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    Raising Kayla


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    Raising Kayla

    Post by shomu1 on Sat Jul 25, 2015 4:35 pm

    Raising Kayla
    Ch. 1:
    August 30, 2026
    St. Francis Medical Center, Oured, Osea
    0100 Oured Standard Time
                   The members of AFO Vampire, accompanied by Reaper, burst into the waiting room of the maternity ward at St. Francis Medical Center, the biggest hospital in downtown Oured.  Seeing Shamu sitting there with Sharky’s parents reading an expired copy of “US Weekly,” Reaper asked, “Hey, what’s happening?  We came as soon as we could,” ignoring the shocked looks on the faces of the nurses, who were surprised to see 8 burly bearded men wearing combat fatigues along with a tall dark-skinned helo pilot rush into the waiting room.

                   Shamu looked up from his magazine and chuckled at the sight before replying, “Nah, you guys are good.  Sharky’s with Gale right now.  Contractions are a couple minutes apart still.  I think we got a bit of time.”

                   Dingo spoke up, “Boss, mind if I take a look?”

                   Genghis nodded.  “Go for it.”

                   Turning to the head nurse, Dingo asked, “Ma’am, could you direct me to the Sarkar room?  I would like to assist in any way I can.”

                   Surprised, the woman stammered, “I.. .  What?”

                   “Ma’am I am a medical professional.  I would like to assist in the delivery of the Sarkar baby in any form I can.”

                   “But…  But what are your credentials?  We can’t just let you walk in off the street.”

                   Dingo frowned, pulling a set of ID cards out of his wallet.  Handing them over to the nurse, he asked, “Will these do?”

                   Flipping through the cards quickly, the flustered nurse paused for a moment, but then nodded. Looking over his sweat and dirt-stained Multicam fatigues she added, “But you’ll have to scrub first.  You can’t wear…  That… into the delivery room.”

                   “Lead on, ma’am.”

                   As the nurse led Dingo off down the hallway, the rest of the team sat down.  Reaper joined his parents.  As he sat down, his mother crinkled her nose and asked in Bengali, “Eesh, tomaar akta garu er moton gondho.  Tuy snaan kore asshte parish ni?  Ugh, you smell like a cow.  Couldn’t you have showered before coming?”

    Reaper sighed, “Aami kaaj korchilam, maa.  Maj e kete chole aashlam.  Samay chilo na.  I was working, mom.  I cut it off halfway.  There wasn’t time.”

                   “Tumi kiiiiiiii faltu kaaj korchile maj rat e?  What silly work were you doing in the middle of the night?”

                   Reaper said exasperatedly, ”Maa, tumi jaano je aamar kaaj je kono shomoi hoi.  Ratre, dine, matter kore na.  Mom, you know I work regardless of what time it is.  Night, day, it doesn’t matter.”

                   Reaper’s mother grunted dismissively. “Thik aache.  Hok na hok, tumi oikhane bosho.  Gondho theke aamar bomi asche.  Fine.  Just go sit over there.  The smell is making me want to vomit.”

                   Reaper rolled his eyes as he moved to the seat indicated.  “Some things never change…” he thought.  Turning to his dad, he asked in Osean, “So have you been waiting long?”

    Dr. Sarkar shook his head and replied in accented Osean, “About an hour or two.  Chotu called us on the way to the hospital.  Samya was already waiting here.”

                   Shamu spoke up, “Yeah.  Good thing it was movie night, eh?”

                   Reaper chuckled, “Yeah, good thing.”  Easing back into the chair, he pulled a paperback book out of his pocket and began reading.  As he palmed through the pages of the dog-eared techno-thriller, the members of AFO Vampire paced about the room uneasily, habitually looking over the doors and windows to the room, assessing entry and exit routes, planning strongpoints, and thinking what in the room could be used as a weapon if necessary.  While his parents looked on in confusion, Reaper and Shamu, having seen this behavior before, calmly continued their reading.
    However, when Voodoo began experimentally pulling at the leg of a chair to see how much force it would take to break it, Reaper couldn’t ignore the Tier One operators any more.  Setting his book down, he snapped, “Guys.  Sit DOWN.  For fuck’s sake, you look like a bunch of wolves waiting for a squirrel to fall out of a tree.  That poor woman over there looks like she’s about to have a heart attack.”

    Chastened, the men sat down, Genghis saying apologetically, “Sorry, Reaper.  You know how it is.  Force of habit.”

                   Reaper chuckled, “Come on, guys.  How many times have you been to this place?  I would think you’d have everything memorized by –OWWW!  MAA!”

                   Reaper was interrupted by his mother slapping him over the head with a rolled up magazine.  “Tumi aakhono ei aaje baaje kotha bolcho?  Ato boish e? Chi, chi chi.  You’re still saying these bad words?  Even at your age?  Tsk, tsk, tsk.”

                   Massaging his forehead, Reaper retorted in Bengali, “Maa, aamar prai chollish bachar boish hoyeche.  Eita tumi charte paaro. Mom, I’m nearly forty years old.  You can give this one thing a rest.”

                   Reaper’s mom huffed.  “Chollish bachar ba aashi bachar, kichu jai ashe naa.  Baaje kotha hocche baaje kotha.  Forty years or eighty years, it doesn’t matter.  Bad words are bad words.”

                   Reaper sighed, “Ha maa…  Yes, mother…”  Hearing the snickers of the assembled special forces operators, Reaper whirled around and hissed, “Hey, I’ll remember this the next time you guys are all puking into your helmets and begging me to take it easy.”

                   Tick, who often had problems with airsickness, put his hands up defensively and said, “Sorry man, we just couldn’t help it.  I mean come on, the great Reaper getting the smackdown put on him by his mom.”

                   Voodoo chuckled, “Yeah, I love your mom, man.  Real classy lady.  I just wonder how YOU turned out like you did.”

                   As Reaper’s mom smiled at Voodoo and said, “Thank you.”  Glaring at her oldest son she continued, “I wonder the same thing at times.”

                   Reaper slouched down in his seat and reopened his book, grumbling under his breath, “Graduate from college with a masters in mechanical engineering.  Be asked to join not one, but TWO of the most prestigious helo units on the face of the earth.  Help save the world countless times.  But does that get me some slack?  Nooooooooooooooo…”

                   Chuckling, Shamu clasped the older man on his shoulder.  “I know the feeling, Reaper.  Every time I go home to visit it’s like, ‘SAMYA YOU DIDN’T DO YOUR LAUNDRY!’ or ‘SAMYA TAKE OUT THE TRASH!’”

                   Reaper shrugged and turned to his father.  “So dad, how are things with you?”

                   “Busy.  Lots of patients.”

                   “Well that’s good, I guess, but don’t you think you should take things easier?  I mean, that IS why you hired that other doctor, right?”

                   “You are right, but there are still so many consults I have to take.”

                   Reaper sighed, “Dad…”

                   As Reaper and his father discussed the older man’s apparent workaholism, Dingo opened the door to Gale’s room and stepped inside.  The scene inside was a marked contrast to the placid atmosphere of the waiting room outside.  Gale lay on the bed with her legs spread and covered with a sheet, her face covered in sweat and her normally well coiffured blonde locks matted and messy.

                   A doctor and a nurse, both wearing scrubs, hovered over the blonde, who was grunting in pain and squeezing the dear life out of Sarathi “Sharky” Sarkar, her husband, who stood to her left and held her hand for moral support.  Noticing the SF medic walk through the door, Sharky said, “Dingo?”

                   “Hey, Sharky.”

                   “Good, you guys made it.  Reaper with yinz?”



                   Dr. Chen, Sharky and Gale’s OBGYN, was not so friendly, however.  Turning to the new arrival, she asked, “I’m sorry, who are you?  Visitors are not allowed in right now.”

                   Dingo nodded, “I know this, ma’am.  I’m a family friend of the Sarkars’ and I’m here to assist in any way possible.”

                   Raising an eyebrow the woman asked, “Oh?  You have medical training?”

                   “Yes ma’am.  I did a year of training at Oured General.”

                   “What wing?”

                   “ER and trauma.”

                   “You ever deliver a baby?”

                   Dingo said confidently, “Yes ma’am.  Although the last time I did it I didn’t have the equipment in this room at my disposal.”

                   Confused, Dr. Chen said, “Wait a minute, Oured General has the same equipment…”

                   “I wasn’t at Oured General for that particular delivery, ma’am.”

                   “I see.  I assume you cannot tell me where you were?"

                   “That is correct.”

                   “Very well.  We’re on track at the moment, so there’s nothing much for you to do.  You can stand by Mr. Sarkar and continue timing her contractions.”

                   “Aye, aye.”  Dingo moved over next to Sharky.  The tall fighter pilot clasped him on the shoulder and said, “Glad you’re here, man.”

                   Dingo chuckled, “We didn’t really have a choice.  When he got the call Reaper cut our MOUT exercise short and dragged us over here before we could say otherwise.  You doing okay, Hurricane?”

                   Hearing her nickname, Gale grunted through the pain at the medic, “I’ll be fine when I get this FUCKING BABY OUT OF ME ALREADY!”

                   Dingo smiled and said, “Just breathe and it’ll be over soon enough.”

                   “It’d fucking better be!”

                   Turning to Sharky Dingo said, “Pregnancy hasn’t dampened that classic Hurricane vocabulary, I see.”

                   Sharky chuckled, “It’s been surprisingly tame so far.  It’s gonna get rather interesting soon, I thin… OWW!  Damnit, Gale I already can’t feel anything in my hand!”

                   Gale screamed, “WOULD YOU RATHER BE FEELING WHAT I’M FEELING?”

                   Sharky winced and said sheepishly, “Carry on…”
    1 hour later…

                   Voodoo grumbled as he flipped through the stack of magazines for the fifth time, “This is even more boring than watching paint dry.  Seriously, who picks out the magazines for these places?  They couldn’t even afford to pick up a coupla issues of Guns ‘n Ammo?”

                   Zeus, who was intently reading a copy of “Golfers’ Monthly,” said, “Hey, speak for yourself, V.  I’m picking up some GREAT tips for how to improve my golf game.”

                   Twisting around in his seat, Preacher raised an eyebrow.  “I didn’t know you played golf.”

                   “I don’t.  But YOU NEVER KNOW.”

                   Preacher simply rolled his eyes and turned back around.  As Voodoo began futilely shuffling through the magazines yet again, Dusty elbowed the M60 gunner.  “Hey, chill out.  We got company.”

                   A nurse emerged from Gale’s room. Walking into the waiting area, she announced, “Sarkar family?”  Instantaneously the members of AFO Vampire stood up in unison, followed at a slightly slower pace by Reaper, Shamu, and Sharky’s parents.  Taken aback by the sudden reaction, the nurse said awkwardly, “Er…  Only four of you can come in…”

                   The SF operators looked around at each other and then at Reaper.  Genghis said, “Uh, you should go.  We’ll wait here.”

                   Reaper nodded. With his parents and Shamu in tow, the helo pilot followed the nurse to the delivery room.  Inside, Gale lay back on the bed, exhausted, while Sharky stood next to her, cradling a small bundle of pink blankets.  As he saw his parents, brother, and RIO enter the room, he smiled and said, “I have a daughter, guys.”

                   Shamu grinned.  “Congrats, bro!”

                   Sharky’s father smiled, “Congratulations, son.”

                   “Thanks, dad.  Shamu, you wanna hold her?”

                   Shamu nodded.  “Absolutely.”  Taking the surprisingly quiet bundle from his pilot, he said, “She’s beautiful, man.  She looks just like Gale, but with your hair color.”

                   Sharky chuckled, “Personally I think she looks more like the mailman than she does me, but we’ll go with that.”

                   From the bed, Gale hissed, “You’re lucky I’m too exhausted to lift a finger, much less slap you silly.”

                   Tickling the baby’s nose with  a finger, Shamu asked, “You guys named her yet?”

                   Sharky shook his head.  “No, not yet.  We were waiting on my parents.  Maa, it’s up to you.”

                   Sharky’s mother pursed her lips for a moment before saying, “Actually,chotu, your father and I have made a decision.  Times have changed, and you all are more independent now.  We will give her her middle name.  The given name is up to you.”

                   Gale asked, “Maa, are you sure?  We held off so we could follow the tradition.”

                   “Yes, I am sure.  As I said, times have changed.”

                   Sharky asked, “Maa, do you have a name decided?”

                   “Yes.  Soumi.”

                   “As in after Didimoni?”


                   Sharky mused, “Kayla Soumi Sarkar…  Has a nice ring to it.”

                   Gale smiled, “It’s perfect.”

                   Sharky’s mother asked, “May I hold her?”

                   Shamu said, “Oh, right.  Sorry.  Here you go.”

                   The baby Kayla was passed around the room.  When she got to Reaper, the helo pilot chuckled, “She’s gonna be a heartbreaker when she grows up, little bro.  You and Gale did good.”

                   Gale smiled and Sharky said, “Thanks, big bro.  Knowing her mom, I’m not surprised.” In response, Gale blushed.  Sharky thought for a few minutes before saying, “You know, it’s funny.”

                   Shamu asked, “What is?”

                   “Remember what date it is?”

                   “The thirtieth of… Oh…”

                   “On this date all those years ago I got started on the path to where I am today.  And now I’ve hit another milestone, on the same date.  Kinda poetic, if you think about it.”

                   Shamu nodded.  “Yeah. 

                   “And I gotta say, if I could go back, I wouldn’t do a single thing differently.  Beautiful wife, beautiful daughter, loving family, great friends.  I have no regrets.”

                   Shamu grinned.  “I’m glad to hear that, man.”

                   Dr. Sarkar also smiled, “Chotu, I may not agree completely with what you or your brother do for a living, but to hear you say that makes me extremely proud.”

                   “Thanks, dad.”

                   The moment was interrupted by Zeus sticking his head through the door.  “Is little Sharknado here yet?  Can we see her?  Voodoo’s about ready to bust the door down.”

                   Gale chuckled, “Yeah, Zeus.  Come on in.”

                   As Zeus, Genghis, and Voodoo filed in quietly, Dr. Sarkar said, “Well, it is getting late for us.  We will see you again in the morning.”
    Sharky asked, “You sure?”

                   “Yes.  As Subro said, we are getting old, and we need our sleep.”

                   “Okay.  We’ll see you tomorrow, or, well, later today.”

                   After Sharky’s parents left, Voodoo took Kayla in his arms while the rest of the team entered the room.  The big machine gunner immediately melted, smiling and cooing at the baby, completely oblivious to the amused looks of his teammates. 

                   Chuckling at Voodoo’s abrupt transformation, Genghis asked, “So what’s her name?”

                   Gale said, “Gentlemen, meet Kayla Soumi Sarkar.”

                   Zeus, who had taken custody of Kayla from Voodoo, said, “Awesome, you guys.” Turning to Gale he said, “Hurricane, you’re gonna have to be careful with this one.  I got a feeling little Sharknado’s gonna break lots of hearts when she grows up.”

                   Gale chuckled, “That’s exactly what Reaper said.”

                   The assorted operators began laughing.  However, confused by the sudden burst of noise, Kayla began crying.  Startled, Zeus stammered, “Er…  Uh…  I didn’t do anything, I swear!”

                   Gale waved him off.  “You’re fine.  She’s just tired.  Here, give her to me.” 

                   Zeus handed Gale the squalling baby while Genghis said, “Well, if everything’s squared away, we should probably let you guys get some rest.  We’ve gotta finish up the exercise, too.”

                   Reaper spoke up, “Yeah, true.  We should get going.”

                   Sharky said, “Well, alrighty then.  Thanks for coming, guys.”

                   Voodoo said, “You kiddin’?  We wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

                   The rest of the SF operators bid farewell and filed out, leaving Gale, Sharky, Shamu, and the baby Kayla as the only occupants in the room.  “So…”  Shamu’s voice broke the silence.

                   “Yeah, Shams?”  Sharky looked at his RIO questioningly.

                   “You guys have a kid now.”

                   Gale rolled her eyes and said sarcastically, “Yes.  I do believe that was the point of the last three hours of chaos along with the last nine months of madness.”

                   Shamu protested, “No, that’s not what I meant.  You guys aren’t gonna be all boring parent types and shi- sorry, stuff now, are you?  Because I’d rather not have to get used to working with another pilot.”

                   Gale frowned and fixed the Sotoan RIO with a scathing look.  “It’s like you don’t even know us.”

                   Sharky chuckled, “Don’t worry, buddy.  We already talked about it.  We’re gonna be cutting back on the deployments and whatnot, but we’ll still go out on occasion.”

                   Shamu nodded, “Good to know.  I should get out of here too.  Daci’s gonna be wanting to know the news.”

                   “Alright buddy.”

                   Gale said, “See ya, bud.  Tell Daci we missed her.”

                   “Will do.  She wanted to come, but she’s got work tomorrow, and you know how she gets.”

                   Gale and Sharky both chuckled, “Yeah, we know.  See you tomorrow, bud.”

                   “Yeah.”  With a wave of farewell, Shamu also left, leaving the two new parents to dote on the newest addition to the Sarkar family.

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    Re: Raising Kayla

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    And so, the Shark and his Hurricane bring a new life into the world. Beautiful work Sharky! XD

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    Re: Raising Kayla

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    Welp Kayla, have fun dealing with your dad when you reach dating age. Razz

    And dealing with you-know-who's head of DU. >_>


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    Re: Raising Kayla

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    Yay babies! (well baby)

    Great job Shomu, I got warm fuzzy feelings all over from this story. I eagerly await more adventures with the newest member off the Sarkar family.

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    Re: Raising Kayla

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