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    ONS Party Thread (Archived)


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    ONS Party Thread (Archived)

    Post by shomu1 on Wed Jun 24, 2015 9:07 pm

    Downtown Al-Faziz
    March 19, 2018 Local Time: 1840

    The Hotel La Arabia was kind of like a hotel in Sierra Madre. It was sort of fancy, but still casual enough for a good party. Unofficially that's what all the reps who'd gone to the UN brief had planned. They weren't really gonna do much more than enjoy the fancy pasta dishes, crepes and Emmerian gelato. Oh, and the alcohol. They had a lot of that to choose from.

    Eric was currently alone in the bar, nursing a black cherry soda before he began to drink. Mark and Ekaterina were off near the water to see some of the harbor lights and architecture. He had no idae where anyone else was; he'd been hoping that those two F-14 pilots would've joined him to talk about the machine. He didn't even have his girlfriend, Misaki. Eric had just gotten off the phone with her. It would've been nice to have her next to him at the bar, but that would require her to come thousands of miles for maybe one night. She'd been able to do that for five or ten night stints, but one was a little absurd.

    "Bartender, one more of these lovely things, please?" He asked, looking at a semi-burly man with a thick mustache. The man nodded and went below the bar to take out another drink. Eric handed him a few of the local currency as a tip and got back to drinking and thinking. Part of him looked forward to this, but the other part slightly feared it. Hopefully this wouldn't end up Like the Commander Scuhdder incident a few years back, the Chief Wix incident (the bartender, upon seeing he was a sailor in his flight suit, had shown him a cricket bat to counter such a thing) or like a repeat of how his dad's friend, Tom Kurt, had earned his callsign.

    Then again, it would be funny to see someone who was drunk beyond drunk get launched out a window in a laundry cart…

    Suddenly, there was a loud slam as the door flew open and the Marines walked in. Seeing Eric Chris and his pilots walked over and sat down next to him. "Hey Eric, what's up how are ya?" said Chris extending a hand. He called to the bartender, "A scotch for each of us!" The drinks arrived shortly.

    Sharky and Shamu burst through the doors of the bar trailed by the rest of the Basilisks, AFO Triton, and Reaper, with Shamu exclaiming, "Lock up your daughters, your mothers, and your less attractive farm animals, the pirates are HERE!"

    Walking over to Eric and the Marine pilots, Sharky asked, "What's up, broseph?"

    "Not much, how are ya?" said Chris extending his hand. “I bet you remember these mooks,” he said hiking a thumb at his pilots. Hannibal grinned and also extended his hand, Chart waved and Hacker also smiled.

    "What a gorgeous building" The 26 year old F-21 driver could not help but admire the grand looking hotel. Her head was craned upwards trying to take it all in. Sunny chuckled at his young wingwoman. She looked almost like a kid for a moment.

    He had to admit the Hotel La Arabia was beautiful, especially lit up during the evening.

    "Bet it looks better on the inside, come on let's go in." Sunny beckoned to the doors. Rosie smiled and followed.

    "Following your lead si. . I mean Sunny" Rosie corrected herself. She was still getting used to that.

    The two Tomcatters strolled through the doors and looked towards gathering crowd of military personnel, Osean and otherwise.

    Sunny shouted over the den of noise, as the two strolled forward. "Hey guys, you're not starting this little party without us are you!?"

    Sharky shook the hands of the Marines, smiling, while Shamu made a goofy bow towards Chart, saying, "Enchantee, Madmoiselle..." By this time the SF guys had come over to introduce themselves as well, and Reaper, seeing Shamu's bow, shot Sharky a questioning look, to which Sharky simply replied with a shrug and a rolling of his eyes.

    As Sunny and Rosie walked in, Dusty laughed in response to Sunny's question, "But of course not, my good sir. Let us eat, drink, and be merry." Voodoo scoffed, "Eat, drink, and be merry? Big D, when'd you become Santy-Claus?" Zeus chuckled, "Well, he does have the beard for it..." Dusty retorted, "Now you look here you young whippersnapper. Back in my day the only parties we had were raiding parties. The only drink we had was the blood of our enemies and disgusting swamp water. The only merriment we had was watching an ammo dump go off while we were on the helo ride outbound." Zeus sheepishly said, "But most of the time that's all we have now too..." Dusty grinned, "Well, I guess the business don't change much, do it?"

    Chris grinned and looked at the gathering crowd, "Looks like a party to me!" Chart returned and equally goofy bow, "And who might you be monsieur?"

    The VAQ-114 pilots had arrived and seeing Chris, the brothers hugged, "Hey man, how's the Navy treating ya?" asked Raptor. "Pretty good, as usual." responded Ack-Ack. "Good, can I get ya a drink?" he asked, "Sure said Ack-Ack. Raptor called for two drinks, and he and Ack-Ack toasted, "Prost!" They both knocked back their drinks.

    Shamu smiled and said, "I'm Samya 'Shamu' Suara of the 456th MNFW 'Basilisks, at your service." Noticing the NFO wings on her uniform, he asked, "Ah, a fellow RIO, I see. You are?"

    Reaper pulled Sharky aside and whispered, "You not gonna stop him? He's never gotten this far on a deployment before." Sharky chuckled and whispered back, "Eh, I'll let him have this one. It's been a tough war."

    Meanwhile, Zeus yelled to the bartender, "Bartender! 10 of your finest beers please!"

    Voodoo retorted, "Beer? Fuck that! Where's the Scotch?"

    Chart grinned, "Yep I'm the RIO for that guy, she said, hiking a thumb at Hannibal, Charlotte 'Chart' Redford. nice to meet you." she said with a smile. "I can't believe you guys still have Tomcats around, I used to see em once in a while when I lived near NAS Painted Desert, pretty cool."

    Eric shook the hands of the Marine pilots and smiled.

    "Chris,was it? I'm fine." He said. The man then looked at the bartender.

    "Oh, and I suggest you do what he says; man has a cricket bat behind the counter." He added as a warning. He noted Shamu's call, and retorted with "And us blokes in the Navy'll stop yah!" faking the accent. He greeted them as they came up.

    "I'm warming up with soda before I get drunk. No fun if you don't drink with others. Especially when those guys fly the other best plane in the world." Eric said as he shook hands with Sharky. Again he repeated the warning about the cricket bat. He was especially enthusiastic when Sunny came in, having just ordered an actual drink.

    "Well if isn't the man with The Touch! How are yah, sir?" Eric asked as his Jack and Coke arrived.

    In the meantime, Ekaterina was excitedly leading Mark down the sidewalk. She was moving rather quick for a woman in heels.

    "Come on Mark, we'll be late!" She exclaimed.

    "Ah hear y'all, Ah hear y'all..." He replied with a laugh.

    The two reached the hotel and got inside. Ekaterina stopped to make sure said cocktail dress she'd worn was straightened and her hair was okay before Mark led her inside, dressed in his summer whites. With her on his arm they entered and went straight to the group.

    "Good evening everyone." She said with a smile.

    "Ladies, Gentlemen, and Leathernecks..." He said, nodding to various members in the group.

    Almost right behind them were the members of Bravo 2-2, led by Knight as always.

    "Attention all pilots, this bar offcially belongs to Osean Special Operations Command. If you'd please vacate the premises." Toby announced. He was already a bit tipsy.

    "Them's fighting words where I come from, good sir!" Mark replied. Toby beamed back at the pilot he was almost as big as.

    "Hey, save the fighting for when we're all settled, Tobes." Crusher reminded him.

    "Roger that, Staff Sergeant." Toby laughed. Knight offered his hand to Genghis.

    "Evening, fellow snake eater..." He chuckled. Any sense of seriousness he had was gone.

    "Well I do have some practice at this kind of stuff." Sunny smirked and theatrically thumped his first against his chest. Rosie giggled a little.

    "But for real, I'm doing pretty good. The paperwork tonight is being handled by my Skipper, god bless her soul." Sunny said, doing a mock salute to the otherwise occupied Commander.

    Genghis smiled, "Evening. Looks like Toby's in full stride."

    In response to Toby, Voodoo yelled, "Not if Triton's got anything to say about it!" Preacher sighed, "Here we go again..." Odin simply nodded, "Yup." Dusty smiled and said, "I have a feelin' I'm gonna have to defuse those two again..."

    Meanwhile Shamu said to Chart, "Ah, Charlotte. A lovely name for a lovely lady. Can i get you a drink?" In response to her comment about Tomcats he said, "We do indeed have Tomcats. They're fun old birds. You guys are rolling Super Hornets, right?"

    Sharky meanwhile retorted to Eric's quip, "Yarr I dare ye to try, matey!" Slipping back into a normal voice, he asked, "So how's your war going?" As he waited for Eric to reply, he asked the bartender for a rum and coke.

    "Well then here's to VF-3's skipper. He gave so others could drink." Eric proposed, raising his glass. Mark, a beer in hand from the bartender (delighted to have so much buisness), toasted with his friend.

    "May he finish it soon." He added, taking a swig. Eric turned to Sharky again.

    "As good as it can go, I guess." He mused, remembering the death of DJ. He then looked around and cleared his throat.

    "Before we get too crazy, I'd like to ask that we have a quick toast of remembrance to those who can't join us tonight. One of these is Lieutenant Junior Grade Derek Jones." He said. The man raised his glass.

    "To DJ. God bless him; he was one of the funniest guy I ever met." Eric said.

    "To DJ." Mark echoed.

    "To DJ." Ekaterina agreed.

    Bravo 2-2 agreed and took a collective drink.

    "We may give em crap, but truth is we can't get the job done without the boys and girls in the air." Crusher agreed.

    Sunny stopped smiling while remembering the losses the other F-21 squadron had suffered.

    "To DJ" Sunny raised his glass in the air.

    "To Lieutenant Eugene Weasolowski, wherever he is over there". Sunny said solumnely in toast to the recently downed Tomcatter. Rosie mirrored the action and said the same, although much more softly.

    Sharky raised his glass, "To Serpents 2 and 4 and DJ."

    Zeus toasted, "To the Serpents."

    Voodoo said, "For all the shit I give youse guys, You come in handy. We owe ya. To the zoomies."

    Shamu also turned away from Chart long enough to make a toast.

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    Re: ONS Party Thread (Archived)

    Post by shomu1 on Wed Jun 24, 2015 9:08 pm

    Eric, Mark and Ekaterina agreed to both toast and took swigs. Mark soon moved to break the somber moment. They were supposed to be feeling happy.

    "Now Ah propose we stop being so gloomy. We should honor em even more by leaving and continuing on the traditions they too enjoyed." Mark said as he smiled. The man took another drink and rotated his neck.

    "Now, seeing as Shamu here hasn't accosted mah girl and the night is young, might Ah suggest we enjoy this place's cuisine and share some good stories?" He added with a grin.

    "Tell em the detailed version of how you met!" Eric said, throwing his voice so that it seemed like someone else had said it. Mark, instead of frowning, shot Eric a smirk.

    "Only if y'all tell em the girls' swim team story." He replied readily. Eric went cherry red in an instant.

    "Hey, your story isn't as bad as that!" He protested. Ekaterina, uniformed of the matter, tilted her head.

    "Marky, what does Eric mean by that?" She asked.

    "I'd like to hear these stories as well. They sound interesting. In particular the one with the girls swim team." Rosie inquired innocently. . . mostly. The slight smile on her face said other wise.

    Sunny grinned. "Well Mr. Bradford I'm curious as well".

    Arriving at the Hotel La Arabia, Irénée, Estelle, Magalie and Willard looked upon the hotel in awe... Well, Irénée, Magalie and Willard were. Estelle's face was red from a thought she had on the way over.

    'This is just a party to get to know our colleagues. It's not a d-d-date.'

    But her looking over toward Irénée was making her think otherwise.

    Irénée then turned to his colleagues and said, "Well, shall we?"

    With that, Irénée, Estelle, Magalie and Willard entered the Hotel La Arabia, with Irénée thinking to himself, 'Let's hope were on our best behavior. I've seen how Magalie acts when she's drunk around Estelle.'

    Sharky, who had grabbed a plate of pasta from the buffet line, said, "Yeah I wanna hear this as well."

    Meanwhile, Gale Sullivan had walked into the bar as well, wearing a rather slinky cocktail dress, unnoticed by Sharky. Catching Reaper's and Shamu's eyes, she put a finger to her lips as she walked over to where Sharky was listening to Eric and Mark discuss who would tell their story, and said loudly, "Erm, excuse me sir, there's an urgent matter that requires your attention outside."

    Turning around, Sharky said, "What do you mean? What could po..." His eyes widened as he processed the fact that Gale was indeed standing right in front of him, he dropped the plate of pasta, and promptly pulled her to him and kissed her full on the mouth, to the whoops and cheers of Shamu, Reaper, and AFO Triton. As the two came up for air, Sharky excitedly said, "Wait, what are you doing here? I didn't know you were coming to this shindig." Looking at Reaper over Gale's shoulder and seeing his sly grin he yelled, "Wait you knew? And you didn't tell me?" Reaper shrugged, "Hey, man. She wanted to surprise you." "So what happened to family courtesy?" "Hey, little bro. You don't do paperwork for me. She does. Besides, would you argue with her?" Sharky sighed, "Yeah, I wouldn't either." Looking back at Gale he smiled and grabbed her around the waist, picking her up and spinning her around, taking care to avoid the plate of pasta that lay forgotten on the floor, exclaiming, "God DAMN it's good to see you!" As she landed and readjusted her dress, Gale laughed, "It's good to see you too, flyboy." "You look great." "I can say the same for you. And no T-shirt or cargo pants. I'm impressed. It's almost like you knew I was coming." "Hehe, I would have, but it seems we had an intelligence breakdown." "Tsk tsk tsk. You gonna introduce me to your friends? They're staring, you know." "Ah, let 'em. You're worth it."

    Gale blushed and turned to the group of pilots assembled before them, "Uh, so hi. I'm Gale. As you can tell I'm Sharky's squeeze. I'm also Reaper's XO. You guys are?"


    The expressions of both Rosie and Sunny said as they watched Sharky kiss the new arrival.

    Shaking off their stupor, Sunny introduced the two of them.

    "Lieutenant Commander James Lovell and Lieutenant junior grade Rosalind Patterson, of the Osean Navy. A pleasure to meet you, Ms. Gale!"

    Ekaterina, familiar of the girl's tactics, playful brushed a hand along Mark's lower back. He nearly yelped but said nothing, which got a giggle out of her.

    "Lieutenant Mark Walker, Osean Navy, ma'am." Mark drawled, trying to recompose himself after Ekaterina's little move.

    "Lieutenant Eric Bradford of the same branch. All the ugly guys over there are SF guys." Eric said, pointing towards Bravo 2-2. The SF guys, mostly caught up in eating, swallowed and gave collective salutation. The food they were eating had been the best they'd had in weeks. Knight made a quick connection regarding Gale.

    "So you're one of the higher ups, eh? Must say, you know how to pick em; fine gentlemen in the SOAR and Triton. I'd talk about the details of the ass-kickings we've handed out but then the CIA would want to "talk" to me for doing so in public. I will divulge that they know how to get creative, though" He said, referencing the stunt Voodoo had pulled with a Stinger.

    At the same time, Ekaterina approached the woman and offered a hand.

    "Lieutenant Ekaterina Notolvich, YAF Intelligence. That was quite the entrance, I must say. I like to use similar tactics with the handsome gentlemen behind me in white." She said with a smile. Mark tried to hide another blush by drinking.

    "Oh you should hear how they met." Eric suggested.

    "Girls' Swim Team." Mark retorted. Eric had no further comments.

    Entering the room, and walking over to Eric and the others, Irénée made his greeting, "Bonjour. You all seem to be having a lively conversation."

    Estelle, who witnessed Gale and Sharky's kiss was as red as a tomato and trying to avoid the thought of doing something like that to Irénée. "Uh... Uh..."

    Magalie, meanwhile saw Ekaterina and thought to herself, 'It's her again...' But when she saw both Ekaterina and Gale's "hats" she went gloomy in a very comedic fashion.

    Willard went over to the food bar.

    Gale chuckled at Mark and Ekaterina, accepting the proffered handshake, saying, "Nice to meet you. Gale Sullivan. I would use those tactics a bit more, but a certain Tomcat driver over here took his sweet time making a move." In retaliation Sharky grabbed her by the waist, causing her to yelp as he kissed her on the cheek, saying, "Hey, I made the move, didn't I?" "Hehe, that you did. So what's this about a girls' swim team?"

    To Knight she laughed, "I know all about what you guys have been up to. I'm the one who files the mission reports, after all. As for the Stinger trick, who do you think helped those maniacs test it? I'm glad you gents have been getting along though. I know Voodoo doesn't play well with strangers, but he hasn't tomahawked anybody yet, so that's a good sign." Voodoo laughed and said, "Come on, Hurricane, you know I only save the hawk for the guys that REALLY deserve it..." Zeus interjected, "Your scale of who deserves it is fucked up though." Voodoo looked at the CCT and growled, "You don't want on that list, now, do ya?" Genghis interceded, "Down, Voodoo."

    To Sunny Gale said, "Please. Call me Hurricane. This is a party. No need to be so formal. Nice to meet you, El-cedar, lieutenant."

    Sharky turned to Irénée, "Well well. It's the famous Mirage pilots. Nice to meet you gents and ladies. Just curious though, umm, is your wingmate over there gonna be okay? She looks like she's about to have a heart attack."

    Estelle, still red as a tomato, managed to become aware again. She stuttered, "N-n-nothing's w-wrong."

    Magalie was saying "Chapeaux" ("Hats") to herself repeatedly, but upon hearing Sharky, she said to no one in particular in between sobs, "I'm fine... I'll just continue being inadequate... I'll never win my Sœur's heart if this keeps up..."

    When she said that, she swore in her mind that the sad violin song was playing.

    "Glad you made it, we didn't really get to talk at the UN HQ. I've flown against Emerian Navy pilots during training but I've never gotten to talk to em." Eric smiled as he beckoned the bartender to get more drinks.

    He took another slug of his Jack and Coke and set it down. He was also contemplating how to tell the story he'd eventually be pressured to tell. He looked at Rosie and Sunny.

    "Well the thing is sir, I'm not sure how to go about telling it." He chuckled nervously.

    Mark had also observed Estelle's facial expression change, especially when it did. When Sharky asked, he spoke first.

    "Ah think Ah know what's wrong with Miss Estelle, Sharky, but Ah also believe she would like to leave it that." Mark spoke up on the tsundere Mirage driver's behalf. The man then excused himself to try some of the cuisine being offered at the establishment, choosing most finger foods.

    Ekaterina also noted Magalie muttering something. She approached the woman in a friendly manner and offered a hand.

    "Why do you fell inadequate, Miss..." Ekaterina asked, trailing off as she did not know her name. Ekaterina could guess, given their last meeting, but she was trying to be a bit more tactful. She leaned forward a little towards Magalie.

    "These can be a little bothersome at times, you know. Be thankful you don't have to deal with that." She whispered sympathetically.

    "Magalie Blaise." she replied to Ekaterina, felling a bit depressed. However, when she heard Ekaterina's sympathy, she smiled, relieved, but had that mischievous glint in her eye. "Thank you."

    Gale walked over to Ekaterina and Magalie and said, "Bonjour. Gale Sullivan." Gesturing at her own chest, she said, "Ekaterina's right. They can be a problem at times." Sharky heard her and said, "Hey, I don't think they're a problem..." Gale chuckled, "You have any idea how hard it is to get someone to take you seriously when they're staring at your hats?" Sharky laughed, "No, but I know how hard it is when you're trying to get people to take someone who's staring at someone else's hats seriously..." "Speaking of Shamu, what is he doing over there?" "Oh, making a mistake with a nugget way younger than him." "Don't you usually stop him?" "Eh, it's a good night, I'm with a beautiful woman, might as well have some fun." "You evil, evil man. He's gonna need a wingman though." "And you say I'm evil. Let's wait until after Saber's story though." "Fine. Who's Saber?" "Oh, it's Eric."

    The two walked back over to Eric and waited as he began his story.

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    Re: ONS Party Thread (Archived)

    Post by shomu1 on Wed Jun 24, 2015 9:11 pm

    "Ah promise, y'all will get to see me tell my story after." Mark said as he took in a little more beer. Eric nodded. He wanted to again protest that his story wasn't as bad as Eric's, but her relented and drew in a breath.

    "I first have to start off this with a little context. My father passed away when I was still in my early teenage years. It set off in me a rather nasty streak for taking out my anger and depression both on myself by pushing myself to be 100% perfect in everything I did, and it caused me to pick a few fights. One day I heard some stoner kid and his friends talking smack about the military, and I proceeded to "politely" tell him that just because he would never get laid he didn't have to project. We proceeded to fight and I was beating the crap out of him when his friends joined in. They roughed me up and knocked me out...but as an extra heap of humiliation they stripped me and left me at the school's pool. Well the Girls' Swim Team comes out around the time I come too and am trying to get on my feet. So there I am, this lanky teen in the midst of puberty and about ten girls in swimsuits get the full view. I didn't even notice them until they got a bit closer. I froze up, staring at them as the looked down. A few blushed, others giggled. But I just stood there, unable to think of even a single word to say.

    Finally one girl comes forward with a towel and suggests I go to the infirmary. I look down, eyes as wide as saucers, and take the towel. I had a bloody nose, nasty bump on the head and a bunch of bruises, nothing too bad. So I'm finally putting two and two together as I put the towel around me. My face went cherry red and I hurried off through the crowd of girls, all of them still staring. As if to further embarrass me, I started getting...unintentionally excited by all the pretty teen girls around me. I hurried off and was only followed by the girl who gave me the towel. She was the only one I really remember because of that. She had short black hair, blue eyes, really kind. Said her name was Misaki Kuro and she was the team's treasurer. Eventually I found my gym locker, got into my PE stuff and soon after found my school uniform in the dirty laundry cart. I'd never been so embarrassed in my life. I didn't want to deal with it anymore, so I cleared up and went home. Never told my mom or brother.

    The next day Misaki tracked me down to see if I was okay. I explained things and offered to apologize to the girls, which she allowed me. A few of them were offended by the fact I'd been naked there, though less so after I'd explained myself. I just buried it after that, though Misaki began to take further interest in me and my well being. I was in serious fear it was gonna really kick me in the balls and I'd be a school laughing stock, but oddly that never came. It had been after school, I'd later remember, and to be honest I think as horny as most of the guys I went to school with were, that was something of a dream for them. Mostly because they thought they'd be impressive or something. Oddly enough the team never spoke about it again, I think because Misaki didn't want to get dragged into it and because she began to care about me. I jokingly think they all were enlightened that day that lanky guys can be...endowed, but I digress. Thus I met Misaki, she dragged me from that crappy streak, and now here I am."

    He finished off his Jack and Coke before he observed any reactions from his audience.

    Irénée, Estelle and Magalie had a mixed reaction. Estelle was red in the face, thinking how she would react if she saw Irénée like that, and needless to say, it would be akin to the typical tsundere reaction.

    Magalie was fantasizing, and we'll just leave it at that, considering that she fancies women.

    Irénée, however was able to speak up, "So, what happened to Miss Kuro after your high school years?"

    Gale smiled and said, "Awww, that's a cute story." Sharky nodded, "Indeed. Heartwarming stuff, man." Shamu sighed, "Why doesn't stuff like that happen to me?" Sharky chuckled, "Oh come on. You're getting on pretty well with that redhead over there." Gale whispered to Shamu, "Don't worry buddy. I'll help you out."

    Voodoo dragged himself away from his heaping plate of pasta and simply said, "Why didn't you win?" Dusty said, "Come on, Voodoo, be nice. He got ganged up on." "Yeah, perfect odds. They can't get away from you if you're surrounded." Tick chuckled, "Come on, Voodoo, that's a Marine saying. You keep saying that and people are gonna think you're one of us." Voodoo retorted, "They can think it. But that's as far as they're gonna get."

    Genghis said to Eric, "Nice story, kiddo."

    Sharky spoke up, "Now there's another story to be had. Mark you never did told us how you and Ekaterina met."

    "Chris and most the other Marines listened to Saber's story, but Chart was still talking to Shamu. "Yep Super Hornets for us, if it can't fly CAS the Marines aren't interested. That would be nice," she said, accepting his drink offer, "Scotch if you will." After the story was done, Chris and Ack-Ack introduced themselves to Gale. "Captain Chris Riley of VMFA-410, sitting at the bar are my wingman and my backseater Hannibal Reinheimer and John Paul Lee," Chris paused and looked around, "Where the hell did Chart go, oh, there she is." said Chris, talking to Sharky's RIO. She's Reinheimer's backseater.

    Shamu said to the bartender, "Barkeep, two Scotches, if you will?" Taking the drinks, he presented one to Chart with a flourish, "Mademoiselle, your beverage." Taking a sip of his he asked, "So how long have you been in the Corps?"

    Gale shook Chris's and Ack-Ack's hands and said, "Nice to meet you. So you guys wouldn't happen to be those Marines that Sharky told me strafed an SA-20 site, would you?"

    Meanwhile, Genghis said to Knight, "This place is a hell of a lot better than the last shithole we were in, don't you think?"

    Preacher added, "The food's sure a hell of a lot better. Dingo looks like his face is about to explode."

    Dingo, who was stuffing his face full of ravioli, spluttered, "Mmmmbth can'th help it. Good pasta."

    Chart accepted the drink, "Merci, I've been in the Corps for about..... 6 years. What'd you do before you got in to Rosenthal? Air Force?" she asked.

    Meanwhile, Chris grinned and said "Maybe...."

    Suddenly, a team of men strolled in, spotting the Triton guys, they walked over to their table. "Hey, you the guys from AFO Triton? I'm Phantom 1-1's lead, Axt, nice to meet you in person," he said in to Genghis. Turning to Knight, he said "Ah our arch rivals, nice to meet ya!"

    Shamu replied to Chart, "Nah. I joined up with Rosenthal right after college, did my flight training with them and everything. They paired me up with Sharky since we knew each other from before."

    Gale shook her head at Chris's statement and chuckled, "Smooth. You do know it's not World War 2 any more, right?"

    Meanwhile Genghis shook Axt's hand and said, "Nice to meet you." Reaper interjected, "What am I, chopped liver? I am the guy who makes sure you silly children manage to get in and out safely after all... Good to see you guys."

    Voodoo whispered to Zeus, "Who the hell invited these clowns?" "What do you mean? They've been doing reasonably well so far..." "Sure. For a bunch of clowns. Like seriously what sort of team gives themselves a nickname? Especially one like 'Night Nine?' It's almost cheesier than this lasagna." Dingo chuckled, "Careful, Voodoo, your team bias is showing..." "Yeah, yeah. I guess it's better than hanging out with a bunch of D-boys..." Voodoo walked up to the new arrivals and said, "How goes it?"

    Chris shrugged and grinned sheepishly, "No excuse Ma'am." he said.

    Axt grinned and extend his hand towards Reaper, "Damn fine job, you're probably one of the best pilots I've ever seen, nice to meet you." Turning towards Voodoo, he said, "Not bad at all, you're the former SEAL right? What team?"

    Chart said "I see, so, any prior experience before all this shit went down?"

    Reaper shook Axt's hand and said, "Well thankya. Be sure Voodoo hears that. Maybe it'll get him to stop bitching for a bit."

    Voodoo laughed, "Hey, I do that to keep you on your toes." To Axt he said, "Team 2 then DEVGRU. Same with Genghis, Preacher, and Dingo over there."

    Shamu replied to Chart, "Yeah. We took part in that fuckfest up in Emmeria a few years ago. Pardon my language. How about you guys?"

    Gale laughed at Chris's embarrassment and said, "Well, you seem to have made it out fine. Now Sharky, get me a drink." "Por supuesto, mi amor. Que quieres?" "Eh, milk and Bailey's sounds good. And quit speaking in Sapinish, ya goof." Sharky chuckled, "Lo que deseas."

    "No problem, you should hear Hannibal when he's pissed. No combat up until this, lest you count a run through at Red Flag," Said Chart. "Who hired you out to Emmeria? Some general from there?" she asked, intrigued.

    "Axt smiled and said, "Very nice, what's good on the menu?" He turned to his men and said "Bar's over there." About half of his men took off in that direction.

    "Ah that is. . . a very romantic story, si. . . er Saber." Rosie smiled at Eric's story. Certainly an interesting way to meet someone.

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    Re: ONS Party Thread (Archived)

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    Meanwhile, Sunny wandered over to the conversation between the mercs and the Special Forces operatives, while ordering a beer.

    Sunny asked Sharky and Shamu. "You guys fought in that conflict between Estovakia and Emmeria a few years back? Man I remember Ceres Fleet Command getting real jumpy at the stuff going on back then."

    Shamu sighed, "We... weren't fighting for Emmeria. We were on the other side."

    Sharky said, "Yes sir, we did. That was one hell of a learning experience for us. It's also where Shamu and I got our nicknames."

    "Yeah I can imagine! Railguns, flying fortresses, burst missiles. . " At that last one, Sunny frowned a little then shook his head.

    Ugh bad memories there. . .

    "Anyways, you say you got your callsigns there? Gotta be quite a story behind that, especially for you Sharky."

    "Misaki and I are an item, now. She teaches school back near where I'm stationed." Eric replied to the question from Irénée. He then looked at Sunny.

    "If that's romance than I'm a regular Cassonova." He chuckled, The man then looked at Mark, who frowned.

    "Alright, alright...but Ah better not be the only other guy who shares something." Mark said as he sat up.

    "Us meeting was quite a bit less embarrassing than Eric and Misaki, but still kind of odd. Post Circum-Pacific, both Yuktobania and Osea were trying to really tie the friendship knot. I was in my third year of Naval ROTC and they sent us to a naval base in Yuktobania for the summer. They let us off the leash from Friday night to Saturday afternoon every week, so Ah would go explore the nearby town. Well, one day Ah was there and Ah was still pretty bad at speaking the native language. Well, Ah ran into a girl attending the local academy there, Ekaterina here. She agrees to help me and show me around, says she's really interested in Osea and wants to know all about the place. So Ah tell her, we get some local food and have a fun time. So we begin to make it a regular thing.

    "I was attending college to work for the military. It was actually rather cute seeing such an imposing man so lost there." Ekaterina said before Mark continued.

    "Well, eventually she tells me one night that Ah need to meet her parents. At this point we were dating, sort of. So Ah meet em and her dad doesn't speak a lick of Osean. Eventually Ekaterina's wide-eyed and scolding her father, but he doesn't seemed convinced about something. So Ah'm soon informed by Ekaterina that I have to fight for her if I wish to have her. Before Ah know it, Ah'm at some tavern with this local guy who wants Ekaterina foaming at the mouth about me. Apparently the Cold War had ended and went into his head; Ah'd never heard someone scream "Oseanski" and "Imperialist Swine" as much as he did. So without so much as getting to know what Ah'm supposed to do, he comes at me and we start brawling. And Ah mean BRAWLING. Ah'm throwing everything Ah've got into my blows, trying to beat him into submission. We broke a table, he tried to hit me with a bottle, and I smashed a chair into his face. He stumbles onto his rear and Ah wait for him to get up...but he just falls back, bleeding all over the place. Ah nearly got in trouble with the base MPs but they also understood it was part of the older Yuktobanian culture. And thus I was rewarded with the beautiful Ekaterina Notolvich."

    As he finished, Ekaterina clapped.

    "And I'm glad he did. He's much more of a gentleman than that bastard was." She said. Mark then pointed at Sharky and Shamu as Sunny asked his question.

    "Now it's y'all's turn. We know how callsigns work, so no saying you got it because of something cool."

    Sunny shrugged his shoulders apologetically. "Sorry Tex, I don't have much of a story behind mine. Blond hair, plenty of time out in the sun, and from everyone else told me a pretty 'peppy' most of the time. Thus I was christened Sunny by a few of my buds in RAG."

    Charlotte nodded a bit sadly, "Mmmm, I won't press you anymore, I don't hold anything against you guys."

    Sharky chuckled, "Well, for me it's not that interesting. Shamu and I got really good at anti-ship during the war, to the point where we started being known as 'Rosenthal's Sharks.' My name sounds similar to Sharky, so that's how that happened. Shamu's story's slightly more amusing, but I'm not entirely sure he wants me to tell it."

    Shamu said to Chart, "Ah, don't worry about it. It was a learning experience, and the company pulled us out of there when things started going south, and they only really wanted us to help with the initial phases of the war. By the time the Emmerians started pushing the Stovies back we were sitting on our asses anyway."

    When Shamu heard Sharky talking about the origins of his callsign, he said, "Excuse me, Charlotte." Walking over to Sharky he said, "Eh, fuck it. I'll tell the story. So it was right after the initial round of strikes on Emmeria. The company took us all out to congratulate us on our performance. After the company execs went home, the rest of us pilots stayed around the hotel we were at to enjoy the pool and the ladies. Now, I was somewhat blasted at this point, and I fell into the pool, suit and all, and started swimming around yelling, 'I'M A SHARK, AND I'M GONNA EATCHA!' Sharky joked that I looked more like a killer whale with the suit on, so thus came the name Shamu."

    Sharky laughed, "To be fair it wasn't just the suit. You coulda stood to lose a bit around the edges. You were lookin' a bit more whale-ish than shark. Still could, actually." Shamu glared at his pilot and said, "You're lucky Gale's here." Gale snickered, "You can take him on if you want to. You'll just have to deal with me after." Shamu sighed, "Now what would the nice lady over there think of me if I started a fight over something like that?"

    Reaper, confused, asked Sharky quietly, "Wait, he's not making a total fool of himself. This is odd." Sharky replied, "Eh, the night's still young. I'm kind of impressed actually. I want to see how far he gets."

    Eric began to chuckle, then threw his head back and laughed.

    "That's one of the most beautiful call sign back stories I've ever heard, Shamu." He said once he'd regained his breath.

    "Ah know that feeling, sir; mine is just cause I look and sound like some cowboy from an old Spaghetti Western. Heck y'all may not've seen it, but Ah carry around the same hand cannon my granddad used." Mark said sympathetically as he began his next beer and accompanied it with some more food. He eyed the SF operators.

    "Y'all care to share any unclassified stories?" He asked with a cocked eyebrow as they devoured away.

    "Dusty's got a pet bear." Toby suggested after swallowing a gulp of lasagna.

    "Oh does he now?" Eric said, interested. He switched to beer himself.

    Dusty nodded, "Yep. His name's Snuffles, and he's a big ole sweetheart. I also have a Belkan Shepherd named Rex."

    Voodoo jumped in, "Dusty's a dirty liar. That thing is a monster. He's pure evil! Rex is cool, but Snuffles? FUCK no." Dusty sighed, "You know Voodoo, you and Snuffles would get along just fine if you apologized for calling him fat. He's average sized for bears of his age." "You know what, next time I see him and he's not trying to rip my head off, I will."

    Zeus added, "Reaper's got a German Shepherd too. Speaking of which, where is he, anyway? You usually bring him on deployments."

    Gale answered, "He came down with us, actually. He's back at the base playing around with the maintainers."

    Meanwhile Genghis mused, "Well, I suppose telling you guys about the Stinger wouldn't hurt..."

    Shamu said to Eric, "Hehe, thanks. Now if you'll excuse me..." He walked back over to Chart and said, "Heh, that was unexpected."

    Sharky chuckled at Mark's choice of sidearm, "Damn, cowboy, you planning on going buffalo hunting with that monster? I prefer something a little easier to control, myself."

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    Re: ONS Party Thread (Archived)

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    Rosie decided to chime into the discussion about call signs.
    "I fear mine is even more unoriginal. My first name is Rosalind, and well everyone I knew in flight training went with 'Rosie'. I'm not even particularly fond of the things to make matters worse!"
    Rosie took a drink of beer from the mug she had obtained in the meantime and shrugged.
    "Never let anyone say I attended training with the most original group."
    Sunny meanwhile, was bewildered at the fact that Dusty has a pet bear of all things.
    "Bear, you mean like big furry, can rip a man apart with little effort bear? I gotta say that's not a great idea for a pet."
    Dusty chuckled, "That's the kind.  When you live in the woods having a grizzly that thinks you're its older brother works out surprisingly well.  I never have to worry about trespassers and Snuffles is a great pillow."
    Sharky chimed in, "You know, Dusty, I don't think I've ever met Snuffles."
    Reaper asked, "What's this?  The prodigal fly boy wants to hang out with the lowly slow-movers?"
    Sharky retorted, "Hey, it's not my fault you snake eaters always disappear to some random hellhole whenever I'm actually free."  Gale added, "Besides, I have a feeling he's gonna be hanging out with us just a little bit more now.  I dunno, just a hunch."  Sharky grinned and squeezed Gale by the waist, "Oh it's more than just a hunch."  Reaper shook his head and sighed, "My brother's shacking up with my XO.  What is the world coming to?  Hehe, I'm just kidding.  Congrats, you two.  I'm glad Sharky finally got off his ass and made a move."  Shamu exclaimed, "You're telling me!"
    Dusty laughed and said to Sharky, "Ah, it's no big deal.  Next time we get leave I'll letcha know.  You may even get to see Voodoo actually lose a fistfight, too."  Voodoo shot back, "Hey, that was one time, and I tripped!" Tick chuckled, "We all know you threw that fight so you could go snuggle with Rex, ya big baby."  Voodoo shrugged and said, "Eh, he's a cutie.  Unlike that brute Snuffles..."
    Dingo groaned, "Ugh, not this again.  Seriously, Voodoo.  Just apologize to him the next time you see him and you won't be the only guy in the team he hates anymore!"  "Fine, I will.  Yeesh, who woulda thought a bear could be so sensitive?"
    Sharky laughed at the big machine gunner's plight and said, "So who else wants to tell a story?"
    "Y'all see, Ah like to think that if Ah have to use a Colt .357 Python revolver, then the pooch has been screwed big time. Its nice insurance, but Ah don't plan on going around cracking engine blocks and making heads explode." Mark replied.
    "Personally I'm more of a SiG man, with a silencer." Eric said. Mark nodded.
    "Only big brutes like me can really handle a Python without whacking themselves in the face. Even then Ah still need to stay on my toes so Ah don't get a face full of black metal." He added.
    Hearing a request for more stories, Knight stood up and cleared his throat.
    "Okay, okay, time for the "D-Boys" to share a story. How about I tell you all about the time I nearly gave my old soccer coach a serious concussion? Not as exciting as busting a chair over a guy's head or waking up nude in front of a bunch of girls, but eh." He said.
    Sharky said to Eric and Mark, "Hey, .45 works just fine for me.  I usually roll an FNX.  Or an MP7.  Honestly I prefer using the MP7.  Because fuck using a pistol."  Reaper interjected, "You know, I've never understood how the hell you can manage to eject with a fucking MP7 strapped to your leg." 
    When Knight announced his story, Genghis said, "Now this I gotta hear."  Gale asked, "Now how serious are we talking?"
    "Enough that he hated my guts until I proved myself a capable player." Knight said. He was handed his margarita so he could take a slug before he began.
    "In 10th grade I joined the JV Soccer team at my school. the training had been kinda grueling but I don't think it was that bad. One day after some less intense stuff, me and the guys decided to do a skirmish. I was feeling pretty pumped, so I grabbed a soccer ball and shouted "futbol!". I then gentle tossed it before me and ran after it before giving it the biggest kick I had. Well, i hit it  at the right angle that caused it to go launching off the ground. I kept running until I saw where it was gonna land.  I stopped and began shouting for my coach to watch out, but it was too late. He went down like *that* and got rushed to the hospital. He worked me a bit harder after that, and I became known as "Brad the Sniper" for that little stunt. It wasn't until I proved I was a competent player did he truly forgive me." Brad said.
    "So then why's Oats here our sniper?" Toby asked.
    "Because there's a difference between soccer balls and a sniper rifle." Teiji said as he rolled his eyes.
    Odin saluted Teiji with his drink and said, "So true."
    Sharky chuckled, "This is why I stuck with robotics in high school."  Reaper laughed, "Don't lie, it's because your lazy ass never wanted to go outside."  "Hey, I had a plenty good time in band.  Besides, we can't all be football stars like you, Stinky..."
    Reaper glared and growled, "I thought we weren't going to talk about that..."  Sharky shrugged, "Hey, everyone's telling embarrassing stories.  Why not you?"
    Reaper sighed, "Ah, fuck it.  Tell on, little bro."
    "Alright, so Reaper, or 'Ripper' as he was known in high school, was our lovely family's football star, he made quarterback and everything.  His senior year, the team managed to make the championships.  It was down to the wire, the game was in overtime.  Coach calls a time out, team goes into a huddle.  My dear brother over here is feeling the pressure, and tries to rip one without anyone noticing.  His plan was severely flawed."
    "I swear, we're like the most popular guys among all the kiddos wanting to go SF but even then we still get no respect." Teiji replied.
    "Ah we respect you, Oats. We just love to give you crap." Toby smiled.
    There was a brief pause after the story about Reaper. Finally, someone spoke up.
    "So how loud was it?" Mark asked with a bemused grin.
    Sharky chuckled, "It's not so much how loud it was as how visible it was...  Our dear quarterback over here took a massive dump in his shorts.  He'd been having stomach issues the whole game, what with the pressure and all, but yeah.  That happened.  The band up and lost it.  I nearly rolled down the bleachers with my drum on I was laughing so hard.  We called him Stinky for the rest of the year."  Reaper added, "Hey, at least we won the game though."  "That was irrelevant.  We were all laughing too hard at the stain on your ass."  "And why were you looking at my ass, bro?"  "Kinda hard to miss that brown stain surrounded by ALL that white."
    Meanwhile Odin said to Oats, "Hehe, I know what you mean.  You have any idea how much shit Voodoo gives me on a daily basis?"  Voodoo chuckled, "Hey, I give everyone shit.  You still impress the fuck out of me though, brother.  I still don't get how a giant Viking motherfucker like you can be as sneaky as you are."  Odin smiled, "Well, I'm so pale I'm pretty much half ghost already.  The other 50% ain't that hard to get."
    Ekaterina couldn't help but snerk in amusement at the man's plight. Mark gave him a look.
    "Remind me to avoid getting a chocolate dessert." He remarked.
    "Same here." Eric said. He sat back and tried to think of something to keep the conversation going. Anything, really.
    "So who wants to talk smack about our enemies? How they fight n stuff? I mean, have you seen the crap the Kedhani media puts out?" He said.
    "It's far more nationalist than what TASS used to put out in my parents' youth." Ekaterina remarked.
    Sunny snorted at the mention of the Kedhani media.
    "Don't you know, young Saber, we're imperialistic invaders and pig-dogs. Osean Air Pirates. All that kind of stuff." Sunny rubbed his recently shaved chin. "Actually I do like the idea of being a pirate, though I can't fit a hat in the cockpit. . . maybe I'll just settle for an eyepatch. . "
    Sharky chuckled, "These guys are the biggest pushovers I've ever seen.  The only good fight I've had was that MiG-29 we ran into a while back that just WOULD NOT die."  Shamu smirked, "Yeah, but an Anaconda to the face settled his ass, didn't it?"  "Hehe, that it did indeed.  God their media's a hoot too.  Buzzing a patrol boat is a war crime now?  HAH!"  "The butthurt is strong with them."
    Showtime spoke up, "I dunno, those Tiffies at the beginning were pretty tough too."  Shamu replied with a mischievous look, "Yeah, but they're dead now, aren't they?"  Sharky added, "Whale boy over here got a point.  Besides, we didn't have tails on the Tomcats at that point.  Or the new jammers."
    In response to Sunny's comment regarding pirates, Sharky laughed, "As a legitimate air pirate, I can wholeheartedly say that you don't need to wear an eyepatch in the cockpit.  Simply painting the black flag on your helmet is all that's needed, matey." 
    "Sawari's got one of them cult of personality things going; probably thinks he's something of a god." Mark quipped.
    "According to what we've gathered, he does. He believes he is a god who has come to deliver Kedhani to its place in the world." Ekaterina said.
    "Oh boy, that'll be a fun guy to negotiate with." Eric scoffed. He then looked at Shamu regarding the Typhoons.
    "To be honest I quietly reveled in the idea of fighting an EF2000. It was different than a MiG; more like a...posh sports car than the rugged MiG or Sukhoi." He commented.
    "Their ground forces aren't that good, explains why when they fought one-another they relied on the concept of attrition. They've got some nasty guys in their helos, though. We ran into some Rooivalks in Shamlak that just would not die until they were beaten to a pulp. And we other guys trying to bring down an avalanche on us" Crusher said. the two VF-138 pilots nodded, then the shorter one leaned towards his friend.
    "Sometime we'll have to show them how Ronin do things." Eric whispered in regards to the pirate talk.
    "Hai." Mark replied.
    "I'll look into. Maybe I can get the Skipper to approve of it" Sunny laughed at the thought. He proceeded to take another drink of his beer.
    "Though I wouldn't call these guys pushovers, I've had a few tough encounters. One was definitely a MiG-29. Hell poor Rosie here almost got knocked out of the sky by one. Though maybe my squadron's just gotten really unlucky."  Rosie just shrugged in response.
    "Hell one of those Typhoons shot down my section lead's wingman right out from under his nose. Dusty said that guy literally looped back around on a dime and shot him with the cannon."
    Rosie chimed in at this "I'd like to think he's just the exception to the rule. I shot one down in a head on attack, myself" She beamed at the thought her first kill of the war.
    At the mention of the Rooivalks, Reaper and Voodoo both groaned.  Reaper said, "Man, fuck those things.  At least they don't know how to fly in canyons."  Voodoo growled, "Fuckin' cheatin' bastard managed to dodge my Stinger."  Zeus patted him on the back and said, "There there.  You'll get the mean flyboys next time..."
    Shamu added to Sharky's comment about the necessities for piracy, "And the rum.  Don't forget the rum."  Sharky chuckled, "Ah, yes.  We mustn't forget the rum."
    Millie, looking down at his empty glass, exclaimed, "WHY IS THE RUM GONE?" and promptly began sobbing.  While Showtime shepherded his distraught RIO back to the bar to get more rum, Genghis said to Eric, "Oh, when it gets down to it, he'll negotiate.  Now whether it's with a bullet or a person is to be decided."
    Shamu said to Eric, "Mig, Typhoon, Sukhoi, doesn't matter.  They're all cat food to me.   They get in my way I'll eat the fuckers alive."  Zeus quipped, "Don't you mean whale food?"  "Very funny."
    The SEALs and Marines laughed at the banter between the PMC members. "Here's a story," said Chris, "Elephant here, received his callsign from me, he seemed like Hannibal, ya know, the dude who invaded Emmeria with elephants? Well this guy had received his callsign one afternoon after a Red Flag sortie. Well, he was NOT happy at all, so this bastard," he hit Hannibal on the back, which made him gag on his scotch, "Got a bugle from somewhere, and then that morning, 0245, stomps into my room, leans down, and gives a blast on the bugle. I jumped across the damn room, and when I tried to get up, I got tangled in my sheets. And he's doubled over laughing his ass off in the corner..."
    "And he went over there and kicked my ass six ways to Sunday," said Hannibal.
    Sunny announced loudly "A good pilot never runs out of rum. We consider it an . . . .auxiliary fuel source shall we say, second only to the brown gold known as coffee."
    Rosie cheered in agreement, raising her mug for a moment. Then put it down, slightly embarrassed at her antics. "Well I love coffee, I cannot deny this. It was basically all I drank back at college."
    Sharky saluted Sunny with his drink and then chuckled at Rosie, "Eh, I was more of a Mountain Dew person.  I always end up nuking my coffee with milk and sugar.  To the point where it's more a milkshake than coffee."  Gale sighed, "I still don't get why you do that."  Sharky shrugged, "Eh, maybe because it's a way for me to have milk and sugar without being judged, I guess.  I dunno."  Gale simply smiled and shook her head in amusement.
    Meanwhile Shamu asked Chart, "So any interesting callsign stories for you?  How'd they get Chart from Charlotte?"
    Hearing the Marines' story, Sharky whispered to Gale, "Damn, and I thought Shamu and I were bad."  "You are that bad.  I seem to remember a variant of that story with the bugle replaced with some more of your insane pirate metal."  "Hehe, yeah.  He didn't kick my ass though.  Although he did try..."  "How you guys manage to get anything done eludes me."  Sharky smirked, "It's because I'm a perfectionist and Shamu's a vicious motherfucker when the canopy comes down."  Gale sighed, "I still don't get how that happens."  Sharky shrugged, "Neither do I, and I've been flying with the guy for 3 years.  Another issue for the shrink, I guess."
    "Well, I memorize stuff really well." said Charlotte, "And typically I make a mental map of the AO by looking at sattalite photos and stuff. This little trick helped us when we got lost during a Red Flag sortie. So Chart, was a fairly natural choice."
    "Hell yes , Mountain Dew!" exclaimed Chris, I spent half my time at Red Flag wired on that shit."
    "You want caffeine, try Rip-Fuel." said Hannibal. "No, I'm NEVER giving you that again. He had some before a mission, would not shut up through the entire mission."
    "Oh dear lord, Rip Fuel. Ah've read stories about guys running on that for days and ranting about the most obscure shit ever." Mark said in an exasperated tone.
    Eric shook his head at the mention of coffee.
    "I'd rather have a milkshake. Coffee's nasty, man; can't stand the taste even if I get that sugary caramel-chocolate whipped cream-topped junk." He added.
    "I personally prefer my coffee with a little milk. With all the late nights I have to endure at the UN headquarters it's perhaps the only thing that allows me to stop from slumping over my desk and falling asleep." Ekaterina announced.
    "Ah can stomach it; isn't that bad when your granddad tells you that real men drink it and that he did from the days he flew to the days he was retired, and he'd drink it until he died." Mark added in.
    Preacher said on the matter of Ripped Fuel, "Zeus is the reason those stories exist..."  Odin nodded and said, "True story."  Dusty chuckled, "Yeah, you really have some issues with that stuff, little buddy."  Zeus protested, "Oh come on, just because I used it all when I was on the debate team, and high school, and college, and...  Shit you may be right I think I do have a problem."  Genghis laughed, "Well at least you make up for it by being the best damned RTO I've ever seen."  Voodoo added, "Yeah.  Even if you never shut up when you're using the damned stuff."
    Sharky said to Eric, "Agreed.  Hell even when I get the sugary caramel whipped cream bullshit I still nuke it with sugar.  Funny looks from hipster baristas at coffee shops be damned."  Gale added, "Or funny looks from gorgeous helicopter pilots?"  Sharky chuckled, "Well I wouldn't necessarily call my brother GORGEOUS... I mean he has that, well, whatever it is that women somehow find attractive in him, but I wouldn't say gorgeous, per se."  Gale punched him in the shoulder as Sharky put his hands up defensively and said, "Kidding, kidding!  Your funny looks I pay slightly more mind to."  Gale smirked and said, "As well you should.  Can't have my flyboy embarrassing me by ordering one of those silly white girl drinks."  Sharky, with a look of mock indignation on his face, said, "Me?  Embarrass the lady?  I would never!  I take this as a personal affront to my honor, and must retaliate in kind."  Turning to the bartender he assumed a heroic pose and exclaimed, "Bartender, one of your finest fruity drinks, posthaste!  I must have my vengeance!"  Gale sighed, "Damnit, I walked right into that one.  You do this to spite me, don't you?"  Maintaining his pose, Sharky simply winked, to which Gale replied, exasperated, "Ugh, you're lucky I love you, ya goofball."
    Rosie makes a mock sad sigh at Eric and Sharky's experiences with coffee. "Alas, no one is pefect."
    Then, adressing Ekaterina and Mark "You, Miss Ekaterina, have excellent taste. A coffee with a little milk and sugar is a heavenly concotion. And Tex, your grandfather sounds like a very admirable aviator."
    Sunny after returning Sharky's salute, faces Rosie with an expression of mock hurt. "But what about me? I taught you everything you know!" Rosie grins slightly at this.
    "Well half of everything, sir."
    The bartender nodded and turned, his large frame hiding the drink until he turend around and placed it on the table.
    "I must take you, as you Oseans say, Man Card for this drink." He said in a heavily-accented voice. Mark laughed.
    "That remark earns you an extra tip, my good sir!" He said. The man gave him a bill and then looked at Rosie.
    "Thank y'all. We Walkers strive to be the best in our military service. My granddad is no exception: thirteen kills, squadron CO, served during the Belkan War and various smaller actions, both a CAG and Battlegroup commander, and even a tour at TOPGUN." He said.
    "It is," Ekaterina agreed "especially almond milk. It makes the cofee a little sweeter."
    Sharky chuckled and said in his fake pompous voice, "Thank you, noble purveyor of beverages!  However, I must challenge thee to single combat in that most chivalrous of modes of combat, fisticuffs, to retain my card!"  Turning to Mark he said, trying to suppress his laughter at his own antics, "You are one to talk, with your silly little girly plane.  HAVE AT THEE, KNAVE!"
    Reaper sighed to himself and muttered to Genghis,  "Well.  This evening's just completely turned on its head, isn't it.  Shamu's actually NOT making a fool of himself, yet my brother is, and my vicious mofo of an XO has been turned into a giggling schoolgirl.  I need a drink."  Genghis chuckled, "Eh, it's been a long war.  And you and I both know there's been something between Sharky and Gale for years.  As for Shamu, well, I'm glad.  That boy was due for a win."
    While Irénée and Estelle were listening to the Special Forces guys, Magalie went off for a drink, and had a martini... and another... and another. When she returned to where Irénée, Estelle and the others were, she was tanked. Showing a mischievous look on her face, Magalie began sneaking up on Estelle.
    What happened next, if this were an anime, would cause nosebleeds. Magalie snuck up and grabbed Estelle's hats, causing a shriek from the latter.
    "Oh Sœur, why don't you ditch your flight lead and we go somewhere private?" Magalie slurred.
    "Two reasons. One: You're drunk. And two: There's something wrong with your head!" Estelle shot back, shoving Magalie away.
    The bartender reached below the bar and produced a cricket bat for Sharky to see.
    "I accept you challenge." He smiled.
    "Told yah he had one." Eric chuckled. He then noted a shriek and stood up to watch the scene unfold with the REAF pilots He then looked at his watch.
    "Aaaaand time. It took roughly 45 minutes for someone to get tanked." He annouced.
    The entirety of Bravo 2-2 stared at the scene Magalie was making, but none of the spoke. Toby, tipsy enough, whistled at it.
    "Oy, y'all forget that plane draws on what made the Tomcat so great. It's basically the Cat's son!" He laughed.
    He was about to add something when he saw the grabbing of hats. Ekaterina stared as well, then hid behind Mark to protect her own hats, peeking out to see what was happening still.
    Sharky tut tutted, "Ah ah, noble sir, cricket bats are not allowed in the noble game of fisticuffs." 
    The shriek from the previously quiet Emmerians snapped Sharky out of his fake knight routine, and he turned to watch the two female pilots' altercation, chuckling quietly.  Gale walked over to him and said quietly, "So, Sir Sinks-a-lot, looks like the Emmerians are enjoying themselves...  Or at least the one who just got to second base is..."  Sharky chuckled, "Hehe, and I thought Shamu was bad."  Absentmindedly, Gale mused, "You know, one of the beds in the suites the company rented for R&R may be big enough for four..."
    It took all of Sharky's considerable reflexes gained from years of piloting high performance fighter aircraft in combat situations to retain a hold of his drink and keep his lower jaw attached to the rest of his head. 
    Turning to Gale, he stuttered, "Ah-... Bah...  Hu...   Whaaaaaaaaaaa?"  Gale smiled and said innocently, "Oh, you know, just saying.  Those are some pretty big beds.  And soft, too."  Sharky took a sip of his drink to regain some semblance of composure and said, "Oh, you evil, evil little woman.  C'mere."  He drew the blonde helo pilot to him and kissed her full on the lips for the second time that night, this time without dropping his drink.  After he came up for air he said, "Wow.  45 minutes and somebody's already drunker than Shamu.  I'm impressed."  Turning to Eric he chuckled and said, "Ah, I know.  I'm just giving you shit.  Talking about combat records, though...  I may not have a tour at TOPGUN or a tour as CAG, but I will say I've gutted more ships than I'd care to admit."
    Meanwhile, Shamu, ignoring the quips he knew Sharky, Gale and Reaper were making, said to Chart, "Ah, nice.  Appropriate indeed."  Seeing his pilot kiss Gale yet again he sighed and took a drink,  asking Charlotte, "So it seems to have come to that terrifying and awkward part of the night where we exchange personal questions. I figure I'll start, because why the hell not?  So you got anybody waiting back for you at home?  Some intrepid soul gazing off into the sunset awaiting your return with bated breaths?"
    Hearing Gale musing about the beds, while still struggling against Magalie's drunken antics, Estelle shouted, "You're not helping!"
    Irénée then restrained Magalie, saying, "Behave yourself, or we'll have to send you back to base and put you in the brig."
    Gale laughed and shrugged, "Sorry!"
    Sharky muttered to himself, "Great.  I'm dating Satan."  Gale chuckled, "Nah.  You're dating his hot sister.  Big improvement."  Sharky shrugged and said, "Eh, I'll take it," pecking her on the cheek.
    Chart shook her head no. "My family...never got along real well. Dad died in a drunk driving accident two years ago, my brother is in prison for some reason. I've only kept in touch with my mom. So, yeah... The Crusaders are my family now." she said quietly.
    The other Marines and SEALs gawked at the Emmerians, confused. "What the living hell is going on over there?" said Chris. Turning to the Emmerian squadron lead he said, "Uh hey, probably should secure her before something else happens."
    Ekaterina couldn't help herself upon hearing Gale's joke. She brought Mark closer to her, pressing her hats up against his back. It turned Mark's face red as a tomato and had him as if her were at attention.
    "Is that bed the only one or big enough for six?" She said. It had become obvious she was a little tipsy at this point, too. She traced erratic patterns on Mark's chest as she did so.
    Mark opened his mouth, but only let forth a sentence's worth of stutters. Ekaterina giggled.
    Toby shook his head and frowned as he observed the whole scene.
    "Why don't we ever get hot Yuktobanian chicks like that?" He muttered to his fellow operators.
    "Or like, any hot chicks at all?" Teiji added.
    Gale chuckled at Ekaterina's question and replied slyly, "I'm sure we can figure something out."  Sharky threw his hands up exasperatedly and said, "Alright, fine you win!  I shoulda known this was a stacked fight to begin with..."  Gale laughed, "Oh come on.  Smart boy like you should have known that.  Didn't anyone tell you the girl is always right?"  Sharky sighed, "Yeah...  I guess I still had hope."  Resuming his pompous fake knight persona, he stated, "I concede to thee, fair Gale of the land of Wraiths and snake eaters!"  Gale bowed and said, "I accept your surrender, Sir Sinks-A-Lot of the land of metal cats.  May this treaty lead to a new age of  peace and prosperity between our two nations,"  before pulling Sharky into a hug, whispering, "Have I mentioned you're a goofball?"  Sharky chuckled, "Once or twice."
    Shamu said to Chart, "Damn, that sucks.  I'm sorry to hear that.  I'm still relatively close to my folks, but I don't get to see them all that much because of work and such.  Still, even with the Crusaders as your family a girl like you must get out a decent amount, right?"
    Tick said to Toby and Teiji, "Because 'Yo.  I've done some cool shit I can't tell you about for the next 30 years' doesn't sound anywhere near as cool as 'Ayo girl.  I'm a fighter pilot.'"  Zeus added, "Plus Voodoo generally scares them away."  Voodoo shrugged, "Hey, not my fault the chicks don't dig scars anymore."  Tick replied, "No, no.  They dig dudes with scars.  They don't dig dudes who they think will GIVE them scars."  Voodoo retorted, "Hey, I am a perfect gentleman when I take a girl on a date."  Dingo commented, "'Gentleman' may be a stretch.  You took that one girl to Waffle House on your first date.  WAFFLE HOUSE."  Voodoo said, "Hey, Waffle House is a classy establishment!"  Zeus nodded and said, "He does have a point.  Waffle House is classy.  If you're stoned, drunk off your ass on prom night, or looking to get stabbed.  Just sayin'."
    "Yeah, Waffle House is classy! I love their waffles!" Toby insisted.
    "And bacon is the best hangover food." Knight said.
    "Speak from experience, El-Tee?" Crusher asked.
    "Hey, we had to celebrate graduating from Delta training somehow." He replied with a grin as he took another swig of his drink.
    Dingo chuckled, "Just because a place has good food doesn't mean it's classy."  Zeus nodded, "True story.  Food quality is not a valid criteria for the classiness of an establishment.  A restaurant can have five stars, black tie, real silverware and china, but have the shittiest food in the world.  Meanwhile an absolute shithole with flies everywhere can have the greatest freaking food in the world.  Classiness and food quality are not necessarily related.  They are often found concurrently, but it's not guaranteed."

    Voodoo groaned, "Damnit, now you've got him dipping into his nerdspeak again."  Zeus simply shrugged and said, "Sorry bro."


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    Re: ONS Party Thread (Archived)

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    Mark, to avoid Ekaterina's advances getting too out of hand, decided to stop while he was ahead.
    "Marky, don't think I didn't see you looking at Gale!" She suddenly said. Mark flinched and looked at her.
    "Ah wasn't!" He insisted. Though it was true, Ekaterina's drunken mind wasn't thinking straight.
    "Ah swear Ah wasn't Right, Gale?" Mark replied.
    Meanwhile Eric was just a little bit tipsier as he finished off his next drink.
    "Hey, any of you guys notice the karaoke machine over there?" He asked, pointing towards the device in the corner.
    "Voodoo, I'll pay you ten bucks if you go over there and sing Justin Bieber or something!" Toby laughed as he too noted the machine,
    Axt had beat the D-boys though, he dropped some change into the slot, cranked it up and pit on AC/DC's Shoot to Thrill. "Now this is more like it," he said.
    "I do go drinking with the boys all the time, but A, most Marines have sucky pick up lines, and B, I have kinda avoided it, up until recently." said Chart.
    Gale chuckled at Ekaterina and said, "I promise he didn't shoot so much as a glance over in this direction."
    Meanwhile in response to Toby's bet, Zeus snickered and said, "You may wanna pay in advance."
    Suddenly the lights cut out and a soft acoustic guitar riff began playing.  A few seconds later, it was joined by Voodoo's gravelly baritone singing, "Yea-a-ah.  You are....  My fire.  The one... desire, believe, when I say.  I want it that way."
    As the music and Voodoo's slightly off-key singing continued, Zeus chuckled, "Told ya."  Tick added, "You know, you'd never know it from looking at the guy, but he really likes the Backstreet Boys.  Yet he also enjoys scalping people.  And black metal.  I've served with the guy for years and I still don't get it.  He's a hell of a character."
    Shamu said to Chart, "Heh, I know what you mean about the pickup lines.  The reason Reaper and Sharky have been gawking at us for like the past hour is that I kinda have a reputation of making a fool of myself.  But anyway, you said 'until recently.'  What changed?"
    Ekaterina eyed Mark suspiciously.
    "Prove it; serenade me." She declared. Mark's mouth dropped open.
    "Hey, the lady made a request! You should follow it, my friend! Besides, at least you have a girl to serenade!" Teiji advised.
    Meanwhile Toby howled with laughter and pulled out a ten-dollar bill.
    "Worth every penny!" He declared when the man was done singing. The man seemed to find it funnier than most of the other guys, who'd only laughed a little.
    Sharky and Gale both nodded and Gale said, "Sniper boy over there's right.  If it helps we can light a campfire.  You know, set the mood and everything."  Sharky chuckled, "What she said."
    Voodoo came off the stage and plucked the bill out of Toby's hands, saying smugly, "Easy money."  Zeus chuckled, "Voodoo, you really gotta stop hustling people like that."  Voodoo grinned evilly, "Now where's the fun in that?"  Tick sighed, "For a guy who likes stand up fights you can be surprisingly devious."  Voodoo chuckled, "Oh come on.  I would have thought by now you would've realized that my definition of a 'stand up fight' is in no way two-sided."
    "Ah don't even know what Ah'd sing." Mark said, trying to get out of the inevitable at this point.
    "I don't care. It's hilarious to see a guy like Voodoo sing the Backstreet Boys." Toby said as he caught his breath.
    Sharky said, "Don't worry.  I got your back."  Looking through the song list, he found the perfect option.  He exclaimed, "Got it!  This is brilliant!  Tex, you're a Barbie Girl, right?"  Gale clapped her hands together and said, "Ooh that's perfect!  Do it!"
    Voodoo chuckled and said to Toby, "And as long as you think that, I'll keep makin' money off it."
    "Whoa, no no no no no no non no. Make me sing Hall n' Oats, make me sing Bruno Mars, but Ah will never sing that song, even with a gun to my head." He declared firmly.
    "It should be something romantic." Ekaterina laughed, having fun with Mark's pain. Eric raised a hand.
    "I think I can find a song that he'll hate even more than that. I know the one he despises above everything." Eric grinned, holding out a hand for the song list.
    "Is it romantic?" Ekaterina asked.
    "He can prove his love by showing he doesn't need pride." Eric pointed out.
    Gale laughed, "Oh come on, Mark, it's not that bad."  To Ekaterina she said, "True, it's no 'Don't Go Breakin' My Heart...."  Sharky added, "Come to think of it, we could always have him sing your doppleganger's song..."  Gale mused, "Hmm, I will admit I'm always in the mood for a good dance tune.  And I haven't heard that song in a while..."
    In response to Eric's request, Sharky handed him the song list, saying, "I trust you, Saber.  Don't let me down.  However I would suggest that you take a look at some of the offerings by Cascada...  Just sayin'."
    Mark's face paled considerably as Eric grinned and searched the list, finally he stood up and took on the persona of a game show host.
    "Ladies and gentlemen, Lieutenant Walker will be showing his love for his lady tonight by signing the one song he hates more than anything. That song? Staship's We Built This City. A song so undeserving of the classification of rock, it has officially been labeled one of the worst songs ever. And he will put some heart into his performance!" Eric said.
    Mark, his face somehow red and pale at the same time, finally nodded and  then stood up as straight as he could and took the mike. He cleared his throat and began to sing the ball of overwhelming 80s cheese. The singer's voice was considerably higher than Mark's country drawl, so he had to raise his pitch to try and match the singing. Per Eric's request, he also put a bit of effort into his singing. It looked like he was trying to dance, but he was doing so horribly no one could tell. Toby was having a blast.
    "Should've made him sing "You've Lost That Loving Feeling!" Knight suggested aloud.
    "Nah, we can have Sharky sing it to Gale." Eric replied as Mark was finishing his song.
    The big farmboy of a pilot walked away from the microphone, and received a kiss from Ekaterina for his efforts. He looked somewhere between absolutely embarrassed and mildly confident.
    The Rosenthal members all clapped as Mark finished his song.  Gale said to Eric, "Nah, that wouldn't make any sense.  I just GOT that loving feeling.  Besides, I've got a better song for him to sing."  Sharky said, "Yeah that's fine, but I just don't get what the hate is for 'We Built This City.'  I mean, it's a decent enough song..."
    Irénée and Estelle return from the food bar to find Magalie passed out, with Willard keeping an eye on her.
    "Seems that the alcohol knocked her out." Irénée thought out loud.
    'At least she won't get in the way now. Maybe I can try and make my move on Irénée...' Estelle thought.
    The Marines laughed loudly, as did the SEALs, "That is great!" said Hacker, clapping.
    Chart thought for a moment, "I have no real idea why, I've just kinda been thinking about it, no real reason why." She laughed and said, "Hey, I'm used to people making fools out of themselves," jerking her thumb at Hannibal.
    Shamu shrugged, "Eh, it's a bit different when you're the one actually doing it.  Gets kinda hard for people to take you seriously.  But anyway, I know what you mean.  I grew up in Bana.  Most of my school life I never really cared too much about going out and such.  Then for some reason it just hit me.  Shit was weird."
    Reaper heard the Emmerian pilot thinking out loud and said, "Looks like your girl's something of a lightweight, eh?"  Gale came over and added, "Damn, she conked out quick."
    "I would say who's next, but poor Toby here's about ready to keel over from laughing so hard." Knight chuckled.
    "My dislike for that song stems from its misclassification as a rock song and for its generally bad lyrics and the fact that they thought it a good idea to bring it back in that horrid film Rock of Ages." Mark said, holding up a finger to make his point.
    The SEALs laughed and Axt said "My turn," And flipped the jukebox to AC/DC's Shoot to Thrill. "THIS is rock he said.
    "Chart said, yep, I'm going through that stage now kinda." There was a awkward silence....
    Sharky frowned, "Hey, I liked Rock of Ages.  Wasn't the best, but it was alright..."  Gale interjected, "That's because it came out right after you graduated high school and you were sitting there bored off your ass with a massive wad of graduation money burning a hole in your pocket."  "Touche.  I watched a looooooooot of movies that summer...  Good times.  Good times." 
    As Axt started playing "Shoot to Thrill" Zeus said quietly to himself, "Sure, classic rock maybe..."  Dusty heard him and said, smiling, "Still a classic, buddy."
    Meanwhile Shamu shoved his hands in his pockets and sheepishly said, "Er, well, if you want, I could help you navigate that awkward stage, perhaps...  Ya know, we could get through it together and whatnot."
    Chart blushed and said "Ummmmmmmmm, sure, why not?"
    Axt turned and said "Yep, what rock do you listen to? AC/DC and some others for me, along with some classical occasionally."
    Zeus replied, "Ehhhhhhhhhhh, it's more 'metal' and less 'rock' for me.  Stuff like Amon Amarth, Alestorm, Korpiklaani, Tyr, Insomnium, that sorta thing."
    Shamu, who had been bracing himself to get slapped, blinked, surprised, at Charlotte and stammered, "I...  Uh...  Cool.  You wanna get dinner or something of the sort?"
    Meanwhile Gale noticed Shamu's awkward stance and nudged Sharky, whispering, "I think your dear backseater's gettin' somewhere..."  Sharky looked over and then whispered back, "Holy shit you're right.  Usually he gets slapped by now.  Come to think of it I think that's why he's bracing for impact."  "I'm gonna go over there."  "What? No, don't yet.  He's gotten this far on his own.  Let's see if he makes it. He's been kinda lonely lately.  Boy's due for a win."  Gale sighed, "I have a feeling you and I didn't help the situation much, did we?"  "Well, yeah, but honestly it's a thing both of us were feeling.  I just got out of it because of you, and because he prodded me to finally make a move.  But he never really brings himself up.  Hell the fact that he even said anything about romantic stuff not happening to him when Saber was telling his story is a huge deal."  "Shit, I feel bad now."  "Don't.  If it looks like he's floundering we can help him out, and if he crashes and burns you could maybe hook him up with one of your friends.  But for now let's just watch and see what happens."
    Chart blushed again and smiled, then said "Sure, barbecue preferably, when do you wanna meet up?" 
    Axt said, "A metal guy eh? I listen to a little, mainly cause those Nordlands Special Jaegers love to party to that stuff. Sabaton and Alestorm are my two big ones though."
    Shamu shrugged and said, "Who the hell knows how long this lull's gonna last.  You wanna head out now and see what's still open?"
    Zeus said to Axt, "I feel ya.  I got big into Sabaton back into high school.  And then Odin got me into a bunch of the stuff he picked up when he did a rotation over the land of his ancestors.  Dem Vikings be cray cray, ain't that right bro?"  Odin simply smiled and nodded.  Zeus turned back to Axt, "But yeah.  He don't talk much.  He prefers to let his rifle do the talking, to use the cliche."
    "Hey, hey Teiji, now you go sing something." Toby suggested, finally calmed down.
    "Yeah no. You might be able to get others to deliver your amusement, but I'm still sober enough to be aware." Teiji said.
    "Have one of the girls sing something, man! A duet or something!" Eric hooted.
    "Or we can all get together and sing We Are The World." Crusher said.
    "Are you kidding? No one here can properly do The Boss's voice." Roadkill argued.
    In response to Eric's hoot Sharky looked at Gale and nudged her with his elbow, winking.  Gale glared back at him but he just winked again, saying, "Come on, you know you want to..."  Gale threw her hands up and said, "Ah, fuck it."
    She took the stage and grabbed the microphone as the lights went down and she looked down at the stage.  The lights came up and the music started, with Gale looking straight at Sharky and singing, in a surprisingly accurate rendition of the original singer's voice, "I still hear your voice when you sleep next to me...  I still feel your touch in my dreams...  Forgive me your weakness, but I don't know why, without you it's hard to survive..."
    The bass dropped and she began dancing, "Cause every time we touch I get this feeling, and every time we kiss, I swear I could fly. Can't you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last, I need you by my side.  Cause every time we touch I feel the static, and everytime we kiss I reach for the sky.  Can't you hear my heart beat slow, I can't beat slow, I want you in my life!"  As the dance interlude began, she beckoned to Sharky, who danced his way up to the stage and also grabbed a mic.
    At the end of the interlude Gale resumed, "Your arms are my castle, your heart is my sky.  They wipe away tears that I cry."  Sharky broke in, "The good and the bad times we've been through and more, you make me rise when I fall!" 
    As they jumped into the chorus together Reaper simply groaned and held his head in his hands, saying, "I knew this would come back to bite me in the ass soon enough...  Dear god someone get me a drink so I can forget this ever happened.  My brother and my XO...  Why the hell did I think it was a good idea?" 
    Genghis chuckled and said, "Oh come on.  Those two have been chasing each other around like a pair of lovesick puppies since before they even worked for Rosenthal.  Cut them a break."  "Do they have to be SO DAMNED CHEESY though?"  Genghis shrugged and said, "Eh, they're still in the honeymoon phase.  It'll wear off.  Remember, Confucius say:  Fire burn bright at first, then decreases to even smolder."  Reaper chuckled, "I was wondering when you were gonna break out some of that old world wisdom of yours."  "I figured I was about due.  Surprised I had to use it on you though."  "First time for everything, I guess."  Genghis nodded and took another sip of his drink while Sharky attempted to twirl Gale on the stage without sending her flying off into the audience.
    Mark patted Reaper on the shoulder.
    "Trust me, man, occasional cheese is nothing to worry about. But if y'all need to blot it out, Ah believe a Jack n Coke will suffice. It appears to be doing good things to Eric over here." He said.
    "It could also be far, far worse. Think of all the songs they COULD HAVE chosen." Eric added.
    "Why are all you boys against cheesy love? It's adorable sometimes! And who says a girl doesn't appreciate the effort?" Ekaterina remarked.
    "Uhhh, sure, let me go tell Riley." said Chart, she walked over to him. "Hey Cap, the gentleman over there, the RIO for the PMC flight lead was kind enough to ask me to dinner, I was gonna go if it is fine with you."
    "Fine by me," Chris shrugged, "Just be back at a reasonable hour, and NO funny stuff, or I'll kick his ass."
    "Roger that," she grinned and flashed a thumbs up.
    As she walked away Chris looked at the other guys and grinned, "Looks like our little girl is going on a date." Hannibal turned and saw Chart walking over to Shamu, He nearly spit out his beer, "Wha- Raptor but what if huh?"
    "It's okay Elephant, I told her to be back at a reasonable hour, and if he tries anything funny I'll kick his ass."
    Meanwhile Chart had returned to were Shamu stood. "Raptor says I can go, just return at a reasonable hour, also, he warned if you try anything funny, he'll kick your ass six ways to Sunday.
    The SEALs laughed at the song and Axt took another swig of his beer. "So what weapons do you guys run anyways, anything exotic?" he asked.  
    Reaper said to Ekaterina, "Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for my little brother, but over the top lovey-dovey stuff has always been too much for a guy like me.  I dunno.  Maybe I'm old and bitter."  Genghis chuckled, "Nah.  You've just spent too much time hanging out with graybeards like me and Mr. C."  "Eh, maybe.  A full on Cascada duet does seem a bit over the top though."  Zeus interjected, "Oh come on, Reaper, you can't tell me that's not your jam.  And you have to admit it's kind of a given that they'd pick that based on how much Gale looks like Cascada...  I mean have you compared pictures of the two of them?  It's fucking scary how alike they look!"  Reaper chuckled, "I'll admit the song is catchy as hell.  And I've had my share of awkward dance interludes with it in my day."
    Shamu said to Chart, "Haha, understood.  Lemme just tell Sharky and we can get out of here."
    As Sharky and Gale came off the stage, Shamu said to the two, "Hey guys, I'm gonna head out."  Sharky asked, "Wait, so soon?"  "Yeah, gonna go get dinner with that Marine RIO over there."  Gale added, "You mean the one you've been talking to all night?  Way to go, buddy!"  Sharky smiled and gave his RIO a manly hug, saying, "Nice, man.  Proud of you."  He looked Shamu over and said, "You cut a very handsome figure.  Now don't be late, dear.  You know you have a curfew."  Shamu chuckled, "I guess I was due for a win sometime, eh?  And who are you kidding, DAD.  You and I both know you and Gale are gonna be busy until at LEAST daybreak."  Sharky and Gale both grinned slyly as Sharky replied, "Well, yeah, but gotta keep up appearances, ya know?  Have fun, bro."  Gale said, "Yeah.  I'm happy for you.  Don't get too crazy, though."  "No intention of it.  I don't want to have some pissed off Jarhead on my ass.  Anyway if you guys need me I've got my phone on me."  Sharky said, "If anyone's gonna call you it's probably gonna be Clark.  Weeeeeee're gonna be a bit...  Indisposed."  Shamu rolled his eyes and chuckled, "Try not to break any furniture."  Gale laughed, "No promises."
    Walking back to Chart, Shamu said, "Alright, I'm good to go.  Shall we?"
    Meanwhile Genghis said to Axt, "Eh, we don't do too much testing of hardware at the moment, mostly tactics and such.  The Basilisks and Reaper's crew over here mess around with hardware.  We just come up with crazy shit that can come in handy, like launching a Stinger out the side of a Blackhawk and such."
    Reaper added, "Yeah, the testing cycle for us is kinda boring at the moment.  I think the fixed wing guys brought some new toys to play with on this deployment though."
    Sharky walked over to the SF operators and said, "Yeah, we did.  Anacondas and Hammers.  Mach 5 AMRAAM sized long range air to air missile because fuck your evasive maneuvers and a Mach 3 anti-ship missile because fuck you and your CIWS.  It's some cool shit.  Even if the Anacondas disappointed me the first time I myself used them..."
    As Irénée and Estelle watched Sharky and Gale's dance. When it was over, Estelle, blushing furiously, dragged Irénée over to the music player. She enters Requiem Mass in D minor, Still Still Still and turns to Irénée.
    "Grab my waist." She tells Irénée in a hushed tone, face completely red.
    "Pardon?" Irénée asked in an awkward reply, only for Estelle to grab his hands and put them around her waist, and they start dancing to the music.
    Ekaterina practically squealed with delight. She grabbed Mark's wrists and pulled him to the floor to join them. Despite her intoxicated nature, she was able to dance mildly well, most because Mark was able to keep her from falling. He played along and held her close.
    "Hey, where are our pretty girls to dance with?" Dodo protested as he worked on his second margarita.
    "Amen to that," said Axt, "But we ARE the quiet pros." taking a swig of his beer, "So any of you guys get to go on an exchange tour?"
    "Chart smiled as they headed out the door, "So, know any good places around here?"
    Gale and Sharky looked at each other when Ekaterina dragged Mark off to the dance floor, shrugged, and joined them.
    Reaper chuckled in response to Dodo's complaint, "As you might have seen from my dear younger brother and the cowboy over there, it seems to be a BYOG party."
    Preacher said to Dodo, “I dunno about you, but my pretty girl is back home."  Tick added, "And Voodoo's pretty girl is a machine gun, so..."  Voodoo growled, "Very funny."  Zeus sighed, "Doesn't really help that we're pretty much the only people in this joint.  Why couldn't the UN have hooked us up with a room in one of those clubs we passed?"  Genghis chuckled, "Because none of those clubs are attached to the hotel they're using as an HQ." "Fuckin' REMFs never know how to party..."
    In response to Axt's question, Odin raised his hand.
    Shamu said to Chart, "No idea.  We did pass a pretty decent looking Shwarma place a block or so away from here.  I think it's still open."
    Axt asked, "Who'd you get to work with? I got lucky and got to serve with the Nordlands Special Jaegers. They were awesome and loved their beer, metal and Pukko knives."
    Chart said, "Sounds good, I hope they have good gyros, my hometown had a great gyros place."
    As the two were dancing, Irénée was beginning to see Estelle in a new light. He was now starting to see Estelle as more than a wingwoman, but as a woman who needs someone.
    While doing so, Estelle, face even redder, does something that takes Irénée by surprise: her lips locked with his. Irénée's eyes widened for a second, only to return the kiss.
    'Regulations be damned. This is the best moment in my life.' Irénée thought to himself. Their lips parted soon enough and continued their dance, Estelle red in the face and surprised that Irénée returned her kiss.
    Odin said, "Went back to the old country, Nordennavic.  Worked with their Frømandskorpset.  They gave me shit for not keeping up with Nordic traditions.  Those dudes are some hard motherfuckers though."
    Shamu said to Chart as they walked down the street, "Yeah, they should.  Oh, here it is."  Opening the door to the restaurant which was still surprisingly packed given the late hour, he said, "After you."
    Meanwhile Sharky and Gale were dancing when they saw Estelle kiss Irénée.  Sharky stopped dancing and yelled, "WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!  WAY TO GO, EMMERIAN LADY WHOSE NAME ESCAPES ME!"  Gale punched him in the shoulder and said to Estelle, "Congrats to you."
    "I participated in some exercises with ISAF Marine Commandos, once. Lemme tell you, they love the cold; all of em were Polar Bear Club members and they made me one, too." Knight laughed.
    "To be honest when we worked with those ANG Thunderbolts was probably the highlight of my career in terms of exercises. Got to watch em tear up stuff with their Avengers all day." Knight said.
    "It's cause you kiddies ain't seen much yet." Crusher chuckled.
    Mark and Ekaterina clapped for the new couple.
    Hearing the compliments and clapping from the others, Estelle's face turned as red as ever. Irénée took notice.
    "Something wrong, Estelle?" He asked.
    "It's nothing." Estelle lied. But Irénée knew what was really going on in her head. Embarrassment.
    As the song finished, the two left the dance floor and went to join Mark and Ekaterina.
    Meanwhile at the other table, Willard saw what happened and smiled at the new couple. Magalie was still out like a light.
    "A-10s are fun, but there's something satisfying about a DAP run to me.  I dunno.  More persistent carnage, maybe?"  Zeus said.
    Reaper gushed, "Awwwwwww, you do care!"  Zeus chuckled, "Who said I didn't?  Voodoo's the ingrate, remember?"  Voodoo retorted, "Hey I'm only an ingrate SOMETIMES.  And that's mostly towards the fast movers."
    Seeing the deep red tint of Estelle's face as the new couple left the dance floor, Gale elbowed Sharky and hissed, "You goof, you embarrassed them!"  "Oh come on, we've embarrassed ourselves plenty tonight."  "Yeah but we're both crazy."  "Hehe, true.  Not gonna lie I'm kinda interested to see what the crazy one's gonna do when she wakes up and sees those two together..."  "You mean the one who was raging about my jugs?"  "Hehe, yeah that one."  "That'll be a hell of a sight indeed."
    "Ah'm not sure how she'd react, and Ah'm not sure Ah'd like to know." Mark admitted with a nervous chuckle.
    Suddenly an arm hooked around Mark's neck. It was Eric, who was at this point red-faced and sporting a goofy smile.
    "I fucking love you, man. You're like my brother, man, you're my fucking brother, man." He said.
    "How many Jack n Cokes did y'all have?" Mark asked. Eric laughed.
    "I think I had like, five?" He said.
    "I personally like seeing a Cobra hover in and shoot off a Hellfire. Just seems so smooth the way Marine pilots do it." Teiji said.
    In response to Eric's drunkenness, Sharky assumed his piratical nature once again and said to Mark, "Yarr, ye wingman be havin' some trouble with his rum, it seems."  Millie, who had been filling his gullet with pasta for quite a while, walked up and said, "What?  Trouble?  With rum?  What is this madness?"  Sharky chuckled and said, "Aye, Millie, ye have to remember not all who fly the dangerous skies be dastardly piratical individuals like ourselves, savvy?  Some can't handle the lovely elixir of life that is rum." 
    Reaper said to Teiji, "That's because they don't hover when they shoot.  Cobras aren't aerodynamically stable enough to shoot from a hover.   That's why they always do rolling takeoffs.  Just like Hinds.  So yeah, it's smooth because it's never not.  That being said, I do agree Cobras are sexy as fuck."  Zeus added, "They remind me of that Dethklok song.  Better Metal Snake."
    "Eh, he's kind of a lightweight. Ah'll admit I can hold more than him, but Ah prefer not to get shitfaced all the time." Mark agreed.
    "I swear man, I'm not...that drunk." Eric protested.
    "Not yet. No more booze for y'all or I'll make y'all sing that damn Barbie Girl song or something worse." Mark said.
    "Who're you, my mother?" Eric retorted.
    "That would explain why they never slow for long. They always pop off that Hellfire or whatever they're shooting for the run and go off." Teiji replied.
    In response to Eric's protestations, Sharky chuckled, "He's worse than your mother.  He's your wingman.  He's gotta keep your silly ass alive.  Believe me, I know the feeling sometimes."  Gale interjected, "Hey it's not all bad, I mean you wouldn't have gotten off your ass and moved on me if it weren't for Shamu..." "True.  But I would have also gotten in significantly fewer bar fights if it wasn't for Shamu.  Granted, that was mostly to save his ass, so I guess it's still a valid example."
    Reaper replied, "Yeah.  I mean, a Cobra can hover, obviously, but it's got issues with maintaining altitude in a hover.  Couldn't tell you about the Vipers though.  But I don't see why they wouldn't be able to."
    "Yeah, and that's why I fuckin...love him. He kept me strong when I almost lost Misaki." Eric said.
    He then paused, and his eyes widened. He let go of Eric and took off for the door, running pretty fast for a drunk guy.
    "Misaki, my love, your knight in shining armor is coming!" He shouted. Mark tried to garb him when he'd started off, but missed.
    "Eric, she's not here!...Aw shit, Ah'd better go get him. Y'all wanna help? Eric's a fast guy." Mark said.
    Knight was about to say something about the Viper, when he heard Eric run out. The young man looked towards the door as the pilot exited.
    "Crazy-ass airdales. Love the support but damn are they weird." He said.
    Sharky missed grabbing Eric as he darted out the door, and said sadly to Mark, "Sorry, bro.  Not that fast of a runner."  Dingo waved off Mark and said, "I got him," bolting out the door to chase Eric down.
    The rest of the members of AFO Triton and Reaper looked up to see if they could help, but promptly returned to their drinks when they saw Dingo had run off after Eric.
    Mark took off with Dingo, though he lagged a little behind.
    "Sorry man, Ah ain't that fast a runner! Ah'm built for strength, not speed!" Mark called as they chased Eric down the street.
    Eric was cackling away like a madman, or a kid loose in a theme park. He extended his arms as he crossed the street.
    "I am a MAJESTIC FUCKING EAGLE! CAW! CAW!" The blonde howled to the sky.
    Both Irénée and Estelle sighed as they saw Eric run out and start blundering about.
    Irénée looked to Estelle and asked, "Shall we?"
    Estelle nodded and they joined Mark in pursuit of Eric.
    Dingo managed to overtake the drunken pilot and moved to head him off in order to give Mark time to catch up.  He yelled, "You may wanna hurry up there, cowboy!"
    Eric reversed course and headed for a square in response.
    "Yeah, yeah Ah got him!" He shouted. Eric was rather cornered in the square.
    "Come on, Tex, you gotta be fast to catch your enemies!" Eric laughed.
    Mark growled and gave it all he had. He grabbed Eric from behind, but forgot to control the slowing of his momentum. The two kept going forward and tripped into a large fountain. Eric went all the way in, while Mark's upper torso bore the spontaneous dip.
    "Call the SAR Helo! Call the SAR Helo!" Eric laughed as he turned onto his back and splashed. Mark wasn't as impressed.
    "Dingo, y'all SF guys don't happen to carry around zip-ties for laughs, do y'all?" He said as he pulled himself out of the water. He also noted the REAF pilots, and signaled to them to help.
    Back at the bar, Knight changed the subject to what had just happened.
    "I assume Dingo is quite the runner, eh? Ex-police? DEA?" He asked.
    Dingo simply grinned slyly and pulled a plastic zip tie out of his back pocket. 
    Genghis said, "Nah.  When he was doing trauma training he was working at a hospital in a really rough part of Oured.  They had issues with druggies, thieves, and the like.  Druggies don't like rehab that much.  So whenever they bolted from the ER he ended up having to chase them down.  It was good exercise though.  So yeah.  When there's running to be done we send him.  It's part of the reason why we call him Dingo."  Voodoo nodded, "Yeah. Motherfucker can RUN, man.  I mean we all can, obviously, but Dingo's on a whole another level." 
    Zeus added, "I tried racing him once...  Once."  Tick laughed, "I remember that.  Didn't he lap you?"  Zeus retorted, "No...  He was just very very far ahead of me."  "Yeah.  Like the entire length of one lap."  "Hey I had a cramp that day, alright?" "So eat more bananas."  Zeus countered, "I don't see you racing Dingo."  Tick chuckled, "Yeah.  Because he's Dingo.  Have to be out of your gourd to race that mofo.  I'd have a better shot beating Voodoo in a tomahawk throwing match."  Voodoo grinned, "Ehhhhhhhhhh I wouldn't be so hasty."
    Seeing Mark signaling them over to help, Irénée and Estelle hurried over to the fountain, hoping that the scene doesn't draw too much attention. Because they were dreading tomorrow's headlines, due to the fact that they understood that being drunk in public in a country like Isara is a religious blasphemy, and it was best not to offend the nation that was providing them with bases.
    Upon reaching the fountain, Irénée and Estelle began struggling to restrain Eric.
    With Eric restrained and few people around to really witness things,he was escorted back to the bar. Mark seemed more annoyed about being wet now than the fact that his wingman and proverbial brother was drunk. The blonde started joking he was like a celebrity getting arrested, but he didn't try to escape.
    "Ah tell y'all, Eric, the drycleaning for this is on y'all." He scowled.
    "Ah come on Mark, now you'll get all the ladies!" Eric joked. He shook his head.
    Back at the bar, Ekaterina was talking about Mark when he came in. She eyed his new appearance, with his hair falling a little in front of his face and his shirt clinging to him. The drunken intel offcier was like a mountain lion coming upon a herd of deer. She rushed to him and placed her hands on his chest.
    "You know, I've always wanted to do that thing where you eat sushi off someone. Perhaps your abs would be a suitable place to try?" She giggled. Mark was once again cherry red.
    "Hey, what about my abs?" Teiji offered.
    "Shaddup!" Mark snapped, still embarrassed.
    Dingo helped Mark pull Eric out of the fountain then sat him down on the edge, making sure the drunken pilot didn't hurt himself.  He sighed, "You can never get away from work..."  To Mark he said, matter-of-factly, "You need to make sure he doesn't have any more booze.  And make sure he gets plenty of water and some food.  Or he's gonna be feeling it tomorrow morning."
    In response to Ekaterina's statement about sushi, Gale nudged Sharky and said mischievously, "Hmm, you know, I've always wanted to try that too.  But I'm not a fan of EATING sushi.  I feel like it'd be more interesting to be the plate, you know?"  Sharky whispered in her ear, "You make that mini-cheesecake and I'm THERE."
    Dusty said to Teiji, "You may wanna stand down with her, brother.  Yer not gonna get nowheres with that lady."
    They were suddenly interrupted by a crashing of plates from one of the tables.  Millie, who had been inundating himself with rum the whole night, had challenged Red to a bout of arm wrestling.  He had just lost.  Spectacularly.  Sharky chuckled, "Hey Showtime, maybe get Millie to lay off the rum, eh?  He's not Jack Sparrow you know."  Showtime sighed, "I would, but every time I do he starts wailing about me taking away the rum.  I think Shamu's wearing off on him..."  Sharky laughed, "Maybe, man.  Maybe.  Red, don't break Showtime's RIO.  As a favor to me?" 
    The drunken Sapiniard slurred, "No hago promeshash, senor..."  Breaker, by far the less intoxicated of Basilisk 4's crew, said, "Don't worry, boss, I got him."
    Seeing the chaos that the rest of the Basilisks were causing, Reaper said to his brother, "Yeesh, it's like with Shamu gone the rest of them go bonkers."  Sharky sighed, "I think Shamu's getting a little tired of his reputation.  It explains why he was so chill all night.  As for everybody else, I think they just haven't cut loose like this in a while."
    Chris and Hannibal talked to each other, then Hannibal also left the building. Passing Eric and Mark he said "Have a quick dip in the pool gents." then walked out the door. He returned a few minutes later with a box, a sharpie, and something's in side the box. He set it on the table and withdrew he contents to show Chris. He pulled out five boxes of tampons, a pack of jolly ranchers, a pocket copy of 'Self Esteem Management for Dummies' and a box of large bandaids.
    Meanwhile, Chart stepped inside the restaurant and smiled at Shamu. "Thank you."  she said.
    Shamu tipped his imaginary hat and replied, "My pleasure," following Chart inside.  He took a look at the menu and asked, "So what do you think you wanna get?  The shishlik and the schnitzel look pretty good to me."
    Meanwhile back at the party Sharky saw Hannibal return with a box containing tampons, among other things.  Confused, he asked, "Uh, guys, that time of the month again?"
    "Nope," said Hannibal, "We are putting together a box of butthurt for the KAF."
    Chart nodded and said "Sounds good to me." She flagged down a waiter and ordered their food. She also ordered some champagne. 
    Sharky chuckled, "Looks more like a box of butthurt relief if you ask me.  Unless you're planning on coating those tampons in titanium or something.  Which is something of an expensive proposition."  Gale rolled her eyes, "You and your titanium..."  "What?  It's AMAZING!"  "It's also expensive as all hell, dear."  "Well...  Yeah you have  a point there."
    Shamu also ordered a glass of champagne and asked, "So why the champagne?  Are we celebrating something?"
    Mark got away from Ekaterina long enough to put the now passed-out Eric face-down on a table and ask the bartender for a bucket and a wet towel. He put the bucket below the blonde and kept the towel nearby to wipe things up. He stopped, the asked for another towel to dry himself, though his girlfriend had her protestes.
    "But those abs should be appreciated!" She said.
    "In private, Kat, in private." He replied softly.
    Teiji sighed and went back to drinking.
    "Tell yah what, Oates, we'll take you to a strip club after the war." Knight laughed.
    Chart smiled and said, "My first kill, we got it on the first official night of the war. An Su-27. I'm sure you have much more to tell me when it comes to MiG kills."
    Meanwhile, the Marines had written a note and taped the box shut and scrawled "Butthurt Relief Care Package" on the side and top. Raptor walked over to Reaper and asked, "Any way you could get this to Kedhan or Shamlak on one of your runs?"
    Shamu shrugged, "Believe it or not, not too many MiG kills.  We were facing a lot of Emmerian naval air during the war, since we got tasked with knocking on their fleets, so a lot of Super Hornets, Tomcats, Rafales, stuff like that.  I think we ran into the occasional Sea Flanker.  Most of the MiGs we've run into have been pushovers compared to those freaking Emmerian Rafales.  Those were a pain in the ass.  Almost as much of a pain as the MiG-29 we ran into last mission.  But anyway, congrats on your first kill, and on a Flanker no less."  Shamu raised his glass in salute as their food arrived at the table.
    In response to Raptor's request, Reaper's eyes narrowed, "What am I supposed to do with this when it gets there?  We're not FedEx, you know."  Zeus quipped, "Wait you're not?  Shit, that explains why my mom never got her Christmas present..."  Tick laughed, "Please.  You never sent your mom a Christmas present."  "Shhhhhh, she doesn't know that!"
    Genghis said, "Oh come on, Reaper.  Be nice to the dear children.  In all seriousness though, it's an amusing idea."  Turning back to the Marines, "But Reaper's question stands.  Generally the only care packages we send the bad guys are of the lead and high explosive variety. Not really sure what dropping a box of tampons into a combat zone's gonna do.  Honestly you'd have a better shot just straight up mailing it."
    Meanwhile Sharky looked back over at his wingmen and realized something.  Jumping onto the stage, he yelled, "Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, I just realized I have forgotten a very important matter!  Everyone congratulate Basilisk 2, Showtime and his RIO Millie, for making ace in a single day on our last hop!  They're now the top scoring pilots in this detachment.  Seriously guys, haven't you heard of letting the boss win?"  Raising a glass, he said, "To Basilisk 2!"
    "To Basilisk 2!" exclaimed the Marines and SEALs, who took a pull on their beers.
     Chart clinked her glass against Shamu's and said "Prost!", she drank a bit and then put the glass down. "This looks good, " she said, as she raised some of the schnitzel to her mouth. 
    Shamu took a bite of his schnitzel and said, "Yeah, it really is.  Prolly not great for my breath, but it's delicious either way."
    The Rosenthal personnel all joined in Sharky's toast, everyone draining a glass of champagne, except Millie, who had been handed a glass of sparkling grape juice by Showtime, much to his chagrin.
    Mark, Eric, and Ekaterina all toasted with Cokes, while the Delta team members used their latest round of beers. After the former drained their drinks, Mark approached Gale and Sharky.

    "Rosenthal got a room where Ah could dump my intoxicated wingman into good hands?" He asked.


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    Re: ONS Party Thread (Archived)

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    Shamu grinned and said, "You got a deal!"  He thought to himself, "So this is what happens when I don't try too hard.  Fucking awesome!"  Attempting to mask his elation he said to Chart, "So,
    Meanwhile Sharky, who had been talking to Voodoo about his collection of scars again, heard Hannibal singing and said, "Sammy Small, really?  It's not 1972..."  Turning to Hacker he chuckled, "You guys have issues remembering what year it is, eh?  First you think it's the 1940s and now it's the seventies again?  Tick, is this like a universal jarhead problem, or what?"
    Tick simply shrugged and said, "I dunno, man.  I don't know about the proclivities of POGs."  
    Voodoo snapped his head around and said, "Whoa there, Tick!  4 syllables?  I'm impressed!  I didn't even know you could count that high!"  Tick retorted, "Very funny, Voodoo.  Don't you have a puppy or some shit to snuggle with?"  Voodoo chuckled, "I would, but Max is back at the base."
    "So?...." said Chart, I have no clue where to meet again, maybe an O'Club on one of the bases?"
    "Sorry, he gets like this when he has had too much to drink, he'll sing anything from rap, to rock, to even pop." said Hacker. Hannibal was nursing his coke quietly, and he had kinda returned to normal.
    Shamu shrugged and said, "Sounds like a plan to me.  You wanna get out of here, or keep dancing?"
    Sharky chuckled, "Eh, fair enough."
    Checking her watch, Chart said "We should go, Riley is probably expecting me back soon."
    Shamu looked at his watch and nodded, "You're right.  Let's get you home."
    The two made their way back to the hotel, walking up to the Marine pilots.  Shamu said to Chris, "One WSO, delivered safe and sound."  Turning to Chart he stood there awkwardly for a moment attempting to decide a plan of action, finally settling with a friendly handshake, sheepishly saying, "I...  er...  Well, see you around.  It was fun."  He then made a hasty retreat back to Sharky, Gale, and the other Rosenthal troops before he was able to embarrass himself further.
    Sharky, noticing his RIO's rapid approach and flustered expression, said, "Hey buuuuuuuuuddy!  How'd it go?"  Shamu muttered angrily, "A handshake.  A fucking handshake? Come on what sort of suave aerial assassin are you? I need a drink..."  Sharky chuckled and handed Shamu a shot glass filled with a greenish clear liquid.  Shamu promptly downed the whole thing before spluttering and nearly dropping the glass, exclaiming, "The fuck was that?  Jet fuel?"  Sharky laughed, "Nah.  Apple pie moonshine.  You remember that stuff, don't you?"
    "Yeah, but I don't remember it burning so much... Yeesh."
    Gale chuckled, "Poor baby...  So how did it go?" 
    Shamu shrugged, "Eh, well enough.  Kinda awkward dropping her off with her flight lead though."
    Sharky interjected, "We could tell."  Shamu replied by lightly punching his pilot on the shoulder.
    Chris grinned at Shamu's embarrassment, then asked Chart "So...?" "I like him a lot, he seems like a great guy, kinda awkward, but I deal with Hannibal on a daily basis." she responded.
    Riley returned to his conversation with Hacker and Chart walked over and checked on Hannibal. "How you holding up their chief?" she asked her pilot. "Goddamn head is killing me." he grumbled. Chart hid her smile and said "I have some aspirin." withdrawing a container of the small pills. Giving a few to Elephant, she patted him on the back, and, noticing Shamu looking quite embarrassed by the awkwardness of their parting, she began to slink over to where he stood. Sneaking up, she pressed her hats against his back, then have him a kiss on the cheek.     
    Shamu was absentmindedly listening to Sharky and Gale describe the events that had transpired in his absence when the feeling of Chart's chest against his back jerked him out of his stupor.  Straightening up, his eyes widened to the apparent size of dinner plates.  Unmoving, he said quietly to Sharky, "Uh...  Buddy...  Did I just get kissed on the cheek or have I been drinking too much of this swill?"
    Sharky chuckled and said, "Turn around, bro."
    Shamu turned to face Chart with a sheepish grin on his face.  After a few seconds the dopey look on his face was replaced with a sly smile as he said to the redhead, "Now if yer gonna do that, lassie, yer gonna want to go for the kill or not at all," as he swept her off her feet in a dramatic flourish and planted a kiss directly on her lips.
    Sharky and Gale, who had been watching with bated breaths, erupted into cheers, with Gale yelling, "WOOOOOOOO!  YOU GO YOU CRAZY KILLER WHALE!" 
    Shamu straightened back up and returned Chart to her feet, the sheepish grin back.  He said to Chart, "So yeah.  That's how you do it." 
    Sharky nodded approvingly and said, "He's right you know. And you've always gotta counter aggressively."
    Gale chuckled, 'The shark boy speaks the truth."
    Meanwhile, Reaper, who had been discussing the events of the previous few days with Genghis was surprised by Gale's sudden outburst.  Turning to see what was happening, he groaned as he saw Shamu kissing Chart, "Goddamnit.  What is it with fast mover pilots and women?  Like seriously!"
    Voodoo sighed, "At this rate there won't be any left for us."  Tick chuckled, "Ah don't worry, Voodoo.  You and Odin can go all Viking on some motherfuckers and get us some."  Odin raised his hands defensively and protested, "Whoa whoa whoa.  Don't drag me into this.  You can have Oats."
    Chart regained her balance, and started laughing. Through spats of giggles, she said "Awwwww, he's so cute when he's embarrassed."
    Riely had nearly spit out his beer when he saw what happened, "Whoa, that escalated quickly!" he exclaimed. Hacker didn't even need to look up to know what Shamu did. "Ain't that some shit boss?" he laughed. Hannibal still sat with his head now resting on the table, and he was snoring lightly. The ruckus didn't even make him stir.
    Toby howled with laughter at the comment.
    "Yeah Oats! You two would make a perfect couple!" He said, having barely managed to get down his latest swig of beer.
    "Is it just me, or has your ability to laugh been about as sensitive as a stripper's nipple tonight?" Oat said, frowning as he became the butt of the latest jokes. His got little more than a chortle for creativity.
    "Trust me, our big LMG-lugger is getting hammer, very hammered." Dodo intoned, nodding at his teammate.
    Checking his watch, Axt said, "Well time to head home for us. Command wants us in bed early again." Gathering up his team, he began to head for the door, but then stopped. He pulled out a set of patches from his pockets and handed them to the team leaders of the other SF teams, and Reaper. "See you guys around." he said, and walked out of the hotel.
    Shamu grinned and said, "Well thankya, Chart.  Anyway, I should probably get some sleep before I get any cuter, if you understand my drift.  Plus considering that my pilot's probably going to be chronically sleep deprived for the next day or so at least ONE of us should be conscious.  G'night, peoples."  After giving Chart another hug and a kiss on the cheek, he gave Sharky a manly hug and whispered, "If you wake me up with humping noises I'm gonna kill you."  Sharky chuckled, "It's a big floor, bro.  You'll be fine."  Turning to Gale Shamu said, "I'm glad he's got someone else to keep an eye on him when I'm not around now.  Take care of him, eh?"  Gale hugged Shamu and smiled, saying, "I've got him, buddy.  You go get some sleep."
    Waving to the SF guys, Shamu left and headed upstairs.
    As Axt and Shamu left, Reaper said, "Well, looks like the party's starting to wind down.  Mr. C, don't you have a flight to catch?"
    Mr. Clark looked and his watch and said, "Oops, it seems I do.  Well gentlemen, I must take my leave."
    Genghis nodded, "Yeah we're gonna get out of here too.  Looks like Voodoo and company still have some partying to do."
    Voodoo grinned, "You know it, boss!"
    Waving to Sharky and Gale, the members of Triton followed Mr. Clark out of the bar.  Before joining them, Reaper walked up to his brother and said, "Don't do anything too crazy, eh?  I'm gonna need my XO to be at maximum ice queen levels." 
    Sharky chuckled as Gale gave him a mischievous look, "Don't worry, I'm more afraid of what she's gonna do to me." 
    Reaper chuckled, "Fair enough.  If I was getting those looks from someone I'd be scared too."  Clasping Sharky's hand he said, "It was good seeing you, bro."
    "You too.  Stay safe."
    "You'd better not get into too much trouble either.  Mom'll kill me if anything happens to you."
    "Hehe, just mom?"
    "Yeeeeeah I'd rather not have my XO out for my guts either."
    With that Reaper walked out as well, bidding farewell to the rest of the people in the bar.
    "Yeah, we should move this party, too; bartender's giving us that look that asks us to vacate the premises." Knight said.
    "Let's go to a club; I ain't seen any nice female figures in months." Toby, now thoroughly tanked, suggested. Teiji laughed.
    "You know what, why the hell not? lead the way to the land of "hats", Tobes!" He laughed.
    The SF team left its table, still joking and shouting, and went off into the street to enjoy the city's nightlife. The only one that didn't go was Crusher, who complained his wife would hate him even more if she found out he was goofing around like that while deployed. Knight went to keep his men out of trouble.
    As the party began to wind down, Gale whispered to Sharky, "Hey, it's pretty much dead down here.  You wanna head upstairs?"
    Grinning, he replied, "Hell yeah."
    The two said their goodbyes and made their way to the elevator, which was being operated by an elderly Isari gentleman.  Gale told him they were going to the penthouse and then promptly yelped in surprise as Sharky slid his hand between her legs.
    Regaining her composure, she hissed, "The hell is wrong with you?  We're in public!"
    Sharky smirked, "I couldn't help it.  It's instinct.  I see a gap and I gotta go for it, ya know?"
    Gale simply huffed and rolled her eyes, apologizing to the elevator operator.
    The old man chuckled, "Don't worry, madame.  There is something about the city at night that brings out the romance in everyone.  Don't be embarrassed."
    Gale protested, "But isn't it considered rude?"
    The man smiled, "I have been in this business a long time.  I have seen couples like you come into this lift and leave, often doing worse things than what you all are doing.  It stopped bothering me long ago.  You are young, you are in love.  Enjoy it while you still can."
    Gale simply nodded her head in acceptance.  Sharky, wanting to change the mood, asked the old man what he thought of the war.  This discussion took up the rest of the elevator ride, at which point they bid the man farewell and walked down the hall to the penthouse, where they were struck by an amazing view of the harbor through an array of floor to ceiling windows. 
    Sharky, awestruck, said to Gale, "Damn, this is one hell of a view.  They really sprung for this place, didn't they?"
    Gale gloomily replied, "Yeah."
    Confused by her solemn response, Sharky quizzically looked at the blonde and asked, "Hey, what's wrong?  You're not sill bummed about the elevator, are you?"
    She sighed, "It's what the old guy said about enjoying it while we can.  I don't know, it seemed a little too ominous to me."
    Sharky turned to Gale and pulled her into a hug, kissing her on the cheek.  After about a minute he let go and said, "So what is it you're worried about?"
    "I'm worried this might not last, that something's gonna happen."
    Sharky smiled, "Now babe, why would you go and think something like that?  You and I both went into this knowing something could happen to us at any point in time.  Hell that's why I made my move.  The whole point of us being together now is so that we can enjoy ourselves and each other in case our ticket gets punched somewhere down the road.  Fuck, that sounds morbid...  Okay, the point is, we don't know what's going to happen.  I could take an R-77 to the face my next time out, you could hit a power line in a training mission, or we could both be smiled upon by whoever the hell watches out for people like us and live until we grow old and hate each other.  All of that is irrelevant.  All that matters is that I like you, you like me, and we have this awesome penthouse all to ourselves for the next couple of hours.  That being said, I 'm gonna do whatever the hell it takes to make sure I come back to your beautiful self.  If I have to punch out of the Leviathan and swim back to friendly lines on the back of a fucking shark so be it.  I WILL come back to you.  That's a promise.
    Heartened, Gale said, "Well then.  I guess they were right.  Romance DOES change a man."
    Sharky chuckled, "Hehe, I guess it does."
    With her now trademark mischievous glint in her eye, Gale said, "I'm glad.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna do some of that enjoying you were talking about."
    Before he could react, Gale leapt at Sharky, hooking her legs around his back and shoving her tongue down his throat as she steered him into an empty bedroom, closing the door behind them with one hand while holding on to the bucking Tomcat pilot with another.
    Long after everything had been closed and everyone left, it was time for the last round of bar goers to come...
    The first apparition to appear was skinny with dirty blonde hair and green eyes. On his olive-green flight suit were about a dozen patches from various deployments and squadrons, and he wore the rank of an OMDF captain. On his patch it read "R Bradford, OMDF" with his callsign, below: Rocky. He shook his head at his son'd drunken antics that he'd observed earlier.
    "I swear, I let that boy near Bull too much." He said, chastising himself.
    He looked over as two more figures appeared. Both were OADF types that looked almost like brothers. They each had hairstyles that looked kind of like an old-school rock musician's. One had patches that denoted him as an F-15E Strike Eagle pilot by the title of Second Lieutenant Johnathan "Ratpack" Hickman, while the other, an F-22 pilot, was a Captain named Alvin "Chopper" Davenport.
    "Aw come on, sir, I think we've all been like him at least once." Ratpack smiled.
    "Yeah, I got shitfaced...er, drunk, the night I graduated the fighter course, Captain." Chopper added in. Ryan shook his head.
    "You kids...I swear, makes this old man's heart break. Back in my day we got up early for church every Sunday and held the door open for elderly women!" He said. Ratpack raised a hand.
    "Sir...with all due respect, you and I were the same age during Belka." He pointed out.
    "But who's the senior officer now, son?" Ryan said with a twinkle in his eye. The two other officer smiled.
    A fourth figure soon joined, another OMDF member. He was the youngest of the group, with dark skin, short hair and a boyish face. his patches were the same as those of Mark and Eric, as he'd only left the living world a short time ago. Ryan smiled and approached the man, offering a hand.
    "Welcome to the party, DJ." He smiled.
    The young man looked at the Navy Captain and moved to raise his hand for a salute, but Ryan stopped him.
    "We're indoors, Lieutenant. Anyways What's say we get this party started?" He asked.
    "What party, sir?" Derek asked.
    DJ looked around as more apparitions appeared. Most were in flight suits similar to his, but others were in older garb. He looked at his friend's father again.
    "Hey, even in the afterlife we pilots still like to get together and be brothers." He said. After a minute, it brought a smile across DJ's face.
    The four men who'd first appeared joined the crowd growing at the bar. They all joined together, drinks in hand, and sang the following: https://youtu.be/SdSj0_Fd4ds
    The next day...
    "Uggggggggggggh, why did I drink that much and spend all my money last night?" Toby groaned as he shielded his eyes from the sun, which were already covered by RayBan sunglasses.
    "Because you apparently got a massive hardon for some stripper with a nicely-proportioned ass, especially when you're drunk." Teiji said as the two sat in the sand.
    "But dat ass..." He groaned.
    "But nothing, Tobes; you get to suffer through the hangover. If you wanna see more ass, then you gotta open your eyes to see it." Teiji said.
    "He's right Tobes, besides, just keep OD'ing on the Advil and you'll be fine." Knight chimed in as he finished gulping the better part of a Cherry Pepsi.
    The group of Deltas, all dressed in beachwear, watched as the morning sun kept rising towards the sky from the beach. They'd claimed part of the sands that jutted out into the ocean. There were others in view, but they seemed isolated for the most part. A bunch of fit guys with tattoos and short hair apparently wasn't all that fun to hang around.
    "So where's everyone else?" Crusher asked.
    "I saw those guys from the OMDF earlier with that one Yuktobanian woman; I think she's changing." Roadkill commented. The others nodded in nera-unison.
    "Mark's so lucky." They all agreed.
    At the same time...
    "Marky...can you please help me with this thing?"
    Mark turned a soft red at the sound of Ekaterina's voice. He looked towards the door of the changing rooms reluctantly.
    "Y'all sure?" He asked.
    "Yes, please." She replied. Mark heard Eric snicker.
    "You heard her, Marky; go give the gal a hand." He said. Mark glared at him, then looked towards the changing booth again.
    "Or maybe you could find Gale? She'd probably be of better help." the blonde woman added.
    "Tell yah what, Ah'll see what Ah can do and if Ah can't help, Ah'll get Gale." Mark replied.
    With Eric watching his back, Mark slipped inside to help his girlfriend with her swimsuit.
    The silence was interrupted by the sound of a truck's engine. Pulling up to the dunes, Riley out the truck in park, and turned it off. He and the other male Marines wore t-shirts an swimming trunk, whilst Chart wore a red two-piece swimsuit. Letting down the hatch, Hacker and Elephant clamored on and pulled out a cooler, while Riley grabbed 4 beach chairs. They moved their things over the dune and onto the beach. Squinting against the morning light, Chart spotted the Delta team.Making their way over there, Riley called our "Good morning!" They set the cooler down a few feet from the Delta operators and Riley distributed the chairs. The Marines set them up, and Riley opened the cooler. "You guys want a drink? We got beer, Mtn. Dew, Coke and water."  
    "Those dunes really remind me of the ones back home." spoke First Lieutenant Zachary Hathaway as he adjusted his mirrored teashades and brushed aside some of his long hair obstructing his field of view. He took a deep breath of the salty air and closed his eyes for a second. A familiar voice caught his attention.
    "You're looking less like a flight leader and more like those beach bums we used to see off base." said Second Lieutenant Alyosha Denisov commenting on his comrade's get up which consisted of a pair of baggy Flecktarn pattern shorts and a faded t-shirt with the words I talk to Squirrels inscribed across the chest.
    "Look who's talking captain shirtless. Hey Matchstick; where are the girls?" responded Zack as he opened a bottle of Dr.Pepper and took a healthy swig of it's contents.
    "Probably back over at the changing rooms, so are we going to stand here or are we actually going to introduce ourselves? You could stand to socialize outside of us and your family man. I mean look at some the ladies around here!" Alyosha said as he prodded his buddy in the ribs lightly.
    "We should; but I would like to have Mao and Rein in tow before we do so."
    Meanwhile a pair of young women walked away from the changing rooms and were chatting amongst themselves. The taller blonde with a choppy bob was lively and wore a purple string bikini top and a pair of shorts while the other had long bluish black hair, had a crooked smile on her face, and had donned a blue one piece swimsuit.
    "My boot made contact with his ass and he was yelping like crazy. I warned him I bite!" spoke Second Lieutenant Rein Carter as she looked over at her friend and squad mate Second Lieutenant Mao Takayanagi who broke out in laughter. "I made you laugh Hime." smiled Rein.
    Still laughing Mao changed the topic; "So do you think this is okay? Not too modest, not too revealing Rein?" struggling to get her statement out in between giggles.
    "I think you look great Mao! It's certainly different from what I have seen around here. I'm sure Zack will love it." Rein bellowed in response. Mao looked down, blushed lightly, and crinkled her brow as her friend couldn't control the volume of her voice.
    "Can you not broadcast it to the world Comet?" hissed Mao.
    "Oh; come on! Don't get in a knot! You were doing so well just a few seconds ago. Besides! Enjoy the day before we have to be back on base and in the air." said Rein in a lighthearted tone.
    Mao looked to her friend and gave her a crooked smile. "You're right. I should be-" Suddenly another loud voice interrupted her.
    "If it isn't the two sexiest girls in the air force!" Alyosha barked as he lifted a digital camera to his eye and snapped a picture.
    "Do you have to be an ass everywhere we go?" Mao glared.
    "Not all the time but I certainly love it when you are angry at me." responded Denisov.
    Zack intervened before they could say another word. "Cut it out you two; we're here to have a good time and it's too early for an arguement.  So squad. Let's go and introduce ourselves to the rest of the crew. Shall we?"
    Knight motioned to their own cooler, which looked like it'd been through its fair share of traveling and use.
    "Nah man, we got stuff already, and we're trying to keep Tobes away from the booze, so no beer for us at the moment." He added.
    "Though we may have to tap into your stash later; we took up half out cooler with tuna we wanted to cook." Dodo laugh.
    "I swear if you try and do some shit Triton would..." Mower began.
    Meanwhile, back at the hotel...
    "Wake up, sleepyhead."
    Sharky chuckled as he pulled on a pair of swim trunks, "Come on, wake up.  We've gotta go to the beach."
    Gale stirred beneath the sheets and groaned, "Mmmm, it's too early."  Reaching a hand out towards Sharky through the tangle of linens she added, "Come back to bed, lover."
    Sharky rolled his eyes as he put on a T-shirt.  "Now you and I both know that if I do that we're not gonna leave until tomorrow.  Now come on.  Shamu's gonna be here any minute."
    "You're going to have to carry me."
    "Well then. Satan's hot sister's being needy today, it seems."
    "Well it's not her fault her doof of a Tomcat driver boyfriend fucked her senseless last night."
    Sharky chuckled, "Hey you're the one who started the whole adventure."  Walking over to the bed, he pulled the sheets off Gale.  After admiring her body for a second as she recoiled from the rush of air, he picked her up and set her on her feet.
    After kissing him on the cheek, Gale tottered off to the bathroom to freshen up and get dressed.
    Noticing her uneven movement, Sharky asked, "Still having issues walking?"
    Gale stuck her head out the door and pouted, "Yes, you jerk...  They're still half-numb."
    Sharky grinned,  "I told you we should have called it a night after four times, but NOOOOOOOOOOO.  Somebody just had to go for ace."
    Gale smiled and blushed as she thought back on the contortions of the previous night, "It was soooooooo worth it though...  I had no idea Mr. C's desk was so sturdy."
    Sharky shook his head, smiling, and then exclaimed, "Woman, enough of that!  Put some clothes on!  Shamu's gonna be here any min..."
    The two were interrupted by a resounding knocking at the door accompanied by someone exclaiming,
    Sharky laughed and said, "Come on in, buddy.  You're in the clear."
    Shamu opened the door to the bedroom and stuck his head in, looking around apprehensively.
    Sharky, still laughing, said, "Don't worry, you're clear, man."
    Shamu walked in and asked, "Wait, where's Gale?"
    "She's in the bathroom changing.  But forget about her, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WEARING?"
    "What?  You're wearing board shorts too!"
    "Nothing's wrong with board shorts, but dear god, man!  SALMON?  REALLY?  Are you channeling your inner frat bro today or some shit?"
    At this point Gale emerged from the bathroom.  Noticing Shamu's garish shorts, she immediately clapped her hands to her face and exclaimed "MY EYES!  SHAMU WHY THE HELL ARE YOU WEARING THOSE?"
    Shamu, thoroughly confused, asked, "What's wrong with these?"
    Gale shook her head and said, "Oh, kiddo, so many things.  But the most important, do you think Charlotte is gonna be able to look at those for more than 20 seconds?  You didn't forget about her, did you?"
    The color drained from Shamu's face as he stuttered, "I...  Uh...  OHHHHHHH SHIT!  Uhhhhh, I gotta go change.  Reaper and company are downstairs loading up the SUVs.  I'll meet you guys down there."  With that he did a prompt about face and sprinted off to his room to change.
    Amused by Shamu's abrupt departure, Gale giggled, "He really likes this girl, doesn't he?"
    Sharky nodded, "So it seems."  Looking Gale's outfit over, he added, "Also have I mentioned you look HOT?"
    Gale blushed, "Aww, thank you, babe."  Smiling mischievously, she said, "Just wait until you see what I have on under this."
    Sharky clasped his hands as if in prayer and said, "Dear lord I am unworthy of this statuesque demon woman next to me..."
    Gale hugged Sharky and kissed him on the cheek, giggling as he reflexively grabbed her butt.  "You big goof.  Come on, let's get downstairs before Reaper and company decide to leave us behind."
    "Aye aye, ma'am."
    The two went downstairs, where they were greeted by Reaper and AFO Triton, who were collectively in shock at the sight of Gale in a dress despite having seen her in one previously, as they'd chalked the previous incident as a one-off anomaly.  Any fears that Reaper's ice-queen XO had been replaced by a changeling were replaced, however, when Gale put Zeus in a headlock and shoved him into the back seat of one of the Suburbans. 
    As the trucks were about to pull out, they were greeted by Shamu, who had changed into a significantly less garish pair of black and white board shorts.
    A few minutes later…
    The Rosenthal vehicles pulled up behind the Marines' pickup truck, and everyone promptly dismounted, with Sharky and Gale walking over to the changing rooms where they saw the Ronin pilots, Shamu running over to the Marines, and the former SEALs ambling towards their special operations brethren.
    As they got closer Voodoo noticed Toby's hung-over state and asked, "Wassa matter, D-boy?  Liquor got the better of ya?"
    Meanwhile Sharky and Gale arrived at the changing rooms.  Looking around, Gale asked Eric, "Wait, where's Ekaterina and Mark?"  They were joined by Dingo, who'd come over to make sure Eric had survived the previous night without any untoward side effects.
    "Poor Toby drank more than he usually does and saw some stripper booty that he liked." Knight laughed. Toby simply mumbled some reply before chugging half a bottle of water.
    "Did anyone catch that?" Teiji asked. The Deltas collectively shook their heads.
    "I think it was some sort of comeback, put I'll leave it up to your imagination, Voodoo." Crusher said, offering him a Corona.
    In the meantime, Eric seemed far less hungover than Toby. He looked a little drowsy, but he was combating it with his aviators and some Advil. He held up a hand to greet the PMCs, and was about to answer the question carefully to clear up any awkwardness when he was cut off.
    "Marky, please be more gentle with it." Ekaterina half-groaned from inside the changing rooms.
    Voodoo eyed the Corona Crusher was offering with distinct distaste before deciding to accept it out of the spirit of the occasion.  Taking a sip, he muttered, "Blah...  Nasty piss beer.  Don't get how you people drink this stuff..."  To Knight he said, "I figured as much.  He was pretty out of it when you guys left."
    Meanwhile upon hearing Ekaterina's groan, Sharky and Gale's eyes widened and they exchanged a look.  Gale broke the silence, saying, "Heyoooo.  Looks like we aren't the only ones who decided to 'enjoy sushi' this weekend, eh, Sharky?" 
    Sharky averted his eyes and muttered, "I.. er... Uh..."
    Gale stepped up closer to him so that her chest was touching his.  Batting her eyes she said, "You know how it went..."  As Sharky tensed up she abruptly stepped back and chuckled, "Shamu isn't the only one who's cute when he's flustered."
    Sharky exhaled deeply and said, "I would retaliate to save face, but that would just start an arms race I'm not sure I can win."
    Gale grinned, "You know you want to...  Or perhaps I should see if Ekaterina needs help with her swimsuit..."
    Sharky took a quick look downwards and groaned, "Damnit these shorts are gonna have a massive hole in them by the end of the day...  And I just got them too..."
    Sensing victory, Gale threw her head back and laughed triumphantly, but was silenced by Sharky sealing his lips over hers.  As they came up for air, Gale gave him a quizzical look.  In response Sharky simply winked.
    Their battle completed, the two remembered Eric's presence.  Turning to him, Sharky sheepishly said, "Uh...  Sorry about that, bud."
    "Why in the hell would we break out the good stuff now? Besides, I never knew you PMC types had become pompous wusses." Crusher grinned, taking his own Corona and chugging part of it.
    "Besides, it'll make the better stuff taste even better later." He added.
    "Now now Staff Sergeant, we should be nicer to our PMC brethren. After all they were Spec Ops like us, once." His CO intoned. The man looked at Toby again.
    "You see Toby was raised a pious little boy, so when he was let out of the house, it set off a switch in him. He works as hard as he parties." the Lieutenant added,
    "Well before I was cut off by THAT...I was gonna say Ekaterina was having some trouble with her suit. Guess Mark ain't helping her much." Eric said slowly. The two in the changing rooms seemed to have quieted down, as if having noted they'd been heard.
    Zeus, who for some reason was wearing a pair of what could only be described as "pimp shades," interjected, "Well you see, Crusher, was it?  Voodoo's a bit of a beer snob.  He doesn't settle for what he calls 'silly mass market crap.'  Yet for some reason this snobbery of his doesn't extend to hard liquor."
    Voodoo retorted, "Because hard liquor doesn't taste like piss if it's poorly made.  It just makes you blind for a bit."
    Meanwhile in response to Knight's comment about Toby's upbringing, Reaper chuckled, "Sounds like what happened with Shamu."
    Over by the changing rooms, Gale nodded in understanding and said to Eric, "Ah, I see."  Raising her voice she asked, "Ekaterina, it's Gale.  Did Mark manage to take care of you, or do you need a more... feminine touch?" 
    Sharky simply facepalmed at what he knew Gale was implying.
    "We kind of need bad booze; makes us love the good stuff more." Crusher said, sticking to his guns.
    "Maybe Tobes and Shamu should go clubbing sometime." Teiji chuckled.
    "Oh...uhm..." Mark said, sounding like a child who'd been caught stealing from the candy jar.
    "It would probably help...Marky means well, but I think he doesn't understand how women's swimsuits work." Ekaterina chuckled nervously.
    Voodoo shrugged, "Eh, I suppose you're right.  No harm in shifting the baseline up though."
    Reaper chuckled, "Only if you want the both of them to get arrested or worse, Oats."
    Gale giggled quietly at Mark and Ekaterina's embarrassment and said, "It's okay, Mark, it happens.  Is it okay if I come in?"
    Sharky gave Gale a hopeful look to which she replied quietly, "No you can't come watch.  Not yet anyway."
    Sharky shrugged in acceptance and turned to Mark, "So you feeling any better, mister 'I'm a motherfucking eagle?'"
    "We got something even better if you wanna change it up: Miller High Life." Dodo offered.
    "That might be a blessing." Teiji chuckled softly.
    "Up yours..." Toby mumbled.
    In the meantime there was some shifting as Mark moved towards the changing room door.
    "Yeah, Ah'll get outta here." Mark said. As he reached for the door, he chuckled.
    "The Majestic Eagle's alright; gonna show us some of his swimming skills today." He added to Eric's embarrassment.
    Voodoo frowned, "I'll stick with the Corona..."
    Reaper chuckled, "Yeah I'm not sure how my brother will appreciate his RIO getting incarcerated because of something I planned.  He generally goes to great lengths to keep Shamu out of trouble."
    As Mark emerged from the changing room and Gale entered to take his place, Sharky winked and asked conspiratorially, "So Tex, did you 'help her with her swimsuit?'"  Turning to Eric he added, "Just remember.  Your feathers aren't waterproof.  Wouldn't want Dingo to have to come fish you out of the drink again."
    Chris looked up from his Mtn. Dew and said, "Oh look who's here.." as the PMC operators arrived. Sticking out his hand, he said "Nice to see you guys again, I'm Captain Chris Riley USMC." Upon hearing the mention of PMC, Chart looked around for Shamu. "Hmmm, were is that goofball?" she wondered quietly. Another party was also arriving, a black SUV had pulled up and the members of SEAL Team 9 disembarked. Several carried some heavy bags, and they walked over to the area were the rest of the SF guys sat. "Morning gentlemen," said Axt, setting down one of the heavy bags. Jester and Halo also set down bags. "We rented out some dive gear, so if any of ya wanna go for a swim, be my guest." said Axt. The SEALs had brought their own cooler, and Axt sourced a beer from it. Opening it, he walked over to the other SF guys and joined the converstion.  
    Shamu walked up to the Marines and waved hello before giving Chart a hug and a kiss on the cheek.  "Good morning.  You sleep well?"
    Genghis accepted Chris's handshake and introduced himself, "Morning.  I'm Genghis.  The rest of the lunatics behind me are AFO Triton."
    Voodoo heard the offer of a swim and said, "I'm good for now, but we could always challenge these poxy landlubbers later."
    "Yes I slept well, I think I had a little to much, Hannibal had to threaten to poor water on me to get me up." said Chart,  returning the hug and kiss. "Want a beer? We have some in our cooler."
    "Chris grinned, "Ah the SF guys, cool." He extended his hand to the rest of the PMC operators.
    "Sure, why not?" said Axt "Always gotta have some sort of competition between the SEALs and CAG."
    Shamu nodded, "Sure.  I woulda slept better but I had redheaded marines on the mind and Sharky and Gale managed to wake up the whole damned floor somehow...  You look great, by the way."
    The rest of the Triton operators shook Chris's hand.
    Voodoo said to Axt, "Ehhh, I don't know how much of a competition it'd be..."
    Dusty retorted, "Hey now, don't forget that one deployment to Sotoa."
    "I had a broken rib!  And I still only lost by a fingertip."
    "Eh, touche."
    "I'll remember that." Eric chuckled, heading off to join the majority of the party.
    Mark blushed, then trying to make what he could out of it, sighed and  rested an elbow on his friend's shoulder. He was in black trunks that looked like they'd been through their fair share of use and black tank-top tank top that read "I did The Ditch with the Skull Squadron".
    "Yah see, Sharky, there's a problem with being one of those cliched boys who finds large-breasted women attractive, in that sometimes they have trouble with their swimsuits. Ah may be good at handling said bosom in other capacities, but when putting her swimwear on her, Ah may not be as gentle as she'd like." He said.
    "I get the feeling incarceration would be the least of our worries." Knight chuckled, seeing what Reaper was getting at.
    "Thanks," said Chart. "So wanna go for a swim?
    "I'm gonna go out and see what's down there," said Halo to Axt.
    "Roger that, be careful. I heard sharks like this area."
    Hannibal had already pulled off his shirt and was floating in the water. "It's awesome!" he yelled at the party onshore.
    Shamu smiled, "Absolutely.  Lead the way, madam."
    Sharky chuckled, "I know what you mean, Tex.  Taking it off's easy.  Putting it back on...  Well you know how it goes." 
    Looking at the inscription on the tall Osean's shirt he asked, "So what is this 'Ditch' you did with Skull Squadron?"
    As Zack and the others began to make their way to the large crowd that had congregated, Zack looked to his left and looked at Mao who was rummaging through her bag. "Nervous about meeting the others for the first time Hime?" Zack spoke. "Nah; I'm sure they wont mind some Chair Force pilots crashing their fun. What's in the cooler on your shoulder?" Mao responded. "Ah. Just a couple Stouts, Doctor Pepper, and a couple bottles of water. Alyosha's smokes are in the front pouch with a bunch of assorted shit." Zack said as he looked over Mao's body. "Nice swimsuit by the way; really digging the midriff cutout." Zack said quietly to Mao. "Thanks." she said in response as she clasped his left hand.
    "This sure beats the hell out of conducting combat air patrols and never getting to do anything else outside of it!" barked Alyosha as he snapped another picture. "I thought I was going to lose my mind when they kept sending us up just to go babysit some strip of Isari desert. Anybody going for a swim? I feel like going for one." Said Rein as she adjusted her grip on a folding chair in her hand. "We'll be on the front lines soon. Boring air patrols will actually look like a vacation once we make contact." Zack said.
    As they finally approached the group within earshot Zack raised his voice. "Hey guys; room for a group of Viper drivers!?"
    Meanwhile, our Emmerian pilots arrived. Irenee and Willard are feeling relaxed about being at the beach for the first time in years. Estelle was blushing thinking about how her lover will think of her swim suit. Magalie, however, was in a bit of a hangover from last night, but is fantasizing what the object of her desires would look in her swimsuit.
    As the two women of Eagle flight entered the changing room, Irenee saw the Osean pilots and greeted them.
    "Yo guys! Are we late?"
    "Futuro Canal back in 2016 with VF-34. For some reason the OMDF brass likes to have us go up into that narrow little passage as a show of support for the Sapins.Then we basically drift the carrier in that bay beyond to turn around and go back through." Mark explained.
    "Thank you for helping me with this, Gale; This swimsuit is nice, but a little complicated." Ekaterina commented from inside the changing room.
    In the meantime Eric reached the others.
    "Attention ladies, gentlemen, and SF operators, the Majestic Fucking Eagle has arrived." he said, embracing his nickname. He spotted the REAF pilots, and immediately stuck out a hand to Irenee.
    "Not at all, man. Welcome." He said.
    Sharky chuckled, "I've seen a lot of shit, but I don't think I've ever seen the Boat channeling its inner Fujiwara."
    As the Emmerian pilots and the Viper pilots approached, Sharky raised a hand in greeting, saying to Irenee, "Nah, the party's just getting started."  To Zack he said, "Uh, howdy.  Viper drivers?"
    Meanwhile Gale said, "Aww, don't mention it!  You look great in it!"
    When Eric announced his arrival, Tick elbowed Dingo and said, "five bucks says you're gonna be fishing him out of the drink again." 
    Dingo shook his head and said, "I sure as hell hope not."
    Inside the changing room, Estelle was getting into her swimsuit when she felt something grabbing at her hats, and let out a loud yelp before shoving Magalie out of the booth.
    "Stay out, you pervert!"
    Eric pulled off his flowery Hawaiian shirt.
    "How soon you wanna cash in on that bet? I'd be willing to throw in my own five bucks that I can survive out there." He grinned.
    "If you finish him out, Dingo, we'll play the Baywatch theme for you." Knight snickered.
    "Trust me, every jet that ain't airborne is tied down so tight you couldn't get the Hulk to move it." Mark said with a grin. He looked at the changing rooms.
    "Everything alright, Kat?" He called.

    "Yes, it fits much better now!" She replied.


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    Re: ONS Party Thread (Archived)

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    Chris extended his hand to the newly arrived parties and introduced himself.
    Chart grinned and said "Alright!" grabbing Shamu's hand, she led him into the warm water. "Ahh, that feels good." she remarked, closing he eyes.
    Hearing the yelp, Chris turned and said, "The hell was that?"
    Hearing Estelle's yell, Gale chuckled, "I'm glad I changed at home..."  Pulling her cover-up off, she asked, "Kat, you ready to make those boys' jaws drop?"
    Sharky said to Mark, "Oh I have no doubt of that.  Otherwise you're gonna have a really bad time."
    Dingo grumbled, "Ha ha, very funny."
    Shamu followed Chart into the water. Flipping onto his back and paddling in a rudimentary backstroke, he smiled, "It feels as good as you look.  It's been entirely too long since I've gone to the beach."
    Alyosha looked over his shoulder as he heard shouting followed by an Emmerian girl fly out of a changing room. "Whew! I'm guessing those two were having some fun! They're from your unit right?" He spoke to Irenee as he attempted to lift his camera up only to have Rein fill up the viewfinder "Down boy!" she shouted. Mao began to chuckle and Zack proceeded to laugh a little before regaining his composure, adjusting his shades, and speaking to the PMC pilot.
    "Yeah we're all Lawn Dart pilots; we hail from the thirty second fighter squadron, third wing also known as Canis. I'm First Lieutenant Zachary Hathaway or Ferret, the perv is my friend and number three Aloyosha Denisov, the blonde with the hats and the choppy  hair is Rein Carter my number two, and my number four is at my side. Mao Takayanagi. You're  one of those PMC Tomcat drivers from Rosenthal I keep hearing about around here." Zack said he shook hands with Sharky.
    "Jeez if you are so hard up why don't you go hump a sand dune!?" shouted Rein as she admonished Alyosha.
    Sharky chuckled at the antics of the F-16 pilots before shaking Zack's hand, "Yep, that's us.  I'm Basilisk 1's pilot.  You can call me Sharky.  That dark dude doggy paddling over ther eis my RIO, Shamu.  I'd introduce you to my wingmen, but they're hungover at the hotel.  I'm guessing you guys just got deployed?  Didn't see you all on the ATO."
    Irenee was about to shake the Osean's hand when he heard Estelle's yelp. Irenee turned to the changing room and saw what looked like Magalie being shoved out of Estelle's booth. He made a sigh, knowing he can't do anything to restrain Magalie, since this was the women's changing room. He's modest like that.
    A few minutes later he saw Estelle come out in a rather cute pink bikini blushing furiously.
    "So, what you you think?" Estelle asked.
    Irenee was speechless.
    "D-Don't stare at me, you idiot." Estelle added, in her tsundere mode again.
    Laughing, Chris said, "You the one who was shrieking earlier?"
    Chart smiled, "Yeah, me too. I like beaches, mainly cause I can do THIS!"  she said, splashing Shamu.
    Hacker had withdrawn a volleyball from a bag he had brought. "Anyone up for a game?" 
    Eric laughed before slapping Irenee on the back.
    "Might wanna keep closer tabs on your wingwoman there, my friend." He grinned. The man then turned to the F-16 pilots.
    "Ah don't feel too out of place as Air Force. My wingman, if he isn't bust drooling over his gal, did a tour in F-22s. Name's Eric Bradford, or Saber if your the type that prefers to always go by callsigns. I fly Thunderhawks with the Navy for VF-138." He said, holding out a hand.
    In the meantime Ekaterina nodded confidentially and strode from the changing room to exhibit what she had chosen. The ensemble was a white one piece with a diamond chest cutout. Mark was, to say the least, impressed.
    "Ah think Ah've seen heaven, Sharky." He managed
    Hearing Chris' question, Estelle answered with a sigh of embarrassment.
    "Unfortunately, yes."
    Irenee and Willard turned to head to the men's changing room. Irenee said to the other guys, "Keep an eye on Magalie when she comes out. I'll be right back."
    Gale strutted out of the changing room behind Ekaterina, proudly displaying her outfit, a frilly turquoise halter top with a striped string bikini bottom.
    Sharky was unable to reply to Mark because his jaw was stuck open.  It wasn't until Gale's cover up hit him in the face that he was able to close it and say, trancelike, "Mark, I have seen what awaits me in hell...  And I am ENTIRELY okay with it..."
    Gale giggled, "I told you you'd like it."
    Sharky, still in a trance, muttered, "So...  Glorious..."
    Gale chuckled, "Oh come on.  It's not like you didn't see a hell of a lot more than this last night."
    "I know...  The suit...  It is magic...  Strange, amazing Satan sibling magic..."
    "Awww, thank you.  Now could you put my cover in your bag before it gets dirty?"
    "Oh, right."  Sharky quickly stuffed the dress in his backpack before shuffling over to Gale and enveloping her in a hug that could be at best described as zombie-like, grunting, "Mmmm...  Swim-suit feel niiiiiiiice...  Shark liiiiiike..."
    Gale rolled her eyes and looked over at Ekaterina, "Look at this, Kat.  Put on a swimsuit and they go full zombie mode.  It's like fishing with dynamite."
    Sharky pulled out of his trance and retorted, "Hey, you try staying coherent when there's a 5 foot 10 blonde bombshell standing in front of you teasing you like that."
    Gale snickered, "I suppose you were a bit outgunned in that respect.  It's okay, baby.  You can make up for it later."
    Meanwhile, Shamu wiped the water out of his face and turned to Chart.  Gravely he said, "You have just started a battle from which there is no escape but my total victory," before thoroughly dousing the redhead by creating a massive wave.
    Hearing Hacker's suggestion for a volleyball game, Genghis said, "Sorry, bro.  We don't do volleyball.  I would tell you to ask the fishes, but looks like they're both busy."
    Ekaterina simply threw her arms around Mark and smiled.
    "Do I look nice enough to evoke something like that?" She asked, batting her eyelashes at him.
    "Ah uhm...Ah..." Mark stammered. She pressed her chest against him.
    "I'll take that as a yes, now come on." She added with a kiss.
    She grabbed his hand and ran towards the beach.
    Magalie stammered out wearing a white bikini, and began looking at Estelle with lustful eyes. But before she was able to make a move on her, Irenee and Willard returned.
    Irenee, wearing Hawaiian styled trunks asked, regarding Magalie, "Has she been any trouble?"
    Willard, wearing white and indigo trunks crossed his arms, and a serious look on his face helped to tell Magalie to back off of Irenee's lover.
    "Our deployment was a recent one, after we flew out from San Domingo AFB we found ourselves running minor patrol ops within Isari airspace. We were pushed up to the front lines and will be seeing combat soon. Forgive Matchstick's antics. Denisov is a bit of a smartass and a hellraiser." Zack said ending his statement in a chuckle as he peered over to see Sharky's RIO Shamu paddling about in the water. "That's him eh? Well hopefully I get to see the rest of your flight soon once they've sobered up." He spoke as Mao leaned against him and wrapped her arms around Zack's left. "It's been a pleasure meeting you." Mao said. "Likewise; " said Sharky.
    Eric Bradford approached Zack and introduced himself promptly. "Ah don't feel too out of place as Air Force. My wingman, if he isn't bust drooling over his gal, did a tour in F-22s. Name's Eric Bradford, or Saber if your the type that prefers to always go by callsigns. I fly Thunderhawks with the Navy for VF-138." He said, holding out a hand. Zack shook his hand and Mao acknowledged in return. "It's no biggie, the name is Zachary Hatahway my TAC is Ferret. I just noticed aside from the Emmerian's a lot of Navy, Marines, and SOF around here. Also don't worry about names. We don't have a set rule about it. We use either one." as Zack glanced over to see Denisov introducing himself to one of the Emmerians. "I see my wingman is already making friends. Where's Rein?"  "She ran off to go splash around in the water. I'm going with her" said Mao as he pecked Zack on the cheek and bolted off to join her.
    Blushing lightly he spoke to Eric "Mao is generally serious, I'm glad to see her cutting loose for once despite those one or two moments earlier." he smiled. "You two together or is it something more casual?" said Eric in response. "It's been on and off for us, surprisingly it never gets complicated. Anyway you said you pilot Thunderhawks. I saw a couple of those back home at San Domingo on a fuel stop. A pretty imposing jet in person."
    "Man its been so long since I've been to the beach!' Dusty noted as the trio of pilots from Fighting Squadron Three approached the beachfront.
    Dusty stood in the middle of the three, wearing only sandals and some floral print swimming trunks. On his right stood Sunny wearing a similar outfit along with a black swimming undershirt. Finally on his left was Rosie wearing a bikini covering her respectable bust with the bottom half wrapped by summer skirt going down to just above her knees.
    "Indeed. It makes me miss southern Sapin. The beaches there are gorgeous!" Rosie beamed.
    Sunny just smiled and agreed. It's nice to get off the boat every once in awhile.
    As they approached the gaggle of military personnel and civilians on the beach, Dusty loudly announced their arrival.
    "Hey I heard there was real lack of Naval Aviators around here! We're here to change that tragedy!"
    Mark noted the entrance of the VF-3 members and hailed them.
    "Good to see you all could make it, sir! Eric and Ah were worried there'd be a lack of NAVAIR charm at this party!" He called.
    Chart attempted to dodge the wave, but was splashed no the less. She returned with a few hard splashes, then ducked out of the way, sending two more waves at Shamu.
    Chris saltuted the VF-3 pilot and said, "Morning sir." Hacker called to Eric. Oy, you and Mark up for a game of volleyball?"
    In response to Dusty's announcement Sharky laughed, "Oh shit it's the navy!  We pirates may have a fight on our hands!"
    To Zack he said, "Ah, that makes sense.  Well, welcome to the party. You know what's even more imposing than Thunderhawks though?  A pissed off Quickstrike loaded for bear."
    Gale rolled her eyes and interjected, "Now Sharky, don't scare the new kids with your Tomcat addiction."
    Sharky pulled her to him and nuzzled her neck, "Aww, but you love my Tomcat addiction."
    Gale sighed, "Guilty as charged."
    Sharky grinned, "I thought so."  Nibbling at Gale's ear he whispered, "Shall we join Tex and Shamu in the vast blue?"
    "We shall.  Race you there!"  With that Gale ran off towards the water.
    Sharky chuckled and said to Zack, "Excuse me for a bit."  Tossing his bag to Reaper, he enjoyed his view of Gale running before loping off in pursuit.
    Sharky let Gale maintain her initial lead until she got to the water, at which point he sped up and tackled her squealing into the surf. 
    When they both came up for air she exclaimed, "You jerk!  You let me win so you could do that!"
    Sharky laughed, "I did indeed.  And you fell into my trap brilliantly."
    Gale smiled and said, "I guess I'm rubbing off on you.  Now kiss me, you doof," as she pulled his lips down to meet hers.
    After the kiss Sharky chuckled, "Ooh, salty.  Me gusta."
    Standing up, the two decided to leave Shamu to his splash war and waded over to join Tex and Ekaterina.
    Meanwhile Reaper set Sharky's bag down and said to Hannibal, "Hey Jarhead, I'll play some ball with ya."
    Shamu avoided the waves by ducking under the water, instead going for Chart's legs and tackling her into the water, kissing her on the lips on the way back to the surface.  Coming up for air he said, "I hereby claim victory in the name of myself.  Do you concede?"
    "That just wouldn't do at all! There's no such thing as too much NAVAIR!" Sunny jovially replied to Mark.
    "And no need for the sirs for now at least. We're pretty much off duty for the moment." Sunny told Chris as he returned the salute.
    Dusty laughed at the comments from the Basilisk, Rosie as well. "That's right pirates, the Osean Navy has come to haul you guys away!"
    Sunny looked out at the waves and playing couples in the water. Sunny suddenly got the urge to go swimming himself.
    It was a lovely day.
    "Alright, you guys I'm heading for the water. You kids play nice" Sunny said to his younger squadronmates as he turned towards the ocean. "Gotta get some mileage out of this thing!" Sunny pulls on his shirt and lets go, which pulls back with a small snap.
    "Alright sir. Try not to get washed out to sea. If that happens. . . " Rosie shrugged mock sadly, and Dusty did a mock salute. Sunny snorted and waved the two off.
    Dusty then asked excitedly. "So what's this about volleyball game? I totally wan't in!"
    "Yeah, they're a real dream to fly. We tend to do a lot more air-to-air stuff in em, though. Seems like the navy's more concerned about giving F-35 crews the ground-pounding jobs." Eric mused.
    In the meantime Mark, Ekaterina in tow, charged across the sands and into the water. He looked actually somewhat graceful, until he tripped and flopped into the surf. Ekaterina managed to let go and stay on her feet.
    "Are you okay, Mark?" she asked as he got to his feet.
    "Yeah, Ah'm fine." He said as he coughed and spat out some salt water.
    "Ten out of ten for that landing...and Volleyball? Got the Kenny Loggins and the suntan oil?"" Knight said, observing Mark's fall and then looking at the Marines.
    Dusty snapped his fingers "Darn I knew I forgot something! Maybe just imagine Kenny playing in your minds? Mind over matter or something like that."
    "I have noticed that about you guys and doing more of the heavy lifting when it comes to air to air while the thirty fives are given CAS and interdiction ops." Responded Zack as he watched Mao and Rein splashing water at each other and then observed Mark and Ekatrina's hard landing into the surf. "We've been running mostly air patrols so we just get to carry AMRAAM's, Winders, and a full load of twenty mil. Maybe the occasional jamming pod. Drop tanks are standard fare." Zack spoke and then quickly took a drink of his Dr. Pepper.
    "I challenge you to mortal combat!" yelled Rein as she kicked up some water. "Challenge accepted!" as Mao slapped the water hard drenching Rein. The two continued to exchange copious amounts of salt water.
    Alyosha walked up to Zack after chatting with the Emmerians and motioned to him for his smokes; Zack fished them out of the pouch and handed them to him with a Zippo lighter. "You're gonna have to give that up someday man." spoke Zack. "Sure I will. Just not now." as he drew a Black Arrow cigarette from it's pouch. "The Emmerian's seem like a nice bunch, one is a little on the Tsundere side though."
    "Right, let's go." Irenee said as he and the other Emmerian pilots headed toward the beach.
    Magalie couldn't help but notice that both Irenee and Estelle, the object of her desires, were being too friendly with each other. She decided that she should confront the two at some point.
    Seeing Mark's faceplant, Sharky and Gale stood up and applauded.
    Sharky exclaimed, "Bravo, bravo!  An 8.5 from the Osean judge!"
    "The Estovakian judge gives him a 7.2, perhaps due to that extra tumble there at the end." 
    Walking over to the two, Gale asked, "You guys okay?
    Meanwhile on shore Zeus said in response to Dusty's comment about not having any Kenny Loggins, "Aww, no sense in taking away from the game by having to imagine Kenny Loggins."  Producing a set of portable speakers he said, "I got your 80's rock tunes right here.  Game on, gentlemen!"
    "Yeah, just gotta get this nasty salt taste outta my mouth." Mark said as he stood up straight.
    In the meantime Knight looked at Voodoo with a grin.
    "I sure hope you can blast Playing With the Boys Loud enough on those things. Anyways what the hell, I'm up for it. Teams and score limit?" He said.
    Gale suggested with a wink, "You know, kissing helps get the taste out.  I'm sure Kat wouldn't mind helping with that."
    Sharky laughed, "That's your solution to everything."
    "No, that's my solution to everything having to do with YOU.  My general solution to everything is a Hydra in the face."
    Zeus chuckled, "Oh, it's plenty loud."
    Genghis said to Knight, "Well I guess I might as well referee this shindig.  First to 15 wins.  10 minute matches.  Teams are up to you guys."
    Reaper said, "I'll take Knight.  Us army guys gotta stick together, ya know?"
    "Well I would but I'm not to fond of the taste of saltwater myself." Ekaterina confessed. The woman walked out towards the water more, adjusting the flower ornament in her hair.
    "Besides, there be plenty of that later..." She foreshadowed, grabbing Mark's backside as she often liked to. She seemed to be almost as predatory as Gale could be some times.
    "I think I'll wash it out with a root beer..." Mark said, trying to keep his composure.  He called out to Eric, who chucked him a can of the liquid for him to wash his mouth out with.
    In the meantime Knight nodded and cracked his knuckles.
    "I won't argue that!" He grinned.
    As Mark sipped his root beer, Gale said so both he and Ekaterina could hear, "You know, there is one other way to wash the salt out of one's mouth...  The spirit of competition!"
    Sharky groaned, "This never ends well..."
    "Oh shush, you.  Well, what say you to a little wager?  It'll be fuuuuuun!"
    "A wager? What kind of wager?" Mark asked, lowering his drink and glancing towards Ekatetrina as she laid back in the water to float.
    Gale grinned, "A bout of that most noble of aquatic games, chicken fight."
    Sharky, intrigued, asked, "And what are the terms of this wager?"
    "The male participant of the losing team must wear my cover-up for an hour."
    "And the winner?"
    "Ah, and the winner, the winner shall receive one kiss on the cheek from both me and Ekaterina.  Assuming Ekaterina's agreement to this, of course.  If not, the winners shall receive a slice of cake."
    Sharky shrugged, "Well I'm in." 
    Gale grinned "Excellent.  Mark, Kat?" 
    Ekaterina had joined the group to hear the wager, and took Mark's arm as she nodded in agreement.
    "Yes, I know my Marky will always be loyal to me..." Ekaterina said. A dark aura then seemed to come over her.
    "...If not then he'll be sure to pay for it." She said, still retaining a smile. Mark shivered.
    "Yeah, Ah'm good." He gulped.
    Sitting under a sunbrella, both Irenee and Estelle were watching the bet take place. Magalie was sulking upon seeing the size of both Kat and Gale's hats. Willard was enjoying the water while he could.
    Gale clapped her hands together excitedly and said, "Excellent!  Let's do it.  Oh, I forgot to mention.  First girl to have their head completely submerged loses.  Also, there shall be no engagement between bases. All combat shall occur between tops." 
    As she moved behind Sharky to climb onto his shoulders she whispered, "Don't lose.  I don't want you stretching my cover-up." 
    Sharky chuckled and whispered back, "If you don't lose your balance, we won't lose.  And I'M gonna stretch your cover-up?"
    "I'd rather it not be someone I'm going home with.  Now let me up."
    Sharky bent his knees so Gale could clamber on to his shoulders.  When she was properly situated, Sharky chuckled, "One hell of a head rest.  And so nice smelling."
    Gale slapped his head, "Focus."
    "Yes dear."
    Turning to Mark, he said seriously, "Avast, matey.  We challenge ye here to a bout of chicken combat."  Assuming his best gladiatorial announcer voice, he shouted, "ROUND ONE!  FIGHT!"
    "Do your best, Marky, I'm counting on you!" Ekaterina said. He nodded and pulled her close.
    "Keep yourself pressed against me, little lady. Ah used to box; Ah know how to keep balance." He assured with a wink.
    She nodded and he took his glasses, giving em to Eric. The YAF intel officer got on his shoulders, taking her very high above the ground. Mark held her in place.
    "Come on, yah filthy pirate! Ah eat y'all sons a guns fer an appetizer before I fry the big fish." He hooted.
    "Yeah, and with me by his side, we'll be unstoppable! The two superpowers of the world as one!" Ekaterina added, holding up her fists defensively.
    Grabbing Gale's thighs tighter, Sharky retorted, "Yarr, do they not teach ye scurvy dogs not to trifle with a pirate and his lady?"
    Gale added, "We'll show ye how REAL pilots fight!"
    Sharky began circling Mark like his namesake, looking for an opening while Gale attempted to knock Ekaterina off balance.
    Mark stood his ground in the water, knowing it would affect his balance if he moved. He kept a tight grip on Ekaterina whilst she watched Gale.
    "Trying to attack me from behind? Come on Gale, let's go chest to chest; I'm sure I'll beat you there!" She challenged.
    Gale retorted, "It's all about how you use 'em, honey!"
    Noticing a shot, Gale nudged Sharky's chest with her heel, spurring him forward.  When in range, she lunged at Ekaterina, tweaking the Yuktobanian girl's hats in an attempt to throw her off guard and off balance.
    Ekaterina made a sound similar to that she had in the changing room, but Mark was quick to help.
    "Her hands, Kat!" He instructed.
    Ekaterina nodded and seized Gale's hands, pulling the helo pilot forward with all she had while Mark stood firm.
    Realizing what Ekaterina was trying to do, Sharky stepped forward into her pull, giving Gale more space to push back, shoving Kat backwards.  The maneuver had also brought Sharky and Mark face to face.  While the the two girls battled above them, Sharky simply smiled and winked at his opponent.
    Kat used Mark's head to balance herself, then grabbed Gale's hats in retaliation.
    "I'd warn you to surrender now; if needed, I can be rather unhinged, Gale." Ekaterina smiled enigmatically.
    "I'm gonna look absolutely fucking fabulous in that dress, Sharky. Ain't nothing y'all can do about it." Mark deadpanned to his shorter friend in the meantime.
    Sharky chuckled, "Not as good as those cowboy thighs of yours are, Tex."
    Unfazed, Gale simply grinned before darting in to peck Kat on the cheek.  As Sharky pulled back, she said, "Kat, my dear, I INVENTED unhinged."
    Quickly Sharky swung around behind Mark and Ekaterina, jumping out of the water and allowing Gale to grab Ekaterina and pull her back down with her, twisting as they fell so that Kat hit the water before her.
    Hannibal had come ashore and said, "Hmmm , Hacker and I verses you and Reaper? Play to twenty."
    Chart laughed and said, "Fine I concede, this time...."
    Dusty nodded his head at the terms. "Seems fair. Right then, I'm in. Rosie, you want a shot?" Dusty turns to Sapin-Osen pilot, who raises her eyebrow.
    "Sorry, but it's not as fun to play if you're the shortest person on the field" Rosie gestures to Dusty and the much taller operators.
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    Shamu chuckled, "Don't be messing with a killer whale in his element." Kissing Chart on the cheek he asked, "So what ELSE do you like to do at the beach?"
    Meanwhile Genghis said, "First to 20 it is. Both teams ready? I want a good, clean game. Or at least as clean as you heathens can make it."
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    Ekaterina broke the surface with a quick gasp. Adjusting her flower ornament. She then stood up and cleared her throat.
    "Very well, I admit defeat. Excellent work, Sharky, Gale." She said, planting kisses on both their cheeks.
    "Okay then, where's the dress?" Mark asked, showing little, if any, disdain that he'd lost. He almost seemed to be plotting something. As he turned towards the trio, Ekaterina jumped up so he would catch her and gave her third kiss to him.
    "Yes, let's get that on you so it can be my turn to get you out of a dress." She purred.
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    Sharky chuckled, "It's in my bag. Follow me."
    Leadinng the way back ashore, he grabbed the long black dress out of his backpack and handed it to Gale.
    Holding it aloft she proclaimed, "Mark Walker, upon the terms of the wager decided on this day, you are required to wear this swimsuit cover up for the period of one hour, no exceptions. May you wear it well and feel like a super pretty princess," before handing it to Mark.
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    "Ah.'' do even better..." Mark snickered. He took the dress and wrapped it around his neck like a scarf
    "Ah'll feel like Snoopy going to hunt the Red Baron!" He said, striking a dramatic pose.
    In the meantime Knight chuckled.
    "Don't worry, us Deltas are still civilized." He said. The man then leveled a finger at the music player.
    "Somebody crank up the Kenny Loggins." He added.
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    "Come on, volleyball is practically in our job description!" Dusty needled Rosie.
    Rosie smiled.
    "Fine, fine, you need all the assistance you can get!" Rosie said. Dusty beamed and high fived Rosie, who then turned their attention to Knight and company.
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    Hacker and Elephant took their positions on their side of the net. "Whenever you're ready!" said Hanibal , passing the ball from hand to hand.
    Meanwhile, out at sea, Chart said. "Hmmmmm, I enjoy looking for shells and sand dollars. And just swimming about with handsome men."
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    Gale was momentarily taken aback by Mark's unorthodox use of the cover-up and stammered for a moment, "I...  Uh...  Well, I guess that works...  At least it's not gonna get stretched out too much.  Carry on, Tex."
    Meanwhile, at Knight's behest, Zeus hit play on his phone, and the speaker bar at his feet began blaring the dulcet tones of Kenny Loggins' "Playin' With The Boys."
    Reaper called to Hannibal, "Bring it, devil dog!"
    In the water, Shamu grinned, "Well I like swimming about with beautiful women, so looks like we have a winner!"
    "Service!" cried Hacker, and he hit the ball across the net.
    Chart grinned, "What other things do YOU like doing on the beach except swimming with pretty women?"
    Reaper dipped back and returned the serve, sending the ball sailing back over the net towards the marines.
    Shamu thought for a moment, "Hmm...  Let's see...  There's swimming with pretty women, which we already covered, talking to pretty women, looking at pretty women, running up and down the beach with pretty women, and OH!  Extreme sand castle building!  Optionally with pretty women, of course.  Except for when Sharky's my building partner.  He scares them away.  It's unfortunate."
    Hacker barely saved it with a bump to Hannibal, who hit it back over the net.
    Chart laughed, "Wanna build a sand castle then?"
    Mark gave her an exaggerated salute.
    "I shall, Miss! Now onwards, my Yuktobanian princess!" He shouted, running towards the water again. A laughing Ekaterina followed him.
    As the ball came back over, Knight called it and jumped up, smacking it back towards the Marine-Navy group. Eric, in the meantime, looked at the water and cracked his knuckles and took a runner's position, aiming himself at the water.
    "Make your bets now as to how long I'll last." He said to those that weren't playing Volleyball.
    Sharky watched the two run off to the water and asked Gale, "Uhhh, isn't that gonna ruin your cover-up?"
    Gale sighed, "Eh, maybe.  It was worth winning though.  I must say Kat's got a great pair of hats on her..."
    Sharky groaned, "Ay yi yi.  Isn't Irina enough for you?"
    "Oh she's great, but you know I like variety."
    "As long as that doesn't apply to the male front, I'm perfectly okay with that."
    "Oh you don't have to worry about that, love."
    Sharky smiled, "Good." 
    He then promptly grabbed Gale's backside, causing her to yelp, "What was that for?"
    Grinning, Sharky said, "You wanna make me pay for it you're gonna have to catch me," before running off after Tex and Ekaterina.
    Gale smiled mischievously, "Oh it's on," and chased after the Tomcat pilot.
    Shamu grinned and said, "Abso-fucking-lutely."  Grabbing Chart's hand he yelled, "TO THE BEACH!" and ran to shore, promptly commencing excavation on a as-yet unoccupied patch of sand.
    Voodoo and Genghis looked at Eric preparing to apparently sprint into the water and shrugged, while Dingo asked, "Uh...  How long you're gonna last doing what, exactly?"
    Hannibal dove and barely managed to get the ball over the net, the ball fell close to the net.
    Chart asked, "So what are we building? Basic fort, large tower?"
    Reaper dived for the ball, managing to punt it over just before it hit the ground.
    Shamu smirked, "Pshhhhhh.  None of that amateur business.  We're building Stonehenge.  I did say this was EXTREME sand castle building, right?"
    Teiji jumped and gave the ball a hard spike.
    "You wanted to see me swim and not sink, right?" Eric asked the SF operators.
    Again Hannibal was forced to dive, but the spike was to fast. The ball bounced twice across the sand. "Dammit!" Throwing over to Knight, he said, "Your serve."
    "Nice!" said Chart, and she also began to help dig out the patch of sand. 
    Reaper gave Teiji a fist bump in congratulations and got in position for the next serve.
    Shamu grinned, "It is, isn't it?  Here come over here and help me shape up the walls."
    Genghis said to Eric, "Eh, I gave up betting a long time ago." 
    Voodoo chuckled, "But I didn't.  Five bucks says Dingo has to pull you out of the drink after 15 minutes."
    Knight picked up the ball and backpedaled to the rear of the "court". And sent it flying towards their opponents.
    "We snake eaters gotta protect our rep, man." Teiji grinned.
    "Challenge accepted." Eric said, taking off towards the water. He readily jumped in and swam deeper into the water without much of a problem.
    Hacker intercepted the ball, and set it for Hannibal, who sent the ball flying across the net".

    "Sure thing!" exclaimed Chart, and she began to carefully craft the walls of the superweapon.


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    Re: ONS Party Thread (Archived)

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    With Chart's help, Shamu finished the walls and basic structures of the super weapon and moved on to sculpting the cannons.  Turning to the redhead he asked, "Hey, could you grab me those beer bottle tops over there?"
    Meanwhile Gale had caught up to Sharky, who caught her in a hug, spinning her around to compensate for her momentum, before setting her down and kissing her again while grabbing her ass. 
    Pulling her head back out of the liplock, Gale slapped Sharky playfully on the shoulder and asked, "You dirty, dirty man!  Why is it we always end our disagreements like this?"
    Sharky chuckled, "Well it's not like we can use our OTHER conflict resolution method here," punctuating his intent by squeezing her backside.
    Gale smiled, "This is a rather good method," leaning in for another kiss.
    Sharky added, "Plus this bikini feels amazing on your ass."
    Gale blushed, "Well I'm glad you like it.  So you have anything else in mind, or do you just want to play grabass all day?"
    Sharky looked around and said, "Well, looks like Shamu's rebuilding Stonehenge with his lady friend, Mark and Kat are doing god knows what over there, there's a volleyball game going on, and looks like Voodoo and company are betting on something to do with Saber."
    Gale thought for a second, "Hmm, let's go see what Shamu's up to.  I wanna get to know his lady friend better."
    The two walked over to Shamu, where Sharky asked, "Hey buddy, planning on killing any asteroids soon?"
    Shamu chuckled, "Hey Sharky.  Almost.  May be done ahead of schedule.  I have a good partner.  Oh, right.  Chart, these are Sharky, my pilot, and Gale, his girlfriend and Reaper's XO.  I think you guys met last night, right?"
    Gale waved hello and said, "Nice to actually talk to you, er, Charlotte, right?  You made quite an impression on our dear Shamu."
    Meanwhile, Reaper saw the ball coming back towards him.  Yelling "Mine!" he lunged for it, returning it back to the Marines.
    "Mine!" Hannibal smacked the ball back across the net.
    Chart grinned, "Yes we did, care to join?" She then stood and said, "Be right back." and ran to grab the beer bottle tops.
    Magalie began sneaking up and grabbed Gale's hats.
    "Such size... This is ludicrous." She said in jealousy.
    Sharky chuckled, "Well I might as well join my extreme sand castle building partner.  Come on, babe, join us."
    Gale sighed, "You guys can be such nerds sometimes..."
    "You're one to talk. Shamu, I'll get guns 1 through 4 and you get five through eight?"
    Shamu nodded, "Sounds good.  Gale you can work on the jammers until Chart gets ba... THE FUCK?"
    Shamu and Sharky both gaped in shock as Magalie grabbed Gale's hats.  Their shock intensified as Gale, completely unperturbed, turned around and pulled the Emmerian pilot into a full-on liplock.
    Shamu turned to Sharky and stammered, "Did you...  Did she..."
    "I guess so...  I mean I see it too..."
    Releasing Magalie, Gale turned to her astonished boyfriend and his RIO and chuckled, "What?  Somebody had to do it.  And like we said, Sharky.  This is GREAT conflict resolution."
    Tweaking the smaller-busted Emmerian's breasts, Gale added, "You shouldn't be so down on yourself.  Yours are so much fun!"
    Chart got back jst in time to see Gale's reaction. She nearly dropped the bottle lids she was carrying, as she was laughing so hard. Walking up to the trio, she said, "I see you guys are having a good time without me," and deposited the beer lids next to Shamu.
    Chris had also seen what happened, and after gaping, fell on his ass laughing. You Emmerians are nuts, and the PMC guys are just as crazy. I thought our antics were bad!"
    The moment Gale's lips locked with hers, Magalie's eyes widened for a second, but started to enjoy it. When her lips were released, Magalie showed disappointment, however she gasped when Gale started tweaking her hats. Her only reply to Gale's compliment was giggling in utter happiness.
    "Yeah get em Hannibal!" Dusty cheered as he saw the Marine smack the ball over the net. Rosie just watched the opposing team waiting for their next move.
    "HARBGRLEDBGGFD!" Sunny gurgled as he was knocked from his small bogey board as he was knocked off again by the waves. His attempts at body surfing had been less than successful. But still he was having fun, if the grin on his face was any indication.
    Shamu took the opportunity provided by Chart's return to resume diligently working on his masterpiece, embedding a beer cap in each cannon's base before setting them down on the pre-made dimples, allowing them to traverse properly, saying to Chart, "Well, Sharky may be having fun.  I'm having traumatic images that I'm gonna need some serious brain bleach to remove. Thank you for the caps, though."  He punctuated the statement with a kiss on the cheek.
    Sharky chuckled, "That was...  Very unexpected.  Yet not surprising."
    Gale simply grinned.  Putting her arm around Magalie, she asked, "Sharky, I like this one.  Can we keep her?  Pweeeeeease?"
    Sharky rolled his eyes and said, "Hey you know that's not my decision."
    Meanwhile, Reaper intercepted the ball and spiked it down into the sand on the other side of the net.
    Genghis called out another point for the SF team, "Alright, that brings it to two-zip for the ground pounders!  Come on, flyboys, isn't this supposed to be your game or something?"
    "What!? No!" Rosie spluttered as she dove for the ball, plowing into the sand a half second after the ball hit it.
    "Hey we just want to give you guys a chance!" Dusty retorted as he went over the pick up the ball. Picking it up, he gripped and prepared to serve.
    "Come on Rosie, no time to playing in the sand" Dusty quipped. Rosie just gave him a dull look as she got up, brushing sand off herself then returning to a position beside and behind Dusty.
    "Now its our turn!"
    Dusty tossed the ball into the air then jumped up to hit the ball over the net, going for a spike against the operators.
    Magalie jokingly gives Sharky puppy dog eyes, upon hearing Gale's question.
    Under the sunbrella, Irenee and Estelle were watching, mouths agape.
    Sharky shrugged, "Ah fuck it.  If she's okay with it then I'm not gonna complain."
    Gale squealed and hugged Magalie excitedly, kissing Sharky before going back to playing with Magalie's hats, exclaiming, "Aaaaa they're so cute and little!  Sharky come here and play with them!"
    Sharky shot Magalie a look petitioning permission.
    Shamu, attempting to filter out the occurrences around him, began whistling loudly and completing assembly of his Stonehenge replica.
    Meanwhile Reaper dived for the spike but barely missed it, nose diving into the sand a second after the ball.
    Genghis raised his hand, "Point flyboys!  Score is 2-1."
    "Liking what you see Alyosha?" said Zack as he looked over at the girls who were fooling around. "Yeah...I do...um." he responded. as the remainder of his cigarette fell out of his mouth.
    "Hey Sharky! I think my friend is broken because of your gal's antics there!" Zack spoke as he grinned and began to finish his drink before throwing the bottle in the bag by Rein's chair.
    "Get back here dammit!" shouted Rein as she chased Mao back up the beach. "Oh come on!" responded Mao. "If the others can have a grab or two why can't I!?" Rein barked.
    Alyosha checked his camera over as Zack began to observe the volleyball game and the antics of his female counterparts.
    Sharky chuckled, "It's all good, Zack.  I think we broke my RIO too."
    "Yeah?" noticing Sharky's RIO Shamu as he worked on his replica of the Usean superweapon. "That's extremely det-" Zack's attention was suddenly diverted to his girlfriend yelping and being pinned to the ground by her bustier wingwoman after a lengthy chase. "I win! I get to have a touch!" Rein said with a devlish grin. "Get off me you idiot! You weigh a ton! Is there something in the air that's making everyone perverted!?" Mao growled as she pushed back.
    Zack's eyes widened behind his long hair and sunglasses.
    Snapping a picture Alyosha giggled. "You might want to intervene before they take each others suits off dude! On second thought lead. Let them go." Alyosha then turned to take a picture of Shamu's creation and then walked back to get a stout from their bag.
    Dusty and Rosie low fived at the point.
    "You were saying?" Dusty taunted.
    Sharky noticed Zack's eyes widening and chuckled, "Looks like my RIO's not the only one who's broken, eh?"
    Shamu turned to Chart.  Kissing her on the cheek, he said, "Well it's built.  Please save me from this mass of loons..."
    Genghis shrugged and said, "Hey, I'm just the referee.  Well done.  Now game on.  Again."
    Magalie continued to enjoy having Gale playing with her hats, and payed no heed to Sharky's petition of consent.
    Irenee and Estelle continued to watch from under the sunbrella.
    "Seems that Magalie's finally found her rightful place." Irenee said half-jokingly. Estelle nodded in agreement.
    "Sure..." Zack spoke slowly as he watched the two thrash about yelling at one another.  "Oh you should have seen him when Mao got trashed and did a fan dance for him on New Years Eve. It was comedy gold when she tripped over her own kimono and faceplanted on the couch!" Alyosha said to Sharky as he walked up with a beer in hand. "Hey Zack, mind if I have one of these?"
    "I don't care...wait. Did you just bring up the fan dance accident? Goddammit Matchstick! That was supposed to be between us!" Zack hissed as his eyes stayed glued to the scene in front of him. "Oh come on dude; the unit found out ages ago." Denisov laughed. Alyosha looked to Shamu and Chart. "Wise idea you two got staying over there. Looks like almost everyone has gone mad." he spoke as he took a drink of the chocolate stout in hand.
    Sharky noticed Magalie's lack of attention and decided more direct intervention was necessary.  Circling around behind the two girls, he wrapped his arms around the two, cupping one of Gale's hats in one hand while leaving his hand on Magalie's shoulder.  To Gale he whispered, "You sure about this?  Looks like she only rolls one way."
    Gale whispered back, "Yeah we gotta get more direct..."  To Magalie she murmured, "So what do you say, you me and shark boy later?  It'll get your mind off Estelle..."
    Shamu said to Alyosha, "Wisdom has nothing to do with it.  If I have to see Gale macking on one more person I'm gonna hurl."
    "I think I'll take you up on that offer." Magalie replied.
    Alyosha nodded and took another chug "Yeah? Your friend really enjoys it. Zack? You going to get those two?"
    "I guess I will retrieve my girl from the clutches of the great grabby one." replied Zack as he walked over to the two who now were playfully competing to get on top.
    "A new challenger appears!" shouted Mao as she clambered on top of Rein. "Challenger? Ferret wont challenge me." chuckled Rein as she kicked up a little sand towards Zack.
    "Thanks for the silica Rein. I needed that." spitting a few grains out. "Hey Mao. Let's get him!" Shouted Rein.
    "Charge!" the pair shouted as they dog piled Zack. "Watch the hair! My glasses!" yelped Zack.
    "Man. See what I mean Shamu? They've completely lost it." snarked Alyosha.
    "Okay, so who's still with us for the game?" Knight asked as their "ref" declared things were back on.
    In the meantime Eric seemed to be doing pretty well on his own. He had become a pretty proficient swimmer, even when he was hung-over. Misaki's brand of therapy had improved upon his swimming skills that his mom had already seen given to him when he was young
    At the same time, Mark and Ekaterina, who'd been splashing each other and preoccupied by the Yuktobanian woman trying to playful dunk a man who was far bigger than her under the water had witnessed the debacle between Gale and Magalie. At first Ekaterina couldn't help but hide behind her love, and after a moment found herself quietly impressed.  Mark however, having taking a liking to Gale's style, hooted.
    "Damn, Gale! If Rosenthal hires folks like y'all, Sharky, and Shamu, where do Ah sign up?!" He shouted. His girlfriend, having not witnessed most of the Tomcat pilots' goofy antics and thinking he was drooling over Gale's actions, gave him a smack to the back of the head.
    "Pervert." She muttered flatly.
    Shamu chuckled, "So it seems, man.  Something about the beach, I guess."
    Meanwhile, Gale smiled and said, "Oooh this is gonna be so fun.  Sharky, you are cleared in hot."
    Sharky moved his hand from Magalie's shoulder to her hats and began playing with both Gale's and Magalie's simultaneously, exclaiming, "You weren't kidding, Gale!  These really are fun!  It's like a Playstation but like 12 times better!"
    Gale grinned and kissed Sharky on the cheek before replying, "Told you.  Now honey, could you do me a favor and get me something to write with?"
    "Yeah, I gotcha."  Sharky got up and grabbed a waterproof notebook and pen from his backpack, giving it to Gale. 
    Gale accepted it and scribbled some information down,  ripping the page out and slipping it into one of the cups of Magalie's bikini.  "Here's where we're staying, and the passwords to get you past the SF guys in case they forget who you are after I tell them to expect you.  We'll see you tonight.  This is gonna be fun."   Hearing Mark's exclamation, she stood up and said, "Now if you excuse me, I believe Sharky and I have an Osean F-21 pilot and Yuktobanian intel officer to mess with.  Shall we?"
    As she and Sharky walked back towards Mark and Ekaterina, Gale turned back to Magalie and said, "Oh, and don't lose that piece of paper.  I'd put it in a safe place."
    Wading over to Mark and Kat, Gale chuckled, "So you like my style, eh?"
    Sharky said, "To be fair, babe, it's kind of hard NOT to like your style.  Or at least be weirdly intrigued by it.  You're like a sex panther devouring an unsuspecting chinchilla in the rainforest."
    Gale bit her lip seductively and said, "I suppose you're right..."
    Meanwhile, Reaper said to Knight, "I'm still in.  This shindig ain't over yet.  We've got 18 more points to score off these fools."
    "Jarheads are up and running!" said Hannibal, who served the ball.
    "Do we get to join?" asked Chart, running her hand down Shamu's spine towards his lower back.
    Shamu turned to Chart and smiled as he ran his hand over her shoulder down toward her chest, "Nah, i wanna keep you all to myself.  Plus joining in with Sharky and Gale would just feel too weird."
    Reaper saw the ball coming and yelled to Knight, "It's yours!"
    Knight leapt for the sphere and smacked it away before he fell back to Earth.
    Mark, in the meantime, seemed to sense danger; he chuckled nervously and backed up a little.
    "Yeah, y'all are some pretty crazy folks. Ah mean hell, we may do some crazy stuff in the Navy, but we'd get busted hard for the stuff y'all PMC types do." He explained to clarify.
    And besides, my man Ekaterina said with her look towards Gale.
    In the meantime Eric was still swimming fairly well, even if most of that was just floating on his back. Oddly enough, he was completely unaware of ANYTHING else going on between his comrades.
    "Mine!" called hacker, who set it for Hannibal, who delivered a mean spike.
    Axt watched the game with interest, but was distracted as Halo surfaced. "What'd ya find?"
    "Lot's of fish, a sea turtle, a small shark, and coral." 
    "My turn." Axt grab his own bag of gear, and put of the tank. "I'm coming with," said Halo
    Chart giggled, "Fun, so, what shall we add next?"  
    Shamu moved his hand so that it rested on Chart's bosom and said, smiling, "Eh, I vote we sit here for a bit and enjoy each other's company."
    Sharky laughed in response to Mark's statement, "Ah the wonders of the private sector."
    Meanwhile, Gale, noticing Ekaterina's death glare, raised her hands defensively and said, "Whoa, Kat.  Don't worry.  Sharky's the only guy I would try to seduce."
    Sharky deadpanned, "So that's why my thighs hurt so much..."
    Gale grinned, "It comes with the territory, love."
    "Eh, I can live with that."
    Gale rolled her eyes, "A hopeless romantic, this one is."
    Meanwhile, Reaper managed to dive for Hannibal's spike and divert it to Teiji.
    Chart laughed and said, "Okay," she leaned into Shamu and gave him a kiss.
    After Chart kissed him, Shamu deepened the liplock, pulling the redheaded WSO on top of him while running one hand through her hair and stroking her back with another.
    "Good. I may be a good sport, but I am a very protective woman of my Marky." She said, wrapping her arms around him.
    "Even if I'm going to punish you for your perverted howling earlier." She added. Mark blushed.
    "You sound like a dominatrix, Kat..." He pointed out.
    Teiji came forward but lost his footing on some unstable sand, causing the ball to hit the beach nearby.
    "Yes!" exclaimed Hannibal, and he high fived his teammates.
    "Chart embraced Shamu, but whispered, "Not now, Riley will see and probably flip shit and kick your ass."
    Riley had excused himself and yelled. "Oy Shamu, need your help! I want to grab the grill we brought to make us lunch!" 
    After 'tormenting' their flight lead the two had picked him up and began to walk with him in unison towards the volleyball game. "What was that all about?" Zack said as he adjusted his glasses and wrapped his arms around the girls who had pinned him to the ground. "Oh nothing; we just decided to have fun is all." said Rein. Mao chuckled. "Fun." as she brushed some sand off of Zack's shoulder and stuck her tongue out at Rein.
    "You know I was never really a fan of Volleyball. Never really got into it when I was in school, never got into it after I joined the air force." spoke Zack.
    "That's because you sucked at it!" shouted Alyosha as he pounded his beer down and caught up to his comrades.
    Shamu nodded and said, "Point taken.  We'll figure something out."  As Riley yelled for him to help with the grill he chuckled and murmured to Chart, "Speak of the devil.  I'll be back." Kissing her on the cheek, he rolled out from under her and yelled to Riley, "Yeah I gotcha, bro!"
    Voodoo and Dingo were observing Eric still swimming normally.  Dingo looked at his watch and commented, "It's been half an hour.  Looks like you got hustled, brother."
    Voodoo sighed, "Yeah I guess so.  Shoulda waited for him to get blasted first..."
    Hearing Riley say he was getting a grill out of the truck, he yelled to the Marine, "Hey Jarhead!  Hold up a minute, let me get ours too.  I'll show you how a REAL man cooks his meat!  Yo, Tick, you wanna grab the meat locker out of the truck?"
    "You got it Voodoo."
    Voodoo ran up to the SUV and grabbed a small charcoal grill while Tick grabbed a cooler marked "TANGO BODY PARTS" and a bag of charcoal.
    Meanwhile Gale heard Mark's comment about Kat punishing Mark and chuckled, "Ooh, you can use my handcuffs, Kat!"
    Sharky, confused, asked, "Wait, you have handcuffs?"
    Gale grinned, "Oh I forgot to tell you about those.  Irina gave them to me.  They're really cute."
    Sharky said solemnly, "You are NOT using those on me."
    Gale rolled her eyes, "You know that's not what they're for, ya doof."
    "Wait a minute...  Are these the ones I'm thinking of?"
    Sharky sighed, "I need to have a serious talk with that woman..."
    Gale grinned with a twinkle in her eye, "Just talking?"
    "As much as is possible with her, anyway..."
    As the ball fell out of bounds, Genghis sighed, "Two-two.  It's all tied up."
    Riley and Shamu made there way across the dunes, and when they reached the pickup, he said, "You can date Chart, have fun, but nothing to explicit, especially around me, the ass kicking, still stands. Other than that, help me unload this thing." Hoping up onto the bed, he removed a pair of bungee cords from the grill and wheeled it off passing it down to Shamu, he turned back and grabbed a bag of charcoal. The brauts are in our cooler, I'll get 'em."
    "Service!" cried Hacker again, and he fired the ball at the SF operators.
    Chart had walked back to the crowd, and watch the volleyball game, cheering on the NAVAIR team. 
    Shamu nodded, "Understood.  Thanks for the heads up."
    By now Genghis had set up the grill and lit the charcoal.  While he waited for the grill to heat up, he leaned back against the truck and stroked his beard, which he'd pulled into a small ponytail.  Tick dragged the meat cooler up beside him and asked, "You know V, I don't get why you keep that rat tail around.  I mean, at least let it grow out some more."
    Voodoo shrugged, "Eh, I like it at this length.  Too long and it gets caught up on shit and you have to spend an hour braiding it and shit, too short and it gets hard to tie up." 
    "Or you could let it all hang free like me."
    Voodoo chuckled, "Nah.  Keeps it distinct, ya know?  Besides.  We already got enough bushy santy-claus beards between you and Dusty.  I like the Mongol raider vibe this thing has."
    Tick shook his head, "You and your barbarian fetish..."
    "Nah, bro.  It's a way of life."
    "One filled with puppies and quiet walks on the beach?"
    "Abso-fucking-lutely.  Now shut up and sling those steaks up here.  Looks like the grill's good to go."
    Reaper lunged for the ball, intercepting it and firing it back at the NAVAIR side of the net.
    Dusty turned his head to look at the pretty newcomer and waved at her, winking, then returning his attention to the game.
    Rosie quickly moved to intercept the ball hit by Reaper, hitting the ball upwards and over with cupped palms.
    Setting the grill down, Raptor motioned for Shamu and said "No problem, put the charcoal on please, I'm gonna go get the brauts"
    Suddenly, Axt and Halo surfaced, walking back to the crowd, they paused and shed their gear, setting it on the bags. Using his hand, Axt combed his blonde hair forward, and said in his slightly Belkan accent, "What's for chow? Tango body parts? Nice!"  Pulling a beer from the SEALs grey cooler, he opened the lid and took a long pull. "It is awesome down there, I haven't seen stuff like that since I don't know when!" Axt said, his accent growing stronger.  
    "Oh? I suck eh? How about you and Soccer? I have never seen you play a game sober!" retorted Zack as they observed the game.
    "It's the only way to play that stupid game!" Alyosha responded.
    "Hey now it's heresy in Isara to say that!" Zack laughed as they watched the operators and NAVAIR pilots exchange the ball.
    "Ooooh...looks like we'll be having some chow soon." said Rein as she observed the others setting up the grill.
    "Come on Navy boys! I thought you were masters at this game!" shouted Matchstick.
    "I am feeling hungry Comet." Mao spoke.
    "At least the operators are operating." Zack snickered.
    "Oh, some of our interrogators carry around handcuffs as well." Ekaterina commented, though she wasn't really getting what kind of cuffs they meant.
    "Yeah no, not my thing." Mark added in.
    In the meantime, Knight intercepted the ball as it came and spiked it.
    Gale smiled and said sweetly to Kat, "Oh honey, not that kind of handcuffs..."
    Sharky muttered something that sounded suspiciously like "Dear lord she really is Satan's sister..."
    Meanwhile, Dusty sidled up to Zack and said in his cattleman's drawl, "Now son, most 'operators' aren't too fond of that there phrase.  Some of us get downright violent when we hear it."
    Voodoo grinned as he flipped the steaks that were sizzling on the grill and said to Axt, "Ah ah ah, you Team 9 boys gotta wait in line.  Triton gets their food then everybody else does."
    "But I thought they weren't the kinky kind?" Ekaterina asked, tilting her head.
    At the same time, Toby had dragged himself towards the smell of food. He managed to catch the exchange between Zack and Dusty.
    "As an operator I cannot find that offensive on account of it's gotten me laid." He said, looking at the food cooking.
    "Someone tell me that sauces were brought." He added.
    Eric came ashore and approached the man who'd made the bet with him.
    "The Majestic Fucking Eagle doesn't work for free." He grinned.
    Gale chuckled, "No, I meant I have the kinky kind.  Granted, you COULD use the regular kind if that's your speed, but that's not for me to say."
    Sharky interjected, "I would like it to be known at this point that under no circumstances other than arrest by an officer of the law shall I be wearing handcuffs, fuzzy or otherwise."
    Gale pouted, "You're no fun."
    "I did that once, not doin' it again.  Not of my own free will, anyway."
    Gale turned away rapidly to conceal the mischievous grin that spread across her face.
    Voodoo shrugged and pulled out his wallet, handing five bucks to Eric, sighing, "I should waited for you to get blasted before I made the bet.  Oh well.  Not bad, for a lazy zoomie."
    Dusty said to Toby, "Oh I'm generally okay with it.  Certain M60 gunners can get touchy though.  If you know what I mean."
    At the mention of sauce, Voodoo scowled, gesturing at the steak with his spatula, "You'd better be joking.  This is a prime cut o' meat.  This is like the Mona Lisa of steaks.  If you need sauce for this glory you're doin' it wrong, Tobes."
    Tick joined in, "Yeah, I thought you D-boys knew all about eatin' meat.  Be careful or Voodoo's gonna make you have to settle for ghetto Jarhead brats."
    "Dusty, if you could help. . . !" Rosie scolds Dusty who brings his attention back to the game.
    Dusty dashes towards the spiked ball, then just manages to hit the ball  but he ends up sending it into the net.
    "I'll keep that in mind man. But it seems your comrades say otherwise." Zack said to Dusty as he looked to Denisov "Matchstick! Beer me!" Alyosha nodded. "Gotcha man." Mao and Rein interjected. "Get us some water!" they barked at the tattooed pilot. "Yeah, yeah...water for the ladies!" as he bolted to the bag.
    Zack caught Voodoo's comments and spoke. "So not a fan of the sauce eh?" as Alyosha gave him a stout and distributed water to the girls. "I don't mind a light coat but nothing that'll destroy the taste too much." Zack took a drink of his beer.
    "Thanks Aly, you're a godsend." Rein said as she opened her water up. "So who's the girl?" Mao said as she laid eyes on Gale. "Not sure, but damn is she good looking!" Rein said in response. Mao rolled her eyes upon hearing her comrades words.
    Genghis yelled, "3 to 2 for the Snake Eaters!"
    Voodoo shook his head, "I'm fine with sauce, just not on steak.  Sauce on pulled pork, fine.  Sauce on chicken, fine.  But not on steak.  For steak the most you should have is salt and pepper or maybe a dry rub."
    Noticing the growing crowd around the grill, Voodoo shouted, "Alright, people!  Here's how this works!  People for steak, form a organized single file line.  TF Triton members first, then other Rosenthal guys and gals, then SEALs, then D-boys, then everybody else.  If you want hot dogs or brats or whatever the hell the jarheads brought, go crowd around over there like a buncha hooligans, I don't care."
    Tick chuckled and muttered under his breath, "The steak nazi is back..."
    Dusty shrugged and said to Zack, "Hey I don't mind it.  Just sayin' that Voodoo gets absurdly steamed about it."
    Mark shook his head.
    "I'll just keep it vanilla, thank you very much." He said. The man then stuck his nose to the air.
    "Ah smell meat, but it ain't venison. That's a damn shame." He frowned.
    "I'll remember that zoomie comment when yah scream for me to put a JDAM on a T-90 that's got yah pinned, or maybe when I'm waiting for the Angel Bird to land. Either way I don't think we've been properly introduced. Eric Bradford, or Saber." the Lieutenant said, extending a hand.
    "What, something wrong with enhancing the flavor? I swear every time I say a good Teyiaki or Bleu Cheese makes a steak better its like I just dropped my pants and started shaking my hips in front of everyone." Toby replied to Dusty.
    "Admittedly I once had a steak with this weird mango salsa stuff on it; wasn't too bad.' Crusher added in.
    Gale smiled, "I've always been a sucker for sprinkles.  Easiest way to get to my heart."
    Sharky chuckled, "Point noted."
    Gale laughed, "Don't be silly.  You're already there."
    "But then what am I gonna do with that industrial sized bag of chocolate sprinkles I was gonna get you?"
    "That'll just get you even deeper."
    Sharky grinned, "You sure you can take that?"
    "Baby, I'll take whatever you give me."
    As Mark commented about the smell of meat, Sharky sniffed the air and said, "Yup.  Smells like steak.  With just salt.  Looks like Voodoo's getting his Steak Nazi on.  Come on, babe.  We'd better get in line.  Mark, Kat, you all should come too.  Voodoo's rules are strict but his steak is AMAZING."
    Voodoo accepted Eric's handshake, "Nice to meet you.  Call me Voodoo.  Now if you don't mind, I've got steaks to grill."
    Dusty chuckled and said to Toby, "Well now you see, son.  We like to call Voodoo the Steak Nazi.  He's of the school of thought that steak is a cut of meat that doesn't require anything but the most minimal of accoutrements to attain perfection, and that anything more detracts from the quality of the meat.  I've gotta admit I mostly agree with 'im, just not as violently.  The man takes his steak VERY seriously.  But boy does he make up for it."
    By now Zeus had walked up to the conversation, saying, "And he does have a point.  Most times you see steak with all that fancy white girl crap on it, it's because the steak is some month-old charred piece of crap they got out of a 90 year old cow that got hit by a truck or some shit."
    Sharky and Gale walked up to the line for steak.  Noticing Rein's and Mao's glances, Gale asked, "And who might you two lovely ladies be?"  Sharky, noting her tone of voice, muttered under his breath, "At this rate my girlfriend is gonna seduce all the female pilots in this coalition.  And I thought Shamu was the skirt chasing one..." 
    By now Zack had decided to wait his turn for a steak while Alyosha decided to go after the Marines for a hot dog. "I can't see how the hell you would pass up steak. Besides this beer would compliment a steak nicely." He said running his hand through his black hair. "Ah; but look at how long you'll have to wait." Alyosha retorted placing a cigarette in his mouth.
    Meanwhile Rein decided to take point on the introductions. "Well I am second lieutenant Rein Carter and this is Mao Takayanagi of the same rank. We're from the thirty second fighter squadron! Our flight lead and our number three are over there. I think Sharky already talked to our lead Zack; the hippie looking one in the camo shorts." She said as she adjusted her bikini and smiled.
    "A hippie? You know I've always been considered a rivethead!" shouted Zack. "Ah whatever!" Rein yelled back. "So It's a pleasure to meet you uh..."
    Magalie, turned to Gale and replied, "Thanks." with a smile on her face.and watched them had in line for steak. Irenee and Estelle simply laid down under the sunbrella, holding hands. Willard was enjoying his swim.
    "Gale 'Hurricane' Sullivan.  I'm the XO of the 426th SOAR and this goofball's girlfriend," Gale said, nudging Sharky.  "Nice to meet you."
    Noticing Magalie staring at them, Sharky whispered to Gale, "Looks like you made quite an impression."
    "I'm not surprised.  At least now she's not running the risk of a harassment board."
    "And you have a new pet."
    Grinning, Gale said, "I know!  It's a win-win!"
    By this point, the two had progressed to the front of the line.
    Voodoo hailed them in his Boston accent, "Shahky, Hurricane, how are you doin' today?"
    Sharky raised his hand in a fist bump, "Pretty good, Voodoo.  Beautiful beach, beautiful girl, beautiful steaks.  You collected any scalps lately?"
    Voodoo chuckled, "Not in a couple days, brotha.  And I gotta say, it was about damned time you two hooked up."
    Gale exclaimed, "I know, right?"
    Sharky sighed, "Did EVERYBODY notice I had a thing for you?"
    Voodoo nodded, "Pretty much."
    Zeus, his mouth full of steak, mumbled, "To be fair it was going on for like 3 years, man.  And subtle you are not."
    Sharky gave Zeus a look and deadpanned, "Gee, thanks."
    Meanwhile Voodoo had slung a pair of steaks onto plates, accompanying them with a potato.  Handing the plates to Gale he said, "Here's yer meat.  Now get outta my line!"
    Gale chuckled, "Aye aye, Steak Nazi sir!"  Handing a plate to Sharky, the two went to go sit down on the bed of the pickup truck Triton had brought with them, after Sharky spread a beach towel over it.
    "An elegant beachside picnic for you, madame."
    Gale smiled, "Well thank you, senhor."  Taking a bite of the steak, she said, "Mmmm Voodoo really does know his steak.  You know what this needs though?   A drink." 
    Sharky nodded, "I'm on it."  Leaning back into the bed, he grabbed a pair of Angry Orchards out of the cooler, opening both and handing one to Gale.
    "Ooh, Angry Orchards?  Reminds me of college."
    "I know.  Remember that one roboclub party you got absolutely blasted on these?"
    "Oh yeah!  I ended up sitting on top of a fridge pretending I was King Kong and you guys all threw socks at me.  Weren't you dating someone back then?"
    Sharky sighed, "Yeah, Sarah.  I'm surprised you remember."
    Gale chuckled, "Kinda hard not to.  That hair of hers was insane.  How is she doing now anyway?"
    "Heh, yeah that it was.  I honestly don't know.  We didn't really keep in touch after we split up.  I think she's working at Brighthill now?"
    "Ah, I see."
    Sharky asked, "You're not bothered that i was dating her, are you?"
    Gale shook her head, "No.  I can understand.  I was with that asswad Mike when you two hooked up, and it's not like you two still have anything for each other, if last night was any indication."
    Heartened, Sharky said, "It's always been you.  Hell even when i was with those other girls you were always in the back of my head.  I'm just kind of annoyed I didn't make a move sooner."
    Gale smiled, "You're telling me.  I feel like our timing was off, horribly.  Seemed like every time I wanted to make a move on you, you were with some one, and every time I thought you were gonna do something, I was occupied."
    Sharky thought back for a minute, "Huh, so it was.  I think my thing with Irina was the last one before this." 
    Gale chuckled, "She still has a thing for you, ya know."
    "Oh, fuck...  Uh..."
    "It's okay.  I've got my claws deep enough in her that she knows not to do anything if I'm not okay with it."
    "Are you okay with it?"
    "Babe, I just seduced a poor unsuspecting Emmerian Mirage pilot.  I asked Irina to help me PACK.  I'm okay with it.  As long as you come back to me in the end."
    Sharky said, "There's no doubt of that."
    "Good."  Kissing him on the lips, Gale said, "Huh, Voodoo's steak tastes even better on your lips than it does on mine!"
    Concerned, Sharky protested, "Hey, don't be getting any ideas.  I'm still a little woozy from last night.  I need this protein."
    Gale laughed, "Don't worry, I'll get it off you when we're both done."
    The two consumed the rest of their lunch in quiet, throwing the plates away before Gale tackled Sharky behind the changing rooms and leeched the remaining taste of steak from his lips as she had promised.  Afterwards, the two walked over to the volleyball game that was still in progress.
    Looking at the crowd growing around the grill, Dusty turned to Knight and company.
    "Hey, Knight was it? Wanna take a breather for some lunch? Those steaks over there are looking pretty good right now."
    Knight nodded and hailed the rest of his unit, himself deciding on joining the Marines to cut down on their spread. Mark choose steak, whilst Eric and Ekaterina joined the Marines. The rest of the Deltas seemed to scattered about the two options.
    Chris removed the brats and buns from the grill. "Onions or no onions ma'am?" he asked Ekaterina.
    "Dammit Dusty! yelled Hacker. "Oh well, lunch time, Imma get some steak." Hannibal walked over to Raptor and got in line.
    "Shamu, what do you want?" asked Chart.
    Axt had also gotten in line for the steak, behind the Rosenthal personnel.
    Shamu said, "I'm gonna get us a couple of steaks, since I can get past most of the line."
    He got in line behind Reaper, who asked, "So what've you been up to while I was gettin' my volleyball on?"
    Shamu chuckled, "Oh, nothing much.  Some swimming, some sand castle building."
    As he made his way to the front of the line, Voodoo raised his grill tongs in greeting, "Well if it isn't the second of the fishes.  How yah doin', buddy?"
    Shamu replied, "Not bad, big V.  You're getting your grill on, I see.""
    "Hey, it's what I do.  Noticed yah rompin' about with yah lady friend.  How's that goin'?"
    "Pretty good, so far.  Can't do too much or her squad lead'll kick my ass, but that's more leeway than I usually have."
    Voodoo chuckled as he slid a steak onto a plate, "Well if that jarhead gives yah any trouble you lemme know.  Me and the boys'll sort him out."
    "Haha, thanks, man.  Hey, can I get another one for the lady?"
    "Ah, it's against the rules, you know that."  Sighing, Voodoo said, "Ah, but since yer finally havin' some luck I'll cut ya some slack, just this once."
    Shamu grinned, "Thank you oh gracious Steak Nazi."
    Voodoo rolled his eyes, "Now get outta my line, ya whale."
    As the volleyball game took a recess, Sharky and Gale walked over to Chart.  "Hey Charlotte.  How are things going between you and Shamu?  I asked earlier, but I got...  er... distracted," Gale said.
    Chart laughed, "Things are going great. Your backseater is pretty much just like my pilot, so I can tolerate extreme silliness. I think he's a keeper"
    "I'll skip the onions." Ekterina said.
    "I'm single, so load me up on em." Knight said.
    I the meantime Mark approached Dusty with his plate and took a swig of his rootbeer.
    "What kind of cut is it, apparent Steak Nazi?" He asked, looking at the grill.
    Placing a bun, then a brat on Ekterina's plate, "Chris said, "Enjoy!" He then put another brat/ bun combo on Knight's plate, and added some onions. "Here ya go." he said.
    Axt was next in line, and he presented his plate to Voodoo. "Danke for the steak, Herr SteakFuhrer"
    Dusty and Rosie stood in line behind the assorted SEALS, Special Forces and Mercenaries
    While Dusty waited, he looked over at Chart talking with the other mercs, and talked to himself.
    "Man she's gorgeous, maybe I've got a shot at her?"
    "I doubt it" Rosie chirped cheerfully. Dusty just glared at her.
    "Well thanks for the support, buddy!"
    Sunny emerged from the waves soaking wet after being knocked off his board for more times that he cared to admit. But it was fun and now he was a little hungry and wet.
    He noted the congregation of beachgoers and headed towards it. Sunny approached the group of Eric and others.
    "Well I'm back from my surfing if you can even call it that. Something smells real good, steaks right?"
    "Hm; a special forces aviation regiment. Rosenthal could easily hold their own with the kind of firepower they wield." Rein spoke to herself as her and Mao joined Alyosha waiting for a Brat. She glanced back over at Gale and smiled. "Oh jeez." Mao said as she turned her attention to Alyosha. "Think Zack and I will get a chance to be by ourselves tonight?" Mao inquired. "Yeah there's a chance you will after we all party ourselves to death." Alyosha shot back.

    Zack quietly drank his beer and waited for his turn to get a steak looking over Mao. Thinking to himself he felt an uneasiness build in him; Zack quickly shut the thought out and looked to the sky.


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    Re: ONS Party Thread (Archived)

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    Gale grinned, "Awww, I'm so glad to hear that!  Shamu really likes you, you know.  Like I haven't seen him crushing this seriously on someone in a long time, if ever."
    At this point Shamu walked up and kissed Chart on the lips.  Handing her a steak he asked, "Oh lawdy.  Gale hasn't tried to seduce you too, has she?"
    Gale protested, "I would never do that to you, Shamu.  You know you're like a little brother to me.  It just wouldn't be right."
    Sharky added, "Even if she did try I'd stop her.  You deserve this, man.  Fuck if I'm gonna be the reason you can't have it."  Pulling his RIO aside, Sharky whispered, "I know it's been bothering you lately, me getting with Gale and such, all the jokes about you and your persistent failures.  "
    Shamu smiled, "Thanks bro.  I know it's only been like a day, but I do like where this is goin'.  I'm just worried about messing it up now, ya know?"
    "Well if you've made it this far I feel like you're good."
    "I suppose so."
    Turning back to the women, Shamu said, "Well now that my fears of Chart being dragged into a crazed sex panther's den of debauchery are somewhat assuaged, you guys wanna grab some sand so we can talk while we eat?  I'm guessing you guys filled up already."
    Sharky nodded, "Sounds good."
    Gale agreed, "Good idea.  And I can tell Chart about all the embarrassing tidbits Sharky's too much of a bro to let out."
    Shamu sighed, "My plan of action may have been slightly flawed..."
    Sharky chuckled, "Oh come on it's not that bad.  A lot of people wear salmon board shorts to a second date.  They're generally not employed, or in possession of an IQ higher than 120, but they do it."
    Shamu whispered theatrically to Chart, "Ignore everything they say!  They're CRAAAAAAAAZY!!!!!"
    Sharky and Gale simply rolled their eyes as they sat down on a beach towel, with Gale in Sharky's lap, while Shamu and Chart took a pair of vacant beach chairs.
    Voodoo said to Mark, "Grabbed some BEAUTIFUL ribeyes from the hotel.  Seriously the marbling on these things is some of the best I've ever seen."
    "Awwww, but is sounds like fun," said Chart, taking a seat in one of the beach chairs. She laughed at Shamu's theatrics and said"So, tell me more about all of Shamu's more hilarious failures to get a date."
    Axt sat down with his steak, and cutting into it, enjoyed the smell. Taking a bite, he enjoyed the rich flavor. Voodoo, these are the best goddamn steaks on the planet, and I never though I say that again!"
    Gale grinned, "Oh, where to start..."
    Sharky thought, "Could tell the drunken Estovakian story..."
    "Ah, I wasn't there for that one.  You tell it."
    Shamu groaned, "Oh god I still have the scar from that one..."
    Sharky chuckled, "Hey I told you to check for a ring.  Anyway, this happened during the buildup to the Continental War.  Shamu and I went out drinking near the base.  Now naturally, Shamu being the hound dog he was at the time, he promptly locks onto the first pretty girl he sees.  It's goin' well, she's about to go home with him, when suddenly I hear this tremendous roar accompanied with the most pungent BO I've ever smelled.  This fucking absolutely massive sheep farmer walks in and yells that the 'Filthy Osean Pirate' is defiling his wife and must suffer."
    Taking a sip of his drink, he resumed, "Now, at this point Shamu has the presence of mind to actually check for a ring, which I told him to do when he first started talking to this chick, and then proceeded to backpedal away from this fucker.  Sheep Farmer wasn't having any of it, and picks this poor bastard up by the collar and is about to fling him across the room.  Apparently the bar was not a stranger to fights of this sort, because some dude pulled out an accordion, another pulled out a keyboard, and they started banging away at them.  As the music starts, Shamu goes flying across the room, and lands RIGHT on this stuffed deer head they had hanging up on the wall."
    Shamu spoke up, "Seriously who the fuck SHARPENS antlers on an ornamental wall hanging?"
    "Well it's a good thing you had all that blubber to save ya.  Now at this point things had gotten out of hand, so I checked to make sure Shamu wasn't bleeding TOO bad, and then confronted Sheep Farmer.  Now mind you this guy had like 4 inches and a good 60 pounds on me.  He charges at me like a fucking bull for some reason.  I barely duck out of the way, and somehow end up tripping him.  He goes running into the SAME wall hanging he threw Shamu into."
    Voodoo grinned, "Hey, I take my steak VERY seriously.  At least you Team 9 boys have SOME good taste."
    Chart nearly fell off her beach chair laughing. "That's great! Any other crazy stories?!"
    "Hey, I'm part Belkan, I know good meat!" exclaimed Axt, taking another swig of his beer.
    Chris and the other Marines sat down next to the VF-138 and VF-3 pilots. "So, how do ya like the brats?" he asked Ekaterina.
    Ekaterina thanked the Marine and hurried off to rejoin Mark, though he'd become rather wrapped up in a discussion about steaks, pulling out of the line to talk. She looked back at Chris.
    "It's very good, thank you." she replied.
    "Ribeyes are some good ones. Ever do Venison? May not be as fancy but it does taste good, especially when you've hunted and prepared it yourself." Mark commented.
    Sharky chuckled, "Oh I'm not done yet.  Dude absolutely DEMOLISHES the deer, right?  He stands up with the antlers sticking out of his hat and starts blubbering.  It was a sight to see.  He started going on about how he was always paranoid about people hitting on his wife because he thought he was unworthy of her, and how he made up for it by fighting people, and how nobody'd managed to beat him up to this point.  Needless to say I was a bit weirded out by this, so I just patted him on the back, grabbed Shamu, and we booked it back to the base."
    Shamu sighed, "Estovakian sheep farmers.  Full of contradictions.  Anyway, I suppose you could tell a SUCCESSFUL story."
    Sharky shrugged, "Eh, I could tell the one about good old bunker britches."  Shifting Gale slightly to a more comfortable position, he began, "So you've heard us refer to boobs as hats, right?  Well that came about, again, during the Continental War.  Being a foreign unit attached to regular Estovakian forces, we got assigned a liaison officer, Captain Daciana Ionescu.  She did most of her business with Gold, our squad lead at the time, so the first time we saw her was when she was briefing us the day of the invasion.  Now, I dunno if you've seen Estovakian officer caps, but they're fucking MASSIVE.  I was sitting next to Shamu and said, 'Yeesh, that's one big hat.'  Shamu, pervert that he is, says, 'They both are...'  It took me a second to realize he was talking about her chest.  Anyway, we got in the habit of saying "hats" instead of any more recognizable words for the term so she wouldn't know what we were talking about, and that kinda carried over."
    Noticing that Sharky was starting to ramble, Gale tapped him gently on the cheek, "Focus, honey."
    "Oh, right, sorry.  So anyway, after the first day of the invasion we all go out to celebrate not getting our asses kicked, and Daciana comes along with us.  Shamu gets absolutely PLASTERED, and walks up to her and says, 'You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.  I would swim a hundred miles to take you to dinner.'  Daciana was naturally a little surprised at this, but she didn't blow her top like I thought she would.  She just said, 'You should get started then,' and pushed Shamu into the pool.  Which is when he got his callsign, as you heard last night.  Now, for some godforsaken reason Shamu thought of this as a challenge.  So it became a habit of his that every time we came back from a mission he'd proposition Daciana, each time getting more and more extravagant.  He got the door slammed in his face so many times he could draw the wood grains from memory.  It was freaky.  She was locked down so tight we started calling her 'Bunker Britches.'  Anyway, this had been going on for a couple of months.  Finally, around when we start squeezing in on Khesed, Shamu decides to pull out ALL the stops.  This fucker shows up at her door in full traditional Estovakian courtship garb, riding a goat, with 4 bouquets of flowers, chocolate, and the freaking base BAND, and drops on his knees and begs this lady to take him to dinner.  I guess the sheer amount of pollen from the flowers must have made her delirious or something, because she finally agreed."
    Shamu grinned, "You know what they say, you drop a big enough bomb, you can bust any bunker."
    Sharky chuckled, "And so was busted the great panty bunker of Captain Daciana Ionescu, Estovakian Air Force.  Where did you get that goat, anyway?  I forget."
    "The sheep farmer who threw me into the deer head."
    "Oh right.  I still can't believe she actually slept with you..."
    "Hey you're the one who hooked up with Irina."
    "Well to be fair she kind of hooked up with me..."
    Sharky began thinking back to HIS adventures during the conflict, his reverie interrupted when Gale chuckled, "Sharky, is that a stray beer bottle in your pocket or are you just THAT happy I'm sitting in your lap?
    Sharky spluttered "I...  Uh..  Buhhh...  Er...  Yes?"
    Gale laughed, kissing him on the cheek, "It's okay, you and I both know you're thinking about when Irina jumped your bones after you hit the 2nd Fleet.  She told me the story."
    "Is there anything she HASN'T told you?"
    "She can be VERY loose lipped under the proper...  Persuasion."
    Sharky rolled his eyes.  Turning his attention back to Chart he asked, "So any other stories you wanna hear?"
    Shamu muttered, "Please say no, please say no..."
    Voodoo chuckled, "Yeah, of sausage and schnitzel maybe."
    To Mark he said, "Nah, I don't really do venison that much.  Dusty over there does, though.  I'm too much of a city boy to deal with all that shit."
    Dusty, hearing his name mentioned, walked over and asked, "You rang, V?"
    "Cowboy over here was asking about venison.  Although that scarf don't look too much like somethin' a cowboy would wear...  Or like a scarf to begin with... Wait a minute, is that the dress Hurricane was wearing earlier?"
    "Ah, yeah.  I'll make it every once in a while.  Snuffles is absolutely nuts for the stuff."
    Chris smiled, "Thank you." he said.
    "So that's were the hats thing came from. That sounds like something Hannibal would do. And no, there is only so much more laughing I can do before collapsing this beach chair. I'm going to go grab a brat from our grill, be right back." With that, she stood and walked over to the plate of brats and grabbed a bun.
    "Yes, but I do enjoy steak too. That or pulled pork." said Axt.
    Sharky chuckled, "Fair enough."
    As Chart went to go get more food, Shamu hissed, "You asshole!"
    "What?  She wanted stories, I gave her stories.  Not my fault you're a tit-seeking missile whenever we're out of the jet.  Besides it's not like you haven't given Gale the sordid details of my love life in the past."
    "I am a RECOVERING tit-seeking missile!  And I only did that because she asked if you were seeing anyone!"
    Gale interjected, "To be fair, Irina's the one who told me most of what went down between you and her.  All Shamu told me was that you were dating her."  To Shamu she said, "Oh, by the way, I noticed the two of you getting a bit frisky earlier.  If you want privacy, the windows on the SUVs have great tinting.  They should do the trick.  I think Reaper or Genghis have the keys."
    Shamu nodded, "Thanks, but I think I'll hold off while her squad lead is around.  I might invite her over tonight or something, but I don't wanna jump too fast into it."
    "Fair enough.  Speaking of people coming over, I'm surprised those Emmerian pilots haven't been more involved in anything.  I don't think they've even gotten food."
    Sharky shrugged, "Yeah, they seem kinda anti-social.  Well except for the one whose throat you shoved your tongue down, anyway."
    "I may have to do that again...  She's startin' to get that crazy eye again."
    "Should I get the keys from Reaper?"
    Gale gyrated slightly in Sharky's lap, "Don't you tempt me, mister."
    Shamu groaned, "Is this what hanging out with you two is always going to be like from now on?"
    Voodoo said to Axt, "Not sayin' that's not an option."
    "Hey, Ah lost a bet. She said wear it, so Ah figured Ah'd interpret that order a bit loosely to meet Gale's wishes of it not being stretched. Otherwise Ah am indeed something of a cowboy." Mark replied with a grin. He looked at Voodoo, but kept addressing Dusty at first..
    "Ah'd imagine a bear would like it. One time me and my uncle had to avoid one that'd taken down a buck we'd spent a better part of a day stalking. But trust me, Voodoo, venison can be tailored for yah city folk." He said.
    In the meantime Knight hadn't said anything lately; he was too busy eating brats. His Senior NCO cocked an eyebrow at him as he did so. Knight smiled.
    "I haven't had anything this good in a while, Crusher, you can't blame me." the man said, taking a brief pause from his meal.
    Chart turned on her heel and began walking back to the PMC personnel.
    Chris grinned at Knight, "Thanks a lot, I've gotten good at making these things. You're one of the CAG operators's aren't you? I'm Chris Riley." he said, extending his hand.
    Sunny feigned insult at the remark by Chris, even though he knew he was referring to the food.
    "Brat?! I'll have you know I was flying fighters when you were in grade school!"
    "No chance?! Watch and be amazed, my young nugget!" Dusty humphed then turned his attention back to Chart. . just in time to see her kiss Shamu. Dusty's mouth dropped comically.
    "What, no, why!?!" Dusty wailed dramatically.
    Rosie just smirked smugly behind his back.
    "Well would say "I hate to say I told you so" but that would be an utter lie. So I won't"
    As Chart walked back to Shamu and company she asked, "So is there anything else I should know about Shamu?"
    Shamu gave Gale a pleading glance.  Laughing, She said "Well, one thing is that he may be a goofball, but when he finds something he cares about he does whatever it takes to hold on to it.  And based on how he's acted last night and today, I'm gonna bet you fall in that category."
    Sharky nodded, "It's true.  He and I wouldn't be where we are today if he couldn't focus.  And by god when he decides to focus this kid can FOCUS."
    Shamu grinned and kissed Chart on the cheek, "What can I say?  I just need motivation."
    Voodoo chuckled and said, "Smart kid.  Most people just fall right into Hurricane's traps.  Especially Shahky.  Although I suppose he seems to enjoy it.  But about venison, it's not that I don't like the taste. It's that there ain't too many butcher shops in Apito that keep venison around.  And I'm too lazy to bother cuttin' it all up myself."
    Dusty chuckled, "The great Voodoo, collector of scalps and eviscerator of bad guys, too lazy to do it to a deer."
    Voodoo shrugged, "Gotta save the energy for somethin', eh?"
    Chart smiled and kissed Shamu on the lips, "Good." she said. "Let's go back to the water!" she exclaimed, "Race ya!" and she took off for the water.
    "Hey Knight, mind if I take your place in the volleyball game?" asked Axt
    Chris laughed, "No sir, not you. Speaking of which, when DID you start flying fighters?"
    Shamu watched the redhead run to the water and then shrugged to Sharky and Gale, "Well, duty calls."
    Gale chuckled, "Go get 'er, buddy."
    Shamu sprinted off after Chart, tackling her into the surf.
    Sharky chuckled, "He's havin' the time of his life.  So, my dear devil lady, what do you want to do now?"
    Gale's eyes fell on the now vacated beach chairs and she said, "Well those two got me all hot and bothered now, and those beach chairs are free..."
    Sharky simply grinned and relocated to one, leaning back as Gale crawled on top of him before settling down and settling her lips over his.  As the two embraced, Sharky ran one hand through Gale's blonde locks while caressing her backside with another, occasionally slipping further south between her legs, causing her to hum happily.
    Meanwhile Reaper, who had just finished eating, noticed the two and looked at his watch, "Huh, that took them a whole hour longer than I was expecting."
    Genghis overheard him and said, "What, timing how long it takes for them to hook up?"
    Reaper replied, "Something like that.  I'll be honest I'm surprised they're as social as they have been.  I was thinking they'd grab an isolated part of beach and start going at it like rabbits, bystanders be damned.  Honestly, I'm glad they didn't."
    Genghis chuckled, "Man, you've gotta loosen up with those two."
    "Yeah, yeah.  I need a drink..."
    Chart squealed in delight, but unfortunately, Sham's fingers caught the bow of he top and it came loose
    "Come hunting in the boonies or mountains sometime, and y'all won't have to worry about butcher shops. Hell, the land near Altaria has a little hunting ground." Mark said to Voodoo.
    As the members of Canis flight had settled down with their lunch at their chairs and ate; Zack spoke up in between chewing his food and taking drinks.
    "So my old friend Asuna contacted me a couple days ago." Zack said with a full mouth
    "A little rude to speak with your mouth full there Ferret." Mao said.
    "This is the military! Etiquette doesn't go very far!" Rein chuckled.
    Mao grumbled. "Yeah. So what did Asuna want to talk with you about?" Mao inquired.
    Zack took a chug of his beer and responded. "She's taken an assignment in Isara from the Wesson Times. They want to get someone out here to cover the conflict."
    Alyosha snarked. "Lemme guess; she wants to be like that guy who covered the conflict in Aslan. Right?"
    Zack raised his eyebrow. "Nah. She wants to be her own person, she cringes at the idea of being compared to Albert Genette or Brett Thompson. Even if she did look up to them. Damn this is some good food."
    Fortunately since Shamu was tightly hugging Chart as they came out of the water, the top didn't fall away.  As he nuzzled her neck he noticed bare skin where the bow should have been, and promptly said, "Uh, Chart, don't move." 
    Moving his hands from her back he quickly reached behind her and redid the bow.
    Kissing her on the cheek he said, "Okay, we're good."
    "Oh, hunting's not a problem.  That's about all there is to do if you go visit Dusty.  But unfortunately it's apparently frowned upon to go hunting with a Pig.  Which I think is bullshit."
    Dusty sighed, "Voodoo, we've been over this!  When you rip the animal apart with an MG you ruin all the meat!"
    Voodoo grunted, "Oh please.  You know my groupings are small enough with Lola to keep the major muscle groups intact.  You guys just don't like fun."
    "We just don't like you depopulating the whole freakin' hunting ground."
    Voodoo grinned, "Ammo conservation, Big D."
    Dusty rolled his eyes, "Easy for you to say when you've got a whole 200 rounds to play with before you gotta reload."
    Chart giggled, "I'm surprised you didn't let it fall all the way off."
    Axt laughed, "Hunting with a Pig? That sounds friggin awesome. It would be awesome to do some heli hog hunting, Maybe when I get back."
    Shamu grinned, "If your squad lead wasn't around, my dear, it wouldn't have come undone by accident," punctuating his statement by kissing Chart's neck.
    Dusty turned to Axt and said, "What is this, Yuktobania in the fifties?"
    "Nope, entertainment," said Axt, jokingly. "Yeah, but that sounds expensive. AKA, it ain't happening, I can't afford shit like that"
    Chart pushed Shamu into the water, "My turn!"
    Mark had a look of utter shock on his face.
    "Why would y'all even do that? Hunting is a sport to be executed with precision! Yah don't just chop em to bits!" He exclaimed.
    "You done goof'd now! Hunting is Mark's childhood!" Eric laughed from where he was.
    As Shamu fell backwards, a wave cascaded right over his head.  Spluttering, he sat up and said, "Well, that fulfills my salt intake for the day."
    Voodoo said to Axt, "I hear that, brotha."
    Dusty chuckled, "Gotta pay the bills, am i right?"
    Voodoo quipped to Mark, "I do do it with precision.  I just use a Mk. 43.  We contractors don't spend all that time on the range for nothing, ya know."
    "Ah just give me an 870 slug gun, a couple shells, and dinner will be served." Zack shouted as he finished his lunch. "Besides. There's a certain thrill to being accurate." He added.
    Mao giggled as she kissed Zack on the lips. "You never struck me as a hunter."
    "I've gone out a few times with my dad and Marcus. You gotta try some teriyaki squirrel or marinated venison sometime." he said to Mao in between kisses.
    "I'm going to jump in the water again." said Rein.
    "Go ahead. I'm going to take some pictures and chat a little." Alyosha said to Rein.
    "870's are fun, specially the little breacher ones we got." said Axt. To Dusty, he said, "Yup, that, kit and guns. More specifically, a TRG-42."
    "Chart said, "Oops, my bad, I slipped. So what next?"  
    "I bet; I've been thinking about getting a SBS for quite some time actually. Right now the only firearm I carry is my sidearm. A steel frame Jericho 941R. I got it as a gift from my parents when I got my wings. I gave her a stainless steel guide rod and custom grips. A fine shooting handgun." Zack said to Axt.
    Rein bolted off into the water and jumped in back first and surfaced. "You guys gotta come in! It's great!"
    "I've been splashed and chased enough!" Mao responded.
    "You know you like it!" yelled Rein.
    "Fine. You wanna go in?" Mao said to Zack.
    "Sure. Looks like Alyosha is occupied anyway." spoke Zack.
    Shamu grinned mischievously and said, "Payback."  He then grabbed Chart's hand and pulled her down right as another wave crashed over them.
    Voodoo shrugged, "Eh, most of my spare cash goes to ARs and knives.  Shotguns are fun, but what's the point when a buckshot loaded 40 mike mike does the same thing but better?  Oh, and car parts as well...  Gotta love that muscle."
    Zeus came over at the mention of car parts and said, "Is Voodoo going on about how muscles are the best again?"
    Dusty chuckled, "He was just about to.  You got here just in time."
    Zeus sighed, "Y'all motherfuckers need some tuners up in this business."
    Voodoo quipped, "What's that?  I can't hear your windup toys over my Charger."
    Zeus retorted, "Oh you mean that little black speck I see fishtailing all over the place in my rear-view?  Turning performance, bro. Do you have it?"
    "Bah, my dad's 68 Mustang laughs at your modern cars." Eric commented.
    "Ah can't comment. Ah drive an F150 that Ah only need to get me from Point A to Point B and through the occasional crap weather." Mark added in.
    "I'm disappointed in you, Cowboy. My Oh-Thirteen Jeep Wrangler has all the fun stuff for off-roading. More lights than a prison, snorkel, tires and shocks to handle the kind of terrain no automobile was ever made for. That seems like something you'd love." Toby said.
    "He tells the truth. We once took that thing around the training grounds for the Detachment Commander's birthday. He had the time of his life." Knight chuckled.
    "The fanciest things Ah have on my Ford are a roll bar, a rack for my Remingtons, a grill guard, and a few stickers identifying me as a Naval Aviator." He replied.
    "I got myself an ex-ISAF Land Rover, that thing is awesome. Already prepped for going inna woods." said Act.
    Chary surfaced, "So, would you mind helping me fins some sand dollars Shamu?"
    Shamu nodded, "Sure."  Looking around, he found something that looked to be the proper shape.  Holding it up he asked, "How's this one?"
    Zeus chuckled, "I've put so much crap into my Evo I don't even remember now.  New body kit, front and rear diffuser, vortex generators, new intake system, turbocharger, custom exhaust, new intercooler, new suspension, brakes, new tires, more electronics than an F-14...  God that thing's a beast.  I want to save up for a Skyline but the Evo's just so  much fun.  Besides I gotta pay for Hummer parts and electronics too."
    Voodoo nodded, "I will admit to you that your Hummer is pretty badass.  Remember the time we visited Dusty in that thing?"
    "And you guys nearly flipped because you tried to take it over a jump?  Yeah I remember," Dusty said.
    Zeus grinned, "Ah, that was a great weekend."
    Dusty sighed, "You youngsters and your fast cars and loose women..."
    Voodoo retorted, "Hey, don't gimme that.  I haven't forgotten about that Camaro you just leave lying around in your garage."
    Dusty chuckled, "Hey, I gotta keep up with you kids somehow."
    Meanwhile Gale collapsed on top of Sharky and panted, "Oh damn, that was good.  You haven't lost your touch."
    Sharky grinned, "I would hope I hadn't in the last 12 hours."
    Gale chuckled, "You did get a lot of practice.  But still, not even Irina's that good."
    "What can I say?  I gotta pull out my A game for my special helo pilot."
    Gale blushed, "Careful now, or I'm gonna start loving you more than I already do."
    Sharky chuckled, "Would that be so bad?"
    Gale grinned and kissed him, "Nah.  May be bad for my focus though."
    Sharky mused, "Hmmm, you do have a point.  We can't have that.  I guess I'm gonna have to tone it down..."
    Gale pouted, "No don't do that!  I can manage, you know that!"
    Sharky laughed, "I know."
    Gale sat up and asked, "Speaking of which, where'd that Emmerian chick go?"
    "You mean crazy hat lady?  I think she's over there.  And we may have given her an aneurysm from what we just did."
    "We should probably go check up on her then..."
    Sharky and Gale walked over to Magalie, and Gale asked, "Hey Magalie, you okay?  Did you get food?"
    "What year Camaro?" Eric asked.
    "We almost got my Jeep stuck in the mud." Toby intoned.
    "Meh, this is all foreign to me..." Mark said, going off to join Ekaterina.
    Chart laughed, "That is in fact a sand dollar, perfect!" she stooped and picked up a smaller one. "Make sure it doesn't have anything that is alive inside."
    "I've never been much into small, fast cars. Maybe cause I'm mainly concentrated on being able to GTFO as quickly as possible." said Axt, taking a sip of his beer.
    Dusty shrugged, "1977.  It was my dad's.  Gave it to me when I graduated Ranger school."
    Zeus meanwhile stared at Axt, agape.  "Evo...  Small...  What?  You do realize Evos are champion rally cars, right?  And that they're freakin' massive for tuners?  I mean sure it's small compared to a Hummer, but a Hummer is a fuckin' HUMMER!"
    Voodoo interjected, "That doesn't mean yours is."
    "Well, no, because I have mine set up to whup your silly Charger on the track."
    "You got a point there."
    Shamu, having never actually searched for sand dollars before, asked Chart sheepishly, "Uh...  How do I do that, exactly?"
    "Just look inside the little star, there should be some small openings. There shouldn't be anything though. said Chart.
    "Heh, sorry dude, I don't pay much attention to cars like those." said Axt. "I wouldn't mind a Plymouth Road Runner though."
    Shamu inspected them and said, "Nope, all clear.  You want me to hold on to them since I have pockets?"
    Zeus humphed indignantly, "Buncha heathens you lot are.  Where's Dingo when you need him?"
    "Sure," said Chart happily. The couple continued to make their way down the beach, farther and farther away from the crowd. after 15 minutes, Chart looked back down the beach, "I think we should turn back."
    "Hey at least my coffee will be warm in hell." said Axt.
    Shamu grinned as he pulled Chart into a hug and slid his hands down to her backside. "Or we could stay here for a bit...  By ourselves...  Out of view of your squad leader..." he said as he winked.
    Zeus rolled his eyes and yelled to Dingo, "Hey Dings, get your ass over here and help me against this mass of muscle fanatics!"
    Dingo walked over and said, "Whoa, don't be pulling me into your muscle versus tuner cockfights again.  I still have the scars from the last time."
    "Wait, you got scars from a fight over cars? What?" Toby asked, his mouth agape.
    Zeus chuckled, "Voodoo is a very...  Aggressive driver."
    Dingo deadpanned, "Aggressive is an understatement.  That lunatic nearly put me in the wall last time we raced."
    Voodoo protested, "Hey, it's not my fault yah little tinkah toy wouldn't get out of my way."
    Dingo retorted, "We were drifting.  Where the heck was I supposed to go?"
    Zeus chuckled, "See, this is what I mean when I say your car lacks turning performance, V."  To Toby he said, "To be fair that was just one time.  Most of the scars are mental."
    "Can't say I'd use my jeep for racing." Toby admitted.
    "I wasn't allowed my Mustang until I was seventeen because some people were afraid I would go street racing." Eric added.
    "I may not be a total motorhead, but I know a few things." He added in response to Knight and Toby's looks.
    Zeus laughed, "That's why my parents gave me their old minivan as my first car.  Not like it stopped me from tryin' to drift in the thing."
    Voodoo asked, "Didn't you flip that at some point?"
    "Hehe, yup...  My girlfriend at the time was not too pleased with me...  Probably why she left me, anyway.  Not like it mattered.  She got pregnant her senior year and dropped out.  I like to think I won that breakup."
    Voodoo chuckled, "Damn, that's harsh, man."
    Zeus shrugged, "Hey, just because I'm the little brother of the group doesn't mean I can't be brutal."
    Sliding her hands down to his waist, Chart grinned slyly, "I guess we could stay out here a little longer"
    Axt smiled wryly, "Heh, that was probably half of my high-school dating experience. Go out, do something stupid, get dumped, and later she'd get expelled or in some kind of trouble." 
    "Am I like the only SF guy who had a somewhat stable romance life in his teen years here? I mean, Toby fooled around with a few of the cheerleaders in his highschool and everyone was shocked I had one or two stable relationships prior to coming to Delta." Knight commented.
    "Join the club, me and Eric here were similar!" Mark called.
    "NAVAIR pilots that don't skirts chase a little before they settle down? Now I've seen it all." Teiji commented, joining the group.
    "Guess they didn't think cheer-leading uniforms were hot back in the day." Toby shrugged.
    Zeus shrugged, "Eh, you aren't the only one.  Preacher married his high school sweetheart."
    Dingo added, "I had a couple of stable relationships in high school and college.  Those kinda all went away after that after I joined the teams, though.  Nobody really wanted to put up with that."
    Shamu grinned.  Pulling Chart to him, he nuzzled at her neck, working his way around until he encountered the bow of her bikini.  Undoing it with his teeth, he stepped back and let it fall away, grinning smugly, "Now THAT was on purpose."
    Chart giggled, and pushed him down onto the sand.
    "My idea of a stable relationship is being able to from deployment to deployment with no bitching." said Axt. "Besides, that means I have more money for guns and gear."
    Voodoo chuckled, "Now this man shares my relationship philosophy."
    Shamu pulled Chart to him, pulling her into a liplock as his free hand slid down her back and between her legs.
    "Ah must reiterate for those who haven'y heard it: mah granddad would beat me seven ways from Sunday if Ah let multiple girls into mah pants." Mark commented.
    "Eh, I was too busy getting into fights with stoners and having sessions of swim therapy with Misaki to fool around." Eric shrugged.
    "I was too busy exploring the underside of a cheerleading top to care." Toby announced shamelessly.
    Zeus high-fived the Delta machine gunner, laughing, "I know EXACTLY what you mean!  Er, well, it was only the one cheerleader...  Hell I think she only dated me BECAUSE I flipped the minivan...  And I got her an A in physics...  Mostly it was techie girls and band geeks.  But I gotta say, all those stories about band nerds being freaky?  ABSOLUTELY TRUE.  I'll take band girls over cheerleaders any day."
    Voodoo sighed, "Zeus, I forget how much of a massive nerd you are sometimes..."
    Zeus chuckled, "I'm surprised at that more than anything."
    Axt grinned at Voodoo, "Hell yeah, guns don't whine when you leave em for 3 months at a time. Nor do they bitch if you have more than one." hearing Dusty and Zeus's conversation he said, "Yeah, my only stable relationship was with this girl on the air rifle team. But I can also confirm band people being freaky. Most of my friends were in band."
    As Chart collapsed on top of Shamu he asked, smiling, "Did you enjoy that?"  Taking a look at his watch he commented, "Okay, now we actually should probably get back before they start wondering where we went."  Adjusting Chart's bikini bottom and tying her top back into place he said, "Alright, you're good to go."  Rolling her off him, Shamu stood up.  Offering her his hand he asked, "Let's head back, shall we?"
    Zeus chuckled, "I used to say back then, band girls make the world go around.  Such good ti...  Okay the fuck are those dudes?"
    A group of around 8 college-aged men wearing tank tops, board shorts, and flip flops had run up to the gathering of pilots and SF troops, grabbing the volleyball and throwing it around incoherently, yelling drunkenly, "SPRING BREEEEEEEEEEEAK!!!!!!!  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!"
    Sharky, confused, asked one of them, "Hey, uh, you mind?  We're kinda in the middle of a game here."
    Obviously intoxicated, the guy yelled, "WELL IT'S OUR GAME NOW, SPRING BREAK, BITCHES!"
    Sharky rolled his eyes, "So which school yinz go to?"
    One of the volleyball players yelled, "CMUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!"
    Sharky sighed and asked, "Lemme guess.  Frat excursion?"
    He was simply responded to with a chorus of "WOOOOOOOOOOOO."
    Meanwhile, the first fraternity brother Sharky had talked to sidled up to Gale and slurred, "Nice legs, girl.  What time do they open?" while grabbing her ass.
    Sharky saw this and simply stood there, jaw agape, with a vein popping out of his forehead.  His fists began clenching.  Gale simply looked at the college kid and said, "Ohhhh, big mistake."  Before Sharky or the frat bro could blink, Gale delivered a swift knee to her would-be suitor's crotch, followed by a jab to the throat.
    As he fell to the ground choking, the frat bro spluttered, "The hell, bitch!"
    One of the others noticed the commotion and their brother choking on the ground and asked, "Whoa, whoa, what the fuck is going on here?  The fuck was that for?"
    Sharky, enraged, yelled, "You little fucks need to get the fuck out of here right now!"
    "The hell is your problem, man?  It's a free beach!  We can do whatever the fuck we want!"
    "My 'problem' is that you guys are like a bunch of fucking locusts.  And this is a private party you decided to crash."
    By now, the members of Triton had walked up.  Genghis said calmly, "This is a private party, kids.  There's plenty of beach for you in either direction."
    "Who the fuck are you to tell us what to do, old man?"
    Genghis growled, "I've already asked nicely.  Now if you don't wanna be civil, we can do that just fine."
    Noticing the tattooed and muscular bearded men behind Genghis cracking their knuckles and grinning evilly, one of the other bros walked up and said, "Steve, I don't think we should fuck with these guys..."
    "Fuck that, Ernie!  It's a public beach!"
    "Yeah but look at what that chick did to Andy."
    "Goddamnit..."  To Genghis and Sharky, Ernie said, "Fine.  You win for now.  You messed with the wrong brothers, man."
    Voodoo chuckled, "Yeah, alrighty there, cupcake."
    As the frat bros made their way to leave, Sharky grabbed Andy in a headlock and hissed, "Listen, you fuck.  I ever see you anywhere near my girlfriend again, I'll make damned sure you're gonna be breathing out of a straw.  You got that?"
    Terrified, Andy simply nodded.
    "Good.  Now get the fuck out of here and do some fucking homework.  You go to CMU.  No way in hell you don't have any you need to do.  Believe me, I know."
    As they stumbled off down the beach, Gale turned to Sharky and asked, "Hey, hey babe, you okay?"
    Sharky shook his head violently to clear it and said, "Yeah, yeah.  Sorry.  Just saw him grab you, kinda flipped out.  Gave me flashbacks to college."
    Gale pulled him into a hug and said, "It's okay, baby. He definitely paid for it.  Besides, we both had to deal with frat bullshit back then." 
    "I was gonna be damned if some boozed-out fuck was gonna take advantage of you.  Especially not now, not so soon after we actually get together.  I mean, I know you can handle yourself, even better than I can, even, but I just feel like it's my responsibility."
    Gale smiled, "The fact that you feel the need to defend my honor like that is just another reason I love you," kissing him on the cheek.
    "I love you too."
    By this time Shamu and Chart walked up.  Having noticed the commotion, Shamu asked, "What'd we miss?"
    Gale said, "Oh, couple of frat bros, from our alma mater, nonetheless, showed up.  One of them started gettin' a little handsy."
    Shamu said, "Oh shit.  Sharky, lemme guess, you went full carnivorous fish mode on them, didn't you?"
    Sharky sighed, "Yeah."
    Shamu chuckled, "I'm sorry I missed it.  I haven't seen you get well and truly pissed in a long time."
    Sharky rolled his eyes, "I'm glad my rage is so amusing to you."
    Shamu shrugged, "Hey, it's like watching those videos of car crashes, ya know?  You know you should do something but you JUST CAN'T STOP WATCHING."
    Having gone to check in with her squadron leader, Chart asked "Riley what the hell happened?". "One of the guys got touchy feely with Gale, and she decked his dumb ass." Meanwhile Hacker and retrieved his ball, and beaned it at one of the retreating college students. It hit him clean in the head. "And that's for screwing with someone else's property!" he shouted.
    Axt had stood up and watched them retreat. "See, this is the type of shit that made me not want to go to college." 
    Zeus shrugged, "Eh, I liked college.  Not too many places where they give you grants for putting tank treads on an office chair.  Or a laser.  Or a flamethrower.  Although after the whole 'University President' fiasco that last one was probably a bad idea...  Oh well, Rosenthal let me get my masters, so it didn't matter in the end anyway."
    Meanwhile Gale took Sharky back to the trucks to get him a drink and calm him down. Reaper followed, asking, "Everything okay, chotu?"
    Gale said, "Yeah, I got him, boss. We're just gonna chill here for a bit, if you don't mind."
    "Yeah, go ahead."
    Bravo 2-2 had been an audience to the entire ordeal. A few of the younger men, despite the fact that Delta had been one of the first groups to use armored undies, couldn't help but feel the frat boy's pain, but at the same time Gale was their friend and the display had not stood well with them, But it was over before any of them could intervene.
    "Excellent display." Knight said in a somewhat refined voice.
    "I agree." Crusher said in a similar tone.
    And to mock the frat boys as they retreated, the operators all gave a round of golf applause for Sharky and Gale's moves.
    Mark had been on his feet the second he'd sensed trouble, but he too was late. Instead he gave em some parting words.
    "Hope y'all found out how vicious the lady can be, boys!~" He sang.
    Chastened, the frat bros retreated, covering their escape with a fusillade of middle fingers and other obscene gestures.  However, Steve, being somewhat braver than the others, shouted, "Whatever!  Everyone knows army bitches are frigid anyway!"
    Upon hearing this, all of the members of Triton universally groaned, "Oh shit..."
    Voodoo growled, "Zeus, hold my spatula."
    Zeus sighed and accepted the grill implement, as Voodoo grabbed a pair of zip cuffs out of his backpack and sprinted after Ernie, yelling, "HEY FUCKBOY!  GET YER ASS OVER HERE!"
    Seeing the bearded former SEAL charging after him, Ernie began running, but was too late.  Voodoo ran him down and hog tied him, grabbing Ernie by his salmon board shorts and striped tank top, slinging him into the ocean.
    Shamu saw the spectacle and said to Chart, chuckling, "Yeesh, I'm glad I didn't wear that first pair of shorts I'd picked out this morning..."
    "Oh?" asked Chart, "What were the salmon color or something?"
    Meanwhile, Axt was laughing manically as the frat bro was thrown into the Ocean. "Wunerbar!" he whooped. Turning to Zeus, he asked, "Does he always get like this when someone calls him, ya know?"
    Shamu chuckled, "Almost exactly that color..."
    Zeus sighed, "Yep.  It's generally not THAT extreme, but it's pretty bad.  I think in this case he's a little more riled up.  We all really look up to Hurricane and Reaper.  They've gotten us out of the shit more times than I can count."
    Wanting to add to the fun upon recognizing a good olf hogtie, Mark joined his fellow Navy personnel, running after Ernie and helping him from the water.
    "Quick, somebody get a fire going! We's got a live one! It's gon be a luau tonight!" He laughed, making himself sound as redneck as he possible could,
    "Sheeit Mark, that's one helluva hog!" Toby said, trying to add his own country accent, though his was far faker.
    "Think Ah saw a big piece a driftwood down the shore!" Eric howled with laughter and his own poorly done hick accent.
    In his best North Point accent, Riley said, "It looks to be of the Hoggis Douchebaggist variety."
    "I like your outfit, reenlistment is rolling up on me, maybe I should drop a resume with you guys." said Axt.
    Chart laughed and hugged Shamu, "It's okay, so as long as you never wear a speedo." 
    Shamu chuckled, "No hope of that."
    Voodoo grinned evilly, grabbing a tomahawk from his bag, "I volunteer for butcher duty."
    Terrified, Ernie exclaimed, "You people are animals!"
    Tick retorted, "Nah.  We're barbarians."
    Laughing, Voodoo posed the tomahawk as if to remove the frat boy's painstakingly crafted coiffure, but then hooked the blade of the tomahawk under the zip cuffs, removing them.  Standing Steve up, he growled, "Now run along home, cupcake.  Maybe next time you'll pay attention to what service you're insulting."
    Ernie nodded in shock before running away as fast as he could.
    As he watched the frat boy's retreating form, Genghis commented to Reaper, "Well that went better than I thought it would."
    Reaper growled, "Yeah.  He's still got all his major organs."
    Genghis chuckled, "I thought you were supposed to be the mellow one."
    "Those fuckers messed with my XO and by extension my brother.  You know I don't take threats to family lightly."
    "That's why we love rollin' with you, bro."  To Axt, Genghis said, "If you've got a resume, feel free to give it to me at some point.  I'll drop it to Mr. C whenever we get a chance."
    Mark chuckled and let the guy go.

    "That was fun." He grinned.


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    Re: ONS Party Thread (Archived)

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    Voodoo grunted, "Hmph.  That fucker's lucky I hate paperwork.  I'm no fuckin' landlubber.  And zoomies or not, Shahky and Hurricane ah family.  Ya don't fuck with family."
    Onlooking three of the Viper drivers clapped their hands in response. "Brav-Fucking-O guys! Thanks for taking out the trash there!" Zack said throwing his thumbs up before returning to horsing around with Mao. Alyosha sighed as he took a drag off of his cigarette and snapped a picture of a outgoing 777-200ER. Rein shook her head "Fucking dudebros." Zack looked over at Rein and responded. "Don't let that pack of jackals get you down. We all had to put up with it at one point. I recall a few special assholes from my Uni days. Some people never outgrow high school." Rein nodded. "Ja. Ja."
    "Thanks man!" said Axt to Genghis, "He laughed at Voodoo's remarks, "Hey, you handled it well under those terms."
    Hacker had retrieved his ball and asked, "Right, whose ready to play?"
    Sunny clapped a little as he watched the group of dumb kids run off after being
    "Nicely done. A little humbling now will probably keep them from picking a fight they can't win later. Awfully nice of you special forces types, taking the time to teach youngsters the rules of life" Sunny smiled cheekily.
    Reaper shrugged and said to Hacker, "Might as well continue.  I'm in."
    Genghis said to Axt, "No problem."  To Hacker he said, "Well I'm still the ref, so I'm definitely in."
    Voodoo said to Sunny, "It was either that or eviscerating the bastards.  And the second option has less paperwork."
    Meanwhile in the back seat of one of the trucks, Gale sat astride Sharky.  She asked, "Are you okay now?"
    Sharky nodded, "Yeah.  I'm sorry about that."
    Gale smiled and kissed him on the cheek, "It's okay.  It makes it damned obvious that you care, if I were to need more proof of that fact.  You wanna head back?"
    "Okay, gimme a second to make myself presentable again."  After putting her bikini top back on, she opened the door and stepped back out into the sunlight, followed by Sharky.  Wrapping a shemagh around her waist as a makeshift skirt, Gale took Sharky by the arm and led him back to the group, where she noticed Magalie sitting on the beach.  The two walked over to the brunette Emmerian pilot and sat down, Gale wrapping an arm around her and placing a hand on her hats.  "So, Magalie.  What've you been doing during all this excitement?"
    Magalie replied, making an audible, pleased moan, "Not much. Just watching the skies."
    Gale thought to herself, "Yeesh, this girl's got the shortest fuse ever."  Running her fingers through Magalie's hair she asked, "So I guess you missed the little tiff we had with the frat bros, eh?  See anything interesting?"
    "Not much, really." Magalie replied regarding the frat boys.
    "Eh, probably for the best, really," Sharky sighed as he sat down on the other side of Magalie, placing his hand on her other breast.  "Wasn't all that great a image of our alma mater they were presenting."
    Gale, changing the subject, asked, "So Magalie, did you get anything to eat?  You must be hungry."
    "Mhm. I had a couple of hot dogs." Magalie replied to Gale.
    Gale mused, "Hmm, didn't think you were the sausage type.  Either way, that's good.  Wouldn't want you being on an empty stomach tonight."
    At Gale's mention of sausage, Sharky repressed a snicker, inadvertently squeezing Magalie's nipple in the process.
    Magalie was giggling with the joke Gale made but gasped upon her nipple being pinched by Sharky.
    Hearing Magalie's gasp, Sharky jerked his hand away, moving it to her shoulder.  Turning to her he explained, "I didn't mean to do that.  It was an accident.  Sneeze got away from me."
    Gale rolled her eyes.  Leaning her head back out of Magalie's sight, she mouthed to Sharky, "You're such an apologist."
    Sharky glared and mouthed back, "Hey I'm trying to prevent an international incident from getting started by your libido!"
    "Oh calm down and enjoy it."
    Sharky sighed and settled his hand back in its original position with another muttered apology.
    Getting back to enjoying it, Magalie silently forgave Sharky.
    "What's up with Alyosha? He's only talked to a couple people today. Generally he's more talkative and doing some parkour antics. He's been absorbed with his camera almost all morning." Zack said with a puzzled look on his face.
    Rein looked over; "It's his fiancee; he had a pretty lengthy phone call with her last night before we hit the beach. He didn't say much besides a few expletives. I'm going to head back and try to talk to some people."
    "Another fight I am guessing." Zack scratched the back of his head before taking a splash of water to the face. "Gah! Spfffttt...!" Zack coughed. "Hey!!"
    Rein ran off towards the crowd with her hips swinging from side to side.
    "What are you looking at?" Mao slapped Zack on the right leg.
    "Ah nothing. Just the sights." Zack smirked.
    "Well this princess wants a ride. Onward weasel boy!" Mao jumped on him knocking him into the water.
    "I wasn't...pfftt...prepared!" shouted Zack.
    "Get up and carry me into the water!" Mao ordered.
    "You're a pain in the ass you know that?" Zack sputtered.
    Gale observed the F-16 pilots frolicking in the water, subconsciously teasing Magalie's breast.  Watching Mao force Zack to carry her into the water, she mused, "You know, Sharky, this is gonna be a pretty interesting deployment."  Running a finger around a slowly hardening nipple she asked Magalie, "What do you think, Mags?  Is this gonna be a fun time?"
    Sharky nodded, "Yeah, interesting is right, I'd say.  Shamu got a girl, you're seducing half the women in the coalition while at the same time causing me to suffer chronic dehydration...."
    Gale chuckled, "You know it's worth it."
    "Oh, I know it's worth it.  I just fear what is gonna happen to me when I come visit you at Ah-Mout..."
    Gale grinned slyly, "We'll be gentle.  At first..."
    "Well I guess it's a good thing I don't need my lower body THAT much to fly a Tomcat..."
    "That was...both appalling and interesting..." Ekaterina said.
    "Like when I had to fight Nikolai?"
    "Yes, exactly like when you had too." she said. The woman then looked over at Gale as she both calmed her man and flirted with the Emmerian piloted who'd seemed so interested in Ekaterina's own figure.
    "And Gale, you seem rather friendly today, don't you?" She quipped to the DAP pilot. The woman then looked at her own lover as he was eating.
    "You could learn a thing or two from her." She winked. It took a minute for the man to respond; he had steak in his mouth.
    "Maybe Ah should take lessons." Mark mused. She only looked at him with a smug expression.
    "Oh, yes. I have a feeling it is going to be fun." Magalie replied.
    Kissing the brunette on the neck, Gale murmured, "I'm glad.  And maybe we can get you a taste for sausages along the way."
    Sharky and Gale both chuckled as they heard Ekaterina talking to Mark.  In response to Mark's statement about taking lessons, Sharky quipped, "That's a very slippery slope, man.  Tread carefully."
    Magalie frowned at the joke.
    Meanwhile, Irenee and Estelle, noticing that Magalie was distracted, decided to head over to get some steaks.
    Gale sighed, "Yeah that was a pretty bad one."  Placing the brunette's hand over her ample bosom, Gale said, "Maybe this'll make up for it, eh?"
    Meanwhile, Voodoo had resumed his station at the grill.  Noticing the two Emmerian pilots walking towards him he hailed, "Afternoon.  You guys finally get tired of being antisocial and decided to join the rest of us, eh?"  Slinging a pair of steaks onto plates, he said, "Here yah go.  enjoy."
    Magaie replied with an audible moan.
    Meanwhile, hearing Voodoo's question, Irenee replied, "Good afternoon. We were waiting for Magalie to get distracted by Gale over there for us to get lunch."
    Willard comes out the water and heads over to the lunch line.
    Voodoo chuckled, "Yeesh, that terrified of the broad, eh?  Well judgin' by the looks a things yer' pretty well covered."
    in response to Magalie's moan, Gale silently mouthed to Sharky, "This girl has the shortest fuse ever!"
    Sharky mouthed back, "You act like that's a problem."
    "Oh it's not.  I just think it's kinda hilarious."
    "Sounds kinky, though Ah like to think despite my like of experience, Ah'm still prepared." Mark commented in response to Skharky.
    "Dammit Mark...don't even give me hints of your potential bedroom escapades when I'm eating." Eric interjected, holding up a hand.
    "Hey, yer the one who talked about how he though he was hung last night."
    "That was in a different context."
    By now Shamu had walked over to the Osean pilots.  "You think that's bad?  Imagine being in the same room when Sharky calls Gale.  Blech.  I'm gonna run out of brain bleach by the time this war's over."
    Sharky yelled to Shamu, "Hey, there's nothing stopping you from LEAVING the room, ya know!"
    "I wanted to be productive the next day!"
    "Excuses, excuses.  I thought killer whales were supposed to be nocturnal!"
    "Very funny."
    Gale reached across Magalie and hit Sharky on the shoulder, "Now Sharky, quit antagonizing the poor Shamu.  We torture him enough as it is."
    Sharky sighed, "Fine..."
    Shamu said, "I would thank you Gale, but I know I'm gonna be getting it in some other form anyway."
    Gale chuckled, "This is the truth."
    "Is it because of the phone sex or the sappy nicknames? Sharky-Warky? Galey-Poo?" Eric asked.
    "Y'all see, we can't normally make phone calls from carriers, so we don't have that problem." Mark added in before looking at his friend.
    "Galey-Poo?" He asked.
    "Hey the only nickname I get from 'Saki is "Love", Mark." he shrugged.
    "Whenever you snake eaters are ready." said Hacker. Hannibal joined him on the court. "Wanna play?" said Chart to Shamu.
    "Bring it zoomie," said Axt, setting aside his plate, and taking his position on the other side of the net.
    Shamu shrugged and said to Chart, "Nah, you go ahead.  I suck at volleyball.  I'll watch you kick ass."
    To Eric and Mark he said, "Oh god I wish it was crappy nicknames..."
    Reaper took up his position and beckoned at the Marines, "Bring it, kid."
    "Okay!" said Chart. Giving Shamu a kiss on the cheek, she took up position on the court
    "Service!" yelled Hannibal, and he sent the ball flying across the net with an overhand serve. Axt intercepted it and set it for Reaper. 
    Shamu returned the kiss and gave Chart a smack on the ass, saying, "Go get 'em, kiddo."
    Reaper punted the ball over the net, sending it towards Chart.
    Chart hit it to Hacker, who bumped it over the net.
    Riley watched his flight play the game and decided he would try the water. Removing his shirt he waded into the water and flipped on his back.
    "Headphones may be an option...or you could record it and sell it. Even split the profits with Sharky and Gale." Eric suggested. Mark laughed briefly.
    "Call them "Sharky's sexy relaxation time"." He added.
    Zack carried Mao on his back albeit at a slow pace deeper into the water; seeing an opportunity Zack smirked and began to shift his posture, hurling Mao into the water and falling over himself. Zack and Mao quickly resurfaced. "You did say you wanted to be carried into the water. Got a little too deep for that." Zack laughed. Mao swam up and pulled him in close. "Sure."
    The two shared a kiss before Mao proceeded to nip Zack on the neck. "Remind me. How did we end up together?"
    "Besides being assigned to the same unit? Mutual weirdness perhaps?" Zack grinned.
    "That was a rhetorical question Zack." Mao smiled.
    Meanwhile Rein walked about on the beach near the crowd overhearing the chatter, audible moans, and the volleyball game. "Lively!" she shouted.
    Sharky glared at his RIO, "You are NOT taping our phone conversations. For profit or otherwise."
    Shanu put up his hands defensively, "Whoa, you know I wouldn't do anything like that."
    "Just making sure."
    "We can tape it." Mark volunteered with a cheeky grin.
    Sharky growled, "Only if you like sleeping under a sunroof..."
    Gale said quietly, "Now Sharky, be nice..."
    "Hey guys. Mind if I join?" Willard asked to the people playing volleyball.
    "Yeah." Estelle replied to Voodoo's question.
    Magalie giggled and said to Gale, "That's my nature."
    Calling the game to a halt, Genghis said to Willard, "Sure, kid.  Go ahead and take a spot with the other fixed wing guys."
    Voodoo shook his head and chuckled, "I will never understand zoomies..."
    Gale grinned slyly.  Sliding her hand down to Magalie's thigh she asked, "Oh really?  Perhaps we should experiment to determine just how short this fuse really is..."
    Sharky sighed, "Gale, then you'll run out of things to do tonight."
    Gale chuckled, "Oh my dear, there's no shortage of things we can do tonight."
    Magalie blushed when she felt Gale's hand sliding down to her thigh.
    Willard replied, "I'm not really sure as to how to do Volleyball, so would anyone help me out?"
    "Hey, we kid, we kid. We'll just record you, Sharky. Make it a thing for the ladies." Eric said.Upon observing some more of Gale's actions, he then leaned towards his friend.
    "Is it just me or is Gale there quite possibly one of the most sexually driven people ever?" He whispered. Mark nodded.
    "More so than Kurt back in VF-115's Belka days." Tex replied in an equally hushed tone.
    Reaper said, "It's easy enough.  You try and get the ball over the net in a way the other team can't return it.  You can't hold onto the ball when you're returning, so you've gotta keep passing it to your teammates or send it over the net.  Easiest way is to make a fist, clasp your free hand around it, and hit the ball with the top of your fist.  I'm assuming you've seen Top Gun, right?"
    Standing next to the two OMDF pilots, Shamu overheard their conversation. Interjecting he said, in an equally hushed tone, "Yeah, she is.  Usually not to this level.  But Gale and Sharky have been chasing each other like a pair of puppies for years, and she's letting all that tension blow out."
    Meanwhile Gale noted Magalie's reaction and tut-tutted, "Hmm, nothing from that...  Looks like we need to move further..."  As she said this she moved her hand another half inch towards Magalie's bikini bottom.
    Standing beside the two younger OMDF pilots watching Gale more or less molest the young Emmerian pilots, Sunny despite his years couldn't help but feel a little embarassed.
    Sunny coughed and looked away, scratching his head awkwardly.
    "I have to say, I'm all for improving relations between units but this is a little much."
    Finished eating, Dusty and Rosie walked back over the scene of the volleyball game.
    Dusty noted the older Emmerian pilot asking questions.
    "Don't worry the games not too hard, just try to keep the ball from hitting the sand. Also TopGun isn't completely necessary to understand the game"
    Rosie chimed in.
    "For one thing, there's no reason to oil up. Though I feel said scene is unappreciated in the OMDF." Dusty turned and looked down at her, both eyebrows raised. She just grinned.
    Reaper shrugged, "Hey, just tryin' to give the kid a baseline to go off of.  Not everybody watches beach volleyball in their free time, ya know?"
    Dusty waves it away.
    "Hey man no problem, we're still working on not letting that movie define us! Maybe in 50 years they'll  refer to another movie for NAVAIR!"
    Reaper chuckled, "They gotta MAKE one, first, holmes.  Hey, it could be worse.  The movie that defines us SOAR guys is Black Hawk Down for most people.  We don't even have a cheesy 80's flick to make us feel good about ourselves like the D-boys or frogmen do."
    Magalie's face turned a bit of a deeper shade of red.
    Irenee and Estelle reached the grill. Estelle said, "I'll have a brat, please."
    Willard nodded his head understandingly as he took in the basic rules.
    As Willard nodded, Genghis shrugged, "Looks like he gets it. Game's back on!"  With that Reaper spiked the ball across the net at Hacker.
    Gale grinned, oblivious to the audience she was gathering. "Now we're getting somewhere."
    Hannibal dove and hit the ball up into the air, and Chart hit it back across the net.
    Raptor had paused and floated in the water, watching the antics of the PMC and Emmerian pilots. Chuckling to himself he resumed floating. Not watching where he was going, he accidentally bumped into Zack. Righting himself, he turned and said "Sorry bro."
    "Looks like it; hell not even I was that pent up when I confessed to Misaki. Some tongue and groping and that was it." Eric whispered back to Shamu.
    "Maglie seems to be even more sexually driven; she's moaning more than a porn flick." Mark added.
    "Well as long as its consensual I guess" Sunny says as he starts to look around for something else to occupy his attention, slightly embarrassed about the whole scene.
    I wonder what Claire is doing right about now? Sunny offhandedly thinks about his former RIO.
    While molestation of said Emmerian continues, Rosie and Dusty have rejoined the game and are waiting for the counterattack to Chart's hit.
    Dusty shouts encouragingly "Good hit, Chart!!"
    "She's still spoken for. You know just for the record." Rosie quips.
    "Oh shush".
    Reaper lunged for the ball, punting it back over the net towards Chart.
    As Magalie blushed, Gale slid her hand to her final objective between the brunette's legs.
    Shamu whispered to the Oseans, "Well from what I've seen Magalie's got a hell of a short fuse.  And pitting her up against Gale?  That's like sending a 2 year old with two broken legs to fight a puma."
    "Mine!" Chart yelled, and intercepted it at the net, spiking the ball towards the sand.
    Axt dived, but missed the ball by an inch. "Goddammit!" he roared in mock anger.
    Hannibal high fived Chart, "That's what I'm talking about!"
    By now all four pilots of the thirty second had gathered in a group and were observing the volleyball game. Mao raised an eyebrow as she sat in Zack's lap.
    "What the hell? Is someone filming an X-Rated film nearby?" said Mao.
    "I hear it too. Must be Gale and the Emmerian." Zack said in between chewing a piece of beef jerky.
    "My kingdom for an HD video camera and a high capacity SD card!" snickered Alyosha as he took a drink of his beer and watched the ball bounce between the two sides.
    "You wish!" Rein said as she nudged Alyosha.
    "That's the spirit Alyosha!" laughed Zack.
    "Yeah I can't be moping about last night. I'll let her cool off and call her later." Alyosha responded.
    Reaper groaned, "Come on, man!  They have big enough egos as it is!"
    Shamu heard the F-16 pilots' discussion and walked over, "Careful now, er...  Alyosha, was it?  Wouldn't want you pissing off the Shark boy.  We do airfields too, ya know."
    Alyosha laughed at Shamu's comments and responded. "Don't worry about it. I'm just screwing around. I doubt either one of us want to go down in history as the two parties who started a war over amateur smut."
    "That would make for an interesting footnote in the history books though." Zack said as he adjusted his sunglasses.
    Mark tapped his chin in thought.
    "The Great Smut War." He mused aloud.
    Magalie, feeling Gale's hand go between her legs, gasped and made an audible moan.
    "Oh man, she's going all the way with this" Sunny watched on with a bit of morbid curiosity.
    Sunny turned to Shamu and asked.
    "So. . . I guess Sharky is pretty kosher with this whole thing?"
    Dusty cheered the team on.
    "We only brag because it's true!"
    "Now It's on." Magalie finally said just before she squeezed Gale's breasts with her hand.
    Gale grinned, "Now THAT's a reaction," before pulling Magalie into a deep liplock as Sharky looked on, bemused.
    Coming up for air, Gale said, "That was entertaining."  Noticing their audience, she said, "Now, my dear, we should save some for tonight.  Wouldn't want to make all the people jealous."
    Sharky chuckled, "Well that ended differently than I thought.  Here I thought you were gonna drag this poor unsuspecting Mirage pilot to your lair in the trucks and have at her."
    Gale rolled her eyes, "Now why would I do that and tip my hand so early?  You have so much to learn."
    Shamu chuckled at Alyosha and Mark, "Wars have been started over crazier shit."
    Turning to Sunny he said, "Well, there's no blood on the sand yet, so I guess you could say he's kosher with it.  From what I know of both of them, Gale wouldn't do anything Sharky isn't kosher with anyway.  She likes him too much."
    Reaper picked up the ball and dusted it off before serving it to Hacker.
    "True, me and my brother have fought wars over who gets the last chocolate bar from the pantry." Eric added in.
    "Blood has been spilled in my name several times." Ekaterina frowned, falling against Mark. Her boyfriend put an arm around her and offered a comforting kiss to the forehead.
    "That was one of the more noble causes." He said. She blushed and toyed with his hand, looking out at the horizon.
    "I'd like to thank you all for taking care of Mark. Really, it means a lot to me." She said, her tone growing sober.
    In the meantime the men of Bravo 2-2 had been observing Gale work her magic.
    "Sir, I have the feeling we're working with a....unique group of individuals." Crusher said.
    "Speak for yourself, Sarge. Nothing beats a woman who actively pursues her targets." Toby said.
    Hacker hit the ball back across the net. Axt intercepted it and sent it flying to Willard.
    Axt, who had watched Gale with a mix of shock and amusement laughed. "Definitely looks like you guys know how to have fun." he chuckled.
    Raptor had returned to shore and seeing the Emmerian at the grill, went over and said, "One brat for ya?"
    "Yes please." Estelle replied.
    Magalie got a mischievous glint in her eyes and pulled Gale in for another lip lock while tweaking her breast.
    Willard sees the ball coming and passes it.
    As his girlfriend and the Emmerian Mirage pilot continued writhing in the sand, Sharky sighed, "Alright, this is getting out of hand."  Grabbing the two by their upper arms, he pulled them up and said, "if you must go at it, you're gonna do so in the trucks so we don't cause any more of a scene.  Capsiche?"  Gale nodded, and Sharky marched the two women up to the trucks, directing them to the back seat of one of the Rosenthal SUVs.  As he went to close the door and return to the beach, Gale pulled him into the SUV, giggling while pulling the door shut behind him.
    Shamu, who had watched the spectacle, commented, "I would say that was surprising, but that would be an abject lie.  I guess they couldn't wait after all." 
    "Well I guess the shows over then." Sunny said observing Sharky pulled into the SUV. "Sharky's one lucky fellow is all I have to say."
    Shamu chuckled quietly, "Heh, so he is..." Sighing he said, "I wish I didn't have such an active imagination sometimes."
    To Reaper he yelled, "Oy stinky! You mind wrapping this up quick so I can have my lady friend back?"
    Reaper retorted as he shot the ball back toward Willard, "If you want her back so bad why don't you come over here and finish this yourself?"
    "Oh come on you know I suck at volleyball!"
    Genghis interjected, "Now Reaper, keep in mind the game is in session.  No new teammates, eh?"
    Shamu grinned, "Thank you, Genghis."  To Chart he yelled, "Hey pretty lady, beat those dastardly snake eaters for me, eh?"
    Chart laughed, and yelled back "Can do! Oy Willard, hit it!"
    Chris watched Sharky get sucked into the SUV. "Looks like a guy geting shot out of an air lock." he said to Eric.
    Willard hit the ball over the net.
    Dusty rushed forward, wanting to get in the game, with Rosie running back up.
    Dusty leaps up and hits Willard's serve with an open palm. The ball is returned back over the net.
    "You know he is right about wars being fought over crazier things, one of the first wars in recorded history was fought over salt if I'm not mistaken." Zack said to Mark as Zack twiddled Mao's hair.
    "Salt? Huh." Alyosha remarked in between drinks.
    Meanwhile Rein huffed a little as the spectacle was dragged off to a Rosenthal SUV. "Aw."
    Zack glanced over. "Looks like someone's voyeuristic escapades were cut short."
    Chris picked a brat up from the foil pan and set it on a plate. "Any onions to go with that?" he asked Estelle.
    Axt hit the ball back over the net, and it was returned, neatly, Hacker. The ball sailed over the net towards Reaper.
    Reaper intercepted the ball and spiked it back down into the sand on the other side of the net.
    Hannibal's usual dive did not succeed and the ball hit the sand. "Dammit!" he exclaimed. Hacker retrived the ball and threw it to Axt, who served the ball. This time, the ball was returned by Chart, who hit it toward Reaper. "Heads up!" cried Axt.
    Eric stood up and stretched his arms.
    "Well if you all will excuse me, I think I'll also retire so I can call home. See you when we get to grab our flight back to the boat, Tex." he declared. the blonde gave his friend a slap on the back before drifting off towards the cityscape. Mark watched him go.
    "You know, Ah love Eric like a brother but sometimes he permeates that lone wolf thing too much." He commented.
    "Misaki mentions that too, sometimes. It worries her that even these days he can push himself a little too far." Ekaterina agreed.
    The blonde didn't hear him, but either way it wouldn't have matter. Eric walked on, lost in thought. Despite the fact part of him had wanted to stay at the beach, he also wanted to hear Misaki's voice. He felt painful alone all the way over here without her. He was also jealous of Mark and his proximity to Ekaterina. But he didn't show any of those emotions right now, lest he start looking like his teenage self. For now he just needed his ladyfriend to talk him out of it. He decided to return to the hotel before he whipped out his cell.
    In the meantime Mark hailed the F-16 pilots.
    "Yo, Viper drivers! Come, let's get acquainted!" He suggested having not talked to them much.
    Zack overheard Mark as he hollered over to them and responded. "Sure! Why the hell not?" Zack and Mao stood up and began to walk over to him, their hands intertwined.
    "Want to join them Matchstick?" asked Rein.
    Alyosha nodded and began to walk in the direction of the Thunderhawk pilot while asking his flight lead and friend a question. "Hey where is Angelique and Fara?"
    "Those two? I know Fara is touring the city last time I checked. Her family comes from here. As for Angelique I think she's sleeping off her hangover." Zack spoke
    "She told us about it when we got in country! How could I have forgotten that?" Alyosha lightly slapped his temple.
    "Not surprised she's sleeping it off. All she's done is shake her ass and drink herself into a stupor." Sighed Mao.
    "Hey now; the ground crew has to have their own share of the fun. Besides. I think I remember a certain girl clad in a neon blue micro skirt and vinyl dancing alongside her. She was a little buzzed too!" Smirked Rein.
    Mao blushed and protested. "Hey! You convinced me to put that stuff on!"
    "You did look lovely. You need a pair of fox ears and a tail to go with it." Zack laughed.
    "Shut up baka! Dummkopf!" Mao shouted.
    The four walked up to Mark as Mao stewed over the aforementioned comments.
    Meanwhile, a half hour or so after entering, Sharky, Gale, and Magalie exited the SUV. 
    Adjusting her bikini top, Gale said smugly to Magalie, "Well we finally found your limit.  I must say that was a lot of fun, don't you think, Mags?"
    Sharky rolled his eyes and said, "Well no shit it was fun.  You two were both screaming your heads off."  Straightening out his back, he groaned, "Ugh, remind me why we couldn't put the seats down before going at it?  My back's killing me now."
    Gale grinned, "To promote flexibility, my dear!"
    Sharky sighed, "My legs, my back, what else am I gonna lose function in this weekend?"
    "Well, hopefully not the most important thing..."
    "Yeah that would be a tragedy to us both.  Now can we get back to the crowd so they don't think we ran away or something of the sort?"
    Gale chuckled, "Yeah, good plan."
    As they walked back down to the group, Sharky noted Mark talking to the F-16 pilots and angled towards them with Gale in tow.  "So what'd we miss?" he asked.
    Reaper managed to lunge for the ball and punt it back over the net.
    "Not much, figured we'd get more acquainted with our Falcon-driving friends. Also those SUVs must be soundproof; didn't hear a thing." Mark commented. He then looked back in the direction Eric went.
    "Eric decided to head out and be a lone wolf, too. Call his girl back home and sleep." He added.
    Ekaterina jumped to her feet with a warm smile and extended a hand to the F-16 quartet.
    "Hello, I don't believe we've properly met. I'm Sub-Lieutenant Ekaterina Notolvich of the Yuktobanian Air Force." She said.
    Sharky chuckled, "Yeah... Yay for VIP security contracts I guess."
    Gale mused, "We were making quite a bit of noise... Good to know it works."
    "You're not seriously about to spin this as an operational test of the soundproofing are you?"
    "Oh come on you love it when I make testing metaphors."
    Sharky sighed, "Well yeah... But you and I both know that wasn't the case here."
    Gale said sternly, "Now Sharky. You're making it seem like you don't like being pulled into a cushy soundproof SUV and having your way with two beautiful women."
    "Well... Okay fine you win."
    Gale simply grinned.
    Changing the subject, Sharky turned back to Mark, "So Eric does that lone wolf thing a lot, eh?"
    Mark couldn't help but chuckle and smile at the exchange between the two lovers.
    "Ah really do like your style, Gale. Shame we all can't hang out more often." He said. The man then heard Sharky's question, and his face got a little sober.
    "A bit, at least in this day and age. Y'all heard the story he told and even Misaki had a little trouble reigning him in." Mark said nodding. The guy finally took off his "scarf" as well.
    "There were times he thought about just giving up after he'd pushed himself hard enough. He honestly figured for a brief while he'd be better off doing something where he could be left alone and not have to hold himself to anyone's standards. Let me tell yah, that Eric was far from the kind you see today, but it was never pleasant. It wasn't him at all." He went on.
    Sharky grinned and pulled Gale to him by the waist, saying, "Yeah, it may embarrass the shit out of me often, but I love it too." As Mark continued talking about Eric, Sharky's grin slowly disappeared. "That... Shit I would say I know what you mean, but I honestly don't. How bad are we talking, here?"

    Meanwhile Gale took her cover up back from Mark, wrapping it around her waist like a skirt before asking, "I assume that had to do a bit with losing his dad?"


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    Re: ONS Party Thread (Archived)

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    Mark nodded.
    "All of it was after Ryan died. It changed him irreversibly, cause before then he was so proud and driven. Always thought he was going to make it. After his dad was gone everything was shaken. The worst was picking fights, but it still come around every now and then. He clings to Misaki a little to keep himself from slipping into being such a loner again. Unfortunately Ah wasn't always living in the same neighborhood as him, so Ah couldn't always be there to be his friend. It was never suicidal, but it sure got close to the kind of shit where y'all go drifter. For a brief time my granddad even contemplated having him do it to let him reflect on things and have a sort of self-discovery trip, but he asked not to at the last moment. Misaki had a big hand in that, too. She insisted she could make him better and she proved it to us all." He explained at length. The pilot looked at the Rosenthal personnel and gave a reassuring smile.
    "But don't worry, these days it's never too bad. All it takes is some sweet-talk from 'Saki and some nice little thing, even a good hop, will have him smiling. Hell occasionally he starts laughing over it, says Hollywood would've loved to have his teenage years for a story. He was also ready to point out his mom was still alive." Mark grinned.
    The four acknowledged the bouncy Yuktobanian and responded in sequence.
    "Hi there; I am first lieutenant Zachary Hathaway. Flight leader of the thirty second fighter squadron. I saw you earlier alongside Mark and I wasn't able to introduce myself. Nice to meet you." Zack said as he removed his sunglasses, revealing a pair of hazel eyes.
    Rein responded enthusiastically. "Hello! I am Rein Carter; second lieutenant. I fly number in the number two position. I'm glad to make your acquaintance. You can call me Comet if you like."
    Mao calming down from her outburst responded. "I am Mao Takayanagi. Same rank as Alyosha and Rein. I fly in the trail position within the unit. If you're wondering who Alyosha is, he is the one standing beside Rein and being a massive perv today."
    "I am second lieutenant Alyosha Denisov; TAC name Matchstick. I am the flight's number three pilot. Despite what Mao just said. I am a gentleman. Not a perv." Alyosha smirked as he spoke.
    As everyone finished introductions; they promptly began to converse.
    The older Osean Naval Aviator saw the group of newly arrived pilots introduce themselves, and only felt it natural to introduce themselves.
    "James Lovell, Osean Navy. I'd prefer Sunny however, since that is my callsign. Welcome to the party, though you're a bit late" He smiled at them as he made his presence known. Sunny then looked at Alyosha as he rebutted Mao and chimed in.
    "That's all well and good, but its probably better for a gentleman to be a little more discreet, eh?" The man lightly chided him.
    Dusty grumbled as the operators scored again. Rosie didn't say anything at first as she waited on the return, which soon came as Reaper knocked the ball towards their side.
    Rosie dashed for it, surprising Dusty at her speed, then hit the ball with cupped hands back over the net.
    Dusty turned to the Marine pilots and called for them.
    "Hey Jarheads! These Super Secret Squirrel special forces guys are gonna whip us if we don't work together!"
    Rosie looked annoyed as she turned back towards the senior LT. "Sir, they're going to beat us if you don't actually play!" Dusty smiled.
    "Hey I'm strategizing like a good military leader should!"
    Ekaterina's ears perked up at the mention of Alyosha's name.
    "Are you of Yuktobanian blood?" She asked with a hopeful look. There weren't nearly enough people from her homeland around her these days, even though the country was with the coalition.
    "Yeah, Ah'm sorry Ah didn't introduce her earlier." Mark said, trying to get to a more lighthearted subject.
    "I'll make sure to reprimand you for that later, Marky~" Ekaterina sang sweetly. She then looked at Mao
    "I have heard about the miniskirt...I have to admit as good as they are at turning heads, they're too tight on my hips. I must admit I say that with a grain of salt, however. I own a cocktail dress." She said sympathetically. Her last comment was directed to Sunny.
    "Yes it is, Commander. Even a girl like me who may act rather flirtatious at times doesn't like a perv."
    "Come on now, ma'am! Give the poor kid a break, he's only human!" Sunny joked at Kat's "threat" when he heard her speak to him.
    "Hey I try to impart good advice. It's practically in the job description once you reach my rank and beyond. Good thing Tex here is nothing like that?"
    "Oh I will...afterwards~" Ekaterina promised.
    "Yeah, otherwise Ah don't think Ekaterina would be with me today." Tex smiled in agreement.
    Alyosha nodded to Ekatrina and spoke. "Da. I'm of Yuktobanian descent on both sides of my family, however my mother is half Gebetan. I see you have a bit of an accent; you're a native of Yuktobania aren't you?" He cleared his throat and spoke in Yuktobanian. "It's a  pleasure to meet you Miss Notolovich, sorry if my Yutkobanian is a bit rusty. I haven't spoke it in a while." Denisov then turned his attention to Lovell who had introduced himself earlier. "I see what you mean but I like to play both sides of the fence sometimes." he chuckled to which Mao groaned in response.
    "Nah it's fine, you're good. So how is Isara treating you two? I have to say it's a hell of a change from San Domingo, hell the Great Lakes for that matter." Zack said to Mark as he placed his sunglasses in his Flecktarn shorts.
    Mao looked at Ekatrina. "Yeah I can see how it might be a little tight on you. I on the other hand like wearing skirts. I have a pleated one in plaid back home I like to wear. Of course the pony-tailed one loves the hell out of it. On dresses I've worn many before. Some more revealing than others." She paused and then continued to speak. "I actually really liked the corset Rein convinced me to wear to the club, it was a blue and black vinyl one with buckles. It was so nice to wear something that wasn't OD or camouflaged." she smiled.
    Rein overheard Mao's statements. "Oh yeah? You were so hesitant to wear it before we went! It took you forever to change! You went nuts when I threw a pair of fluffy leg warmers at you!"
    Gale said solemnly to Mark, "Sounds like what happened to me after my parents split back in middle school.  Robotics helped me a lot with coping in high school though.  Brought me back to a more even keel."
    As the discussion turned to wardrobe choices, Gale said, grinning, "I have the same problem as Kat when it comes to miniskirts.  Doesn't stop me from wearing them on occasion though. And I'm sure Sharky doesn't mind the view."
    Sharky smiled, "He certainly doesn't."
    Gale continued, turning to Mao, "Corsets, eh?  I must say I've never particularly gotten in the habit of wearing them, not in public, anyway...  Most of the time I end up wearing jeans and t-shirts, flight suit, that sort of thing.  Habit from college.  I do like getting fancy when I go out though.  Even if it doesn't happen too often.  Oh that reminds me, Sharky, we should check out one of the clubs around here.  I haven't been dancing in FOREVER."
    "Hehe, you got it."
    Ekaterina's eyes lit up at her native language.
    "It's fine It's fine. Mark speaks it about as well as you do, which is surprisingly proficient. Anyways yes I am native. Mark met me when he was learning with the Yuktobanian Navy." She explained, going to her own native tongue.
    "Sorry to hear. Misaki was like that for Eric, for the most part anyways. We also pushed him into track and field." The big pilot replied. The two lovers then looked at Zack.
    "It's nice, but a little crowded for me. I'm far more used to small cities. The biggest thing where I was raised was the nearby naval base." the blonde woman replied.
    "Ah'm personally a little attracted to the modern flare of this place. One of the oldest parts of the civilized world and its the leader in modern looks." Mark added he then looked at Mao and the other girls.
    "I almost wore a dress once...well twice, now. My visit to NAS Codeil was an eventful one." He also confessed with a chuckle, trying to keep things in a lighter mood when things went to dresses.
    "Fortunately he's the kind of boy who isn't overly concerned about dresses and fashion on his woman, so I don't always have to wear things that feel like they're going to make me three cup sizes smaller." Ekaterina giggled.
    Gale chuckled, "Sharky's the same way.  I still like putting on a show for him though.  You know what I mean, Kat?"  To Mark she said, "That was well played, by the way."
    Sharky said about Isari, "Yeah I dig this place.  Did the third world to first world thing right.  Or at least mostly so. Unlike some places."
    Mark nodded thankfully.
    "Gotta think on my feey, you know?" He said. He then felt Ekaterina move closer to him.
    "Oh yes, and this one definitely appreciates it, too." Ekaterina agreed, mussing up Mark's hair. Her fighter pilot of a boyfriend simply blushed.
    "Yeah yeah, tell em all about our love life while we're here..." He mumbled.
    Sharky chuckled and said to the embarrassed Thunderhawk pilot, "Hey, I'm pretty sure you guys have learned more about my and Gale's love life than I'm comfortable actually admitting."
    Zack raised an eyebrow and looked at Sharky. "I've only just met you and I have learned more than I really needed to!" laughing he turned to Mao and grabbed her from behind.
    "Talking about fashion eh?" he smiled to which Mao reacted with a light blush.
    "Yes I am Zack; not that you'd know anything about that sort of thing."
    "I know enough to get by; I do know that you looked good when we went out despite your protests. Still needed to wear a fluffy tail though."  Zack said messing with her hair.
    "You and the kemonomimi stuff." Mao retorted.
    "Kemo...come again?" Mark asked.
    "Thank you." Estelle replied as she got her brat. Irenee was up next.
    "Same as her, please."
    Magalie was in a daze, having had the greatest half hour of her life.
    Willard spiked the ball over the net.
    Sharky noticed Magalie wandering around dazed and said to Gale, chuckling, "Babe, I think you broke Magalie."
    Gale grinned, "You mean WE broke her."  To Magalie she yelled, "Hey Mags, that was nothing!  Just wait until tonight!"  Turning back to Zack and Mao she asked, "Kemonomimi?  What's that?  I assume it has something to do with fluffy tails of some sort?"
    Mao nodded "In my family's native tongue it means 'beast ears' or 'animal ears' it refers to characters in anime and manga who have animal like features. Tails and ears for example. In Zack's case he loves girls with fox ears and tails."
    Zack blushed at Mao's statement "Yeah I do."
    Alyosha butted in. "Yeah he's so into it he painted a nine tailed fox girl riding an AMRAAM on his jet. He calls it the Foxy Lady III."
    Zack cut him off. "That I did. The name dates back to my grandfather's days in the air force. The pin up was my idea."
    "Oh, I've seen those before! They look somewhat cute!" Ekaterina exclaimed.
    "So y'all put on stuff related to what Ah used to hunt sometimes?" He asked in a rather innocent tone. It earned him a pat on the head.
    "Some people find it sexy, Mark." The Yuktobanian woman said.
    Gale chuckled, "That they do.  I'll admit I've never been particularly into wearing them.  Although I do have a pair of devil horns I recently acquired."
    Sharky turned to Mark and chuckled, "Sounds like somebody didn't spend much time in a large city."
    Placing the brat upon Irenee's plate, Chris said, "Enjoy!" Hooking the tongs onto one of the grill's handles, he walked over to his beach chair, he opened a Velcro pocket and pulled out a well worn copy of Osprey Publishing's A-7 Units of the Belkan War. Opening to the book marked page, he took a seat.
    "Mine!" yelled Axt, his slight Belkan accent becoming stronger. He dove and hit the ball high into the air.
    Zack raised his eyebrow at Mark's comment. "That reminds me, I was a convention back home in Huron and I saw this guy cosplaying some raccoon character. He had a tail I swore looked real." he laughed. "Talk about dedication and eye for detail." he continued.
    Mao spoke. "I find it cute myself Etkatrina, I just don't think I need to be kicking around in public with a tail pinned to my butt." much to Zack's disappointment. Mao motioned to him to come closer to her mouth. Whispering "I'm not opposed to it in private however. I have a surprise for you when we get back." she smiled.
    Rein heard Gale and spoke. "Devil horns huh? That's more my speed."
    Alyosha barked. "Seems the kink convention has rolled into town!"
    Mark shook his head towards his Rosenthal compatriot.
    "Nope, y'all are looking at an example of what happens when yah get raised in a quiet little country town most of yer life. We didn't even have a strip club, man. Closest thing we got was peeping on the girls and women we thought were cute." He replied.
    "I, fortunately and not so, am a bit more knowledgeable on such things." Ekaterina said, clearing her throat.
    Sharky chuckled, "Every year November City has a big convention for people that are fans of the whole anthropomorphic animal thing. Got a rather interesting taste of it one summer.  Plus I had a friend who would run around suiting on campus every once in a while.  And peeping?  Really bro?  They not have the internet where you lived?"
    Meanwhile Gale grinned and said to Rein, "Hehe, a little inside joke between me and Sharky."
    "Hey, besides the fact that my grandparents kept a close tab on that little service, if y'all didn't actually go peep, y'all didn't have any guts." He readily replied. The young man then remembered his company.
    "Erhm, not that we did that too often." He said, blushing and glancing at Ekaterina.
    "Again, you will be reprimanded later." She smiled.
    Sharky chuckled, "Looks like you've got a hell of a time waiting for ya after this, Tex."
    Gale laughed, "Yeah, no matter which way you look at it."
    Mark simply blushed; Ekaterina sat down next to him and nuzzled her lover.
    "Though I'm not into those things, I have found the large rabbit ears that some casino girls wear to be kind of cute. Perhaps I'll try those sometime. The detached collar and cuff links are also cute." She mused aloud. The woman looked at the fighter pilot she was with.
    "That would actually be very cute." He nodded.
    "Then we have an idea for your birthday or mine!" She joked. More blushing.
    Sharky sighed, "Damnit Kat, don't give Gale any more ideas..."
    Gale grinned, "Too late.  Come on, baby.  Think about it!  Me with a pair of white ones, Irina with a pair of brown ones...  Those little puffball tails...  Maybe a little bowtie..."
    Sharky shot her a look, "What am I, an old white guy with a mansion and a red bathrobe I wear everywhere?"
    Gale simply stuck her tongue out tauntingly.
    "I would prefer a red theme to mine, if you wouldn't mind me joining." Ekaterina laughed.
    "Irina?" Mark asked, trying not to imagine what that would look like.
    Gale said to Mark, "Irina's a...  Mutual friend of ours, if you will.  She's a electronics tech for Rosenthal.  She tags along on deployments every once in a while."
    Sharky added, "She and I also used to be an item.  But now Gale has her claws in her, so to speak."
    Gale said, "Well she was a somewhat convenient source of...  Hands on information."
    "Yeah? I've never really been to one of those conventions before Sharky, primarily anime and game conventions for me. Damn Mark and here I thought I was sheltered at times!" He paused and was pulled away from the conversation by Mao who walked about six feet away from the group, meanwhile Rein responded with "I see. Must be quite the joke." Meanwhile Alyosha began to make his way to the bag to retrieve water for the group.
    "Here I wanted to you have this." She jangled a bracelet that consisted of three interwoven chains and a charm of a F-16 dangling from it. "I wanted to give it to you when we got to Isara but never got the chance." She said. "I like it. It's a bit weird that a girl would be giving her guy jewelry." He chuckled. "Think of it as our good luck charm love." She quipped as she kissed him on the cheek. The pair got back in time to overhear the talk of bunny ears and cufflinks. "I see we got the ball rolling on something!" Zack exclaimed.
    Sharky chuckled, "It seems you did.  I mostly just went downtown to gawk at the convention goers for Anthro-con, since I'd never actually SEEN furries before, just heard them mentioned in passing.  I didn't actually attend.  The whole furry situation ain't really my speed.  I did manage to go to a couple of gaming conventions after college though."
    "Glad to hear it! As much as I am into Kemonomimi; the full blown furry stuff doesn't turn my keys all that much either. As I said before; I attended a couple anime conventions in the local area and then a gaming convention. I plan on doing it again with Mao when we get back to Osea." Zack stated. He affixed the bracelet to his left wrist, jangling again as he let his left arm relax at his side. Mao leaned into him and smiled. "Will it be part of that huge road trip you were planning in that Conquest you and your dad worked on?" Zack replied. "Yeah, it could be."
    Sharky nodded, "Conquest, eh?  I've got an Evo IX back home that Zeus helped me set up."
    Gale sighed, "You boys and your cars.  Just think of what you could be doing in the hours you spend on that monstrosity."
    Sharky chuckled, "Hey, building model airplanes and gaming got boring."
    Meanwhile, as Axt's shot flew out of bounds, Genghis called, "Alright people, that's game.  Nice job to all of you.  SF wins by 1 point."
    "Hands on info?" Mark repeated. Everything else made sense to him, though. He then looked at Gale when she sighed over the talk of cars.
    "Y'all can rest easy, Gale. Ah'm not really a motorhead; heck my truck's pretty darn old." He assured.
    "So did Irina have anything to do with you two meeting?" Ekaterina asked Sharky and Gale.
    Gale chuckled, "I'm sure Kat can explain what I mean, Mark."
    Meanwhile Sharky shook his head and said to Ekaterina, "Nah, Irina came long after that.  Gale and I met in college.  We were in the same dorm and also happened to be on the same robotics club project."
    Gale elbowed Sharky and said, "Aww, come on.  You make it sound so simple!"
    Sharky shrugged, "Hey, it's a long, convoluted story and I don't want to bore them!"
    Dusty and Rosie wailed in protest at the ruling by Genghis.
    "What, we we're winning!" Rosie complains
    "Are you kidding me?!"  Dusty grumps.
    Sunny hears the complaints from where he was standing.
    "I know that whining anywhere. The sound of a upset naval aviators is a unique call."
    Hannibal laughed at Sunny's remark, "Yessir it certainly is!" Hacker simply grinned and went to shake hands with the opposing team. Axt shook his hand, and said, "Not bad, for a group of zoomies."
    Chart had wandered back over to Shamu and said, "Looks like the party is winding down a bit, the SF guys just beat us aviators. So, what is next on our agenda?" 
    "Nothing's ever simple, Gale. What Ah had to do to win Ekaterina is testament to that." Mark commented with a smile. He then looked at Sharky.
    "So what's Irina like? She as outgoing as Gale?" He asked.
    "An Evo IX? Nice. I was always more partial to the Impreza WRX myself but there's nothing wrong with a Lancer. The Conquest I have back home is an eighty nine in metallic black with a black and red interior. It was a challenge to get some of the parts but in the end I felt It was worth the work. I also have a decent stereo setup and a set of nice blacked out wheels on it." Zack responded to Sharky and then turned his attention to Gale. "Yeah you know drawing, writing, gaming, and building models is fun and all but sometimes you just need a little more...power!"
    "I could never have a fast car, my parents were so overbearing, all I ever got to drive was a Volvo S60. When I first saw Zack's car and the toys he and his family put together It felt liberating." Mao said as she looked down at her swimsuit's midriff cutout.
    "Yeah it was wasn't it? Your eyes lit up like downtown Oured. What's so interesting down there?" Zack smirked.
    "Nothing that interests you Zachary, eyes up." She teased.
    Zack and Mao both began to think of how they met as they listened to Sharky and Gale.
    Sharky humphed, "Pshhhh, Evos for life, man.  Imprezas look like carps.  No thank you.  Nice on the Conquest though."  To Mao he said, "Your parents sound like Zeus's parents.  Not that it stopped him from anything."
    Sharky turned to Mark and Ekaterina and shook his head, "Nah.  In public Irina's the definition of a wallflower.  The first time I talked to her she seriously looked like she wanted to sink through the floor.  But behind closed doors, dear lord."
    Gale chuckled, "Dear lord is right.  Anyway Mark, believe me.  This story is nothing if not complicated."  Glaring at Sharky, she continued, "Which is why I wish Sharky would tell more of it."
    Sharky raised his hands defensively, "Alright, alright, you guys really want to hear the LOOOOOONG complicated story of how Gale and I met?"
    Meanwhile Shamu shrugged and said to Chart, "I got nothin'.  Wanna just take a walk and talk?  Get to know each other better?"
    "We don't have anywhere else to go, Sharky." Ekaterina said, sitting down next to Mark. Her boyfriend nodded in agreement.

    Dusty grudgingly went over the shake the hands of the opposing team.
    "Yeah I guess, ya'll did alright out there. But I still say ya'll got extremely lucky out there".
    Rosie chimed in, following behind the darker skinned man.
    "We have to do this again next time we get out here. Barring well.  . . the war".

    Sharky shrugged, "Eh, fair enough. You guys may want to take a seat."  Grabbing a beach chair he continued, "Alright, so it was freshman year.  I was on a project working on quadrotors in robotics club. One day I'm messing around with this new version we'd just got flying when Gale walks into the club.  I'd seen her around campus before, but never this close.  So being a hormonally driven teenage robotics nerd presented with an absurdly attractive woman, I felt it was my birthright to show off.  So I started flying it around her head, trying to remake the whole Cinderella thing, just with a robot, but got a little too close.  One of the props got tangled up in her hair.  Now most people would be freaking out and trying to swat it away, right?  Nah.  Gale just up and grabs the quadrotor and rips the battery pack out. She sees me holding the controller and flings it right at me.  Nails me right in between the eyes."
    Gale chuckled, "That was a good throw."
    "More like a painful one.  So anyway, after that we started talking and I learned she lived in the same dorm as me.  We started hanging out, getting to know each other and whatnot.  Despite the head trauma I had a massive crush on her, for whatever good it did since she was dating some other random dude at the time."
    Gale grunted, "More like a massive asshole.  Yay random parties, I guess..."
    As Zack and Mao listened to the story; both winced, then laughed upon hearing the drone becoming entangled in Gale's hair resulting in the battery throw that led to Sharky and Gale meeting each other.
    "What a way to attract a woman." Zack said.
    Mao giggled. "I'm surprised at how she reacted to you after all that."
    "Everybody meets in their own way Mao. Remember when we first met after I arrived at San Domingo? You ended up going to that club on their Industrial night with me two weeks later." He said in response.
    "I remember it very well. I also remember having to establish you as being mine and mine only." Mao looked over at Rein.
    "What are you looking at me like that for? I wasn't going to steal him! You can keep the weasel." Rein shot back.
    Alyosha returned with water, handing the bottles over to the squad while Zack attempted to correct Rein on his nickname to no avail.

    Mark had to laugh.
    "Oh man, that must've been a damn painful hit! Nice shot, Gale, nice shot! Ah would've liked to seen that!" He said. When the guy calmed down, he looked at Sharky.
    "However, you get bonus points for creativity, man." the pilot added.
    "It sounds like one man who tried to impress me be ridding close by on a horse, to make himself seem old fashioned and noble, and he ended up just getting mud all over my skirt." Ekaterina commented.

    Sharky chuckled, "It wasn't so much the pain I was worried about as the battery itself.  LiPos don't like being roughoused with.  They generally explode to show their dissatisfaction."  Turning to Mao he said, "To be fair, we had a lot of time to get to know each other.  Like YEARS."
    Gale grinned and added, "Plus I couldn't be too mad at him.  Shitty flying skills or not, he WAS pretty cute."
    "Hey I was distracted!  And the balance was out of whack!"
    Kissing her flustered boyfriend on the cheek, Gale chuckled, "Well you made up for it.  Even if it took you years to get to that point."
    "Hey not my fault you were dating that asswad.  And Sarah jumped me, not the other way around."
    "This is true.  You have to admit Irina was fully you though."
    "Well yeah.  But we're both benefiting from that, aren't we?"
    Gale grinned, "That we are."
    "I would agree, somewhat, Gale. I can appreciate a boy who tries to be charming in his own little way; it's sweet to see originality." The YAF lieutenant agreed.
    "Explode? That doesn't sound too pleasant. Anyways Ah can't say my college life was nearly as exciting. Every guy seemed to be like "Come on Mark, y'all could have damn harems if yah wanted! With your build chicks would be at your feet!" Probably the most exciting thing before Kat was going to a strip club when Ah was eighteen...at least love life wise." Mark then said.
    "Wait...didn't you tell me you once pranked someone?" Ekaterina asked. He looked at her, then his face lit up.
    "Oh yeah! For our NROTC platoon leader's birthday!" He said, snapping his fingers.

    Sharky said, "Volatility is what you get for epic power density."  As Mark mentioned the prank for his platoon leader's birthday, Sharky asked, "Oh?  What sort of prank are we talkin'?"

    Mao responded to Sharky. "I see. Zack and I have only known each other for about two years now. We got to know each other pretty well in that period of time, even if was a little touch and go sometimes." Mao blushed lightly hearing Sharky and Gale's mention of Irina.
    "Yeah. Wasn't always cuddles and nips on the neck." Zack said as he kissed Mao on the top of the head. "Explode? I can believe it." Zack said as Alyosha's interest was peaked when Mark made mention of pulling a prank.
    "A prank? I want to hear this one." Alyosha grinned.

    "It was nothing fancy, but boy was the reaction priceless. For his birthday we promised we'd get him a girl, a stripper. Of course we planned to pull the wool over the horn dog's eyes and get him good. Eventually one of the guys in our platoon, big burly Gunny Sarge who was going from enlisted to commissioned, offers to put on a wig and be the one who delivers the surprise. So we take the guy and blindfold him, and tell him to stand still while we get her. Gunny Sarge comes into the room, leans over and in a purposely bad attempt at a female voice says "What should I do first, birthday boy?". Guy'd been grinning ear to ear fore that, but damn did it disappear fast. In fact he thought we'd hired a male stripper or something. He began screaming and tried to run, only after which we reveled it was the Gunny. He didn't trust us much after." Mark explained at length.

    Sharky chuckled, "Not bad.  Not bad at all."
    Gale grinned, "Sounds like something I would do."  To Mao and Zack she said, "Sounds like you two enjoy a bit of the kink as well, eh?"
    "Shit man that's priceless!" Alyosha laughed. "Reminds me of the one time Zack and I duct taped our roommate Shawn to his recliner while he was sleeping in it. Zack and I then woke his ass up with an air horn and banging on a frying pan." Alyosha giggled.
    "The guy was a real asshole about your heritage during the last war. Fixed him fast." Zack said.
    "Yeah." Alyosha smiled.
    "Wasn't Shawn also the one you hit with a barrage of tennis balls?" Zack asked.
    "No. That was some classmate in my literature course who pissed a friend of mine off. I didn't have a hand in that one." Alyosha shot back.
    Mao attempted to answer Gale's question stuttering. "I...Uh...Well." Zack interjected. "Absolutely. It's taken a while of course for her to be comfortable about it. But she's learning." Zack smiled. Mao blushed a deeper red. "You're fine Mao; nobody here is going to judge you about it." Zack responded. "Hmph!" Mao huffed angrily and looked off to the right. Zack clasped her hand and began to fidget a little.

    Gale patted the F-16 pilot on the shoulder and smiled, "Hey, a little kink isn't anything to be ashamed of, Mao."
    Sharky chuckled, "You can definitely take her word on it."
    Mao mulled over the reassuring words of Zack, Sharky, and Gale. Emboldened she responded. "...You're right Gale. There is no shame in being adventurous." Still blushing lightly she continued. "Zack's something else in a very good way." She turned to face him.
    Zack turning a little red himself scratched his head. "I'm sorry for talking over you a little bit ago; you know how I get when a topic perks my interest."
    "I know it's okay. But." Mao leaned in and whispered. "That surprise I mentioned earlier? It's going to cost you now."
    "Cost?" Zack whispered back.
    Out loud Mao said. "Oh, you'll find out when we get back."
    Alyosha chimed in. "What a moment you two are having."
    Mao glared. "Do even hear the shit that comes out of your mouth?"
    Alyosha laughed. "That's a big negative Canis four."

    As Mao whispered to Zack, Gale chuckled and said quietly to Sharky, "Looks like there's gonna be a lot of scores being settled tonight, eh?"
    Sharky huffed in amusement, "Yup.  I'm surprised you haven't come up with anything yet."
    Gale grinned devilishly, "Oh you know I've always got something brewing.  Besides we already have plans."
    "Hehe, true."  To Alyosha and Mao he said, "Now children, calm down.  Wouldn't do to have one of you getting put out of action before you even see combat now, would it?"

    Mark grinned.
    "Thank you, thank you. Ah personally thought that was the funniest thing Ah've ever seen the Gunny do. He wasn't usually much of a joker." He added. As the subject slipped back to love lives, both him and his girlfriend had something to say.
    "Again wish I could add something, but again I haven't done much. Y'all would think a guy like me would've had a few nights under his belt." He chuckled with a shrug.
    "I have the adventurous side of me that I'd like to explore, so I can see where you are, Mao. It's part of being in a relationship, finding out what you both find pleasuring." Ekaterina said sympathetically to the F-16 pilot.
    Gale grinned and nodded in agreement with Ekaterina, saying, "She's right, you know.  For example last night I tackled Sharky into the bedroom and then he pinned me up against a wall and had his way with me.  I enjoyed tackling him, he enjoyed pinning me up against the wall, and we BOTH enjoyed what came after."
    Sharky simply groaned audibly.

    Zack then spoke up after Sharky made his comment. "Sharky's got a point, we can't afford to have you two out of action before our first hop. So please. As your superior officer and friend. Knock it off."
    The two looked at Zack and Sharky.
    "Okay." Mao said.
    "Yeah you're right Zack..." Alyosha groaned slightly as his fun was cut short.
    "Good to hear." Zack responded.
    Alyosha then looked over at Mark. "Yeah. I bet."
    Mao then turned her attention to Kat, bouncing back from her frustration.
    "It is. It is like exploring uncharted waters so to speak. Trying to find out what turns your keys, what makes both parties happy." Mao paused and then heard Gale. Upon hearing her words and Sharky's groan she said. "Must have been very fun. I remember the first time Ferret leaped on me." Mao giggled with a little redness in her cheeks as Zack put his sunglasses on and looked up in the air. The Osean-Shimoji girl continued to giggle.
    "Ah'll admit Ah have kinks. Ah haven't really explored em yet, but Ah have em." Mark announced. Ekaterina's eyes lit up, and she went still. In almost an instant both her hands were on his shoulders.
    "Tell me them. Now." She demanded, looking him in the eyes. He cocked an eyebrow.
    "What? Come on, we're in public, Kat! Ah ain't gonna share that now!" He protested.
    "Gale and Mao are comfortable with there's, now you." She said, unconvinced.
    Gale grinned, "Come on, Tex, no one's gonna judge you."
    Sharky chuckled, "Judging by the look on Kat's face, mate, I don't think this is a battle you're gonna win."


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    Re: ONS Party Thread (Archived)

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    Mark sighed as the movement to reveal his tastes grew. Finally he sighed, blushing (his cheeks were about as red as the thunderbolts on his jet), and leaned towards her, hoping no one would hear.
    "Dress up in a dark blue bunny girl outfit, talk dirty and be as enthusiastic as y'all are and Ah'll give you the craziest night of yer life." He muttered.
    Ekaterina was on her feet almost immediately.
    "Gale, you mentioned bunny girl outfits, yes? I need to acquire one." She said to the helo pilot.
    Gale sighed, "I know a place, but unfortunately it's back in Estovakia."  After thinking for a moment her face lit up, "However, I'm sure we could find one around here someplace, if you feel like going shopping after this."
    Sharky shook his head and said to Tex, "You and I are both doomed."
    Gale grinned, "You won't be complaining later tonight."
    "Well, no.  Because I'm getting it out of the way now."
    "Smart boy."
    "If it can be done quick. I'm sure we'll both want to be alone with our respective loved ones." Ekaterina agreed.
    "Ah'm not sure what Ah will and won't feel after tonight." Mark said with an uncertain expression.
    "Lots of things Marky. Now stop acting like your death warrant was just signed; I'm not a succubus." Ekaterina scolded.
    Gale nodded excitedly, "Of course."  Turning to the Triton operators she yelled, "Hey Zeus, you got your tablet on ya?"
    "Yeah, why?"
    "I need it, that's why!"
    "Alright, lemme grab it out of the truck."
    While Zeus ran to get his tablet out of the truck, Sharky said, "Mark's death warrant may not have been signed, but if last night is any indication, one has been signed for my ability to walk."
    Gale simply grinned evilly.  Grabbing the tablet from Zeus, she promptly began tapping away, after a few minutes looking up and saying, "Kat, I found a nice looking place.  It's close to the hotel, too!"
    Ekaterina nodded eagerly, then looked at the OMDF lieutenant.
    "I hope you're willing to back up those words, Marky." She sang. He gulped and nodded shyly.
    "Ah'll try." He replied.
    Mao and Zack smiled at the reaction to Mark and Kat's exchange as the banter about Bunny outfits grew louder while Gale glanced over the tablet. Rein and Alyosha decided to take a walk so Alyosha could vent about his frustrations from earlier in the day. As Mao heard Gale mention the place close to the hotel Mao's eyes lit up.
    "I think I know what place they're talking about." Mao said.
    "You do?" Zack responded.
    "Yes; if it is. Then that's where Rein got my leg fluffies and where I found your surprise." Mao laughed. "Not everything was brought along for this trip you know."
    "Gale! Is that the place I'm thinking it is!?" Mao shouted as she walked over.
    Gale flipped the tablet around so the smaller F-16 pilot could see the screen.  "If it's this one, then yes.  You wanna come with us?"
    The Viper driver glanced at the tablet's display and replied with a slight lift in her voice.
    "Yep! That's the place! I don't think Zack would mind me taking a second trip there. Hehe. Besides. I could use something else to compliment the stuff I bought."
    Zack then spoke to Sharky. "I get the distinct feeling my lower torso is going to be reduced to dust by the end of this deployment. I also think Gale might end up rubbing off on to Mao and Kat."
    Sharky sighed, "Yours and mine both.  As for Gale rubbing off, it's too late.  It's already happened."
    Gale grinned, "Lovely!  We can go after this wraps up."
    Knight gave Zeus a look.
    "What was that all about?" He asked.
    In the meantime Mark was in more or less of a growing daze about the image of Ekaterina in aforementioned garments.
    "Will my participation be requested on this outing?" He asked without really thinking.
    Zeus shrugged, "I've learned it's usually safer not to ask."
    Gale frowned at Mark, "Now that would ruin the surprise."
    Mark nodded quickly and looked away.
    "Saves me from feeling awkward as all hell, too." He muttered to himself.
    Sharky said to Mark, "Also I feel like we'll succumb to massive blood loss to our lower bodies if we go with them..."
    Gale grinned, "Not my fault you make me want to show off."
    "While I am thoroughly glad of this, it's also got long term detriments to one's health."
    Gale stuck her tongue out teasingly.  "Don't be such a baby."
    "Hey I have only so much blood in my brain that can go to my loins."
    "Hmm, true.  It's no good if you go unconscious...  Fine, you have a point."
    "Thank you.  That being said you do know I love it when you show off."
    Gale smiled, "Just another reason I love you."
    "Considering the look on the big guy's face, I'll agree with you." Knight said in response to Zeus's advice.
    "Guess it's a good thing we're pilots, then?" Mark reasoned, referring to Sharky. He seemed to be the more well-versed one.
    Mao put her finger on Zack's chest and locked eyes with him. "Same goes for you sweetheart. I can't have my surprise being ruined if you come along with us. That and I don't want to have to call an ambulance because you succumbed to blood loss." She teased.
    "Oh thanks for being so concerned about my safety!" Zack said sarcastically.
    "Oh shush you. Go have some fun with these two and the others. I'll meet you at our room. The big floor pillow in the living room sound nice?" Mao smiled back.
    Zack nodded. "Ja. You know when we get back to Osea we seriously need something like that."
    Gale put her cover-up on properly and said, "Alright girls, shall we?"
    Sharky asked, "You guys gonna come back here, or are you gonna just head straight back to the hotel?"
    Gale shrugged, "Depends on how much longer this lasts.  I'll give you a call when we finish, yeah?"
    "Sounds good."
    As Gale made her way to one of the SUVs, Sharky walked over to her and said quietly, "Hey, I was just thinking, you'd look great in one of those chokers they have..."
    Gale grinned, "I was wondering if you'd say something."
    "Eh, figured might as well bring it up."
    Gale kissed him on the cheek, "You've got it."
    "Cool.  See you in a bit?"
    "Right.  Try not to get into too much trouble while I'm gone, eh?"
    Sharky chuckled, "No worries about that."
    "Yes, I would just need to change out of this. I don't think it would be widely appreciated if I were to go about in a swimsuit." Ekaterina nodded. She turned to Mark and leaned over.
    "I'll be back soon. If not, I'll see you at the hotel." She said, kissing him on the cheek.
    "Okay...Ah'm looking forward to what Ah'll get to see. Ah love you, Kat." He replied. They kissed again.
    "And I love you, Marky." She said.
    The woman got to her feet to join the girls. In the meantime Mark looked at Sharky as he returned.
    "Death warrants or not, we're lucky bastards. Ah personally sometimes don't know how Ah've kept Kat with me." He commented.
    "Definitely Gale." Mao walked back over to her bag retreiving her white sundress, sliding it over top of her swimsuit.
    "I'll see you later dear." Zack uttered as he approached Mao.
    "I'll keep in contact. You stay out of trouble now." Mao winked.
    "I'll make sure I raise hell." Zack smirked.
    The F-16 pilots kissed deeply and then separated.
    "I love you." Mao said.
    "Love you too Hime." Zack returned before kissing her twice.
    Mao blushed and walked over to the SUV while Zack responded to Mark. "Damn straight we're lucky." Laughing a little.
    Alyosha and Rein returned from their walk.
    "Hey there...what did we miss?" Rein asked as she brushed some of her hair back into place.
    Sharky nodded, "I know exactly what you mean.  Sometimes I wonder why Gale settled for a goof like me.  Or why she stuck around for so long, anyway."
    Meanwhile Gale said to Kat, "Sure, no problem.  You can change in the truck or we can wait while you change in the booth over there."
    Sharky turned to Rein and Alyosha, "Eh, nothing much.  Gale and the girls are gonna go shopping for...  Stuff."
    "I can change quickest in the booth." She said before dashing to the booths.
    "Eh, don't look a gift horse in the mouth." Mark shrugged to Sharky.
    Gale nodded, "Okay, we'll be waiting."
    Sharky chuckled, "Very astute of you, Tex.  You've got a point.  All I know is I'm glad as fuck to finally have her with me."
    Ekaterina bounded off and returned very quickly, tearing off the garment as quickly as she could and changing into a sundress, keeping the flower and stowing her swimsuit in a large bag.
    "So what is this place, anyways? I'm surprised the Isaris would allow it here." She asked as she adjusted the flower in her hair.
    "Ah'm just glad she puts up with the fact that Ah ain't really gonna do it til Ah at least propose..." Mark admitted.
    Rein smirked and looked at Zack. "Shopping huh? I think I know what's going on here." Jabbing him in the arm playfully. "I've done my rounds anyway. I'll stay with you guys and keep you company."
    "Company?" Zack asked as Rein turned her attention to Alyosha who interrupted him.
    "Rein. Thanks for listening." Alyosha said.
    "No problem Aly!" Rein grinned.
    "Now if you'd stop calling me Aly." Alyosha groaned.
    "Not on your life!" Rein snapped back.
    Meanwhile Zack responded to Sharky and Mark. "I used to think a long time ago it was impossible for me to find someone Mao, then I joined the squadron and she saunters into my life." Zack paused. "Waiting til you propose huh?"
    Mao responded to Kat. "Well Isara is a bit more progressive of a nation when compared to it's counterparts in the region. Hell it looks like a liberal paradise when compared to Shamlak."
    Gale nodded as they drove to the store, "What Mao said.  Isara's a LOT more liberal than its neighbors."
    Meanwhile Sharky chuckled and said to Mark, "Based on what Kat's been sayin', you ain't gon' last that long, big boy."
    "I guess that would be why they see much more peace than the rest of the region." Ekaterina commented with something of a sour look.
    "Granted my area of expertise isn't exactly this region. I deal more often with our friendly neighbors in Verusea." She added.
    "Oh Ah know, Ah know. She's been eager in the past little while to get intimate. Guess Ah'm to blame for being too sheltered, but when she comes strutting in tonight, Ah won't stop her." Mark said.
    Gale nodded.  Laughing quietly she added, "You know, it lends credence to Zeus's theory on national stability."
    Meanwhile Sharky raised an eyebrow.  "You don't seem like the type to give up on a conviction.  Which leads me to believe you've got something hidden up your sleeve.  Something that comes in a small box."
    "I'd imagine it would." Ekaterina agreed.
    "Y'all are a smart man, Mr. Sarkar. It does come in a box and Ah acquired it this morning in exchange for a pretty penny. Granted it will pay out to much, much more in the future." Mark said.
    Sharky was taken aback, "This morning?  Damn, son.  Shit's gettin' real."
    "Ah wake up every morning and launch off a boat most of the time. After Ah've been shot at that day, Ah get to land on it again, no matter what. Yeah, Ah'm serious. She deserves me committing." Mark replied.
    Mao cocked an eyebrow at Gale's statement. "What would that theory be? The more sexually liberated a nation is; the less likely it will oppress it's people and try to destabilize the region?" She smirked as she adjusted her dress and fidgeted a little. "I'm moving around more than Zack does at a briefing, I'm excited to go back." She laughed.
    Meanwhile Zack stood and took in the conversation between Mark and Sharky thinking to himself about his own future. As he did; he began to jangle the bracelet on his left hand.
    Gale chuckled, "Somewhat, yes.  Basically in his words, 'The more you fuck, the less your country's fucked.'"  As Mao commented about her fidgeting, Gale said, "You know, I'm surprised about you two.  Woulda thought the OADF frowns on in-unit relations.  I mean, I'm happy for you, obviously.  But it seems odd."
    Sharky noticed Zack jangling his bracelet, "I see Mark's not the only one in the business of exchanging bling today."
    "That feels like a reference to something...I believe Eric's brother once talked about it..." Ekaterina commented, tapping her chin.
    "Seems like war makes it happen." Mark shrugged.
    "A TV miniseries following a particular Marine recon battalion maybe?"  Gale mused.
    Sharky nodded, "That it does, Tex.  That it does."
    "He is a Marine." She nodded.
    "To be honest though, Ah'd rather not have my decisions be pressed by such circumstances." Mark admitted.
    Mao took a pause at the question posed by Gale and began to speak as she looked out the window at the streets. "Well...It is frowned upon but not completely forbidden by regulations as long as there is no break in the chain of command or unit cohesion. Zack and I agreed that when we are on duty or in the field we are to be as professional as possible. So far it's worked for us two. Of course our superiors like Major Graves for example have had to step in and give us a stern warning." Mao continued to fidget as she thought about Major Isabella "Ivy" Graves words to her and Zack. "Watch your step. We can't afford to lose two pilots because they felt like snogging one another."
    As Zack heard Sharky's comments about bling, he held up the interconnected chains attached to his wrist and said. "This? Oh this is a little gift from Mao she wanted to give to me before we shoved off for Isara. She gave it to me just now since she wasn't able to earlier. It's a got a little F-16 charm attached to it." Zack laughed as he pointed to the little sterling silver jet attached to it. "She said she wanted it to be our good luck charm."
    "D'aww it's so cute!" Rein shouted as she grabbed Zack's wrist. "I want one!"
    Zack pulled his wrist away on impulse and said. "What did I say about the whole touching thing Comet?"
    Rein grabbed him and pulled him in close. "I know sir, no touching!" she giggled as she tightened her grip. Zack becoming more tense at the Aslani's bearhug.
    Gale nodded and said to Ekaterina, "Ah, I see.  That may explain it."  To Mao she said, “Hey, if it works, it works.  I was just wondering how it's handled in your case."  As they arrived at the store, Gale pulled into a parking spot and shut off the engine.  "Alright, we're here."
    Sharky nodded, "Most people wouldn't, Tex.  But sometimes you need a good kick in the pants.  Hell, I know I did."
    Turning to Zack he commented, "Ah, nice, man.  Very fancy."  As he watched Rein bear hug the F-16 pilot and his subsequent reaction, Sharky chuckled, "Not a fan of personal contact, eh Ferret?"
    "Sure thing," said Chart, "Let me grab a couple of beers," Running over and grabbing a pair of beers from the Marine's cooler, she returned and gave one to Shamu. Taking his hand, they began walking, "So, what do you want to discuss?" she asked.
    "I must admit...I've never been inside a place like this myself." Ekaterina announced.
    "That's probably the truest statement Ah've heard today. Only sucks that Ah didn't get to carry out with my original plan, but hey better than waiting and dying." He said, watching Zack's behavior.
    Wrapping one arm around Chart's shoulder while holding the beer in his free hand Shamu said, "Anything you want.  Likes, dislikes, favorite color, preferred pet, esoteric habits in bed..."  This last phrase was said with a wink and a grin as he squeezed the redhead to him gently.
    Looking around at the assortment of merchandise on the racks, Gale said, "This place actually may be better stocked than the one I go to back home.  Even though I do most of the shopping online...  Even so, I'm rather impressed."
    An hour later...
    As Gale loaded the bags back into the SUV, she asked, "So did you all get everything you wanted?"
    Sharky raised an eyebrow, "Oh?  And what plan was that?"
    Mao locked eyes with the first rack she wanted to visit as the others did their shopping. Walking up to it. She pulled the outfit she wanted off of it. An idol styled one, a skimpy faux leather number consisting of a frilled miniskirt and a corset top. She gave it a once over and went to the changing room. Trying it on she thought. "Perfect. Just one more thing."
    One hour later...
    Satisfied with her haul she responded to Gale. "Got everything I wanted and more." thinking for a second. "I should really do this more often."
    The busty Aslani let go of Zack; sliding his sunglasses up with his middle finger he responded to Sharky. "It's not that I don't like personal contact. I'm just...selective about it." Looking at Rein who was grinning from ear to ear like an idiot.
    Gale nodded as they pulled into the driveway of the hotel, "Yeah, I should too, especially now that I have a reason to.  Mao, that outfit you picked out is really cute.  Looks good on you."
    Sharky chuckled, "Eh, I know what you mean."
    Ekaterina seemed very quiet as she held her bag on the way to the hotel, as if she were thinking. She'd gone in and picked up the exact thing she'd been looking for, only stopping to make sure it fit.
    "Ah planned to take her some pace far away and nice. Mountains, maybe a resort, have a nice weekend or so with lots of romance and alone time, then top it all off after a nice outdoor dinner by popping the question." Mark explained, watching the two Viper drivers.
    Gale, having brought plenty of items with her from Ah-Mout, didn't actually have much to buy, simply filling the gaps in her collection with things that Irina had suggested but did not fit the larger woman.  Grabbing her bags, she said to the others, "Alright, I'll meet you down here in a few minutes and we can head back to the beach."  With that she headed to the elevator, checking to make sure the other 6 Basilisk pilots were still alive following their adventures of the previous night before walking to the suite she shared with Sharky.  As she hung up her purchases in the closet, she ran her fingers over the fabric, thinking forward to what it would feel like to have it peeled off her, shuddering happily. 
    When she was done, she changed into a fresh bikini, this one all over purple, before she freshened up and headed back downstairs, waiting by the SUV.
    "Look at you doin' it all fancy, Tex.  That being said, there may not be many mountains, but you got a pretty nice view in this joint."
    Mao simply blushed and returned "Thank  you." before heading to her suite to try it on again with the clip on fox ears and tail she got on her earlier trip. She did a quick spin in front of the mirror. "Heh. Well. One more thing." She walked back to the bed and picked up the collar she bought with the outfit, affixing it to her neck. Feeling a satisfying chill run up her spine, she changed into a t-shirt and shorts, freshened up, and locked the suite door behind her.
    Exiting the hotel she arrived at the SUV.
    Ekaterina took out the pair of bunny ears from the bag and examined them. She tried on the piece again before hiding them away in the restroom of the suite she and Mark were sharing before exiting the place to meet the other girls.
    "Yeah, true, but Ah wouldn't be called away the following morning to go drop some JDAMs." Mark replied.
    As the other girls arrived downstairs, Gale said, "Alright, shall we get back to the party?"
    Sharky shrugged, "Our job is nothing if not unpredictable, my good sir.  Gotta learn to work around it.  Hell, imagine how I feel.  My girlfriend's SF.  Their lives are even MORE unpredictable.  Like seriously.  You'll be going at it in bed, suddenly the pager goes off.  It's not like you can just WAIT to answer it, because for all you know the goddamn planet's about to explode or the president's Yorkie got kidnapped or some shit.  So now not only are you worried about being late to answer, but you're afraid there's some plot to destroy the planet or there are dead puppies in the future.  TOTAL mood kill."
    "Ready whenever you two are." Mao said as she grabbed her left leg and streched slightly. She then fished a pair of sunglasses out of her bag and slid them on.
    Zack listened to Sharky and then stifled a laugh when he made mention of SF rescuing the president's dog. "It is a very unpredictable occupation, especially on deployment. Expectations of predictability melt away quick when you are sent off to war. Even if we haven't done any real heavy lifting ourselves."
    Zack yawned and fidgeted  a little.
    "Worried your Shimoji princess has been carried off to an undisclosed location?" Alyosha snarked.
    "Nah. You know me. Can't stay still to save my life." Zack retorted.
    Ekaterina nodded.
    "Yes, let's return to our knights in shining armor, shall we?" She joked.
    "At the very least in peace time, y'all have the benefit of not knowing. Ah'd rather go somewhere and not know that Ah'm gonna be called soon than go in knowing." Mark shrugged. He then looked at Sharky.
    "So on a more lighthearted note, What brought y'all to love the glorious F-14?" He went on.
    Gale simply nodded.  As everyone piled into the SUV she started the engine and drove back to the beach.
    Sharky shrugged, "Eh, I guess I don't like surprises, so it's the opposite for me.  At least at war you know how long you have.  No pagers going off mid-deed, if you will."  As Mark brought up the F-14 he thought for a minute before replying, "Eh, lots of things.  It's a solid platform.  She takes whatever you give her and just asks for more.  Long range A2A, no problem.  Dogfighting?  Sure.  Photo recon?  Uhhhh, okay, I guess.  Strike?  Hell why the fuck not?  The only issue I have with it is that she doesn't have an integral laser designator, but that's an easy fix."
    "The only challenge now is to get past Mark's chaste nature." Ekaterina thought aloud as they rode along.
    "That it is. Personally Ah was mostly swept up by being young and it being the first jet Ah saw. My granddad flew em, and the guys he hung around were what Ah thought to be the coolest SOBs out there. They were like movie stars, and Ah wanted to be like em pretty early on. Tomcat looked cool as all hell, too. Those two tails, long nose, all that. When Ah got older it's abilities added on to the appeal of its physical design. My granddad told me how it would handle." Mark replied with a nod.
    Gale mused, "Hmmm, that could be a problem.  I don't mean to pry, but has he mentioned why he's so reluctant to get intimate?  Maybe there's some underlying cause there."
    Sharky nodded, "Yeah.  I've had a weird mancrush on Tomcats since I was a kid.  My brother was always an Eagle fanboy so I guess it was a natural reaction.  I'll admit Tomcats aren't the most maneuverable jets out there, but you know how to treat them, you can make that kitty DANCE."  He chuckled for a minute before continuing, "You know, it's funny.  I've been a rabid Tomcat fan for years, but I started out flying Strike Eagles.  Ironic."
    Ekaterina nodded without word.
    "It's a rather...personal matter, but he fears being like his father. It's a phobia, honestly, but I respect it. I know he'll always be by my side." She said reluctantly.
    "I ask that this piece of information be kept inside this car." the woman added.
    "Yeah, Eric's dad said you could beat an Eagle any day if you applied the right tactics." Mark agreed. He looked in the direction the guy had gone.
    "Wish the guy hadn't run off; he would be having fun with this conversation right now." The NAVAIR pilot commented with a frown.
    Gale nodded sharply. "Of course."  She screwed up her face for a moment as she thought before saying, "Well, I'd suggest maybe explaining to him that you know he'll never leave you?  Perhaps convince him the phobia is misplaced?"
    Sharky shrugged, "Eh, Shamu probably would have too. But he's busy dancing around with his lady friend.  Oh well.  But yeah, the jet you fly is a big factor, but how you use it is a bigger one.  Gotta play to your strengths.  For a Tomcat that's sheer power.  Take that fight into the vertical.  Don't mess around with turning bullshit where the other guy can get inside you.  Stuff like that."
    "I was thinking something along those lines." The YAF officer agreed.
    "Yeah, and if y'all turn, lag pursue." Mark agreed.
    Magalie got a mischievous look in her eyes and turned her head to Estelle, who was eating steak with Irénée. She calls out to her, "Hey Sœur~~! I need you for a second!"
    Estelle sighed, "I'll be right back, Irénée. I need to see what Magalie wants." Meeting up with Magalie, Estelle asked, "Alright Magalie, what do you need?"
    "Oh, I'm just wanting you to join me and Gale tonight for some fun." Magalie replied, intentionally leaving out the details.
    Estelle was suspicious about Magalie's offer, and asked, "What kind of fun are you referring to?"
    "Oh, the kind of fun that will give you experience for when you're with Irénée down the road." Magalie said.
    Estelle was alarmed, red as a tomato, she spluttered, "H-how d-did you-"
    Magalie interrupted, "Come now, Sœur. You two have become rather close within the last twenty-four hours. It is clear as day with you two."
    Estelle sighed, "Alright. You said that this will give me ideas for when I'm alone with Irénée, right?"
    Magalie answered, "It will."
    Estelle, for the first time relented to Magalie, "Alright. Just this once, on a few conditions."
    Magalie, showing happiness, replied, "Name them."
    Blushing, Estelle listed out, "One, don't try taking my virginity. I want to save that for Irénée. Two, in relation to the first one and to keep you happy, I will only do this for you and Gale. And three... Don't any of you tell Irénée about this..."
    Magalie ecstatic, replied, "You have my promise, Sœur! I'll take you to where we're supposed to meet tonight."
    Gale nodded, "Sounds good.  Oh, we're here."  Parking the SUV, she disembarked, re-tying the shawl she was now using as a cover-up so it hung around her waist like a skirt.  Noticing Magalie speaking to Estelle, she decided to check in on the lesbian before returning to Sharky.  Walking over, she threw an arm around the short-fused Mirage pilot.  "So how's my favorite test subject doing?"
    Sharky nodded, "Yup.  And the fact that helmet mounted cuing systems are a thing now make that an actually sound move since you can still engage even if you don't have your nose on."
    Magalie, seeing Gale, happily replied, "Great news. Sœur here has agreed to be with us for tonight."
    Estelle, blushing heavily, added in, "It's true. I only agreed to it to get some experience for when I do it with Irénée. On a few conditions, though..."
    Gale's eyes narrowed.  "Conditions such as..."
    Estelle, still blushing furiously, once again began listing the conditions to Gale, "One, if your boyfriend is involved, don't try taking my virginity. I want to save that for Irénée. Two, in relation to the first one and to keep you happy, I will only do this for you and Magalie. And three, don't tell Irénée about it."
    Mao leapt out of the truck and made contact with the ground; feeling cheeky she ran up to Zack and grabbed him from behind. "Zack!"
    "You know for a plane that was initially designed as a thoroughbred dogfighter the Fal-gah!" Feeling the impact from her girlfriend's tackle/hug at his back he fell slightly forward before relaxing and cracking a smile. "Hey there hun. I see you crash landed into my back." Zack turned to embrace her. "Enjoy yourself?"
    "Yep!" Mao simply replied.
    "Good to hear." The pair kissed repeatedly.
    Gale pursed her lips.  "Hmm.  Well considering that Sharky and I are a package deal, he is most definitely going to be involved.  But we can do that.  Let me just get him over here so he can get read in.  Sharky, can you get over here?"
    Sharky, who was chuckling at Mao's spirited arrival, turned as he heard Gale's voice. "Huh?"
    "Got a matter that needs discussion."
    "Ah."  Turning back to Mark and Zack he said hastily, "Sorry dudes, duty calls."  Sharky ran over to Gale, kissing her on the cheek.  "Hey babe.  How was shopping?"
    "It was good.  Magalie and Estelle have an idea for us."
    "Estelle wants some experience for Irenee.  And Mags wants, well...  What Mags wants.  However Estelle has a couple of conditions."
    "She keeps her virginity, she's only doing it for Mags, and Irenee gets no word of this."
    "Uhhh...  I'm not sure about this.  Babe, you want to do this?"
    Gale thought for a moment.  "Yeeeah...  Mags this is somewhat sudden.  Especially considering our invitation to you was to get your mind OFF Estelle, this seems somewhat counterproductive."
    Sharky added, "I mean I'm all for more people in the party, and I'd be glad to help you out, Estelle, but this is playing with thermite."
    Estelle, still red as a tomato, urged, "I'm fine with this. Really."
    Sharky shook his head, "I get that.  And like I said I'd be happy to help you.  But I'd rather not cause an international incident because I slept with another man's woman, you know?  Even if it is for educational purposes."
    Estelle replied, "There won't be one, I promise."
    Magalie, realizing from Sharky's words the amount of trouble she's causing, began to regret it and said to Estelle, "Sœur, you don't have to do this."
    Her words were in vain as Estelle began pleading, "I want to do this. I want to learn. I know that Irénée is very forgiving. He has shown that often in the past. If I told him it was just for educational purposes, he'll understand."
    Sharky raised an eyebrow.  "You really wanna please him, eh?  Alright, in that case I guess I'm in."
    Gale turned to him and whispered, "You sure?"
    Sharky shrugged, "Eh, not gonna complain about more tits."
    Gale chuckled.  Turning back to the two Emmerians she said, "Well looks like you get both of your wishes tonight, eh Mags?"
    Magalie was feeling happiness to the point of being ecstatic again. Estelle, still red, made a sigh of relief. She then asks, "What time?"
    Gale chuckled, "Whoa now, Mags.  Wouldn't want you to blow your top just yet."  To Estelle she said, "Around 2130 local should be good with us."
    Estelle smiled and replied, "Sounds good. We'll be there."
    Magalie turned and said to Estelle, "I still have the address, room and password on me in case our beach day ends early in the evening."
    Gale smiled and said, "Ah, good you still have it.  I was about to ask."
    Sharky nudged her and said quietly, "We may wanna get back to Tex and company.  I kinda left them mid sentence."
    "Ah, right."  Pulling Magalie into a hug and pecking her on the lips, she said, "Well, see you tonight, my dear."  She gave Estelle a slightly more chaste peck on the cheek.  "Don't worry, we'll have fun."
    Sharky waved farewell to the two and walked back to the Osean fighter pilots with Gale in tow.  On their way over, he said to her, "And now the threesome grows to four.  This is gonna be interesting."
    "Hehe, that it is."
    "Although I have no idea what the hell I can contribute."
    Gale smiled, "We'll figure something out when we get there."
    "Yeah I guess so.  You know, it's funny."
    "First you, then Irina, now Mags...  At this rate I'm gonna have a full on harem before I know it.  Who woulda thunk it."
    Gale shrugged, "You just have a way with the ladies, my dear shark man."  Grinning, she added, "Doesn't hurt you have a killer wingwoman."
    Craning his head over to kiss her, Sharky grinned, "This is true.  I suppose the weather distortions DO skew the odds slightly in my favor."
    Returning to the group of Oseans he said, "Sorry to skip out on you guys like that.  Zack, you were saying about F-16s?"
    As Gale and Sharky returned to the group; Mao slid her tongue in and deepened the kiss between the two. Zack's glasses slid downward as he broke the kiss; breathing heavily he spoke: "Shouldn't we save this for later?" Mao just stood there and grinned as Zack overheard Sharky ask him about his previous statement. Sliding his glasses back into place he spoke. "Yes. The F-16. I wanted to say before my bipedal missile of a girlfriend slash wingman glomped me; that the F-16 has evolved well past it's itended role of a dogfighter into a fine multirole aircraft. Okay it may not have the range or speed of the Tomcat or Eagle; but it certainly is agile in a turning fight, fast enough in it's own right, and you can bring a plethora of different weapons to bear. Of course your agility can be robbed when you're loaded down. Something I am well aware of. Not to mention the nagging lack of engine redundancy." Zack paused. "I am really digging the upgrades made to our jets; the F110-132 engine, APG-83 radar, and BRU-55 dual mounts. Gives her more punch. It's boggling to think that after forty years it hasn't shown any signs of slowing down in terms of it's evolution."
    "Yeah most planes in the past could never make it past ten or twenty if you think about it." Alyosha chimed in.
    "You private military guys have a combat capable variant of the XL, the H in your arsenal. I'd love to fly the Strike Viper." spoke Rein.
    Mao stole a glance at Rein and then glanced at Zack as he nerded out over their squadron's jets, squashing her thoughts like a roach under a jackboot she leaned into Zack.
    Mark was slightly distracted by his girlfriend, who was hinting at what she had gotten him, despite the fact that it was obvious. She was in his lap, their foreheads touching.
    "Can Ah at least get the color of it?" Mark asked with a very clear blush.
    "Tonight Marky, tonight~" Ekaterina purred, running a finger under his chin.
    Amused and slightly amused by Mao's actions and Zack's reaction, Sharky slid his hand down Gale's back, slipping it past her skirt and into her bikini bottom,firmly cupping her butt as he listened to the F-16 pilot describe the modifications to his squadron's aircraft.  Smirking as her cheeks began to redden, he said to Zack, "I agree, the F-16's come a long way from her roots as well, but there's one unfortunate difference.  She really doesn't have much leeway when it comes to adding excess hardware like a bigger platform like the Tomcat or even the XL, which means you get serious hits in performance for gains in capability like CFTs or heavy ordnance.  I am impressed with the maturity 4th gen jets have managed to pull out."  He paused for a minute to adjust his grip on Gale before continuing, "But yeah, Strike Vipers are some really fun shit.  The sheer number of Brimstones you can hang off them is absurd."
    Reaching back to adjust Sharky's hand, she whispered,  "You enjoying your time on the beach?"
    Sharky chuckled, "It's very smooth.  So shapely."
    Gale grinned, "You wanna go swimming?"
    Sharky rolled his eyes. "We're in public, my dear.  Later."
    "Yeah true."
    "Have I mentioned how glad I am that you're a shore girl?  Swimsuits are like magic on you."
    Gale chuckled, "Just one of my many virtues."  Noticing Mark and Ekaterina, she added to the Yuktobanian, "I guess the shopping trip didn't just make me frisky, eh?"
    Estelle was blushing when she headed back to sit with Irénée, thinking about what she's going to do tonight.
    As she sat down, Irénée asked, "So what did Magalie need?"
    "Oh, she and Gale are having a Girl's Night Out and wanted to see if I wanted to come. I accepted." Estelle replied with the intent to keep much of tonight a secret.
    "Oh? I wonder what's so special about that?" Irénée asked in curiosity.
    Estelle replied, "It's an all-night thing. I'm supposed to meet them at around 9:30 tonight."
    Irénée, apparently buying into what she was saying, said with a smile, "I'm glad you're deciding to socialize more with people outside the squadron. I really hope you three have fun tonight."
    "I can't help myself; I'm excited." She admitted.
    "Ah guess Ah'm in fer a surprise tonight?" Mark asked the helo pilot.
    "Yes, but no trying to sneak details out of her." His girlfriend whispered to him after a peck on the cheek.
    Though he wasn't showing it, the pilot was pretty damn conflicted. He was inevitably going to be seduced tonight, and Ekaterina was exhibiting more drive than usual. While he never ceased to feel lucky that she loved him this much, he still had his apprehensions and fears. Even now, his mind was trying to find a way out.
    Zack nodded in response to Sharky's comments about the F-16. "All true. The fourth generation of fighters yielded very versatile airframes that have matured excellently as the decades passed. On the Strike Viper's Brimstone load; not surprised consdiering the capability of the parent airframe. I recall as a kid seeing a picture of an XL loaded to the gills with bombs and still have room for sidewinders and conformal AMRAAM's."
    Looking at Sharky and Gale's actions he decided to go and slide his hand down Mao's shorts, putting a grip on her butt. Drawing a surprised reaction. "Ferret...What are you doing?" Zack smirked and responded. "Just being a part of the group is all." Mao smiled and blushed. "Don't get too exploratory down there." she murmured.
    Sharky grinned, "Yup.  Imagine that but with Anacondas and AIM-9Xs.  Such glory."
    Gale chuckled, "Understandable."  To Mark she wagged her finger, "Ah ah, no details from me.  I can say that you're in for a hell of a time."  As she noticed Zack groping Mao she whispered to Sharky, "Looks like you've started a trend."
    "Hehe, so I have."
    Mark looked a bit like a young kid being hauled off to get a shot, but Ekaterina reassured him.
    "Don't worry, Marky, just relax and be happy. You're with a girl who wants to be like this with you and knows you're good enough a boy to deserve it." She said, twirling some of his hair between her fingers.
    "Yeah..." he replied softly.
    "Yes. Very glorious." Zack nodded in agreement as his hand had shifted to Mao's lower back; his fingertips glided up her spine. Causing her to lightly squeak. Giggling, Zack received a playful nudge from Mao. "You have to wait too by the way." Mao spoke as she noticed Mark trying to get information from his girlfriend.
    Zack shrugged. "Oh well; I can wait. Though I may get impaitient. You know how get when I am impatitent." Zack smirked.
    "Yeah annoying." Mao stuck her tongue out.
    Sharky chuckled, "I guess I'm somewhat glad I generally know what awaits me."
    Gale raised an eyebrow, "Are you saying I'm predictable?"
    Sharky shook his head defensively, "I would never dream of such a thing."
    Chart leaned into Shamu, "Hmmmm, I have to say Belkan Shepards, I love big dogs,"

    Meanwhile, the other Marines had headed into town for a drink. Arriving at the fancy beachfront bar, the Marines took seats at the bar and each ordered a glass of scotch on the rocks.


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    Re: ONS Party Thread (Archived)

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    Mark kissed Ekaterina's cheek, which evoked a giggle from her. He repeated the action.
    "Marky, that tickles." She giggled softly.
    "Hey, Ah might as well find a place or two that gets you happy if we're gonna go at it tonight." He replied. She batted his forehead lightly.
    "Hey patience, I want to have all the fun where I can go wild." She said.
    "Aw, says the gal who grabs my butt on a daily basis around others?" He winked. She stuck her tongue out at him.
    Shamu grinned, "You, Sharky, and Reaper have similar taste.  Reaper's got this HUGE BSD.  Name's Max.  He's a beauty."
    Sharky chuckled, "That reminds me, I should get back to doing my homework."
    Gale grinned and kissed him on the cheek before whispering into his ear, "Oh, you've got plenty of time for that."
    Kat retaliated against Mark's cheek kissing by nipping at his ear. She then put some weight on him and managed to push the pilot towards the sand.
    "Now be patient Marky, or I'll grab your butt more." She teased, tapping his nose. He chortled.
    "Ah have to wonder where fiery women like y'all come from..." He mused aloud, looking at his own girl, then Gale.
    Gale chuckled, "If you ask Sharky he'll say the fiery depths of hell.  If you ask me, I'll say Newport, Osea."
    Sharky exclaimed, "That is an abject lie!  They don't make girls like you in Newport!  Well, not ones that aren't, you know, orange!  Something as good as you HAS to be a product of the underworld!"
    Gale shrugged, "You know what they say.  Broke the mold, yadda, yadda."
    Zack and Mao by now had settled down on the sand side by side; observing the antics of their counterparts. Rein and Alyosha meanwhile quietly conversed between each other about plans later tonight or Alyosha's rocky relationship with his fiance back home. Mao leaned into Zack like she did so many times earlier and jabbed him in the side with her index finger. Causing him to yelp. "Hey!" Zack recoiled. "Payback." Mao nipped at his cheek. "I'm remembering that." Zack snipped in jest.
    "What's wrong with Newport, other than the obvious?" Mark chuckled.
    "Not everyone can see the beauty of living in a little mountain town like you, Marky." Ekaterina chimed in.
    Gale shrugged, "Eh, Newport's not that bad.  It's just got that reputation for overly fake-tanned gym obsessed douchebags.  The reality show a few years back didn't help things."
    Noticing that they were the only two still standing, she took a seat, tugging Sharky down with her.
    Meanwhile the members of Triton were lounging around the grill, discussing their lives back home and laughing at Zeus, who had moved one of the trucks close to the sand and was now practicing what he called "Epic MLG Pro Super Awesome JTAC Dismounts," which amounted to him leaping out of the back seat, flying through the air with his arms flailing, landing in the sand, and rolling to a combat sitting position.
    As Zeus decided his arm flailing form had reached its peak, he moved on to practicing vaults and climbing.  Chuckling, Voodoo returned to his conversation with Preacher, nursing a beer.  "So you talk to Cherise?  How's she doing?"
    Preacher shrugged, "Eh, she's alright I suppose.  Not all that happy that I'm gone again.  Apparently Lia's having some trouble with school."
    "Shit, how old is she now?"
    "Heh, 10.  Fourth grade.  She's shooting up like a beanstalk."
    "Time fuckin' flies, don't it?"
    "You're tellin' me.  What about you?  How's uh...  Anna, right?"
    Voodoo huffed in amusement.  "Man, she cleared out weeks ago.  Some weird-ass hippy shit about not wanting to date an instrument of the 'Man's' oppression of the lower class or some shit."
    "That sucks."
    "Eh, it's whatever.  I didn't get along with her friends anyway.  Too pretentious.  And they're all a buncha filthy cat lovers."
    Preacher simply chuckled.
    Voodoo glared at him, "What?"
    "Nothing.  Your rabid devotion to canine kind just cracks me up."
    "Hey man, cats are assholes.  I've been over this."
    "Yeah, I know.  You don't need to again."
    "So nothing other than the obvious." Mark laughed in jest. He looked at Ekaterina.
    "Contrary to yer beliefs, Shark, girls don't always come from the devil. Hell, and pardon my cliched expressions that are about to come, but Ah believe wide-hipped beauties like Kat are kinda like angels." He said.
    "With Yuktobanian accents from towns near naval bases. Granted my parents were very conservative. I would imagine an angel's parents would be, as well." She agreed.
    Gale chuckled, "Nope.  Beaches, carnival food, that sorta thing."
    Sharky laughed and said to Mark, "True, but you spend enough time with this one and you'll be singing a different tune," gesturing to Gale.
    "Aww, I want to meet him then!" exclaimed Chart. "But on to other business. Let's see.... I hate having to put up with Chris's occasional rants. When he gets angry, there is no in between, it is full on balls to the wall mad as a hornet angry."
    The men of Phantom 1-1 also stayed on the small area of beachfront the Triton men had taken over. Laughing at the Triton men's tales of femeinazis, Axt said, "I met a girl like that once, she heard I was in the military, and laid hard into me about Belkan war crimes and the how Osea should have just talked it out with whatever enemies we were engaging with."
    Shamu grinned, "Make sure you wear a helmet then.  He's a hugger.  And a runner.  120 pounds of fur and muscle coming at you at top speed ain't something to sneeze at."  As Chart went on about Chris's rants, he nodded, "I wouldn't say Sharky's that bad.  He's got levels of rage.  But when he reaches full carnivorous fish mode, it's not something you wanna be around.  To date the only person that's been able to reliably calm him down from that is Gale.  I think I managed to pull it off ONCE.  And even then I barely did it."
    In response to Axt's comment, all of the members of Triton, having spent years in the aftermath of the 2010 war hunting Belkan war criminals, peered over their sunglasses at him.  Dusty was the first to speak.  "She said what now?"
    'Is it true the kinds of things they sell at carnivals? Like fried Oreos? Mark says I have to try some..." Ekatrina asked with visible.
    "Yeah, but how long have you known her? since college? Y'all must not mind it much." Mark joked as Ekatrina had just finished her comment.
    "Aww come on, just once." He insisted.
    "No, those are probably horrible for your health," She replied, shaking her head. Mark rubbed his chin.
    "Fair nuff...wouldn't want to destroy my Yuktobanian angel, eh?" He agreed
    Gale chuckled, "Carnival food is probably the one good thing about Newport.  And don't worry, Kat.  I grew up on the stuff and turned out fine."
    Sharky said to Mark, "Yeah since college.  And what can I say?  It grows on you, I guess."
    Gale grinned as she pulled him into a hug, "You're damned right it does."
    "I apologize for our commanders sentence, he's in his half drunk mode, where he is a bit tipsy, then recovers... somehow." said Jester. "Probably cause he's Belkan."
    Chart laughed, "He was damn mad at those frat bros. Hmm, likes.... I like dogs, I enjoy baseball, sketching landscapes and funny WSOs."
    Dusty shook his head, "Nah, your boss is fine. I just can't imagine the sheer amount of unadulterated stupid that would say somethin' like that.  I mean sure we didn't keep our hands the cleanest back then, but we didn't nuke nobody, neither."
    Shamu nodded, "Yeah.  He doesn't like people fucking with Gale.  But enough about my pilot.  So you draw, huh?  Always wish I could but I spent too much time dicking around in art class making clay models of fighter jets.  I wouldn't mind seeing some of your stuff at some point.  If that's okay with you, of course."
    Chart giggled at the mention of him making clay jets in class. "Were they any good? And yeah, I can show you some of my work. Art runs in Broadsword 1-1 and 1-2. Riley draws aircraft, and Hannibal and Hacker make towers of beer bottles or cans when they are drunk enough."
    Seeming to snap out of his have at the mention of nukes, Axt said, "That is one thing I'll never forgive my parent's generation for, though I understand why, it still doesn't make it right. My dad and his unit abandoned the Belkan Army at that point. They found the nearest Osean unit and surrendered."
    Shamu chuckled, "I was like 10. So nope.  But wait, beer can towers?  I'm impressed that they have the coordination at that point."
    Dusty frowned, "I remember those days.  Everybody was wondering if they were gonna be the next ones to get hit.  It was even worse than when Excalibur showed up."
    "I never said TALL towers. but yeah, Hannibal tends to fail, but Hacker is fairly resistant, and his insane typing skills have seemingly given him a unique ability to stay fairly coordinated." she said.
    "Yeah, my mom told me how terrified she was after the news came through." said Axt. 
    "Yeah Ah'll agree. Not always rainbows and that shit, but Ekatrina has more appeal to her than her hips or face." Mark smiled, pulling his girlfriend close. She blushed.
    "That's good, because you've grown on me, too. For all your strength and bravado, you're like a big teddy bear, Marky~" The woman said, nestling her head against his chest. His face turned the same shade and he mussed her hair.
    "Come on, Ah've got a rep to maintain." He tried to protest.
    "Screw your rep; you are now a teddy bear." Ekatrina declared, enjoying the moment.
    Sharky snickered at the sudden, irreversible loss of Mark's reputation.  "If it makes you feel any better, Tex, or I suppose Teddy would now be appropriate now, bears can be some vicious motherfuckers if they need to be." 
    Gale nodded, suppressing her laughter, "Yeah, just ask Dusty.  Or Voodoo."
    Returning to the previous subject, Sharky continued, "But yeah, it's never sunshine and rainbows with this one either. More like Hellfires and chain gun rou- OW!"  He ducked out of the way to avoid a flurry of blows from Gale.
    "Hellfires and chain gun rounds?  You couldn't think of ANYTHING better?"
    "Yeeeeeah that was pretty bad now that I think about it."
    Voodoo asked, "Speaking of which, big D, weren't you near there when those things went off?"
    Dusty shook his head.  "I was supposed to be.  70th was gonna lead the push into Sudentor.  Fortunately for us we got held back because of mechanical troubles with the transports."
    Shamu chuckled, "Thaaaaat's actually pretty impressive.  My only real talent when drunk is crappy pickup lines and avoiding injury when flung across a room."
    Mark frowned at the acceptance of his new title as a large stuffed animal as Ekatrina continued to nuzzle against him.
    "Aww come on, y'all know the nature a callsigns." He protested.
    "Mmm, Teddy doesn't sound as nice as Marky. Marky sounds a bit...more cutesy." Ekatrina half-agreed. She wasn't helping the poor boy.
    In the meantime, Knight heard the mention of Belka, and looked towards the men of Triton.
    "Belka, eh? Can't say I really knew anyone that was around back then. Heck even Crusher wasn't in until the end of the 2010 war." He chimed in.
    Gale grinned and said to Kat, "You do have a point.  Although Marky does remind me of a particular rapper.  One who then became a film star."
    Sharky chuckled, "Dem's some good vibrations, man."
    Voodoo snickered, "That's why we call Dusty here 'Grandpa Operator.'"
    Dusty growled, "That's Mister Grandpa Operator to you, V."
    "Oh come on, bear whisperer, don't be like that."
    This time it was Ekatrina who reacted. She looked at the others and began to shake her head vehemently.
    "No no no; I don't want to even think of Mark attempting to rap. That would be painful." She said.
    "Ah agree with her." Mark simply said, nodding and pointing down at Ekatrina.
    "It could be worse, your nickname could be a grain." Teiji pointed out, referring to his own moniker.
    Sharky laughed, "Come on, guys, where's your sense of adventure?"
    Dusty frowned, "Hey, oats ain't nothin' to fuck with.  'Specially when you get to be my age."
    "That sounds like it would be just as cringeworthy as my little sister trying to be a punk rock vocalist." Zack chimed in as Mao looked at his hair.
    "You need a braided tail Zack. With a jingly bell." she grinned to which Zack cocked his eyebrow at her. "What?"
    Sharky raised an eyebrow and looked at Mao.  "Wait, what?"
    Gale chimed in, "Is this Game of Thrones now?"
    "That's no adventure; that's torture you're attempting to push." Ekatrina replied to Sharky before Mao made her commented. When the Shimoji woman did, she commented "That sounds...interesting" with a laugh. No one had ever done something like that.
    The group turned their attention to Mao's comments about what she wanted to do with Zack's hair. "I just think it would look really cute on him! He never does much with it besides brush it and tie it back." Mao said as Zack responded.
    "Could you do it without the bell decoration sweetheart?" in a deadpan voice.
    "No." Mao shot back. "I want you to have a bell hanging off your braid and jingle everywhere you go."
    "You know how much shit I will catch for that?" Zack said.
    Mao rolled her eyes. "Coming from a guy who has no issue snubbing the grooming standard and takes shit from his XO over it."
    Alyosha interjected. "We can change your TAC to 'Kawaii' too while we're at it."
    "Ugh." Zack groaned under his breath.
    Sharky chuckled, "Hey, it could be worse, Zack. Could do something dumb and have your squad mates keep calling you 'Garlic Breath.'"
    Gale gave him a quizzical look and asked, "Didn't said Garlic Breath also basically go insane and try to get you killed?"
    Sharky shrugged, "Minor detail."
    "Whatever became of that guy? He get bitch-slapped by karma or what?" Mark asked.
    "True. True. I'm curious about this 'Garlic Breath' fellow. Sounds like he was a real card. By card. I mean knob." Zack said as his squad's giggling subsided.
    Sharky grunted and said to Zack, "That he was." Turning to Mark he shrugged, "Fuck if I know. He kinda fell off the face of the earth after he left the company and I didn't particularly care to follow. Last I heard he was in some backwater flying Flankers."
    Gale said, "Looooooot of angry Sharky calls because of him..."
    "Hehe, yup."
    Zack nodded. "I read an article on Estovakian pilots operating abroad. A handful after the war ended up in the service of various countries. Mirrored what happened after the Belkan War."
    Mao said to Gale. "How angry are we talking here? Snap a pencil in half angry or punch a wall angry?" Mao stopped playing with Zack's hair as she reached for a bottle of water in her bag. "A drink honey? You've been out in the sun for a while."
    Zack grinned. "Yes my vixen."
    Mao rolled her eyes as she took a drink and then handed the bottle to Zack. Rein and Alyosha meanwhile began to talk amongst themselves again, Rein nudging Alyosha's arm in jest after he made a snide comment.
    Gale shook her head and said seriously, "None of the above."
    Sharky said matter-of-factly, "I don't take kindly to people who nearly get me killed."  Turning to Zack he said, "A lot of personnel went private sector as well.  Hell Rosenthal made out like bandits with the hardware and people we got in the downsizing after the war."
    Mao upon hearing this said "I see. If I made you uncomfortable asking, I apologize." Grabbing the bottle of water from Zack and taking a sip.
    "I'm sure they did, especially operating in a country that was on the losing end of things. Plenty of people looking for work or a way out." Zack replied.
    "Ah think Ah recall y'all mentioning said Flanker pilot was something of an exceptional ultranationalist? Like the kind that believes his country was crafted and made by some divine order or something." Mark commented. Ekatrina wrinkled her nose.
    "Sounds like Petrov." She commented sourly.
    "He had other things that made him...special." Mark agreed, pulling his love close.
    Gale waved Mao off, saying, "It's fine."
    Turning to Mark, Sharky shook his head.  "Nah.  More like HE was crafted and made by divine order.  He just used the nationalism shit as an excuse.  In reality he wanted to be the top dog, nothing less.  He was a selfish, egotistical dipshit."  Pulling Gale to him and cupping a breast in his hand he said, "But enough about my shitty war stories.  Who the heck is Petrov?"
    "The guy Ah had to fight for her, Mr. "Ah won't let y'all take my Ekatrina, Osean Imperialist!" and all that Cold War jargon." Mark replied.
    Alyosha said sourly. "Men like that give a black eye to my heritage. Wanting to return to an era that is better left in the past." Before turning his attention to Rein who had placed her hands on his shoudlers and leaned into him from behind. "Easy there Aly. Don't freak out again, I spent too much time defusing you to have you get worked up."
    Zack who watched Alyosha flare bitterly about the behavior of Petrov shot over to Mark. "I'm sure it's a victory you both cherish." in refence to his previous comment before telling Alyosha to "Cool it."
    Sharky huffed in amusement, "That does sound like our dear Vlad.  Well in a way, I suppose."
    Noticing Rein's behavior with Alyosha, Gale asked, "So Rein, you and Alyosha seem close."
    Alyosha cocked his eyebrow at Sharky's comment. "Her and I? Heh. We're good friends at best. She's always touchy and flirty with the squad and I. Ow!" Said Alyosha as Rein pinched his left shoulder.
    "Pfft. Touchy is right." Mao said to Zack quietly in reference to being groped by her earlier and the bear hug of doom she gave to Zack.
    "I'm afraid he's right. We're close but not intimate. I've been walking him through some girl problems as of late." Rein said.
    "Oh yes, and if it helps, Ah put that sonuvabitch's lights out. For a pretty boy he could fight, but his mouth was louder than anything else." Mark said to Alyosha. Ekaterina nodded slowly.
    "Petrov had...delusions, as well. He fancied himself a sort of warrior prince in a way, able to charm a woman and then defend her honor. Xenophobic as hell, too." She explained.
    As Rein explained her behavior, Sharky turned to Gale and raised an eyebrow.  Gale chuckled.  Turning to Rein she said, "I know how that story goes...."
    Sharky nodded, grinning, "True story.  She speaks from experience."  As Ekaterina described Petrov the grin disappeared, however.  Turning to the Yuktobanian he said, "While I'm all for charming a woman and then defending her, sounds like this dude missed the mark by a LONG shot."
    "Ever encounter any KSK teams by chance Dusty?" asked Axt. You sound like you were near where my dad was.
    "As for esoteric habits in bed, You'll have to find out for yourself.." said Chat, smiling coolly.  
    Shamu raised an eyebrow as he slipped a hand down to Chart's chest. "Is that a challenge, missy?"
    Dusty shook his head, "Not that I remember.  Dukin' it out with Belkan SF wasn't really in our wheelhouse."
    Alyosha smiled slightly. "Good for you Mark, did anything sink in from the fist to the face?" looking at Kat he said "Really Kat? That guy sounds like the kind of person that drove my grandfather out of Yuktobania in the forties, hell the men who carried on with the war in 2010 too...The 'knightly' behavior just takes the cake."
    Zack cracked "Missed by a long shot? Sounds like he overshot by a whole continent." meanwhile Mao ran her fingers through the sand as she listened to the others, twitching forward as Zack ran his hand up her back again.
    Rein replied, the Aslani adjusting the shoulder strap on her bikini top. "You do?" looking down at Alyosha and patting him on the head. "I don't really have any plans to get tethered down to be honest. I had a rough time quite a few years ago like this one." her eyes closing.
    Gale chuckled, "Like I said.  I know the story.  Had the same problem with shitty relationships a few years back.  Sharky helped me get through it, just like I helped him get through...  Shit, so many things.  At the time I said the same thing as you.  And now look at me.  I'm fuckin' this guy's brains out every chance I get."
    Sharky grinned as he squeezed her boob, "I seem to remember it going slightly differently last night.  Perhaps your brains got a little TOO scrambled, eh?"
    Gale rolled her eyes, "Minor detail..."
    Sharky chuckled, "Uh huh, suuuuuuure."
    "Ah'm not sure; never saw the guy again. At the very least Ah heaped a lot of embarrassment on him by kicking his ass in front of everyone. Who knows, maybe he's out for revenge. Apparently Kat was the girl to be desired and some foreign guy coming in and "stealing" her was wrong." Mark shrugged.
    "Yes because something forbid I find foreign men sexier. Petrov can go die in a fire, Marky is the sweetest boy ever and he earns every bit of my affection." Ekaterina huffed.
    "Maybe..." said Chart, moving he hands to his waist.
    "I was just wondering, my father had a 5 day running battle with an Osean SEAL team." said Axt.
    Dusty shook his head, "Nah, I was a Ranger back then. None of these guys were around.  Closest would be Genghis."
    Genghis nodded, "Yeah.  But I didn't join up until after the war."
    Shamu grinned, "Well then I suppose I am honor bound to accept said challenge.  Although there is the unfortunate problem of the exposed location in which we find ourselves..."  Thinking for a moment he continued, "Although the hotel isn't THAT far away..."
    In response to Ekaterina's statement about Mark, Gale said, "Awwwww, that's adorable!"
    Meanwhile Sharky was looking around.  After a moment he said, "You guys haven't seen Shamu in a while, have you?"
    Gale shrugged, "He went off to take a walk with Chart after the volleyball game.  I'm sure he's fine."
    "Eh, I guess so."
    "Ah, I see now," said Axt.
    Leaning in to him, Chart siad, "Well then Mr. Pirate, let's go!"
    "Like I said, big teddy bear." The YAF officer said, giving her man another hug.
    "Never could make myself act the suave or bad boy type..." Mark shrugged.
    Shamu exclaimed, "Yarr!  Avast with ye, lass!"  Hauling the squealing redhead over his shoulder, he ran over to the group sitting on the beach. "Hey guys, Chart and I are gonna head back to the hotel."
    Gale laughed, "So that's what you were up to."
    Shamu simply grinned.
    Sharky chuckled, "Alright bro.  Don't have too much fun."
    Kissing Chart on the cheek Shamu replied, "No guarantees."
    Sharky simply rolled his eyes and waved his RIO off.  "Alright, away with ya you crazy kids."
    Shamu laughed and headed off to the pavement, stopping to grab his and Chart's stuff on the way.  As they made it to the pavement he set the redhead down, kissing her on the cheek.  Taking her arm he said, "Shall we, madame?"
    As Shamu ran off, Gale turned back to Sharky.  "Well at least we know where he is."
    "Hehe, yeah."  Turning to Mark, he said, "Hey, nothing wrong with that."  Jerking his head towards Gale, he continued, "How you think I got this one?  She's a sucker for the awkward nerd type."
    Gale glared at him.
    "Er... I mean...  Uh... Have I told you how much I love you?"
    "Uh huh.  Tex, they still hang mutineers in the Osean Navy?"
    Sharky protested, "Hey, hey no need to be so extreme!"
    "Just making sure you don't get ahead of yourself."
    "We do even better, Gale. We make em strip, turn the boat into the wind, and make em stand in the cold wind and spray until their nads fall off." Mark grinned
    Rein simply nodded with her cheeks aflame as she began to think about what Gale said; falling silent as Alyosha smiled at the statements Mark and Kat made. Zack and Mao then laughed at Mark's comment on mutineers as Sharky made a not so stellar remark. "Here I was thinking we simply tried and shot traitors. Guess I was wrong." Zack smirked. "That sounds far worse."
    Rein's thoughts meanwhile began to swim about her personal relationship with Alyosha and her squadron. Here she was trying to play the tease declaring that no one would ever dare get her to agree to a committed relationship; wanting to play with her comrades like a hungry succubus all while having these thoughts about settling down with the twenty seven year old lieutenant seated in front of her.
    "Oh yeah, another one in the 32nd's kennel having inter squad relations. That'll look fucking beautiful. LC Carver will blow a cork and I'll have Graves hounding me all day."
    "Sure. It'll work. What else in my damn life has ever worked out besides becoming a pilot and impressing my family? Nothing."
    "Why don't I just ask Aly out now when his fiancee back home just broke it off with him? 'Yeah I want to cuddle and  watch Netflix, then fuck you. Our lead and Mao work just fine. Let's try it too!'"
    "Even worse. What if I was with him and decided to pull some stunt with Mao? It'll all blow up and the squad will be fractured."
    Rein exhaled. "Excuse me." She said as she walked away for a bit. Her eyes stinging as a  couple tears welled up.
    Zack looked over his shoulder and saw Rein walking away. "Comet." Mao shot a glance over her shoulder as well. "Rein." The two got up and began to walk in her direction to see what had gotten to the girl. Alyosha meanwhile stood up and watched.
    Mark and Ekaterina watched Rein go, but held back. Neither felt they knew her well enough to really give any good advice or effective help. Instead Mark looked at Sharky. He stood up and put an arm around his compatriot.
    "Y'all think all that pirate shit is bad? Yah ain't seen nothing the new Osean Navy has to offer as punishment!" He grinned, granted in jest. Ekaterina giggled.
    "We could always send him to a gulag for his crimes." She suggested.
    Sharky reached down defensively. "But I need these..."
    Gale chuckled, "Alright, guys he's learned his lesson.  I think.  Besides I need Sharky whole.  For...  Reasons..."
    As she watched Rein walk away, Gale turned to Zack and asked, "Uh...  Is she okay?  Not something I said, I hope..."
    "Y'all are a robotics guy, right? Just make yerself a new pair if they freeze off." Mark suggested.
    "I...I don't think that would work or be very comfortable." Ekaterina commented, glancing towards Rein. She stood up to following, wondering of maybe she could help, but stopped.
    Gale chuckled as she reached down to massage Sharky, "Nah, soft robotics isn't THAT far along yet.  There's still no substitute for the real thing."
    Sharky grinned, "And may there never be.  Because I'll be out one extremely attractive helo pilot."
    Gale kissed him on the cheek and said, "Don't sell yourself short.  I didn't fall for just your package, after all."
    "This is true."
    Zack looked to Gale over his shoulder as he walked with Mao in the direction of Rein. "Don't worry. I'm sure it wasn't anything you said." Zack tried reassure the helicopter pilot as he became more and more worried about his wingman. Alyosha meanwhile excused himself and walked over to the young Aslani and his comrades. Rein sniffed and tried to stow the ugly thoughts that had resurfaced.
    "I...I'm sorry guys. I'm okay really." Rein sniffled. "Felt a little overwhelmed back there is all." Rein continued. Zack and Mao and wrapped their arms around her.
    "Whatever it is, we're here for you. We're a pack. Family. I. No. We can't have you locking up in combat like this." Zack said.
    "What Zack said. Besides you can't let your past drag you down Rein." Mao seconded.
    "I know." Rein smiled as her comrades hugged her. "Aly?" she called out. Alyosha had walked into her view and faced her.
    "What is it Comet?" He spoke.
    "Could you come and see me when we are done?" Rein replied.
    "Of course."

    Rein's anxious state began to melt away with the reassurances of her wingmen and the four decided to rejoin the group. "I'm sorry Gale. I had a moment there." she said as they settled back down.


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    Re: ONS Party Thread (Archived)

    Post by Ronin201 on Fri Jul 17, 2015 2:42 pm

    Gale shook her head, still concerned.  "Don't worry about it.  Happens to all of us.  You okay now?"
    Ekaterina, still standing, nodded in agreement.
    "Yes, please don't be sorry, Rein." She said, smiling a bit with the hope of cheering the woman up.
    In the meantime the group of Deltas had stayed relatively quiet while Triton recounted things, until Crusher saw a way to enter things.
    "I was just a kid outta basic when 2010 rolled up with the 101st. All revved up and ready to kick some Yuktobanian's balls in. They shipped us off and I spent my time in the southwest." He started before taking a swig of his drink.
    "After that was when Delta picked me up. Apparently the fierce fighting down there proved I was cut out for it." He added.
    "I was still in highschool; heck the Apito attacks drove me to join." Knight confessed.
    Voodoo chuckled, "Well shit, Knight.  You're just a wee baby then."  Taking a sip of his drink he continued, "I remember 2010 though.  So much beach recon."
    Looking over the busty Aslani and considering what she had said to her, Gale thought to herself, "Seems like there's something she wants to get out...  Hmm..."
    Turning to Sharky, she whispered in his ear, "What do think?  Think we can get her mind off things?"
    Sharky frowned and whispered back, "Gale, I love you, but we can't solve the emotional problems of half the coalition by sleeping with them."  Glancing at Rein, he turned back to Gale and continued, "No matter how hot they are.  We're not gonna have time tonight anyway.  We've got Mags and Estelle coming over, remember?  And besides, babe.  You can't just keep adding girls to the stable willy-nilly.  I already feel like I'm turning into the fighter pilot Hugh Hefner."
    Gale chuckled, "Please.  You're a hundred times better looking than that prune.  Still think about it.  I feel like there'd be a much less restricted ROE with her."
    Casting his eyes in the direction of his shorts, which were growing a telltale bulge at the thought of his girlfriend and the busty Aslani intertwined, Sharky whispered, "Believe me I'm thinking about it, but I still think you should cool it on the seductions.  For now at least."
    Gale sighed and whispered back, "Fine.  I'll just ask her once.  No prodding."
    "That works, I guess."
    "They had us fighting in the hills getting close to Verusea and whatnot. Everyone seems to forget about that part of the war." Crusher replied. He looked at the others.
    "Most of these boys were nabbed from services betwen then and now. Rangers, Engineers and whatnot." He tacked on.
    "Crusher's the longest in the tooth of us all. We've raided but never fought in an actual war." Toby chimed in.
    Voodoo grunted, "Yeah.  Too busy jerkin' off about the fuckin' Four Wings of Sand Island and all that shit.  Makes it sound like they were the only ones in the whole goddamned war.  Pricks."
    Genghis nodded and said to Toby, "Well, now you have.  Not a big one, but it still counts.  Most of us came from Team 2, except for Dusty, Tick, Zeus, and Odin."
    Dusty spoke up, "Yeah.  I'm ex-Delta like you guys know, Tick was a jarhead before he went DEVGRU, Zeus was AFSOC, and Odin was SEAL Team 1."
    Rein nodded and responded to Kat first. "I know, I felt a bit overwhelmed is all." Looking over to Gale with a smile. "Yeah I should be." Rein then plopped beside Alyosha and reassured him that she had recovered from her emotional moment. "See you later." Alyosha mouthed then grinned. Rein nodded to him 'yes' before turning her attention to Zack and Mao.
    "Thanks guys."
    Zack and Mao both spoke. "Don't mention it." Zack continued. "Like I said, we're family."
    The Aslani let out a small laugh before walking over to get something to drink out of Zack's bag. Her conflicted thoughts from earlier began to wane and were slowly replaced with far more pleasant ones as she milled through the bag. Zack looked over to her, then whispered to Mao.
    "A little nervous about Rein right now. I can't have her being too all over the place when we get airborne."
    "I know. But don't worry about her. She tends to bounce back from these things pretty well."  Mao said back to him before placing a hand around his shirtless waist.
    Walking over to Rein, Gale placed a hand on the Aslani's shoulder and said quietly, "Hey, just wanted to tell you if you ever want to clear your head without any judging or drama, just let me know."
    Ekaterina was also there.
    "Yeah. Maybe we can have a girl's night out or something?" She suggested, unaware of any plots Gale might've had.
    "Yeah, seems that way. Hell I don't think those sons of guns ever came our way, but we got plenty of air support. 101st doesn't exactly pack a lot of rolling power, mind you." Crusher said.
    "I recall the locals were a mixed bunch down there, Sarge?" Teiji asked.
    "They were, with the proximity to Verusea and all. Not all of em fully loyal to Yuktobania." the Senior Nocom admitted. He looked at his PMC counterparts.
    "So besides Bastok, where did you all get to sneak around?" He asked.
    Gale shrugged, "That could be fun."
    Genghis thought for a moment, "Bastok, then down by Tiger Naval Base, and I think we spent a couple of days near Murska on the Pobeda Peninsula."
    Tick spoke up, "You guys know that fuckin' ice cube Glubina?  Yeah that's where I got to 'sneak around.'  Fuckin' SEALs got to have their fancy beach vacations and I was freezing my ass off.  After that war I said 'Fuck this shit.  No more ice cubes for me.  Time to join the Navy like a civilized individual.'  Granted at that point I didn't know I'd get paired up with a grade A ballbuster like Voodoo..."
    Voodoo simply grinned devilishly.
    Rein acknowledged the blonde after her hand made contact with Rein's shoulder, her heart skipping a beat, "That sounds like something I might just do. I'll keep that in mind. I have plans tonight though." Looking over her shoulder at Alyosha.
    Retrieving a soda from the bag she then responded to Kat's comment. "Sure! Why not? It would probably do us ladies some good! Maybe Mao could join too." Speaking in an elated tone.
    Mao then caught her wingman talking about her. "I heard my name being spoke by Rein. I don't like the sounds of that." She said in jest as she playfully hid behind Zack.
    Gale nodded, "Do what you gotta do.  The offer's out there whenever you want to take use of it, assuming we're in a position where we can actually meet up."
    Rein nodded in response to Gale,  "Got it." the voluptuous woman then returned to her friends taking a drink of her newly acquired beverage coming into the middle of Mao and Zack whispering to each other.
    "Now we get to sweat our asses off." Knight remarked with a dry smile.
    "At least I wasn't where I was when it rains 24/7; I'm not to keen on fighting in humidity while I drown in rainwater." Crusher frowned.
    Kat nodded in agreement.
    "As long as we didn't stay out too long? I...uhm do have other plans as well." She said, taking Mark's hand in hers.
    "Ah can wait up. Us NAVAIR types never got much sleep, anyways." He grinned, still blushing heavily every time she mentioned the inevitable with that grin on her face.
    Preacher shrugged, "At least it's cold in the desert at night."
    Gale looked around at the group before turning back to Kat, smiling.  "Hehe, I think most of us have plans tonight.  Like I said, it's an open offer for whenever we get together in the future."
    "Who said that's any fun?" Toby complained.
    "This is why you join the Polar Bear club, bro." Roadkill quipped.
    Ekaterina stood up, nodding in full agreement.
    "Now I think it's time we depart; we wanted to get some dinner, right Marky?" she smiled.
    He nodded, then with a sly grin scooped her up in his arms. Ekaterina yelped and he silenced her with a kiss.
    "That's right. Anyways Ah'll see y'all back over Kedhan or Shamlak, wrecking the hell outta them like we always do!" He said, carrying off a giggling Yuktobanian. She planted a very wet kiss on his cheek, getting him to blush again, and waved to the others.
    "It was nice enjoying the day with you all!" She said. The woman looked at her lover.
    "So room service? Then I can show you the little gift I picked up from that store." She cooed, running a finger against his neck. He blushed more.
    "Kat..." He began. She nodded in understanding.
    "Yes, I'm well aware. Let's talk about that tonight, Love." She said. He just looked at her a moment, then slowly nodded. eventually letting the woman down. She grabbed his arm affectionately and nuzzled it.
    "You are the most perfect man in the world, Mark. I love you." she gushed.
    "And y'all are just as wonderful. Ah love y'all very much, too." He replied.
    Gale nodded, “Yeah, we should get some dinner too.  Plus this gives me a chance to wear some stuff I recently got my hands on.”
    Sharky raised an eyebrow quizzically.  “Oh?”
    “It’s a dress, you barbarian.”
    Sharky shrugged, “Hey I ain’t gonna complain.”
    Gale chuckled and kissed him on the cheek.  “Good.”  As Mark and Kat left, she waved after them, calling to Kat, “Good to talk to you too!”
    Sharky called after Mark, “You know it, Tex!”  Wrapping an arm around his girlfriend he asked, “Shall we go, dear?”
    Gale nodded, quickly putting on her coverup.  Turning to the Osean F-16s pilots she said, “Well, it was good to meet you all, but we’re gonna head out.  Rein, don’t forget my offer.  I’m at Ah-Mout if you ever wanna talk.  Just ask for Hurricane.”  With that she and Sharky walked over to the SF troopers. 
    Reaper raised a hand in greeting.  “XO, chotu.  You guys enjoy your day?”
    Gale chuckled, “Yeah. You?’
    “No complaints.”
    “Good.  You need to loosen up a bit, bossman.  Find a pretty girl to play with.  They’re much better company than those Hooks, that’s for sure.  Anyway, we’re gonna head out.  I’ll leave you one of the SUVs.”
    Reaper rolled his eyes, “Yeah, yeah.  When HQ stops burying me in paperwork, I’ll go look for a date.  Anyway, that’s fine.  We’re gonna talk some more shop and then go do whatever, I think.  Don’t worry about us.”
    Gale frowned, “What, you mean that paperwork I do FOR you so you have oodles of free time?  Free time that you promptly squander by tinkering with a perfectly good Blackhawk for 6 hours?  If poor Max didn’t basically go with you wherever you go he would have starved by now.  Hell the last time I forced you to go home there was a colony of raccoons living in your garage.” 
    “Okay, okay, I get it.  I'll get out more.  When we're NOT in the middle of a war.  Now get outta here, ya lovebirds.”
    Sharky laughed, “I got your back, bro.  But seriously, you really COULD use a date.  At least then maa would stop pestering you.”
    Reaper sighed, “Yeah I guess you have a point.”
    “Anyway we’re gonna go.  I’ll see you when I see you.  Stay safe, senior.”
    “You too, junior.”
    Sharky and Gale walked up to the SUVs, Sharky hopping behind the wheel.  As they drove back to the hotel, Gale commented, “That was fun.”
    “Yeah.  Even that little ambush of yours.”
    Gale laughed, “That was the BEST.  The look on your face was priceless.  Although I have to say that the look on Mags’ face when she realized just what she’d gotten into was even better.”
    Sharky nodded, “Yeah.  I’m honestly surprised she let us do that.”
    Gale said slyly, “You know I can be very persuasive.”
    “This is true.”  Craning his neck to look in the back seat as he pulled up to a red light he exclaimed, “Holy shit the stain is still there!”
    “Hehe, that’s gonna take some effort to get out.”
    “Wait no it’s blending into the carpet.  We’re good.”  As they pulled into the hotel, Sharky handed the keys over to the valet.  As they entered the elevator he asked, “So what’s next?  Room service and your favorite brand of de-stressing?” 
    Gale shook her head, “Nah.  I picked up a new dress that I’ve been dying to show you and there’s supposed to be a steakhouse on the roof of a building a couple of blocks down with a killer view of the city and the sunset.  Which we have reservations to.  Which were a pain in the ass to get on such short notice.”
    Sharky chuckled, “Well then let’s do it.  Been dying for a good steak.  And mac and cheese.  Mmmf.  Rosenthal kitchen food is decent, but their mac and cheese is severely lacking.”
    Gale rolled her eyes as they stepped off the elevator.  “You and your comfort foods.”
    Sharky shrugged, “Hey, some things don’t change.”  As they passed Shamu’s room, Sharky stopped at the door to listen at the grunts and moans coming from inside.
    He was pulled away by Gale, who hissed at him as she slapped him on the shoulder, “Give the poor guy some privacy!”
    Sharky protested, “Hey he would have done the same thing if the thought of you naked with me didn’t make him wanna hurl!  Besides, he’s my RIO.  I gotta make sure he’s still alive and hasn’t been turned into a skin coat by a psycho Hornet WSO or something.”
    Gale simply frowned at him.
    “Okay, okay.  Based on the animal noises I’m pretty sure he’s fine anyway.  Lead on.”
    As the two walked into the suite they noticed that much of the carnage they had wrought the previous night had been cleaned up.  Walking into the bedroom, Gale said, “I’m gonna take a shower to get all this salt and sand off me.”
    “Can I join you?”
    Looking at a nearby clock, she mused, “Reservation’s not for 2 hours, hour for hair and makeup and whatnot, half hour for transit… Yeah, we got time.”
    Sharky said, slightly disappointed, “I woulda thought you would be more excited at the prospect of the both of us naked, wet, and rubbing soap all over each other.”
    Gale smiled, “Babe, I’m always excited at the thought of you naked.  But I don’t wanna be late.  Don’t forget we have Mags and Estelle coming over later tonight.”
    “Ah true.”
    Gale walked up to Sharky and whispered into his ear as her hand wandered south, “That being said, Sharkboy, I’m gonna go turn on the water.  Then you’re gonna join me.  And then you’re gonna put me up against that wall and clean me like you’ve never cleaned me before.”  With that she pulled away and stalked off towards the shower, leaving a trail of clothing in her wake.
    Sharky chuckled as he watched his girlfriend walk away.  When he heard the water come on, he followed her, adding his t-shirt and board shorts to the short but colorful trail on the floor.
    Exactly half an hour later, Sharky and Gale emerged from the shower, both satisfied and squeaky clean.  Gale grabbed a dress shirt, slacks, and coat from Sharky’s suitcase, tossing them at him.  “Here, get dressed outside.  I’m gonna get ready in here.”
    As Gale pushed him towards the door, Sharky asked, “What the heck am I supposed to do while you do that?”
    “There’s a TV with a billion channels out there.  You’ll figure something out.”  With that she pushed him out of the room and slammed the door in his face.
    After an hour, Gale emerged from the bedroom to find Sharky watching Teen Titans, laughing hysterically as Beast Boy attempted to hit on Raven to no avail.  Clearing her throat to get his attention, she waited for the Tomcat pilot to mute the TV and turn around.  When he did so, his jaw dropped.
    “So what do you think?”
    Sharky, his eyes as wide as saucers, said in a trance, “You look…  Wow…”
    Gale was dressed in a low cut black dress and tall black stiletto heels, which highlighted her toned calves and thighs and also made her a full two inches taller, rivaling Sharky.  The dress had white frills rimming the end of the skirt.  There were similar frills rimming the cutout on her chest, coming together in a large white bow that accentuated her ample cleavage.  In addition, Gale had added a white belt around her waist to break up the otherwise monotone color of the dress.  She had pulled her long blonde hair up into a stylish updo, leaving two large strands hanging free, framing her face, while exposing her ears, from which hung a pair of glittering black diamond-shaped earrings.  Gale completed the ensemble with a pendant hanging from around her neck shaped like what looked to an outside observer like a shuriken.  Smiling, she batted her eyes, asking, “I take it you like it?”
    Standing up and walking towards her, Sharky pulled her into a hug.  “I love it.  Although holy shit I forgot how long your eyelashes are.” 
    Gale chuckled, “Just another trait I get from my doppleganger, I guess.”
    Sharky shrugged, “I ain’t complaining.”  Looking down at her chest, he asked, “Is that the necklace I got you for Christmas last year?”
    Gale smiled and nodded, “Yeah.  I haven’t really had much of a chance to wear it until now.  I love it.”
    Sharky grinned, “I do too.  Looks great on you.”
    Gale kissed him on the cheek.  “Thanks.  Now come on, we gotta get going.”  Taking his hand, she pulled him with her to the elevator. 
    A half hour later, the pair entered the extremely exclusive Al-Faisal steakhouse, located at the top of the tallest building in Al-Faziz.  As the tuxedo clad waiter showed them to their seats and brought them a glass of Scotch after taking their order, Sharky said, “Damn, you weren’t kidding.  This is a nicer view than the hotel.”
    Gale nodded, “Yeah.  Oh, look, sunset’s about to start.”
    The two sat silently for a few minutes as the sun slowly sank below the horizon, painting the room in a dazzling blaze of red and orange.  As the light faded, Gale turned to Sharky, the light from the candles on the table causing her earrings to glitter.  “That’s the best sunset I’ve seen in a long time.  It was beautiful.”
    Sharky smiled, “Just like you.”
    Blushing furiously, Gale took a sip of her Scotch in an attempt to conceal the massive grin crossing her face.
    “What?  It’s true.  I never told you anywhere NEAR as often as I wanted to before we started dating because I was afraid of freaking you out.  Don’t have that problem now.”
    Setting her Scotch down, Gale said, smiling, “Have I told you just how much I love you?”
    Sharky’s reply was interrupted by the arrival of their dinner.  After the server left, he said, cutting a piece off of his steak, “I think I got a good idea of it.”
    “Like seriously.  It’s crazy how much repeated clam-jamming can get a girl’s fires up.”
    ‘Babe, I know.  I was on the other side of that fence the whole time, remember?”
    Gale growled, “I hated that fence.  So fucking much.  So much.”
    Sharky reached across the table and took her hand.  “Hey, hey.  It’s okay.  Pretty sure we fucked the hell out of that fence last night. And then some.”
    “This is true,” she mused, tapping her fork against her chin, accidentally giving herself a small goatee of mashed potatoes.
    Reaching across to wipe them off, Sharky smirked, “Trying to be like Voodoo, are we?”
    Gale frowned, “I would do the same to you.  But they’d probably kick us out for starting a food fight.”
    “Less talking more eating then?”
    “Yeah that’s probably a good idea.”
    “I’m glad you agree.  Because this mac and cheese is godly and I don’t want to ruin it by talking.  Even to you.”
    Gale simply rolled her eyes.
    Unburdened by conversation, the two finished their meals in record time.  Stuffed, Sharky leaned back in his chair, patting his belly satisfiedly.  “God that was good.  So.  NOW we can talk.”
    “About what?”
    “Anything.  You, me.  The war.  How you’ve secretly pined away for me for years but couldn’t get the confidence to ask my dashing self out.”
    Laughing, Gale tossed her napkin at him.  “Ya big goof.  Okay.  Let’s talk.  I guess we can start with the view.”
    “Ah yes.  I see a deep canyon.  Created by two large mountains.  There is a strange circular installation at one end.”
    Gale frowned at him.
    “Oh you meant THAT view.”  Laughing, he continued, “I like it.  It’s a great change from rust, old concrete, and meteorite craters.  The change from lights up the ass to pure darkness always intrigued me.”
    “Is that why you like going to the beach so often?”
    “One of the reasons, yeah.”
    The two kept talking through dessert, deciding to forgo the limousine back to the hotel and instead walking back.  Not wanting blisters, Gale pulled off her heels and walked past Sharky barefoot.  As they walked along the shore, listening to the waves crash against the sand, they talked about whatever came to mind, from friends back home, to the war, to stories about Irina’s habits in bed (this came much to the surprise of the elderly couple walking behind them), until they returned to their hotel.  After telling Voodoo to expect Magalie and Estelle, the two returned to their suite.
    Sitting down on the couch, Gale asked, “So what more do you wanna talk about?”
    Sharky grinned, wrapping an arm around her, “I think I have another form of communication in mind now.”
    Pushing Sharky back on the couch, Gale grinned, “I think I’m okay with that,” her tongue spearing into the Tomcat pilot’s mouth.
    Arriving at the hotel, the pair went straight to the rooms held by the PMC. As Shamu opened the door, Chart said, "Now let's see who has the weirdest esoteric habit.."
    Mark stared down at the velvet box in his hand, and then laid back on the bed. Too much was being piled on his life all at once right now, some of it by him. First the ever-present problem of Ekaterina’s desire to take steps towards intimacy and Mark’s want to wait until there was a ring on her finger to do it. Then came the war and the things it’d brought. Section leadership, combat stress, feelings of fear and uncertainty. Now he was kicking around the idea of asking Ekaterina to be his wife. Not that he hadn’t already decided she was the one; he’d just wanted to pick a more peaceful time to do it. A time when things were stable and her tenure with the YAF intel services was up. She had no intentions to make this a career, and had only joined due to the post-2010 need for officers.
    He was about to open the box when the hotel’s bathroom door opened. Mark quickly hid the object, turning his back to Ekaterina as she emerged from the bathroom. The Osean Navy pilot was presented with his very curvy Yuktobanian love emerging confidentially in the bunnygirl outfit she’d picked up. Some light makeup supported the revealing outfit, and she struck a model-esque pose.
    “Like it, Marky?~” She asked.
    Liked it? He loved it! Between the makeup, visible skin and curves it was his dirtiest dreams about her come true. In the end, however, he had his own convictions. He pulled her close and rested his hands on her hips.
    “You look as great as ever…but Kat, y’all know…”
    She’d seen this a mile away, but instead of pouting or using her body and chestnut eyes to get her way, she freed herself from his embrace and sat down on the bed.
     “Sit.” She ordered with a sigh. He looked at her with some confusion, probably wondering if she was trying some elaborate way of seduction.
    “Mark, please sit down.” She repeated, more firmly. Mark recognized the use of his actual name as the bad very, VERY quickly and planted himself down on the bed. She got on her knees and nuzzled his head against her neck.
    “I’m not mad, but we need to get away from this fear you have.” She said softly. He nodded in quiet shame.
    “It hurts, Mark. I love you very much; you don’t have to be afraid like this. You’re an honest man and I want to be yours.” She told him, running a hand along the side of his face.
    “Ah know…Ah know…” He replied softly.
    “Then stop holding onto it so hard, okay?”
    By now she had both his hands in hers and was close to him. The couple was relatively silent. She felt his hands with hers and kissed his cheek.
    “And I’m always afraid you’ll leave me one day…and you’ll never come back.” She added. That statement caused her voice to crack. Clichéd as one might call the line, it was a legitimate fear.
    After that Ekaterina sniffled and stifled sobs, going on about how she wanted to be able to feel the deeper levels of love with him before that uncertainty decided to come. Mark carefully guided her down onto the bed and held her tight to calm her.
    “I hope I don’t sound selfish…” She admitted, relenting from both her admonishing of his phobia and her tears. He shook his head.
    “Y’all aren’t, Kat…yer right, Ah have no reason to be afraid.” He said.
    Mark gathered his strength and slid off the bed. The young man told her to wait for a moment while he got her something to clean up the mess from her makeup and tears. He returned with a damp towel and first wiped her face before tilting her chin up and kissing her.
    “How about a surprise?” He asked, a tad nervously. She tilted her head.
    “What?” She asked. He gulped and once again got off the bed, this time to retrieve the box he’d had earlier.
    Mark hesitated for a moment, and then drove forward. Push into the attack, it was too late! He turned towards the bunnysuit-clad woman, who looked confused. Ekaterina first realized what was going on when he revealed a small box and clasped one of her hands. Her free hand covered her mouth; more tears were working their way up.
    “Ekaterina Notolvich…will you…”
    Ekaterina leapt upon him, knocking the box from his hand and onto the carpet. Mark tried to see if the contents were secure, but his vision was covered by two nicely-proportioned breasts.
    “Yes, yes, yes, YES!” She shouted in utter joy.
    The ring was safe inside the box, but Ekaterina didn’t need the object. She was shedding tears of joy now as she let Mark breathe.
    “Yes, please let me be your wife.” She let out.
    He nodded and kissed her.
    “I love y’all, Kat.”
    “And I love you, Marky.”
    Then, in some sort of silent agreement, Ekaterina allowed Mark to pin her on the bed. She bit her lip and blushed at the impending intimacy. His strength meant that a dominant Mark was a very easy concept, but his personality was not very compatible with that idea. However he was being just a bit dominant now as he felt her and removed his glasses. She lifted up his shirt as he kissed her and tossed the fake bunny ears to the side. The two rolled onto the bed fully, Ekaterina ending up on top. A more predatory look on her face, she ran her hands up his stomach. Her gorgeous legs pressed against him as she planted another ravenous kiss on his lips.
    “I’m glad we got that done, my husband.” She purred.
    Not a minute more was wasted after that.
    Closing the door behind him, Shamu grinned, "Fight's on," before pushing the redhead onto the bed and crawling in after her.
    Shamu awoke to find Chart, already awake, lying against him with her head on his chest. “Good morning beau- Aah, what the hell is that?”  Feeling something cold and hard pressing against his back, he reached back to find an empty can of whipped cream.  Remembering the events leading to its depletion, he chuckled, “So that’s where that ended up.  Well, you’ve definitely got the sweetest habit, that’s for sure.”  Bending down, he kissed the small scar on her forehead.  “Oh yeah, I meant to ask you, how’d you get that scar?”
    Meanwhile, down the hall, Estelle and Magalie left after a rather… eventful night.
    As the elevator door closed on the two waving Emmerians, Gale turned back into the suite, shutting the door behind her.  Leaning back, she said, “Whew.  That was nuts.”
    Sharky chuckled, “So how did you enjoy your first bit of cross-border sex ed?”
    “It was…  Fulfilling.”
    “Hehe, I’ll bet it was.  You were screaming like a banshee when we finally went at it.”
    “Not as loud as Mags that last time.”
    “Hehe, yeah.  For a girl who’s been a lesbian up to this point, she REALLY likes it when I stuff her full.”
    Looking down at Sharky’s crotch, Gale chuckled, “Well she did have a magnificent specimen to introduce her to the lovely world on the other side of the fence.”
    Sharky grinned.  “So how do you think it’s gonna work out with those three?”
    “Hmm…  I dunno.  But based on the look on Mags’ face, I know we definitely have a reason to visit Emmeria now.”
    “Hehe, very true.”  Looking around at the once again deserted penthouse, Sharky turned to Gale and asked, “Sooooo…  What now…”
    Gale mused, “Hmm…  I don’t know.”
    A glint came into Sharky’s eye.  “Congratulations sex?”
    Reaching down into Sharky’s pajamas, Gale grinned, “You read my mind.”
    Chart giggled, "It's a stupid story. Like I said, we lived in the rougher part of town, and my parents couldn't afford many toys for us kids. One birthday through, I got a nice toy F-15. I carried it everywhere, to school, at the grocery store on and on and on. One day I was walking to school, I tripped and dropped the toy, and I fell on one of the tails. I was too upset about the tail being bent to realize I had a small dent in my head." She explained., "Quite a silly cause, isn't it?"
    Unknown hotel room
    Riley groaned and looked up at the room's clock. 0732. "What the hell happened last night?" he wondered to himself. Sitting up, he saw the North Point expat he must have brought back. "Audrey...? Is that her name? Yeah, that's it." Groaning lightly, he got up and walked over to the small coffee maker. He inserted one of the provided coffee canisters, and hit brew. As the coffee brewed, he thought, "Where the hell is Hannibal, Lee and Redford?" grabbing his backpack, he opened it up and pulled out his phone. Thankfully, it still had a charge. Opening up the Maps app, he found he was thankfully still in the local area. After confirming where he was at, he sent a group text to all his pilots in the flight. He pulled on his ruffled tee and went to wake up the woman he had brought back.
    Shamu chuckled as he brushed a lock of hair away from Chart's face, "I've heard worse."  Pointing to the scar on his hip, he said, "I told you how I got this, remember?  Crazy shit happens."  Cupping one of Chart's breasts, Shamu lay back on the bed.  Noticing the clock on the bedside table, he sighed, "Damnit.  As much as I would love to lie here with you for the rest of the day and suck so much whipped cream off of you I get diabetes, we should probably get ready to head back to our day jobs."
    Meanwhile, in the penthouse, Gale rolled off Sharky, panting breathlessly, "You think we got time for one more?"
    Sharky looked at his watch and groaned, "Damnit, we're already behind schedule."
    Gale pouted, "Damn.  Oh well.  You'd better come visit me, flyboy.  Don't be making me wait another two weeks before I get to see you again."
    Sharky chuckled, "You bet I will."
    After the two got dressed, they attempted to straighten up the suite as much as possible.  Surveying the slightly cleaned carnage, Gale commented, "Well, housekeeping's gonna have a hell of a surprise today.  I wonder how they're gonna clean that couch."
    Sharky chuckled, "Babe they're gonna have to BURN that couch."
    "That's too bad.  I like that couch."
    "Considering the number of stains on it I'm not surprised."
    Gale raised her hands defensively, "Hey, half of those were Mags."
    "True, true.  But that said, I gotta split, babe." 
    "I'll walk out with you."
    The two walked out and proceeded down the hallway, banging on the doors to wake up the rest of the Basilisk pilots.  They finally arrived at Shamu's room.  Sharky slammed on the door, "Heyo Shams!  Wake up, sleepy blackfish!  We gotta get back to makin' dat milk money."
    Inside, Shamu groaned, "See Chart, what'd I tell ya..."  To Sharky he yelled, "YEAH YEAH WAIT A MINUTE, ALRIGHT?"
    Chart pulled on her bikini, and pulled her cover-up over it. "Ready on you." she stated. just then, her phone vibrated. Pulling it from the breast pocket of her cover-up, she looked at her phone. She texts him back and says. "Just Riley, wanting to know where we are." She noticed one of the whipped cream cans, and walked over to inspect it. To her surprise, it still had a little left."
    He bent over and kissed the still sleeping Audrey on the cheek. "Don't take it too hard,' he said quietly, and turned to leave. A rustling of sheets stopped him. "Where are you going Chris?" she said sleepily. "To work," he said, pulling on his swimming trunks. "Can I come with?" she asked. "No, I'm sorry." he replied. His phone buzzed, and looking at it, found that Hannibal and Hacker had managed to make their way to hotel rooms. Chart's text arrived seconds later. Sending them a message to meet at the beach, he grabbed his backpack and began to walk out of the room, when suddenly Audrey was in front of him. "Can't you stay?! I'm sure your boss wouldn't mind."
    "Oh yes he would."
    "What do you even do?"
    "I lead a squadron of fighter pilots." he said, brushing past her. "I really hate doing this to you, but I can't stay.
    "Fine," she pouted.
    Walking out into the hall, Riley caught the elevator and upon exiting the building, he checked Charts location. Noticing it was only a block away, he turned and headed in its direction. What he didn't notice was that someone had followed him.
    Noticing Chart's interest in the partially filled whipped cream can, Shamu got a glint in his eye.  "Did you have something in mind, Miss Redford?"  Cracking the door open, he stuck his head out and greeted Sharky and Gale.  "Hey guys.  Go on ahead without me.  I'll catch up."
    Sharky sighed, "Fine.  We're wheels up in 45.  Don't be late."
    "Aye aye."
    Gale grinned, knowing why Shamu hadn't opened the door completely.  "Get some, little buddy."
    "Heh, thanks, Gale.  I'll see you later."  Shutting the door, he turned back to Chart.  "Now, I believe we were about to discuss the clearing of inventory?"
    Sharky and Gale rode the elevator down to the lobby, discussing Shamu on the way down.  As they reached the valet area, they parted ways.  "Stay safe, lady."
    "You too, shark boy."
     “I really think you should sleep, Mark…”
    The pilot turned his head towards the intelligence officer, who was watching him while she nuzzled against his left arm. The only light was one of those scented candles the hotel gave to act as “romantic lighting” or something like that. Mark had been in and out of brief slumbers since she’d gotten her fill of him.
    “Ah’ve tried, if y’all have been watching…” He replied, lifting up some fingers to touch her hair. She turned fully towards him.
    “Yes, but you should go to sleep and stay asleep…what’s keeping you up?” Ekaterina asked.
    “Ah’m thinking…”
    “About us?”
    “You just have to promise me your safe return…”
    “Of course!”
    Ekaterina then sat up and rolled on top of him. She gently stroked his chest while he watched affectionately.
    “I can’t tell you how grateful I feel to have you, Mark. You’re a perfect husband in every way, and you’ve earned everything you’ve gotten from me,” She said.
    “What can Ah say? Ah was given an angel; gotta take care of her.” He replied.
    Mark felt a tinge of lust hit him. He ran his fingertips along her bared back, just touching her skin. She dug her fingers into his skin and cried out. He ran them back down; an erogenous zone, he knew.
    “Damn you Mark Walker, tease me and I’ll make your lower body numb.” She gasped.
    “Ah’ve been threatened with worse fates.” He replied smugly, repeating his motion. Another gasp.
    “You’re so mean, Marky…” She said, falling on him.
    She held his head in her hands and kissed his forehead. The woman then closed his eyes for him and fell to his side again.
    “Sleep; when this war is over we can do far naughtier things together.” She cooed, stroking his hair and pulling his head to her bosom as if it were a pillow. She waited until he was completely asleep and then let her eyes close as well, adjusting so she was comfortable…
    Eric’s night had been less pleasant. He’d talked to Misaki until his phone threatened to die a heat death on him. He was slipping, losing his stability in the face of this battle with Kedhan and Shamlak. He was a warrior, dammit! What was this bullshit?
    For now he lay in bed suffering from insomnia. He’d tried a little booze to weaken himself, then a big dinner. Nothing; he was still awake. Truthfully, he was jealous of his proverbial brother. The guy had his girl here, and Saki was all the way back in Osea. Eric looked at his phone and sighed again. As if sensing his pain, it let off its message tone and lit up. He grabbed it.
    Still awake, Love?
    It was Misaki. He took the device and replied.
    Yeah…can’t sleep still.
    Same reason?
    Yeah…It bugs me that I can be away from you well enough during peacetime deployments, but this? I might as well be declared unfit to fly.
    There was a pause between his message and her next. He sat up and rubbed his forehead, trying to compose himself. As he’d guessed, the next message was longer.
    I’d imagine so. You’re at war, and Mark has Ekaterina near…I wish I could be there to help, at least give you a hug. If I’d known you’d be ashore a few days I’d be there.
    Not your fault, I didn’t know either.
    I can deal with being away from you well enough; it’s feeling like I’m losing my edge that’s bothering me.
    Don’t think of it that way, then. Think of it as you have to fight to get back to me, or something like that. Anything. Talk to me when you can, talk to Mark or Ekaterina!
    Eric sighed and nodded in agreement. He looked at the phone and then laid down. She sent him another message.
    I’m always with you, Eric. Now go to sleep, Love. Don’t be so hard on yourself; even fighter pilots need someone to love and hug them. You’re a strong guy and you just need to get the best of this.
    A smile grew on his face. Not much but a start. He thanked Misaki for the kind words and told her he loved her. She returned the affection and reminded him to sleep, but not before adding one last thing.
    Also, if it makes you feel better, I bought the cutest nightgown today! I…want you to see it when you get home. <3
    Eric blushed, and then smiled. He set down the phone and tried his best to take up some sort of sleeping position. Now all he had to do was wait.
    Later that night at the Hotel...
    Lieutenant Zachary Hathaway stood with his mouth agate at the sight that was in front of him. His lover and comrade 2nd Lieutenant Mao Takayanagi cutely posed in a vinyl idol outfit consisting of a miniskirt and midriff bearing corset top. Topping this display off was a pair of fox ears with a tail, a leather collar, and a pair of fishnet stockings. Mao cutely called out to Zack in the entrance to the bedroom. “Kon?” Zack paralyzed by the sight just stood there drinking it all in.
    Hours Later...Sunrise.
    Mao Takayanagi's eyes snapped open as the first sliver of the Isari sun broke the horizon and flooded the room through the window; her hours of pleasure with Zack still fresh on her mind as the blue comforter clung to her nude form underneath. Mao patted her head looking for the fox ears she wore earlier in the night before shifting her eyes to the right taking notice that they were affixed to her flight lead who was murmuring in his sleep, most likely dreaming about the days events and the fantasies relegated to the recesses of his mind. Mao smiled as she lifted herself up, keeping the blanket to her chest as she brushed aside a couple locks of her own hair.
    Mao spoke sleepily. "Zack?"
    Zack rolled over and moaned. "Mao...Rein...Fara...Mao...Mao..."
    Mao crinkled her brow and spoke again. "Zacky."
    Zack continued to snooze away as Mao grew impatient. "Zachary..."
    Zack's eyes opened for a sec before he rolled back over. "Five more minutes sweetie." moaning slightly as he scratched his head.
    "Lieutenant!" Mao shouted.
    Zack's eyes broke open as if he heard the crashing of plates in an open room. "I'm up. I'm up! Yes sweetheart?"
    Mao warmly smiled before reverting to a more blank expression. "We have to get our stuff collected, wash off, and get ready for the flight back to King Falud. We have business to attend to later today." Mao said with a tinge of nervousness.
    "Damn. That day already? I wish this R&R time could last forever." Zack said leaning in to kiss his Shimoji Fox Goddess, locking lips with her. Separating, he smiled. "Mao I know we'll pull through. We know what we have to do when we get in the air." he quietly said as he placed his forehead against Mao, slowly caressing her bare back. "I love you Mao Takayanagi. No matter what." Zack squeaked. "I love you too Zachary Hathaway." Mao responded before saying. "Last one in the shower has to serve the other and buy breakfast!" Mao smirked as she leapt out of the bed bolting for the shower. "No fair! You had a head start!" Zack yelled back as he lagged behind the young pilot.
    Downstairs In the Lobby.
    Alyosha and Rein had a head start on their wingmen; collecting their things and meeting one another out in the lobby. "So that was interesting." Rein said sheepishly as the two walked together. "Likewise. Hey you want to see me. Just come and give me a ring okay?" Alyosha grinned. Rein then thought about Gale's offer and then looked back at him. "Got it. Even if we have other plans?" Comet smiled. "Yep." Alyosha said. "Anytime you like. Now where the hell are those two? They were noisy as all hell last night and then they fell silent." Comet giggled. "Probably still cleaning up and arguing about who is going to buy breakfast."
    That Morning...
    "Ah was thinking maybe Koltakavi would be a nice place to go out and have our honeymoon." Mark said. Ekaterina looked away from adjusting her uniform's blouse towards her fiancee.
    "You think?" She asked.
    "Maybe snuggle up in a cabin in one of the big tourist towns, drink hot chocolate and stuff." He smiled.
    She smiled and looked down as she straightened out her garment. She couldn't wear the ring on her hand, but the woman had tucked it into a secure pocket to keep close. The woman sat down and put on her heels before donning her dark green jacket.
    "I don't get how y'all can keep from being hot as hell in that." Mark commented.
    "Intelligence equipment is heavily air conditioned." She winked.
    Mark took her hand and examined it.
    "Already looks wrong without the ring." He observed. She blushed.
    "But remember, Love, what it represents is more important." She added in. He nodded. He smiled and with a soft grunt, lifted her off her feet.
    "Did Ah ever tell y'all yer like an angel to me?" Mark said. Ekaterina blushed.
    "Sometimes, and every time I feel the need to hide my face." she replied. He kissed her forehead and she thumped his chest despite enjoying being carried.
    "Come on, let's get see if Eric's still downstairs eating." She said.
    In the hotel's restaurant, where breakfast was being served, Eric had decided to be a bad little pilot and eat pancakes that morning. He was one of those odd fellows who had a special penchant for having his pancakes just slightly runny (aka undercooked), claiming it balanced out the syrup and butter's flavors. Besides that he'd been all too thrilled to find they served breakfast ham, the stuff that was fancier than Spam. Gladly the pilot accepted the stuff. He looked up about halfway through his meal; Neither Mark nor Ekaterina had shown, though. He snorted in amusement; they were probably busy with "other things". Kudos to Ekaterina Notolovich for getting in Mark Walker's pants...
    "No you idiot," hissed Chart. "I wanted to spray them with what was left."
    Chris arrived outside the hotel, and ran in to Sharky as he left, "Hey man, what's up? Have you seen Shamu and my Marine?"
    Shamu sighed, "Damnit... That's my bad. Probably a good thing though. Last time I sprayed Gale with whipped cream I couldn't see out of my right eye for a week."
    Sharky nodded, "Yeah, they were upstairs like 5 minutes ago. They should be down here soonish, I think."
    "Hey, Eric!"
    The blonde looked over at the familiar voice as he took a break after his first run through the buffet. He stood up and found himself in a quick headlock from Mark.
    "Y'all missed out on the fun last night, compadre." the bigger pilot joked.
    "Hey, I had other stuff to do!" Eric replied, willing to be in a joking mood. He smiled wider as Mark let him go.
    "Anyways how was last night? Kinky?" He asked. Mark snorted.
    "Deflowered." Ekaterina simply announced. As her boyfriend blushed, Eric whistled.
    "Most legit, Ekaterina, most legit indeed." He said, holding up a hand for a high-five.
    "Fo shizzle." She replied with a straight face, only cracking a smile afterwards. Eric nearly fell over laughing.
    "Oh man, Kat you're wonderful. Don't ever leave." He managed, falling back into his seat with some control. Mark simply sat down, and Kat planted a kiss on his cheek.
    "Going to eat, my beloved?" She asked innocently. He mumbled and got up, following the two of them.
    "Let's go," said Chart, "Riley just texted me, he's out front. Maybe we could get him..." Walking out of the room, they took the elevator down, they walked out the front door. Chris had his back turned when Chart pulled the cap off of the whipped cream and sprayed it down his back. Chis yelped involuntarily as the cool cream ran down his back. Turning in a fighting stance, he noticed Chart doubled over laughing. He blushed and said, "Dammit Chart! You owe me 50 when we get back to base!" Through her laughter she said, "Worth it!"  
    As Chart sprayed her flight lead with the creamy dessert topping, Shamu also began laughing.  Finally regaining his breath, he chuckled, "That was great."  Hugging the redhead, he said, "Alright, girly.  I'll see you around, yeah?"
    Sharky noted his RIO's arrival and said, "Oh good you're up."  Beckoning at the SUV that had just pulled up, he said, "Let's go.  We're late."
    Shamu sighed, "Ah, the eternal pursuit of a full wallet..."
    Sharky shrugged, "You know how it is, bro."
    "Yeah..."  Waving to Chart he hopped in the SUV, followed by Sharky.
    Chart waved and turned to Chris, "So where are the others?"
    "Hannibal and Hacker are on their way in the pickup.They'll be here soon.
    Suddenly, there was a yell from behind Riley. "Who is this other woman!?" said a North Point accented voice.
    "Awww shit!" said Riley closing his eyes. turning, he saw Audrey. "This is Lt. Redford, my number two's WSO,"
    Chart offered an hand, but Audrey ignored it. "Why did you follow me?"
    "Well.. I uh I..." he stammered. Fortunately, Hannibal pulled up in the truck and before Audrey could explain, they had piled in and left.
    "So who was that?" asked Chart.
    "Some expat I took to a hotel while drunk. I feel like I've screwed myself." he replied, head in his hands.
    "Looks like a class-A clinger to me boss." said Hacker.
    "I hope not," said Riley.
    After a hearty breakfast and some conversation, the trio went outside, where a UN sedan would ferry the two pilots to a waiting C-2 at the airport. Ekaterina gave her new husband a polite kiss, now in uniform, and sent her love with him. She watched the two go with quiet discomfort; again she let him go off and endanger himself. One day she'd give him a choice...if she could bring herself to do that. The Yuktobanian woman caught a taxi back to the UN Headquarters, where she was due to help the top generals of the coalition. Her first stop was her office, where the files she needed had been provided.
    Ekaterina looked through what she'd been provided. According to the papers, the meeting was in regards to the ground war that was due to begin in the coming weeks. The UN intended to make public a resolution declaring that the current heads of both countries removed to stop the protracted war that'd raged four over four years and brought in the various other nations now involved, and more peaceful people installed. Kedhan seemed to be the focus of things with Sawari's violent tendencies. Ekaterina could bet Shamlak's multiple centuries of monarchy would make things complicated for that nation. It probably meant that the generals would be planning in the room.
    After a few hours of readying, she left for the room and went to where Earle generally held his briefings Earle was at the head of the table, while the other men were on either side. She saluted them at the appropriate times, including Earle.
    "Welcome back Lieutenant, glad to see you're well." He smiled.
    "Thank you sir, I hope things weren't too unorganized without me." She replied with a professional smile.
    The woman took her place behind the general, near the screen, as he reigned in the room.
    "Okay everyone, let's begin." He said leaning over the table a bit more.
    Later that day...
    Eric hadn't really been checking his email much, leading him to realize that the message was a bit old. Still, it was fairly recent; about five days old. It was from his brother, James Bradford. James was a rifleman and a Corporal with 2nd Battalion, 9th Marine Regiment out of Camp Daisy. Eric had always cared a lot about his brother, who despite being much more toned than his older sibling, was still newer to the service life. The subject of the email read "Guess I'll be Joining You". Eric could sense what was happening as he read it in his stateroom.
    Hey Big Brother!
    I hope you're doing okay in the Persian Sea. It's been quiet here at Daisy, at least until recently. About four days ago we were told we'd be deploying to the region with most of the 2nd Marine Division. I honestly don't think it could be made any clearer what we're doing. The big question is which country we're stepping off into. I honestly never thought my first war would get...I dunno, dumped on me like this. Then again that's the mantra of the Osean Marines, always ready to run off into the fight at the drop of a hat. Anyways I figured besides the usual checking in and relaying news from home I'd tell you. Misaki and Mom are okay, mostly worried about you. Misaki's been talking abou ttrying to join the UN Teachers Association so she can get over there and maybe get to you. I keep trying to tell her how dangerous it is. Mom...seems painfully silent. I guess since dad died she's had enough of men in the military, so she just wears her emotions on a sleeve. Guess that way she can fight back against the pain if either of us ever meets the "Golden BB", as they call it. Either way I hope you're okay, Eric, and good luck.
    Your Jarhead brother,
    Corporal James Allen Bradford
    2nd Platoon, Bravo Company, 2/9 Marines

    Eric wasn't sure how to take that. He closed the email at first and sat back in his chair. On one hand he had come to accept his little brother was due to see a fight one day, but he still couldn't help but feel uneasy about things...


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