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    ONS Part 1 (Archived)


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    ONS Part 1 (Archived)

    Post by Ronin201 on Fri Jun 19, 2015 2:18 pm

    Part One of ONS for anyone who wants to read it and catch up.

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    Re: ONS Part 1 (Archived)

    Post by Ronin201 on Fri Jun 19, 2015 2:20 pm

    March 3, 2018
    OFS Excalibur (CVN-51)
    Local Time 0930

    The hall was empty on the carrier, except for two men in green flight suits and red turtleneck shirts. The one in front was skinny and shorter compared to his big, muscular friend. Each was lugging a duffle bag as they walked. Each had the standard Osean flag and black Osean Navy name patches, but what made them stand out among other pilots on this ship, at least to them, were the patches on their right shoulders and on their chests across from their name tags. The first identified them as F-21A Thunderhawk pilots, and the second marked them as proud members of VF-138, the Red Ronin.

    “She seriously said she’d be there?” Eric asked as he and his wingman walked down the corridor of their carrier. Mark nodded.

    “She is an intelligence officer, after all.” He pointed out in his country drawl. Eric nodded, and then looked back.

    “You know if you film whatever happens, you could make money off it.”

    “Yeah Tex?”

    “Shut up.”

    Lt. Eric Bradford only grinned to his bigger friend. Lt. Mark Walker gave him an unimpressed look. They’d been near-brothers for a long time, and it was only natural that one day they’d go into combat together (neither had yet to see actual fighting). Though, at the time this was only a peacekeeping mission; they couldn’t fire the second they saw a potential hostile. To both that wasn’t too bad. Like all soldiers, they secretly hated the idea of war.

    “So why did they choice us again?” the blonde asked.

    “Remember, we aren’t the highest-ranking officers. VAQ-114 and VF-3 reps are coming too.” Mark told him.

    The only real reason they were probably coming was family prestige. BOTH were from a line of warriors; Mark’s lineage was near-legendary. Eric’s family name had its own fame, but that was more recent. Mark’s went back well into the 1600s.

    “Speaking of superior officers.” Eric said.

    They noted a familiar face down the hall; the Operations Officer of VF-3, “Sunny Jim” Lovell. They stopped and gave him a smile.

    The older Naval Aviator quickly noticed the two younger pilots. He wore a very similar outfit to them, with one key difference: in the place of the VF-138 patch lay the black and white cartoon cat carrying a bomb: VF-3 the Tomcatters, one of the oldest squadrons in the Osean Navy.

    Sunny returned the smile and greeted them.

    "Eyep, waiting to whisked away from my beloved Tomcatters to ride heard to a couple of JO's not even from own squadron" Sunny shrugged his shoulders with theatrical despair. He followed up by hanging his head till only the blond top of his head was available. He made sure they could not see his grin.

    Jay Riley walked briskly down the hall, followed by his WSO Harold O'Connor, their boot heels clunking on the floor. They wore Green flight suits too, but had a very different patch on their sleeve and chest. Their patch bore two crossed SAMs with a silhouette of the EF-40, the Osean Navy's latest Iron Hand aircraft. On their chest they bore the patch of VAQ-114 "The Aardvarks"

    Riley saluted the small group of fighter jocks and said, Mornin' guys, how are you?"

    O"Connor was not nearly as awake as Ack-Ack was and only mumbled a greeting to the crowed.

    "So, ready to rumble?" Asked Ack-Ack.

    Both men grinned. Despite being in another squadron (and thus holding some status as a rival), they both appreciated Sunny's ways.

    "Well sir for this little trip you can be an honorary member of VF-138." Eric assured, patting the man's shoulder. Mark was the first to greet the Phantom drivers.

    "I'd say I'm ready to stop being cramped up with 5000 other people." Mark commented, giving Ack-Ack a jesting wink.

    "I heard that, though for now we gotta be cramped up inside a friggin COD, facing backwards, I might add." Eric added in as he walked towards the door, putting ear plugs in their proper places.

    Beyond that and some stairs was the flight deck, baked in the spring sun. A few jets were up top today, mainly F-21s and F-35s. Their transport; a single C-2A Greyhound from VRC-88, sat near one of the starboard aircraft elevators; its wings folded. The ramp was lowered, waiting for the men to board. Eric was the first in, with his friend Mark not too far behind.

    "Honorary Ronin…" Sunny rubs his shaved face. Mostly to warm his head in the face of the rather cool weather this morning.

    "Not bad, not bad, but you guys can't hold a candle to my squadron. We've been flying and fighting since the days of props and wooden flight decks!" Sunny grins wider for a moment before following the two pilots to the Greyhound.

    He turns his head towards the Aardvarks.

    "Mornin' fellows, keep standing there like that and you'll be left behind!"

    "Yessir!" They said and followed the Thunderhawk pilots out.

    Ack-Ack grinned and turned to Eric yelling over the jet noise "It could be worse, ever flown over with a bunch of shore officer's in rough weather, That is the WORST!"

    Boomer had recovered after a couple of breathes of sea air, and was third in line to get on the COD. With Ack-Ack behind him. They secured themselves in their seats and got comfortable, at least as comfortable as you can in a COD.

    March 3, 2018
    United Stations HQ
    Al-Faziz, Capital of the Republic of Isara
    Local Time 0930

    Spit-shined shoes, ebony-black dress pants, matching suit jacket, white dress shirt, and a blue tie. This was the life of a man who dedicated his life to peacekeeping when he needed to come back for another briefing. Office window open staring out over the surrounding area, smoking blowing smoke out into the wind to disperse and vanish. Hershel Price was nearly certain he was not allowed to smoke in the building but he had nerves to quiet down. He cannot afford to lose his brown hair to grey faster than he already was. One last drag before putting it out. Staring out into the sky the man spoke softly to himself, "Let's see if this coalition can do what we couldn't."

    He turned around before sitting in the undersized desk that was left for him in this temporary office he was provided for the time being. He had a good deal of reading to do regarding what this whole operation was going to be and not a moment too soon as he was being sent to sit down with those leading this operation. He began to flip through one of the file folders that was left for him to review. Hershel already knew he was essentially the UN's humanitarian mouth-piece in all this but he had his concerns that an intervention by numerous nations could make things spiral out of control. That's peacekeeping for you.

    "Mr. Price, it is okay if I enter?" A feminine voice laced with a Yuktobanian accent requested.

    Hershel closed the file folder and moved it aside as the knock reverberated through the room. He cleared his throat as he looked up to the door, "Yes, of course. Come right in." He realized the woman had a Yuktobanian accent and he was curious if she was a UN employee or an agent of her government.

    A young, athletic woman in Yuktobanian military attire entered. She had long blonde hair that seemed to sit on the very edge of what was acceptable in her line of work, with two bangs framing her face. She had no makeup on, but still retained a sense of beauty. She held the rank of Junior Lieutenant.

    "Junior Lieutenant Ekaterina Notolvich, sir. My superiors said to notify you when today's staff meeting began." She said with a polite smile. her accent was present, but not overbearing.

    Meanwhile, the C-2 was guided onto the #3 catapult of OFS Excalibur. Once it was in place, its wings extended outwards and locked into place, and upon the correct signal, revved up its engines to full power. The cat crew watched as the fat plane sat ready to go. In the back, Eric closed his eyes. He didn't like the fact that he was essentially cargo for this ride. He wanted to be in control of the machine he was aboard. Mark said nothing, he just waited for the cat shot. It came without warning and sent the plane down the track and into the sky.

    "Welcome to my temporary office, Lieutenant Notolvich." Hershel smiled. "It has been quite some time since I heard an Yuktobanian accent. A few ethnic Yuktobanians with Osean citizenship served with my back in me army days and a few others served under me in my peacekeeping efforts. But, thank you for the notification. How long until your superiors believe the other attendees will arrive? I would hate to be too early now."

    She smiled and nodded.
    "I am pleased to find a person who appreciates my heritage. Anyways, the guests shall arrive in a matter of a few hours, but the general staff is gathered. General Earle requests you join his staff to greet them." Ekaterina informed him.

    O'Connor had already fallen asleep after only 5 minutes in the air. Riley shook his head and grinned. He turned towards Eric, who he noticed had become all tense at the launch.

    "You okay Bradford? I hate those shots about as much as you do!"

    "Yeah, I'd rather be able to see when the cat officer gives the signal, know what I mean?" He replied.

    The middle aged man nodded and retained his smile, "It has been a very long time since I have had the pleasure of seeing General Arnold Earle again. Absolutely, I would hate to keep the general and his staff waiting." Hershel chuckled, "If only you got here sooner, he wouldn't of had to wait." It was clear that the lieutenant general's statement was simply a jest. "But seriously, lead the way Lieutenant."

    Chris Riley tapped his watch and looked up. "Late as usual, Navy knows nothing about being on time." Charlotte Redford rolled her eyes. "Hey, I'd say my NJROTC class new something about being on time."

    "Probably because your instructor was a Marine!" Quipped Hannibal Reinheimer. The pilots and WSOs stood outside the UN HQ/Hotel, waiting for their Navy and Rosenthal counterparts.

    "With pleasure, sir." Ekaterina smiled.

    She did a perfect about face and walked the UN official down a hall to an elevator, which was guarded by a single plain-clothes UN guard. A few floors down there was further activity in the UN's primary operations. staff members were rushing about and typing furiously on computers. General Arthur Earle, Osean Air Force, had his own makeshift office in a far corner. He was a skinny man with a long nose, and a perpetually sad face. His mouth formed into a smile when Price entered. Ekaterina saluted the man.

    "Lieutenant Ekaterina Notolivich reporting with Hershel Price, General." She said. the general motioned for her to relax.

    "Mr. Price, take a seat." Earle said, a distinct southern accent in his words.

    March 3, 2018
    Al-Faziz, Capital of the Republic of Isara
    Local Time 0900

    Sharky and Shamu hopped out of the cockpit of their F-14D Quickstrike to walk over to the MC-17s where the 426th SOAR and AFO Triton were unloading their gear. Reaper, Sharky's brother and CO of the SOAR, noticed the two's approach and said, "Well, well. The prodigal son and his plucky sidekick return. Did Rosenthal run out of pilots and have to call up you lunatics? How you been, little bro?" Sharky chuckled, "I'm good. A little shocked that they couldn't find any more competent helo pilots and had to call up you and your merry band of barbarians, but other than that I'm good."

    Voodoo, Triton's M60 gunner, who had been walking past carrying a crate of grenades, stopped and interjected with his strong Boston accent, "Hey, I don't remember you zoomies complaining the last time we bailed you out of a bar fight." Shamu laughed, "Very true, man. How ya been, Voodoo? Scalped anybody lately?" Voodoo grinned evilly and said, "Now you know I can't talk about that." Shamu simply chuckled and shook his head as Genghis, the team leader of AFO Triton, walked up and said, "Hey gents, Clark just called. They want us to meet up at the UN HQ ASAP."

    Reaper sighed, "Of course. Do they need everyone, or just the important guys?" Genghis said, "I think we'll be fine with you, Sharky, Shamu, and my guys. We'll take the SUVs. Dumvees may be a little too much for these saps." Reaper nodded, "Yeah, good plan. My guys can finish unloading the transports while we head downtown." Sharky interjected, "So who are we riding with?" Reaper said, "Eh, I haven't talked to you in a while, so you can ride with me and Genghis, along with Voodoo and Zeus. Everybody else can ride in the other truck." Shamu chuckled, "So we get the Fun-vee while they get the Dum-vee. I like it." Genghis chuckled and called for everyone to mount up in the two black Suburbans that had just been unloaded from one of the MC-17s, at which point they drove downtown to the UN HQ.

    Half an Hour Later…

    As they drove up to the hotel that housed the UN HQ, Shamu exclaimed, "Holy shit this place is fancy! Definitely better than the last shithole they had us set up at." Reaper said, "Yeah, that it does indeed. Not sure we're gonna be bunked here though. I don't think the staffers are gonna like having a bunch of greasy SF guys and pilots stinkin' up the place. No offense, Voodoo." Voodoo replied, "None taken." Sharky sighed, "That's too bad. Wouldn't mind a nice big bed and some room service at the end of a long flight. What?" He looked at Voodoo and Zeus as the two were trying to suppress their laughter. Failing, they both busted out laughing. Sharky, annoyed, asked, "What's so funny?" Zeus, still laughing, said, "Dude. You just fulfilled every single stereotype ground pounders have for fighter pilots in that one sentence." Sharky sighed, "I did walk right into that one, didn't I?" Reaper chuckled, "Yeah you did. Sorry bro."

    With that the group disembarked the SUVs, handed the keys over to the valets (a fact that greatly amused Voodoo) and walked into the lobby of the rather fancy hotel. Reaper noticed a group of bored looking Marines and said, "Hey guys, I think those guys are with us." The men walked over to talk to the Marines and see what was going on.

    Chart noticed the Rosenthal men first, she nudged Riley, who turned from Hacker and walked towards the PMC pilots. He extends his hand, "Hey guys, I'm Chris Riley, call me Raptor, this is my motley crew, John Paul Lee "Hacker", Hannibal Reinheimer "Elephant" and Charlotte Redford "Chart"."

    March 3, 2018
    Al-Faziz, Capital of the Republic of Isara
    Local Time 0938

    "Hey Skip, you should wake up."

    2Lt. Brad 'Knight' Vincent opened his eyes and looked at the driver/team LMG gunner, Sergeant Toby Maclynn, as the unmarked Jeep Commanders (as plain as the civilian clothes they wore) rolled through the downtown streets of Al-Faziz.

    "How far are we from the hotel, Mac?" He asked.

    "Right up the road, just this damned traffic." The lankiest of the team scowled.

    "Get used to it, Tobes, it's the city." Specialist Teiji Otoro, Bravo 2-2's marksman, grinned.

    Toby wanted to make a comeback to the man, but held his tongue as he rolled down the window to present papers to a UN guard. The beret-wearing man looked at the SF Operators and nodded, pointing to a parking garage entrance. Brad felt under his arm and made sure his Mk.23 was secured in its holster. God forbid he have to use it inside what was perhaps the most heavily guarded building here, but dulling your senses was a worse idea. The eight-man team parked near a loading ramp and disembarked. More UN guards would take care of the cargo inside: weapons, ammo, and combat gear, but for now they'd be heading to a briefing with the UN staffers. Personally, Brad felt honored to be doing that. They rode the elevator up to the lobby, and walked out to find a gathering group of people, soon approaching them.

    At the same time, a certain group of Osean Navy pilots left a Chevy Van and entered the fray. They, of course, looked far different, since most of them were wearing actual flight suits.

    Chris saw his twin brother enter and he walked over and shook his hand. "Hey bro, how are ya? still enjoying sleeping with 5000 other men?"

    "Better than sleeping in the dirt!" Jay shot back. Chris introduced his group and self again to the new arrivals and said, "Should we make our way to the bar know gentlemen and ladies?"

    Noting Brad's team and AFO Triton, Eric leaned towards Lovell and whispered "There's SF Operators if I've ever seen em, sir."

    Meanwhile Mark cleared his throat as he joined the group next to Sharky and Shamu.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, I assume all y'all are here for the little UN party bein run?" He asked.

    Sharky turned towards the new arrival and nodded, "We are indeed, my good sir. Sharky Sarkar from the 456th MNFW 'Basilisks.' This heathen next to me is Shamu, my RIO. You all are?"

    "Lt. Eric Bradford, and this big guy is Lt. Mark Walker. VF-138 Red Ronin, OFS Excalibur." Eric spoke up, extending a hand.

    "RIO, huh? You guys with that PMC that keeps a few Quickstrikes in its inventory?" He added upon recognizing the term. His father had flown the F-14B and F-14D during his career, and the jet held a special place in Eric's heart.

    Meanwhile, Toby approached the PMC SF guys, his CO close to make sure he didn't do anything stupid.

    Sharky chuckled, "That is indeed us. Rosenthal tests older platforms and sees how they can be kept going. Quickstrike's one of them. Which is great for me since I love me some Tomcats."

    After arriving by car outside the UN HQ, 1st Lt. Irénée Couture, 2nd Lt. Estelle Vincent, 1s Lt. Magalie Blaise and 2nd Lt. Willard Morris stepped out and entered the hotel.

    "So this is where we are to meet with the other members, huh." Irénée said to himself.

    "I'm jealous, in a way. The F-14 was gone by the time I earned my wings, so they had me go to the F-21A Thunderhawk." Eric replied.

    "I we're lucky, maybe they'll strap us in the RIO's seat a time or two and let us go for a ride." Mark chuckled.

    "You don't look like any SF Operators I've ever met. Lemme guess, PMC?" Toby said to Genghis.

    Sharky chuckled, "Maybe, man. Maybe."

    Genghis nodded at Toby and said, "Ding ding, we have a winner. I'm Genghis. I'm the team lead for AFO Triton. Lemme guess. You guys are D-boys?"

    Mark noted the marines and decided to introduce himself.

    "Lt. Mark Walker, Osean Navy. Ah assume all y'all are Rhino drivers?" He said.

    Toby grinned from ear to ear.

    "At the request of the government of the Osean Federation, I am only allowed to disclose that I am a member of the Osean Army Special Forces." He replied.

    "Easy Tobes." Brad said as he walked up and extended a hand.

    "Genghis, I'm 2Lt. Vincent, or Knight, if you prefer." Brad said.

    Riley grinned and said "Yep, that's us, VMFA-410 "Crusaders" I'm Chris, Jay's brother. These are my fellow pilot and WSOs, Hannibal Reinheimer, Charlotte Redford and John Paul Lee, nice to meet you!"

    Upon reaching the room where the meeting is to take place, Irénée spotted a group of Osean pilots.

    "Well, time to introduce ourselves." Irénée said to the rest of his squad.

    Jay noticed the Emmerian's and smiled at them. "Hey guys, here for the UN meet?"

    "Nah, they're here for the comic convention!" Mark quipped.

    "Yep. 1st Lt. Irénée Couture of the REAF Northern Region Air Defense 3rd Air Wing 4th FS "Aigle". That would mean "Eagle" in your language. The ones behind me are my squadron mates. The woman to my right is 2nd Lt. Estelle Vincent, my No. 2. The one to my left is element lead, 1s Lt. Magalie Blaise. And the man next to her is the squadron's No. 4, 2nd Lt. Willard Morris."

    Jay rolled his eyes, and shook hands with the Emmerian pilots.

    His joke falling on deaf ears, Mark slumped his shoulders dramatically.

    "There there, at least you still have a smoking-hot girl from Yuktobania." Eric assured with a nervous chuckle, patting his friend's back.

    "She thinks ALL the jokes Ah make are funny." He pointed out.

    "So," said Chris, "Shall we join the unclean masses?"

    "Can it Jarhead!" his brother exclaimed, "We smell better than you do."

    Chris walked to the Emmerian pilots and shook their hands.

    "Lieutenant Commander James Lovell of Fighting Squadron 3, off the same carrier and air wing at your service!" Sunny extended a hand cordially to the Emmerian Pilots.

    "You can call me Sunny if you like, actually I'd prefer it. No one besides family calls me James most days"

    Lovell could only shake his head sadly at Mark's attempt at a joke. He pats the Lieutenant on the shoulder consolingly.

    "See, even Commander Lovell here supports you!" Eric smiled. He looked around.

    "So we know what Sharky and Shamu fly, what about everyone else?" He asked, trying to make up conversation.

    "Rhino's here buddy!" called Elephant.

    "How fitting that you'd tell them that," said Chart, smirking.

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    Re: ONS Part 1 (Archived)

    Post by Ronin201 on Fri Jun 19, 2015 2:22 pm

    As he entered, he turned to the lieutenant. "Thank you." Smiling and speaking briefly before he turned and nodded to General Earle, "Of course, General." As Hershel sat down he looked over towards the Earle again, "If I may? From the echoes I heard rippling down the corridors on the way over here it seems the other quests have arrived just in time."

    "Ah yes, our representatives. Lieutenant Notolvich, if you'd be so kind?" Earle asked.

    "Yes sir, I will fetch them." She replied with a nod before walking off.

    "Before our other guests get to this floor, I'd figured it would be good to talk with the man in charge of our PR here. I took the liberty of reading up on your background. I'm glad to have a man that understands the complications of modern warfare. Tell me, Mr. Price, what do you think of this situation? Of the UN becoming involved in the feud between two countries?" The General asked.

    Ekaterina, meanwhile, couldn't help but smile as she walked and took the elevator down to the lobby, where she knew a certain pilot was waiting. She thought a quick apology to General Earle at how she was about to lower her standard of professionalism.

    Mark was back to talking with the F-14 crew over their plane when he heard her voice come across the space. Ekaterina tried her best not to sashay her hips; that would be a little TOO much.

    "Oooooh, Marky~" It sang. He turned his head just as she reached him. She winked.

    "Miss me?" She asked. Eric said anything before Mark did.

    "Whoo whoo, give her a big wet one, Tex!" He hollered.

    After shaking hands with the Osean pilots, they turned to see a woman wearing a Yuktobanian officer's uniform enter. Upon hearing Eric hollering, Estelle's face turned red as a tomato; the thought of having one with Irénée playing in her mind for the hundredth time in her life.

    Irénée took notice of this. "Are you alright, Estelle? You're face is all red."

    "N-n-nothing's wrong." Estelle stuttered still feeling embarrassment.

    "What, someone order a stripper-gram?" Teiji asked. Ekaterina glared daggers at him.

    "I am a woman of class, thank you very much!" She retorted.

    "And besides, I have my man." She added, looking back at Mark and embracing him as well as planting a quick kiss on his cheek. Mark smiled discretely as she regained her professional composure.

    "Well, well Lieutenant Walker is quite the ladies' man I see!" Sunny raised an eyebrow at the scene, then strolled up to the pair. He coughed a little loudly into his hand to get the couple's attention.

    "Lieutenant Notolvich, I'm Lieutenant Commander James Lovell, detached from Fighting Squadron 3 off the OFS Excalibur and the senior representative of this little group. It seems you already know Lieutenant Walker.

    "A pleasure to meet you, Commander, and yes, Lieutenant Walker and I have a...romantic past." Ekaterina replied with a smile and a salute.

    Sharky was complimenting the Osean pilots on their taste in aircraft when suddenly Shamu went silent. Concerned, he turned to his RIO, asking, "Shamu, what's up?" Shamu simply stammered and finally said, "Such... Big... Hats..." Sharky looked at Shamu confused until he saw Ekaterina walking over to the group. "Ohhhhhh..." Realization dawned on Sharky as he saw the blank expression on Shamu's face. He promptly groaned, "Not again..."
    Reaper, knowing his brother's groan, asked, "Lemme guess. Woman seeking mode engaged?" Sharky simply said, "Woman seeking mode engaged." "God help us all." "God can't save us. Believe me, I asked."

    Shamu began to step towards Ekaterina as if in a trance, but was stopped by Sharky full-body tackling the enchanged RIO. Shamu, confused, exclaimed, "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" Sharky shook his head saying, "You know exactly what that was for."

    "BUT I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!"

    "You retard, you literally JUST saw her walk through the fucking door! Besides she's spoken for, as the fact that she's currently got her tongue shoved down Tex's throat clearly proves."




    "Enough, you lovesick lunatic. Now go introduce yourself like you're not a total crazy person."

    Shamu sighed, "Fine..." and walked over to Ekaterina, "Good morning, madam. Samya 'Shamu' Suara of the 456th MNFW 'Basilisks' at your service. May I simply say, you are one of the most bea- OW!" Seeing the way the conversation was going, Sharky slapped Shamu on the back of the head. "Remember what I said. NOT like a total crazy person. Apologies for my RIO, ma'am. He was dropped on the tarmac on his head one too many times as a child. I'm Sarathi 'Sharky' Sarkar, also of the Basilisks. It's nice to meet you." As this was going on, Reaper, Voodoo, Zeus, and Tick were all falling over each other with laughter at the spectacle, even though they'd been witness to Shamu's infamous woman-seeker mode many times in the past.

    Meanwhile Genghis said to Knight, "Good to meet you, El-tee. I was beginning to worry we were gonna be the only competent people here surrounded by all these flyboys."

    Ekaterina smiled nervously, hiding behind her lover just a little.

    "It is fine, Mr Suara, I am used to being...admired. Mark had to fight for me once." She replied, then extending a hand to Shamu.

    "Lieutenant Ekaterina Notolvich, YAF intelligence." She added.

    "Tex would've had to fight for her again, too. I'd be careful, Sharky. Tex is mighty protective of her." Eric said as he came up beside the skirt-chasing F-14 crewman. He looked at Sharky.

    "What was with the hat thing?" He added, cocking up one of his eyebrows.

    "I was worrying that as well, Mr. Genghis. Though I am hoping that you and your men have some experience outside a private contractor?" Brad said.

    Shamu shook Ekaterina's hand, back in his trance, while Sharky said, "Man, you have no idea how many bar fights I've been in because of this lunatic. The hat thing is a joke using the rather large officer's hats the Yuktobanians have to refer to, er, other parts of anatomy." Turning to Ekaterina, Sharky said, "Pleased to meet you. So what required Mark to fight for you previously?"

    Meanwhile Genghis said to Knight, "Don't worry about that. Preacher, Voodoo, Dingo, Tick, Odin and I were all SEALs, Zeus used to be in the STS, and Dusty was a D-boy like yourself back in the day. How long you been in the unit?"

    "I can tell!" Sunny couldn't help but laugh. Then he noticed the commotion coming from the pilot and RIO of the rather advanced looking F-14. Seeing them and the aircraft brought back some old memories of his own time in the F-14, especially eight years ago. . .

    "Hoping to god the higher ups know what they are doing with this thing. Last 15 years have seen three wars after another, so much for that peace promised after the Belkan War. . ."

    Sunny pinches the bridge of his nose and turns his attention back to the other aviators, and smiles a bit at their antics. They were talking about how Mark met Ekaterina.

    "I'll say, something tells me this is one story I've got to hear" Sunny chimes in after Sharky asked his question.

    "My father thought he was trying to marry me, and required him to fight another man in order to have me." She laughed. She looked at Mark, tugging for him to share his tale.

    "Yeah, Ah took the guy out by bustin a chair over his head, though we went at it like two starving dogs fighting over a scrap of meat. Ah'd gone on a few dates with her while Ah was visiting Yuktobania, so she figured Ah should meet er parents. Guy Ah had to fight had a few screws loose, and apparently the Cold War had been relocated to his head when he was born. Never heard anyone scream 'Yankee Bastard' as many time as him." Mark replied.

    "I got to patch him up and so he won me. I must say I was quite flattered by how ferociously he'd fought for a woman he'd met only a short time prior." Ekaterina said, covering her face as she blushed a little bit.

    "SEALs, eh? I worked with them once when I was on my first assignment about three, four years ago. Can't give many of the details though, it's one of those things that never really happened, if you catch my drift." Brad replied. Toby, however, was more hung up on them being ex-SEALs for the most part.

    "Oh don't tell me we gotta carry most of the weight with you guys around.” He said, feigning disappointment.

    Sharky chuckled, "That's hilarious. Congratulations, you two."

    Genghis smiled at Brad and Toby, saying to Brad, "I know exactly what you mean. I mean, technically we don't exist." He simply chuckled at Toby's fake disappointment. Voodoo, however, wasn't so forgiving. Hearing Toby's statement, he exclaimed, "Oh, YOU'RE gonna have to carry all the weight? This coming from the guys who start crying for their mommies every time they need to cross anything bigger than an ankle deep creek? Hah! That's cute!"

    Dusty stepped in to defuse the angry M60 gunner before he did something extreme, saying, "Now now, come on. Y'all be nice. Toby, is it? Keep in mind I'm ex-Delta and I've been workin' with these fine folks since you were in Operator diapers. They know their shit. I dunno how soft you guys have gotten since I left the unit, though. We may be the ones carrying the weight."

    "Thank y'all, but I don't think Ekaterina is here so we can tell our life story." Mark said. the YAF officer nodded.

    "The briefing with Mr. Price and General Earle is set to begin soon. He is currently talking to Mr. Price." She added.

    "Guess the Air Force is running this show. Let's hope he is an equal opportunity commander, or else us Blue Jackets, Mercs, and Jarheads aren't gonna be doing much compared to the OAF." Eric commented.

    "I see the SEALs must've killed his sense of humor as well." Teiji chuckled. Toby became the slightest bit defensive.

    "Hey at least we get the fun missions and toys. Must be boring swimming around in wet suits all the time and only being able to hit targets that're close enough to the coast for your precious little SDVs." He retorted.

    "I was placed in command of a eight-hundred or so UN Peacekeepers primarily along the border between Shamlak and Kedhan for the last four years with extremely limited resources overall. Little to no air support during this time simply road checkpoints and responding to incidents along the border that we could defuse. But, it was a war, that was clear. Our mission seemed to unofficially switch from keeping the peace to limiting civilian casualties when possible. When the coalition was formed, my command was converted to my position here. As far as I have been notified, my forces were slimmed down and those who remained are under someone else's command. But that isn't the question you asked, I am working for the UN, General Earle, so I believe in it's mission. I believe in their involvement and this international coalition but I understand the greater risk. Both sides have nationalists, zealots...call them terrorists if you want. Both sides, as we seen, can pay hired killers to shoot up a school or plant bombs throughout an urban area. Peacekeepers can't stop them. Planes can't stop them. Bombs can't stop them. To get to my point, those kind of activities will only end when the war ends and may in fact accelerate if the radicals on both sides begin to see this international intervention as an incursion into their affairs; an invasion. Coalition forces, in my opinion, need to be surgical in their operations or else the UN looks like it cannot limit civilian causalities or collateral damage. When bomber takes out a bunker or a drone wipes out a convoy, the media in Osea, Ustio, Yuktobania, and Emmeria can celebrate the successful on-going operations. But the media in Shamlak and Kedhan are counting the dead much more carefully and tallying up every civilian, every innocent, every cent of what they feel is excessive damage to property. You know that happens. You understand war. But, that is what I will have to field when I am dealing with, as you said, the public relations. When the UN becomes the common enemy, none of us can win." The man paused realizing how much he said. "Apologies, I always was a man of too many words. I hope you understand my concern, General."

    "I do, Mr. Price. I've seen plenty of fighting in my career to know that zealots come in all shapes and sizes. Precision is the key to defeating the quickly as you said. We cannot come here as conquerors, but as mediators. I fully intend to make General Sawari and King Ah-Falis mind their manners while they fight. As much as I'd like to intervene, for the moment we are only here to contain. And this time, we aren't going to but our men in the same situation as they were in the past. Unless it becomes necessary, not a single man or woman under my command will set foot on either of warring parties' soil. If we punish them, it will be from the air first." He added.

    The Marines and Phantom pilots laughed at Shamu's trance like state.

    "I've never seen someone so head over heels in love, even in a movie," said Lee, chuckling

    Chris also laughed and pulled a Mtn. Dew from a vending machine he was at and took a pull.

    Jay and Chris introduced themselves and their squadmates to Ekaterina.

    Ekaertina accepted the additional greeting.

    "Did my entrance really warrant that much attention?" She asked, slightly embarrassed.

    "You came up and nearly started making out with Tex. I say yes." Eric said.

    "Agreed!" called Chart and Elephant.

    "Yes, that was quite amusing," stated Boomer, grinning.

    "I've been on the ground, General. I hope air power can end this conflict but I will reserve any of my concerns for now. We should be a united front in terms of this issue now that the representatives have arrived. You and I agree that the United Nations is right in its actions, the coalition shall stand united, and this is a police action. Cowboy tactics will start a war and there are rules of engagement to be followed." The three-star general smiled as he awaited the arrival of the others. "I am sure the bunch will be quite opinionated and some may be ready for blood. This will be fun, indeed."

    "That it will, Mr. Price, that it will." Earle smiled.

    Meanwhile, Ekaterina was gathering the guests to be escorted up to the briefing room. She noted Magalie staring at her, and walked over.

    "Hello, I believe we have yet to meet. I am Ekaterina Notolvich, YAF Intelligence." She said with a smile and an extended hand.

    Upon hearing Shamu's remark about Ekaterina's "hats", Magalie had a scowl on her face.

    Her thoughts were, "She's got a bigger chest than me!" while lightly tapping her chest with both of her hands. But while at the same time, her thoughts began to focus on Shamu.

    "I am not going to let that animal take my Sœur!" she said to herself.

    "Are you okay, Miss?" Ekaterina asked, confused by what she'd muttered. Discretely she noted that the woman had touched her own chest and felt further embarrassment. Her own was probably why she'd garnered so much attention upon her entrance.

    "What in the hell?" Sunny stared at the scene the Emmerian Pilot was making about her chest size of all things. Sunny then turned his attention to Mark, and approached the man.

    "Son, you'd best stay out of this one unless directly addressed. You know how one of the things they teach you in ACM is how to recognize a bad setup? This is one of them." Sunny said with the most serious expression he could muster.

    "Understood sir. Shogun 205 is weapons tight." Mark simply nodded, unsure if he should also look away.

    Chris snorted with laughter, Mtn Dew nearly coming out of his nose. Chart walked over and said "Ladies, Ladies , please, there are children here," She looked at Hannibal and grinned.

    "I didn't even say anything! he retorted.

    Hearing Ekaterina ask if she was alright, Magalie snapped out of it.

    "Nothing's wrong, ma'am." she replied sheepishly.

    Ekaterina blinked twice, before quickly snapping back into her professional self.

    "Everyone, please follow me to the briefing room!" She said, her voice getting a bit sterner. Hopefully she could defuse things before the Emmerian woman tried to bring up what she knew was hiding under the surface.

    Jay rolled his eyes and followed Ekaterina to the briefing room, O" Connor close behind. The Marines also followed suit.
    Seeing what the Yuktobanian Officer was doing, Sunny followed suit.

    It was time to get the show on the road

    "Alright, ladies and gentlemen we were called here for a reason. Let's get on with it, eh?" With that, Lieutenant Commander Lovell motioned for the two Red Ronin to follow him.

    Eric and Mark walked forward, the blonde whistling the end credits music from Buckaroo Banzai, feeling like they were imitating the scene. Eric elbowed his friend.

    "Not every day we get to meet a general, eh? Guess our family histories must really mean something outside of historical prestige." He said. Mark shrugged.

    "Guess y'all could say that, but then why'd Commander Lovell tag along?" He reasoned. He looked back.

    "Not to say y'all ain't a good officer, sir." He grinned.

    Brad, noting the crew was leaving, looked at Voodoo and Toby.

    "We can have our pissing contest later, for now we have a briefing to attend." He said, turning to leave.

    The Tomcatter rolled his eyes at the comment.

    "Well my good Lieutenant. You have family prestige, I have combat experience under my belt. I think it evens out don't you think?"

    "Touche to that, sir!" Mark laughed.
    Genghis nodded at Brad and said, "Agreed. Voodoo, you can go medieval on the D-boys later. We got business to do now." Voodoo replied, "Aye aye. Let's roll." With that AFO Triton and Reaper followed Ekaterina to the briefing room.

    Meanwhile, Sharky and Shamu noticed Ekaterina's slight confrontation with the Emmerian pilots, and after a little drool from Shamu and a head-slap from Sharky, the two followed the F-21 pilots to the briefing.

    "Alright." Irénée said as he and the rest of the squadron followed the group.

    Magalie, however caught sight of Shamu drooling and said to herself, "That ape." glaring daggers at him. And if looks could kill, she would be in the back of a police car soon.

    Ekaterina led the group up to the same floor as General Earle and Mr. Price. Once everyone was seated after a proper salute, General Earle waited for a projector to fire up to give his briefing.

    "Good morning everyone. I hope you all got plenty of sleep and tied up all your loose ends, because things are about to change. As you all know, this multinational coalition has been brought together for Operation Neptune’s Shield. The objectives of this peacekeeping mission are as follows..." He began. The image on the screen changed to the following:

    Objectives of Operation Neptune Shield
    1. Protect international oil assets and ships from the war between the Holy Union of Kedhan.
    2. To provide a deterrent for the warring parties which will lead to peace talks and an end to hostilities.
    3. To provide a ready force in the event the warring parties expand their attacks to other countries such as the Union of Yuktobanian Republics or the Republic of Isara.

    "For the moment, our mission will weigh heavily on the first objective. The coalition’s assets will be directed at protecting and enforcing no-fly zones. As shown on the map above, the major oil rig complexes shown are protected by no-fly zones, each one 80 miles in diameter. Our primary concerns in this realm are the Millennium Energy and Fomosa Oil complexes. In addition, the UN has imposed a buffer zone along the coast of the two warring countries, though due to the shape of the coastline, the zone has no set distance. Due to this, the carrier battle groups will be stationed nearest the Buffer zone to monitor activity within the zone in conjunction with the YAF forces to the north." He said as a map of the region showed up. The slideshow went to series of a diagrams of the Persian Sea, changing as the general went to each subject.

    "Each oil rig’s no-fly zone will be enforced by a pair of two-ship High Value Asset Combat Air Patrols (HVACAP). In addition, multiple CAPs will be run near the UN Buffer Zone, working in conjunction with various assets to monitor and contain any incidents. On the seas, coalition warships will escort civilian tankers when needed. Each battle group will contribute one of its ships, and MAG 4’s escorts will be reassigned to this mission. During these activities, the Rules Of Engagement will be adhered to. The ROE (these may be subject to change) should appear in a moment..." He went on, waiting for the slide to change. It was similar to the previous list, but longer.

    Operation Neptune Shield ROE
    1. No UN aircraft will be allowed to fire upon an unidentified aircraft unless that aircraft shows Hostile Intent. Hostile Intent can be defined as a bogey firing on a UN aircraft, a bogey locking onto a UN craft with their radar, or a bogey endangering noncombatants such as civilian aircraft and ships.
    2. If a bogey aircraft exits the buffer zone, it will be monitored, but not immediately intercepted. The aircraft is required to go an additional 50 miles from the buffer zone or towards a no-fly zone, civilian air traffic corridor, or civilian shipping lane.
    3. Any intercepted aircraft or ship will be escorted back to the Buffer Zone after establishing communication with them. The escorting craft will take position on either side of the bogey(s) if in a pair, or the right side if solo. The escorting craft will not lock onto the bogey nor attempt to harass them in any way.
    4. If any bogey(s) approaches an oil rig, they will be intercepted 70 miles from the no-fly zones boundary by a single pair of aircraft, with the zone’s warship tracking them in order to ward them off. If the bogey(s) get within the no-fly zone’s boundary, they will be immediately engaged.
    5. No ground-based radars, guns, or missile sites will be attacked except in retaliation for an attack, weapons lock, harassment of a civilian craft, or if cleared to be fired upon by the proper authority.
    6. Coalition aircraft may track any bogeys they encounter but not lock them unless cleared to do so.
    7. Any violation of Isaraian or Yuktobanian airspace will warrant immediate shoot down by coalition forces.
    8. Any orders to UN forces must be passed through the UN Task Force commander and have received prior approval from his own superiors.

    An image of Isara then appeared.

    "The non-naval air assets and land assets of the coalition will be distributed in both Yuktobania and Isara." Earle explained. Another list joined his explaination.

    -King Falud Air Base
    Osean 11th Air Force Expeditionary Wing
    Osean 1st Special Operations Wing
    -Ah-Mout Military Complex
    Osean 1st Special Operations Force, Delta Detachment (Delta Force)
    Rosenthal AFO Triton
    Rosenthal 426th SOAR
    Emmerian 2nd Maritime Commando Unit
    Ustian Special Missions Force
    -Murabek AB
    Osean Marine Air Group 11
    Emmerian 4th Air Battle Group
    Mazawali AB
    Ustian 6th Air Divison (provisional)
    Ustian 18th Airborne Division
    -Cherovich Army Base
    Yuktobanian 7th Spetznaz Regiment, Detachment 77
    Yuktobanian 16th Airborne Division
    -Unali-Ovosk AB, Belinskinov AB, and Notomosko AB will be occupied by their regular units under the Yuktobanian 4th Air and Air Defense Command. The Yuktobanian 16th Airborne Division will remain at its home of Ivalich Army Base.

    After dumping all that information on the guests, Earle smiled pleasantly.

    "That is all the new information we have at the moment regarding this operation. As a final note, I expect you all to respect our grateful guests, the Isarians. This is their country, after all, and without their bases this force would be much smaller. Further orders will be given to you upon arrival at your specified destinations. Good luck everyone, before we go, we will open the floor for questions." He finished.

    Area Map:

    Sharky, not seeing the Basilisks on the list, raised his hand, "Sir, where will the 456th MNFW be based? I don't see us on the list."

    "You will be temporarily attached to the Osean 1st Special Operations Wing." Ekaterina answered, glancing at some notes for the units and their placement.

    "Roger that ma'am."

    Shamu then asked, "Does the moratorium on locking on escorted bogeys include tracking via non-radar means such as IRSTS or TCS? Also what defines a weapons lock by a ground-based system? Is lock by a tracking radar sufficient, or is engagement by an acquisition radar necessary for clearance to engage?"

    Earle answered this time.

    "Passive systems such as those would be allowed, especially the TCS if it can help us identify bogeys sooner. As for the SAMs, a lock by acquisition radar is required. Basically the UN is telling you that until they have a weapons lock, you can't retaliate."

    Mark raised a hand at that.

    "Would we perhaps be allowed to respond to SAM sights tracking us by tracking them for a potential HARM shot?" He added in. The OAF officer seemed to ponder that one a minute.

    "If the situation calls for it. Such a thing will be cleared by field-level commanders." Earle replied.

    Jay raised his hand and asked " If SAMs track us on radar, are we aloud to blow em away?

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    The UN affiliated general simply sat silently as Earle laid out the ground rules but he knew all of those already. He was far more interested in what everyone else had to say as he examined and analyzed their eagerness to engage in full on war or, hopefully, the lack thereof. There willingness, if it came down to it, to cause an international incident could be the end of the police action and cause the death of thousands. So, he continued to observe silently.
    Full Size

    Hearing Jay's question, Sharky whispered to Shamu, "Is that Rhino driver deaf, or what? we already established the fact that if you get locked by an acquisition radar the SAM goes bye bye." Shamu sighed and whispered back, "I dunno man. Keep in mind we're some of the only guys here with combat experience. There are gonna be glitches."

    "Yeah. Let's hope those glitches don't fuck something up."

    "Hey buddy," Ack-Ack said, "I'm just double checking, I don't need a court marshal.

    Listening to the briefing including Ack -Ack asking a very obvious question, Sunny just sat back into his seat thinking about all that was presented to them at this briefing, doing a little mental gymnastics in his head.

    "Alright, including CAP for the Excalibur Battle Group, we gotta provide HVACAP for those Oilrigs and maintain another CAP for the Buffer Zone. VF-138 and -3 have got quite a bit of work cut out for them, but this is what we were trained to do. The two Lighting squadrons can fill in the CAP role too if they have to. At the very least, we have a lot more combat experience in the Wing compared to back in 2010." Sunny thought to himself.

    Sunny wondering about the potential opposition, and hoping the god it will stay potential, raised his hand to ask a question.

    "What do we know about the capabilities of the Khedani and Shamlaki Air Forces? Strength, Training, Aircraft types, and things of that nature?" Sunny pauses before adding "I hope to high heaven it doesn't come down to it, but I want to be ready in either way"

    "Ah yes, I'll defer back to Lieutenant Notolvich." Earle said to the commander with a polite grin. the intel officer nodded and turned her gaze to Lovell.

    "The Kedhani Air Force is a mixed picture. Many of the General's better pilots are committed to the war with Shamlak, but he has dispersed some of his better pilots amongst other forces. Some are well-trained, others are deadly only in their fanatical loyalty to their commander. The King's air force is, in my assessment, the deadlier of the two. They are well-trained thanks to a number of teachers from Erusea. They also field several advanced western aircraft, most prominently the EF2000. The Kedhani, on the other hand, prefer aircraft like the MiG-29M and Su-27M in combination with less-advanced aircraft such as the F-7 Airguard. They both have plenty of men to spare, otherwise this war would have ended long ago." She said.

    "I hope that answers you question, Commander." She added.

    Irénée raised his hand, "What about SAMs that present a danger to civilian aircraft going to and from Yuktobania?"
    "As you saw in the brief, those are generally fair game, ESPECIALLY if they acquire a civilian craft. I say generally though because our superiors may not be able to see things the way we do." The General said. He seemed to assume a cynical tone.

    Shamu interjected, "We're not going to be able to tell if a civillian aircraft's been painted by an acquisition radar, though. Unless they started putting RWRs on airliners and I didn't notice."

    "That'll work. Thank you Lieutenant. Though with the UN Force and the two warring countries having a number of similar aircraft, Identification and Friendly-Fire might be a problem up there." Sunny added.

    Earle handled both Shamu and Lovell's concerns.

    "Since the first year of the war concluded, several airlines have retrofitted low-grade devices to their flights in this area to avoid incident." He replied. Without losing pace he switched back to the Navy commander.

    "Thankfully we're taking steps to counter that through coordinating units and monitoring activity. We can't get rid of that problem completely, but we'll make sure it isn't ignored."

    The General looked over the group that'd been gathered.

    "Any final questions?" He asked.

    The Marines shook their heads as did the Rhino drivers.

    Sunny shook his head. He was satisfied for the moment.

    Guess we'll just have to hope no one's IFF goes out at the wrong time, mused the Lieutenant Commander as he began to think about how to brief the rest of the squadron as well as the Air Wing 9 staff.

    Shamu raised his hand again. "Follow up to my previous question. So if a civilian aircraft detects any hostile radar emissions tracking them, be it a tracking or acquisition radar, do we consider it as a hostile act, or do we wait until they are painted by an acquisition radar? Also what do we do if a missile is launched at a civilian aircraft? Do we attempt to decoy the missile away, or what?"

    Reaper and Genghis wondered when the ground element would be told about their intended activities, but knew that it would be covered eventually, so remained quiet.

    Sharky looked at Shamu and said quietly, "Looks like we're not gonna be using many Phoenixes."

    "Yeah. No harm in keeping one or two in the hip pocket, though."

    "Very true."

    "Acquisition radar, and if they launch a missile, God forbid, do what you can to save the jet, and then vaporize whoever fired it." Earle said. His face became angry with the final part of the statement. He then stood up.

    "I do apologize, but I have another meeting to attend. I believe most of you need to return to your units as well. The Lieutenant will see you out." He said, nodding to Ekaterina.

    "And if our covert friends would be so kind, there is a separate briefing for them later today." He added, glancing towards Genghis and Knight.

    Sharky and Shamu looked at Reaper, saying, "Uhhh... You guys were our ride..."

    Reaper chuckled, "Don't worry about it. I'll get one of the guys to come pick you up. Meanwhile we gotta go see what they want with us snake eaters."

    "Okay everyone, please follow me." Ekaterina said in a pleasant voice, leading everyone out of the room and back to the lobby.

    Meanwhile, a man in civilian clothes entered. He approached Reaper and Knight.

    "Am I to assume you're part of the Task Force's SF element?" He said. Eric gave the man a glance as he left.

    "Didn't know the CIA had an interest in the area." He muttered to no one in particular.

    "Well alright, I guess that it then" Sunny stands up out of his seat and follows the Yuktobanian Lieutenant out of the room.

    Sharky and Shamu followed Ekaterina out of the room while Reaper and Genghis spoke to the man in plain clothes. Reaper said, "We are indeed. I'm in charge of TF Titan's SOAR element, Genghis here runs AFO Triton. You got a job for us?"

    Irénée made one last glance at the map to memorize then followed the others out.

    "My Sœur, how about we go out somewhere before we deploy? I heard of a nice restaurant here that would be perfect." Magalie said out loud as she started clinging to Estelle. This resulted in Estelle shouting "Get off me!" followed by a shove.

    "Ooooh Marky, did you hear that? Perhaps we should go, I bought a wonderful new cocktail dress!" Ekaterina said upon hearing Magalie's words. Mark blushed at the mention of the garment, which got him a giggle and a wink from him. Eric intervened instead of teased this time.

    "Why don't we all go out, hasn't it been a while since the three of us tore up the town!" He said.

    "Well it wouldn't be any fun without Misaki to tag along, now would it?" Ekaterina reminded him. As they reached the lobby, she took Mark's hands.

    "I wish you all my luck and love." She said. He smiled, then looked towards Lovell.

    "Ah apologize in advance, sir, but Ah need to do something quick." He said. Before getting any response, he swept Ekaterina off her feet, evoking a yelp from her. Eric knew what was about to happen, and began clapping as they kissed.

    "Ya lyublyu tebya." He told her as he pulled away. She blushed.

    "Ya lyublyu tebya, moy kovboy." She replied before he stood her up.

    "And I'm also assuming that you're here to tell us why Special Forces have been attached to a peacekeeping mission." Knight added. the unnamed man nodded.

    "Follow me please, this room isn't exactly secured." He instructed, removing his sunglasses.
    Shamu saw Mark's sudden display of affection and excitedly began poking Sharky, who, annoyed, asked, "The fuck is it now?" Turning to see Mark kissing Ekaterina, he chuckled and said, "Well then. Good for him." Shamu sighed and said, "Why is that never me..." Sharky laughed, "There are a whole host of reasons why that's never you. You may have a shot with that Emmerian pilot though..." "You mean the crazy one who just bear-hugged her squad mate?" "No, the one she bear-hugged." "Eh, maybe."

    Genghis nodded to the mysterious individual, saying, "Aye, aye, sir. Lead the way."

    Chris and his Jarheads grinned at Mark's dramatic kiss. Meanwhile Jay was looking at the odd scene that the Emmerian pilots where putting on, one eyebrow raised. "You two okay?"

    Estelle, blushing a bit but showing an irritated look, heard Jay ask if the two are okay. She turned to Jay and said, "Nothing's wrong. Magalie has always been like this around me."

    Magalie continued where her wingwoman left off, "Yep. I have no interest in men whatsoever. And I'm going to let anyone take my Sœur away from me." She then continued, this time giving a scowl at Irénée, "Not even our Flight Leader, who my Sœur seems to have been having feelings for."

    Upon that, Estelle's face turned red in embarrassment. "Don't say that last part out loud!"

    Jay shook his head slowly and said "If you say so." Chart scratched her head saying "Did she just say what I thinks she said?"

    The CIA man, who mentioned that he could be called "Mr. Sand" led the SF operators to another, more secure room with a single guard, also in civilian garb. He motioned for them to take seats as he produced a suitcase from behind a table and set it down to open it.

    "I must say, this is my first time working with PMCs, Mr. Ken, as your mom and dad named you." Sand commented as he pulled out a folder and looked at Genghis.

    Irénée saw the scene caused by Magalie and facepalmed, sighing, saying to himself, "Good grief...". He then answered Chart's question by saying, "I'm afraid you did."

    Willard silently continued with the others.

    Genghis looked at Mr. Sand and chuckled, "You talked to the little old lady in HR, didn't you, sir? This may be the first time you've worked with us, sir, but it's definitely not the first time any of us have worked with the CIA. And please, sir, do call me Genghis. Only my parents call me Ken." While his outward appearance was unchanged, Genghis thought to himself, "Rosenthal's been slacking. ATD's supposed to have their names redacted... I need to talk to Clark when I have a chance."

    Dusty spoke up, "Good to see another guy here from the company. Er, the agency, that is."

    Voodoo interjected, "Hah, the Agency's here. Now we KNOW this is gonna be a shitfest."

    Preacher chuckled, "Now now, Voodoo, he can't be all bad. This is such a fancy room he invited us to."

    Sand smiled, as if happier to be working with well-versed men than ones with smart mouths.

    "I'm not the only company representative, either. Our friends in the GRU, DGSE, and UIS have an interest in the region a well, but they'll be working more closely with their own troops. We get the fun jobs." He said. He took out another pair of folders.

    "We have plenty of intelligence on both countries' leaders and their elite forces. Make no mistake, either; this may be a peacekeeping mission, but you gents will find yourselves going in, under a heavy veil of deniability, of course. We need to stop this war before it spills all over the place. It's not about the fucking oil, like the world thinks. We've got two countries with swelling arsenals and fanatical heads. You should all be smart enough to add two and two." He said, sliding into the briefing.

    "The missions will be the usual run. dissident rescue, intel gathering, occasional sabotage. If this war pulls in the peacekeeping forces, you'll also work in conjunction with them. Any concerns so far?" Sand went on as a small projector put up a map behind him.

    Genghis smiled, "Good. No sense getting invited to a party if you're not gonna be allowed to dance."

    Voodoo asked, "If we get pulled in to work with the peacekeepers, are we gonna be stuck with the bullshit ROEs they're saddled with?"

    Zeus chuckled, "It's never about the oil. Everyone always thinks it, but it never is. So we're gonna nip this little plant of anarchy in the bud, eh? I dig it."

    Sand looked to Voodoo, with a grin as wide as they got.

    "The most wonderful part is we're operating independent of the UN's ROE. Now mind you we can't go in guns blazing; that'd blow our cover. But we aren't expected to follow that whole 'fire only if fired upon" schtick. I can't tell you what your first assignment may be; that'll come when they find us something. Until then, I'd like you to meet a few key players in this." He said.

    The first image was of a rather young-looking man in traditional garb of Shamlak, the checked headdress and long robes. He had thin facial hair and green eyes

    "This is King Ah-Falis of the Kingdom of Shamlak. He is one of the youngest heirs to the throne at age 25 and his family has ruled for over 200 years. He is brash and has yet to really mature, but his pride has been the driving force in this war. It appears he may be more of a figurehead; many of his decisions are made via generals and advisors. His top two men are these boys." The imaged showed two older men: one in a white military uniform and one in civilian clothing. "These are generals Yossan Huluk and Mashlan Ah-Shaik. Huluk commands the country's military and Shalak is the head of his intelligence services. Both appear to be loyal, but we have our doubts. Shaik is the real wildcard, as the country's intel services are more secretive bunch than my employees. Huluk is less secretive, but he is something of a yes man to his king."

    The image changed to another man in olive-green military garb, though he looked far older than the other three. He wore gold-rimmed sunglasses, a red beret, and bore a small but bushy mustache. His expression looked almost crazed.

    "This man is General Rashon Sawari. Besides being nucking futs, he heads the Holy Union of Kedhan. He is a religious zealot, hence the title of his country, and has groomed his people into a fanatical devotion to him. The man declared war against his neighbor in order to "purify" them and not even our entrance onto the scene has stopped him. All that is know is from his public image, but we suspect he is not above bribing his enemies in exchange for wonderful rewards. He really only has one serious lieutenant; the rest of his subordinates are notable only for their tactical abilities and devotion to him. His lieutenant is his cousin, General Taluk Al-Fasr. Al-Fasr heads up the 1st Guards Division, a combined arms force that mixes both conventional and unconventional forces. They serve as Sawari's personal escort and his enforcers."

    As the image of Al-Fasr appeared, revealing him as a skinny man with a long nose and clean shave, Sand looked to the operators.

    "Is there any chance we may kill or capture these individuals?" Knight asked. Sand shook his head.

    "Not at the moment. For now we observed them and find out how to defeat them." Sand replied.

    Tick saw the picture of Sawari and chuckled, "Damn. That dude looks my ex-wife. If he's ANYTHING like her we gon' have a interesting time."

    Voodoo laughed, "I still don't know what you saw in her." Tick sighed, "You know, I don't either."

    Zeus raised his hand and asked, "So if we're doing our stuff deniably, what can we expect for CAS? Will we be getting support from other coalition assets, or is it just what the SOAR can provide us?"

    "Stealth aircraft will back up SOAR. In addition, we have a number of agents from the CIA and GRU in the country." Sand replied.

    Now it was Reaper's turn: "I didn't see any squadrons operating stealth jets on the TO&E they showed earlier. Are they separate from the coalition, or part of the 1st SOW?"

    "They're F-22s and F-35s with the Osean AEW that was sent." The CIA man clarified.

    Reaper nodded, satisfied.

    Voodoo groaned, "Ugh, not more lazy zoomie pukes... Is it too much to ask to get some nice NAVY CAS on station for once?"

    Zeus retorted, "Hey, when the Navy gets their stealth birds on station, you can have your Navy CAS. Besides, I'm the one calling it in either way, and I like talking to my lazy zoomie puke friends. It's nice hearing something other than 'Shiver me timbers,' or 'aye, aye, captain,' or 'TARGET OFF THE STARBOARD BOW!!!!'"

    Odin asked, "I'm assuming our E&E plans are going to be determined on a per-mission basis?"

    "I will say this; it may not be much of a plane in today's world, but it is rather invigorating to see an A-10 make a gun run." Knight smiled. He looked at their CIA briefer.

    "But I concur with Odin; we will have several ways of extract, yes?" He asked.

    Sand nodded.

    "We like to keep a variety of options. My favorite is the MC-130's STARS. Are they're any further questions?"

    Knight had one more.

    "What do we know about the more...secretive activities of our friends?"

    For the first time, Sand's face became truly grim. He switched the slide to a recon photo with over a dozen notes on its borders.

    "Plenty, but the two that caught our attention are a nuclear facility in central Shamlak, that has recently been populated by Belkan physicists..." He said.

    "...And the construction of what we believe to be a missile site in the mountains of Kehdan." He added, showing another photo of a construction site.

    "We're collecting what we can as we speak." He added. the man glanced at his watch, as if he was hoping the SF operators got the picture.

    Genghis, intrigued, sat up and said, "Oh this just got a hell of a lot more interesting."

    "Is this a sign that the two nations may be cooperating?" Knight asked. Sand seemed to know that he'd ask that.

    "That is what your first mission will be. Tell me, has anyone ever visited Yuktobania?" He asked.

    The members of AFO Triton all raised their hands except for Zeus.

    Genghis said, "Yessir. It's been a few years though."

    None of Bravo 2-2 raised their hands; they'd all gotten in after the 2010 war.

    "Well, with the conclusion of this briefing, I hope you all enjoy your stay there for the time being. A C-17 will be waiting back at the airport."

    "Any last questions?" He added, almost as an afterthought.

    Knight's eyebrows couldn't help but arch at the speed with which Sand had gone over the nuclear sites and his mannerisms in general.

    Genghis said, "Nope. I think that covers it. Let's just get to work."

    Knight, a man of few words as always, had no further questions.

    "Well then, good luck gentlemen. We should meet again soon." Sand said before collecting his things and leaving.

    PART 1 END

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