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    Armored Core: Frontier Requiem



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    Armored Core: Frontier Requiem

    Post by Angvir on Wed Oct 14, 2015 10:12 am

    It's been a short decade since the Verdict War was put to a ceasefire, the destruction of the Reaper Squad and its nebulous leader J having stopped the three factions in their tracks. The attack of the UNACs, the crumbling of the foundation, and the remnants of war machines across the entire landscape crafted from the interiors of the gigantic Towers which littered the landscape were memories of a solid, full-blown world war which had slowly calmed down to more of an unfriendly stalemate. Passages were safe again between territories, and soon, mankind began to fully rebuild itself on the once desolate and poisonous wastes that dotted the surface of the Earth. Of course, all is not completely well, as those who desire power and governance over the citizenship and resources would do everything in their power to grasp at it, even subversively, where they would hope the prying eyes of the other factions would be unable to gaze upon their...unscrupulous activities.

    Instead of fighting full-on wars with each other, using their own forces and disturbing the slowly budding colonies of people trying to eke out a new existence among the barren wastes, the factions have taken to using proxy groups of Ravens, elite mercenaries who pilot the machines known as Cored Muscle Tracers. The Armored Core. Utilizing backup regiments of mismatched and ragtag mercenaries for hire with outdated equipment or weaker MTs in order to supplement the power of a few Ravens, these small pocket conflicts have gone far and wide, creating strife for the people clinging to their meager communities and infantile cities. The skirmishes seem to stir within the giant Towers activity as well, the occasional mechanical horror or beast arising from its slumber to assault any mercenary unlucky enough to get too close to the entrance of the gigantic structure. 

    These, too, offer incentive for warfare, with the factions trying to appease their members by offering the idea that inside is salvation, technology waiting to be rediscovered to terraform the ruined earth, all the while whetting their greedy appetites for power and an edge over their opponents.

    You are Ravens, but not just any Ravens. You are of the mercenary company known as the Ninth Halo, a substantial player in the grand scheme of the proxy wars. Unlike many other large 'corporations,' Ninth Halo operates strictly independently, no loyalty to any one faction, and always checks the current state of affairs before assigning jobs. For them, starting a world-scale conflict would be the worst possible outcome, and humanity is not yet ready to retreat under the soil once more.

    Be warned, however. Something sinister lurks in the desert sands. There are reports of artificial intelligences still running amok, and the black boxes of some Armored Cores that were recovered show what look to be unmanned Cores, shuffling through the desolate plains, or slumped against destroyed buildings...only to wake again when they deem an adversary is near.

    Your first mission...will you accept?

    - - - - - - - - - - - -

    This RP will take place just a decade after Verdict Day, and the fall of the Reaper Squad and Foundation, coinciding with the release of the Towers from their sleep. Every one of us is a Raven, an elite mercenary trained to utilize the machine known as an Armored Core, a 5-meter tall titan of warfare. Each Armored Core can be customized with different color schemes, weapons, parts, even voices for the data computers and main interface inside, as well as tuned to every pilot's specification.

    Each Raven can also have a backup team, or be part of a partnership underneath the umbrella of Ninth Halo, but the higher ups limit the number of units to 2 ACs per squad. ACs are far too precious a commodity to lose by deploying entire squadrons for a task. These backup teams, as a result, will usually consist of intelligence-gathering or fire-support personnel, equipped with mobile recon or MTs to support the Raven in combat.

    An AI may be used, as AIs have been discovered, and some are perhaps more friendly than others. Or, they have been around humans enough to the point where humans cannot tell if what they're talking to is truly there or not.

    Armored Cores have defined loadouts. Unknown weapons or additional structures will not be tolerated unless granted special permissions. These weapons endanger the lives of those who use them as well as anyone around them.

    There have been reports of human experimentation with what appears to be technology derived from inside the Towers. How this has occurred is unknown. Individuals may possess unusual traits; see medical specialist for more details. (I.E, I can give you a list of Human-Plus or Operation-INTENSIFY abilities, and I shall disperse them throughout the RP. However, they do come with drawbacks. Be prepared. AI can have 1 off the start, such as ignoring weight limits and optimizing an AC's recoil control system.)

    Currently, a standard Armored Core for Ninth Halo is set up as follows:
    HD: HC-129
    CORE: CA-215
    ARM: AGEMAKI mod. 3
    FCS: FA-215
    BOOST: BA-124

    Default color scheme is desert tan with a white, yellow and red ring on a black banner field printed on the left shoulder. This has to be visible-it is the only identifier of what company you are with.

    Weapons are customizable as follows:

    Total weight and energy usage shall not exceed loading weight of the legs and energy capacity of the generator.

    Fill out the roster below for identification purposes, as well as the identification and registration of your backup.

    Call Sign:
    AC Name:
    Faction associated with previously (if warranted):

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