 0310)
    AO: Central Kedhan

    The presence of Erusean combatants has greatly disturbed HQ. We have been given the task of finding out why and how extensively these men are involved in the war, and if they are acting on the behalf of the Erusean government. Unfortunately the prisoners showed intense resistance to interrogation and only confirmed enough for us to plan out tonight’s mission. At 2000 hours last night, and MQ-9 drone intercepted a call confirming that a convoy containing information that will help us will be leaving a small compound in the Kedhani city of Ossab early this morning to be taken out of the country. We will intercept that convoy and secure any information from it. Our prisoners have revealed to us that the men involved in the call were indeed their superiors, and that they did indeed deal in information regarding their business and that this method was the most secure and safe from hacking or electronic surveillance, but nothing else.

    Unfortunately this is all the intel we have been able to gather about the operation. We cannot confirm what the details of the security detail are, but we do have an idea of the route they will take. We plan to ambush the convoy well away from Ossab near a rail yard where we believe they intend to transfer the contents of the convoy. Triton will cause a diversion by destroying the yard’s water tower and a large crane, as well as cutting off the major exit route by destroying the tracks, while Phantom and Bravo will secure the package. Rosenthal’s SAR will be providing CAS on this mission with two AH-6s and a single DAP. After the area and the objective are secure, all teams will be extracted by friendly helos

    March 22, 2018
    Above Ossab

    "Is that the target?"

    "Yeah, that's it...are the teams being inserted yet?"

    "Uh yeah, They'll be on the ground in five."

    The small UAV quietly circled above the small city, peering at the small building that was confirmed to be the initial point for the package.

    Well away from the city, near the railyard but still far enough away that any advanced forces. Brad peered from the cabin through his NVGs as he watched the helos providing CAS covering the LZ. Intel was unsure, but this time they would mostly likely be facing purely "Erusean Commandos", as they called these guys. The transport hit the ground and he deployed his team accordingly.

    "Five minutes!" said Act, holding up his hand. The SEALs preformed final equipment and weapon check, then pulled down their 4 tube NVGs. As the helicopter landed, Act threw open the side door, and the other SEALs clamored out of the help. Act was the last off, and said "Thanks for the lift" to the crewcheif. The SEALs secured the LZ, and then began moving towards the rail yard.
    Aboard their helo, Genghis said to Reaper, "You know, I woulda thought you would be flying the DAP tonight."

    Reaper replied, "I would have. But Hurricane won the coin toss. Anyway, 3 minutes."

    Genghis chuckled, "Aye aye. 3 minutes!"

    The members of Triton checked their gear as the MH-60 flared to set up its approach to the LZ. Genghis asked Voodoo, "You got those charges?"

    "Yup. We're good to go, boss."


    As the helo landed and the operators scrambled off, Reaper said, "Alright kids, have fun, don't get into trouble, and don't forget to call when you're done playing with your friends, okay?"

    Genghis laughed, "You got it, mom. See you soon."

    As the Blackhawk lifted off to head back to the staging area, Triton moved off to the water tower.

    "All teams are on the ground, what's the status of the target?"

    "Target is moving; have all teams secure the yard."

    "All Victors this is Black Eagle, the convoy is on the move. You are weapons free on any hostile targets in the rail yard, how copy?"

    With the MH-60 out of the LZ, Knight ordered the team into formation to proceed to the railyard a mile away. He planned to have Teiji secure the signal tower as his perch while the others used places such as cars as ambush positions. the important part was also securing the entrances to the area such as the gates. He keyed p his radio.

    "Phantom, Triton, you on the ground?" He asked.

    "Stalker, this is Black Eagle, we're tracking the convoy...looks like we also glassed at least one light helo near the convoy. We also see what might be MANPADS on FLIR in the back of the convoy escorts. looks like just armored SUVs so far.

    Genghis radioed to Knight, "Roger that, we're moving into position at the water tower now." As the operators arrived at the water tower's base, Voodoo took a minute to familiarize himself with the structure and his surroundings. Noticing the proximity of the water tower to the section of track they were supposed to block, he began grinning. Genghis asked, "I know that look. What do you have in mind?"

    Voodoo said, "Well you know how we've gotta block that bit of track thataways, right? A giant fuckin' water tower crashing down is a hell of a way to do it. Plus we save on explosives!"

    Genghis chuckled, "You and I both know you're not the economical type when it comes to explosives, man. If you think you can do it, go for it. But plant a cratering charge by the tracks just to make sure." Voodoo nodded and got to work.

    Meanwhile Gale, flying Stalker 1-1, radioed, "Black Eagle, Stalker 1-1. Understood. If you could tell the ground element to prioritize those MANPADS it'll be greatly appreciated."

    "Phantom 1-1 is oscar mike." radioed Axt. The SEALs moved swiftly towards the ambush site. Arriving at the ambush point, Axt radioed, "Phantom 1-1 interrogative, should we lay down some explosives on the road?"

    "Understood Stalker. All Ground elements, be advised, Stalker requests you place priority on enemy forces armed with MANPADS when they arrive. How copy?" the voice controlling the whole show radioed. Upon hearing the SEAL leader's request, the man watching the feed nodded.

    "Roger that Phantom, but keep your primary objectives in mind. They're getting close." He said.

    At the same time the Delta leader and his team had encroached upon the train yard near some derelict cargo cars. Teiji was chopped from the unit to clamber up a signal tower and get a good overlook position whilst the rest of the team was divided into threes. Roadkill would also go solo to direct the air assets, taking up refuge inside an engine. He pulled out his radio and made sure the freqs were right.

    "Can you hear me, Miss Sharky?" He said with a grin and the nickname the Deltas had conspired to give her.

    Knight, in the meantime, set up his teams in ambush positions near the center of the railyard, where the road into the place went. He lifted up his NVGs and wiped his face. Tonight he felt uncharacteristically edgy in the face of the Erusean Commandos. He nearly pestered Genghis and his men about their firefight despite fighting the types himself to better understand them. He'd never fought guys like this before, just little backwater terrorists and the Kedhani-Shamlaki, which wasn't much of a step up.

    "Understood Black Eagle, we'll keep an eye on em. Phantom, Triton we're gonna stick our sniper in the signal tower." He finally said, understanding the MANPADS comment.

    Gale chuckled at the D-boys' new nickname as she looked at the picture of Sharky she'd taped to the dashboard and replied, "You know female sharks are the more vicious of the species, gents?"

    Zeus, who was monitoring the radio while Voodoo puttered around the water tower humming the Tetris theme and occasionally laughing maniacally, said to the team, "Oh damn. D-boys dun goofed."

    Dusty asked, "What'd they do?"

    Zeus replied, "They may have just activated Hurricane's ice queen mode..."

    Dusty's eyes widened and he slowly removed his sunglasses, "Ohhhhhhh shit..."

    Dingo sighed, "We're all doomed."

    Zeus hopped on the radio and said, "Well, it was nice knowin' ya, Bravo 2-2..."

    "Copy that," said Axt. Motioning to his team, a few withdrew some explosives. Setting them in the road, the SEALs laid down detcord attached to the C4 and found a good ambush position inbetween a pair of hills.. Adjusting his NVGs, Axt radioed, "Roger that Bravo, Phantom is up." motioning to Halo and Bolt, the he said, "When the explosives detonate, lay as much fire into the vics with weapons on them. Turning to Jester, who was removing his M32 from his backpack, he said, lay on em the minute Bolt goes hot. "Roger boss." he said, lining the road up with the grenade launcher's sight. Bolt had deployed his bipod next to a large rock, and looked down the road with his night vision scope. The rest of the team trained their weapons on the road, some wielding AT-4s.

    "We're hoping that holds true tonight, Miss Sharky." Roadkill assured.

    "I think we've faced worse odds, Triton." Knight chuckled dryly to Zeus.

    In the meantime Teiji was busy ascending the ladder of the signal tower for a better position. The cabin of the space was smallish, but he made due, pushing over a table and setting it against the wall to give himself a little move protection.He set up his rifle but was unable to really do anything to prevent a small part of the barrel from sticking out of the window he'd opened. Frustrated but willing to lean on his other teammates, the man decided to call it good.

    "2-2 Actual, this is Oates, I'm in position." He radioed as he peered through the nightscope of his weapon.

    "Roger that, Bravo 2-2's assault teams are in position. Black Eagle?" Knight asked.

    "All callsigns be advised, the convoy just turned onto the road heading for the yard. ETA five minutes." their unseen commander radioed.

    Gale rolled her eyes and replied, "Roger that, 2-2. Just be sure you kill those SAMs."

    As the commander gave the five minute warning, Genghis yelled to Voodoo, "Hurry up, man, we got five minutes!"

    Voodoo, who had just finished setting the last of the charges including a cratering charge on the tracks, ran over and said, "Already ahead of ya, boss. I'm good to go."

    Genghis nodded approvingly and said, "Alright, let's move. Odin, Dusty, get set up on that roof over there. Voodoo, Preacher, get eyes on our six and your charges. Everybody else set up along the tracks."

    Voodoo interjected, "Uh, boss, may not wanna get TOO near the tracks. That tank's gonna be rollin' right through there."

    Genghis rolled his eyes and sighed, "Okay, we'll set up in that building over there. Now let's get rolling."

    Triton moved to set up, with Odin and Dusty assuming positions on top of a shed, Preacher and Voodoo in a storage building, and the rest of the team in a pair of warehouses alongside the track.

    "Copy that, Black Eagle," said Axt, holding up 5 fingers, the team leads acknowledged, and passed the word silently down the line. Titian poised his fingers over the clacker for the C4 charges. Axt himself took up a small amount of slack from his trigger. "Blow only if one tries to run." he said to Titian, who nodded slightly. "When the PMC boys blow the tower, light em the hell up."

    "All teams be advised, that light helo we glassed earlier is making a wide sweep of the area, and we've got a larger helo inbound; an Mi-35. Stalker, avoid contact until we trap the convoy in the yard, then destroy it if you need to." Black Eagle radioed.

    At the same time the Armored SUVs passed by the charges the SEALs had planted and rolled on towards the yard, the first two SUVs rolled to the side of the road and a group of men in black combat gear armed with TAR-21s and FN2000s exited and secured the entrance so the other three vehicles could enter.

    "Any other sharpshooters see anybody with a MANPADS yet? Black Eagle?" Teiji asked quietly over the radio.

    "Negative Bravo 2-2...wait, I've got a guy taking something from the back of one of the SUVs, looks like a FN-6." the UAV operator radioed.

    "Roger that; Stalker don't worry, we'll get those guys before they can do anything." Knight assured as he heard the SUVs rolling into position.

    "Bravo 2-2 in position, Black Eagle." he added.

    Dusty radioed, "Triton's got nothing yet."

    Genghis called over the team frequency, "Voodoo, get ready to detonate."

    Voodoo replied, "Roger that. Say the word."

    "On your call," radioed Axt,

    Adjusting his position slightly, he flipped off the safety. "Jester, fire when the call comes, everyone else, fire after he lobs his first 40mm."

    Teiji watched as the other SUVs entered the yard and began to slow. As they did, he felt something poking him. This wasn't right; these guys had acted far more competently the last time they'd squared off, and now they were stupidly walking into an ambush. Their funeral though, he mused quietly. However...

    "Uh all teams be advised, we seem to have something going on in some of the buildings here...hold the ambush." the UAV operator radioed, having been fixated on the convoy up to this point.

    Knight was about to ask for some more details from Black Eagle when he heard the sound of a missile being launched. A sudden burst of fire threw him into a little more confusion, but he looked up just in time to see the UAV their unseen commander had been using turn into a black dot and brief fireball.

    "Contact, muzzle flashes across the way at that large building!" Toby reported.

    Knight looked towards his LMG Gunner's position in time to see an RPG flying towards him. It landed far enough away that he'd survive, but he sent he against the wall.

    "AMBUSH!" Crusher declared over the radio, poking his SCAR out to return fire at the building before deploying smoke. Teiji, in the meantime, lined up one of the RPG teams and nailed the guy with the rocket launcher.

    Following up the attack was the Mi-35 that'd been coming in to retrieve the "package" came roaring up from behind some hills and spotted the SEALs in the hills. The pilot slowed the lumbering machine and slammed their position with its gun before putting several rockets into the same spot. The operators at the gate took advantage of the attack to run for cover and add to the fire with the help of infrared optics.

    At the same time, the other side of the building that'd opened up on Bravo 2-2 became the source of a DsHK as it blasted at their position. At the same time, two four-man teams left the building and used the train cars and the cover of the HMG to maneuver on the PMCs.

    "WHAT THE HELL?! Jester hit it!" yelled Axt. Bolt began hosing down the area were the enemy operators had taken coverwith his LMG. Jester fired all of his grenades at the covered infantry. Axt and some of the others fired at the SUVs, until something told him to look up. "Shit, attack chopper!" The SEALs scrabbled for cover, ducking behind rocks just as shrapnel from the rockets sprayed everywhere. "Stalker 1-1, this is Phantom 1-1, we got a Hind on us! Can you take him down?"

    As the shots broke out in the rail yard, Genghis yelled, "VOODOO HIT IT!"

    Voodoo clicked the button on his remote, causing the cratering charges in the rail line and the shearing charges planted on the water tower to detonate. The cratering charges shot 40lbs of explosives 9 feet into the earth before they detonated, sending up a shower of earth and railway track, completely obstructing the space between the rows of buildings. While spectacular, this was nothing compared to the effects of the shearing charges. As they detonated, they sliced through two of the legs of the water tower. The tower stood in place for a moment until the remaining two legs gave way with a massive groan of metal, sending the tower toppling onto the tracks. As the tower fell, Voodoo clicked the remote again, sending the water tank rocketing off the tower and rolling down the track toward the Erusean vehicles.

    After detonating both charges, he and Preacher vacated their position with the intent to consolidate on the rest of the team, but as they were about to make their way outside, Zeus noticed the two four-man teams attempting to flank them on the feed from the RQ-20.

    He radioed, "Voodoo, Preacher, hold up. I've got 8 foot mobiles heading towards our position. You think you can hook around and whack 'em?"

    Preacher replied, "Check."

    "Alright. As you exit your building hang a left. Go down 3 sheds, make a right and then a left as you come to the corner. That should put you behind them."
    "Copy that."

    On her orbit, Gale stumbled upon the enemy light helo. "That's not friendly, is it?"

    Her copilot replied, "Nope."

    "Well then light it up!"

    "Roger, laser armed."

    "Stalker 1-1 engaging helo."

    Gale loosed a pair of HEDP APKWS rockets at the scout helicopter before closing in and peppering it with 7.62 and 30mm rounds.

    Meanwhile, Zeus radioed the Little Birds, "Stalker 2-1, 2-2, Triton. We're taking heavy fire from a large building near the entrance to the rail yard. Do you have visual?"

    The pilot of Stalker 2-1 replied, "Roger that, Triton. Seeing multiple muzzle flashes from a three-story brick building near the entrance."

    "That's your target. Be advised we have friendlies danger close and the hostiles appear to have MANPADS, over."

    "Roger that, copy danger close."

    "You are cleared in hot from the west."

    "Roger, 2-1's in hot."

    The first Little Bird dove in from the west, slinging a pair of HE rockets through a window that the pilot saw muzzle flashes emerging from, following up with a burst of miniguns before peeling off. The next one came in from over Triton's position, launching one at a rocket trail on the second floor and another at a set of muzzle flashes on the roof.

    As Phantom's call for support came in, Gale radioed back, "Negative, Phantom, 1-1's out of position."

    Genghis chimed in, "Wait, we might be able to help. Odin, you have a switchblade on you?"

    "I do, boss."

    "You think you can nail that Hind?"

    "Roger that."

    Odin unslung the Switchblade's launch tube from his back, setting it up on the roof in the direction of the Mi-35, launching the miniature UAV at the attack helo.

    Diving down into his position again, he pulled out the UAV's controller and guided it in, picking up the Hind's glowing exhaust on the IR feed and steering towards it.

    Dusty radioed, "Switchblade's outbound, boss."

    The Hind swooped over low and aggressive at the SEALs, still punching at their position with its cannon when it got too close for its rockets, giving one uninjured commando a chance to greet the lead incoming AH-6 with his SA-24. Another fired a tear gas grenade into the SEAL's position. It ducked down behind the ill's far slope and out of sight, keeping up the high momentum it'd used in its first attack. The Switchblade had been spotted, but the pilot deployed flares to fill its camera with bright light and then combined his movement and the terrain to get away from it. He stayed low and came back around. Over the radio, the Erusean pilot heard the light helo as it came under attack from Gale and moved in from behind the DAP as its pilot blew off the lighter helo's tail. The gunship buzzed away with its Yak before backing it up with two of the Iglas on its outer pylons.

    In the meantime Knight heard the sound of the water tower as it temporarily overpower the gunfire of the AH-6s as they came in. Teiji reported it as he saw the Igla come up to get the AH-6, moving his rifle to give the helo retribution. He spotted the commando as the man discarded the weapon and ventilated his head before pivoting his rifle back towards the building. Toby had managed to get his head back on his shoulders and pounded away at the second story facing them with his Mk.48, while Dodo and Crusher backed him up. That wasn't enough, Knight decided.

    "Stalker if you have the chance, we're gonna secure the package, so we'd like some more suppressing fire on that building!" He radioed, then turning the corner to fire his weapon into a window.

    The water tower then spilled its contents into the exponentially spiraling SNAFU. water darkened the ground as the SUVs began to backpedal. Mower, upon seeing this, launcher a grenade from his 320 near the car's rear tire. The vehicle jumped a little before slowing, visible damage to its rear area.

    "Mower you thickheaded sonuvabitch, the package!" Crusher snarled over the net.

    "Sorry Sarge!" the man hastily apologized.

    In the meantime, Triton wasn't getting a walk in the park either, even with the HMG out of commission. A simple flank, while a good tactic, was nothing new to the commandos they faced.Both teams had at least one man covering their rear as they pressed on towards the PMC operators.

    "Tear gas! Masks!" The team stripped their helmets as quickly as possible. Yanking on their masks just in time for the tear gas, the SEALs moved away from their previous position. Bolt let loose another phalanx of fire from his Mk. 48. "Scheisse!" exclaimed Axt as the Switchblade missed the Hind. Pulling several flares from Jester's pack, and threw them in the opposite direction, trying to distract the Hinds thermal.

    As the pilot of Stalker 2-1 saw the smoke plume of the SA-24 on his run he promptly jinked right and dove for the earth, dropping the tiny helicopter into the canyon created by the railroad tracks. The Igla indomitably followed the AH-6 down, but as the Little Bird flew underneath an over-hanging walkway, the missile hit the roof of the structure and detonated, causing only minor shrapnel damage. As the pilot pulled clear to check for any serious damage, he radioed, "2-1 pulling out. It's way too fucking hot!"

    Zeus replied, "Roger that. Stalker 1-2, can you engage? We need you to drop that building."

    The pilot of the second DAP radioed, "Roger that. 1-2's in from the south."

    Stalker 1-2 rolled in from its orbit position south of the rail yard. "Laser's on and firing, Rifle, Rifle." Two AGM-114N Hellfires streaked away from the MH-60, lofting up before diving down upon the building that the majority of the fire was coming from, penetrating the sheet metal roof and detonating inside.

    Meanwhile, as the Hind launched its Iglas, the automatic countermeasures system on Stalker 1-1 began dispensing flares. As the warning blared, Gale broke off from the scout chopper and broke hard left to try and loop around the Mi-24. The hard break combined with the cascade of flares meant that the Iglas seekers were hopelessly blinded, and they flew off into space before detonating in the desert some miles away.

    While Odin's picture was obscured by the Hind's flares, he brought the Switchblade around, using its endurance to set up another attack, taking advantage of the Hind pilot's preoccupation with Gale's helo, sending the little UAV on a collision course with the Hind's engine section.

    Zeus had been keeping an eye on the flanking troops with the RQ-20, and radioed to Preacher and Voodoo, "Heads up, guys. Looks like they have a rear guard. You're coming up on them now, just around the corner."

    Preacher whispered, "Check." Turning to Voodoo, he gestured to the demo expert's M32. Voodoo nodded, slinging his M60 and bringing the MGL to bear. The two edged along the wall of the building they were next to, at which point Voodoo crouched down and leaned around the corner, presenting as small a target as possible. Drawing a bead on the rear guard, he loosed a pair of M1060 grenades, followed by another 2 aimed to land in the middle of the other 4-man team before popping back around the corner to reload while Preacher tossed a smoke grenade.

    One of the commandos spotted Jester as he threw the flares and fired on his extended hand with precision far greater than the Kedhanis. A friend of his, the one who'd launched the tear gas, cursed himself for not thinking SF teams would be ready for gas. He opted for a thermobaric round instead, putting it up and just behind the forward lip of the SEAL's firing position.

    As the Hind turned into Gale's attack, the gunner pointed out the incoming Switchblade again. The pilot frowned, realizing this was most likely not some regular missile, and kept up his maneuver, telling his gunner to use the chin turret whilst he kept the MH-60 busy. The crew kept a calm air and the minigun on the turret swiveled, greeting the weapon with frighteningly accurate fire that stopped it, breaking the weapon like it was some plastic toy. The pilot, in the meantime, kept his eyes on Gale, salvoing a few rockets to keep her on her toes.

    Knight covered his face as he was trying to open the door of the SUV from the blast of the two Hellfires He felt the heat wave wash over him , followed by the shockwave and the thundering. When he peered at the structure, the damage was apparent. The place had also gone silent. He got back to trying to open the door, but it was locked. He then felt a small, small shock as the door's defense system reacted to his break in attempt.

    "Dodo, get over here with your 12 gauge!" He shouted, drawing back.

    The man replied with a roger and ran across the way to reach his CO.

    The attack on the first team had been swift enough that the rearguard had only been able to blast a few rounds in Voodoo's direction before the M1060 rounds did their thing. At the same time, however, it gave the other team a chance to react. They dropped and formed a quick defensive position, firing at the two enemy operators from below some cars. One of the Eruseans raised his own grenade launcher, an RG-6, and dropped three airburst rounds towards them.

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    The rounds sliced through the hard knuckles of Jester's Oakley gloves, burning the top of his hand, and causing some bleeding. "Dammit, I'm hit! Corpsman!" The corpsman screeched to a halt at his position and pm began administering first aid. Halo fired his rifle at the grenadier, while the other SEALs fired several 40mm grenades at the Eruseans, following it up with accurate rifle and LMG fire. After firing, they displaced once more, moving to another small set of rocks.

    As the fire from the large building fell silent, Zeus radioed, "Delta Hotel, 1-2. Good effect on target." To the rest of the teams he radioed, "Bravo, Phantom, this is Triton. Switch on your IR Strobes. I'm about to clear Little Birds in hot."

    Meanwhile, Odin swore as the feed from the Switchblade disappeared, radioing, "Damnit, Switchblade's down. Sorry Hurricane."

    Gale reefed her MH-60 into a tight right turn, pulling out of the Hind's arc of fire, while at the same time ordering the gunners in the back to un-pin the miniguns from their fixed-forward positions to engage the Hind. The right side gunner got a bead first, opening up and pouring rounds into the Erusean helo's engine section and crew compartment. As Gale completed her turn and got behind the Hind, she augmented the minigun fire with a pair of APKWS rockets and a burst from the M230.

    After firing the grenades, Voodoo and Preacher had displaced and begun moving up to hit the forward team, and so escaped the airburst grenades with minor shrapnel wounds, most of which was absorbed by their gear. Sprinting to the next cross-alley, Voodoo slid into place and loosed another pair of grenades at the forward team before he and Preacher peeled back to rejoin the rest of Triton. As they ran, Voodoo grunted to Preacher, "I really hate these guys." Preacher simply replied, "Yeah."

    Meanwhile Zeus, who was monitoring their progress, radioed, "Okay, guys, take that next right and then an immediate left at the end of that building and you'll be home free."

    With the slackening of fire from the main force of commandos, Odin and Dusty had shifted to get eyes on the flanking teams, preparing to engage any men Voodoo's fusillade missed.

    The grenadier's head snapped back as he took a round to the face, ending his time a threat. The ensuing fire drove the rest of the commandos behind their SUVs, killing another. Those that survived rode out the shrapnel and the fire using their vehicles, after which were all but usable. They waited until the SEALs relocated, at which point they (the two commandos that'd survived the fight) retreated into the rail yard to try and contact other elements of the force in the area. The rest lay dead or dying from the fight.

    The Hind pilot was not affected by the 7.62mm rounds that were fired at him; the Hind was plenty strong and took them with little more than some harmless vibrations. It was the rockets and the chain gun that did more damage as he turned as much as he could with the DAP. Unfortunately he could do little about the rockets; he gambled they were laser-guided, knowing the MH-60. He did, however, intended to go with a small parting gift. As one of the rockets struck near his crew compartment and he took the chaingun rounds near his engine section, his gunner emptied the rest of the minigun into the M320. The pilot then moved his Hind forward and under the DAP, heading away from the fight.

    "All units, this is Cain Lead, consolidate into one force. We have been hit and are unable to help. Standby for a relief force, ETA fifteen minutes." He radioed over the commandos' secure channel.

    The pilot didn't wait for any responses; he had a badly wounded helo that he was sure he wasn't going to make it. Sure enough the machine began to become unresponsive and he decided to just stop fighting it. The man, still as cool as ever, very carefully ejected the rocket pods and the remaining Iglas. He plowed the Mi-35 into the sand northwest of the yard, and soon after evacuated the machine with his crewman, not wanting to wait around in case there was a gas leak.

    At the same time, Bravo 2-2 activated their IR strobes and got down, waiting for the fire support to come. Dodo had arrived and put his M26 to work, first punishing the door handle for its rebellion, but instead he used a crowbar to pry open the door. As he looked inside, Knight heard a bang and saw a puff of red as the man was staring inside. He charged up as his comrade fell, SCAR thundering away rapidly until several rounds hit the commando that'd wounded Bravo 2-2's demo man. Knight, before anything else, grabbed his man and got him propped up against the SUV and pulled out his own first aid pack.

    "Mower, we've got a man hit here!" He radioed.

    In the meantime with Triton, the grenades caused some minor shrapnel wounds for most of the team and killed another, but the second four-man team retreated to link up with those that had escaped the SEALs. the package was now in the hands of the coalition.

    "Roger strobes on!" Firing some parting 40mm grenades at the commandos. Axt said, "This is Phantom 1-1, we have 2 squiters, pulling back from their SUVs." To his own men, he said, "We'll hold here and cover the road until we get orders to pull back." The SEALs loaded new magazines and looked down the road.

    "Stalker 1-1, that's one dead Hind." As Gale pulled off to cover the rail yard, the right side door gunner said over the intercom, "Uh, Hurricane, we got a problem. Chain gun's busted."


    "Yeah, that Hind put a few rounds into it as we were pulling off."

    "Anything else hit?"

    "No ma'am, not that I can see."

    "Well shit. Alright. All callsigns, Stalker 1-1 pulling back to the FARP for repairs."

    Zeus radioed, "Roger that, 1-1."

    Meanwhile, Stalker 2-1 saw the two individuals Phantom was talking about, and radioed, "Roger that, 2-1's got your squirters. In hot from the south." Stalker 2-1 rolled in, spraying minigun fire and a rocket at the pair of commandos.

    Zeus radioed, "2-2, Triton has eyes on 4 foot mobiles trying to disengage. Run in from the east."

    "Roger that, 2-2 has your target. Engaging." Stalker 2-2 rolled in and fired a trio of rockets, 2 HE and 1 flechette, at the retreating 4-man team.

    Dusty said to Odin, "You got eyes on those leakers that Voodoo engaged?"

    "Right of the big metal shed, range 500. They're peeling straight brack."

    "Eyes on."

    "Wind quarter value left to right."


    "Send it."

    Odin's MSR coughed, sending a .338 Lapua round downrange.

    "Hit. He's down. Next target, to the right. Same windage, same range. Fire when ready."

    The rifle coughed again.

    Meanwhile Genghis radioed, "Bravo 2-2, status on the package?"

    The commandos couldn't ever hope to resist the helos in their position and were killed by the attack runs. The scene that resulted from men being subjected to miniguns and rockets was...gruesome, to say the least. Anyone who wasn't prepared for that kind of thing would certainly be unsettled.

    In the meantime Knight had managed to get the actual package. It was an external hard drive inside a protective case. He heard Genhis's radio call and replied promptly.

    "Bravo 2-2 has secured the package, I repeat we have the package. Stalker, can any of you extract us from here?" He replied, switching to addressing the helos orbiting above.

    Genghis replied to Knight, "Excellent work, Bravo. Triton will cover your extract."

    "Roger, Bravo, will relay to Shadow 1-2. Shadow 1-2, Bravo 2-2 is ready for extract."

    Zeus radioed, "Stalker 2-1, 2-2, good effect on target. Nice runs, boys. Shadow 1-1, Triton is ready for extract as well but will cover Bravo until they're clear, over?"

    "Happy to help, Triton. Stalker 21 and 22 resuming orbit."

    "Shadow 1-2 copies all, inbound."

    Reaper replied to Zeus, "Roger that. 1-1's inbound, holding short."

    Axt grinned as the Littlebirds made their runs. Upon hearing the call that Bravo 2-2 had the package, he radioed, "Copy that 2-2, Phantom 1-1 has you covered." Looking at Jester, he asked, "How's the hand?"

    "Not too bad, Doc got me patched, glove is smoked though." he said.

    "Understood Shadow, we'll wait for you." Knight said. He looked at his injured friend.

    "Okay there, Dodo?" He asked, trying to keep his friend talking. the man nodded with visible effort.

    "I ain't dying now, El-Tee." He said.

    "Shadow, have medics ready, we've got an injured man." Knight updated to the MH-60s.

    In the meantime Crusher had ordered the other operators into a makeshift defensive perimeter, Teiji joined the perimeter and had taken up position in a car, watching the burning building for anyone who may have survived. For now, though, it was quiet. The only threat was the inbound enemy QRF, and the only two survivors were the Hind pilots, who were more preoccupied with hiding and tending to themselves than trying to engage the enemy helos around them. They had been informed that two more Mi-35s were inbound, though.

    "Shadow 1-2 copies."

    The Blackhawk swooped in over the rail yard, flaring violently before peeling in for a landing next to the Delta operators. The crew chief hopped out and yelled over the rotor blast, "Stalker says we got enemy QRF inbound! We gotta go now!"

    Meanwhile Shadow 1-3 radioed, "Phantom 1-1, Shadow 1-3. Are you ready for extract, over?"

    "Roger Shadow 1-3, ready for exfil." said Axt.

    "Roger that, 1-3's inbound."

    As Shadow 1-3 peeled in to pick up the SEALs, Reaper radioed, "Triton, there's an enemy QRF inbound. We can't wait any longer."

    Zeus replied as he lit an IR strobe, "Roger that. Triton's ready for pick up, roof of the warehouse marked by strobe."

    "I see your strobe. Coming in."

    Reaper brought the MH-60 in to a landing on the corner of the roof. As the PMC operators piled in he yelled, "So kids did you have a good day at school?"

    Genghis chuckled, "As good as any!"

    Voodoo interjected, "Speak for yourself! Those new Erusean kids are ASSHOLES!"

    Reaper simply grinned as he pulled pitch and turned for the FARP. "1-1's coming out."

    Knight nodded immediately and helped Dodo to his feet, Mower coming back to do the same. The rest of the operators held fast until their injured man was aboard the helicopter, then retreated to the machine itself. Knight checked the case once more to make sure the package was there, then sighed and leaned his head back against the seat. He felt particularly exhausted after this one.

    **********************************SF MISSION 6 END**********************************

    Debrief: Another excellent mission. Thanks to your efforts, we have managed to obtain vital information on the Erusean forces operating in Kedhan. The information we have discovered thus far has already led us to the planning of our next mission. You can expect it very soon.

    SF Mission 8: Bogeymen
    March 24, 2018 (UN HQ Time: 1903)
    AO: Al-Ashi, Shamlak

    Information taken from the last mission has given us a positive identity on the “Erusean Commandos” we have been fighting the past few missions. They are private contractors, members of an “off the books” division of Ekna Incorporated, an Erusean-based company that mainly deals in military-grade logistics and computer software. The PMCs act mainly as enforcers for their deals as well as advisors for potential clients. High command has decided to dissuade the company from operating further in the area before we expose them to up the damage. We’re going to start this by kidnapping one of their high-ranking executives in the region.
    The executive, Pasha Trekker, is in the city of Al-Ashi, where we have learned he is scheduled to meet with Shamlaki military executives to extend Ekna’s services to them. All three teams will be involved in the operation due to the value of this man. His description is as follows….

    Pasha Trekker
    Age: 35
    Height: 5’11”
    Weight: 195lbs.
    Hair: Platinum blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Build: Lanky

    …Pasha is being housed at the Hotel Del Ashi, and he is well guarded. The teams will be inserted outside the city via MH-47, from which point they will enter the city via SUVs. The teams will then enter the hotel from the parking garage, splitting up into three different teams and leaving two men each to guard the vehicles and keep the exit route secure. All teams will gear up once inside the building to avoid arousing suspicion. All weapons will be silenced, and loadouts will be tailored for this mission. Shamlaki military police make up the bulk of the forces inside the building, but the building itself is not fully cut off to the public. Only floors 18-24 are cut off and secured, with additional security in the lobby.

    Surveillance shows that he is housed on the 22nd floor, roughly three quarters of the way up the building. Phantom will be charged with capturing him, while Triton and Bravo will eliminate his personal security team and establish an extraction route. Phantom will be provided with drugs to knock out Pasha. Upon eliminating his personal security team, Triton and Bravo will secure extract routes. Avoid the elevators at all costs, as using it will allow enemy security forces to trap you. It is also vital that you take out his personal security team quickly and quietly; they are believed to be some of the best fighters in Ekna’s “Security Division”. The team numbers eight soldiers, men and women, of various backgrounds but all are elite soldiers. Show them no mercy, but we need Trekker ALIVE.

    The silence of the night sky in the desert outside Al-Ashi was broken by the thundering of 6 MH-47s escorted by 2 DAPs as they made their way towards an LZ 50 miles outside the city. Dodging Bedouin encampments and Shamlaki military units while flying so low they went UNDER the occasional power lines that intersected their course, the helos made it to the LZ just after midnight.

    While the DAPs orbited menacingly, the 6 Chinooks settled down and disgorged a civilian Toyota Land Cruiser, followed by the members of AFO Triton, Bravo 2-2, and Phantom 1-1. As Genghis walked down the cargo bay off his helo, Reaper called, "Hey, we're gonna hold up here. Give us a call if shit gets crazy and you need extract."

    "That's the plan, Reaper."

    "Just making sure. Now have a good day at school, kids!"

    Genghis shook his head laughing as he mounted his SUV, turning to Zeus, who was driving, "Alright, try and get us there without breaking the speed limit, eh?"

    Zeus pouted, "Ah, boss you're no fun. These are some nice trucks!"

    Voodoo, sitting in the back seat with Dingo, added, "Yeah, they're a hell of a lot better than those dumps they had us rolling for that first op. Actual air conditioning! It's like a luxury hotel!"

    Genghis chuckled, "Well I'm glad you're so easy to please, Voodoo."

    "Oh it's not that. It's just that I've missed having a nice luxurious ride on an op."

    Zeus interjected, "Hey if you didn't hate VIP security so much we could be rolling in style SO much more often!"

    "Yeah I'll take a shitty ride over some bitchy rich boy any day."

    Dingo smirked, "Some things never change."

    It felt almost...criminal...to be dismounting an MH-47 in civilian garb. However operational procedure and all that fun stuff meant that the three teams of guys rolling into the city tonight had to look as nonthreatening as possible. Knight hefted a sports bag into the back of one of the Land Cruisers. He would be with Mower, Tobes and Dodo in one while Crusher, Oates and Roadkill occupied the other.

    As usual Toby was driving. In the back seat Knight checked a small headset he would use to communicate with his fellow team leaders.

    "This is Bravo 2-2; yah guys with us?" He asked as his transport lurched forward.

    "So you think they have strippers here in Shamlak?" He asked, more as a way to pass the time than as a serious question.

    "Gotta give those soldiers a way to blow off steam somehow." Dodo commented as he racked the slide of his HK,23 and ensured the safety was on.

    "Maybe they have tea parties." Knight commented as he looked back at the sports bags.

    In the meantime Crusher had the radio on. he turned across the stations. Teiji gave him a curious look.

    "I figured we might be able to learn a bit more from our enemy by listening to his public radio." The man said as he passed a station playing rather fast-tempo pop music.

    "Did I just hear Pump It by the Blackeyed Peas?" Roadkill asked as they passed another station. Crusher ignored him and kept on. He finally reached a news station. His grasp of the regions primary language helped him as he tuned into interesting bits.

    Today further air battles happened between the alliance between the Kingdom of Shamlak and Holy Union of Kedhan. Our king announced that he intends to staunchly defend against Western aggression until they either accept a ceasefire favorable to our people, or they withdrew completely...In the meantime reconstruction and cleanup efforts remain heavy around Burj Al Nasr in the wake of major raids against the city...Meanwhile much of the country's land forces are shifted to coastal area and the Yuktobanian border regions in anticipation of a possible invasion.

    Axt, Jester, Halo and Bolt took the first Land Cruiser, while Doc, Pops, Grinch and Titian occupied the other one. All the SEALs were clothed in civilian garb, but they also had with them D3CR chestrigs, attached to Mayflower plate carriers, along with their OPS-CORE helmets.

    "This dude sounds like he has a team like the one that was protecting that arms dealer we chased down." said Jester.

    Stroking his blonde hair back and affixing a baseball cap that read "Sako Rifles" to his head, Axt nodded. "I don't look forward to dealing with these guys, those bodyguards for that arms dealer were a pain."

    Turning his attention to more official business, he radioed, "Phantom 1-1 is mobile, heading into the city,"

    Halo, who had taken one of the back seats asked, "Any idea what they'll be armed with?"

    "Tavors, FN200s most likely." said Axt "Maybe a few LMGs. We have nothing solid on these people."

    "That makes me nervous...." said Halo.

    "I'm not 100% happy with this op either, but anyways," hetting on his radio, Axt said to his team, "This op we're going to have to check fire, civvies are inside this hotel. We are also going to have to be as quite as possible, no need to wake the entire damn city."

    "Roger boss," said the team.

    "Roger Phantom 1-1, Bravo 2-2 is also mobile." Knight said. He popped open a laptop and began reviewing some of the info intel had passed to him for the mission, including some info on the known members.

    "We also got a little info on the security team. Roughly twelve people, men and women, all ex-military. Apparent leader is a guy named "Cinder"...well I'll be damned, he's Osean...and ex-Delta." The lieutenant communicated to his fellow commanders.

    "He's a former operator? Well I'll be damned, El-Tee." Crusher remarked.

    "Expect it to mean he's gonna be a little savvy on how we tick, and that these guys will be considerably more willing to play dirty. I'm talking no mercy." Knight said. It wasn't his standard doctrine, but last mission had made him think otherwise. He continued to look over some of the fresh intel the spooks in the CIA had thrown him.

    "Here's another interesting bit. Genghis, remember the village we stumbled upon all the way back when this was just a peacekeeping Op? Ekna apparently had contracts with the Kedhani military in pharmaceuticals and stuff like that...smell funny to you?" He asked.

    In the meantime Mower had lowered one of the rear seats in the other Landcrusier and unzipped one of the bags. He pulled out a tactical vest and handed it to Teiji, the pulled out two more for him and Crusher. Each man would be hauling the lighter end of the spectrum in terms of ammo, and in fact their weapons were different for this specific op. They carried SIG SG 556s mostly, with a few Remington 870 MCS shotguns, their standard sidearms, mostly nonlethal grenades, and a few MP7 SMGs. Toby would be hauling an MG4 for this one, and Teiji decided to use an FN Ballista. All stuff the Shamlaki military tended to use.

    As Genghis heard Knight mention Ekna's pharmaceutical contacts, his eyes narrowed and he radioed Knight, "The plot thickens."

    Zeus commented, "Haven't heard you say that in a while, boss."

    "Well we've kind of been too busy blowing up Erusean contractors to consider the thickening plot."

    Voodoo grinned, "Well I have, anyway," as he twisted around to check their gear bags. "Alright, MP7s, G36s, AG36, and an MG4. Man, I hate having to use local shit. I miss my pig."

    Dingo chuckled, "You and your M60s..."

    "They're a hell of a lot more fun than these little cap guns. And Zeus for the love of all things holy could you please shut off that racket?"

    Zeus grinned, "What, you don't like The Greatest Hits of Uncle Shamlak?"

    Voodoo growled, "No. If I wanted to die clawing my eardrums out I'd just have Tick fire his SAW next to my head again. God how do people listen to this shit?"

    "Hehe, We gotta blend in you know."

    "It's not like they can hear us IN THE CAR."

    "Eh, true. Still I like this song. It's catchy!"

    Voodoo groaned, "Oh god you're gonna be humming this shit all through the mission now. Son of a bitch."

    Genghis interjected, "Okay yeah Voodoo's got a point. Zeus nobody wants to hear your shitty humming. Either change the channel or shut off the radio."

    Zeus pouted as he switched the radio to the same news station the Delta troopers were listening to. "You guys are no fun."

    "Former Delta? Holy shit, didn't see that shit coming." said Axt.

    "Neither did I, I feel like we're playing the fools again." said Halo from the back seat.

    As the Land Cruiser drew nearer to the target, the team began to check their weapons and gear. Each man except for Jester slid into their plate carriers. Bolt racked the bolt and popped the tray on his MG4 l, then slid the belt of ammo into position. The rest of the team carried the G36C, and Grinch carried a Remington 870 breacher.

    "Bolt, you and Titian watch the cars, everyone else, with me." ordered Axt.

    After some time Toby spotted the lights of the city they were bound for, and inevitably more traffic.

    "Heads up, Al-Ashi dead ahead." He radioed.

    "Roger that. Okay guys were gonna get off two exits before the ramp closest to the hotel. That way we can avoid looking as suspicious by being in a group. Triton, We'll meet you in the eastern parking garage at the lowest level, fully loaded. Hopefully intel won't fuck us over and send us running into any checkpoints. If you get compromised, run for the secondary LZs and we'll go from there." He said.

    At the same time the lieutenant donned his own chest rigg and gave his magazines a final glance-over. He slapped the only mag without a pouch into his EOTech-equipped 556 and chambered the first round.

    "Toby, we're gonna keep you with the trucks for now. Triton has plenty of LMGs to spare." He added. The man nodded.

    "If this Trekker guy has a girl with him, I say we extract her...you know, for intel." Toby suggested, trying to keep his friends' morale up as the pressure mounted.

    "Seriously two days of R&R and Isara and you sudden have a raging desire for Persian women." Dodo commented.

    "I have seen the light of day in regards to the women of the Persian Sea region, sir. Beauty has no other epitome than them." He replied before gracefully leaving behind the jokes. The man turned the cap he was wearing backwards.

    "Any volunteers to stay behind with me and guard the Toyotas?" He added over the radio.

    "Oates, quick change of plans, too. leave your rifle behind and stick to an MP7. We don't have time to get you set up to snipe and then retrieve you without running serious risks." Knight added at the same time.

    "Yes sir." Teiji nodded, soon after accepting one of the SMGs and pulling off the Velcro pouches for his Balista's ammo.

    "All drivers be advised, two Shamlaki police vehicles at 11 o' clock. Try not to attract em." Crusher spoke up as the traffic became a little heavier. Two military-grade SUVs with blue lights aatop them stood out, rolling along with the other modern cars and trucks.

    "Phantom Actual, suggest you take the next exit after the most direct for the hotel to reach the west parking garage quickest, how copy?" Roadkill radioed as he referenced his GPS.

    Zeus radioed, "Roger that, Triton copies," as he slotted his vehicle in behind Bravo's, making sure to be a few cars back. Genghis meanwhile called to the other vehicle, "Dusty, Odin, looks like we're gonna be in close on this. No time for you guys to get set up. Just run your secondaries."

    "Roger that, boss."

    "Bravo 2-2, Phantom 1-1 copies, moving to exit just past the hotel."

    Both Land Cruisers drove by the police cars, being careful to space themselves out as to not attract attention.

    About five minutes later, the Land Cruisers swung onto the off ramp and drove towards the hotel.

    Bravo 2-2 was the first off the freeway and on the streets, moving towards the hotel. The streets were fairly calm that night, and the constant threat of air raids was probably keeping most people home..

    "All Bravo Victors, ready?" Knight asked as he spotted the hotel.

    A small chorus of affirmative calls echoed back as a tall building loomed over the approaching Toyotas. It had the appearance of a fancy casino-hotel in Las Cadrias back in Osea, with its name brightly displayed at the top, more lights shone off the bottom.Passing by the front, Toby pointed out the extravagant fountain on the front lawn with its water fountains. However they weren't here to drool over it. Instead they dropped down from the street into the garage. There was still no sign of any kind of enemy force. Knight stepped from the SUV and pointed himself towards the main ramp of the garage, waiting for the others. Toby moved into the back seat to make himself an ad hoc LMG nest.

    Five minutes after the Delta vehicles entered the garage, Triton's two SUVs pulled in. As the operators dismounted, Genghis motioned to Zeus and said, "Hey, get us patched in."

    "Roger that boss." After donning his gear Zeus ran off to a nearby electrical console and patched in with a laptop. A few minutes later he said, "Alright boss, we're in. I can control everything remotely."


    Meanwhile, the rest of Triton had finished gearing up. It was decided that Zeus would stay back with Toby to guard the trucks and monitor the security systems.

    Soon after, the SEALs pulled up into the second garage. Parking their SUVs, the assault team disembarked, leaving Bolt and Titan to guard the SUVs. The assault team bounded to the elevator, "Triton, Phantom 1-1 Actual, we are at the garage elevator, requesting a lift." whispered Axt into his radio.

    Zeus radioed, "Wait one, Phantom." To Genghis he said, "Boss I've got an idea on how we can cut down the security team a little bit."


    "We send up one elevator with a couple of thermal signatures in it. Mount a claymore facing the door. They open the thing to investigate, we blow the claymore. We take the other elevator up to the floor below, take the stairs the rest of the way, and do the takedown on detonation."

    Genghis nodded, "I like it. Set it up."

    "We'd like the Claymore Room Service Special too, Monsieur." Knight chuckled as he made sure the silencer on his weapon was secure.

    Knight gathered his assault team to revise the plan. One team of three would go up after the trap was sprung, and if it failed another would be waiting in the stairwell to clear the area for them. He sent Crusher, Roadkill, Oates, and Dodo to be that team. He, Screwball, and Mower would be the elevator team.

    "Triton, since we don't have Tobes, we'll let you exit first after the explosives go off so your LMG guys can lay down a base of fire." He added over the radio as he rushed to the elevator door, his larger team entering the stairs and beginning its long trek.

    Several floors up, the security team was patrolling as usual, maintaining a very through view of the floor their protectorate was on. They were in constant contact with the Shamlaki security as well in case anything broke through them, as they constituted the outer perimeter of the setup. No one wanted any excitement, but with the coalition becoming aware of them, it seemed, fighting was inevitable.

    As he wired the claymores with Voodoo's help, Zeus looked around and said, "Uhhh... Guys, one problem. You may not wanna get loaded for bear down here. The elevators are in a public area, and if we come out two floors down according to plan, people are gonna get spooked."

    Genghis asked, "So pack up and gear up in the stairwell?"

    Zeus nodded, "It'd probably be optimal."

    "Well, you heard the man."

    "Triton, what's the ETA on that elevator?" whispered Axt. Waiting for the reply, he checked his weapon for what felt like the thousandth time in that hour. Adrenaline raced through his veins, he had not felt this tense since taking down a certain international arms dealer and her crew of hired guns. He shivered slightly at the thought.

    "Stairwell Team, how far up are you?" Knight asked after waiting a few moments.

    "We took Triton's suggestion and de-geared first, sir. Currently at the eight floor and moving fast." Crusher assured.

    "Roger, we should be moving soon." Knight replied, casting a glance at the Claymore traps as they were wired.

    He thought about degearing himself, but he had another plan.

    "Triton...can you make these elevators go straight up, no stops? We can't afford civvie company either way." He said.

    As Voodoo finished wiring the Claymores, Zeus grinned and said to Knight, "That's why i tapped into the elevators, my good sir. I'll send you guys up to 2 floors below the objective and then send the cars back on a circuit to give you time to gear up. Then when you're in position we breach. The reason I suggested de-gearing is because the elevators are in the open and a bunch of guys with tac gear moving through the floor to the stairwell is gonna raise a LOT of questions. But I could hold off on the claymore special for you guys and just send you up right after the charges detonate, with us breaching from the stairwell."

    As he got the radio call from Phantom, he replied, "Calm down, Phantom, car's on its way. We're working some last minute plans out here."

    Knight considered for a moment, then nodded.

    "Okay, we'll unload here and let the Claymores get us a path. Crusher, status?" He replied, switching between people effortlessly.

    "Almost there, sir."

    "Roger, we'll be up soon."

    Genghis nodded. "Well we're ready to go. Right Zeus?"
    "Just tell me when you wanna go, boss."

    "Now is good."

    "Roger that."

    The members of Triton piled into their assigned elevator, taking care not to disturb the Claymore mounted on the back wall. Once they were all in, the doors closed and Zeus sent the elevator up to the 20th floor.

    The elevator team for the Deltas did the same, now looking more like civilians. Knight looked around the space as he felt it lifted up. Granted it was probably gilded, but the thing seemed to be gold-plated.

    "Shit, fancy elevator, eh?" Screwball commented.

    "When the war's over, we can rent out a floor and get some of those dancing girls Tobes gets all wide-eyed over." Knight chuckled.

    In the meantime his mind shifted to the guys waiting on their target floor. Despite Zeus's advice, he kept his HK23 handy until the machine stopped. The doors opened and the guys filed out very casually.

    "Crusher, are you in position?" He asked again.

    "Roger that, just waiting for the Claymores...I can see a guard, too; guy with a Super 90 near Triton's door." the Staff Sergeant replied.

    "Any other guys?" Knight asked.

    "Can't see any."

    Knight nodded and felt his neck tense. This was gonna be fast and brutal if it was gonna be successful.

    The members of Triton dismounted on the 20th floor and ambled nonchalantly over to their stairwell, moving with the affected annoyance of maintenance crews everywhere. Once in the stairwell, Voodoo slammed the door closed with a jamming spike and then he and the rest of the team geared up.

    Once in position at the exit on the 22nd floor, Genghis heard Crusher's warning about the guard with a shotgun. He banged his fist on his head twice, calling Voodoo forward. In a whisper he hissed, "Shotgun outside the door. Sheet charge breach. We go on the claymore."

    Voodoo nodded, pulling a sheet charge out of his backpack. Stripping the adhesive off one end, he affixed the sheet of C-4, which had been personalized with a smiley face and the words "knock knock," to the door, before returning to his place in the stack, stringing the det cord out behind him. When he was in position, the rest of the team moved a few steps back to get out of the line of the blast.

    Genghis radioed, "Zeus, we're set. Ready on your go." His transmission was accompanied by a chorus of clacks and clicks as the operators checked their G36s and MP7s to make sure they were ready.

    Downstairs in the parking garage, Zeus made sure the two elevators acting as fireships were clear before sending them up to the 21st floor, monitoring the cameras to judge the optimal moment to detonate.

    Boarding the elevator, Jester hit the button for the 22nd floor. "Phantom 1-1 on the way up." said Axt. As the elevator made its way up, and hit the 22nd floor. "Phantom 1-1, on you!"

    Crusher had Dodo apply a breaching charge as well. On the floor below the elevator team readied up and waited on the claymores.

    "Bravo waiting on claymores." Knight radioed to Zeus. All they could do now was wait until the explosives had gone off an carved a path.

    In the meantime, the team on the floor that housed the main security element for the Erusean firm noted the elevators were arriving. The leader of watch, an ex-GSG-9 type, noted the event and radioed it in, asking for any confirmation on why they were up there. He had the others keep their distance until something was said.

    Still watching the camera feeds, Zeus radioed, "Hold... They're being cautious. The bastards."

    "Then we wait." Knight said.

    "What do we do if they play this game too long, sir?" Crusher asked.

    "We improvise." Knight replied.

    The Belkan was informed that no elevators were due up, so he decided to treat it as a threat. The man radioed the perimeter to tightened and requested a body bunker to be brought up. They would open the elevator and clear it with as little unneeded exposure as they could get away with. The shield was brought up and the door put under appropriate cover before a man took up position on either side of the elevators and waited for the signal to open it.

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    Re: ONS SF Missions

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    In the parking garage, Zeus watched the security officers prepare to clear the elevator. Grinning, he whispered, "Perfect..." Keying his radio, he said, "Guys, prepare to breach on detonation. 3, 2, 1, MARK." With that he hit the enter key. The elevator doors opened, and then the claymores detonated, followed immediately by the charges on the stairwell doors blowing them off the hinges into the room.

    Preacher immediately tossed in a flashbang grenade, rushing in after it went off, his shotgun raised, searching for targets. He was followed by Dingo and then Genghis, who both raised their G36s, scanning the room. Meanwhile Voodoo held position in the door, anchoring a base of fire.

    "Flashbang out!" called Axt, slinging a 9-banger through the door. It detonated and the SEAL team flowed into the hallway.

    the Senior NCO's stairwell team hit the breaching charge and entered in time to see the claymore launch its payload into the guy with the body bunker, knocking him back. Crusher leveled his SiG rifle and put down the guy on the side of the elevator closest to him. He noted that the guy with the body bunker was still moving, so he gave him rounds as well.

    "Bring up the rest of em!" the Staff Sergeant yelled.

    Inside the rooms it was quickly obvious what was going on to those who stood guard inside them. While others were woken up to gear up, Ekna's best toys were being brought to bear. On the opposite side of the hall, a man came around with an M32 in his possession. The weapon had a mix of rounds in it, and the first two were a new type the company had been developing. The rounds flew down the hall and thumped against the floor before exploding like a flash bang. The next ones were smoke.

    "All elements go Predator. Secure the other set of elevators as soon as we have shooters free. Also, call security downstairs and tell em we have a major situation." the security team lead, Cinder, ordered. Ekna's own brand of white-hot IR became their way of seeing. specialized IR strobes Id'ed friend from foe.

    The covering fire on the hall was immediate from the two at the other end of the hall. those who were immediately ready joined in as some sort of mechanical sound was heard. The mercs first weapons were the usual FN2000s backed up by heavier M60E4s.

    "All elements we're pinned down in the hall. Stop the next elevator team!" Crusher reported.

    "Hold fast, we'll get em from behind." Knight said.

    With his team geared up, he moved to the opposite side of the floor he was on, moving as fast as he could. He organized the team into a conga line and outlined the improvisation. They'd creep up under the chaos and use a flash bang, then when their friends were clear they'd trap them from both sides and squeeze.

    Upstairs security was still plenty solid. The men near the elevator and by his door were stunned by the grenade, but those down the hall and in a room across his weren't. The latter applied the same technique as those downstairs, giving the others covering fire. Cinder immediately ordered Pasha awakened and ready for evacuation. In the room he was in, a female operator, chosen for her acrobatic skills, was already on the balcony and getting ready to scale up to his room to retrieve him with the halls a no-go. The helicopter would be ready in minutes, if even.

    Fortunately the earplugs and goggles worn by the members of Triton diminished the effect of the flashbangs. However as the smoke grenades went, off, Preacher yelled, "Shit, smoke!"

    Genghis called out, "They've got thermals! Zeus, cut the lights! Preacher, Dingo, thermite out! Voodoo cover!"

    The lights suddenly winked out as they were cut off by Zeus, plunging the floor into darkness. However, the floor was just as suddenly lit by the brilliant white light of the incendiary grenades tossed by Genghis, Preacher, and Dingo in hopes of blinding the Ekna troops' thermal optics. As the security began their barrage on the stairwell, the three riflemen pulled back, with Voodoo laying down a suppressing blanket of FRAG-12 rounds.

    Once safely back in the stairwell, Genghis asked Dusty, "You see anything?"

    Dusty shook his head. "Negative, boss. Walls are too thick for backscatter."

    "Shit. Zeus? Anything on the cameras?"

    "Negative. Too dark, too smoky. And the thermite's fucking up the IR modes."

    Standing next to the doorway, Voodoo grunted, "Fuck this shit."

    Genghis raised a hand, "Wait, V. Bravo's moving up. Don't go full ape shit yet."

    Reloading his AA-12, Voodoo sighed, "Fine. But this keeps on much longer I'm blowing these assholes to hell."

    Axt saw the flashbangs flying at them, and instantly threw out his arms, forcing his men back. closing his eyes and opening his mouth to equalize the pressure slightly, he managed to force most of the SEALs back inside.Seeing what was happening, the last men inside the elevator grabbed their comrades vests, and yanked them back in. one hit the close door button and the flashbangs caught them just as the door shut, blinding some of the SEALs. the few that still had their faculties pulled on their gas masks with tinted lenses, and re opened the door. several pulled pins on frags and tossed them out the door, while the remaining fired down the hallway in an attempt to suppress the commandos.

    Cinder had taught the men to recognize thermite. Two responded with fragmentation grenades before looking away, flipping up their goggles to tone down the effects of the burning explosive. The rest took cover or simply blind fired to keep their adversaries pinned. the bright light would subside after roughly 30 seconds, but that 30 seconds could give time for a lot.

    "Security, cut it. Alert local authorities, too." He frowned as the lights died. They'd hacked into something; they'd gone out too gracefully, no sign or sound of bullet damage.

    Downstairs, the Shamlaki security staff did as ordered and went to work. Instead of trying to trace Zeus's little tap, they simply downed the security camera system and had a electrician going to the generators to check things. That made it the perfect time for the next wave to come onto the SF troopers. The mechanical whirring became apparent, though with the cameras essentially unplugged you wouldn't be able to see then unless you had a direct line of sight. Two Foster-Miller MAARS came into the hall to keep up the supressive fire, each firing a canister of CS gas.

    Knight, despite the urgency, still took some care in opening the stair door and leading his men up. Their boots were covered by the chaos up above. He prepped a frag grenade to deal with the guys up top and lowered his own goggles in case that guy with the M32 got off another one of those fancy flashbang rounds. He opened the door slwoly, but moved faster once he was in the open hall. His temporary weapon made a nice, clean bang as he put one in the exposed part of the closest guy's neck. Behind him, Mower got the other guy as he swung around to get across the hall at the intersection.

    "Triton, we're up! Watch your fire towards the far end of the hall!" Knight radioed as he spotted and M60 gunner and put him down.

    Mower rolled a flashbang towards one of the MAARS as it turned to face him, pulling back to let the grenade explode, before the entire team poured fore on the robot. Roadkill told them to aim for the optics and weapon itself.

    Upstairs the men recognized the frags and used the walls for cover, returning a pair of frags themselves one man at the end of the hall, after riding out the explosion.
    The two that'd been guarding the door were dead, and a third was wounded. Those at the end of the hall were pinned. Meanwhile "Miss Acrobat" was busy getting up to Pasha, who was collecting his things in what little time he had. He tapped an earpiece into his left ear and turned on its radio.

    "Cinder, report."

    "Coalition SF, probably Delta or SEALs, maybe some CIA Specials or some of those Triton types mixed in. Helo's warming up already and local police are getting units to the scene. Sonia's on her way; stay put." his security team lead radioed. The man nodded and signed off. He stopped a moment, then keyed his radio again.

    "Sonia, I'm gonna don my bulletproof; will that pose any problems?" He asked.

    "None at all, sir." an Nordish-accented voice replied.

    Axt had regained his bearings and stood. Noticing the frags, he scrambled and hit the close door button. The grenades exploded, and the SEALs took this moment to don their masks. Trowing another set of flashbangs once the doors had been re-opened. They pushed through the door and engaged each of the remaining commandos with shots to the head. The SEALs formed a loose column and they checked all corners. Making sure everything had been checked, they pushed down the hall to the room.

    As the feed went dark, Zeus slammed his palm into the laptop. "SHIT! Genghis, cameras are down."


    "The shitheads shut down the whole damn system!"

    "Can you get it back up from there?"

    "I'm working on it, but it may have to be rebooted from the source."

    "Well, try a remote reboot, but don't waste your time if it doesn't work. Too risky."

    "Copy that. Just a heads up, before the cameras went down I saw a helo on the roof. They may try using that to bug out."

    "Got it." As the second MAARS trundled into view, Genghis yelled, "Voodoo! Kill that fuckin' bot! Preacher, Tick, Odin, over here."

    "Aye aye!" Voodoo popped out and peppered the UGV with 8 rounds of FRAG-12 before popping back into cover, as Preacher, Tick, and Odin moved over to Genghis.

    "What's up, boss?"

    "Helo on the roof. Make sure they don't get to it."

    Preacher nodded. "Check."

    The three men made their way up the stairwell to the roof, planting a Claymore behind them to cover their tracks before taking up positions with a view of the helicopter. Meanwhile, Dusty crawled to the edge of the door from the stairwell, leaning out to pop off a group of shots on the men nearest the stairwell exit, allowing Voodoo and Dingo to move out onto the floor.

    The UGV stopped in the face of Frag-12, as did the other when its weapon and sensor lens got enough 5.56 and 9mm rounds (his men on the other side joined in). Knight then shifted his fire towards the rooms themselves ending his mag by under-handing a grenade towards where an M60 gunner had been. The rest of his team took the gap to press the attack and ensure the PMCs were routed. In the meantime Cinder knew it was time to get pyrrhic. Already though he was making his escape at Pasha's orders, and the others were told to do the same. He had made sure that they kept the floor pretty minimal, anyways. The two UGVs and their controls were nothing special if captured, and data was being guarded more heavily after the last incident with these operators.

    Upstairs the helo was already airborne and orbiting under Cinder's orders, ready to perform a dustoff on command. It retained the look of a civvie helo, at least for now. Its pilot looked out over the city as the twinkle of red and blue lights started to approach the hotel. Downstairs, Toby could hear the sirens approaching. Instead of fight immediately, he knew it would be best to hide. He pulled down the back window of the SUV, letting the tinted glass hide him. As for the security system, it remained down, at the mercy of the men inside the main security station of the building. They began to coordinate a blockade of the place to hold the intruders in there.

    For Axt and his SEALs, though, things were getting good, and just in time. The frags did no damage except to finish off a man who was wounded, but the hostiles were kept pinned until the coalition soldiers were going through the hall, where they had a clear shot at the guards. Inside his room Pasha was near the balcony, crouched near the balcony door. He could hear Sonia as she was reaching his room's ledge. Both expected them to breach with flashbangs; Pasha had an earplug in the ear his radiopiece wasn't in; Sonia did the same. The woman had also gone the extra mile to have proper eye protection. As she was getting over the railing she heard the helo.

    "Dragonfly, be ready to extract directly from the room. You know the drill." She said.

    "Copy that." the pilot replied.

    Knight's group, having finished its side of the hall, stopped short of the center door. He stopped and motioned to Dodo, who had another charge ready.

    "Make em think w're coming in the door; these walls gotta be somewhat frail." He radioed to his Triton compatriots in a hushed tone. The man pulled his team back into the room adjacent, where another breaching charge was placed on the wall between the two rooms.

    "Stingers, put em in deep!" said Axt as one of the troopers rigged a breaching charge on the door. Stacking up, they blew the door and threw stingers deep into the room. The exploding grenade sent showers of hard rubber balls ricocheting all over the room. Following this, the SEALs rushed into the room, and began searching it. Some noticed the open door leading to the balcony, and moved toward it. Peeking in, they spotted Pasha. Signaling Axt over to their position, one SEAL threw a Stinger and it detonated. Noticing a figure climbing over the rail, Axt fired three tight rounds into the shape's thighs.

    Genghis grinned, "You read my mind. We've got rear security."

    Downstairs, Zeus also heard the sirens. Calling to Toby, he said, "Yo, D-boy! Cover me. Gonna give them a surprise." With that he bailed out of the SUV, a Claymore in hand. Crouch-running to the entrance of the parking garage, he planted the mine so that it would shred any vehicle coming through the door before bolting back to the SUV. Arming the detonator, he said, "Well that should give us a bit of insurance."

    Toby readied his MG4 for the seemingly inevitable police response to the incident going on, ready to pop open the window and open up as soon as the claymore stopped the first car. At first no one came; unbeknownst to them the initial units were more concerned about setting up a perimeter. Nonetheless he waited in case they came inside. Howevere the SWAT units had gone to the other side of the hotel, where the security center was. All that was facing the SUVs carrying the operators was part of the perimeter.

    Upstairs Knight counted down over the radio. On his order, Dodo blew the charge.

    "Flashbang out!" the officer declared.

    As soon as the non-lethal weapon had gone off, Knight was the first in. He rotated the weapon about and spotted a figure clutching a handgun coming up from behind a bed. The man fired twice and dropped the threat before scanning back to the right. He went as far as some destroyed electronic gear to let his team have some space. A stilted chorus of "clear" echoed back to him.

    "Someone check that body, see if it's that Cinder guy. Roadkill, give these electronics a looksee." Knight ordered.

    As the tech expert of Bravo 2-2 knelt down by the gadgets, Crusher took it upon himself to examine the body. An answer to Knight's question was quick.

    "Doesn't look like him, sir...wanna see for yourself?" The NCO asked.

    Knight looked over and hurried. A quick look confirmed it.

    "Shit, it isn't him...okay no time to play hide n seek. Phantom do you have the package?" Knight said, backing up as Roadkill found little of use.

    On the top floor Pasha had heard the movement, followed by the explosion. He laid flat, but it only saved him from the nonlethal weapons being used. Sonia snarled when shot, falling onto the balcony. Her nerves screamed in pain as she felt her entire body seize up for a moment. Pasha had no escort...but he did have a small hope. The two PMCs that had been pinned by the SEALs had decided to wait until the men were inside the room. They'd been pinned, but never killed. The two men moved stealthily to the door, unheard in the commotion as their guardee was being captured. They fired into the room at the SEALs, one aiming high and towards their heads while the other aimed low at their feet. Pasha heard the shooting and stayed close to the wall, even as his captors were upon him.

    "Contact rear!" yelled rear security, quickly covering behind a stone mantelpiece. He and several other SEALs opened fire, and one tossed a cooked frag. Axt and some of the others rushed the balcony, Jester put two rounds into the fallen acrobat as insurence. Grabbing Pasha, Jester stuck him with one of the needles, firing the knock out fluid into the executive.

    After Bravo made their breach, Genghis asked, "Knight, we clear?"

    "We're clear, now let's get moving." Knight replied.

    He signaled to his team, and they withdrew the way they'd come to avoid bunching up with Triton.

    "Tobes, we're coming back down, what's going on in the garage?" The officver radioed as they moved quickly and tactically towards the end of the hall.

    "No cops in the garage yet, El-Tee, they're just cordoning off the area." the man replied.

    "Okay, be ready to move, and fast. Triton, signal the bird...and I'm thinking we'll need a hot extract if we have to break through that perimeter. Leave that to us." He added as something of an afterthought.

    In the meantime Pasha was secure, and Sonia (as well as the rest of the guards were dead). However the SEALs would be pressed to get out of there fast. lest they get trapped by the police below or spotted by the orbiting helo.

    Genghis nodded, "Roger that. Preacher, you guys collapse on the parking garage. Package is secure. Zeus, we're coming down. Call Shadow. We may need a quick getaway."

    "Aye aye."

    "Copy that, boss." Pulling out the SATCOM, Zeus dialed in the frequency for the SOAR helos. "Shadow, Shadow, this is Triton, over."

    Reaper replied, "Go ahead."

    "Package is secure, we're prepping for extract now, but local forces are getting in the way. We may need you to come pick the kids up from school, mom. The bus may not make it all the way."

    "Roger that. We're movin'."

    "Oh, and bring Stalker."

    "Copy that." Switching to the inter-helo channel, Reaper radioed, "Alright gents, nap time's over. Time to earn those paychecks I give you." The gaggle of helos spun up and turned towards the city, flying low to stay below the radar horizon.

    "Move it men!" yelled Axt as he removed his mask. Changing the freq to the join net, he radioed, "Phantom 1-1 has the package, moving back down." One of the SEALs pulled a bag over Pasha's head, then zip-cuffed him. Two of the SEALs grabbed him by his arms and they retreated down the hall to the elevator. Doc hit the button for the floor they were parked on. The elevator arrived, and the SEALs scrambled over to their cars. Throwing the door open on one of them, they loaded Pasha inside, and put on his seatbelt. Axt walked to where Zeus sat in his vehicle. Leaning in, Axt said, "We got the guy, he's in one of our vics. What's the situation outside?"

    Zeus replied, "Fuckload of local LEOs, But they're not doing much yet, just setting up a perimeter. Our helos are inbound."

    At the same time the rest of the team emerged from the stairwell, having rappelled down. Genghis asked, "How we doing, Zeus?"

    "Okay I guess, boss. Cops on a perimeter, but we seem to have gotten the good end of the stick. No SWAT dudes on our side. Reaper's inbound."

    Knight and his team arrived downstairs in a matter of minutes, also rappelling. As soon as he hit the ground, Roadkill was on the comm net, radioing for air support.

    "Any station, any station, this is Bravo 2-2. we are pinned inside Al-Ashi and need assistance, over." He repeated over and over, even as he got inside the SUV. Knight joined his fellow COs.

    "Okay so where are we going for helo extract? For the love of all things holy tell me you Triton guys ain't in the mood to show up Ekna tonight." He asked.

    In the SUV, Toby looked back as Teiji got in.

    "How'd it feel to be on the front line?"

    "Fuck it, man. I'd rather get headshots all day." He spat back. His bigger friend chuckled.

    At that moment, Roadkill poked his head out of the SUV window and looked at Knight.

    "Sir, the Navy's hitting the location of an HVT not too far from here. They said they'd push some of their fighters south to watch the airspace for us." He reported.

    Genghis chuckled, "As much as I love showing these guys who's boss, nah. We're gonna keep it simple. Zeus, is the secondary clear?"

    "Helos are already heading there."

    "Good man. Let's get out of this shithole, shall we?"
    "Yeah, fuck this place." Knight said.

    He retreated to one of the SUVs; the rest of his unit had been loaded up. Teiji started the engine of the machine he was driving on Knight's go, who was controlling the other. Teiji would roll in the back so Toby could use his MG4.

    "Triton, Bravo, mind telling us where we're going?" The SF officer asked as he made sure both his weapons were topped off and close at hand.

    Genghis, who was also checking over his gear, radioed, "Secondary LZ. Outskirts of town. We're gonna bust out of here and take the highway west." Turning around in his seat to face Voodoo, he said, "V, now that we're blown, no need to use the indigenous stuff. Go heavy."

    Voodoo said, "About fuckin' time." The M60 gunner reached back in the trunk, pulling out his Mk. 43 and M32. Checking the weapons, he grinned and said, "Pig's, back, bitches."

    Genghis rolled his eyes in amusement and turned to Zeus. "Remember what I said about not breaking the speed limit?"


    "When we get out of this garage, that goes out the window."

    Zeus chuckled, "I was wondering when you were gonna say that. Copy that, boss."

    Genghis radioed, "Alright, everybody ready for this shit?"

    "Let's move!" yelled Axt, "Saddle up!"

    Climbing into the first vehicle, he unloaded the G36, and grabbed another bad, this one containing the team's SCAR-Ls. Distributing them to the men in his truck, he loaded a mag and chambered a round. "Phantom 1-1 is up and ready to roll!" he radioed as the cars came to life. "Jester, follow Triton, stay off his tail so and RPG doesn't screw us over."

    Jester grinned, "Copy that!"

    "Okay, follow me; don't shoot unless they actually follow us," Knight said.

    He guided the SUV towards the exit and up the ramp, moving at a normal pace in the off chance there wasn't a roadblock nearby. However his wishful thinking didn't pay off. A pair of police SUVs were near the end of the road that led to the garage, and sure enough they were looking to stop any cars coming out. Knight cleared his throat and hit the gas.

    "Manyouk" He muttered under his breath. "Fuck you" in the region's dialect.

    One of the officers at first thought he was a panicking motorist, and began to wave him to cut left, but as the Delta Lieutenant only sped up, he drew his sidearm, a 9mm Beretta. It was too late; Knight knocked the man over with the front of the Toyota, slamming his head against the pavement with violent force. He cut to the left and headed west. Toby had popped open the back window and fired on the other officers, armed with Remington Shotguns and FNC rifles as they hurried to get distance.

    As the two Delta vehicles punched through the roadblock, Genghis said to Zeus, "Gun it!" The two SUVs accelerated through the gap made by Knight's vehicle, while Voodoo fired through the rear window to keep the policemen suppressed. Once clear, they made their way back to the highway, heading for the secondary LZ on the outskirts of the city.

    "Punch it!" Axt yelled. The SUV lurched ahead and sped trough the gap. Rolling down his window and then twisting the scar at an angle to stabalize it, he began pumping rounds into the police and their cruisers.

    "Don't lose them, head for the secondary LZ!"

    "Copy that"

    In the back, Pasha groaned with the bumps as the SUVs rocketed down the highway.

    The roadblock ended up a bullet-riddled mess by the time all three vehicles had passed by. Knight kept his speed up and worked the brake and accelerator to keep from wrecking his vehicle. In the back Roadkill looked out the window as he heard the deep thumping of blades. Far away and high above, the helicopter that'd been on the top of the hotel, an AS635 Dauphin, was watching the chase from afar, just below the roofs of the buildings. They were tracking the sudden act for the police, who had a smaller helo, an AS350. Knight ignored that for now and kept moving towards the LZ.

    "How far out are the helos?" He asked over the radio.

    As Zeus was busy driving, Genghis hopped on the radio, "Shadow, shadow, Triton Actual. Say ETA?"

    The MH-47s were already approaching the LZ. Reaper replied, "Imminent. 2 minutes."

    Genghis called to Knight, "Two minutes!"

    Voodoo yelled, "Boss we got a helo on our asses!"

    "Is it doing anything?"

    "Just following us."


    "Shadow, be advised, we've got a tail."

    "Copy that, Triton. Stalker, keep your heads on a swivel."

    "Roger that, boss."

    The helo directed additional police units to close in on the fleeing suspects as they came to the LZ, while Ekna's helo hung back to help clean up at the hotel. By now Cinder had been found and recovered after briefly being detained by Shamlaki SWAT. The few who'd been critically wounded were also being taken out, but most were dead.

    "I see the LZ. Stalker, you may want to blast that helo, how copy?" Knight said as he slowed into place, turning the vehicle so it could be used as cover..

    "I'll get it, sir." Tobes declared.

    He left the SUV and crouched, letting the LMG do its thing as the AS350 swooped over. He emptied the rest of the magazine into the almost unarmored police helo until it was trailing black smoke, then retreating.

    "Okay get ready to move, but stay in cover." Knight ordered as he checked his surroundings. Dodo was putting what explosives they had renaming for breaching to use as booby traps on the two vehicles.

    As the Chinooks orbited the landing zone, Reaper radioed, "Alright guys, who's first?"

    Genghis radioed, "Bravo, Phantom, Triton. We'll let Phantom get loaded first with the package. Bravo, you'll provide security with us." As he did this, Zeus and Tick used their SUVs to block the highway, with Voodoo rigging thermite charges to turn the trucks into hunks of useless metal after they were clear.

    Reaper replied, "Copy that. Shadow 1-3, you're on deck."

    "1-3 copies."

    Skidding to a stop, the SEALs jumper from their vehicles. Already booby trapped, the team grabbed Pasha and dragged him to the chopper. Climbing aboard, Axt yelled to the crew chief, "All on! Thanks for the lift!"

    The pilot of Shadow 1-3 pulled pitch, the massive rotors sending a cloud of dust billowing across the impromptu roadblock. "!-3's comin' out. Package secure."

    "Roger that. 1-2, you're next."

    Genghis radioed as the second Chinook came in to land, "Bravo, your turn."

    Knight ordered the others back in twos, saving Tobes and himself for last. They rushed aboard and strapped in to the seats, letting things go to the helo crew. At the end of the street, police cruisers appeared, and another AS350 hovered into place to command the situation. One of the police vehicles stopped a few blocks away and the officers driving the Jaguar emerged, guns ablaze. Knight yelled for the crewmen near the back of the ramp to move so he could pop off some rounds, with Toby adjusting the bipod of his MG4 so it became a horizontal grip.

    As the second Chinook increased collective and cleared the landing zone, the ramp gunner opened up with his M240, adding his fire to that of the Delta troopers.

    "1-2's coming out."

    "Alright, Triton, you're up! Stalker, cover us!"

    As the two DAPs began making runs on the police cars, Reaper settled his MH-47 into the LZ. "Alright kids, on the bus!"

    Genghis radioed, "Collapse on the helo!" The team fell back two by two, first Zeus and Preacher, then Odin and Dusty, then Tick and Dingo, and finally Voodoo and Genghis.

    As they crossed the ramp, the crew chief radioed, "Eight aboard! Let's get the hell out of here!"

    "1-1's coming out." Once the helo was safely in the air, Genghis nodded to Voodoo. The M60 gunner clicked the detonator, setting off the thermite charges. Within minutes the two SUVs were unrecognizable hunks of molten metal.

    As they flew away, Reaper asked, "So you guys have a good day at school?"

    Genghis grinned, "We kicked some ass."

    "No asshole Erusean kids?"

    Voodoo laughed, "Motherfuckers didn't have a chance."

    Knight watched the DAPs make their runs and flinched. The small machines had stood little chance against what attack helos were packing. Nonetheless he held his fire and looked back up the cabin as they flew off, now untouchable. If the SRAF was coming, he didn't know.

    "Didn't stand a chance my ass. Those cheeky dicks actually managed to pin us all down for a little bit. They earned a bit of respect from me today." Crusher laughed, watching the fireworks below as Dodo covered the Delta team's tracks.

    "Doesn't matter, what's his face is ours." Knight replied.

    **********************************SF MISSION 6 END**********************************

    Debrief: Pasha has successfully been apprehended, despite a less-than-quiet mission. We will spend the next few days going over him for information. However...we just received some less than pleasant news. The UN, hearing DAPs were used against police cars, has issued a statement. The crews piloting said helos are to report to their Osean military liaisons pending an investigation. The UN will provide updates as the situation changes.

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    Re: ONS SF Missions

    Post by Ronin201 on Thu Jun 25, 2015 9:53 am

    SF Mission 9: That was Pretty Ninja
    March 27, 2018 (UN HQ Time: 0330)
    AO: Northwest Kedhan

    Today’s mission will see us providing support for the large amphibious landings taking place. We will be helping to capture Muqtada Airport, which has been seeing use recently as a makeshift airbase for Kedhani operations. It primarily serves as a transport base and a dispersal site so that what’s left of the slowly decreasing fighter threat will be harder and harder to find. TARPS imagery has shown that a number of Mi-35 attack helicopters and MiG-29 fighters are present, and the base has resisted several air attacks due to rough terrain to its west, forcing aircraft to come in high. We have been given orders to pacify the base’s defenses for an air attack as well as destroy its radars and aircraft. Once we have destroyed the primary radars, elements of the Osean 101st Airborne Division will attack from south of the base to help secure it.

    For this, you will be inserted a mile north of the base via MH-60 under cover of darkness. All three teams will proceed south and hold until given the order to attack to coincide with the initial bombardment for the landings. The base has three major sectors: the control tower, main terminal, and hangars. Triton will secure the control tower and disable its radar, as well as direct fire support from it, Phantom will secure the main terminal and prevent any further aircraft crews from taking off, and Bravo will destroy any aircraft still on the ground and destroy the other primary air defense radar.

    The base’s defenses are purely Kedhani regulars; Ekna apparently has better things to do than keep airfields safe. It’s security is a platoon of BTR-borne infantry, roughly 27 riflemen, as well as the Mi-35s and MiG-29s. It is highly likely that the Kedhanis may send reinforcements to retake the facility, so your reinforcements may be initially diverted to cut off any counterattacks. Additionally, you will have steady support from aircraft in the area; call on them as needed once the base’s air defense network is rendered infective. However, air support will be restricted until you have begun your attack to maintain the element of surprise.

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    Re: ONS SF Missions

    Post by shomu1 on Thu Jun 25, 2015 11:28 pm

    March 27, 2018 (UN HQ Time:  0315)

    The formation of 5 MH-60Ms skimmed over the waves as they approached the coast of Kedhan.  As they made landfall, the lead helicopter made a short radio transmission.  "Feet dry.  Fifteen minutes."

    In the lead Blackhawk, Shadow 1-1, Reaper thought about the events of the past few days while they rocketed over the desert floor to the LZ.  This was the first mission the SOAR had been allowed to fly since the UN inquiry into the actions of the DAP pilots during the escape from Al-Ashi.  The leader of the unit was frustrated at the UN's squeamishness with the firepower used on the Shamlaki police vehicles, especially considering the brutal firepower they had been bringing to bear in all other engagements and the fact that miniguns were the primary method for DAPs to engage any unarmored vehicle, civilian or otherwise.  However, he was glad that the only penalty was that the crews of the two involved gunships were sent back to Estovakia, as the outcome could have been much worse, even with the gun camera footage supporting his defense.

    As the helos approached their landing zone, the two MH-60M DAPs escorting the three transports split off, zig-zagging over the area to ensure the LZ was clear.  "Three  minutes."

    The transports arrived at the LZ without event, landing quickly to disgorge the three SF teams they carried before pulling pitch and heading to their holding point, followed by the DAPs.  As AFO Triton piled out of the Blackhawk, Reaper bade them their usual fairwell, radioing, "Alright kids, gimme a call when yinz are done!"

    A few minutes later, the Blackhawks settled into their holding points and spooled down their engines.  Leaning back in her seat in Stalker 1-1, the lead DAP, Gale Sullivan sighed.  As the person in charge of almost all of the SOAR's administrative tasks, she had been responsible for signing the paperwork sending the two DAP crews home and arranging for their replacement.  Much like Reaper, she was frustrated at the UN's decision and concerned that it would become more severe, but a few days with Sharky had managed to calm her down.

    Meanwhile, the members of AFO Triton shouldered their packs and moved off towards their objective.  The 8 men were loaded down rather heavily, having prepared for every eventuality.  Due to the long sight lines and the potential need for anti-materiel work, Odin had traded his MSR for an M107 and SR25.  Voodoo, Tick, and Genghis all carried AT4s, and Odin and Dusty also carried their usual Switchblades.  In addition to this, the men carried their usual assortment of weapons and ammo, including Voodoo's M32.

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    Re: ONS SF Missions

    Post by Ronin201 on Fri Jun 26, 2015 9:23 am

    March 27, 2018 (UN HQ Time: 0330)

    Knight disembarked from the MH-60 as it made its brief touchdown and hit the dirt nearby, waiting until the machine was gone to move again. He was glad to have his SCAR back; the SiG had felt too much like a civilian-grade rifle. The team was armed for assault this time, packing AT4s, C4, Crusher's M32, breaching charges, an RQ-20, and the proper tools to order in the promised fast air. The team moved forward, sans Oates, who pressed off for a hill with his Mk.20. He'd stay outside the field for the most part, picking off enemies as he moved with his team.

    Knight had a largely clear mind as he moved into the low dunes that lead to the base, in fact the last few days had looked up. He'd received a promotion to First Lieutenant, and as such his unit had gotten to go through a sort of acceptance process. They were no longer "Bravo 2-2", they were now "Lawman 2-2". About the only thing bugging him was the UN inquiry. Triton and the SOAR had to have been shaken by it at least. He felt for em, but the UN held the say here in the end. At the very least the Kedhanis hadn't been on the recieving end of those Miniguns; Sawari would've creamed his pants.

    But for now that wasn't the matter; for now he had an airfield to capture.

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    Re: ONS SF Missions

    Post by Phantomphanatic10 on Fri Jun 26, 2015 9:47 am

    March 27, 2018 (UN HQ Time 0320)

    The SEALs set up a quick perimeter and preformed a check of their gear and weapons. Accompanying their SCARs was an Carl Gustav, C4, Jester's M32, Bolt's Mk. 48 and Halo's SR-25EC. Moving silently southwards, the SEALs eventually found a dune near enough to the terminal to not be spotted, but also so they could observe the activity. Pulling out a pair of rangefinders, Axt scanned the area around the terminal.

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    Re: ONS SF Missions

    Post by shomu1 on Fri Jun 26, 2015 10:40 am

    Once near the airfield, Zeus launched an RQ-20, piping the feed to the hardened smart phone strapped to his wrist, while the rest of the team got in position to survey their objective, the control tower.

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    Re: ONS SF Missions

    Post by Ronin201 on Fri Jun 26, 2015 11:22 am

    Teiji made his first home near the top of a dune, covered in a tanned cloak, and watched the perimeter of Muqtada Air Base. The perimeter was lightly guarded, with one or two man foot patrols moving around. He couldn't see any snipers immediately, but when the two RQ-20s were airborne, they became more apparent. the Snipers covered the perimeters to cover the patrols from hidden positions on the roof and the control tower. There were at least four, and others on the roof were armed with SA-24s. He moved his weapon between the two closest snipers.

    "Odin, pick your sniper." He radioed quietly.

    In the meantime Knight set up a firing line to target the nearest building, part of the main terminal. Dodo and Mower were sent forward when one of the patrols was passed to hit the fence with some cold spray. Dodo grinned as he took out the can of industrial-strength stuff and shook it before moving forward. The stuff was pretty quiet, but just in case Mower had his silenced SiG P226 ready in case they needed to get the patrol. Dodo went to work.

    Inside the main terminal, many of the men were asleep, except for sentries. On the tarmac, most of the MiG-29s rested peacefully, with two on alert and four airborne near the coast. the Hinds were in a similar posture, with two ready to launch in minutes and the rest being cared for. The BTRs were placed near the gate and near the main terminal. Everything was quiet; Knight also noted the lack of spotlights...the Kedhanis must've had NVGs...maybe flares? He looked back down as Dodo pulled away the piece of fence he'd sprayed.

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    Re: ONS SF Missions

    Post by shomu1 on Fri Jun 26, 2015 1:18 pm

    Odin had also set up with his SR25 atop a dune, covering himself in a IR blanket, Dusty setting up next to him. Dusty talked him onto the sniper atop the control tower, at which point he radioed, "Set on the control tower."

    Meanwhile, Voodoo cut a hole in the perimeter fence with a pair of bolt cutters as Tick and Genghis covered him.

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    Re: ONS SF Missions

    Post by Ronin201 on Fri Jun 26, 2015 4:42 pm

    "Roger, I've got the guy atop the main terminal nearest us." Oates replied.

    Dodo slipped through the fence, followed by Mower. Knight sent the others in twos to move through the fence, setting up his main assault team against the wall of the main terminal nearest the fence. Knight peeked around the corner and then refereed to Roadkill's RQ-20.

    "Those two MiG-29s on the runway are on alert, sir, we should take them out." the comms man advised. Knight nodded and motioned for part of his team to move towards the next nearest cover, some fuel trucks.

    "If you get spotted, get away from those things as soon as you can." he advised, watching some of the men near the MiG-29s.

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    Re: ONS SF Missions

    Post by Phantomphanatic10 on Sat Jun 27, 2015 12:40 pm

    Halo had pulled his own IR net over himself and took aim at one of the sentries. Bolt had also lined up on another one of the sentries and Titan had his M3 loaded with an HE round. "Titan, you lead us off, hit the terminal with the HEDP round. Halo, you and Bolt keep us covered, the rest of us will assault the terminal." whispered Axt. Leaving the support fire operators, Axt took the rest of his team through the fence after cutting it open.

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    Re: ONS SF Missions

    Post by shomu1 on Sun Jun 28, 2015 1:48 am

    Genghis whispered, "Lawman, go on Odin. Phantom, hold. We're making our approach now."

    Dusty said to Odin, "Shot's yours. Send it."

    The SR25 coughed as a 7.62mm round went speeding towards the sniper. Without waiting to see the effect of it, Odin shifted targets to the next sniper, firing again.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the assault team made their way through the perimeter fence, crossing the open ground to a pair of jeeps parked next to the control tower.



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    Re: ONS SF Missions

    Post by Ronin201 on Sun Jun 28, 2015 6:17 am

    Teiji took down his sniper as the ones Odin had targeted fell, then shifted to a man who had an SA-24 and bagged him. Knight's forward team moved beyond the trucks, heading for some rotting airliners, with the officer bringing his men up. They would swing around and come from the back of the hangars to get to the back of the parked aircraft.

    "Triton this is Lawman, I have eyes on the tower entrance...be advised I'm glassing some sort of sandbag emplacement with a pretty big barrel sticking out the front, how copy?" He whsipered as he knelt behind the tires of a 737.


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    Re: ONS SF Missions

    Post by shomu1 on Sun Jun 28, 2015 12:22 pm

    Genghis whispered, "I can think of better ways to ruin an evening... Dusty, Odin, you guys have eyes on the back door?"

    Dusty replied, "Roger that. Got eyes on two. They're just standing around bored and stupid."

    "We're moving up. Take them out."

    "Check." To Odin he said, "Split them up?"

    The big blonde sniper nodded. "Yeah. You take right, I take left?"

    "Sounds like a plan. On me. 3... 2... 1... Now."

    The two rifles coughed almost in unison, sending a round at each of the guards covering the door.



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    6x AIM-154C
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    Re: ONS SF Missions

    Post by Phantomphanatic10 on Wed Jul 01, 2015 2:25 pm

    "Halo, take your pick" whispered Axt. "Copy," said Halo, flipping the safety off of the SR-25. Taking aim at a sentry, he fired. Swiftly changing targets, he took down all sentries he could see. Phantom slithered closer to the Terminal. "Lawman, Triton, Phantom in position"

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    Re: ONS SF Missions

    Post by Ronin201 on Wed Jul 01, 2015 5:51 pm

    The men fell with soft thuds as they hit the pavement, clearing the way for Triton. However the sheer number of sentries beginning to drop and just not reporting in was becoming unsettling. Knight saw this in the form of one of the Mi-35s being approached by its crew. He looked towards his other teammates.

    "Triton, Phantom, we have one of the Hinds getting ready for takeoff. We're gonna have to go loud earlier than we'd hoped; standby." He radioed.

    The man ordered Crusher and Mower to un-sling their AT4s, while the rest of his team would use the initial shock to press on the hangars and radar. Dodo would wire the dish to blow, severely crippling the SAMs. He readied his radio.

    "Lawman to Miss Sharky, we're about to knock out the radar; you should be cleared in soon." He radioed quietly.

    With the message sent, Knight picked a man near a BTR as his first target. He waited to hear something from the others until he ordered any shooting.


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    Re: ONS SF Missions

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    Genghis radioed, "Hold one, we're breaching now."  The Shimoji-Osean gestured to Voodoo, who quietly pried the door open to allow the team to enter, bringing up the rear.

    "Triton's inside.  Do what you gotta do."

    Meanwhile, Gale replied to Dodo, "Roger that."  To the other DAP crew she radioed, "Spin 'em up, gents.  Time to make some money."

    "Roger that."

    The two MH-60Ms spun up their rotors, waiting for the call from the SF teams.



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    Re: ONS SF Missions

    Post by Ronin201 on Sat Jul 04, 2015 9:37 am

    "Dodo, how long on that radar?" Crusher whispered.

    "Almost got it, Sarge." the man replied as he worked his magic with the C4, a dead Kedhani guard nearby.

    Across the way, the Mi-35's weapons were being checked briefly while the ground crew made sure everything was closed up so it could fly. Knight was tempted to order the attack early, but held his breath. If the rotors started spooling up, then they'd hit the thing. For now he wanted to make it simultaneous.

    "Explosives ready." Dodo confirmed before hurrying back towards his teammates.

    "Lawman to all elements, go loud, go loud!" Knight radioed. An instant later, the AT4s made their distinctive bang as they raced for the Hind. Dodo, now at a safe distance, clicked the detonator.

    Knight opened fire on his target, and immediately selected another as it fell. Toby, positioned behind a few decrepit aircraft tugs, opened up on a two-man patrol near a hangar. Roadkill took over the air support for now.

    "Stalker, radar's down but remain low; we still have the threat of MANPADs and tracking radars for those SA-20s. We'll do what we can. how copy?" He said.


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    Re: ONS SF Missions

    Post by Phantomphanatic10 on Sat Jul 04, 2015 2:01 pm

    "Hit it!" radioed Axt. The Gustav thumped as the HE round left the tube. Bolt went cylic, laying down a ferocious rate of fire. Titan's AG loaded another round and then Titan fired the weapon once more. Jester fired his M-32 until it was empty. The assault team sprang into action, rushing the terminal as the support fire ceased. The team moved into the smoking wreckage of the building.

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    Re: ONS SF Missions

    Post by Ronin201 on Mon Jul 06, 2015 8:19 pm

    Knight's team moved as the BTR's gun turned towards them, then chuffing away. The first few rounds, fired blindly, hit the rusting airliners, but a few rounds sent hot air and metal close to the Deltas. They found their next place for cover near an abandoned hangar at the far edge of the facility. Knight unslung his AT4.

    "Lay down smoke! Cover fire after!" He shouted over the APC's cannon.

    Knight waited while the white shroud was deployed. As the far left end of it began to fill. He ran forth, his squad's weapon's chattering away, and slid to a knee. The man raised the AT4 and fired at the APC. He glanced the rocket off the weapon itself and managed to disable that as a threat. the BTR settled into place afterwards as a sort of barrier to Kedhani troops scrambling for cover. And RPG shook the structure and the commandos were forced to get low as large bullets punctured the soft metal.

    Phantom's target was the main barracks, a building that had garages on the bottom floor and the actually gates on the top. During their occupation of the place, the Kedhani troopers had fortified the windows with sandbags and whatever else they could. the SEALs' attack killed about ten men on the side they were facing, but another five had survived. Worse was the fact that a nearby BTR had come to the rescue. It rounded another decaying airliner and spotted the assault team moving. Without wasting a second the cannon popped off rounds in their direction. It then rotated its cannon towards the heavier things and fired while the other 12 Kedhanis who'd been violently awakened tried to get organized. Most of them were pilots; the security platoon was awake for the most part and already around half of it was dead.

    For Triton the control tower was mostly empty, except for some civilians up in the control area talking to the aircraft. They'd already made a distress call, but were otherwise staying put.The four other security guards settled in on defending the way up to the tower: a very narrow staircase that led to a ladder. All of it was open, and they had it covered.


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    Re: ONS SF Missions

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