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    YF-23 Black Widow II Development

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    YF-23 Black Widow II Development

    Post by Jason The Salt on Wed Jun 24, 2015 7:09 pm

    Two Belkan Air force Black Widow II's


    The Blaue Meer Stahlwerke YF-23 was an Belkan single-seat, twin-engine stealth fighter aircraft technology demonstrator designed for the Belkan Air force. The design was a finalist in the BAF's ATF (Advanced Tactical Fighter) competition, battling the South Belkan Munitions S-32 for a production contract.

    Developed during the Belkan Economic Turmoil as an attempt to boost exports, The ATF competition turned into a prelude to the later Belkan War. Though it would also be one of the first 5th Generation aircraft to see combat, and continue to be used by Aces with decerning eyes far into the future, even being used in the 2020 Aurelia-Leasath War, far longer than many would expect.

    The YF-23 was stealthier and faster, but less agile than its competitor. After a four-year development and evaluation process, the S-32 was announced the winner in 1991 and entered production as the South Belkan Munitions Su-47. Though the YF-23 was put into limited production, it never gained the fame of it's 5th generation competitors, but still has it's place in aviation history.

    Development History

    Amongst the downturn in Belka during the late 1980's, many attempt to jolt the country out of it's slump. One of these was the Belkan Air Force placing a competition for a new fighter. This fighter would have to be a match for the Osean F-15 Eagle and Yuktobanian MiG-25(Drawing from similar reports that lead to the F-15's development.) The Advanced Tactical Fighter would also use then recently developed radar evading and denial technology, later known as Stealth. They would also use Composite materials, to help lighten the material cost.

    South Belkan Munitions S-32 Demonstrator.

    Two companies, Sudentor's South Belkan Munitions S-32 and Anfang's Blaue Meer(BM) Stahlwerke YF-23. BM drew upon there Technology Demonstrator, the BM-2 Gespenst, an aircraft that also lead to the B-2 Spirit bomber. The competition turned fierce as the larger South Belkan Munitions has a larger pool of trained test pilots to show off there craft. BM, not having the pool of resources that the other company had, outsourced.

    BM Hired various mercenary groups as 'Advisers' to test their aircraft, along with a few Belkan pilots who were loyal to BM's brand of aircraft. During the testing, the various pilots caused more havoc on the aircraft's testing than expected. This along with cost over runs of BM's B-2 Program and the better showing from the S-32 pilots lead to the South Belkan Munitions plane being picked for full production

    BM's B-2 Spirit Heavy Bomber

    Though sometime before the Belkan War, some preproduction PAV(Prototype Air Vehicle) model Black Widows found their way into the hands of the mercenary company known as STFS Scarface. These Scarface planes Seem to have some differences to the later production model of YF-23, but it is still unknown how they obtained them. The PAV's used by Scarface would be some of the first combat missions done by the Stealth Generation of Aircraft, taking part in the Skully Island rebellion of 1995.

    STSF Scarface YF-23 PAV along with other STSF aircraft.

    With it's action during the Skully Island Rebellion, the Belkan Air Force ordered a limited run of YF-23 aircraft right after the outbreak of the Belkan War. With the boon in economy meant the BAF could produce many kinds of aircraft. Only a handful of pilots got a chance to use the YF-23 including Lina Dietrich, a highly decorated pilot. Though the Black Widow would find it's light in the hands of another group.

    During the Belkan ceasefire, the Terrorist group known as "A World with no Boundaries" manage to take a large number of BAF aircraft, including the lion share of the YF-23 supply. This included one of the Prominent leaders of the group, Osean Joshua Bristow and a portion of the 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron, "Wizard Squadron". They were among the military forces in the later portion of that conflict. The YF-23 showed that even in the hands of madmen, it would still be a force to be reckoned with.

    YF-23 stolen by Joshua Bristow and Wizard Squadron.

    After the Belkan war, the Treaty of Lumen gave the Victorious nations all the plans, prototypes and military samples of Belkan technology. Osean Set up one of the few remaining companies in the newly acquired North Osea. Irony would have it be the former South Belkan Munitions, Now known as Grunder Industries, developers of the YF-23's competitor. In the following years, Grunder Industries would make and export many planes in the former BAF. This lead to many nations getting the opportunity to purchase the plane. Though like in the Belkan ATF  Competition, most nations passed over it for better known craft, leading to only a handful of users.

    Operational History

    BAF YF-23 Black Widow and Su-47 Berkut in 2010 colors.


    Though slow to adopt the plane, the BAF would see some use in the jet. Only two well known Aces of the BAF flew YF-23's. Despite this, the plane got a following in the BAF as an Ace caliber aircraft. This Mentality continued into the 2010 Circum-Pacific War were a large potion of the Belkan Air Force in that conflict used YF-23 with it's rival, the Su-47. Many of both aircraft were destroyed in that conflict against the Razgriz Air Command.


    In another turn of Irony for this Aircraft, one of the largest users of the YF-23 was the Osean Federation and the OADF (Osean Air Defense Force). The main use of the aircraft would be escorting the Spaceplane Arkbird. The Aircraft, like many Grunder made Aircraft were retired after the Circum-Pacific War.

    Arkbird Escort flight of Osean YF-23 and F-22 aircraft

    Mercenary / Usean

    STSF Scarface YF-23 PAV. Note the Colors meant to attract opposition.

    A number of questionably obtained YF-23 prototypes were used by the Scareface Squadron during the 1995 Skully Island Rebellion to great effect. Though the small number and limited replacement parts meant it could only be used by the highest ranked pilots in the group.

    Scarface Squadron would later get a number of Production Black Widow II's from the Usean Allied Forces during the 1998 Continental War. The Black Widow II would see greater usage in Operation Fighters Honor to free a majority of the continent from the attack from the Rebel forces.


    Aurelian Air Force YF-23 over Port Patterson

    After the Circum-Pacific War, the emerging Aurelian Air Force would go on to purchase several mothballed fighters from Osea, including most of the Black Widow II Fleet. Though it would take a while to get the aircraft airworthy, The Aurelians manage to use them to great effect during the Leasath Invasion, being used by various AAF units including Falco and Gryphus squadrons. They would have a role in the battles at the Danern Straits and the destruction of the Archelon Fortress.

    The YF-23 would not see much use after 2040, with it's call by stealth technology not keeping up with newer advancements and smarter fighters. Though for the time the Gray Ghost haunted the battlefield, it's presence was felt.

    The YF-23 flying off into the sunset.

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