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    Neucom Inc.

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    Founding (2007-2012)
    On 26 September 2005, the Erusean-controlled Megalith facility in the Twinkle Islands launched several small ballistic missiles before it was destroyed by ISAF forces, ending the Usean Continental War. The largest missile - reported to have used a Belkan-made V-1 warhead - dislodged an orbiting Ulysses fragment, causing it to impact the city of Barchester in the United Kingdom of Nordland with little warning, killing more than 30,000 people.

    Upon revelation that the Eruseans were responsible, Nordland's government became enraged and called for armed retaliation against Erusea in Parliament the next day. UKN forces were put on their highest alert stage and began preparations for deployment into parts of Erusea not already occupied by ISAF. Tensions also flared up between protesters and ISAF refugee camps, demanding their eviction from Nordland soil.

    Following tense negotiations between the Nordland and ISAF leaderships, Prime Minister Yates announced a naval blockade of Erusean ports that would only be lifted in exchange for a sum of reparations larger than the total owed to a majority of ISAF member states. Parliament also granted UKN forces free reign to pursue Erusean high-value targets without authorization from ISAF. Further pressure from the Assembly of Nations proved fruitless due to Nordland’s veto power, and ISAF member states voiced their objection to further deployment of their exhausted military power.

    The reparation payments threatened the economic recovery of what was quickly becoming a de facto failed state and lead to further instability, including the seizure of several remaining arms facilities by rebellious Erusean officers as well as an attempted coup by the DGSE that was later suppressed by reinstated Erusean regiments.

    Shortly before the DGSE’s attempted coup, the Erusean interim government met with a group of industrialists at the port city of Le Chevaline to discuss paying the reparations. They agreed to pool their various interests and use their profits to pay off the reparations as quickly as possible, utilizing regional subsidiaries to circumvent the blockade under the guise of helping neighboring economies.

    To that end, the group requested and received the privatization of the AASE (Agence Aerospatiale Erusaise, Nordlish: Erusean Aerospace Agency / EASA). The group then formed a conglomeration of energy, technology, pharmaceutical and banking interests that quickly bought up large stakes in the former AASE within 72 hours of the announcement. Each of the companies in this group wielded different types of leverage, such as potential breakthrough genetic and nanotechnology, as well as access to international legislatures too weak to take advantage of recently-implemented Usean anti-trust legislation.

    New Erusean United Company S.A. was born out of the merger of these interests, with Arcanis Pharmaceutical’s president Cyrus Goussard as its CEO. Neucom's initial market capitalization at the beginning of 2008 was valued at 2.3 trillion Erusean francs.Neucom posted surging profits from its first quarter, buoyed by demand for Erusean consumer products by ISAF countries and other international markets and supported by a reconciliatory marketing campaign.

    During the Arkbird G8 conference that year, the Erusean interim government pledged the ambitious goal to pay off all reparations by the end of 2012 - and did so by the end of 2011. On 2 January 2012, the Royal Navy withdrew their fleet from Erusean ports.

    With the blockade removed and Erusea’s economic revival underway, Neucom turned its attention back to aerospace development. With other domestic space facilities either destroyed or dismantled, Neucom acquired the Michael Riass Space Center from the Comona government in 2015. With the relocation of the Basset Space Center's facilities to the reopened Osean facility in Cape Vercetti due to the dissolution of diplomatic ties between Osea and Yuktobania following the 2010 war, Neucom possessed an unchallenged monopoly over space launches until the restoration of Yuktobania's Svetlak Cosmodrome in 2019.

    Rising Power (2015-2035)
    A return to military technology was an integral part of Neucom's business plan, although with Erusean military restrictions this focus was adjusted outward to developing countries looking to build up their own military strength in the wake of decreased involvement by larger nations. Neucom launched the Rising Power program in late 2015, aiming to modernize the militaries of developing countries by outsourcing prototype aircraft development to these countries for trial and evaluation.

    This program enabled Neucom to test out a variety of aircraft and technology in various stages of development. These aircraft were either developed entirely in-house at AASE facilities or in conjunction with East Osean Defense Systems, a consortium of East Osean aircraft and weapons manufacturers that had avoided a hostile takeover by General Resource. Neucom also collaborated with Dassault and Airbus in developing next-gen aviation technology.

    Several countries were initially considered, including Zagorias, Lukano, Leasath, Surdavia and Aurelia. Neucom ultimately chose to run the Rising Power program exclusively with Aurelia following a rise in anti-corporate sentiment after the end of the Valahia crisis in 2017. This proved to be a profitable partnership when prototype aircraft provided by Neucom proved instrumental in the Aurelian campaign to repel Leasath forces in 2020.

    The result of the Rising Power was the R-series of aircraft developed exclusively by Neucom after EODS officially became an affiliate of the group. The R-101 Delphinus made its public debut at ExAir 2030, and became the company’s signature fighter aircraft. The Rising Power program was ended on 1 January 2035 with the announcement of Aurelia as the R-series' first export customer. By 2040 the R-series portfolio would include not only fighters and transports but also helicopters and spacecraft.

    Despite revelations as to Neucom’s own role in bolstering Leasath’s forces for the Fenrir project, Aurelia was also the first customer of the R-series outside of the NEU.

    Rivalry with GR (2020-2040)
    Despite numerous comparisons with the rival corporation, there was little indication that Neucom seriously regarded GR as a physical threat in its early years. Instead, Neucom regarded GR as purely corporate competition despite its acquisition of several Usean corporate interests in 2020 and the subsequent reorganization of its Security Enterprise PMC into the GRDF. This was followed up by GR's acquisition of the International Telephone and Telegraph Company, Usea's largest telecommunications company and one whose hostile takeover Neucom had been planning for several months.

    Nevertheless, Neucom founded the NEU from a strategic merger of several of its defense and weaponry subsidiaries in order to remain competitive in the private security market. It also completed development of the Neucom Visual System, a unified communication and broadcasting platform more advanced than existing platforms of its day.

    The NEU’s first major test was the Second Usean Rebellion of 2026. Various anarchist and anti-corporate groups across Usea conducted terrorist operations on population centers and national security forces from the now-disbanded ISAF were found powerless to stop them. The chaos reached its peak in early 2026 with the near-simultaneous collapse and dissolution of government in four Central Usean states. Neucom and GR industrial centers became refugee camps, which made their CEOs the de facto highest authorities in those states.

    The AN convened with Goussard and GR CEO Carlos Lazzaro, and agreed on the formation of a PKO comprised exclusively of NEU and GRDF forces. Although the measure was widely criticized, the resulting Joint Corporate Force successfully restored stability to all four countries by the beginning of 2027, allowing for the reformation and election of governments.

    Despite the effectiveness, the NUN - reformed from the AN in 2025 - once again became concerned about corporate power overriding national sovereignty, especially since the JCF held a monopoly on the use of force. This resulted in the formation of the Universal Peace Enforcement Organization (UPEO).

    The UPEO would enforce the Mayarin Accord, a treaty signed following the end of the Valahia crisis in which private military companies subsidized by a major company would only undertake combat operations “solely to defend corporate assets.” With NEU and GRDF forces’ military power at par with national militaries, the UPEO swiftly replaced the JCF as the PKO in the affected nations and aided in rebuilding their national armed forces.

    Nevertheless, with the definition of "corporate assets" relatively loose in many areas, both GRDF and NEU forces would maintain heavy presences in key installations across the Usean continent going into the 2040s.

    Public Works (2010s-2040s)

    While Neucom maintained several individually named subsidiaries for various projects, only two had the Neucom name directly attached: the NEU and Neuwerk. Established shortly after Neucom's own founding, Neuwerk was the infrastructure and public works arm of the company. Its early portfolio included reconstruction projects across Western and Central Usea.

    This portfolio was greatly expanded into South Osea following GR’s withdrawal from several markets after the Valahia crisis. In 2020, following the successful popular uprising against Diego Gaspar Navarro’s government in Leasath, Neuwerk negotiated and received more than Z20 billion in reconstruction contracts for the wartorn country.

    However, the centerpiece of Neuwerk’s efforts was its domestic portfolio. By 2035 Farbanti's New 13th Arrondissement, popularly called Ville Ryker after the impact zone that had devastated Farbanti. had become a continental center of finance rivalling Caerdon in Nordland. The New 13th's centerpiece was the Nouvelle Genesis, a towering arcology in a semi-detached floating island with more than 10 times the floor space of the Burj al-Arab in the United Emirates of Verusea.

    Neuwerk's crowning achievement would be Megafloat, a floating city-raft that would also be used as a mobile military headquarters for the Emergency Unit, as well as an alleged laboratory for experiments to be conducted in international waters and away from NUN human rights jurisdiction.

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