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    The Round Table LP group

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    The Round Table LP group

    Post by Jason The Salt on Tue Jan 12, 2016 8:57 pm

    So, Now that I finally started Game Capture, I'd like to start some dry runs of ACL's Youtube group.

    Here is how the works work.

    1) I record some gameplay, off of what systems I have.
    2) I Distribute the Video, so we all are on the same page
    3) We come up with a script for the published video
    4) We Record the Script and Record the audio
    5) I combine the commentary with the video
    6) Upload to the ACL YT page

    So, With the first few videos recorded, I would like some braze fools to test out the rest of the steps. If you have skype, or can suggest another group VoIP system that can be recorded.

    Post here if you want to be in the next step of ACL! and a good time you are able to get together.


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