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    Ace Combat: Skies of Tomorrow: The Story So Far

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    Ace Combat: Skies of Tomorrow: The Story So Far

    Post by Lemniscus 1 on Fri Jun 19, 2015 2:28 am


    During a Nuclear Peace Conference in the 1960’s, the Osean Federation pressures the Union of Yuktobanian Republics to allow the Republic of Verusa and it’s neighbors Rasca, Kaluga, and Romny to secede from the union due to civil strife in the region. Yuktobania, however, is only willing to agree to Osea’s demands if Osea in return doesn’t interfere with the growing socialist movements in the Fato Federation and the Republic of Nordlands along with allowing Yuktobania to keep the resources rich Northern portion of Verusa and Tyumen.

    In a surprising move, Osea gives in to Yuktobania’s demands. The reason Osea gives in was partly due to the delicate situation at the time and the threat of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) and the gamble that their at the time ally, The Belkan Federation, would retaliate and go to war with The Fato Federation and Nordlands in their stead should the two countries actually become socialist nations.

    However, much to Osea’s dismay, both Fato and Nordlands fall to their Socialist Revolutions and become Socialist allies to Yuktobania. Furthermore, in order to get Yuktobania to agree to further Nuclear Reduction Agreements two years later, Osea had to allow Yuktobania the right to sell its military hardware and other goods on the Osean Continent. This causes the curious beginnings of foreign fighter proliferation as both Osean and Yuktobanian fighters begin to find themselves in countries around the world, the first to profit from this being The Belkan Federation, The Federal Republic of Erusea on the Usean Continent, and the Federal Republic of Leasath.

    During the 70’s and 80’s, South Verusa (renaming itself The Republic of Verusa to keep it’s national identity) and its neighbors begin to struggle to gain a stable economy. Therefore, much to their irritation, they turn to their former motherland Yuktobania and later the People’s Republic of Sotoa along with private help from Gründer Industries to regain some stability. Sotoa, although at heart a country that prefers to stay out of most international affairs and maintain a status quo with the world, decided to help Verusa due to a previous trade deal going south and wanting to get back at Yuktobania by helping Verusa gain independence from Yuktobania’s economy.

    Gründer Industries, however, had even less altruistic motivations for their private help to Verusa then Sotoa. Their whole motivation for their involvement in the region, thanks to the Grey Men, was to solely gain a foothold in Yuktobania to sow the seeds for their revenge on both nations for the defeat of Belka. To ensure Verusa would help them in their cause, they promised certain hardliners in the Verusian Military plenty of land from Yuktobania in exchange for their cooperation. Thanks to Gründer, Sotoa, and even Yuktobania propping up the economies of Verusa and her neighbors, by the early 1990’s the Republic of Verusa had become one of the richest countries in the region and had begun producing it’s own goods and technologies comparable to it’s neighbor Yuktobania.

    However, while Verusa’s fortunes seemed to be getting better with each decade, it appeared that Yuktobania’s gamble was beginning to show signs of failing as tensions begin to mount in the Fato Federation and the Socialist Republic of Nordlands after the Belkan War. This most likely could be attributed to the revolutionary spirit of independence and equality preached by the rebel organization “A World with No Boundaries” as even though there was a high concentration of Yuktobanian forces stationed in both countries, protests for independence began to slowly rise. This all came to a head in early 2005 when The Socialist Republics of Nordlands, an ally of the Federal Republic of Erusea during the Second Usean Continental War and witnessed it’s erstwhile ally slowly being defeated by ISAF, erupted into a violent counter-revolution which ousted it’s socialist government and reinstated it’s previous democratic government in protest to years of feeling controlled by the foreign power.

    Fearing a similar incident could happen in the Fato Federation as tensions for independence could be felt in the region, the then newly elected Premier Seryozha Nikanor began steps to let the Fato Federation leave the Union on friendly terms to maintain trade and economic ties to one another. However, this was seen by many hardliners within the Yuktobanian Government as a betrayal to Yuktobania and felt it would only further weaken the Union of Yuktobanian Republics. That was why, upon being offered the weapons necessary to finally crush their hated rival Osea and with their cooperation see the return of much of their former lands by the Grey Men of Gründer, the Hardliners of Yuktobania handed Nikanor over to the Grey Men and tightened their leash on the Fato Federation.

    However this ended up backfiring on the Hardliners of Yuktobania horribly, both because of Osea’s successes during the Circum-Pacific War and Yuktobania’s controversial and underhanded use of the Fato Federation as a staging point for it’s sneak attack on November City, which ended up causing the Fato Federation to experience a non-violent revolution and upon restoration of Premier Nikanor to his former power, was granted complete autonomy from Yuktobania. Due to this, along with the very costly war the Circum-Pacific War was and loosing their northern ally Estovakia after the Emmerian-Estovakian War of 2015, Yuktobania began to suffer an economic depression. To alleviate Yuktobania’s economic woes, Premier Nikanor began proposing to the Verusian Continent the “Pan-Verusa Economic Bloc” to unite the continent in an economic union in the hopes a more capitalist model of economy could help stave off the collapse of Yuktobania.

    This idea was not met with joyous applause, however, but instead with unease and from the Federal Republic of Verusa, hostility. This was because a new nationalist part, Neo-Verusa, took control of Verusa in 2010 and was fueling the fires of national pride amongst it’s people against Yuktobania. They claimed Yuktobania wasn’t attempting to create further unity among the nations of the Verusian Continent, but was instead trying to recapture it’s glory days of the 60’s and back by attempting to ensare the countries in a union which would make Yuktobania dominate in the union’s politics. Furthermore, they were incensed that the union would take on the name of the continent when Yuktobania still held as a Socialist Republic within it’s borders without a single consideration for it’s independence North Verusa and Tyumen.

    Due to the aforementioned grievances, and past strife against Yuktobania going far back into history when Verusa was the dominate power in the region long before Yuktobania became a super-power, Verusa began mobilizing it’s forces in 2020 and also began to turn to it’s neighbors for support, who one by one joined Verusa and called themselves, “The Federated Republics of Verusa”. Nikanor, hoping to contain the Federated Republics and prevent war, mobilized his troops in 2023 and had them occupy Romny before it too joined the Federated Republics. These events however increased tensions in the region as a violent revolution ousted both Yuktobania and the legitimate government of Romny and replaced it with a government with sympathetic ties to Verusa, which caused Romny in short order to join the Federated Republics of Verusa.

    Osea, along with the Pacific and Ceres Treaty Organization (PACT) Nations, show their support to Yuktobania’s crisis by sending aide and attempting to negotiate with Verusa to stand down and discuss it’s grievances with Yuktobania in the halls of the Neo-United Nations. Enraged that Osea would side with it’s former enemy and support Yuktobania over their cause of regaining former compatriots within the borders of Yuktobania, The Federated Republics respond by formally leaving the NUN and begin mobilizing it’s forces for war with Yuktobania in 2024. The Neo-United Nations, in response to Verusa’s actions, approve the creation of a Rapid Response Force to enforce the edicts and will of the member nations of the NUN as a volunteer military, this organization being called “The Armed Response and Intervention Agency” (ARIA).

    It is now 2025, the stage is now set for conflict on the Verusian Continent.

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