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    ONS Backstory, Rules, and Units


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    ONS Backstory, Rules, and Units

    Post by Ronin201 on Fri Jun 19, 2015 1:59 pm

    Here is where you can find an introduction/reference to the RP, Operation Neptune's Shield.

    Operation Neptune's Shield

    The year is 2018, the fourth year of war between The Holy Union of Kedahn and Kingdom of Shamlak. At first, it was a fairly limited conflict, more or less constant border skirmishes and shifts of who owned what land. Now things are beginning to spill over as the world’s oil supply may become an innocent victim. Reports are released daily about the possibility of foreign mercenaries in the area, and that the countries are beginning to expand their battlefronts and make more brutal their tactics. The UN Security Council, in the wake of a devastating attack by Kedahn on a cluster of Ustian-owned oil rigs (suspected of protecting Shamlaki military assets), has decided to pass Resolution 2190, allowing the formation of a coalition to secure international assets in the region and protect them from the warring powers. Osea, Ustio, Yuktobania, and Emmeria make up the coalition, bringing forth their best forces to help. But even their presence may not stop Kedhani strongman General Rashon Sawari and his adversary, King Ah-Falis. Rumors also hang that they may be ready to unite for the time being, and do so with the help of more powerful weapons.


    UN Task Force (Headquarters: Al-Faziz, Republic of Isara)
    Commander: General Arnold Earle, Osean Air Force
    Osea (Task Force Resolve)
    Commander: Lieutenant General George Dixon, Osean Air Force
    Units Involved
    -Carrier Battle Group 6/CVW-9
    -OFS Excalibur (CVN-51)
    -OFS Valiant (CG-103)
    -OFS Joseph Steward (CG-91)
    -OFS Jack T. Bennet (DDG-221)
    -OFS Liberty (DDG-108)
    -OFS St. Francis (SSN-334)
    -OFS Provider (T-AOE-15)
    -Marine Amphibious Group 4 (Includes 13th MEU)
    -OFS Greenfield (LHA-5)
    -OFS Harper (LSD-22)
    -OFS Thomas Boughman (LPD-40)
    -OFS Raiper (CG-124)
    -OFS John J. Bailmore (DDG-241)
    -OFS Nicholas Kurren (DDG-191)
    -OFS Bozer Straits (SSN-201)
    -11th Air Force Expeditionary Wing
    -Marine Air Group 9
    -1st Special Operations Wing (Army/Air Force/Rosenthal Incorporated)
    -1st Special Operations Force, Delta Detachment (Delta Force)

    Ustio (Task Force Saber)
    Commander: General Ernest Talch, Ustian Army
    Units Involved
    -6th Air Division (Provisional)
    -18th Airborne Division
    -Ustian Special Missions Force

    Emmeria (Task Force Ange)
    Commander: Corps General Louis SeViller, Emmerian Army
    Units Involved
    -2nd Emmerian Fleet
    -EFS Gracemeria (R81)
    -EFS Silvat (D301)
    -EFS Sipili (D311)
    -EFS LeBlanca (D631)
    -EFS Stallion (D616)
    -EFS LaPointe (M177)
    -EFS Khesed (S302)
    -EFS San Loma (A331)
    -4th Air Force Battle Group
    -2nd Maritime Commando Unit

    Yuktobania (16th Naval Fleet/Southwest Military District)
    Commander: General Sergei Goglinov, Yuktobanian Air Force
    Units Involved
    -2nd Pacific Sea Fleet
    -Aircraft Carrier Cinigrad
    -Crusier Muranski
    -Destroyer Itapoli
    -Destroyer Slavka
    -Submarine Iglanev
    -Submarine Yurnuv
    -4th Air and Air Defense Command
    -16th Airborne Division
    -32nd Armored Division (Guards)
    -7th Spetznaz Regiment, Detachment 77


    Holy Union of Kedahn (Captial: Fasil)
    Commander: General Rashon Sawari

    -Air Force
    MiG-29M Fulcrum
    Su-27M Flanker
    F-7MG Airguard
    JH-7A Leopard
    Tu-22M Backfire
    IL-76D Candid
    C-160D Transall
    KJ-2000 AWACS
    Mi-35M Hind
    Mi-17KF Hip
    MD500 Defender
    SA-20 Gargoyle

    EE-3 Jararaca
    SA-19 Grison
    SA-6 Gainful
    GV6 Renoster
    BM-27 Uragan

    Atlantique 2
    Eurocopter Dauphin
    Sovremenny-class destroyer
    Moudge-class frigate
    La Combattante IIA-class fast attack craft
    Type 021-Class missile boat

    Kingdom of Shamlak (Captial: Ah-Raham)
    Commander: King Ah-Falis

    -Air Force
    EF2000 Typhoon
    F-16F Desert Falcon
    Mirage 2000-9
    C-130H Hercules
    C-17A Globemaster
    E-767 AWACS
    EA-200B Stalker
    SA.330H Puma
    Eurocopter AS350

    Denel Rooivalk
    SA.330H Puma
    Eurocopter AS350
    Type 99 MBT
    Dardo IFV
    Type 96 APC
    ATF Dingo 2
    Type 87 SPAAG
    Crotale NG
    Bateleur MLRS

    P-3C Orion
    HM1 Merlin
    Al Ridyah-class frigate
    Badr-Class corvette
    Manta fast-attack boat
    Osa II missile boat

    UN Task Force NPC weapons

    F-21A Thunderhawk
    F-22A Raptor
    F-35A/B/C JSF
    F/A-18E/F Super Hornet
    F-15E Strike Eagle
    A-10C Thunderbolt II
    B-1B Lancer
    B-2A Spirit
    E/A-18G Grolwer
    E-3F Sentry
    E-8C J-STARS
    E-2D Hawkeye
    C-2A Greyhound
    C-17 Globemaster
    C-130 series
    C-5B Galaxy
    RC-135 Rivet Joint
    KC-10 Extender
    AH-1Z Viper
    UH-1Y Venom
    MH-6J Little Bird
    MH-60M Blackhawk
    SH-60R Seahawk
    V-22 Osprey series
    M1A2 Abrams
    M109A6 Paladin
    M142 HIMARS
    MIM-104 Patriot
    Arleigh Burke-class destroyer
    Ticonderoga-class crusier
    LA-class submarine
    Nimitz-class carrier
    America-class LHA
    San Antonio-class LPD
    Whidbey Island-class LSD
    Kaiser-class supply ship

    EF2000 Typhoon
    Mirage 2000D
    E-767 AWACS
    C-130 series
    SA.330H Puma
    AH-1W Super Cobra

    Rafale M/C/B
    Mirage 2000-5
    E-2C Hawkeye
    Airbus A-400M
    KC-135R Stratotanker
    SA.330H Puma
    Eurocopter Tiger
    Eurocopter Dauphin
    Charles De Gaulle-class carrier
    Horizon-class destroyer
    Aquitaine-class frigate
    Rubis-class submarine
    Eridan-class mine hunter
    Durance-class supply ship

    Su-27K Sea Flanker
    Su-35BM Flanker
    MiG-33A Fulcrum
    Su-25KM Frogfoot
    Su-34 Strike Flanker
    Tu-160M Blackjack
    A-50 Mainstay
    IL-76 Candid
    An-225 Mriya
    Mi-28N Havoc
    Mi-17MD Hip
    Mi-26TC Halo
    Ka-27/2931 Helix
    T-90S MBT
    2S19 Msta
    BM-30 Smerch
    SA-19 Grison
    SA-20 Gargoyle
    Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier
    Slava-class crusier
    Udaloy II-class destroyer
    Akula-class submarine

    Rules (In addition to the rules of ES)
    -Etiquette i.e. Common Sense: Most of you are probably able to figure this out, but just so its official, don’t be a dick and keep it PG-13/VERY mild R. No heavy gore, heavy sexual content (passing refs are okayish), or heavy language. Rib-poking is okay if in good nature, but don’t go too far. Violation of this rule can result in enforced hiatus from the RP or removal from it, as well as the possibility of extra actions by ES Staff (if they deem it fit). Also, proper editing of posts’ spelling and grammar is encouraged.

    -Aircraft Selection/OCs/Mary Sues: More common sense, but don’t try to make some ultimate ace who never gets shot down, wins every woman’s heart and knows everything about aircraft. No one likes that, and if you try to push it, you may be removed from the RP. In addition, any aircraft that is Gen 4.5 or less is welcome, even original designs! No Gen 5s will be allowed outside of NPCs and special occasions, however. On a related note, your OC must be enlisted in the military of one of the member countries provided (Osea, Yuktobania, Ustio, or Emmeria). A character could be born in, say, Erusea, but not a member of their armed forces (though exchange pilots may get a free pass). Also, no playing canon characters, please. For the most part, they won’t be involved anyway.

    -Participation: Try to be as active as you can! We’re here to have fun! If you gotta go away a while, please inform me. And don’t be afraid if you gotta be on hiatus a while, just communicate. We understand that life happens, but please don’t be rude and hold up the RP.

    -Follow the ROE and canon of the RP: There will be a basic plot that is grounded and must be obeyed, though much of the story will be decided by the actions of the participants, but this is no place to be a hotshot. Violation of the Rules Of Engagement (whatever they are at the given time) set up by HQ may result in OCs being “court-martialed” or getting removed from the RP/put on hiatus. Remember, this is a peacekeeping mission in the beginning. In addition, this RP may have a different canon from your perception, so please respect that. OCs will be given flexibility with what jets they can pilot, but NPC units will retain the weapons they have as listed (note, this doesn't mean you can't use these outside Gen 5 aircraft, it just means that's what NPC units may have). I will control any OPFOR units and their actions as well.

    -The Number of OCs you have: Don't be going crazy, but as long as you can manage them all, you can have several OCs. One thing I can reccomend is doing it ACAH style, with a main OC or two and the rest being background charas to complete the squad.

    (Send me a PM that you want to join before filling this out and posting it)

    OC Sheet Template
    Affiliation (National/Military):
    TAC Name:

    Have fun!

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