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    Wing Blue prologue

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    Wing Blue prologue

    Post by viperzero on Sat Jun 27, 2015 10:39 am

    Bad Hersfeld
    Hesse, West Germany
    March 11th 1987 00:27 hours

    March 11th 1987 in Bad Hersfeld was all ready beginning to look like a night to remember. Though civilians had been ordered inside, the sirens and occasional dog barks made it clear something terrible had happened. The red glow of the police lights and distant fires were the only visible signs of what had happened.

    “Red bastards finally did it”

    A US army officer got out of his Humvee; the red and white black horse shield on his shoulder identified him as a member if the 11th Cavalry, and the oak leaf as a not so insignificant one.

    Two German Police officers of the approached him, their light green uniforms covered with dirt and blood.


    One looked to him and spoke in fairly good English.

    “General Webber has the prisoner this way, fallow us.”

    The American officer and several troops who accompanied him walked with the police officers.

    As they moved through the camp, visible due to floodlights and the high beams of Green police vans they walked passed what seemed like dozens of bodies. One of the German officers sensed their confusion and explained.

    “Local police tried to hold them off before we arrived, they never stood a chance.”

    The party moved on to a large tent, surrounded by Saladin APCs and some very mean looking men in tactical uniforms. Though they had no markings it wasn’t hard to figure out they were the elite GSG-9.

    A very tall German BGS brigadier general greeted him. The American saluted the German commander.

    “Major, our prisoner is very delirious but he is awake, I’ll allow you in so you can inform your superiors of the situation. My men are sweeping the area for others; we lost contact with a squadron of APCs a kilometer east so I have to take care of that now. The there is a secure line to Frankfurt when you are done.”

    The two men parted and the major entered the tent with two of his men.

    In front of them was a sort blonde haired man in his mid to twenties; he was in a grey uniform covered in mud. While the Germans had taken most of his gear it was clear that his uniform was of Soviet origin. He had punctures on his neck, likely from a BGS Shepard that had been half-heartedly addressed by the German medics.

    The German policeman who spoke English entered and whispered in the majors ear

    “He’s a real cold fish, I doubt he’ll give you anything”

    The major nodded and walked up to the captured man; there was no need to beat around the bush.

    “All I need from you is what your obligated to give me”

    The man sat silently

    “Geneva convention? You know the Geneva Convention? All I want is your name rank and serial number. I know your not going to talk; they wouldn’t have sent you otherwise. Just give me what you have to.”

    The man sat silently, his glazed eyes looked away from the major around the tent. They weren’t getting anywhere.

    The solider examining the captured man’s gear however was having much better luck, his weapon an AK-74 wasn’t widely used outside of Warsaw pact. Much more damning however was his map, the names largely written in Cyrillic.

    “When the German police found you, they say you were muttering in Russian?”

    The man sat silently, the major stared at him for a second, realizing he would get nothing from the trained Spetsnaz solider this way he tried something unconventional.

    After several seconds of silent as the Russian man was looking around the room the major slammed his foot as hard as he could on the POWs. The man screamed an unmistakable Slavic profanity. After a second he realized what he had done, but it was to late. The major sitting across the table just smiled while his captive looked at him in horror.

    “Gentlemen that will be all I have to make a call to V Corps HQ”

    Rocket City
    New Mexico, United States
    March 11th 1987 08:15 hours

    A tall middle-aged man in a white navy uniform and a shorter older man in a green Air Force flight jacket walked onto the long moving walkway and continued their conversation. The navy man finished up his thoughts.

    “So that’s it, about 31 dead German police officers and about a hundred wounded, the attackers had Soviet equipment and spoke Russian and Ukrainian. The Pentagon is briefing the President right now; they think it’s the big one. We lost contact with West Berlin around the same time, I believe in coincidences but not when it involves the actions of men. ”

    The older man was quite for a second

    “Well figure it happens two years before where ready.”

    “That’s just the thing they want Wing Blue operational ASAP.”

    “They do know the Solvalou is just a prototype, its not ready for combat, hell its not even really ready to fly, poor Rena still hasn’t recovered from---“

    “No Space command is confident they can take the Soviets and protect the L4 and L5 colonies without it, the Air Force wants to go with the SARF concept.”

    The old man was stunned silent

    “Ten Years, TEN YEARS I’ve been pushing for that and now war can break out any second and they’re telling us we were right and they need it yesterday? Its fucking Nam all over again.”

    The two men passed by a gigantic half complete Orion rocket, siting abandoned for decades it had become nothing more then impressive looking storage space.

    “I thought once I got a star on my shoulder they might take me seriously”

    “That was fucking stupid of you”

    Both me cackled uncontrollably, breaking the tension in the face of the potentially apocalyptic events. With doomsday near it would do them no good to get upset now. The old man continued.

    “Well our pilots are arriving now, once they get settled you go met them, I’ll keep my ears opened for the good news.”

    “Good news?”

    “Of course, make no mistake, this is the final test for mankind, a war we must have to determine the future of humanity, and the risks are our destruction but the payoff? It’s a gamble worth taking now that we have too.”

    “I can’t believe you where never in SAC, your nuts”

    The old man grinned

    “Back in Nam we wiped nuggets that had been raised to think air combat was solely an affair of missiles into some of the best dogfighters of the jet age. These guys are already A class talent we just have to get them used to working together. Assuming it doesn’t go nuclear out the gate we have a chance to accomplish all our goals in short order. Perhaps by the end of the day, at most the end of the week I expect the Multi National Evaluation Squadron to be converted into SARF. We have our roles to play, lets make this our finest hour.”

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