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    Wing Blue Rules

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    Wing Blue Rules

    Post by viperzero on Sat Jun 27, 2015 11:31 am


    1) Follow all rules of the site

    2) Be respectful of other players

    3) no god modding

    4) no one can kill your character but you, however you can be shot down if you act foolishly

    5) difficulty is medium, we want to have fun so by the same token Opfor shouldn't go out of its way to kill someone (unless they are breaking the rules or acting foolish) fire missiles at a realistic level, remember some people have trouble writing dogfighting. it doesn't reflect badly on whoever is doing opfor that the nameless drone you were controlling was shot down

    6) in character drama is fine, but don't gang up on someone unless they are acting poorly, or just do it within reason, remember we have to work together to win (unless your character is a jerk, thats cool just make that clear)

    7) it is my RP but I would like to run things by consensus, just run your ideas by me and unless they seriously contradict something I'll try to make it happen

    Cool you can use whatever aircraft you want as long as it was designed before December 25th 1991, it however must reflect its design as of this date. post pictures and information if you are using something obscure so we know what where dealing with

    9) I've set a temporary lock on mid range active air to air missiles like the Amraam, I just want to see how it plays without it. this does not apply to longer range missiles like the Phoenix or Falcon as they are an important factor in anyone using aircraft armed with them.

    10) if a dispute arises either I will resolve it or both parties can agree appoint a third party to resolve it

    11) except for the first four these can be made flexible, just discuss with me

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