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    By, Down, and Up (Work In Progress)


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    By, Down, and Up (Work In Progress)

    Post by Cerberus_K18 on Thu Jul 09, 2015 9:32 pm

    By, Down, and Up
    By Cerberus
    Based off the Ace Combat franchise, GUCoD (Grand Unified Canon of DOOM), and the RP Ace Combat: Skies of Tomorrow

    The Down Town
    Date: 6/8/2024
    Operation: Lightswitch
    Location: Espinoza AB, Kingdom of Sapin
    Units: 3rd Fighter Wing, 32nd Fighter Squadron “Canis”, 456th MNFW, 8th TFS “Basilisk”, 18th Esc. “Desperados” (CAP), JaBoG 34 “Beethoven” (ECM), JaBoG 45 “Griever” (SEAD), 330th ACCS “Alphard” (AWACS)
    Time of Briefing: 1630 (Sapin Standard Time)
    “We're starfighters, fly all day and all night/and all that we see is our cockpit light”- Funker Vogt “Starfighters”

                    A group of Sapinish nationalists with roots dating back to the 1930’s had initiated a coup in the hopes of overthrowing the legitimate government and the Sapino crown stating “The time has come for a change to our nation’s direction. For our own future and a greater Sapin.” As a result of these actions; the nation itself descended into chaos with the nation divided between loyalists and rebels. Intense fighting had broken out with the loyalists abandoning the capital in mid-May.

                    In response a Neo United Nations taskforce spearheaded by Osea is deployed to resolve the situation militarily; as all diplomatic solutions were considered impossible or had been expended. The nations participating consisted of the Osean Federation, the Federal Republic of Belka, Sapin, and Ustio with additional support provided by the Republic of Emmeria. For a unit on its first deployment and a battle hardened group of mercenaries it would forge a bond between them.

                    “Attention!” the piercing voice of Major Isabella “Ivy” Graves, the XO of the 32nd fighter squadron better known by their name “Canis” called out. The gray eyes of the aging ex-Eagle driver scanned the room filled with both enlisted and officer grade personnel standing at attention.  “At ease ladies and gentlemen.” The significantly quieter voice of Colonel Andrew Carver said as he approached the podium and spoke, everyone all taking their seats. “Alright, I can see that everyone got to the briefing room in on piece. Hope everyone got some shuteye and a good meal or two. Because now that were here. We are going to be carrying out operations against Rebel forces in Gran Rugido. You may ask why we are pushing up on the capital so early. We want to go right for the throat of the rebel movement and degrade their ability to carry out operations in the surrounding area. Thus making our job elsewhere easier.” The mustachioed Colonel said to the pilots.

                    1st Lieutenant Zachary “Ferret” Hathaway fidgeted in his seat while listening to the Colonel. A habit he had not broken from his childhood years, a hand suddenly landed on his left catching his attention and stopping his shaking. It was the hand of his wingman and girlfriend 2nd Lt. Mao “Hime” Takayanagi. The young Osean-Nihonese woman looked into his hazel eyes and smiled warmly, eliciting the same response from Zack. Ferret’s ears still trained on Carver as he spoke. Meanwhile Zack’s other two comrades 2nd Lt. Alyosha “Matchstick” Denisov and 2nd Lt. Rein “Comet” Carter kept their eyes affixed forward, making the occasional smart cracks about their superior’s quietly. “You okay?” Mao whispered. “I’m doing well, you?” Zack replied. “A little nervous, it’s our first hop and we’re being sent to strike a defended city at night. The capital of all places.” Mao quivered thinking about the thought of being shot down at night, flying at night sent a chill down her spine. “We’ll do fine. I promise.” Said Zack as he clasped her hand reassuringly.

                    Carver who ended his introduction then looked to an Estovakian brunette wearing the uniform and insignia of Rosenthal Incorporated, Daciana Ionsecu also known as Daci to her friends and family had been employed with the company since the end of the Anean Continental War working closely with the plots of the company’s Multinational Fighter Wing. “I now hand it off to Daciana Inosecu, liaison officer for the eighth tactical fighter squadron.” Daci rose and smiled lightly as she walked up. “Thank you colonel. Sabrina?” 2nd lieutenant Sabrina Stillwell nodded and operated the computer as intelligence images and data flashed on screen following the activation of the so called “Battle Control System” software by Macmillan Heavy Industries. The slightly aged computer taking a little time to process what was shown on screen. From there a map of the capital with targets highlighted in red flashed on screen.

                    “Let us begin. The rebels have managed to hijack a good portion of the loyalists tactical data network for themselves and are using it to bolster their command and control capabilities, in addition the enemy forces have also commandeered Gran Rugido International Airport for their own use. We are launching a strike on these facilities to degrade their overall effectiveness and to gain the upper hand in this fight. Striking right for their throats if you will.”

                    Daci then turned to the projector, as the targets Canis and their allies; the 8th TFS or “Basilisk” would be hitting after sunset we’re brought into view. Samya “Shamu” Suara, the RIO for the lead F-14D Block II Quickstrike turned to his friend and pilot Sarathi “Sharky” Sarkar whispering, “Those hats never get old. Gives me something to look forward to after we get wheels down.” Taking note of Daciana’s ample chest underneath her blazer as she pointed to the targets. “Quiet man, last thing I need are those Air Force officers or Daci sniping at us because you’re talking.” Sharky quietly shot back. Rein overheard the two behind them and turned around to get a look at the pair, shooting a friendly smile followed by a finger over her lips.

                    Daciana meanwhile was more concerned with conducting the briefing than the pair whispering like schoolgirls during a biology film. “Your targets are as follows; the thirty second will have the responsibility of destroying two server rooms held within two high rise buildings serving as nodes for the tactical network. PGM’s are recommended as this will require the utmost accuracy. This will be followed up by an attack on a command center located near the parliament building, there is a good chance there are tertiary systems located there. Take care not to damage or outright demolish parliament on your attack Canis team.”

    “So what happens if we do smoke the building? We just send the bill to their insurance company?” Alyosha snarked.
    The Mohawk topped pilot’s snipe fell flat as Daciana bluntly replied. “I suggest making yourself invisible for a long time Lieutenant Denisov if you do so. The building that houses the Cortes Generales is a priceless national landmark.”

    “So in other words make them shots count mang.” Shamu chuckled over Aly’s shoulder.

                    Major Graves brow crinkled as the chatter rose in the middle of the brief, Daci continued despite the interruption. Alyosha smirked after shrugging in her general direction. “Anyway. You will have to take care as AAA, Small Arms, and MANPADS pose a threat below 10K AGL. Predator and U2 overflights have also confirmed the presence of at least two Tiger attack helicopters on site at a helipad nearby. The enemy also have four interceptors airborne at any given time and are likely to be EF-2000’s or F-20C Tigersharks. Desperado flight; you will have the responsibility of flying CAP and providing a barrier for the strikers. Hit any aircraft that are airborne. Got it? Canis keep your head on a swivel for any leakers.”

    “Si. Don’t worry, we’ll hit them before they know it.” Said the lead Sapino Hornet pilot, a gruff older gentleman.

    “Anyone trying to gank my wingmen will have to answer to Halley and I.” Comet smiled devilishly, getting the attention of Sharky who noted her lively response. Zack and Mao grinned at the confidence the busty dark skinned blonde exuded.

    Daci then turned to Sharky and his comrades, “You gentlemen will have the responsibility of taking out grounded aircraft and any remaining secondary targets left behind by the Tomahawk strikes launched by the OFS Tager earlier today. Oddly enough; the enemy hasn’t made any attempt to evacuate aircraft or move them to hardened structures despite the missile strikes.” Daci spoke, cocking an eyebrow.

    “Their loss then Daci, just means making our job all the more easier while giving Leviathan more shit to shoot at.” Sharky replied.

    “Damn straight.” Shamu cracked off.

    “Right. As with Canis flight. Be aware of your surroundings, even with allies in the area. There could more airborne than originally stated in the intel. Standoff ordnance is recommended to dispatch your targets. The grounded aircraft are a menagerie of C-212, CN-235, C-101, F-20C, and EF-2000 while your secondary target will consist of a lone fuel depot, a hastily constructed ammunition dump, and a trio of hangars possibly holding additional aircraft or spares.”

    Sharky nodded, “Sounds like a party.”

                    Shamu nodded in agreement with his fellow pilot as the liaison continued, the map highlighting the yellow line in front of the capital outlining the enemy’s IADS consisting of SAM and radar sites both fixed and mobile. “SEAD will be provided by Belkan Luftwaffe Tornado ECR’s callsign “Griever” from JaBoG 45 while Electronic Warfare support will be provided by an additional unit of ECR’s callsign “Beethoven” from JaBoG 34. Both flights will be taking off from nearby Ibiza AB alongside an E-3A sentry from the 330th ACCS under the handle “Alphard.” Tanker support will meet you halfway there both in and outgoing. Any additional questions before you are dismissed?”

                    The room remained quiet as Daci scanned the space, Zack quickly raised a hand with Daci pointing to him. “Yes the ponytailed one, Lieutenant Hathaway right?” Zack nodded firmly before speaking. “What can we expect in terms of low level AAA and SAM’s? We talking Gepards and Stingers or just a bunch of pissed off nationalists with G36’s?”
    “Expect everything and the kitchen sink thrown at you. Stingers, Flakpanzers, HMG’s, RPG’s, etc. As I said before stay above 10K AGL to avoid low level systems but be on your toes if you dip below for a run. Any other questions? No? Good then. You have your orders. Best of luck on your assignments.” Daci replied.

                    “You are all dismissed!” The thirty second’s XO shouted as the pilots and other assorted personnel lifted themselves up from their seats and vacated the briefing room. Zack and his friends left the room, taking the center aisle followed by the Basilisks behind them. “So, you the guys we are working with for this hop?” asked Shamu as they exited the room; the mess of people dispersing making the scene much less claustrophobic. Zack turned to the Sotoan-Osean pilot and replied. “That would be us, first lieutenant Zachary Hathaway. Thirty Second fighter squadron, people like to call me Zack or by my TAC Ferret. This is my number two Mao Takayanagi or Hime.” The Nihonese woman smiled and shook hands with the pilot and RIO. “It’s a pleasure to meet you two. I have heard good things about your performance with the F-14 in combat. Nice to see the airframe still getting use despite the Navy swapping it out for the Thunderhawk.” Sharky smirked in response to her comments, “We do everything to keep these kitties well-armed and fed. Our Block II is a whole different game from the D models retired back in 2010.” Sharky then took notice of Mao wrapping herself around her flight lead before his attention was grabbed by a busty blonde Krugan woman launching herself into view. “Rein Carter, Second Lieutenant! I saw you guys whispering like a pair of girls to yourselves earlier. Anyway I’m Zack’s number four and occasionally act as his number two.” She said with a wink before continuing, “I go by the TAC name Comet. I look forward to working with you!”

    “Oh; I more than look forward to working with you. By the way the name is Samya Suara, I go by the TAC name Shamu.” The dark skinned RIO grinned.

    “Likewise. The name is Sarathi Sarkar, better known to my friends as Sharky.” The F-14 pilot replied shortly after his friend. “It appears my wingmen have gone on ahead without us, you’ll probably get a chance to meet them after we get this over with.”

    “Seemed like they were more concerned with talking amongst themselves, guess it’s my turn then. Alyosha Denisov, Canis’ team’s number three. Better known to this trio of mental patients as Matchstick.” The Osean-Yuktobanian chortled.

    “Mental patients? Oh please. You’re just as responsible for contributing to this unit’s lunacy.” Mao laughed.


    “Nice to meet you.” Shamu spoke as Daciana left the room catching his eye as her hips swayed from side to side.

    “Damn she is good looking…” Alyosha spoke, stealing a glance at the departing Liaison.

    “Good luck getting anywhere near her man. There’s a reason why I liken her to a bunker.” Shamu quipped.

    “Anyways; I’m sure we’ll be able to talk some more once we this operation done and over with. You guys go to the O-Club around here?” Sharky asked.

    “We’ve hit it once before, it’s decent enough for what it is. We can all have a drink to celebrate.” Zack replied.

                    “Sounds like a plan. Welp. See you guys in the air.” The two PMC pilots took their leave to catch up with their wingmen. Hime meanwhile pecked Zack on the cheek, scooping up his hand as Major Graves passed by, the superior officer looking at them from the corner of her eye. “Okay guys; prepare for the mission and make sure everything is in order before we are wheels up.” Zack spoke “Meet up with me at the hangar after you are all geared up and ready for takeoff. Got it?” The four nodded together as Comet and Matchstick went to their quarters.


    “Yes Zack?”

    “Still nervous about flying at night?” Zack asked with a tinge of worry in his voice.

    “Not that much anymore after the brieifing and meeting our support. I have you too, I’ll be sure to stay close and watch your tail when we drop the hammer.” She smiled.

    “I’ll do the same for you.” Zack warmly expressed.

                    “Kon-Kon” Mao cutely said, receiving a kiss from Ferret. The couple separated as they began to make their way to their personal quarters. “You know we still have a couple hours before takeoff.” Mao sheepishly said to her beau. “Prepare for the job ahead of us first and then we can have a little fun before we strap ourselves in.” Zack responded. Mao nodded. “Of course sir.”

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