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    "Last Mag"


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    "Last Mag"

    Post by shomu1 on Fri Nov 20, 2015 6:42 pm

    Unknown Location

    Federal Republic of Verusa


    0200 Hours Cinigrad Standard Time

    “Last mag!”  

    “Take this, it’s all I got left!”

    “These fuckers just KEEP coming, don’t they?”  Voodoo, AFO Vampire’s M60 gunner, growled as he fired off another short burst from his Mk. 43, attempting to conserve his rapidly dwindling stock of ammunition.

    “Yeah, because YOU had to go and piss them off!” Zeus, the team’s JTAC, yelled over the din of incoming fire.

    “Shaddup and get us some goddamned CAS, why don’t ya?”  Voodoo retorted, dropping down behind the hulk of one of the team’s Humvees to reload.  

    “I can’t make the helos go faster, ya know!”

    Genghis, the team leader, turned his head away from the stock of his HK416 to say as calmly as possible in the raging firefight, “Both of you quit bitching and help keep us from being overrun.”

    Preacher, his assistant, commented, “It’s not looking good, boss.  We’re up against a wall here.”

    “I know.  But we got no other choice.”

    Preacher’s reply was cut off by the detonation of a set of Claymores.  Voodoo yelled, “That’s the last line!”

    Dusty called down from the roof of one of the Humvees, “They still got more comin’, guys.” His country drawl was punctuated with the crack of his and Odin, his partner’s, rifles as they attempted to drop essential enemy personnel.  Even with the frighteningly accurate and lethal fire the members of Vampire were putting out, the tide of Veruseans rushing up the hill towards them showed no sign of slackening.  

    Odin’s rifle cracked for the final time as he called, “I’m out!”  followed a moment later by Dusty making the same call.

    “Alright get off the roof!”  At Genghis’ order the two snipers clambered down from their perch, taking up positions next to Dingo and Tick, the medic and SAW gunner.  As the amount of outgoing fire decreased as the members of Vampire slowly ran out of ammo, Genghis yelled at Zeus, “Where are those fucking helos?”

    “They’re still ten minutes out!”

    “We’ll be dead for five by then!”

    “I’m trying, boss!”

    Finally, Voodoo’s Pig fell silent.  The big Bana native crouched back down behind the front tire of the Humvee and said with a touch of sadness as he set down the machine gun, drawing his tomahawk, “Well, that’s all she wrote.”

    Zeus looked over at him and raised a fist.  “Hey.  It’s never over.”

    A sly smile crossed Voodoo’s face.  As he pounded fists with the JTAC, he said, “Never.”

    Preacher yelled, “INCOMING!”  As he did so the first few Veruseans came screaming around the Humvees.  The first one jumped over the hood of Voodoo’s Humvee.  Voodoo grabbed the man by the collar and headbutted him in the nose, throwing him to the ground before burying the tomahawk in his chest.  At the same time Zeus dropped a pair with point-blank shots to the gut from his FNX-45 as they came around the back of the truck.  The Rosenthal troopers fought like barbarians of old, punching, kicking, and stabbing as the first squad of Veruseans broke through their lines.  Genghis stabbed one in the throat as he came over the hood of his Humvee.  Preacher snapped the neck of another.  Zeus and Voodoo eviscerated a pair as they attempted to get the drop on Dusty while he tangled with another.  Finally, after what seemed like an hour of brutal brawling, the first adventurous squad of Verusean troopers lay bleeding on the ground.  However, it still wasn’t over.  The first squad was down, but their brothers were madder than ever and thirsting for revenge.  

    As they began running towards Vampire’s position, a familiar female voice came over Zeus’ radio.  “Vamp, get in a hole!”

    Zeus yelled, “COVER!”  The 8 operators dove to the ground as the hillside below, and half of the advancing Veruseans, disappeared in a cloud of smoke and flame.  Zeus looked up to see the ghostly outlines of a pair of MH-76 Blackfoots roar overhead, spitting fire like otherworldly demons from above.  Laughing, he yelled, “Voodoo, there’s your CAS!”  

    Grabbing the hand mike, Genghis crowed, “Hurricane, have I mentioned how fucking glad I am to see you?”

    Gale “Hurricane” Sarkar, flying one of the Blackfoots, laughed, “All the damn time.  Now dump the trucks and get your asses to the LZ!”

    “Copy that!  Alright gents time to kiss this hellhole goodbye!”

    Voodoo snorted, “About fuckin’ time!”  The members of Vampire grabbed their gear and headed towards their landing zone, just past the crest of the hill, with Voodoo stopping to toss a pair of thermite grenades into the Humvees to turn the all-terrain vehicles into molten piles of slag.  With the Blackfoots covering their withdrawal, Vampire made it to the landing zone just as a CV-22 Osprey thundered past and settled in a break in the trees, its ramp lowered with the crew chief beckoning frantically to them.  The operators wasted no time rushing aboard.  Once the full team was on board, the crew chief radioed to the pilot to take off, and the big tiltrotor immediately gained altitude.

    As they flew away from the battle, the scene came into view from the Osprey’s rear ramp.  The Blackfoots continued making runs, intent on annihilating every last Verusean in the area.  The hillside was completely littered with bodies.  Awestruck, the crew chief said to Genghis, who was standing next to him, “Jeez, those guys REALLY wanted you dead.”


    “I can’t believe you guys got out of there in one piece.”

    Dingo, who was examining the rest of the team and patching them up where possible, spoke up, “They didn’t bring enough garlic.”

    A smile crossed Genghis’ face as he left the ramp and took a seat.  As he tilted his head back and shut his eyes, he said, “They never do.  They never do.”



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    6x AIM-154C
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    14x AGM-118 Brimstone
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